Mike ends up having a sleepover with his best friend's mom, then the mom's friend and her 9-year-old daughter.
My Best Friend's Mom

Mike ends up having a sleepover with his best friend's mom, then the mom's friend and her 9-year-old daughter.

"What do you mean you swapped weekends?" I asked Todd. "You were at your dad's last weekend. It's Friday already. I'm supposed to be spending the night. You can't change plans this late."

"My dad had some kind of conflict next weekend and arranged with my mom to have me this weekend instead of next," Todd explained. "Then I'll be here for two weekends in a row."

I'm Mike, a 14-year-old kid. I am 5 feet 6 inches and still growing. I run all the time and met my best friend Todd while running for the school cross-country team. We spend a lot of time together, often spending the night at each other's house. Todd is 14 too, but a little shorter than me. Todd's parents are divorced so I have only met his mom. Though Todd says my mom is hot I don't see it. What I do see is that his mom is out of this world. It is probably just raging hormones at our age and anyone would look good to us if they showed us any attention at all. Todd's mom, Mrs. Minor, shows me plenty. She is one of the nicest ladies I know, at least to me anyway.

"What about our sleepover. I had to beg to get this one because my parents wanted me to go with them this weekend to visit my grandparents. I certainly don't want to do that. My dad, the 'weekend mechanic' needs to fix my grandpa's car," I told Todd. "They already gave me permission to stay two nights as long as it is OK with your mom."

"Well then just go stay at my place anyway," Todd suggested. "Your parents won't know. Just tell my mom that your parents have already left and my mom will have to take you in."

"Alone with your mom, all weekend?" I asked.

"Yeah, isn't that what you want anyway?" he joked.

The reality is, that would be the coolest thing in the world, I thought. "OK, I'll do it. But what if your mom says no?"

"First of all she is not going to say no, not to you, my best friend," Todd reassured me. "Second, she wouldn't send one of my friends back to an empty home. When she finds out that your parents are already gone then she'll have to let you stay. Besides, she kind of likes you."

"Oh shut up," I told him. "She does not, not like that anyway."

"Well you never know what might happen, a single mother, no boyfriend, it can get mighty lonely." He was trying to get a rise out of me.

"Will you stop it?" It would be my fantasy-come-true of course, but it's never going to happen.

"Well, you have fun anyway," Todd wished me. "I'll see you next week in school."

That night I put together my backpack like I normally would, not telling anyone at home that Todd wasn't going to be there. I hung around until my parents were about to leave themselves for Grandma's. Normally I would have had them drive me over to Todd's earlier but I wanted them to drop me off on their way out of town.

"You behave yourself at Todd's, Mike," my mother warned. "And have a good time. We'll see you tomorrow evening."

"Not likely. We'll probably stay another night, Harriet," my dad chimed in. "I really don't think I'll have their car fixed by tomorrow."

When we got to Todd's my parents hung around in the car until someone opened the front door. As soon as it opened I turned and waved good-bye and watched them drive away.

"Hi Mike," Mrs. Minor greeted me. "Didn't Todd tell you that he is at his father's this weekend?"

"No, I guess he forgot," I lied. "Well he did call but there was so much noise at my house I guess I just didn't understand what he was saying. Well, what am I going to do now? My parents are gone, on their way to my grandparents house."

"Do you have other family around that could come and stay with you?" she asked.

"No, no one," I said. "I guess I'll walk home." I turned and started to walk away, somewhat disappointed. I could survive at my house, but I didn't want to.

"Wait a minute Mike," she stopped me. "You look like a poor lost puppy. Come on in."

She stepped away from the door, opening it wide for me to enter. "I can't have you staying alone at your house when your parents think you are here with Todd. Listen; if you don't tell them then I won't either. You can stay in Todd's room. In that way no one gets in trouble and you'll be able to stay over again sometime. Todd would kill me if I messed things up for you two."

"Wow, thanks Mrs. Minor," I said, all smiles. "And I won't be any trouble at all. I'll even help around the house; whatever you want me to do I'll do it. That's a promise Mrs. Minor."

"Well for starters you can begin by calling me Edith, not Mrs. Minor," she said, giving me my first order.

"Yes Ma'am, I mean Edith," I stumbled out the words.

We laughed. "Now have you had anything to eat?" she asked.

"Yes, Edith, I had dinner before coming over," I informed her.
"Well then if you are anything like Todd, this being Friday, you will need a bath," she announced. "I'll start the water while you drop your backpack in Todd's room. Let's just call it your room for the weekend."

"Thanks, Mrs...uh Edith," I said as I walked off to Todd's, or rather my bedroom, at least for a couple of days. I heard the water start in the bathroom so I grabbed my pajamas and headed for my bath. Edith wasn't in there so I went in, shut the door and got undressed. I got in the tub and let the water get a little more than halfway up before turning it off. I washed myself off pretty good but as I have often done, I soaped my dick into a hard on and began playing with it. I had to get up on my knees to get it out of the water. Before long I was stroking it fast and hard.

I like to talk when I masturbate, pretending I am with whomever I am fantasizing about. Today of course, as it often is, my fantasy was about Mrs. Minor, or rather Edith. Calling her by her first name just made my fantasy that much hotter. "Oh yes, Edith, let me ram my dick inside of you. Oh you want it harder? I can do that. Do you like it Edith; do you like my hard cock up your pussy? Oh Edith, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum right up inside your pussy. Here it cums Edith, oh yes, yes. Take that Edith."

I was shooting my load out into the tub water when I heard a knock on the door, except the door wasn't closed. Edith had opened it. How much did she hear, or see? I quickly sat back into the water.

"Excuse me Mike but I have a fresh towel here for you," Edith said softly. "I'll just set it here on the counter."

Where I was sitting she wouldn't have been able to see me, being blocked by the shower curtain. But I looked up and saw her face in the mirror, just for an instant as she quickly turned and walked out. She was smiling. "Thank you," I called out to her.

"Come on out to the kitchen when you are done and we'll have some hot...chocolate," her trailing voice said as she closed the door. I wondered, what if she had said 'hot sex' instead?

