Five years later.

Jeff sat in the back seat of Kari's and his car, his arm around Crystal. Kari was driving, and Brit rode shotgun. Jeff was smiling; road trips had become very fun ever since the four of them had come up with an entertaining game. The girls traded off sitting in the back with him, sucking his cock. Whichever one got him to cum won the game. This time it had been Crystal, although each of them had had a couple of turns. He had to admit, even though Kari was his wife, Brit was still his favorite cocksucker.

"Here we are," announced Kari as they pulled onto the road leading up the hill to the Primdale house. Jeff had fond memories of that house, though he only got to see it at Christmas and during the summer these days. Between finishing up his Mathematics degree at college and managing the apartment complex, he had very little free time, which he mostly spent in wild sex with Kari, Brit, and Crystal.

He was delighted to see that Lissa and Alya were already there; apparently they had just arrived and were hauling their suitcases out of their car. Kari pulled into the driveway alongside them. They all got out of the car, and then the hugs began. Even though Lissa and Alya lived only about an hour's drive from Jeff and the girls, they hadn't seen each other in two months.

"Jeff, would you mind helping us in with our luggage?" asked Alya. "A big, strong guy like you should have no problem with the bags. Besides, I want you to work up an appetite," she added with a sly wink.

"Trust me, I've got plenty of appetite," he grinned. "But I'd be happy to help anyway." He picked up both Lissa's and Alya's suitcases and headed for the door.

As soon as they stepped inside, Jeff saw a streak of lightning race from the front room and strike his leg. It was Kristalia, Greg's and Allison's two-year-old girl. She wrapped her arms around Jeff's leg in a tight hug. Her name was essentially a concatenation of "Crystal" and "Alya." Greg had come up with the idea for the name, to the delight and pride of both girls, because it was a symbol that he truly accepted them as his daughters' lovers.

"I don't know what it is about her," said Allison, who sat in the front room next to her husband and her sister. "She really likes you, Jeff."

Jeff glanced over at his stepmother, amazed at how she kept getting more and more beautiful every time he saw her. It was hard to believe she was over thirty now. Depending upon the clothes she wore, she could still pass for a college coed. Even after bearing a child, she somehow managed to retain her perfect figure.

He picked up his little half-sister and kissed her on the cheek, then she threw her arms around his neck.

"Jeff just has a way with the ladies," Rachael said. "I think every girl in this room can attest to that. Come here, Kristy. It's time for Auntie Rachael to go put you down for a nap." She got up, strode over to Jeff, and took the girl from his arms. Then she leaned in and gave Jeff a long, open-mouthed kiss.

"Knock it off, Rachael," Kari grinned. "We don't want to start the fun too early or we'll have nothing left for later."

"You're just jealous because I'm kissing your husband," Rachael told her. "Would it make a difference if I kissed you instead?"

"I'll be happy to take you up on your offer, but later. Go put Kristy to bed."

"I will in a minute. I just wanted to say hi to everyone first." She glanced over at Brit. "Wow, Brit!" she commented. "You're even hotter at nineteen than you were at eighteen. Is it too early to call dibs on her for this afternoon?"

"There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone," Greg chuckled.

"I know, but I want to have her first."

"That's all right with me," said Brit.

As Rachael made her way to the master bedroom, the others sat down in the living room to talk.

"So how's the apartment managing business going, Jeff?" asked Greg.

"It's great, Dad. I still can't believe you bought the whole apartment complex."

"It's a good investment. Besides, by hiring you on as the manager and having you live there, I know I have someone I can trust to look after Brit."

"Normally I would complain about how you still treat me like a kid," Brit grinned, "but I'm happy to pay that price to live across the parking lot from Jeff."

"Half the time she sleeps over there," Crystal laughed. "It's nice to have a bedroom to myself."

"Hey, you sleep over at Jeff's and Kari's as often as I do," said Brit.

"Good point. I think our other roommates are happy when we do that, because it's the only time they can get to sleep, what with all the moaning and screaming we do in the bedroom at night."

"You're not much quieter when you come sleep with us," Kari commented with a laugh.

"Yeah, but then you get to join in on the fun," Crystal countered.

"So do the girls in Apartment 207 still draw straws?" asked Lissa with a grin.

"Well... sort of," Jeff explained.

"What do you mean?"

"I think there's some kind of curse on Apartment 207. As it turns out, almost all of the girls who stay there are either lesbians or become lesbians before the year's out."

