The start of the orgy.
Chapter 96
The Fun Begins

The next morning, everyone set to work preparing for the activity. Jeff and his dad moved the couches around in the rec room to open up a large area on the floor. Lissa and Alya went through the house and stripped the mattresses off of all the beds, bringing them downstairs to place on the floor so that the couples wouldn't have to do it on the ground. Allison and Rachael went into town to pick up some "supplies," whatever that meant, but from the guilty looks on their faces, it was obvious that they had something in particular in mind. Kari and Crystal arrived that morning with the dog collar and leash that they had used before, and spent all morning teasing Brit about it. Brit, of course, ran to her big brother for protection every time the girls approached her with the items, but it was obvious that she was more excited by them than afraid of them.

By unspoken agreement, they mostly wore their underwear all morning. The girls stripped down to their bras and panties, and Greg and Jeff wore just their boxer shorts. Just before noon, Lissa said she was warm, and took off her bra, never to put it on again for the rest of the day.

When Allison and her sister arrived home, they hid their supplies, telling the others that they would bring them out at the right time. They did at least show everyone the food they bought: snacks and ingredients for making various hors d'oeuvres (it was going to be a party after all), wine and champagne for the adults, juice and soda for the kids (Allison jokingly said she didn't want to be accused of corrupting minors), and for dessert they had bought a fondue pot with chocolate and various fruits. That had been Rachael's idea; she said with a grin that the first rule was if anyone accidentally dripped chocolate on themselves, somebody else had to clean it up for them, and the second rule was whoever did the cleaning wasn't allowed to use their hands. Kari and Crystal burst out laughing at that, but for some reason Brit had an embarrassed look on her face.

"We were also going to get some naughty lingerie," Rachael explained, "but they didn't have any of the good stuff in sizes that would fit fourteen-year-old girls. You should have seen the look on the lady's face when I asked her about it. You would think that if she worked in that kind of shop she would be open to a little perversion. Anyway, because they were so discriminatory against younger girls, we walked out of the store in protest."

"So what was all the other stuff you bought?" asked Alya.

"Just a few things from another shop. These are one-size-fits all. Although, it might be a bit of a tight squeeze for Brit and Crystal."

"Oh my god!" Brit gasped, and Rachael burst out laughing.

"For the record, I wasn't joking this time," she said.

Allison and Lissa worked in the kitchen to prepare the food. Since Lissa was topless, Allison decided to strip down to her panties as well. Rachael, of course, refused to be outdone by her big sister, and so this began a chain reaction and soon all of the girls were running around with their chests exposed, to Greg's and Jeff's delight.

They had a light lunch, knowing that they would be snacking all afternoon. Allison went to her room to make some last-minute preparations for the photo slide show, and returned with her laptop all ready to connect to the big screen downstairs. In the mean time, Greg and Jeff set up a card table in the corner, and Lissa and Alya brought down several trays of food and drinks.

Brit was the most eager to get things started. Even while Allison was connecting her computer to the screen, Brit took Jeff's hand and led him over to the couch. She immediately dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts, exposing his already-hard cock. She took a few preliminary sucks on it, to everyone's amusement. Greg looked astonished, but excited at the same time. He was still obviously getting used to the idea of his daughter as a sexual being.

Rachael slipped her hand down inside his shorts and pulled out his cock, slowly pumping it up and down. Crystal suddenly dashed over and held out her hands, placing them, palm open, one at the base and one at the tip. Then keeping her hands in the same position, she headed over to Jeff, where she placed them like she had on his father.

"I don't know," she said. "The preliminary test says they're about the same length."

Everyone laughed at her boldness.

"What about the thickness, though?" She immediately grabbed Jeff's cock, causing him to groan in pleasure from the contact. Her hand couldn't quite reach all the way around. Then she released him and returned to Greg, where she grabbed his as well.

"That's amazing!" she exclaimed. "Your dicks are identical! You hear that, girls? It really doesn't matter which one you get, because they're the same."

"There's more to a man than his dick," Allison insisted.

