Jeff, Kari, Lissa, and Alya mix things up a little.
Chapter 89
Trading Partners

With Allen Williams gone to basketball camp, Brit and Jeff both wanted to spend some time at the Williams house. Greg wasn't particularly comfortable having Jeff alone with Kari there with no supervision, but he was happy to let Brit sleep over with Crystal for a couple of nights, as long as Kari was there to keep an eye on them. Jeff thought that was a little unfair, but Brit took him aside later and said with a sly grin that she would bring her camera and let him see the resulting pictures. That immediately put an end to his objections.

He really didn't have much cause to complain; although Kari couldn't come over to visit him while Brit and Crystal were at her house, the other girls all spent a lot of time out at the pool, and they were more than happy to let him join them. It gave him plenty of time to ogle Allison's, Lissa's, and Alya's mostly uncovered bodies.

Toward the end of the week, Alya suggested they do a double date again, and Jeff was happy to agree. His embarrassment at being seen in public with a couple of lesbians was pretty much over, and the possibility of having a little get-together at Kari's house afterward meant that he was completely in favor of it.

They decided to just take in an afternoon movie followed by dinner this time. As they discussed plans, it was apparent that everyone was thinking the same thing; they wanted to leave plenty of time for another orgy afterward. That meant convincing Crystal to get out of the house for the evening. When they called Kari to discuss the plans, they decided on Friday afternoon, because Brit would still be sleeping over at the Williams house Thursday night. Crystal suggested they continue the sleepover at the Primdale house on Friday night, which seemed to be the best solution all around. Crystal joked that if she flirted with Greg hard enough, maybe he would seduce her. Allison warned her about moving too fast, but told her not to cut out the flirting entirely.

Because the date wouldn't begin until the afternoon, they wanted to spend all of Friday morning swimming. Allison, however, had Jeff help her set up the bunk bed in Brit's room so that Crystal would have a place to sleep. That cut into his swimming time, but only for an hour or so, and then he had plenty of time to have fun with the rest of the girls.

Even while splashing in the pool with the girls that morning, he found it hard to concentrate on the present, with the anticipation of the date later, and especially afterward.

They ate a light lunch, then climbed into the car. As they drove to Kari's house, Jeff noticed that Lissa and Alya kept glancing at each other, as if sharing a secret. He wondered what that meant, and if it had anything to do with him. Usually he never tried to fathom the workings of a woman's mind, but he was curious.

"Okay, what's going on?" he asked them.

"Oh, Alya and I were just thinking," Lissa said.


"No, it's just something we discussed last night, and we were just wondering whether to ask you about it."

"What's your question?"

"It's not a question. It's a favor. It's all right if you say no, but I'd really like it if you agreed to it."

"What is it?" he asked with a smile.

"Well... Alya and I were thinking of having a little fun."

"No one's stopping you," he replied with a grin.

"That's not what I meant," said Lissa. "You know that time when you went out with Kari's little sister?"

"Sure," he nodded.

"Well, I was wondering... I was wondering if you would go out with Alya?"

"What?" asked Jeff, shocked.

"I told your sister that I thought you were really good-looking," Alya explained, "and she came up with this idea."

"So you want to go out with me?" he asked.

"Sure," she smiled.

"I'm flattered," he replied. "Really. And I'd be willing, but it all depends on Kari. I'll only do it if she gives me her permission."

Alya actually laughed at that. Jeff stared at her with a puzzled expression.

"Just like I told you," Lissa said to Alya. "He passes the Matt test."

"The mat test?" asked Jeff. "Is that like a door prize or a floor show or something?"

"Well, you remember I told you about Matt," said Lissa.

"Yeah, he sounds like a real asshole."

"He is. Well, if a girl as gorgeous as Alya were to ask him out, he wouldn't get his girlfriend's permission; he would just go behind her back."

"He did, in fact," Alya added.

"Oh, so this was all just a test."

"Yes, and the reward is that I'm going to go through with it," she grinned. "That is, if Kari is willing."

When they arrived at the Williams house and met Brit and the Williams girls, Alya asked Kari about it.

"So what am I supposed to do in the mean time?" asked Kari.

"You can be my date," Lissa grinned.

Kari laughed. "So that's what this is about," she said. "You're trying to seduce your little brother's girlfriend."

Lissa shrugged. "Well, now that you mention it..."

