The family takes turns giving each other oral sex.
Chapter 97
A Taste of Each Other

He never did discover the identity of the mystery girl. He only knew it wasn't Brit, because on Monday morning he awoke with her in basically the same position next to him as when they had gone to sleep together last night. In the end, it didn't matter anyway who his nocturnal visitor was. He was likely to have sex with her several times over the next week anyway.

Several of the others were already awake. Greg had gotten up early to call into the office and tell his secretary that he wouldn't be coming in that week. There was a fairly unimportant board meeting planned for Wednesday, but he could just conference in over the phone line in his office upstairs. Other than that, he was free to have all the fun he wanted with his family this week.

Brit was the last one up, not surprisingly. Even after waking, she just wanted to cuddle with Jeff for a while, so while the others got ready for the day's activities, the two siblings just lay there together holding each other until Allison announced that it was time for breakfast.

Everyone headed upstairs to a breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast and jam, and orange juice to wash it down. Under normal circumstances, they would want to slow down and enjoy it, but they had much more interesting things to do later. So they hurried and ate, then returned downstairs to continue where they left off last night. Allison stood up in front of the group, taking charge.

"Before we begin," she said, "I want to make sure we all understand what's about to happen. Yesterday we mostly went with our regular partners."

"With some notable exceptions," Crystal interrupted, flashing Greg a smile.

"Exactly," continued Allison. "Today I want to mix things up a little more. Let there be no mistake about it; this is an orgy. As I mentioned before, that means that everyone has to be willing to have sex with anyone else in this room. I know that every girl here is at least partly bisexual, so there shouldn't be any objections on that basis. We'll make an exception for Jeff and Greg of course, but other than that, we all have to be willing."

"I'm more than willing!" Kari exclaimed.

"If anyone wants to back out, this is the time," asked Allison. "Nobody will think less of you if you do. Or if there's anyone in this room you don't want to have sex with, go ahead and say so. I'm sure we can work around you."

Nobody spoke up.

"Greg?" she asked. "Are you okay with this?"

"What I'm not okay with," he said, "is standing around and talking about it, when we should be doing it. We've got some serious fucking to accomplish."

Everyone laughed, especially his kids. He had never been one to use bad language; on the contrary, he had even insisted that the kids keep their speech clean in the house. Now that he had accepted the new lifestyle, he was apparently as enthusiastic about it as anyone.

"Okay, then we're all in," Allison announced. "So does anyone have any suggestions about how we pair off?"

"If we want to have lots of fun," Jeff said, "I vote we put Kari in charge of the fun and games."

"Is Kari good at games?" asked Greg.

"You'd better believe it!" Jeff laughed.

"Any objections?" asked Allison. Again, everyone remained quiet. "Okay, Kari, looks like you're the boss. So what do you want to do?"

"Oh, I've got a few ideas," she replied. "It's just a matter of deciding what we want to do first. Let's see... who here likes oral sex?"

Jeff immediately raised his hand, and the others laughed. Then one by one, the other hands went up until they were all raised.

"All right, since Jeff was so enthusiastic, we'll let him start. This game is really simple. Jeff, you pick someone in this room to bring you to orgasm with her mouth. Then the one you pick will choose someone to do the same for them. So as not to leave anyone out, we'll make it a rule that you're not allowed to choose someone who's already done it. And you're not allowed to choose Jeff, because he'll be last, in order to complete the circle. Agreed?"

The others nodded.

"Good. Jeff, who do you choose?"

"I'll bet I can guess," Lissa commented, glancing at Allison.

"I'll bet I can narrow it down to three at least," Kari added. "And I'd better be on the list, Jeff!"

He laughed. "On the list of girls I most want to suck me off, you're at the top. But I'm going to surprise everyone this time. I pick Alya."

Alya grinned. "My pleasure," she said.

"Actually, I think it will be my pleasure," Jeff laughed.

"So Jeff, any reason why you picked Alya?" asked Lissa.

He shrugged. "Simple. It's the novelty of it. She's the only girl in this room who hasn't already sucked my dick at one time or another."

The others glanced around at each other.

"You know, I think he's right," Allison commented with an amused grin.

Jeff sat down on the couch and spread his legs. Alya came over and knelt on the floor in front of him. Everyone crowded around to watch. Brit even walked behind the couch so she could massage his shoulders.

"Can she do that?" asked Crystal. "Is touching allowed?"

