Lissa's very special birthday present.
Chapter 99
Guest of Honor

Jeff awoke in the morning happy, for the second morning in a row surrounded by the naked bodies of the people he loved. This time, he found Allison and Crystal curled up in his arms, slumbering peacefully. Next to him, Kari lay on her back with her arms wrapped around Brit, who lay on top of her, her head on Kari's chest. Jeff couldn't help but smile at the peaceful and serene look on his little sister's face as she cuddled with his girlfriend. Across the room, his father and Rachael lay together.

He heard the shower going, and figured that Lissa and Alya must be in there together. Since he needed to get clean anyway, he decided to see if they minded some company. He gently moved the girls off of him and got up, then made his way into the bathroom. He couldn't hear Lissa and Alya moaning, so he figured that if they were having sex, at least they were just starting. He didn't want to interrupt them right as they were about to get off, after all.

He drew the curtain back, and the girls turned to look at him. They were all soaped up and hugging each other, and had had their lips pressed together when he opened the curtain.

"Sorry to interrupt," he told them.

"No you're not," Alya laughed.

"Okay, no I'm not," he chuckled. "I was just wondering if you would like some company."

"Come on in," Lissa invited.

Jeff stepped into the shower, and the girls separated to give him room between them. As soon as he climbed in, they scooted up next to him and wrapped their arms around him. As one, they leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

"Was that what you were after?" asked Lissa.

Alya reached down and grabbed his cock. "Or was it that?"

"A little of both would be nice," he smiled. Lissa slipped her own hand over Alya's, and the two girls began pumping their hands up and down. With their hands soapy, it felt particularly nice. They leaned in and kissed him again, and this time he turned his head toward Lissa and opened his mouth. Taking the hint, she opened her own mouth and teased his tongue with hers. He kissed her for a few seconds, then turned to the other side so he could do the same with Alya.

He couldn't help letting out a moan as the girls' soapy hands stimulated him. They seemed to take as much pleasure from groping him as from groping each other. Of course, they had plenty of other opportunities to do it together, and if they really wanted to be alone, they could have told him and he would have left.

Suddenly, the shower curtain opened again, and this time Brit and Crystal stood there grinning. "Well well well," teased Crystal. "What have we here?"

"We're just getting clean," Alya replied.

"Looks to me like you're getting dirty," said Brit. "But don't get off too soon. I'm going to get my camera. Come on, Crystal."

The two girls giggled as they dashed out of the room, leaving Jeff and the girls to their fun. They slowed down their attack on his cock, not wanting to end the fun before Brit returned.

Fortunately, Brit was quick about it; she returned soon holding Crystal's hand in one of her own, and her camera in the other. Crystal carried the tripod.

The girls set up the camera, then Brit checked the viewfinder to adjust it so that the three bathers were centered in the screen.

"All right," said Brit. "Let me get a couple of pictures of you standing still first." Lissa and Alya stopped the motion of their hands but didn't release his cock. The three of them grinned into the camera while Brit snapped the picture. Then for the next one they leaned in and kissed him on the cheek again.

"Well, that's enough of that," Brit said after snapping the second picture. "Now jerk him off as hard as you can!"

The girls rapidly pumped him, giving him such an exquisite feeling between his legs. He began to moan again, ignoring their giggles at his reaction. The feel of their slippery hands running up and down his shaft was too much, and in a moment he felt the pleasure mounting.

"I'm going to cum!" he groaned, but that just encouraged them to go even harder and faster. As the pleasure spiked and he felt the first blast erupt from his cock, he heard a rapid series of clicks from the camera. Brit kept snapping pictures as the second, third, and fourth waves hit. Finally it tapered off, and his body relaxed as the girls pumped the last of his cum out of him. Even their hands weren't enough to keep him hard after that, so gradually his cock deflated. Finally they released it.

"Perfect!" Brit announced, scrolling back through the pictures on the camera. "I've got a great shot of Jeff's orgasm, with his cum in the air."

"What a waste," said Crystal. "Everyone knows Jeff's cum isn't supposed to go anywhere but in a girl's pussy or mouth."

"Maybe I'll take you up on that offer later," he grinned.

Now that the fun was over, Crystal and Brit left the bathroom while Jeff and the girls finished washing themselves off. Once clean, they met the others out in the rec room. Greg, Allison, Rachael, and Kari were just getting up.