I sat there for a moment wondering again what she may have seen or heard. I felt like an idiot. How could I stay all weekend now? I got out, dried off, and got into my pj's. I would have taken my clothes to my room but they were already gone. I checked in my room and saw that Edith hat put them on a chair for me. So I headed for the kitchen.

"Here you go Mike," Edith said as she placed a cup of hot chocolate on the table for me and then one for herself. She sat down and we both tasted the drink, pretty good too. "I understand from Todd that you are one of the better cross county runners on the team."

"He said that?" I asked.

"Yes. He says you aren't the fastest runner on the team, but you have superhuman endurance and can just go and go and go, forever if you have to."

"Well I'll agree about the endurance, though there are a lot of faster guys," I confessed. "But it seems like I can just run forever."

" you have a girlfriend Mike?" she asked me.

I was startled at the question, coming from her. "I uh, well, not really. I guess I'm always busy with running, even in off-season. I just haven't had time for girls."

"Well you would be a prize, Mike," she said. "Any girl would be lucky to get their hands on you." When she said it she placed her hand on my forearm.

I felt my whole arm tingling and I was getting a hard on, in my pajamas. "Gee Mrs. Minor...I mean...uh..Edith." I was totally embarrassed.

She slid her chair a little closer to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, letting it slide partway down my back. At the same time I felt her knee touch my upper leg.

"I'm sure that whenever you get around to wanting a girlfriend, you'll do fine. Hopefully you'll quickly learn all you need to know to keep the good one," she said, "before she gets away."

"What do you mean?" I innocently asked. "I mean I've kissed a girl before."

"Oh I'm sure you have Mike, but to keep a girl happy you need to know how to make her happy," she explained. "But don't you worry. With your experience kissing I'm sure you will do just fine. There's probably nothing to worry about, do you think?"

"I uh don't know," I said, my words getting stuck again. "I mean I haven't kissed a lot." I was getting worried. Maybe there was more to this kissing than I thought. I really hadn't kissed anyone, only saw it on TV. Finally I asked, "What should I do?"

"Mike, I would love to tell you, especially since I know exactly what pleases a female, being one," she said. "But this is not something you tell. You have to learn by experience, Mike. It's the only way."

"I don't have a girlfriend," I told her again. "There's no one to show me." There was a long silence.

"Well Mike, there is a very slight possibility I could help," she said, breaking the awkward moment.

"Oh thank you Edith," I exclaimed. "I'll do anything for you, just teach me what I need to know."

"First Mike, if I do this for you then there is one absolute rule that can never be broken," she said. "You have to promise me that you will never tell anyone, not even Todd, that I taught you anything at all. Can you do that?"

"Absolutely, I promise. I'll never say a word about it to anyone," I promised.

"The second rule is that you do exactly what I say, not arguments, no matter what it is," she said, adding, "Of course I won't tell you to kill someone or hurt anybody, nothing like that. We'll be here in this house the whole time."

Again I promised. She could tell I was excited. I had forgotten about my erection but realized now that it was full grown. Now I'm only 14 and my shaft, when erect is only 5 inches long. But as I said earlier, I have great endurance. I can get it back up rather quickly. I have jacked off for over an hour before, interrupted by a few climaxes and a couple of minute's recovery time. But my fantasy is getting way ahead of reality. Edith didn't suggest we would be doing that, well she didn't say what we would be doing exactly. So I guess I'll find out. Maybe she'll just show me how to kiss. That in itself would give me months of images for my self-gratification.

"Come into the living room with me and sit on the couch," she instructed as she walked over to the drapes and closed them. She then came over and sat next to me.

"The first thing I need to do is find out how you kiss," she said. "Now kiss me."

I leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"OK, we have our work cut out for us. Relax, we're going to have fun," she encouraged me.

"When you kiss a girl, you want that first touch to be brief, gentle, a taste of what is to come. Gradually you take control of her mouth, becoming more firm and assured. This leads to more passion, taking more chances, and eventually a burning of hot coals as you embrace each other. Let me show you."

She leaned down and brushed her lips across mine, then moved away, hesitantly. A moment later she was against my lips. Oh she felt so good, her lips warm and moist. She pulled away and I saw her tongue slowly moisten her lips before leaning down to mine again. She opened her mouth this time and I felt her tongue open my mouth. It didn't enter me, just used to get my mouth open. I never knew that kissing with your mouth open could feel so good. I felt her take my hand and place it on the back of her head, pressing it in with her hand. I understood what she wanted and used my hand to bring our lips tighter together. She then took her tongue and slid it into my mouth, moving it around, exploring every area of my mouth. When she pulled it back into her mouth I tried it with her. I pushed it in as deep as I could before she started playing with it with her own tongue.

A minute later Edith broke the kiss and said, "You are a quick learner. I may have to advance you to some finer things already." I smiled, feeling proud of myself.

"After you have been kissing awhile, you need to be doing something with your hands," she told me. "I'll get you started but you take it from there. Just follow my lead as you have been doing and you'll do fine."

I could hardly believe what was happening. Here I was kissing my best friend's mom, Edith, with her permission, not stealing a kiss. Hell, I was making out with her.

"Now you kiss me Mike," she directed, "just like I showed you."

This time around I took my time, starting gentle as she said. As our kissing became more firm, more passionate, she took my hand in hers and moved it up to her breast. She had my hand pressed firmly against her breast, massaging it. This was unreal. I was massaging Edith's breast. After about a minute she let her hand slip away but I kept mine there. A couple of minutes later she pulled my hand away and took my other hand to her other breast. She didn't need to do much directing here, as I knew what to do.

Every now and then I felt her hands touch my arm, as if by accident. I opened my eyes to sneak a look and saw that she was just finishing unbuttoning her blouse. Somehow she managed to unsnap her bra and slip one arm out of her blouse and get her bra off of one breast.