"I don't mind," Jeff grinned.

Alya reached out and took his cock in her hands. She gave it a few strokes to put it at full hardness, then lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. Jeff groaned as she licked all around the head. He always loved receiving oral sex, and it was especially exciting since it was the first time Alya had done it to him. She opened her mouth and let his cock slip in, then closed and sealed her lips around it.

When she began to suck, he sighed in pleasure. He was no stranger to blowjobs; every other girl in the room had given him one, after all. But it was always exciting when a new girl did it to him. He loved the hot and moist sensation of her tongue as it cradled his cock, the dimples in her cheeks as she sucked him, and especially the suction inside her mouth that stimulated his nerves, as if trying to draw out the pleasure from deep inside his body.

Apparently her practicing on "Mr. Bullard" had paid off; she certainly knew what she was doing. And obviously she hadn't learned this technique practicing on Lissa. While not as enthusiastic as, say, Brit, she really seemed to enjoy giving him oral sex.

Under normal circumstances, he might try to hold out to prolong the pleasure, but there would be plenty more fun later. So when he felt the rising pressure in his loins, he gave Alya a warning and then let the orgasm overtake him. He tensed up as it hit, releasing into her mouth. She smiled and hummed contentedly as she swallowed it down, and he watched in fascination as her throat contracted with each swallow. That sight was enough to keep the orgasm going extra long, but eventually the pleasure waned and his body relaxed once more. He let out a sigh as Alya let his cock slip from her mouth.

"Yummy, isn't it?" asked Brit. Alya blushed as she nodded.

"Better than Mr. Bullard's?" asked Lissa.

"Absolutely," Alya replied.

"Who's Mr. Bullard?" asked Kari.

"Our landlord," Lissa explained. "We paid him in blowjobs."

Greg's jaw dropped open and his eyes widened as he heard this. Everyone else laughed, probably more at his reaction than at Lissa's statement.

"Okay Alya, your turn," said Kari. "Out of anyone in this room, who do you want to eat you out the most?"

"Well, Lissa's mentioned her experiences with other women. Ever since she mentioned her first time, I've been curious about what it would feel like to be pleasured by that same woman."

"Allison?" asked Greg. "You're talking about that time on the boat?"

"Not quite, Dad," Lissa grinned. "I never told you this, but my first lesbian experience was with Rachael."

Greg gasped. "Are you serious?" he asked. "When did that happen?"

"That first time she babysat us."

"But I thought... Allison told me she was Jeff's first time."

"I was," Rachael replied. "That was only the first night. Remember, I spent three nights here. And yes, that means that during that visit I had sex with every member of this family except for Brit."

"Dad and Allison too?" asked Brit.

"Your dad and Allison at the same time," she grinned. "But enough talk. Alya, go sit on the couch so I can eat you."

Alya sat down on the couch, then spread her legs. She seemed a bit nervous, despite being the one to choose her partner. Rachael, of course, wasn't bashful at all. She knelt between Alya's legs and immediately set to work with her tongue. It didn't take long for Alya to warm up to Rachael, which wasn't surprising. Jeff knew from experience how good Rachael was with her tongue, though admittedly it was different with him.

From his vantage point on the couch next to her, he could see everything. Rachael used only the tip of her tongue, running it up and down Alya's slit and over the hairless outer lips. She especially focused on the little bump at the top, and Jeff could see Alya's clit just starting to peek out of its hiding place. Alya was gasping in her breaths now, her eyes closed and an open-mouthed smile on her face.

Lissa came around behind the couch and placed her hands on the girl's shoulders, massaging her like Brit had massaged Jeff. Alya opened her eyes and smiled up at the naked girl above her.

Rachael attacked her with enthusiasm, mercilessly ravishing her pussy with her tongue. She speared it inside the hole, or flicked it over and over again against the clit, driving Alya into a frenzied excitement. Rachael, of course, seemed to enjoy it almost as much as Alya did. From what Jeff knew of her, she got really excited about being the one to get someone off, male or female. She enjoyed wielding that power over them.

It didn't take long for her assault to do its job. Alya soon screamed in ecstasy as Rachael's mouth pushed her over the edge into an explosive orgasm. Her body shuddered as her muscles all tensed, her hips twitching with each wave of pleasure.

When she calmed down, she lay there panting, her eyes closed and her mouth locked in an uncontrollable smile. Rachael stood up and licked her lips, a similar smile on her own face.