"So what do you think, Jeff?" asked Kari. "Are you up for a little girlfriend swapping?"

"As long as it doesn't bother you that I'm going out with a gorgeous college coed," he told her.

"So am I," said Kari. "Let's do it."

Despite Brit's and Crystal's nonstop teasing as they drove back to the Primdale house, they maintained a good mood, and a sense of excitement.

After dropping off the younger girls, they drove into town. The movie they chose was a comedy, a compromise between the disgustingly romantic movie that the girls wanted to see and the much more entertaining action movie that Jeff preferred. They were all satisfied with the choice, so nobody complained as they sat down in the theater to watch it.

Alya immediately took Jeff's hand. When he glanced at her, she smiled, reminding him of the time he went out with Crystal. Well, he had gone through this before, so he knew just what to do. He released her hand, but only so that he could put it around her shoulders. Then he reached across with his other hand and held hers.

Glancing over at Kari and Lissa, he could see that they were in a similar affectionate position. Kari even leaned over and gave Lissa a kiss on the cheek. He heard someone three rows back gasp at the sight, but he didn't care. It was just too fun sitting here with the girls.

Throughout most of the movie, he massaged Alya's shoulder. She was warm and soft, and nice to touch. She didn't seem to mind at all, and since they were playing this girlfriend-swapping game, he was happy to take advantage of it. He just wondered how far they were willing to take it. With Crystal, it had been months before he had gotten her in bed, and that had been Kari's idea. He wondered if the girls would want to go back to Kari's place again and have some more fun.

He got his answer after the movie ended and they sat in a restaurant eating supper. Kari brought up the topic of ice cream sundaes again, and from the sly grins on everyone's faces, they knew exactly what she meant by that. Nobody came right out and said it, but Jeff had a suspicion that once they got back to the Williams' place, sundaes would be the last thing on anyone's mind.

He was right. After supper they climbed into the car again and Lissa drove them back. When they arrived back at Kari's house, the four of them sat down in the living room to talk. Still maintaining the illusion, Alya snuggled up next to Jeff on the couch and slipped her arm around his back. Kari and Lissa were a little bolder. Lissa sat down in the reclining chair across the way, and Kari plopped down on her lap, to everyone's amusement. She then shocked them all by turning and planting a long, drawn-out kiss on Lissa's lips.

Neither Lissa nor Alya seemed to mind, so Jeff didn't speak up. Truthfully, he wouldn't have minded doing the same thing to Alya right then. He just wasn't sure if she would go for it.

"Jeff, dear," she said, as if reading his thoughts. "You haven't kissed me all day. I'm getting a little impatient."

"You're serious?" he asked, his eyes brightening up with glee.

"What's wrong with giving your girlfriend a little kiss?"

Jeff glanced over at Kari, who grinned and nodded. That was all the encouragement he needed. He leaned in and kissed Alya, at first a little hesitantly but relaxing as he got into it. She was very nice to kiss. No wonder Lissa had turned into a lesbian, with someone like this to tempt her.

He glanced over at Lissa and Kari, and saw that they were still kissing. They were really getting into it, pressing their bodies together and running their hands all over each other's backs. Both girls seemed enthusiastic and eager about it, and why shouldn't they? Since they were both at least partially lesbians and both gorgeous, it was natural for them to get turned on by each other. He even thought he caught a glimpse of one of their tongues.

Alya seemed to be getting into the spirit of things as well. He could sense her body starting to squirm a little as he kissed her, as her excitement took its toll on her. He wasn't doing much better, as he could feel a tightening in the front of his pants. It wasn't that there was anything special about Alya; sure she was pretty and soft and nice to hug and especially nice to kiss, but it was more just the thrill of doing something new. It was the first time he had kissed her, after all.

When they drew back, Alya smiled and licked her lips. "That was really nice," she said. "Now I'm getting jealous of Kari."

"Get in line," Kari laughed from across the room.

"From what I've heard, that's a pretty long line," Alya grinned, giving Jeff another peck on the lips.

"Depends on your definition of 'long,'" said Jeff. "Compared to those lines at the amusement park the other day, only in my dreams."

"So you want to have sex with an amusement park full of women?" asked Lissa.

"No. I'll just settle for the occasional volleyball team."

Alya laughed. "So the story's true," she said.

He shrugged. "It was Kari's idea."

"That's right," she said. "I had to drag Jeff kicking and screaming into it. He hated every minute of it, didn't you, Jeff?"