Allison immediately came over and threw her arms around Lissa, then kissed her deeply on the lips. When she drew back, she smiled. "Happy birthday, Lissa," she said.

"Well so far this is turning out to be my best birthday ever," she commented.

"Too bad we didn't have more time to plan," Rachael told her. "With a little more time, I could have baked a cake and jumped out of it."

"Save it for next year," Lissa grinned.

"So who's up for breakfast?" asked Allison. "I'm in the mood for crepes with strawberries and whipped cream."

"I'm in the mood for boobies with whipped cream," Rachael said, causing some of the girls to giggle.

"It's a good thing we bought plenty the other day," Allison told her.

With that inspiring thought, they all ascended the stairs. Allison, Rachael, Lissa, and Alya headed into the kitchen to work on making breakfast. Crystal grabbed Greg's hand and pulled him down the hall toward his bedroom. "Come on," she told him with a grin. "Let's go take a shower."

He shrugged. "How can I refuse such an invitation?" he asked, following her down the hall.

That left Jeff, Kari, and Brit together. Jeff had already had a shower that morning, but he wasn't opposed to taking a second one, so the three of them scampered up the stairs to Brit's bathroom. They climbed into the shower and took turns washing each other's backs and fronts, making sure to spend plenty of time on the naughty bits. Then they stepped out, dried each other off, and descended the stairs once more to the dining room.

By the time breakfast was ready, Greg and Crystal had also finished their shower. They all sat down to the dining room table, where Allison and the other girls brought out a large plate full of crepes and toppings, including multiple cans of whipped cream.

They lasted five minutes before turning the meal sexual. Then Rachael grabbed the nearest can of whipped cream and nonchalantly squirted it onto the closet nipple of Crystal, who happened to be sitting next to her. Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she leaned down and licked it off, causing everyone to stare.

Crystal was the first to giggle, then suddenly everyone broke down into laughs. Of course, Rachael's actions started a chain reaction. Next Lissa did the same to Allison, Allison did it to Brit, then Kari squirted whipped cream all over Jeff's cock. Brit and Crystal decided that it was too much for her to eat on her own, so soon he had three girls licking it off of him. Allison, Rachael, Lissa, and Alya decided to do the same to Greg, which he was happy to go along with.

Before it got too out of hand, Allison put a stop to it. Most of them wanted to continue, but she warned them that they were likely to get sick if they kept it up too long, and that would spoil their fun for the rest of the day. With that kind of motivation, they agreed to end their fun, at least until the end of breakfast.

Once they were finished eating, Brit asked Crystal to join her out in the studio. Lissa asked if she and Alya could join them, and Rachael wanted to come along too. The five girls headed out back to do who-knows-what. Rachael first grabbed a duffel bag from her room, winking at the others as she followed the girls outside.

That left Greg, Allison, Jeff, and Kari alone in the house. Jeff realized that this was an opportunity to good to pass up.

"So Dad," he said. "Now that you've had a good night's sleep, are you ready for some more fun?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I want to do some wife and girlfriend swapping. You fuck Kari while I fuck Allison."

"That's twice with you and me in two days," Allison told him with a grin. "Is this going to become a daily habit?"

"I hope so," he replied unashamedly.

"Well then, I might just have to make it a daily habit of fucking your dad," Kari told him, then turned her attention to Greg. "What do you think? Are you up for it?"

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed.

The four of them ascended to the basement again. Jeff and Allison sat down next to each other on the couch, while Greg and Kari took the mattress at their feet. Allison reached out and took Jeff's rapidly hardening cock in her hand, slowly stroking it as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Kari climbed into Greg's lap, straddling him. She leaned in and pressed her lips against his, opening her mouth to thrust her tongue between his lips. Jeff watched in excitement as his girlfriend seduced his father, feeling nothing of the jealousy that might be expected. Granted, Allison's hand on his cock probably had a good deal to do with it; how could he feel jealous of his dad when Jeff had a woman like Allison to occupy his attention?

He couldn't help reaching over and squeezing one of her breasts. She had the most perfect breasts in the world, soft but not flabby, large but not droopy, and so very very fun to hold in his hands. He could just sit here for hours and play with them.