"Yummy," she commented.

"All right, Rachael," Kari said. "Now it's your turn to pick."

"Like I said, I've had sex with everyone in this family except for Brit. I'm getting impatient. She's already fourteen. A couple more years and she'll be too old for me."

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed, but with a grin on her face.

"Just kidding," Rachael told her. "But seriously, Brit, you're about the sexiest girl I've ever met. I was hoping to seduce you the last time I was here, but I had to go away frustrated. I'm not letting another opportunity pass by."

"Well let's get to it then," Brit said with an excited grin. Jeff stood up to give Rachael room to sit down on the couch, and Brit knelt in front of her. Rachael spread her legs wide, giving Brit room to work and everyone in the room the opportunity to see that she was already wet between the legs. That didn't come as a surprise to Jeff; sometimes he thought she lived in a permanent state of arousal.

She squealed at the first touch of Brit's tongue. Brit giggled, then continued to lick her. Rachael seemed particularly excited to have Brit do this with her; like she said, it was her final conquest in the Primdale family. Considering she had already had sex with Kari, Jeff figured that Crystal would probably be her next target. Then she would have seduced everyone in two families.

Her hips writhed around on the couch as Brit tongued her pussy. Brit seemed to get a kick out of the reactions she was causing in Rachael, which made her more enthusiastic about her work. Though she didn't put as much energy into it as Rachael had done for Alya, she still tried her hardest. She used her fingers to pry apart her aunt's lips so that she could lick all over the pink parts underneath. She moved up to the clit and ran her tongue over it, eliciting more squeals and gasps from Rachael, who by now was completely lost in the excitement. She grabbed Brit's head and held her there, as if afraid the girl would leave her unsatisfied.

But Brit apparently had no such plans. She was having too much fun making her aunt squirm. Maybe she too enjoyed the power of giving someone an orgasm, especially someone experienced like Rachael. Jeff had always thought of the person performing oral sex as being in a submissive position, but he could see now that it didn't have to be that way at all. Right now, Brit was in complete control of her aunt; Rachael was, for the moment, her slave.

Rachael's orgasm was the most obvious yet; her moans turned into a shriek of excitement and her hips literally lifted off the couch to mash against Brit's mouth. Brit giggled, but continued to lick her hungrily until her aunt's body once more collapsed on the couch, her legs still spread obscenely and her head thrown back over the back of the couch as she panted in exhaustion.

"Oh god..." she moaned quietly. "Oh god..." Then she lifted her head and stared down at Brit, who now sat at her feet with a grin. Rachael smiled back at her. "Do you realize how long I've wanted you to do that to me, Brit? I've been lusting after you for the longest time."

"Don't worry," Brit told her. "I have a feeling this won't be the last time we have sex."

"Damn right!" Rachael laughed.

"So Brit," said Kari, "Who--"

"Daddy!" she exclaimed with a grin on her face.

Greg laughed. "With such an enthusiastic invitation, how can I refuse?" he asked.

Brit took Rachael's place on the couch. Instead of going straight for her pussy though, he first kissed her tenderly on the lips. When he drew back, he gazed into her eyes for a few seconds, and they both smiled at each other.

"You are so beautiful, Brit," he told her, and she blushed at the compliment. "Last time it was too dark for me to get to enjoy your beauty," he said.

"If you had, we wouldn't be here right now," she grinned.

"That's a very good point. Still, I want to take my time and do this right," he told her.

"Just remember, the rest of us are waiting for you," said Crystal. "So don't take too much time."

Greg moved his lips to her cheek and kissed her again, then slowly descended to her neck. She sighed as he kissed her there, running his mouth all over her smooth skin. He smiled in delight at the thought that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. Now that he had the chance to really enjoy her, he realized that there was something comforting and familiar about the feel of her skin, the sound of her breaths, the warmth and even smell of her body, something that was unmistakably Brit. He didn't have to see her to know who he was making love to. Perhaps, even last night, he had known it all along. Perhaps he had simply deluded himself into thinking he was with Crystal instead of her, because he had wanted so much to make love to his daughter, and wanted an excuse, a way to rationalize it so that he wouldn't feel guilty. Yes, now that he had succumbed to his baser instincts and the wiles of not only Allison but his whole family, he could admit freely that he wanted this. He wanted to bring his daughter to the heights of pleasure.