"Absolutely," he grinned. "I just wanted to spend some nice, relaxing time with my girlfriend, and she had to bring over the whole volleyball team to perform oral sex on me. It was a nightmare."

Kari had no comeback for that, since she had returned her attention to smooching with Lissa. Lissa's hand had gone to Kari's hips and was caressing them gently. As Jeff watched, Kari removed her lips from Lissa's, and began kissing her on the neck. She reached up and started to unbutton Lissa's blouse.

Jeff glanced at Alya, who watched the proceedings with undisguised excitement. He wondered if she would be willing to do the same. He would be happy to go as far as she wanted to take it, since Kari was here to put a stop to it at any time.

Soon Lissa's blouse came off and dropped to the floor, and Lissa went to work on Kari's. Jeff realized that the two girls probably had no intention of stopping any time soon.

Alya pulled her gaze from the lesbian show and met Jeff's eyes. A grin spread across her features, and he knew in that moment that she wouldn't mind at all if he took things in the same direction. He leaned in and kissed her, letting his own hands reach up to the top button of her blouse. As soon as it came undone, he spread the collar and planted a kiss on her chest right at the base of her neck. She moaned in delight, which he took as a signal to continue. He reached for the second button and unfastened it, then the third, then the fourth. Soon, he had the last button undone, and opened her blouse to reveal her glorious torso. He slipped his arms around her back under the blouse, and leaned in for another kiss. Alya wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. He let his lips wander lower again, but this time he kissed all the way from her chin right to her cleavage, causing her to blush and giggle.

By this time, Lissa and Kari were down to their underwear. Jeff slipped a hand under Alya's skirt, caressing the inside of her leg just above her knee. She smiled and sighed, and so encouraged, he let his hand inch gradually higher. He continued his ascent, kissing her as he continued rubbing her thigh, until his finger brushed against her panties. He wasn't sure whether he should be surprised to find them slightly damp.

"Enough of this," said Alya. She reached down, opened the snap in front of her skirt, and slid it down off of her legs. Jeff glanced down at her panty-clad thighs and grinned at the thought of what he was about to do.

Lissa and Kari, still ahead of them, had each other's bras of by now and were rubbing their chests together as they kissed each other. Jeff grew even harder as he watched the sapphic display going on across the room. Lissa noticed him staring, and gave him a wink. It was hard to believe that just a few years ago, Lissa was an uptight girl who didn't know how to have fun, and Kari was just the object of his fantasies. How things had changed in the past few years! Ever since Allison had walked into their lives, the world had become very different.

"We'd better catch up," Alya said, nodding to the two girls who were now in the process of removing each other's panties. Alya grabbed Jeff's shirt and lifted it over his head. Then she enthusiastically attacked his belt buckle, and soon she had his pants completely off. In return, he reached around her back and found the clasp to her bra, which he immediately released. She grinned as he pulled the garment off of her body, exposing her chest to his view.

It wasn't the first time he had seen it, but the thought of what he was about to do with her made it especially exciting. Until now, he had just thought it was fine that Lissa was a lesbian. Now he was excited that she had fallen in love with a girl who was every bit as open-minded as herself. He was about to have sex with a gorgeous college coed.

Before he got to her panties though, she reached for his shorts. He was fine with that; it didn't matter in what order they undressed, as long as eventually they would both be naked. He even stood up to make it easier for her. Alya grabbed his boxers and yanked them down. Her eyes lit up with delight as his rock-hard member came into view, just inches from her face. She reached up and took it in one of her hands, stroking it gently.

"How do you like that?" she asked, smiling up at him.

"That feels fantastic!" he exclaimed.

"Hey Kari," she said, "you don't mind that I'm jerking off your boyfriend, do you?"

"Right now Lissa's making me so horny I'd almost be willing to make a permanent trade."

"Me too," said Lissa. "How about it, Alya? Do you want to take Jeff off Kari's hands and leave her all to me?"

"Sorry to spoil everyone's fun," she replied, "but I'm still madly in love with you, Lissa."

"Oh well," Lissa shrugged, then turned her attention back to Kari. "At least we still have tonight, darling."