"Says who?" asked Rachael.

With the jokes over, the girls began to undress as well, or more accurately, the boys undressed them. Jeff knelt in front of Brit and slipped her panties down, then leaned in with his tongue, returning the favor she had given him. She shivered and squealed with delight. Then he did the same to Kari, and finally Crystal.

Greg, meanwhile, pulled off Allison's panties, though he was too conservative to lick her like Jeff had done to the girls. Rachael insisted on the same treatment, so he stripped her as well. Then Lissa came over to him. He was still a little hesitant; it took him a few seconds to work up the nerve to strip his own daughter, but with an encouraging word from some of the girls, he finally did it.

He was even more nervous to do the same to Alya, especially since she looked a little uncomfortable as well. But Lissa insisted, and finally, he relented and pulled down her panties. She giggled shyly, growing red, but in the end it was all right.

Everyone took their places. Greg, and Rachael lay together on the mattress closest to the TV, so that after Allison joined them she could easily get up if she needed to fiddle with her computer. Lissa and Alya took a nearby mattress, and Kari sat down next to Jeff on the couch. Crystal sat on Kari's lap, and Brit sat on Jeff's. For now, she just sat there with his rapidly hardening cock peeking out between her legs. Greg glanced over at them, but when Jeff and Brit caught his eye, he just smiled and shrugged. Jeff reached around and fondled his little sister's breasts, trying to see just how far their father would let them go, but Greg didn't seem to mind it at all.

As soon as everyone was in position and the slide show was ready, Allison stood up in front of the TV. "Welcome to the first annual Primdale Family Orgy," she smiled, eliciting several chuckles from the others.

"Annual?" asked Rachael. "Can't we make it monthly instead? Or better yet, daily?"

"Some of the family is only home for the summer," said Allison. "But when we're all here, there's no reason the annual orgy can't last three months."

"I guess that will have to do."

"Anyway, to start things off, we're with our usual partners. How long that lasts is up to you. We're all part of the floor show, but if that's not enough entertainment for you, I'll have the naughty pictures we've taken playing in the background. I've put them roughly in chronological order, so we'll start with the infamous sailing trip last summer."

"Oh god," groaned her husband. "I'm never going to live that down, am I?"

"I think after the next couple of days, it will be a moot point, don't you agree?"

He shrugged. "I guess you're right."

"Anyway, without further ado, here it is." She pressed a button on the computer, and immediately a picture of herself in a tiny little bikini, posing on a boat, appeared on the screen in front of them. It remained on the screen for about five seconds, then automatically changed to the next picture.

"Brings back memories, doesn't it?" Jeff whispered in Brit's ear.

"I want you to do something for me," she told him. "I want you reenact what happened last September. At least, the best part."

"The part where you had your first orgasm?"

"Exactly. You wouldn't mind rubbing me down there, would you? Let's see if we can time it so that I climax at the same place in the photos as last time."

"Absolutely," he grinned. He slid one of his hands down between Brit's legs and let his fingers trace her slit. He could feel her shudder and hear her gasp as he made contact.

The others were also getting into the mood. Next to them, Crystal and Kari were similarly occupied with each other. Crystal sat sideways on Kari's lap, which allowed her to fondle her big sister's boobs while Kari played with her pussy like Jeff played with Brit's. Lissa and Alya sat facing each other, Alya practically in Lissa's lap. Alya's watched the screen, obviously excited at seeing these erotic pictures that would soon feature her lover. Lissa, however, was more interested in Alya's boobs, which she groped and kissed hungrily.

Strangest of all to Jeff's eyes were Rachael, Allison, and Greg. He was well aware that his father had sex sometimes, and especially since marrying Allison, Greg's sex life was really no secret to the family. But although Jeff had made love to both of the women with his father right now, it was quite something else to see his father enjoying himself like that. It wasn't particularly disturbing in a "walking in on your parents" sort of way; Allison talked about sex with Greg enough that any discomfort he might have felt at thinking of his father that way had long since vanished.