Now he understood how Jeff felt. Brit was a precious treasure, a little angel, a girl who above all needed to be loved. And if society frowned on certain aspects of that love, so be it. She was more important to him than the rules of society anyway. Allison had taught him that lesson, and now he finally understood what it meant.

His lips reached her cute little perky breasts, and he let his tongue wander over her nipple, savoring the delicious flavor and loving the sensation of it growing harder as he teased it. He glanced up and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head thrown back against the top of the couch. Crystal stepped behind her and placed her hands on Brit's shoulders as Brit had done to Jeff. As Greg moved to toy with the other breast momentarily, Crystal rubbed her best friend's shoulders. It still took some getting used to, knowing that these two little girls were lovers. But it also thrilled him. Both girls were absolutely adorable, so tiny and fragile, and infinitely feminine. The thought of them giving each other such pleasure was almost a mind-blowing concept.

As if reading his mind, Crystal let her hands wander lower when Greg left his daughter's breasts and made his way down to her spread legs. Crystal let her hands slide onto Brit's breasts, taking over from her daddy. He had something even more tasty to occupy his attention now.

From the moment his tongue touched her slit, Greg was in love. He loved the flavor of her hot little pussy and the juicy nectar dripping from it. He just couldn't get enough of his daughter's love juices. He licked her all over, running his tongue up and down the slit and burrowing inside. The taste of her drove him wild with desire, and he attacked her mercilessly. He felt her hands on the back of his head, pushing him deeper into him, and he accepted it enthusiastically. All he could think about was her delicious little cunt.

He could hear her whimpering in delight from the onslaught of his tongue, but that sound only drove him wilder and wilder. His tongue ran around and around her cute little clitoris, teasing it as she moaned above him.

"Oh god Daddy, oh god Daddy!" she whimpered, and the sound of it excited him even more. Daddy, she called him. She was getting pleasured by her very own father. It was a thought almost too horrible to even contemplate, yet the perverse nature of it only made it that much more arousing.

As his tongue worked over her clit, he shoved one of his fingers inside her hole. That did it. Her hips bucked, and she cried out. "DADEEEEEEE!" she screamed as her climax hit her hard, reducing her to a quivering mound of orgasmic feminine flesh. He loved the thought that he was doing this to his own daughter, the girl he had brought into this world and spent so much of his time raising. Now he had just shown the extreme depths of his love for her.

After it was all over, Brit lay sighing on the couch, her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her lips. Greg rose up and kissed those lips, slipping his tongue between them momentarily. Then he sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her. She leaned in and lay her head on his chest for a few minutes, smiling in contentment.

Eventually she opened her eyes and sat back up, glancing around at the people surrounding her as if surprised to see them. Perhaps she had been so lost in the moment that she had forgotten where she was.

Then she turned to her father. "Now it's your turn, Daddy," she said. "It's too bad I'm not available, because I'd love to show you how much I love you."

"I'll have to take you up on that offer later," he said. "But for now, I'd like to take Lissa up on her earlier offer to finish what we started on the sailing trip last year."

"I was hoping you'd say that, Dad," Lissa grinned.

Greg rose to his feet and took Brit's place on the couch. He shivered with excitement as he watched Lissa kneel in front of him. So this was it. Up to this point, he hadn't crossed any line today that he hadn't already crossed before. If he allowed his daughter to do this to him, then he would truly be accepting this new lifestyle.

As she glanced up at him with a loving smile on her face, his mind went back to that event that started it all a year ago, the event that had wracked him with guilt for a year now. That was why he had chosen Lissa today. He wanted some form of closure to this whole thing. The guilt wouldn't completely disappear until he surrendered himself totally to an incestuous relationship with his family, so he needed to repeat that event, this time taking it to the end.

He sucked in his breath as Lissa took his dick in her hand. The excitement and thrill of what was about to happen to him had already gotten him as hard as could be, so she really didn't have to use her hands at all. He watched in excruciating eagerness as she brought her face close to his cock. Instead of taking it straight into her mouth, though, she planted a kiss right on the tip.

"Oh god," he groaned, and she smiled at him. Then she kissed it again, this time on the underside just below the head. She stuck out her tongue and brushed it against that spot, that extremely sensitive and pleasurable point that she apparently knew about.