As much as Jeff loved the feel of Alya's hands on his cock, there was much more that he wanted. He sat down next to her and reached for her panties. Sensing his intentions, she rose to her feet to let him strip her the way she stripped him. He wasted no time, but dropped her panties to the floor, staring at her gorgeous bare pussy. He reached out and stroked it gently with his fingers, loving the softness of the lips and the indented crease in the middle. Feeling bold, he leaned in and gave it a lick, causing her to both blush and squeal in delight.

"Don't put that pussy in your mouth," Kari grinned from across the room. "You never know where it's been."

"I do," Lissa replied. "Mostly it spends its time in my mouth."

"Ew!" Kari giggled. "That's like kissing your sister on the lips second-hand."

"For the opportunity to taste such a sweet pussy, I'm willing to overlook that," he said, then gave Alya another lick. He would be happy to continue, but she sat back down on the couch next to him.

Since it was obvious by this time that they were going to go all the way, the four of them agreed to spread out the sleeping bags like last time. Not bothering to get dressed, Kari went to the hall closet to retrieve them, then the four of them set to work laying them down. Once they had the floor covered, the two couples sat down on them.

Alya appeared to be quite eager to go on, as she lay down and spread her legs. Jeff was more than happy to oblige her. He kissed her again, letting one of his hands go to her breast to fondle it. He found it every bit as delightfully soft yet firm as Kari's. He toyed with the nipple until it hardened in his fingers, then moved his hand to the other one to give it the same treatment.

He glanced over at the other girls. Lissa lay on her back, and Kari reclined by her head, her lips eagerly devouring Lissa's as her hands massaged the girl's boobs. Jeff loved the sight of them making love in front of him, especially with a cute college coed like Alya to take care of his own needs.

She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it as he groped her boobs. Her enthusiasm proved that she wasn't completely a lesbian; she still enjoyed fondling him, and she was doing a really good job. It didn't take long before he was groaning in pleasure at the stimulation. She reacted similarly to his own ministrations; her breathing deepened as she smiled up at him. He thought the face of a beautiful girl lying beneath him with her head spread out on the floor and a smile on her lips was the greatest sight ever. While he preferred it to be Kari, or perhaps Brit, he certainly didn't mind Alya in that position.

He lowered his head again, but this time he aimed for her chest. His lips sought out one of her nipples, which he sucked into his mouth and teased with his tongue.

"Oh Jeff!" she cried out in delight. He smiled, happy and even a bit proud that he was able to give her such pleasure. Plus she certainly tasted good. He was almost jealous that Lissa got to do this to her any time she wanted.

With his mouth on her chest, it freed up his hand to explore other parts of her body. He caressed her stomach and hips for a moment, rubbing her gently and causing her breathing to grow even more heavy. Then he slid it down lower, rubbing her thighs for a minute until finally letting it come in contact with her pussy. She gasped and tensed up for an instant when he touched her there, then relaxed. Jeff used his three center fingers to fondle her, running the left and right ones along her smooth outer lips while the middle finger pressed into her groove. He touched her only lightly at first, not wanting to delve too deeply until she was ready for him. Soon though, he felt dampness down there, and used it to coat his fingers and make them more slippery. Then he pressed one of his fingers inside, causing her to cry out. It was a cry of pleasure though, not pain, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to go on to the next step.

But there was something else he wanted first. He scooted down along her body, which unfortunately meant she had to let go of his cock. That was fine; if she kept up her stroking much longer he would have gone off in her hand.

"I want another taste of what Lissa seems to love so much," he told her. She nodded with excitement, and he moved his head down to her pussy. Sticking out his tongue, he touched it to her slit.

Her whole body convulsed at the first contact, and he knew he had done the right thing. He let his tongue run all over her pussy, enjoying the feel and taste of her. Although he still preferred Kari, he loved the taste of just about any girl. There was something about the taste of pussy that just drove him into a frenzy. He attacked her almost violently with his tongue, drilling it inside her or flicking it against her now exposed clit. He separated her lips with his fingers and licked all over the pink tissue inside. Alya's body reacted by wriggling and squirming, and she even reached down to grab his head and hold it tightly against her, mashing her thigh against his face.

He didn't want to give her an orgasm with his mouth though. She could have that pleasure any time she wanted with Lissa. Tonight, that privilege was reserved for his dick. He lifted his head, eliciting a groan of disappointment from her. But he gazed up at her and smiled, and her eyes lit up as she realized what he meant by that smile. She nodded, and he crawled forward on his hands and knees on top of her.