She then had me change hands again, this time though I was touching bare skin. She felt so soft and firm and full, all at the same time. Her nipple was hard. I felt it pressing into the palm of my hand. I decided to play with it by itself and as I rolled it in between my fingers Edith moaned with pleasure. I knew I was on to something good. Before I realized it she had her blouse and bra totally off and tossed onto the floor.

Edith pulled back from me and laid back onto the couch. "Come to me Mike, take my breasts in your mouth, gently suck on them."

To do that I had to lie down on top of her. As my mouth took in her right breast I felt my erection press against her body. As I worked on her one breast I felt her lower body slowly moving back and forth like a gentle wave. I found myself pressing down onto her as I moved my own pelvis in rhythm with hers.

"You really are a quick learner, Michael," she said. "I want you to stand up, turn out the lights and remove your pajamas. Then come back to me."

Of course I didn't hesitate a second. When I was done I realized that she was lying on the couch in the same position but she was totally nude. I didn't question my good fortune. I just returned to the couch.

"Just as you were licking and sucking my breast, I want you to do the same down between my legs."

She had one leg pulled wide away from the couch and had me kneel on the floor between that leg and the couch, giving me pretty good access to her pussy. As I leaned in I could smell her musky-sweet scent. I hesitantly stuck out my tongue and licked across her dark hair covering her pussy, pressing down until I touched her moist lips. She tasted like she smelled, though a hint of vanilla came through, probably from some perfume she used. My body was tense as I continued to lick and suck all around her pussy. I was both nervous and excited.

"You want to fuck me don't you Mike," Edith asked me. I responded with a nod of my head while I continued to eat her out. That is one thing that I just can't let happen. What we have done already should never have been done between us but intercourse is not an option. I can't let it be an option. I'm sorry." I was sad to hear that. But I was still happy for all that she let me do.

"Tell you what Mike, take a finger and slide it into my pussy," she told me. I did and just left it there. "Now slide it in and out of me just as if you were fucking me. Yes, oh yes, just like that."

"Does that feel like I am fucking you Edith?" I asked, feeling self conscious about using the F word in front of her.

"Very much so," she replied. "Why don't you add a second finger Michael?" I did and was rewarded with her moans of pleasure. After a couple of minutes she gasped out, "Add a third finger Mike." As I did she added, "Now fuck me harder."

I was sliding my fingers in and out of her pretty good when she suddenly thrust her hips upwards and cried out, "Oh fuck, no don't stop, yes keep going, oh shit." I did as she said and kept it up. But my hand was getting pretty wet from all the fluids that were coming out of her. When her hips fell back down onto the couch I pulled out my fingers as she pulled me up to her mouth to kiss me.

The next part sort of happened on its own. I was so hard and she was so wet that when I brought my body up towards her head, my shaft just slid right into her. It all happened so fast. I was kissing her at the same moment I slid in. The feeling was incredible, indescribable. It felt like heat and oil and velvet all at the same time. She was still in the midst of her orgasm as her pussy was spasming around my shaft. I instinctively pulled back, knowing that I shouldn't be there but it was as if her body was trying desperately to hang on to me. Before I was all the way out, and with our lips still locked together in a kiss I could tell that she was trying to push me off to say something, complain, I don't know what. My body sort of took over from there and I pushed back in, hard, sinking all 5 inches of my iron shaft into her pussy.

Breaking our kiss she exclaimed, "Michael." Before she could say another word I had pulled back and thrust in twice more. "Oh God," she said as I continued to fuck her. She quit trying to push me off and just lay there while I rammed her fast and hard.

"Should I stop Edith?" I asked as I continued to fuck her, hoping she wouldn't say yes.

"Too late now," she said, out of breath. "Don't stop."

I continued fucking her like this for several minutes, watching her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust. It wasn't but a minute or so later that I knew I was about to climax. "I'm going to cum, Edith. Should I pull out?"

"Don't you dare, Mike," she warned. "You cum inside of me." And I did. As I jerked my cum into her body, Edith did the same through another climax of her own.

"I'm so sorry for breaking your rule, Edith," I tried to explain. "It just happened and once I started I just couldn't stop."

"Well honey, it was probably not realistic to think we could stop short of intercourse," she said, "after all that we had done tonight."

I was held up off of her chest by my arms but was still inside of her. I knew my erection had gone a bit limp as it always does after I climax. But knowing what I had just done and where I was still at, at that very moment, was a turn on. It had now only been a few minutes at most since I had climaxed and I already felt my shaft starting to get some of its firmness back. I helped it along a little by gently sliding it out a bit and then back in. There was so much in fluids between us that lubrication was not a problem. I kept talking, trying to buy some time to get really hard and then she would have to let me fuck her again.

"Do you think Todd will ever find out?" I asked her.

"Don't you even think about telling Todd," she protested. "If anyone else every found out what we have done, I could go to jail for the rest of my life. Todd would end up with his dad and you would have lost us both."

With each passing moment I was a little bit harder, enough now that I knew I could fuck her good and hard. "Will we be able to do this again?" I asked, all the while my strokes were becoming more pronounced.

Edith smiled at me and said, "I think you already know the answer to that question." She lifted her knees up towards her head and placed her ankles on my shoulders. "This is for you now, so have fun."

I did too. By the time I was done fucking her, 15 minutes had gone by, I had her knees pressed down onto her shoulders and I was squirting my cum as deep into her cunt as I could get it. This time, as I let her legs down, I pulled out of her and watched as long threads of my cum strung out between my dick and her pussy until I was far enough away to break the strands.

"It's time to go to bed Mike," Edith announced. I grabbed my clothes and walked off to my room. "Where are you going?"

"To bed, like you said," I answered.

"Not to your bed, silly, to my bed," she said with a laugh. "We'll fuck in your bed tomorrow."

Before going to bed we took a shower together and she had me hard again. "You do have great endurance, Mike," she noted. "I hope I can keep up with you."

She let me fuck her in the shower but not to completion. She had plans for me in bed. After drying off she grabbed a bottle of KY jelly and we went straight to her bed. "I'm going to need this I think," she said, pointing to the lubrication. She was right. We fucked most of the night, interrupted by the occasional short periods of sleeping.