At their feet, Kari was hugging Greg tightly as she kissed him eagerly and passionately. Her beautiful tits rubbed up against his chest, with the obvious results in him. His cock peeked out between their bodies, hard as a rock and pointing straight up. He held her to his body in a tight embrace.

Jeff's attention was suddenly distracted from the display in front of him by Allison, who leaned her head down to his lap and opened her mouth. Now Greg pulled back from Kari's kiss to watch as Allison took Jeff's cock in her mouth and began to suck.

"Oh god, that's nice!" Jeff groaned as pleasure surged through him with each of Allison's motions. Her warm mouth felt exquisite on his cock as she sucked him.

"That looks tasty," Kari grinned. "Since Allison's hoarding Jeff's dick, I guess I'd better find one of my own." She glanced down into Greg's lap. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as if in surprise. "There's one right here!"

She climbed out of his lap and lay down on her stomach between his legs. From the eager look on Greg's face, it was obvious he liked what she was about to do to him. Jeff watched in fascination as she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around his father's cock. He saw her cheeks deflate as she sucked in, forming cute little dimples. His dad groaned much like he himself had earlier.

Jeff couldn't believe how arousing it was to see his girlfriend sucking his own father's dick. It was so deliciously naughty, just like the dozens of perverse, immoral, and usually illegal acts that the whole family had engaged in. He loved the whole idea that the Primdales had transformed into a bunch of sick and twisted perverts. But at the same time, there was something so beautiful about a family that loved each other in such a way. Very few families had the opportunity to experience such love. It was more than just sexual perversion; it brought them together like nothing else could.

Jeff loved the sight of his girlfriend in such a state of arousal, and now he realized that as long as she was still willing to be with him, it didn't matter that that arousal came at the hands of another man.

Allison's mouth and tongue were taking their toll on his body. His hips were getting into the action, thrusting forward as she sucked him in. Greg was in a similar state; he leaned back on his hands and had his head thrown back, gasping in his breaths as Kari worked him over. Kari continued sucking with eager enthusiasm; she apparently had zero compunction about blowing a man who was over twice her age and the father of her boyfriend.

Jeff knew he wouldn't last long if Allison kept this up, so he had he ease off. She sat back up, smiling at him and reaching for his cock with her hand. Apparently she wasn't about to give it up completely.

Jeff had other ideas though. Before she could take hold of him, he scooted off the couch and knelt down in front of her. He wanted to give her the same pleasure she had given him.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed with glee as she saw what he was about to do. She spread her legs wide to accommodate him, scooting her hips up to the edge of the couch. Jeff leaned in and kissed her on the bump at the top of her slit, and he felt a shudder run through her body at the contact. With such an encouraging sign, he continued. His tongue grazed against that same spot, and she cried out in pleasure. He continued to lick her there, flicking his tongue against it or running it in tiny circles around that one spot, watching the ever increasing signs of her arousal. Every breath came in as a gasp and went out as a moan, and her hips squirmed all over.

On the floor, Kari had also stopped sucking Greg, who was now fingering her pussy as he kissed and licked her all over her chest. Her nipples were hard and pointed by now, and the sheen of fluid between her legs made it clear just how excited she was.

"Jeff..." Allison groaned, and he knew it was time. He kissed up her body until he reached her lips, where he kissed her passionately and deeply. She rose up off the couch, but only so that they could lie down beside Greg and Kari. The two women lay on their backs, the two men by their sides eager to mount them.

"Are you ready?" Greg asked Kari, and she nodded. He glanced over at Jeff. "Let's show these girls that Primdale men know how to make a lady feel good," he said with a smile.

"You got it, Dad," Jeff replied.

As one, the two men rolled over on top of the girls. Jeff stared down into the beautiful face of Allison, who smiled up at him. He glanced over at Kari, who was grinning at Greg in a similar manner. Jeff moved his hips into position, then lowered his body, feeling himself slip inside his stepmother's soft, moist, hot pussy. No matter how many times he did this, he didn't think he would ever get tired of fucking her. Or any of the girls on the premises.

Beside him, he heard Kari groan as Greg penetrated her as well, and he realized that this was it. He was allowing his own father to fuck his girlfriend. That thought added to his arousal, and he immediately started thrusting with his hips. He pumped in and out of Allison's hot and sweaty body, enjoying the exquisite pleasure and passion as he made love to her. Their lips met, and they kissed enthusiastically as he continued to pound her. She had her arms and legs wrapped around him, holding his body tight against her own.