Then she lifted her head a little, opened her mouth, and let her tongue run all over the head, flicking it against the slit at the top that by now leaked pre-cum like crazy. Greg threw his head back and began making groaning noises as she teased him mercilessly.

Brit stepped behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders and rubbing him like she had rubbed Jeff. Greg gazed up into her smiling face, remembering that time on the pool deck a week ago when she had done the same thing with Rachael and Allison pleasuring him. This time he let himself go, enjoying the sight of her perky little tits just inches from his face. How he would love to suck on them! No doubt he would have many chances later, so he just relaxed and let the pleasure overtake him.

Then he felt the moist warmth of Lissa's mouth enveloping his cock, and he gave a much louder groan of pleasure. She bobbed up and down on him, slowly at first so as to prolong the waves of pleasure that washed through him at every motion. He couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have his daughter do this to him. It was so wrong, yet it felt so right. Ever since those pictures on the boat last year, he had had the occasional fantasy about Lissa continuing the experience. Sometimes he even dreamed about it. Fortunately, Allison enjoyed it when he woke up from such erotic dreams and groped her until she awoke and took care of his needs.

He stared down into Lissa's beautiful face, losing himself in the depth of her eyes as she gazed back up at him with adoration. He could see now that she wasn't just doing this as part of the scheme to get him over his moral issues with the relationships that he disapproved of. The expression on her face told him that she was doing this because she loved him. He understood fully now what that meant.

Across the room, he noticed Alya watching with fascination. Lately he had come to know what it felt like to share his lover with someone else, and learned that it could be done without jealousy. Alya was experiencing the same thing, though from what Allison had mentioned earlier, it wasn't the first time. Still, she probably wasn't all that used to it.

Soon he felt the pleasure spiking. He threw his head back against the couch, letting out a wail. Lissa kept sucking, and a moment later he released his load into her mouth. She swallowed it enthusiastically, and he realized that in that moment he had crossed the final line. For the first time, he had willingly allowed one of his daughters to bring him to orgasm. He had no regrets about it; of course, the intense pleasure filled him so completely that there was no room for regrets.

When it was over, he collapsed again against the couch. Lissa rose up and sat down next to him. Then she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Dad," she said. "I've been wanting to do that for almost a year now. That was the best birthday present I could ever ask for."

"So Lissa, who do you want to do you?" asked Jeff.

"Allison," Lissa replied. "We've been such good friends, and I've felt so close to you these past few years. I love to hug you and caress you and just be with you. Our friendship has always been about tenderness and affection. Now that we're all shedding off our inhibitions, I want to add sex to it."

"Lissa, I've wanted to do this for a long time," Allison replied. "I was just afraid that it might hurt our relationship. Now I don't have to worry any more, and I finally get my chance to show you how much I love you." She came over to Lissa and kissed her on the lips. Lissa closed her eyes and relaxed, letting herself enjoy it. From Jeff's perspective, he could tell that this kiss wasn't just about the game they played, but about the love between the two women. Lissa and Allison really did care about each other.

He glanced over at Alya, wondering if she might be a little jealous. But the smile on her face suggested that she approved of this. Greg's face had a similar expression; apparently, neither of them had the slightest issue with their lovers in the arms of someone else.

When Allison drew back, Lissa kept her eyes closed, smiling and licking her lips. She sighed in happiness, still lost in that kiss.

Allison leaned in again, this time kissing her on the neck. Lissa threw her head back and let out a whimper of delight. Allison reached out with her hands and fondled the girl's breasts, gently running them all over.

"Oh god, Allison!" Lissa exclaimed. "That's so nice."

"It gets better," her stepmother said, then leaned in to lick one of the nipples. Lissa gave an excited and even comical squeal at the contact, causing everyone to laugh. The two girls on the couch ignored it though, too caught up in each other.

"I love the way you taste," Allison commented. "I should have done this a long time ago. You have such a wonderful body; you can't imagine how much it turns me on to finally get to experience it to the fullest." She continued to kiss, lick, and suck Lissa's nipple for a few minutes, then moved to the other one to give it the same pleasure.

Lissa's breathing grew heavier by the minute. Her body was reacting to the stimulation, squirming on the couch and occasionally shuddering. Her motions increased when Allison slipped her hand between Lissa's legs and began to rub her gently there. The girl's breathing turned to moans.

Allison removed her lips from Lissa's breast so that she could gaze at her face as she fingered her pussy. From the look on Allison's face, she loved seeing the girl's reactions.