Actually, what they were doing was pretty mild. Their backs were turned to Jeff so that they could see the pictures on the screen, which cut off the view of the most interesting parts. But Greg had his hands in the girls' laps, and the girls had their hands in his. From the motions of their arms, he could tell that their hands were certainly not idle, and he could imagine what they were doing to each other.

By this point on the screen Allison had her top off, exposing her gorgeous boobs. Jeff remembered the first time he had seen that photo, with Brit sitting on his lap just like this. Well, it wasn't just like this. That time they had been clothed.

The pictures continued, with Allison modeling in a number of erotic poses, then it switched to Lissa in her swimsuit.

"Now we're starting to get to the good parts," Alya commented. "I can't wait to see you without your clothes though."

She didn't have to wait long. A few pictures later, the on-screen Lissa stood with her breasts exposed to view.

"Fuck, that's hot!" Kari exclaimed.

"Watch your language," Allison insisted. "There are ladies present."

"Who?" asked Jeff. Several pairs of feminine eyes glared at him for a second, and he grinned sheepishly.

Alya seemed to get more and more excited as the photos continued, especially when Lissa removed her swimsuit completely, leaving her completely bare. Then when Allison joined her on-screen, Alya actually gasped.

Jeff was almost more amused to see Alya's reaction than than to view the pictures on the TV. As Allison and Lissa touched each other in increasingly erotic ways, Alya began moaning unconsciously. Of course, several of the other girls in the room were already in a similar state of arousal, so it kind of took some of the fun out of it.

Then she calmed down for a little when it switched to Greg and Allison posing naked together. It was still quite erotic, especially the shots of Allison on her knees sucking off her husband. Rachael seemed to get a kick out of those ones in particular, and Jeff wondered whether she had actually seen them before. There had certainly been time to show her last September when she visited, although considering that some of them featured Lissa, Greg and Allison probably would have hesitated.

When it switched to Lissa and Greg, Alya squealed with delight. It wouldn't be long now before that infamous photo, the one that had given Brit her first ever orgasm. Jeff knew exactly what he would do when it arrived. He knew the pictures leading up to it, and as it approached he rubbed Brit harder and faster.

"Oh Jeff!" she exclaimed delightedly. "That feels wonderful!" He continued to pick up the pace until he was furiously fingering her. Her body wriggled all over his, lost in the pleasure and the sight of the erotic photos on the screen.

Now the last picture before the most exciting one showed on the screen, and Jeff worked his fingers over her as fast as he could. "Are you ready?" he asked her, rubbing vigorously. She nodded, too overcome by ecstasy to give him a verbal answer.

When the picture changed to the one with Greg's cock in Lissa's mouth, Brit squealed and tensed up. Jeff continued to run his fingers over her clit as he felt an orgasmic shudder run through her body, and he realized they had done it. They had managed to time her climax so that it coincided with the same picture that had given her her first ever orgasm. The others glanced over at her, most of them with amused looks on their faces. Brit squirmed around on his lap as she continued to squeal, perhaps being overly dramatic to give them all a good show or perhaps just extra excited to be doing this in front of so many spectators.

"That is so erotic," he heard Alya comment from the nearby mattress, but because Brit's face was in the way, he couldn't tell whether she was looking at him or the image on the TV. It probably didn't matter.

When Brit came down from her high, she collapsed against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her and held her warm body to his own just like he had done last September. He remembered that day clearly because it was the first time he realized just how much he loved his little sister. They had been through some rough times since then, but his love for her now was as strong as ever, perhaps stronger than it had ever been now that he didn't have to try to hide it from anybody. He could let himself love her freely, the way he wanted to.

She turned over on his lap and lay her head against his chest, and he reacted by reaching up with one of his hands and stroking her hair. Gazing down at her lovely face, he saw that she had her eyes closed and wore a peaceful and content smile. She almost glowed in her happiness. He couldn't resist giving her a kiss on the forehead.