It was around noontime when I woke up, having just slept for the last four hours. When I opened my eyes I wasn't sure where I was. I was in a king size bed, the bed covers and sheet pulled down off the end of the bed, and I was nude. Sitting up I looked around but the room wasn't familiar. A noise to my right caught my attention and turning I saw Mrs. Minor walk into the room from the bathroom, completely naked. After a momentary shock, memories of the past night and last evening came rushing back in. Before me stood Edith, my best friend's mom, the woman I had fucked all night long.

"Hey sleepyhead," she said, "you finally got a nice stretch of sleep. We both did and both needed it. It will give us the strength we need for today."

"It's true then, everything I remember really happened?" I asked. "It's not a dream?"

"No baby, it's not a dream," she assured me. "You're my dream come true, and I'll be yours as long as you want. But I have to tell you something. You actually wore me out. I can't keep up with you Michael, and I am not sure what I can do about it."

"What do you mean keep up with me?" I asked. "From what I remember you were wonderful, fantastic in fact."

"You recover so quickly," she tried to explain. "OK, sometimes I help you along with a little mouth action, but still I just need to rest once in awhile. I just can't fuck all night long without some kind of rest. Don't get me wrong. It's wonderful. I've never been fucked like this ever, not by Todd's father, uh not even by Todd's uncle though that was a fun night. The point is you just never quit. I mean, yes, obviously there are short rest periods while you recover but my God Mike, you can go from climax to erection faster than anyone I know. If it wasn't for the few times we slept for an hour to break up the night, I would have died off, died off happy but still died off."

"You fucked Todd's uncle?" I asked.

"Are you listening to me?" she asked back.

"Yeah, but I want to hear about you and Todd's uncle," I said. "Was that his uncle Casey? Were you married to Todd's dad at the time?"

"What? You want to know if I was sleeping around on my husband?" she barked.

"No, I didn't mean it like that," I explained. "I'm just interested in anything having to do with your sex life. That's all. I mean who you sleep with is your business. I'm just glad right now that I'm lucky enough you chose me. Heck whoever you chose would be lucky."

"Nice recovery," she laughed. "OK, I guess it doesn't really matter now, since I'm divorced. It was a one-time thing. We were going up to use Casey's cabin and at the last minute, my husband Jason got called into work on some kind of emergency so he had Casey drive up with me to show me the way. Casey would then just drive home once Jason got there. Well Jason called and said he wouldn't get in until morning, so Jason spent the night. I really don't know how it all happened. Maybe it was the drinking. Maybe I was mad that Jason went into work. Whatever, I ended up in bed with Casey. The thing is Casey was a better lover than Jason. We certainly fucked the night away."

"Am I better than Casey?" I hesitantly asked.

"Oh Michael, in some respects yes," she said, making me smile. "You have more endurance than Casey and you recover faster. But Casey has, let's just say he is well endowed. He has a few inches on you, several in fact. But give it time. You are young and have a lot of growing to do. And I hope I'm around to see it happen."

"So he's bigger?"

"Yes, and he did some things to me that, well we haven't done. Let's just leave it at that."

"But I want to know," I pleaded. "What things? Give me an example. I may want to do those things."

"If you think you've got the energy I'll let you try one thing now," she conceded.

"Great, what is it?" I asked.

Edith climbed up onto the bed and told me to fuck her doggie style, but first she greased me up really good with the KY Jelly. "Don't cum until I tell you, OK? So don't push too hard just yet. Yes, that's it. Now take some of this KY and smear it around your thumb." She handed me the lubrication and I did as she instructed. "Now push your thumb into my ass."

"What?" I said.

"Yes, push your thumb with the KY into my ass. It'll be tight but push it in, yes, that's it, good. Now move it in and out as if you were fucking me. Good, that's right. OK, are you ready?" she asked.

"Ready for what?" I asked back.

"To fuck me in the ass of course," she answered. "Pull out of my pussy and push your dick into my ass. It will be tight but just push until it goes in. Yes, now push hard, wow, yes, there it is, you've got it."

"Oh God, it's so hot," I complained.

"Don't just sit there, fuck me," she ordered.

So I began fucking her, slow at first but it was so incredibly tight and hot. I only got to do it for a couple of minutes before I was shooting my load somewhere deep inside of her. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it," I apologized. "I just had to cum."

"It's OK, it takes practice honey," she said, trying to make me feel better. I like Edith because she cares about my feelings like that. "We'll try again after lunch. Go wash yourself off and I'll meet you in the kitchen."

When I got to the kitchen she had a sandwich and glass of milk for me. "We need to talk Michael."

The sound of her voice worried me. Would she be telling me that we couldn't fuck anymore? "OK, about what?"

"I think I want to try something," she said. "But only with your permission of course. You know how you seem to be able to just go and go needing hardly any rest?"


"I'm not ashamed to say that you actually tire me out," she confessed. "What if I were to bring a friend over to see you? I trust her to be very discreet so you wouldn't have to worry about her saying anything to anyone. It would be our secret. But it would give me a little rest and keep you satisfied. Would you be interested in something like that?"

"I would still be able to be with you right?" I asked.

"Of course, this would just be once in awhile," she explained. "I could actually set her up for early evening if you are interested."

"Could you tell me about her?" I asked, my curiosity piqued.

"Well she is a little older than me, maybe about 10 years older. She is a widow, her husband being killed in a car accident about 7 years ago. She hasn't been with a man in the last 7 years, so this would be something special for her. I would want you to treat her nice and gentle and just see where it all leads. Remember, this is a one-time thing with her. I just don't want you meeting her outside of my control otherwise I can't be sure it is all safe. I just don't want you to get caught, that's all."

"Oh I promise, I'll let you take care of all that stuff. I'm here to please you, that's what makes me happy," I told her. "Can you tell me a little of what she looks like?"

"She is a large woman, a little overweight, but mostly just big," Edith explained. "She is extremely nice. Oh and she is black."