Finally, she knelt down between Lissa's legs. Lissa glanced down at Allison, pure lust in her eyes. Her stepmother gave her a wink, then leaned in with her head, opening her mouth and extending her tongue. She moved in slowly, drawing out the anticipation until it appeared that Lissa could stand it no longer. Then Allison's tongue touched the girl's pussy, and Lissa screamed with joy.

Again, it was obvious that this was more than just the game. Allison attended to the task with love and devotion, the expression on her face showing that it was a privilege for her to be able to do this to Lissa. Her tongue ran all over the girl's pussy, up and down the slit, over the now exposed clitoris, and sometimes delving inside to taste her sweet nectar. Allison looked like she was in heaven as she made love to her stepdaughter. Her own moans matched Lissa's; she obviously got as much satisfaction out of this as the girl she was stimulating.

Lissa unconsciously put her hands to the back of Allison's head and pulled her in, holding her tightly against her cunt. The woman didn't complain at all, but simply responded by attacking the girl's pussy more vigorously. She placed her hands on the insides of Lissa's knees to spread her legs even wider and give her room to go even deeper with her tongue.

The passion and love between the girls was so obvious that it was clear that they both had wanted this for a long time. Jeff, who watched from nearby, realized that he was witnessing the culmination of a relationship every bit as beautiful as the one between his sister and himself. He could see now that Lissa and Alya were meant to be lovers.

Soon, Lissa's moans and movements increased, her body clearly building to an orgasm. Her legs nearly clamped together around Allison's head as her body tensed up; only Allison's hands pressing on Lissa's thighs and holding her legs open prevented it from happening. She kept running her tongue up and down and all over Lissa's pussy as her stepdaughter collapsed into a screaming orgasm. The girl's body shuddered almost violently, each wave of pleasure causing her to tense up and gasp. It lasted surprisingly long, as if trying to make up for all the missed opportunities between the women. Then finally she relaxed, her knotted muscles loosening up and her body falling back once more against the couch, exhausted and spent.

Allison rose up and smiled at her, then leaned in and kissed her deeply on the lips, pressing their bodies together in a caring embrace. When they separated, they continued to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes.

"Oh god, Allison," Lissa smiled at her. "That was one of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced. All this time I've been afraid of stepping over the line with you, because you mean so much to me and I didn't want to make a mistake that could hurt our relationship. But now I see that this just makes me love you all the more."

"I'm glad," Allison replied, "because that's exactly the same way I feel about you."

"So Lissa," Alya said, "does this mean you're in love with Allison?"

Lissa glanced at her, then at her stepmother.

"I don't know..." she replied.

"It's all right if you are," Alya smiled. "I'm not jealous. Even if you two have a history, the fact that you chose me means you're in love with me even more."

"That's not in doubt," Lissa told her. "Alya, you'll always be the girl I love the most. But maybe I am in love with Allison too."

"It's okay," Allison told her with a smile. "You don't need to try to analyze it, or to make up your mind right away. It took your father and me years to admit that we were in love with each other. I know you love me, Lissa, but if it's just as a mother or as a friend, that's good enough for me."

"Of course you say that now that she's willing to have sex with you," Rachael commented, causing the others to laugh.

"Well, there is that," Allison conceded with a grin. "Besides, I might be in love with Lissa too. I'm not quite sure, but then, I've been in this position before with Greg, so it doesn't worry me too much." She climbed onto the couch and sat down next to Lissa, putting her arm over Lissa's shoulders to cuddle with her.

"Well, Allison, it looks like it's just down to the Williams girls," Rachael told her sister. "Take your pick."

Allison grinned. "You're not the only lesbian pedophile here," she replied. "I like young girls too. Crystal, would you mind?"

"Not a bit!" Crystal said.

"Well this is a first," Kari laughed. "It's not often I get picked last. Not in sports, and certainly not in sex!"

"If it will make you feel better, you were my second choice," Jeff replied.

"Oh, now that makes me feel bad," said Allison teasingly. "I thought for sure I would have been second."

"Okay, let's not start putting the women in order," Greg insisted. "No good ever came of comparing women to each other. Without fail, you always end up making them all mad at you."

Everyone laughed at that.