"That's not what I would call a curse," Lissa grinned.

"I'd say that the ghost of Megan Harrison haunts the place, except that as of a week ago, she was still alive," said Alya. "That was the last time I got an email from her. But wait a minute. Does that mean that Kari gets to collect?"

"Basically, yes," replied Kari.

"And poor Jeff gets left out of the fun," said Alya.

"Not exactly," he replied.

"The drawing straws thing has spread to Apartment 208," Kari explained. "And as far as I know, all the girls there are straight, unfortunately. There are a couple of cute ones there that I wouldn't mind collecting from. Of course, Jeff's hoping to get 206 in on the action as well. He's got his eye on this gorgeous girl there. She looks kind of like you, Allison."

"I'm not surprised," she laughed.

"Maybe it wasn't such a good investment after all," Greg laughed. "By the time you're done you won't be collecting any rent money at all."

Just then Rachael returned from the bedroom. "Kristy fell right asleep," she said. "She's a really good little girl. And she's absolutely adorable."

"Speaking of which," said Lissa, "When are you going to move out? I thought you had just moved in a couple of years ago to help around the house when Kristalia was born."

Rachael laughed. "I know. I took on some of Allison's duties, like cooking, cleaning, and fucking Greg. I found I liked one of those too much to give it up."

"The cleaning?" asked Alya with false ignorance.

"No, the cooking," Rachael explained. "A woman's place is in the kitchen, didn't you know?"

"I thought you were always claiming a woman's place is in the bedroom," laughed Brit.

"Oh yeah, that too. But seriously, Kristy's still too young to sleep in her own room, which means her parents wouldn't get much time alone together if not for me. So we take turns. Sometimes I watch Kristy while Greg and Allison have fun in one of the other bedrooms, and sometimes Allison watches Kristy while Greg and I have fun in one of the other bedrooms, and sometimes Greg watches Kristy while Allison and I have fun in one of the other bedrooms."

"Sounds like a convenient arrangement," Crystal laughed. "Maybe we should do the same thing, Kari."

"Only if you include me," Brit insisted.

"So what happens when Jeff and Kari graduate and move away?" asked Alya. "How's Brit going to cope, not being near her brother?"

"We've already discussed it," Kari explained. "We'll keep managing the apartments until Brit and Crystal graduate, then we'll look for a couple of homes near each other. You already know it's not too difficult to find a neighborhood tolerant of two women living together, and since they're our sisters, there's nothing suspicious about them spending lots of time with us. No one has to know that anything sinister is going on."

"I wouldn't exactly call it sinister," Rachael commented. "Shocking, immoral, indecent, naughty, or perverted might be more appropriate."

There came a knock at the door. "I know who that is," Kari grinned. She hopped up and skipped over to it, then opened it. "Daddy!" she exclaimed with delight, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek. Crystal also dashed over and hugged him.

Allen Williams chuckled as he hugged his daughters back, enjoying the attention. "Come on, now," he grinned. "Don't get too carried away. I'm not a part of this family reunion."

"Not yet at least," Crystal winked. "But we'll keep working on you."

Allen knew exactly what went on when the family got together. Although he was in on the secret, he had staunchly refused to be a part of it. That didn't mean he disapproved or tried to stop it; he accepted it as just a different lifestyle.

"We just put Kristalia down for a nap," Greg told him, "so it will probably be an hour or so before she's ready to go. We appreciate you being willing to babysit her for us while we... um..."

"Get dirty?" Rachael suggested.

"Yeah," Greg agreed.

"That's fine," Allen replied. "It will give me a chance to visit with my daughters. It's good to see you again, Kari and Crystal. And you too, Jeff and Brit."

They sat and talked for a while, catching up on old times. They talked about their camping trips, their previous family get-togethers, and all the fun things they used to do. Brit asked about her studio, and Greg said that he made sure to keep it in good repair to give her an incentive to come home each summer, not that she needed much incentive.

Besides, they always took naughty pictures in the studio whenever the family got together, to add to the growing family album. They kept two albums: one that they showed to guests, and one reserved only for people who were in on their secret. Allen had seen the "special" album, and had taken it surprisingly well when he saw pictures of his daughters naked in erotic poses with men, women, and even each other. Crystal liked to tease him, claiming that those pictures made him horny. While it might have been true, he did nothing to show it.