"Oh," I said. "My parents wouldn't like that."

"Your parents wouldn't want you fucking me either but that didn't seem to stop you," she replied.

"Good point," I conceded. "OK, I'll do it."

"Also you will be wearing a condom," she said with finality. "I want to make sure you are safe and that you don't bring anything back to our bed. I mean I know this lady but just to be sure."

"Is this a one time thing with her or will you want me to do this again sometime?" I wondered out loud.

"Let's just see how it goes," she responded. "If there aren't any problems and you like it, then maybe I could have her back or maybe even find someone else. I'm sure I could. But first things first. You get cleaned up and dressed and then take a little rest before tonight."

"But you promised that we would, well you know, you said I could 'practice' on your, uh." Though I was starting to get used to saying the word Fuck, I still wasn't used to using it in sentences.

"Oh, that's right. I said you could fuck me in the ass after lunch," she recalled. "Well lets do it and then you can clean up. I do want you completely rested. I want this to be good for my guest, though I'm sure it will be."

Just as before, when I slid into her ass it was like putting my dick into a furnace. But I was able to hold off cumming for about five minutes this time. I don't think Edith came but frankly I wasn't thinking about her, just my own gratification. I needed to change that when our guest arrived. It would be all about her then.

When I was done with Edith, I took a shower and got dressed. Then I sat down in a chair in the living room. Then next thing I knew Edith was kissing me.

"Get up sleepy head," she said. "It's nearly 5 o'clock and you've been asleep for over 3 hours. Our guest will arrive soon and I want you wide-awake. Remember, be gentle and loving. If she wants to meet with you later, tell her you can't. Oh and there are condoms on the nightstand."

"How do I use a condom?" I asked.

"Let me show you," she said as she led me into the bedroom. She took one off the nightstand, there were plenty, and showed me the whole thing from opening the package to putting it on. Just slipping it on made me hard. It was a weird feeling at first but Edith said it would actually make me last longer before cumming, something our guest would appreciate. I promised her again that I would use it. She had me throw that one out, saying I should put on a fresh one when the time was right.

"This lady, Raven, is well educated," Edith informed me, "but has been a stay at home mom since her husband died 7 years ago. Her daughter is now 9 years old. She got a very large settlement from her husband's insurance allowing her not to work. Don't be fooled by her looks. She may be a little overweight but you are going to enjoy yourself, and enjoy making her happy."

A short while later the doorbell rang. I was in the living room when Edith brought in and introduced Raven, a tall, overweight, older black lady. She had of course black hair, dark brown eyes, large breasts, and the nicest smile I've seen on anyone. I returned a genuine smile and said hello, hoping my shock at her size wasn't noticeable on my face.

"Hello Raven, nice to meet you," I said.

"Nice to meet you Mike," she said with a smile. "You look like a handsome young man."

"Thank you," I replied.

"I'm going to let you two get to know each other a bit while I go do a few errands," Edith said. "I'll be back in say about 2 hours." Edith grabbed her purse and was out the door, leaving Raven and I alone.

I was a bit nervous with the sudden realization that it was just Raven and I standing there. Not sure just how to start I decided to be bold. I walked up to her and took one of her hands in mine. I let my nails scrape across the palm of her hand while my thumb gently stroked the top of her hand. She didn't say a word. Not letting go I walked behind her. With my other hand I pulled her long black hair off of one shoulder and kissed her there.

"Raven is a beautiful name," the words almost a whisper, "for a beautiful woman like yourself."

I heard her swallow. "Thank you," she said.

"Come with me," I whispered. Then, not waiting for a response, I gently pulled her with me as I led her to Edith's bedroom. When we reached the bed I stopped and turned to face her. Raven really was a large, big-boned woman. I looked at her full lips and knew I wanted to be kissing them. But without rushing I did as Edith had taught me. I started by gently brushing my lips against hers. I actually had to get up on my tiptoes to be level with her. She didn't respond. So I kissed her gently, softly, letting my hands go to her back to help pull us together. Raven began to kiss me back, no urgency, no power, just an equal response to my kisses. So I stepped it up a notch, opening my mouth to her and she did the same. But something happened. It was like I had awakened a sleeping dragon. I realized she had her arms around me as well and her opened mouth sucked against mine in a frantic effort to rip the air out of me.

Then I felt her tongue dive into my mouth, fill my mouth, as she explored me completely. When she retreated she pulled my tongue with her, sucking it into her mouth. I tried to do with her mouth as she had done to mine but was not as successful. She began sucking my tongue in and out of her mouth, as if she was telling me what she wanted us to be doing.

I started unbuttoning her blouse when she broke the kiss and took over that task herself. Seeing her undress I began getting out of all my clothes as well. Completing that task before I did, Raven yanked down the sheet and covers and got into the bed. There before me was a large black woman with huge drooping breasts and a hairy cunt that I was about to explore. I realized I was already at attention, maybe not huge but big and stiff enough to do the job.

Climbing into bed she spread her legs and had me kneeling in between them. "I don't want to change my mind," she said. "So let's do it now, quickly, then we can play."
She took my shaft in her hand and rubbed it across her pussy several times. Then with her legs spread wide she simply said, "Fuck me."

I reached over and grabbed a condom from the nightstand, putting it on like Edith showed me. "You don't need that with me," Raven said.

"Edith said I had to use it," I explained.

"But what if I don't want you to?" she countered.

"I'm sorry, I have to, I promised her I would," I replied.

Repositioning myself I pushed with my condom-covered erection and slid most of the way in. Pulling out just once I buried myself all the way in her. "Now fuck me, Mike, fuck me like it's your first time, hard and fast."

I began ramming my shaft into Raven and I have to tell you it was a completely different feeling than with Edith. Raven had a lot of bulk to her and was soft. With Edith, sometimes it hurt when our bones connected. It seemed like I could pound Raven until I was blue in the face and it would never hurt.

"Oh shit baby, that's it, that's how you fuck your momma," Raven cried out. "Oh yeah honey, keep it up, just like that. Oh Lord Jesus this little boy is making me cum. Keep it up, just a little longer, oh shit, oh fuck, I'm cumming, Mike, I'm cumming."