Next to them, Kari was squealing in delight as Greg rammed her over and over again. Jeff watched his hips rise and fall, loving the thought of what that meant. Unless she had hidden something from him, Greg was only the second man she had ever made love to. In a sense, this was like making her part of the family. From now on, that would be a hallmark of the Primdale family; any girl who wanted to belong would have to have sex with both Jeff and Greg.

Of course, making love to Allison was more than enough to occupy his attention, so pretty soon he forgot all about his father and girlfriend, focusing only on the beautiful woman beneath him and the intense pleasure that wrapped itself around them. His body was reacting instinctively now, no longer under the control of his conscious mind. His hips rose and fell over and over again, his cock burrowing deep inside her cunt. He heard her crying out with pleasure from the penetration, her own body in the same lustful and uncontrolled state. They couldn't stop now if they wanted to; their conscious will was completely subservient to their overwhelming desire.

With the thrill of making love to the most perfect woman in the world and seeing his girlfriend riding his father, Jeff didn't last long. He felt the stirrings of a powerful orgasm in his loins, and welcomed it with delight. The pleasure built until it reached the breaking point, and he couldn't help but let out a long wail as it overcame him. He felt his cock jerking as it fired its load into Allison's hot body.

"Oh god!" she cried out. "I can feel it, Jeff! Fill me up with your seed!" Her own body tensed up and her pussy clamped down on his shaft as her own orgasm hit her.

Greg and Kari climaxed together not long after. Jeff was thrilled at the sights and sounds of their orgasms, knowing that his father had just planted his own seed in his girlfriend's belly. She belonged to both of them now, or rather, to the whole family. She might love Jeff most of all, but she was now, first and foremost, a part of the Primdales, despite her last name. Jeff grinned as he realized that some day, even that might be remedied.

The four lovers lay down together to rest in each other's arms. For some reason, Jeff loved the sight of Kari curled up on Greg's chest, cuddling with him the way she liked to cuddle with Jeff after sex. From the look on his dad's face, apparently he enjoyed it just as much.

Of course, Jeff couldn't complain, having a gorgeous woman like Allison to snuggle up to. He held her tightly, enjoying the heat, softness, and in some places bounciness, of her body.

After resting for a while, they got up and all four of them headed to the bathroom to shower together. They had fun washing each other's backs, and of course they couldn't resist reaching around to cup breasts or squeeze cocks. After getting sufficiently clean, they stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.

Since it was getting close to lunch time, Greg suggested they have a barbecue to celebrate Lissa's birthday. The others agreed, so he went to go get dressed, not for modesty but for safety. An inconvenient splash of grease could otherwise put an end to his fun not only for the day but for the next few weeks. The others, of course, left their clothes off.

While the kids helped Greg set up for the barbecue, Allison whipped together the ingredients for a cake. She was just putting it in the oven when Jeff and Kari came into the kitchen to check if she needed any help.

"Not at the moment," she told them with a smile. "But you can help me frost it later."

"Save some frosting," Kari suggested.

"Let me guess," Jeff grinned. "Boobies and frosting?"


The three of them headed out back to meet Greg, who was in the process of cooking the burgers. The smell of the grill made Jeff hungry, and his hunger made him impatient. Allison sensed this and asked him if he would go check on the girls in Brit's studio. They had been in there all morning with no sign of reappearing.

Jeff headed down the stairs and across the lawn to the guest house. He didn't bother knocking; he couldn't think of anything that the girls might be doing that they would mind him walking in on. He opened the door, and immediately his face broke out into a grin at the sight before him. Brit and Crystal sat next to each other on the couch, their legs spread wide. Lissa knelt in front of Brit, dressed in an outfit made entirely of strips of black leather. It really didn't cover much; even the "bra" portion was just leather triangles outlining where the cups would normally be, but leaving her breasts otherwise completely exposed. She did wear fingerless black leather gloves and thigh-high, black leather boots. She was ramming her hips forward; Jeff could see something sticking out of Lissa's crotch and disappearing into Brit's pussy, and he realized it was a strap-on dildo, probably part of the outfit. He had never seen one for real before, though he had certainly seen his share on the porno websites he watched with Allison.

