Author's notes: This is the third story in this series first being The Babysitter starts it..., followed by The Babysitter starts it...Mother joins in..., and this will be The Babysitter starts it, Mother Joins in...The Babysitter's Return... I'll be starting the story a month after the Father's collapse.

“Doctor...Doctor...Nurse...” Kim says nervously in the waiting room every time someone went by hoping to get an answer to her husbands life threatening heart attack. “Doctor Hew! I wondering if you could tell me what my husband's diagnosis is?” Kim says noticing Doctor Hew walk to her with a happy face.

“Well Mrs. Clitson it seems your husband is finally waking up although he is still quite weak. If I were you I would go home and get some sleep. He'll be able to leave Friday afternoon at the earliest. However I do warn you that he won't be able to do any extraneous work for another four to six weeks and yes that includes whatever you do in your private life.

Once Kim heard that Jake wouldn't be able do much except sit around the house she knew her sex life would have to stop for awhile and that included doing it with the children.

Later that day when the kids got home from school instead of seeing their mother in her birthday suit they saw their mom sitting on the couch sleeping with the T.V on.

“Mom!” Chris yells “Did you forget that today that your suppose to give me a blow job?”

Kim still has her eyes closed says “No, I didn't forget, and the reason why I'm dressed right now is because starting Friday for the next month we won't be able to do this any longer.” Kim opens her eyes only to see Chris holding his semi-erect cock in front of her.

“All the better for us to keep the tradition going until then” Jessica says from behind massaging her mother's shoulders.

“I'm sorry to disappoint you kids, but I haven't had much sleep lately why don't you three go up stairs and I'll order pizza for supper” Kim replies and her three kids leave in a hurry but not before they leave their clothes all around her.

“Well this going to be a long three days” Kim says to herself as she grabs the kids clothes and put's them in the laundry knowing the kids will want to eat in their birthday suits. After putting the kids laundry away she begins calling the local pizza shop. Within half an hour a knock at the door Kim opens it thinking that it's the pizza man, but instead it's Monica holding the pizza's in her hand. “I see you got a job at the local pizza parlor” Kim states.

“Oh no, it's not like that my boyfriend was going to be your delivery man, but when I heard that you guys were ordering pizza I decided to deliver it for him, and I also need to talk to you about something that's been bothering me lately.

“Come on in, I'll call the kids down I'm sure they'd be happy to see you here” Kim says.

“Before you do I need to talk to you alone” Monica says shyly.

“Ok, so what did you want to talk about” Kim replies as she walks into the kitchen with the pizza in her hands.
“Well when I was babysitting your kids it seemed to me they were highly interactive with each other. What I mean is they liked touching people and each other if you catch my drift” Monica says shyly.

Kim knew what she was talking about and decided to catch her in the act and pretend nothing happened. “What do you mean by touching other people and themselves” she replies “Do you mean holding hands or do you mean touching our private parts?”

“Private parts” Monica shrugs softly.

“Later on that week when I was doing laundry I discovered some cum on all three of my kids clothes” Kim says scaring Monica a little bit “You didn't by chance molest my children did you?”

“It's more like the other way around” Monica says softly.

“I think I know what you mean” Kim says as she walks past her and stops at the bottom of the stairs “Kids suppers ready and we have a visitor” Kim looks back at Monica and says “Please stay for dinner will you I think the kids would appreciate it.”

“I don't mind my parents are out of town and my boyfriend is working, so why not” Monica replies with a smile. The kids run down stairs and to the kitchen to see not only their mother, but also Monica. Monica and Kim had their backs in front of this kids both are wearing shorts and a light t-shirt. Chris and John decided to take both of them from behind while Jessica sits down playing with her pussy. Chris goes behind Monica while John sneaks up on his mom.

“Boys is this how you treat every guest that comes in this house” Kim says flirty.

“This is exactly what I mean they are obsessed about touching other people's private places” Monica replies.

“I already know what all happened while you here last time, so it's okay of course my husband has no idea that I'm fucking the kids and not him though” Kim says as John begins gets his cock in her. Chris at the same time got his cock in Monica's pussy.

“So when do you plan to tell him?” Monica asks as she takes her shirt off.

“I haven't gotten that far yet, but with these kids I figure he'll figure out sometime this weekend” Kim says while also taking her shirt off “Say boys why don't we eat first then we can fuck the rest of the night alright.”

“Aw mom were horny now” Chris and John reply together.

“Food first sex later” Kim states in her best motherly voice.

“Alright” both boys reply walking to the table were Jessica was rubbing her pussy still. After supper it was Chris and Johns turn to do the dishes while the girls decided to get ready for a show they were going to do to impress the boys.