Raven took her legs and wrapped them around my waist so tight I couldn't pump anymore. Her orgasm took over and her pussy squeezed me to my own climax. "I'm cumming too Raven," I told her. She held me pressed against her as I shot my load into my condom. When I was empty she had already started relaxing her grip on me. I slid out of her and rolled onto my back next to her.

"God that was wonderful," I said, as I tossed the used condom onto the floor.

"For me too baby," she confessed. "I haven't cum from being fucked in 7 years. Who would have thought a child would be the one to wake up this old body of mine."

"You're not old," I stated flatly. "I think you are fantastic. And now if you don't mind I would like to taste you, starting with these wonderful breasts." I got onto my side and supporting one of her enormous breasts with my hand I took as much into my mouth as possible. I sucked and played and got Raven moaning from it all. I then moved to her other breast and before long found myself between her legs again. But this time it was my mouth that sought out her pussy, not my dick.

She was wet and tasted sweet and sour at the same time, like a Chinese meal. It didn't take too long before she asked, "Oh honey, do you think you can go again?"

I was already tight and hard and ready for action. I reached over and grabbed another condom. But before I tore it open Raven spoke. "Do you really have to use that, baby? I want to feel your cum as it shoots inside me."

"But Edith said," I began, but Raven interrupted.

"To hell with Edith," Raven blurted out. "I'll give you a hundred dollars to leave it off. You have your one sample for Edith to prove you used it. You can tell her you used the same one twice if you want. Just don't use another one on me, please."

"Well...OK," I hesitantly agreed, tossing the condom back on the table.

"In fact sweetie, I want you to take me from behind," she said as she turned over onto her hands and knees. She reached under and between her legs taking hold of my erection and guiding it to her warm pussy. "Now do whatever feels good to you baby, this is your time," she told me.

I began a slow casual rhythm that started out feeling warm and comfortable. There was no hard pressure, just the steady in and out movements. Every once in awhile Raven would clamp down on my dick as if she was having a tiny orgasm. It wouldn't last long but it sent little shock waves up my shaft and into the rest of my body. Though at times it was difficult I tried not to let it affect my rhythm. I wanted to see how long I could last at this steady pace. But Raven's orgasmic spasms were happening closer and closer together and I wasn't sure if I could resist giving her a last minute power drive.

"As God is my witness Michael, I have never had so many repeated orgasms in all my life," she praised me, "not even from my husband, and he had a fucking 9 inch cock."

"I could brag that it was the technique but I'm really a novice at this," I confessed. "It must just be two souls meeting at the right time, in need of each other."

"Oh God in heaven I want to take you home with me," she said as her body suddenly tensed up with a strong climax. Her pussy squeezed down hard and then without any warning I was shooting my load. "Oh yes, that's what I want to feel, your hot cum deep in cunt." I pressed hard against her ass as I emptied myself a second time. Even though this second time was slow and easy I still felt worn out Maybe I hadn't recovered completely from my all-nighter with Edith. Maybe I didn't have the endurance I thought I had. We rested some and talked.

"I want you at my house, tonight," she said.

"But I'm spending the night here with Edith," I explained.

"Wouldn't you rather spend it with me?" she asked.

"I thought about it for a moment and then said, "Yes, yes I think I would. But Edith is expecting me to spend the night."

Raven asked me how I was getting away with spending the weekend with Edith when Todd was gone. I explained the whole mix-up and that I couldn't go home until Sunday. When I mentioned how my Mom wanted me home early Raven jumped right in.

"That's the solution," she said. "You tell Edith that your parents got home early and that they want you home. Where do you live?" When I told her she was ecstatic. "That's just three blocks from my house honey. So here's the plan. After Edith returns I'll go home. You tell Edith that your parents got home early and you have to go home. Have Edith drive you home but tell her that since Todd isn't there, you don't want your parents to see just her in the car with you, so she should drop you off a few houses down from yours. Then after she drives off you walk over to my house. You won't regret it and I promise you a night you will never forget. Oh and don't even think about bringing a condom. That hundred dollars I owe, I'll double it. I have the money so why not spend it how I choose, and I choose you."

"Edith is going to be upset but it should work," I thought out loud. "I'll promise her another weekend when Todd goes to see his dad."

Raven and I spent the next hour kissing and touching and holding and fucking. The time flew by and it seemed too soon when Edith returned but it had actually been over two hours.

I quickly got dressed when I heard her drive up and let Raven have the bedroom as I went into the living room to meet Edith.

"So how did it go?" she bluntly asked.

"Fantastic," I said. "I didn't know what to do with the used condoms so I flushed them down the toilet, saving one for you to see just in case."

"Oh Mike, you are so silly," Edith said. "Just throw them out. They are for your protection. I don't want you to catch anything or worse yet, bring it into our bed."

Just then Raven came out of the bedroom and said, "Well that was quite a wild ride Edith. Thank you very much, but I have to go. I told the babysitter I would be home soon." She then left.

"Babysitter?" I asked.

"Yes, Raven has a 9-year-old daughter named LaToya," Edith explained. "The thing is, it is hard to find a good babysitter for her and Edith doesn't want to upset the one lady she has now. LaToya is large for her age, actually she has precocious puberty."

"What's that?" I asked.

"She had early puberty, starting at age 7," Edith explained. When I wrinkled my forehead she continued. "LaToya looks like a 13-year-old girl. Her breasts are developed, she has pubic hair, and not the fine stuff but a full triangle like a teenager. And to top it off she started her period a few months ago. Early puberty happens in black girls more often than white. And the size of the girl tends to help that along too. So she is a little chunky at 5 feet tall, but being only 9 years old, she is as cute as a button, just plain fun to be around. She is mentally a 9-year-old girl, with the body of a teenager."

"Oh I almost forgot, my parents got home early," I lied. "They called just before you got home and they want me home tonight, no exceptions."

"Oh crap, I wanted you for myself tonight," Edith complained.