Alya wore another one, though this one didn't include the full outfit. She was using it to fuck Crystal. Rachael stood by, grinning and snapping photos with Brit's camera.

"Good to see you, Jeff," Rachael said. "So what do you think?"

"I just got done screwing Allison and I'm already horny again. That's what I think," he smiled. "I thought you said you didn't buy any lingerie?" he asked, indicating Lissa's outfit.

"Oh that? It's been sitting in my suitcase this whole time. I've had it for years, but now I figured under the circumstances I'd give it to Lissa as a birthday present."

"I'm... going... to... make... lots... of... use... of it," Lissa grunted, keeping up her thrusting.

"And Alya's?" asked Jeff.

"Allison and I bought several of them the other day when we went shopping. We figured the men aren't the only ones who should have the opportunity to shove their cocks up a tight little pussy."

Just then, Brit screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded through her. Her big sister continued to ram her until Brit lay there panting in exhaustion, but otherwise unmoving. Then Lissa pulled out, revealing a rubber phallus several inches longer and almost twice as wide as his own cock.

"Hey Jeff," grinned Lissa. "Mine's bigger than yours."

"Now don't give him an inferiority complex," Rachael told her. "It still doesn't beat the real thing."

"As long as Brit doesn't get so used to the big one that she won't be satisfied with mine," he shrugged.

"No chance of that," Brit told him. "Besides, even if I stopped letting you fuck my pussy, I could never give up tasting your sperm. It's just too yummy."

By now, Crystal was also in the throes of her orgasm. Brit leaned over and sucked on her nipple to add one more element to the pleasure. Crystal's body tensed up and shuddered, then she too collapsed on the couch.

"Anyway, we're doing barbecue hamburgers for lunch," Jeff announced. "They should be done by now."

"And I was hoping to have your sperm for lunch," Brit facetiously complained.

"Be good and I might let you have it for dessert," he replied.

The left the guest house, waving to Greg on the upper deck. They came around by the pool and up the stairs to find the first batch of hamburgers cooked and ready to start eating. Lunch was fun, to say the least. The condiments such as ketchup and mustard ended up on the girls' chests as often as on the hamburgers, which resulted in a lot of mouths on each other rather than the food. Still, they managed to eat their fill.

Afterward, Allison disappeared inside the house for a few minutes, then returned with a large cake with chocolate frosting and nineteen candles. She lit the candles, then everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lissa, who blew out the candles in one breath.

While Greg divided up the cake for everyone to eat, Allison went back inside again momentarily. When she returned, she had her hands behind her back.

"We have a request for something to go along with the cake," she said.

"What is it?" asked Brit.

Allison brought her hand forward, which held a tube of frosting. She immediately squirted some of it onto one of Kari's breasts. "Boobies and frosting!" Allison announced, to everyone's amusement.


By the time they were done, everyone had been covered in enough frosting that they needed showers again, so they split into three groups of three. Kari suggested they draw straws to determine who went with whom. Greg ended up with Kari and Lissa, Jeff went with Alya and Rachael, and Allison had Brit and Crystal. They separated into the various bathrooms in the house and had fun soaping each other up and rubbing their bodies together. They kept it up until the water started running cold, so they hurriedly rinsed off and climbed out of the showers, meeting once more in the Den of Iniquity.

"So now what?" asked Rachael.

"Any more brilliant ideas, Kari?" asked Greg.

"Oh, I've got plenty more. I've been saving up one that I think is perfect for today in particular."

"Why today?"

"Because it's Lissa's birthday. So we need to do something special for her."

"I like it already," Lissa grinned. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, my first plan was to give you nineteen orgasms, one for each year. Kind of like we did for Jeff that one time."

"That was only six though," Jeff replied.

"Right. Nineteen seems kind of a lot. Especially if we made it a tradition for the whole family. Greg, for instance, probably wouldn't survive his next birthday," she grinned.

"At least I'd die happy," he replied.

"So I came up with a new idea," she continued. "Actually, Rachael gave me the idea. The five-hundred tenth combination."

"What combination?" asked Rachael.

"Remember the other day when we had Allison tell us how many possible combinations there are between the nine of us?"

Rachael grinned. "Oh yeah. The five hundred tenth combination is all of us having sex together at the same time."