By this point that photo had passed, and there were no more of Lissa and Greg. The rest were more tame in comparison. Still, they had done their job, and Jeff was happy that he had helped Brit to relive that memory. She continued to rest peacefully against his chest, and he suspected that she had fallen asleep. While it left him unsatisfied, he didn't mind; just the fact that he got to hold her in his arms like this was enough. Besides, there would be plenty of other opportunities now that Greg had given in.

The first set of pictures ended, and they went on to the next. These were ones Jeff hadn't seen, of Allison posing on the balcony of a room overlooking a sandy beach.

"When was this?" asked Lissa.

"Our honeymoon," Greg replied. "Normally I would insist on keeping these pictures private, but I think under the circumstances..."

Jeff watched with scarcely concealed enthusiasm. The pictures were absolutely stunning, with the glow of the sunrise giving Allison's skin a certain radiance that was very alluring. When it switched to a set of her posing next to a waterfall, he couldn't help but grin, almost to the point of drooling. She had always been the type of woman who looked particularly beautiful wet, with her dark hair hanging limply and damply about her shoulders.

Then she was joined by a couple of other women on the screen, ones that he recognized from the website she had shown him. Kristen and Roberta, if he recalled correctly. Although they were also gorgeous, they were nothing compared to Allison. Admittedly, the fact that he knew her made a difference to his opinion.

The next set were the ones that Greg and Allison had taken in Los Angeles for the website run by their friends. While Jeff wouldn't have been opposed to including the photoshoots of some of the other girls, Allison had selected only the ones from her own. That was fine; she certainly looked gorgeous, and in fact one of the sets included another girl as well, though all they did was shoot pool. He wouldn't have minded some lesbian pics mixed in.

When they started in on the sets of the Primdale and Williams kids getting together for naughty fun, Jeff was particularly interested because some of them included him. Having Brit lie there sleeping against him was certainly relaxing, but he was too excited to take a nap. What kind of a man would he be if he fell asleep in the middle of an orgy? At least, not until he had had an orgasm. After that, it would be just fine.

Crystal was the second one to climax. Her moans grew higher in pitch, and multiple sets of eyes turned to her as she gave out a wail of ecstasy, her body shuddering as Kari fingered her to orgasm.

Suddenly, an unexpected photo flashed on the screen, a photo of the Jeff's friend Jesse, nude and tied to the bed. Jeff burst out laughing, which woke Brit. She glanced at the screen and giggled too, but Greg looked shocked.

"Oops," Allison grinned. "How did that get in there?" She said it with such a deliberately innocent voice that it was quite obvious how it got in there.

Brit yawned, turning back over on Jeff's lap to face the TV. Now that she had had her nap, she was wide awake. Plus she had something fun to play with: Jeff's cock. With it poking out from between her legs, it was in the perfect position for her to grab it with her hands and stroke it. He groaned at the sensation, excited that they were playing their little game in front of everyone.

Brit didn't just use her hands, but rubbed it against the lips of her pussy as well. He wondered whether she planned to stick it inside; although she had just climaxed not too long ago, she had also napped since then, so maybe she had enough energy to go again. But for now she just toyed with his cock, keeping it on the outside.

They kept watching the pictures on the screen, including several sets with Kari and Crystal that Brit must have taken when Jeff wasn't around. There seemed to be a heavy emphasis on Crystal, not surprisingly since she was Brit's girlfriend, and Brit was the most prolific photographer of the family. Some of them had clearly been taken at the Williams house, most likely when Allen was away at basketball camp earlier in the summer.

By this point, several others in the room were having orgasms, judging from the sounds coming from them. With Brit working him over, he was too distracted to pay much attention to who it was happening to, but every so often he glanced around and noticed that one or more people had moved into a more relaxed position, some of them even napping. Of course, a couple of them were already on their second round.

Since Brit had begun stimulating him later than most of the others, he outlasted almost anyone, but eventually he too succumbed to the double pleasure of the pornographic photos on the screen and his baby sister's hands on his cock. He felt the pleasure building, and knew it wouldn't be long.

"Brit..." Jeff groaned. "I'm going to..."