"But the next time Todd goes to his dad's, I can come over again," I explained. "I had better get going. Would you mind giving me a ride home?"

"Fine," she reluctantly agreed.

"Just don't drop me off in front of my house," I warned her. "I don't want anyone to see just us in the car. They'll ask questions and I don't want to have to lie. I'm not good at it."

"Don't you tell anyone about what we have been doing," she warned.

"Never, even if I have to lie, never, ever, I promise," I assured Edith.

A half-hour later Edith dropped me off a few doors down from my house. Wishing me luck she drove off. When she was out of sight I turned and walked to Raven's house using the directions she had given me. When I knocked on her door she opened up and stood there with the biggest smile on her face. "I see it worked," is all she said.

She had a modest house with three bedrooms, one for herself, one for her daughter, and a guest room. She led me to the living room where she introduced me to her daughter.

"Michael, this is my daughter LaToya," she said. "LaToya, this is my friend Michael. He will be spending the night and then be going home tomorrow."

"Oh momma, he's so cute," she said as she came over and gave me a hug, like any little girl her age might do. The only difference was, this was no little girl. As she squeezed me her firm breasts pressed into my chest. I swear I could feel her hard nipples. I didn't know what to do so I looked at Raven, shrugged my shoulders. She tipped her head like it was OK so I hugged LaToya back. That's when I felt it, her stomach pressing against my shaft, telling me I had a hard on. LaToya rose up on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek, spinning me around so that my back was now to her mother. As she released me and stepped back she let one hand rub my pants once, up and down my shaft, clearly hiding it from her mother. This was no naive child, but a siren in a child's body. My heart was pounding as she ran off to her room.

"Ignore her," Raven said. "She likes to flirt, now that she has some breasts."

"Big women run in your family," I commented.

"The more to love, don't you think?" she stated. "It is getting late for LaToya and I want to tuck her in. I'll be right back."

Five minutes later Raven returned and motioned me to be quiet. "Keep your voice down. Follow me." She led me to her bedroom where she promptly removed her clothes, I doing the same.

"Sit on the edge of the bed," she instructed. She then knelt down between my legs and took my erection into her mouth. The heat of her saliva felt wonderful but she enhanced the feeling with her motions. My small 5 inches made it easy for her to take me all the way in, without hardly reaching her throat. She grabbed each side of my ass and increased her speed, pounding her head up and down my shaft until I blurted out that I was cumming. She just kept up her motions until I exploded in her mouth. But not a drop escaped as she sucked and swallowed everything I gave her. When she finally pulled off of me she exclaimed, "Now it's my turn."

Raven stood up and got onto the bed, on her back. She spread her legs and I knew she wanted me to eat her out like I did at Edith's house. I tried different things to spice it up, seeing how deep into her pussy I could get my tongue. I spent more time with her clit than I had before and managed to get several orgasms out of her before she pushed me away to get a rest.

We spent a while in each other's arms, necking, when she said, "It's time for some heat." I didn't know what she was talking about as she turned over onto her hands and knees. "Press your thumb into my ass," she said, "slowly."

I did as she told me, knowing now what we were about to do, having done the same thing with Edith. I removed my thumb and pressed the head of my new erection into her opening. As with Edith, the heat from her ass was tremendous, I would say even hotter than Edith's. If I hadn't known what was coming I would have cum right then. But I held on and began fucking Raven's ass.

"You're getting good at this Michael," she told me. "Now long steady strokes baby, yes, just like that."

"It feels so hot, so wonderfully hot," I gasped.

"Good baby, I'm nice and hot for you," she said. "Now pick up the pace baby, fuck me harder."

I did as she asked and started giving her a solid pounding in the ass. "How's that," I asked.

"Good but I want it even harder," she said. "Quit playing around and take that fucking prick of yours and drive it deep into my ass."

I really began pumping her, holding onto her fat ass with both hands.

"That's it you bastard, ram that cock of yours right through me, do you hear me damnit?" she screamed. I gave her everything I had. "Yes, baby, fuck your momma's ass, yes, oh shit I'm cumming, harder you son-of-a-bitch, oh yes. Fucking sweet mother of God, I cumming."

Her screaming foul language was a total turn on for me and I climaxed myself, one shot after another deep in her bowels. "Oh fuck that was incredible," I exclaimed.

"You watch your language young man," she joked. We fell to the bed, both of us exhausted. After a short rest we took a shower.

"I think I'm done for awhile," Raven admitted. "Let's pick this up early tomorrow morning before LaToya get ups. She sleeps late anyway."

"What's that you're taking?" I asked.

"Just a sleeping pill," she explained. "Though I can't sleep without it, once I take it I am dead to the world. So if the house catches fire be sure to wake me up." She laughed. A half hour later I was still wide-awake but Raven was out cold and snoring. I decided to try the guest room to get some sleep.

I shut Raven's door when I left to cut down on the noise even more. Then I noticed LaToya's room, the door partly open. I decided to look in on her. I very quietly opened her door up wider and stepped in. The night-light from the hallway was bright enough to let me see her. She was a pretty girl with black hair like her mother's, her skin a shade darker though, as if her father had been a very dark skinned black man. I don't know if she always slept this way or it was just for me, but the little vixen had her sheet and covers pulled down. She was on her back and only had on one of those see-through nighties, with no panties. I could clearly see her hairy little cunt. But her breasts were most impressive. Even with her on her back, her breasts stood upright, firm, hard looking in fact. She had the coloring in her areolas like a teenager. And her nipples stood out, black and bold like she had been playing with them just before I came in. Maybe she had. But that didn't deter me. I couldn't look away.

I stood ever so still, just lusting after this little girl that looked nearly as old as me. Then she moaned. Was she awake? Did she see me? No, her eyes were closed. But she moved one of her hands up under her nightie to her breast and began ever so slightly massaging it. You could hardly see the movement in her hand but it was there. That's when I realized I was still nude and my hard on was throbbing. I knelt down next to her bed. Getting my middle finger all wet with my saliva, I reached down to her now exposed pussy. Sliding down amongst her hairs I found her pussy lips and slowly slid my saliva-saturated finger into her little cunt. She didn't react at first and so I gently slid it in and out of her, like I was slowly fucking this child.