"In this case, it will be eight of us having sex with Lissa at the same time."

"Ooh!" exclaimed Lissa, her eyes lighting up with delight. "You're serious?"

"Absolutely. Since you're the guest of honor, you tell us how to arrange ourselves. It's all up to you. Whatever you think would give you the most pleasure."

Lissa grinned, glancing around the room at the various faces, no doubt coming up with fun ideas. Although she had never been as creative as Brit for instance, Jeff just knew she would come up with something fun.

"Okay," she finally said. "There are a couple of obvious choices. Dad and Jeff will take my pussy and mouth. I especially want to feel Dad squirt his cum inside my pussy, because I haven't yet had that pleasure. Plus I know how much Jeff likes to receive oral sex."

"You bet I do," he replied, approaching her.

"Now wait a minute," said Lissa. "Don't shove your dick down my throat until I'm finished talking. Besides, I need to be warmed up first. Rachael, after seeing how enthusiastic you were with Kari this morning, I think I want the same treatment."

"Absolutely," Rachael grinned. "Ever since I first seduced you, I've wanted to do it again. Remember that night you called me and told me you were a lesbian? I lost track of how many orgasms I had playing with myself and fantasizing about you."

"Well then, here's your chance. Just don't get too enthusiastic. I don't want to cum until I've got my daddy's cock shoved up my cunt."

"I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself," Rachael grinned.

"I'll pull her off if she gets too frisky," Allison smiled.

"You're just saying that because you think it would be fun to tackle me," Rachael told her.


Lissa lay down on one of the mattresses and spread her legs. Rachael lay down on her stomach and lowered her head to tease Lissa's pussy with her mouth. She brushed the tip against Lissa's slit, causing the girl to gasp.

As she worked her over, Lissa's body reacted by squirming on the mattress, and moans escaped her lips. When Rachael slipped a finger inside Lissa's pussy, the girl cried out with glee. Rachael finger-fucked her for several minutes, teasing her clit with her tongue, until Lissa finally told her to stop.

Not surprisingly, Rachael didn't. Allison quickly grabbed her and pulled her off, and everyone laughed. Rachael turned herself around, grabbed Allison, and began to kiss her all over the face, to everyone's amusement.

Lissa sat up, still panting. "Dad, you sit down on the mattress here," Lissa told him. Greg did so, excited at what was about to happen. He would finally get to complete what they started a year ago. He would finally fuck his own daughter.

Lissa came over and sat down in his lap, facing him and straddling his hips. She lifted herself up, grabbed his cock, pointed it at her pussy, and then gently impaled herself on it. She let out a sigh as she did so, a look of happiness on her face.

"God, that's nice!" she gasped. "I'm finally letting my dad screw me. The hell with the law; I think every girl should have the chance to make love to their fathers."

"I agree," Brit giggled.

Lissa leaned back, gently lowering herself until her back touched the mattress. She lay there like that for a few seconds, getting used to the position. With her hips still in Greg's lap and her legs wrapped around his waist, it was a very open and inviting position, and incredibly sexy.

She turned her attention to her little brother now. "Jeff," she said, "you're going to be the last one to get into place, but let me explain what you're going to do. I want you to get on your hands and knees with your legs over my chest and your hands up past my head. That should put your dick right in my face, a perfect location for sucking."

"I can't wait!" he grinned.

"Well, you're going to have to. I still have to figure out what to do with everyone else. Let's see... Brit and Crystal, you two have the smallest heads. You go sit over there on either side of Dad."

Brit took her place to the left of Greg, and Crystal went to the right.

"Now, can you both lick my pussy at the same time? And Dad's cock, of course."

"Let's give it a try," Brit grinned. She leaned down and ran her tongue from the base of Greg's cock right to Lissa's clit. Lissa gave a delighted squeal at the contact. Crystal moved her head into position too, and although it was a bit of a tricky position, they both managed to lick them at the same time. Of course, it meant that their tongues often overlapped, but they certainly didn't have any issues with that.

"Now I want Alya and Kari to suck my tits," Lissa said. The girls grinned, then took positions on either side of her. Together they lowered their heads and opened their mouths, sucking Lissa's nipples. She squealed with delight at the first contact.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed. "We'd better hurry and get everyone else into position, because I'm not going to last long like this."