He didn't have to finish that sentence; she knew exactly what he meant. With a grin, she hopped up off his lap and knelt in front of him, slipping her mouth over his cock and sucking furiously. He groaned again, feeling the pleasure build deep inside of him. He glanced down at her beautiful young face as she gazed up at him with adoring eyes, and he knew that she wanted this every bit as much as he did.

Then the pleasure spiked, sending him over the edge. He cried out as his cock jerked inside her mouth, shooting the first load of cum against the back of her throat. She hummed in delight as she gulped it down, eager for the next spurt. It came immediately, followed by a third, and a fourth. Brit hungrily swallowed them all, making noises like this was her favorite food in the world. Actually, she had come right out and said just that on more than one occasion, so it was no wonder she seemed so happy.

He glanced over at Greg, who stared at them in shock. But there was no disapproval in his expression, only surprise and perhaps a bit of excitement. It looked like he actually enjoyed seeing his young daughter performing oral sex on her brother.

Finally, after she was sure she had sucked every last drop of cum out of him, Brit stood back up. She turned around to give a wink to her father, then climbed back onto Jeff's lap to cuddle with him again. He was so exhausted from the intensity of his orgasm that he barely had the strength to wrap his arms around her. They sat there together, snuggling and watching the rest of the pictures on the TV in front of them.

By the time the slide show was finished, almost everyone was exhausted from one or more orgasms. They lay there in collapsed heaps, dozing or at least resting for nearly an hour. Finally, Allison got up, commenting that it was time to start fixing supper. Lissa and Alya followed her up the stairs to help her. Rachael rolled over on top of Greg and began kissing him all over the face, obviously ready for the next round. Kari suggested that the four remaining kids climb into the hot tub while they waited for supper. They all agreed, so they headed back to the alcove and climbed into the tub. Brit of course insisted on sitting in Jeff's lap, so Crystal decided to sit in Kari's. Jeff and Kari both reached around and played with their little sisters' boobs until Allison called them upstairs for supper.

They ate their dinner happily and excitedly, then Allison and Rachael disappeared into the kitchen to bring out the fondue pot and a large tray full of sliced fruit. The kids were overjoyed, and attacked it immediately and enthusiastically. Of course, the adults got their fair share as well.

When Brit accidentally dripped a bit of chocolate onto her bare chest, Jeff remembered the rules Rachael had made up that morning and leaned over to lick it off her. She giggled as she did so, then deliberately dripped chocolate onto his chest so that she could return the favor.

Needless to say, a lot of chocolate got dripped onto various parts of the people's anatomy that night.

After supper, they returned to the rec room to continue their fun. Greg joined Allison and Rachael in the same spot as before, while Lissa and Alya headed back to the alcove to bathe in the hot tub. Kari looked like she wanted to join Jeff this time, but Brit got to him first. He shrugged at Kari, who flashed him an amused smile. Apparently Brit wasn't through making up for lost time yet. As long as Kari was all right with it, he didn't mind. Besides, he missed having his cock in her pussy, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

He lay down on one of the mattresses, and Brit lay on top of him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately on the lips. He kissed her back, caressing her hips with his hands and enjoying the closeness of her soft and warm body.

"Before you get too comfortable, Brit," said Crystal, "I've got a surprise for you."

Brit lifted up her head. "What is it?" she asked.

"You'll see," Crystal replied, turning to dash up the stairs. When she returned, she held her hands behind her back. The grin on her face made it clear that she had a naughty idea in mind.

She held the dog collar and chain leash that she had brought that morning. Brit's eyes grew wide, and her face turned bright crimson.

"Come on, little Britney," Crystal giggled. "Let me put these on you like a good little doggie."

"Hell no!" she exclaimed. "I only agreed to it last time because you beat me wrestling so I had to do everything you say."

"Well then, why don't we wrestle for it again?" asked Crystal. "Whoever loses has to be the other one's pet."

Brit considered. Jeff thought it was a great idea; he would love nothing more to see the two girls wrestling naked. He could see from Brit's expression that it excited her just as much.