Once the boys got the dishes cleaned up which didn't taken long they walked in to the living room to find no one so they head up stairs hearing no one. Looking all the rooms discovering that the girls weren't there, but instead they were down near the pool. The boys run downstairs and into the backyard to see the girls were all in the jacuzzi.

“I'm glad you boys could finally join us, because we were all about to have an orgy without you” Kim says in a seductive voice.

“Were here to bring you are seeds our ladies” the boys say together.

“Well before you do we have a little show you two might like” Monica chimes in with her best seductive voice. Jessica moves over to where her mother is and begins french kissing her while Monica gets out and walks over to where the boys are and goes down rubbing both of their cocks in her hands.

“Now this is a show” Chris says to John.

“Can life get any better than this” John replies.

“Hell's no!” Chris and John say simultaneously. Monica begins sucking on John's cock while continuing to rub Chris's cock in her other hand. Jessica decided to move down and started rubbing her mother's pussy while sucking on her tit's.

“Jessica don't...fuck that feels so good” Kim moans to her daughter.

“Say fuck again mommy” Jessica says looking up at her s innocently.

“Fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck...this is so fucking fuck'n good...fuck” Kim replies.

“Mommy can we rub each others pussies” Jessica says innocently.

“I don't see why not” Kim replies getting out of the jacuzzi with Jessica following. Both get on the ground on opposite sides and begin to rub each others pussies with Kim's legs reaching beyond her daughter’s head. While Jessica's legs reached as far as her mother's breasts which allowed her the play with them while they were tribbing.

“Hey look at what mom and Jessica are doing” Chris replies “we should go over there and have are cocks sucked while their rubbing their pussies together.”

“Lets do it” John says pulling his cock out of Monica's mouth as they both walk over. John putting his cock in his sister's mouth while Chris puts his in his mother's mouth. Monica walks over and begins sucking on Jessica's small tit's.

“Fuck yes mom your going to make me cum!” Chris moans loudly and with that Kim stops everything and shifts her body around so Chris can fuck her wet pussy and put his seed in her. Chris accepts the invitation and digs his erect cock in her. Going faster with each stroke Chris soon explodes his cum in his mother.

“John I want your cum in my pussy too” Jessica says pulling out John's cock. John obliges and shoves his cock in his sister's pussy. Monica was sitting next to both Chris and John rubbing her pussy.

“Fuck Jessica I'm going to cum!” John moans as he grabs a hold of one of Monica's breasts.
“John save some for me won't you” Monica says innocently.

“No worries we haven't forgotten you Monica” Chris replies pulling his cock out. John soon follows as they both look at Monica as Monica looks at both of them. Chris and John scoot over and begin sucking her tits while they both have a hand rubbing her pussy.

“Did you save me for last boys because I was the best” Monica asks sweetly.

“Maybe” John says and then goes back to sucking on one of her tits.

“Jessica do you want to continue tribbing” Kim asks her daughter.

“Why don't we go into a sixty-nine position this time” Jessica says to her mother. Kim obliges and lays n the ground as her daughter lays her little ass on top of her. Jessica then begins licking her mother's clit while Kim spreads her daughter’s pussy and sucks on her clit.

“Fuck you guys are going to make me cum!” Monica screams.

“John why don't you take the ass and I'll take the front” Chris says. Aligning themselves to create a Monica sandwich the two brothers begin slowing fucking her. Steadily growing faster Monica began to cum as Chris and John were bound to cum in Monica's holes. Both shoot the little cum they had left into Monica and afterward they head to the jacuzzi while watching Jessica and Kim eating each other the rest of the night.

The next morning Monica is the first up noticing they are all still outside next to the pool and jacuzzi. When she looked around she noticed that both boys were sleeping with morning wood that had dry cum over them. Looking down she noticed she also had some dry cum on her as well. She got up hearing someone behind her and looking back to see Jessica sleeping on top of her mother. Monica walked inside to get some coffee in her and to check her cell for any messages from Derrick. She discovers two messages one from her parents and the other from Derrick. She reads her parents message first telling her that they would be back later this afternoon. She texts them back telling them where she is and is wanting them to come over. Next she reads Derrick's message it says that he is breaking up with her and it was final, before she could cry or text him back Chris and John walk in with their morning wood.

“Monica your a great cocksucker can you help us” Chris asks polity.

“I don't see why not, but lets do it in the shower so we can get washed off from last night as well” Monica says walking up the stairs with the boys following.


Kim was just waking up when she heard water upstairs figuring someone was taking a shower. She opens her eyes to see Jessica's pussy in front of her, so she gently tries to wake Jessica, but to no avail, so she licks her pussy and instantly Jessica wakes up seeing her mother's pussy in front of her and begins licking it. “Oh fuck Jess make your mommy cum, come on baby make your mommy cum in your mouth” Kim says fingering Jessica's pussy as Jessica is eating her pussy.