When the bedroom door opened about an hour later and they heard the sound of feet pattering down the hall, they knew that Kristy had finished her nap. She carried her favorite blanket with her as she plodded groggily into the front room. She immediately made her way to Jeff, who picked her up and cuddled her in his lap, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"So why does Kristy like Jeff so much?" asked Brit.

"We don't know, dear," Allison replied. "But we're happy that she does."

"I have a suspicion," said Lissa.

"What is it?" asked Allison.

"I'm not sure you should hear this. It's a little awkward, all things considered. But it's something I realized as soon as she was born two years ago. I'm surprised you haven't already figured it out."

"Lissa, you were always the smart one," said Jeff. "It's no wonder you know something we don't."

"Well, I for one am very curious," Allison told her. "Greg, do you want to know?"

"Sure," he agreed.

"All right," Lissa sighed. "Consider her birthday."

"March 22, coincidentally the same as Brit's," Allison said.

"Subtract nine months from that."

"Let's see..."

"It's the same as adding three months," Lissa continued. "March to April, April to May, May to June."

"All right. June 22 then, or thereabouts."

"June 22, three years ago. What were you doing at the time?"

"Having sex with your father," Allison laughed.

"Are you sure?"

"How else would she have been conceived?"

"I mean, are you sure it was Dad you were with?"

"Who else would it be? The only other--" She cut off, and her eyes grew wide. She suddenly turned her attention to Jeff.

"That would have been about the time of our annual family reunion," Lissa explained.

Jeff suddenly understood. "She's mine?" he asked, astonished.

Lissa shrugged. "I have no idea. But it's just as likely that she's your daughter as it is that she's your sister. So maybe, just maybe, Kristy is so affectionate toward you because she somehow recognizes her daddy."

"This... this changes things, doesn't it?" he stammered.

"No it doesn't," said Allison. "As far as I'm concerned, Greg's her father. And I don't think even a paternity test would disagree, since you and he are so genetically similar. I think we should just raise her the same as we've been doing. Maybe someday we'll tell her, but not now."

"I agree," said Greg.

"Same here," Jeff nodded. "It's just that the thought that I might be a father is a little overwhelming. I'm glad, Lissa, that you brought it up."

"This revelation gives me another idea," said Allison. "Why not make Jeff and Kari her godparents?"

"I would love to!" said Kari. "Jeff, what do you think?"

"Of course."

"Well then," said Allison, glancing at Greg with a slightly nervous look in her eyes. Jeff wondered what that meant. He rarely saw Allison nervous like that. "We were wondering..." she continued. "That is, if it's okay with you, Jeff..."

"It's okay, Allison," he told her. "Go ahead and ask me."

She took a deep breath. "Jeff, we all know how sweet and caring and kind and gentle you are, and we want someone just like you to... well, to be frank, to take her virginity when she's old enough."

"Not someone just like you," Greg clarified. "You in particular."

"We'll start preparing her for it," said Allison. "We'll talk to her about it so she knows what's going to happen, and hopefully as the time nears she'll start getting excited about it. Then on her thirteenth birthday, we want you to give her a very special birthday present."

"Even though I may be her father?" asked Jeff.

"What's wrong with that?" asked Brit, giving Greg a wink.

Jeff chuckled. "Good point. I would be honored, but it's up to Kari. I've never had sex with anyone without her approval, and that's the way it's going to stay."

"Only because you know I rarely disapprove," Kari teased. "But seriously, I think it would be wonderful."

"Then it's settled," he smiled.

Allen stood up. "Well, I think it's time I took Kristy off your hands and let you have your fun. I think Rachael at least is going to explode if you don't start soon," he joked.

"Damn right," Rachael agreed.

Jeff stood and handed Kristalia to his father-in-law. She didn't protest; ever since Jeff and Kari had gotten married, Allen had become very good friends with the Primdales, and spent enough time visiting them that Kristy accepted him just like a member of the family. For a big, tough, scary-looking guy, he was surprisingly good with children.

"I'll see you tonight for dinner," he told everyone. Kari and Crystal hugged him again, then he headed for the door.

As soon as he left with Kristalia, Rachael sighed. "Alone at last," she said.

"Alone?" asked Jeff.

"Yes. Now I can finally spend some nice, quiet, intimate time with the eight people I love most in the world."

Everyone laughed at her joke.

"Then let's get started," said Greg eagerly. "So how are we going to do it this time?"

Kari grinned. "I have some ideas for games we can play," she said.


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