"Okay," she finally said.

"Clear some space in the middle of the room," Kari told everyone, taking the collar and leash from Crystal. Everyone scooted to the outside mattresses, leaving the ones in the middle free.

The two girls stood in the middle, facing each other. Then as one, then reached in to grapple with each other. The others watched with amusement, excitement, and even a little arousal as the two naked teenagers fought.

Brit was the first to go down. She fell backward, Crystal on top of her, and Jeff noticed with delight the way their nude bodies mashed together as they hit the floor.

Brit wasn't about to give up so easily; he wrapped her arms around Crystal and managed to roll her over. The sight of the girls rolling around on the floor wrestling naked had Jeff almost drooling. It was clear that they were at least as interested in rubbing their bodies together as they were in fighting.

This became even more evident when Brit managed to pin Crystal momentarily. "One..." she grinned. "Two..." she added. Then Crystal suddenly lifted her head and kissed her on the lips. Brit, maybe taken by surprise but maybe not, released her grip, and Crystal managed to roll her over and press Brit's arms to the floor.

"One, two--"

Brit kissed Crystal this time, who at least pretended to be caught off guard. Crystal let go and Brit once again claimed dominance.

They repeated their game over and over again to everyone's amusement, until it became obvious that neither one of them was really surprised by it. By the time they had switched places half a dozen times, they had given up on the count and spent more time kissing than trying to pin each other.

Finally, Brit managed to get Crystal down, and after the third count and the obligatory kissing, Brit held on. She lifted her head from Crystal's lips and said, "Three!"

Everyone cheered, not necessarily for the victory but for the entertainment of the battle.

"I won!" Brit exclaimed with glee. "Now you have to wear the collar."

"Yes, Mistress," Crystal replied enthusiastically. Rather than appearing embarrassed, she seemed overjoyed to have lost this time. Jeff had a sneaking suspicion that she had wanted to lose. Brit took the items from Kari, then fastened the collar around her friend's neck.

"I'm your pet, Mistress," Crystal told her. "I love my mistress." She leaned in and licked Brit on the face. "I love to lick my mistress," she continued, then leaned down and licked her on the nipple. "I'm such an affectionate little pet." Now she knelt down and licked her right on the pussy.

"Hey!" Brit complained, though with a giggle.

"I'm just showing you how much I love my mistress," Crystal told her, then licked her again.

"But you have to do everything I say. And I say stop."

"Oh, all right," Crystal grudgingly conceded. "So what's your second command, Mistress."

"Let's see..." Brit mused, glancing around the room. Her eyes fell on Greg, who sat nearby with Allison and Rachael cuddling with him. A grin spread on Brit's face, every bit as wide as the one on Crystal's. "Go have sex with my dad," she ordered the girl.

"Really?" asked Greg, casting Crystal an excited look.

"Unless Allison or Rachael object," Brit replied.

"Oh, so you're going to carry on this affair right in front of me?" Allison playfully complained. "I knew you've been secretly seeing Crystal behind my back."

"No I haven't, but there's a foolproof way to keep me from starting," he said.

"Which is?"

"Give me permission. It will then be impossible to go behind your back."

"Good idea. Okay, you have permission to have an affair with Crystal. Rachael, you don't mind, do you?"

"Actually, the idea of watching a forty-year-old man having sex with a fourteen-year-old girl gets me kind of horny."

"Everything gets you horny."

Rachael shrugged and grinned sheepishly. The two women moved out of the way to give Crystal room. She immediately sat down in Greg's lap, throwing her arms around his neck and pressing her chest up to his. She deliberately rubbed her body against him, causing him to groan. He didn't seem to have any hesitation any more, but wrapped his own arms around her back and kissed her fully on the lips.

"I've been wanting to do this ever since you sucked me off yesterday," he told her. "No, scratch that. I might as well admit that I've been wanting to do this for weeks now, ever since you started flirting with me."

Crystal giggled, then kissed him again. She released him with her arms, then placed her hands on his chest and pushed him gently to the ground. He lay down, and she lay on top of him, kissing him all over the chest. Greg closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying her attentions.