Allison spread her legs to give access to Crystal, who seemed eager and enthusiastic. She knelt before the older woman, then brought her face down to Allison's crotch. She stuck out her tongue and ran it from the base of the slit all the way to the nub at the top. Allison shuddered at the contact, a glowing smile on her face.

Crystal's technique was quite different than Allison's. Where Allison had been loving, caring, almost worshipful, Crystal was instead playful. That was perfectly appropriate, of course. It fit her personality well. She teased Allison's outer lips with her tongue, using just the tip to limit the area of contact and focus the pleasure. She used quick, fleeting strokes that caused Allison to jump and gasp with each contact. She had been doing this to her girlfriend and her big sister long enough to become quite the expert, and the reactions she was causing in Allison's body showed it.

Jeff loved the sight of Allison's face in her aroused state. Of course, he loved her face anyway, but it was hard to imagine a sight more arousing than the most beautiful woman in the world in such a state of pleasure, especially when that pleasure came from another girl. Allison had a dreamy look in her eyes as she focused on nothing in particular, and her beautiful, tasty lips were open wide in a smile as she gasped in her breaths. He watched the rising and falling of her chest that really emphasized her gorgeous tits. He wanted to just reach out and fondle them right now.

Unfortunately, Rachael got there first. She stood behind the couch, leaning over her sister like some of the other girls had done to each other earlier, and slipped her hands down onto Allison's chest, running them over the woman's big, beautiful boobs. Allison let out a moan at the double pleasure.

Crystal's tongue flicked against Allison's now engorged clit, sending spasms of pleasure through the woman's body. Crystal giggled at the reaction and continued to do it, having fun causing Allison to jump like that.

With such expert attention to her pussy and breasts, she soon began gearing up for an orgasm. Her hips writhed in ecstasy beneath Crystal's ministrations, and her body pulsed with the waves of pleasure that wracked her. She let out a long, high-pitched wail as her orgasm washed over her, and Jeff thought that the mere sight of her in the throes of ecstasy was so erotic that it might bring on his own climax.

Crystal kept licking her, focusing specifically on her clit, until the pleasure dropped off and left the woman sighing in bliss on the couch, exhausted yet satisfied.

"My turn!" Kari grinned. The others laughed.

"You're kind of anxious, aren't you?" asked Rachael.

"That's because my baby sister has the sweetest, tastiest pussy in the whole world," Kari replied.

"I don't know," Lissa told her. "It's got to be hard to beat Alya's."

"Or Lissa's," Alya added.

"Remember, I've tasted all three," Kari told them. "Neither of you have tasted Crystal's."

"Not yet at least," replied Lissa.

"Ooh, I like the way your mind thinks," said Crystal. "I'd love to take you up on that offer later."

"Right now, it's all mine," insisted Kari. Lissa got up and let Crystal take her place on the couch, then Kari knelt in front of her. She didn't just lick the girl's pussy, but opened her mouth and covered her whole mound, as if literally trying to eat it.

Crystal squealed with excitement and pleasure as Kari worked her over. The older girl seemed particularly enthusiastic about this, showing just how much she enjoyed pleasuring her little sister.

From the motions of her mouth and cheeks, it was clear that she was both sucking on Crystal's pussy, as well as using her tongue to stimulate her at the same time. The stimulation was having its effect on the girl; her breathing grew heavier, her face was flushed, and her body squirmed, rocking her hips forward and back as if trying to fuck her sister's mouth. Her hands went unconsciously to her small, immature breasts and caressed them.

Seeing that, Brit went around behind the couch and slipped her hands down onto Crystal's chest the way Rachael had done to Allison. Now that she had someone else to do the job for her, she placed her own hands on the couch cushion beside her to steady herself.

Her breathing gradually turned to moans as the pleasure took over. Kari seemed encouraged by those sounds, as she picked up the pace. She took her mouth off of her sister's pussy, but only so that she could reach up with her fingers and pry the girl's lips apart. She then thrust her tongue inside, licking her all over. Crystal squealed at the new sensation, her hips rocking faster now.

Brit's hands went to the girl's nipples, and she rolled them between her fingers, causing more squeals and moans. She was lost in the pleasure now, incapable of doing anything but reacting unconsciously to the things that the girls were doing to her.

When Kari moved up a couple of inches and ran her tongue over Crystal's clit, it was too much. The girl cried out and tensed up, her body wracked by her explosive orgasm. Tremors ran through her body as she continued shrieking as waves of pleasure ran through her, pushing her over the edge.