She only moaned at first but soon she very slowly, very gently began to gyrate her hips to the motions of my finger. I decided to see just how far I could get my finger so I gradually pushed it in until I touched her hymen. I pulled back returning to my slow finger fucking. It was hopeless. I wanted to fuck LaToya so bad and there was nothing that would stop me. But she was only 9 years old. It was definitely wrong and I decided I couldn't do it.

I pulled my finger out and thought I heard her groan in disapproval. But she didn't resist me spreading her legs wide apart for a better look. I got up onto the bed and kneeling between her legs I leaned forward so that I was holding myself up with my hands on either side of her. I wanted to just touch the head of my cock to her pussy. That would be OK, I thought. I took my rock hard shaft in one hand and rubbed my penis head around her pussy lips, leaving it just in between her lips. Surely this would be OK. I hadn't broken her hymen or anything. But I needed just a little bit more. I gently pushed into her pussy, just a little ways. It was only an inch at first, then two, before I hit up against her hymen. I pulled back and slid in again, stopped once more by her hymen. I repeated the process a third time, a fourth. I couldn't stand it anymore. Taking a deep breath I pushed forward, hard enough to break through. LaToya cried out but I muffled it with a kiss as I let my body down full onto hers. While still kissing her I began fucking her, not easy strokes, but hard and firm, burying all 5 inches to the hilt. Had I been any bigger I probably wouldn't have fit.

She was so incredibly tight; the feeling was out of this world. LaToya was clearly completely awake now. As we continued kissing she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my back. She thrust her hips upwards as I rammed my cock forward deep into her formerly virgin pussy. I wanted her to climax so I picked up the pace and began a furious repetition of thrusts until she broke our kiss with a scream. She pushed her body upwards and went rigid as her orgasm washed over her. Her already tight pussy was spasming down onto my shaft so hard she sent me over the edge. I was now filling her little cunt with my hot cream, spurt after spurt deep in her pussy. Finally our bodies gave way and I collapsed on top of her as she fell back to her bed.

"Oh Mike, that was so beautiful," LaToya said. "I love you so much. Do you love me Mike?"

I was flabbergasted, not knowing what to say. I replied, "Of course I do LaToya. You are the most wonderful girl in the world."

"I knew it. I knew when we met, when we first hugged, that there was a connection between us," she said. "I felt you get hard for me and I knew you were the one. Did you feel me hard for you Michael? Did you feel my breasts, my nipples press into you?"

I realized then that I hadn't even played with her breasts yet. As I pulled her nightie off of her I told her, "If I didn't know then, I certainly know now. You are the best fuck I have ever had." And that was the honest truth.

"And you love me too?" she asked as I began playing with her breasts. They were incredible, hard and firm yet soft and tender. Her nipples were hard and raised up out of her breasts. I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. I pulled on it until it plopped from my mouth.

"Yes, I love your too," I truthfully told her. "Her body was young and ripe, still room for so much growth, yet so mature already. I realized I was still inside of her and the softness of my penis, always there after a climax, was nowhere to be found. In its place was a new erection and I decided to make use of it. "Do you like me fucking you?" I asked her as I resumed my thrusting but this time more gentle.

"Oh yes, I love it so much," she said. "I want you to fuck me whenever you want as long as it's every day."

"Well I don't know if I can do that but maybe we can arrange something with your mother so that I can come over here a lot," I told her. "We'll have to be sneaky so your mom doesn't catch us. But then we can fuck or do whatever you want."

"I like kissing too," she said. "The girls at school talk about their older sisters kissing their boyfriend's penis. Do you want me to do that to you? I can do it now if you want."

"OK," I said, as I pulled my throbbing cock out of her pussy. That's when I noticed the blood. I grabbed a Klenix and cleaned it off before LaToya took my erection and wrapped her lips around it.

"Just slide your mouth up and down my shaft, keeping it plenty wet with your saliva," I instructed her. "Then you can suck on it too and run your tongue all over it before returning to the up down motion." She was a quick learner and I soon found myself nearing a climax. I am going to cum and it will spurt out into your mouth. Just swallow as fast as you can and suck it all out of me. By the time I finished my explanation she had me on the brink, then I was over the edge. I shot my cum into her mouth again and again. She couldn't swallow fast enough and some dribbled out of her mouth.

"You did fine LaToya," I praised her. "That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had." She was beaming with pride.

"Was I better than my mom?" she asked.

"What makes your think your mom has done that?" I asked back, a bit surprised at her question.

"I heard you two, the whole time," she explained. "I rubbed myself while you were fucking my mom. I pretended it was me you were fucking. Then my dream came true. So was I better in bed than my mom?"

"LaToya, there is no one better than you," I told her. "If I never fuck another woman the rest of my life, I will die a happy man, having been with you this one night."
"But you are going to be with me many more nights," she foretold, "even it I have to share you with my mom. I will know that you are only with her so that you can be with me. And I love you even more for that."

"I had better get back to your mom's room in case she wakes up," I told her. "I love you LaToya."

"I love you Michael too," she replied.

I managed to get over to see both Raven and LaToya several times a week, even spending the night once a week under the guise of being an overnight babysitter for LaToya. My parents thought it was a good idea that I had a job, and Raven paid well, both in money and sex. She just always took those sleeping pills and I spent the rest of the night with LaToya, fucking her brains out.

It all ended a few months later when LaToya showed up pregnant and Raven realized who the father was. That's when my interests returned to Edith and I began spending every other weekend sleeping over at Todd's. It just so happens that it was always on the weekend that Todd was with his dad. Edith has decided to share me again, but won't be leaving the house this time. It's all fine with me. Life as a teenager can be so good.

The End (for now)

Afterthought: Precocious Puberty. What a strange thing. I do miss LaToya. I wonder where I can find another girl with precocious puberty.


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