Meanwhile, Brit and Jeff lay down on one of the other mattresses. She climbed on top of him and mimicked her friend's actions, and soon Jeff was moaning in delight. She kissed him all over the face and chest, reaching down to grab his cock and stroke it. His hips soon began to squirm from the pleasure. He reached out his own hand and slipped it between her legs, feeling her dampness there. He stroked her gently, getting her loosened up and ready for him. Earlier that day they had just played with each other, but now he wanted to feel his baby sister's pussy wrapped around his cock. It had been too long since he had felt that pleasure.

He noticed Greg doing the same thing to Crystal, and soon the girls were squirming and moaning just as well as the men. Brit and Crystal glanced at each other, giving each other a knowing look. They grinned and nodded, then together they sat up and straddled their respective partners. Jeff sighed as Brit impaled herself on his cock, lowering her body onto him. He felt himself sliding into her soft and hot little pussy, and let himself enjoy it to the fullest.

"Oh god!" his father groaned nearby, and Jeff glanced over to see that he was buried to the hilt inside of Crystal. The girls rose up and lowered again, quickly falling into a rhythm. Four sets of moans filled the room as the girls rode the men.

Brit seemed particularly excited by the fact that she was doing this in front of her father. "Look at me, Daddy!" she cried out with glee. "I'm fucking my big brother! Your little angel is an incestuous little slut for her brother!"

Greg stared dumbfounded as she bounced up and down on Jeff's lap, apparently getting excited by the words she was saying and her father's attention on her.

"My incestuous big brother is fucking his incestuous little sister," she continued. "I want him to squirt his incestuous cream all the way up into my incestuous tummy! And later I'm going to make my incestuous daddy do the same incestuous thing!"

"Well then Jeff," said Kari, "since you're having so much fun fucking your incestuous little sister, do you mind if I go join my sister with your incestuous daddy?"

So this was it. His commitment to this new lifestyle was being put to the ultimate test. Was he willing to share his own girlfriend with his father? He realized that in the end, it didn't bother him at all. Kari still loved Jeff, and he loved her. If they fooled around with other partners, that did not diminish their love for each other at all.

"Have fun," he grinned.

Jeff watched as Kari slinkily strode over to Greg, who watched her approach with astonishment and delight. Kari lay down next to Greg, snuggling up against him and kissing him on the lips. With a grin on his face, he wrapped his arms around her and held her to him as Crystal continued to ride him.

Jeff watched with actual excitement as he saw his girlfriend getting friendly with his dad. Of course, it didn't hurt that he had his gorgeous little sister impaled on his stiff rod, but there was something deliciously naughty about seeing Kari and Greg together.

He also noticed Rachael and Allison getting friendly with each other, kissing and licking and fondling and caressing each other's bodies. From the sounds coming from the hot tub, he could tell that Alya and Lissa were similarly enjoying each other. Apparently the afternoon fun hadn't sapped anyone of their energy. After tonight though, he was pretty sure that no one would have trouble sleeping.

Brit's body and her enthusiastic lovemaking soon had Jeff building to what felt like it would be a powerful orgasm. He held out as long as he could, both to prolong the enjoyment and to intensify the climax when it finally happened. He felt the pleasure spiking and was not surprised to hear his father also crying out in the throes of his own orgasm. Jeff's cock twitched inside of Brit, shooting his seed deep inside her body.

"Oh god!" she squealed. "I can feel my incestuous big brother squirting his incestuous sperm in me! Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Her pussy clamped down tight on his cock with a vice-like grip as her own body exploded into a shuddering orgasm. Then she collapsed on top of Jeff, gasping in her breaths as the aftershocks of her climax still wracked her.

Crystal didn't last much longer, and soon she too screamed in pleasure as she rode Greg. Finally, she lay her head down on his chest as well, the two girls exhausted yet content as they snuggled in their lovers' arms.