"Looks like we ran out of the fun parts," Allison said. "There's nothing left over for Rachael and me."

"Sure there is," Lissa grinned. She spread her arms and wiggled her fingers. "Each of you take one of my hands. Right now, think of them as sex toys. Use them to do whatever feels good."

"I like that idea," Rachael grinned.

"I figured you would. A nymphomaniac like you needs all the orgasms you can get."

"That's certainly the truth!"

Allison and Rachael sat down by Lissa's hands. They spread their legs and placed her hands in between. She wriggled her fingers against their pussies, causing them both to burst out into giggles.

"Is it my turn yet?" asked Jeff, getting anxious.

"It's your turn," Lissa told him. He came over and straddled her head, being careful where to put his legs. It took a bit of rearranging to get a position that worked; Lissa had to raise her arms a bit so that he could place his knees below her shoulders, which meant that Allison and Rachael had to move a little. In the end though, it worked out all right. Jeff leaned forward, placing his hands on the mattress above his sister's head. That dangled his cock right in her face. She grinned, then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to run it all over the head, causing him to groan. He lowered his body a little more, and she wrapped her lips around it.

Jeff sighed in pleasure as she sucked on it. He loved the feeling, especially when she began to moan herself from the others pleasuring her own body. It was such an exquisite feeling to be involved in a nine-way sexual experience like this, especially with his own family. He glanced over at Allison, who had Lissa's thumb and forefinger squeezed between her own fingers, teasing her clitoris. Rachael had a couple of Lissa's fingers in her pussy and was fucking herself on them, using the thumb to stimulate her clit.

Greg was having as much fun as Jeff. He was finally consummating his relationship with his daughter. It was one thing to have her suck him off, but now he was actually having real, honest-to-goodness sex with her. She felt so hot and tight around his cock, and with the girls' tongues teasing his cock it felt even better. He loved the sounds Lissa was making, especially when either Brit or Crystal moved up to lick her clit. Allison and Rachael were making similar sounds, and Jeff occasionally groaned when Lissa did something especially pleasurable.

He continued pounding into her, his lust taking control. Lust for his daughter. He was proud of what she had become, a sexy young woman full of confidence. She would be the pride of any father. But despite the fact that she was an independent woman now, she still belonged to him in a more complete and total way than most daughters belonged to their fathers. She was giving herself to him sexually, allowing herself to share with him a love that very few daughters ever experienced. He understood now what Jeff and Brit felt for each other. He understood it, and accepted it.

He also allowed himself to enjoy the sight of Alya sucking on Lissa's nipple. His daughter had a lesbian lover, and that was okay. No, it was more than okay; it was exciting and erotic. He could finally admit to himself that what had most bothered him about Lissa's relationship with Alya was that it thrilled him to think of her naked and making passionate love to another woman. His own desires had been too disturbing, so he had latched onto a weak excuse: that it was morally wrong. Well, everything they were doing now was morally wrong, but he no longer cared. It was what he wanted.

Brit lifted her head for a moment and grinned up at Jeff. She had a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"Hey Jeff," she said. "I want to see you do some pushups." The others giggled at that, knowing where it would place his cock.

"I don't think Lissa would appreciate that," he replied.

Lissa, however, surprised him. "Go ahead," she mumbled around his cock.

"Really?" he asked, and she nodded.

Jeff lowered his legs further along her body so that he could straighten them out and get into the pushup position with his cock still dangling above her mouth. Lissa opened her mouth wide, a smile on her face.

That was all the encouragement he needed. He lowered his body, feeling his cock slip further into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Surprisingly, she didn't gag on it. He raised himself back up and glanced down at him, seeing that she still had that smile on her face.

That did it. He lowered himself again, and this time she closed her lips over his cock and teased it with her tongue. He repeated the motion over and over again, getting more and more excited each time he hit the back of her throat. From her moaning, she seemed to enjoy it too, although that could partly be due to the others stimulating her.

When he felt the pleasure building, he put his knees down again by her shoulders. It wouldn't do to collapse on top of her when the orgasm hit. Still, he didn't withdraw, but left his cock in her mouth. She was the one who had wanted him to fuck her face, so she was going to get a mouthful of his cum.