Bit by bit, those waves diminished, and she came down from the heights, still gasping in her breaths and smiling giddily but now just collapsed in a heap on the couch.

"Delicious," Kari commented, licking her lips. "That's my second favorite food, next to Jeff's cum, of course."

"I'll be happy to serve your favorite food any time you want," he told her.

"Later. Right now, I'm going to serve you your favorite food. At least, it better be your favorite food."

"I don't know..." he teased. "It's hard to beat a nice lasagna with extra spicy Italian sausage."

She playfully slapped him on the shoulder. He gave her a kiss, slipping his tongue inside her mouth and tasting the remnants of Crystal's juices. That little taste made him hungry for more, so he pulled back and helped Kari to her feet so that she could take Allison's place on the couch next to her sister.

Kari spread her legs, and Jeff got down on his knees, eager to taste her.

"You know," said Jeff, "I think I'm going to have to disagree with you, Kari."

"About what?" she asked.

"You have the sweetest and tastiest pussy in the world."

Kari giggled, and Jeff opened his mouth and let his tongue run up and down her slit.

From the moment his tongue touched her soft skin, he was addicted. He attacked her with fervor, running his tongue all over the area as if unable to decide what part of her he wanted to taste the most. Maybe that was true. The tender outer lips, the juicy pink flesh inside, the bump at the top that sent tremors through her body whenever he touched it, they all had their appeal. He wanted it all.

He remembered the first time he had performed cunnilingus on her. He had been hesitant, perhaps even a little disgusted at the thought. Sure, he enjoyed receiving oral sex from her and she enjoyed giving it, but the thought of tasting her down there had seemed kind of gross at the time.

But his desire to make her feel good had overwhelmed his trepidation, so he had tried it. Now he was glad he had done it, because otherwise he would have missed out on so much. Sure, the thought that he was giving her such intense pleasure was one of the main joys of dong this, and he loved to see the reactions he caused in her body, but now that he had gotten used to it, he loved the taste and feel of it. He loved to run his tongue over her soft skin, to taste her juices, to toy with her clitoris. Sometimes he felt like he could just do this for hours.

Of course, Kari couldn't keep it up that long. Her body was reacting to him, growing hotter and moister and squirming with every breath she took. Jeff glanced up at her face, loving the look of intense pleasure there and knowing that he was the cause of it. She moaned loudly, not caring that everyone could hear her, or maybe even enjoying that fact. Sometimes her body jumped when he hit a particularly sensitive spot, often when he brushed his tongue against her clit.

After several minutes, he sensed her body building up to her orgasm. He kept licking her all over, driving her insane with pleasure. Her moans began climbing the scale, building to a wail of pleasure as he drove her over the top. Jeff continued to torment her with his tongue, drawing out the climax for as long as it was physically possible for her body to continue in such intense pleasure. He flicked his tongue over and over again against her clit as if trying to keep her from ever coming down from that high.

It couldn't last forever though. Finally her body had had enough, and she slowly calmed down. The aftershocks of the climax continued to pound her, especially with Jeff still working on her pussy, but bit by bit they diminished until he left her panting and helpless on the couch, sapped of all her energy.

"So that's it," Lissa commented. "Everyone's had a turn."

"Yeah, but after getting all excited from eating out my girlfriend, I'm all ready for a second round," Jeff said.

"Don't worry," Kari told him weakly. "I've got another game in mind for this afternoon."

"I can hardly wait," he grinned.

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Sheesh. I think, after reading 96 chapters of build-up, I've earned at least ten chapters of hotness. Not three.


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Okay. Before I even read this, I shall announce that I plan to ascertain whether or not any of the Primdale men have learned to be gentlemen. That is, for yours truly, aesexual pseudonym, the only conceivable point to this chapter.

Good. Finally. Jeff apparently still has some qualms lingering about giving as well as receiving, but he dutifully hearkens to Daddy's example (with little Brit) and redeems himself in the end. That's nice.

As for all the other oral couplings... well, let's just chalk it up to kink girl-on-girl action, and leave it at that. Okay... another word. Too much rushing of the good stuff. This final orgy business is too rushed. It took us 96 chapters to get here, and now our winded author is running out of steam in the home stretch. If this were a fireworks display, we'd be seeing a crate of fireworks ignited all at once, by gasoline, after ten straight days of one bottle rocket per hour.

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