Jeff was so tired that he paid no heed to the sounds of other orgasms as one by one the rest of the girls went off. He was vaguely aware of the differences in the voices; first Allison, then Lissa, then Rachael, then finally Alya screamed out their excitement, then the noise died off to the tranquil sounds of nine people breathing in post-orgasmic bliss.

As the nine bodies rested in each other's arms, Allison came over to Greg and sat down nearby. She ran her hand tenderly over Kari's back, massaging her gently and smiling down at the three of them.

"So I take it you no longer mind having sex with other women in front of your family?"

"I guess not," he smiled. "Crystal sure cured me of that quickly."

"So then tomorrow we can do some more trading off and pairing up?"

"Sure," he agreed.


They spent the rest of the evening mostly just relaxing, since they were all pretty exhausted from multiple orgasms throughout the day. Brit didn't want to waste the opportunity of having Crystal as her pet, so she took her leash and had her go around licking everyone's bodies. She sucked on both Greg's and Jeff's cocks, but both were so drained that she couldn't bring them to climax. She did, however, manage to get an orgasm out of Lissa, Alya, and Rachael. Rachael was no surprise; she seemed to have a never-ending supply of orgasms in her.

Everyone took some time to bathe or shower; after several rounds of sweaty sex and messy fun at supper time, they really needed it. Allison and Rachael changed the sheets but suggested they leave the mattresses downstairs so that they could all spend the night together. Nobody had any objections, so when bedtime came around, they grabbed a bunch of blankets to keep them warm. Allison said with a sly grin that it didn't matter where they slept, or with whom; they were likely to wake up next to someone else entirely anyway. Still, they mostly paired off with their usual partners. Allison and Rachael cuddled up next to Greg, Lissa and Alya lay down together, and Kari and Crystal snuggled with each other next to Jeff.

Brit, of course, lay down on his other side. She snuggled up against him and planted a goodnight kiss on his lips, then lowered her body so that she could lay her head down on his chest. He wrapped one arm around her and held her gently to him.

"I love you," he told her. "Good night."

"I love you too," she replied with a giggle. "Good night."

He fell asleep, happy to once again have the chance to hold her soft, warm, and comforting body to him. He would be doing a lot of this from now on.


Jeff awoke in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone's hand wrapped around his dick. In the darkness, he couldn't see who it was, only a vague outline next to him. If it hadn't been for the fact that he had just fucked Brit several times that day, he would say that it was her, considering how much she loved to play with his cock. But he could still feel Brit lying against his other side, her head cradled under his chin and her arm gripping his shoulder. So unless one of the other girls had taken her place while he was asleep, this new girl was one of the other six.

She continued to stroke his cock for a few minutes, and he just lay there enjoying it. He wasn't sure if the girl knew he was awake, but it really didn't matter. It wasn't like she would be embarrassed to know that he was aware of the whole thing.

When he began to moan, the girl lowered her head and let his cock fill her mouth. She sucked him for several minutes as his arousal increased and he found himself losing control.

Finally, he let out a gasp as he erupted inside her mouth. She swallowed it down hungrily, not spilling a single drop. Then, just as mysteriously as she arrived, she vanished back into the darkness. Jeff closed his eyes, wondering who it was that had pleasured him like that. He fell asleep, still confused but content.

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They should make this a movie

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May i just take back what I said about AP? And also Jeff and Brit thats all i wanted to read about. Fun.

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Well, everyone is happy now, and we have made some progress through the 510 combinations. Nice work.

Reading through my comments for the last 20 chapters or so, I see I have heaped on much more invective than praise. So, time for another public service announcement.

I love this book. As I have stated elsewhere, this is the second time I have read it. The first time, I had read it purely for pleasure, and it had delivered. No doubt I will read it purely for pleasure again. And it will deliver, again. In pleasure mode, one does not think critically. One just goes with the flow. And that is what this book is for. Pleasure. In that respect, it is easily among the top two or three stories on this site, and is one of the best works of epic pornography available anywhere on the World Wide Web. And we get it, for free! This book should have many more readers than it does. 'Nuff said.

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