His orgasm hit a moment later, and he felt his cock twitch in her mouth. She squealed with delight as he fired his load down toward her throat. She gulped it down hungrily, swallowing each blast as it hit. Her tongue continued to caress his cock, making sure he had nothing left to give her by the time he was through.

Lissa was the next to reach her climax. She suddenly screamed as every muscle in her body tensed up. Fortunately she kept from clamping her mouth shut, or Jeff would have been less than thrilled.

Her own orgasm set off Greg, who groaned in pleasure as he erupted inside her body.

I'm doing it! he thought. [/i]I'm shooting my seed right up into my own daughter.[/i] He didn't think he would ever get used to that idea, no matter how many times he made love to Lissa or Brit. But that just meant it would be just as thrilling every time he did it.

Allison and Rachael climaxed at the same time, both of them shuddering and squealing with pleasure from Lissa's fingers. Finally they all separated, rolling off of each other and lying down on the mattresses, panting in exhaustion.


They slept then, tired from the exertions of the day. Brit, of course, crawled up to lie in Jeff's arms as they napped, happily dozing for a couple of hours. After what they had all been through, they needed it.

The rest did them good, and when they woke later, they were ready to go again.

"So what's the next game?" Allison asked Kari enthusiastically.

Kari grinned. "This one's easy," she replied. "I call it... Free-For-All!" She immediately pounced on Allison and began kissing her passionately as she rubbed her body up against her.

Grinning and laughing, the others paired up and went at it. They never stayed with the same partner for long; after a few minutes they traded off and went after someone else. Jeff and Greg had their cocks inside every one of the girls' pussies and mouths at one time or another. Every pair of tits got sucked dozens of times. In their wild passion, they lost track of everything but the pleasure. More than once, Jeff had to glance down to remind himself who was sucking him off at the moment.

They didn't just group into couples either. Several times Greg found himself fucking a girl while another girl sat on her face. Jeff got sandwiched between two girls, or took a girl from behind while she was on her hands and knees with Greg's cock in her mouth.

The orgasms came quickly and frequently. The air was almost constantly filled with the screams, squeals, or groans of someone in the height of ecstasy. Most of them lost count of the number of climaxes they had during their wild, passionate, and unrestrained lovemaking.

After an eternity of sexual debauchery, fatigue and exhaustion finally won out over their hyperactive libido. One by one they dropped out of the game, lying down on the couch or the mattresses, sometimes curling up and going to sleep again. Jeff had been using the weight training equipment faithfully every day for a couple of years now, but he couldn't remember ever having such a strenuous workout.

Eventually the sounds of passion gave way to silence, and the nine of them lay tired and worn out, sprawled all over the room.

As Greg lay on the floor, he felt something touch his hand. He glanced over and saw that it was just Allison, taking his hand in her own. He gave it a squeeze, smiling at her.

My wife, he thought. The woman of my dreams. Then he glanced around at the others, relaxing or sleeping. My family.

He included not just Lissa, Jeff, and Brit in that, but Rachael, Kari and Crystal, even Alya. They were all a part of one another now, a loving group who shared a special secret. Whatever he had started out as, he had become something very different over the past four years. But now, looking back on it, he realized that despite going completely contrary to everything he had always believed, he was happy. And it was all due to these people who now surrounded him; his family, friends and lovers. Especially Allison.

"I love you," he told her with a smile.

"I love you too," she replied.


The fun didn't end there. They had all the rest of the week after all, before Greg had to go back to work. Even then, there would be the mornings, evenings, and weekends. There would be many happy times in the future, many opportunities for them to show how much they loved each other. It was a love that most people would frown upon, but that didn't matter to the family. To them, this kind of love was more complete and fulfilling than most people ever had the opportunity to experience. They loved each other not only as brothers and sisters, or fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons, or sisters and sisters, but as lovers as well. That made it all the more special.

It was Allison that transformed the Primdale family, and they never wanted to change back.

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Lissa's birthday present is sweet.

But what is missing?

Mother, of course. The book has no closure. Pointless orgasms, with no closure.

Let's face it: closure is over-rated. And if there is a moral to this story, it would be that special happy family time is okay, and the story's readers should now wake up the kids and pick up where chapter 99 leaves off. The cold heartless bitch would definitely throw a wrench into the works, were she to reappear, so good riddance to her.

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