Immediately Kim was cumming in her daughter’s mouth that Jessica also was cumming. Kim went back to eating her daughter’s pussy getting all the cum that was possible.

“Mom when your done can we eat some breakfast” Jessica says to her mother who is cleaning her up.

“What this isn't breakfast?” Kim replies seductively.

“Some real food” Jessica complains.

“Alright, let's go get some real food” Kim says as Jessica gets off of her and runs to the kitchen as Kim lays their for a moment realizing that Jake comes home in two days to this sex haven household and he can't do anything for a month. She gets up when she hears Jessica shouting from inside.


Chris, John and Monica leave the bathroom and head down to the kitchen to see Kim and Jessica eating breakfast. “Morning mommy” Chris and John say instantly when they see their mom and go over and hug her.

“I see you two don't have your hard-ons for me, so you must not not love me that much?” Kim asks smiling at them as Monica grabs some cereal and sits next to Jessica.

“Mommy, Monica took care of them in the shower. You'll need to play with them if you want some of our juices” Chris answers.

“Oh really” Kim says as she grabs both of her boys ball sacks.

“Kim can we talk” Monica says dropping her spoon and looking with a concerned face to Kim.

“Certainly, boys this will have to wait for a moment” Kim says as she follows Monica into the downstairs bathroom. “So what do you want to talk to me about?” Kim asks.

“Well the thing is there is this friend of mine who was dating this really cute guy, but she received a message that he had broken up with her and she doesn't know what to do or who to go to. I was wondering if you knew what she could possibly do?” Monica says all in one breath.

“We've all been there, so it's not like your friend isn't alone. I suppose if I were your friend I would go to the people who love her and can possibly distract her from her loss” Kim replies “and remember we are here for your friend” Kim walks out leaving Monica alone to her thoughts. As soon as Kim shuts the door Monica begins crying. Kim walks back to the kitchen to leave Monica to her thoughts. “Alright boys you better have hard-ons for me” Kim speaks seductively walking in to see John fucking his sister who is sucking Chris's cock as Chris is sitting on a chair.

Just as Kim was about to kiss Chris on the mouth the phone rings. Kim walks over and hears a doctor tell her that her husband is ready to be picked up today. She hangs up the phone. Looks back at her children and then hears someone walking in turns her head quickly to see Monica rubbing her breasts with a smile to the kids.

Monica turns her head to see Kim staring at her and stops rubbing her breasts and asks “Is everything alright Kim?”

“He...He's coming back home today. Can I have you babysit the kids for a few hours and can you have them all wear clothes when I get back. I don't want Jake to freak out and have another collapse like last time” Kim replies before heading upstairs to grab some clothes. Five minutes later she was out the door putting the last shoe on leaving Monica to the kids.

“Time to clean up kids!” Monica says in a cheerful voice. All three kids scurry away to grab clothes and clean the place up. Monica shrugs and cleans up breakfast.


Later that day Kim pulls into the driveway with Jake in the passenger seat. “I still can't believe they are letting you out early dear” Kim says assisting Jake out of the car.

“I got sick and tired of laying there and eating the same food every day” Jake responds.

“The kids and I all miss you dear” Kim says walking with him to the door.

“That's good, are the kids here or are they with friends?” Jake asks.

“You remember Monica that babysitter we hired before your accident?” Kim says.

“Vaguely honey” Jake says stopping at the front door with his wife opening the door. Breathing in he braces himself back to his home. The very first thing he sees is this teenager standing there smiling at him as his kids are watching T.V. In the background.

“Welcome home honey” Kim says kissing him on the cheek. Jake breathes out realizing he was finally home and in front of him is this extremely sexy girl in front of him while his wife is standing next to him. Hoping no one notices his cock slowing rising in his pants he walks forward taking a quick whiff of the girl in front of him as he walks over to his kids.

“Kids why don't you give me a hug” Jake replies, right after he said that he wished he hadn't because he a full raging hard-on in his pants. The kids hugged him, but it was his little girl Jessica who hugged him front and center. His hard-on was touching her body however she didn't seem to notice and looked up to smile at him with a bright face.

“Alright kids why don't you go upstairs and let your father get comfortable with his surroundings” Kim says “ Monica why don't you go up with them and make sure they don't do you know what” she says in a stern voice to Monica, but still carrying a smile.

“Sure thing Kim...I mean Mrs. Clitson” Monica runs upstairs to take care of the kids.

“Dear why don't you sit down and watch some T.V. while I make your favorite okay” Kim says handing him the remote as he sits down then she walks to the kitchen to get supper ready. Hoping to maintain order for the rest of the night while her burning pussy aches for a man's cock and not one of her kids.

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