He took a moment to glance over at Kari and Lissa, who by this time were locked in a sixty-nine position eating each other out. They seemed to have forgotten all about Jeff and Alya, not that he blamed them. When he got wrapped up in sex with a beautiful woman, he lost track of time and space, forgetting that there was a whole world around him.

"Take me now, Jeff," Alya whispered, and he pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy. Then he lowered his hips, letting it slide inside. She gave a loud moan as he penetrated her.

"Oh god, I've missed having a cock in me," she said, more to herself than to him. It made sense; he understood that sex felt different depending upon what was pleasuring his cock, whether it be a hand, a mouth, a pair of tits, or a cunt. While he knew from experience that a tongue could drive a girl to orgasm, no doubt it wasn't as fulfilling as being deeply penetrated.

He lifted his hips back up, the pressed into her again, causing her to cry out again. Over and over he thrust, keeping it gentle to make it feel especially good for her. She held him to her chest, which felt absolutely wonderful. There was nothing like the feeling of a woman's nude body against his own, skin-on-skin contact as he buried his cock inside her pussy.

For what felt like forever, he continued to thrust into her, hard and deep. Alya was screaming by this point, lost in the savage ecstasy of their lovemaking. She had her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, squeezing him with every thrust and helping to drive him deep inside her.

He could hear the girls to the side of him crying out in orgasm, but that barely mattered right now. The only thing he cared about was the feeling of Alya's body wrapped around him, the heat of her pussy engulfing his cock.

He didn't last long. Soon he felt his own impending orgasm, and welcomed it. The pleasure built to the point of bursting, then exploded from him. His cock jerked rapidly inside of Alya's pussy, and from the sounds she was making he could tell that it had triggered her own orgasm. The two of them held each other tightly as together they rode of the waves of their ecstasy, which pulsed electrically inside their bodies.

After it was all over, Jeff rolled off of Alya, who curled up in his arms. Like Kari, she apparently loved to cuddle after sex. He wasn't about to complain; she was soft and warm, and very nice to cuddle with.

"You know, this has been fun," said Kari. Jeff glanced over and noticed that they were finished too, and Kari lay with her head on Lissa's chest, watching Jeff and Alya.

"It sure has," Alya agreed. "Now I have even more of an incentive to hold on to Lissa, if I get to spend time with Jeff now and then."

"Speaking of which, I just had an interesting idea," Kari grinned.

"Uh oh," said Jeff. "When Kari has an interesting idea, look out."

"I was just thinking, doing it with my boyfriend's big sister was kind of exciting, but I think it would be fun to swap again tomorrow."

"I don't have a problem with that," said Jeff, giving Alya a smile.

"No, you don't understand," Kari told him. "I meant we would swap one more time."

"You mean, back to our original partners?"

Kari shook her head, a grin on her face.

The others stared at her for a few seconds, then Lissa's eyes grew wide. "Oh!" she exclaimed. She glanced at Jeff, who was just beginning to realize the implications of Kari's words.

"Oh my god," Alya breathed, and Jeff could tell she was excited by the idea. He wondered whether that was for the thought of doing it with Kari, or for the other result of the trade.

"What do you think, Jeff?" asked Lissa.

"I don't know. I mean, it's one thing to go out with my sister's girlfriend, but what if someone we knew caught you and me holding hands?"

"There's an easy solution to that," said Kari. "We just won't go out."

"Well somebody ought to come right out and say it," Lissa said. "She's talking about you and me having sex, Jeff. Brother and sister. Incest. Come on. It's not anything we haven't done already. Remember Christmas?"

She was right about that. Christmas vacation had certainly been fun, and it was no secret that he had no problem doing it with his sister. There was one problem though.

"I'm not so sure it's a good idea," he said. "I mean, I'd love to continue our little affair from Christmas vacation, Lissa, but Dad went ballistic when he found out about Brit and me. This would feel too much like going behind his back."

"That does make a kind of sense," she said. "But I talked with Dad, and I know why he doesn't want you having sex with Brit. Because he thinks she's too young to be having sex with anybody. But he knows about Alya and me, and he even lets his own wife fuck you, so since he at least accepts that we're both having sex with different people, I don't think he would have too much of a problem with us having sex together."

He had to admit, she had a point. He felt a little guilty about it still, but not nearly as much as he had before she explained it to him. There was still a little flaw in her logic, but for the chance to have another fling with Lissa, he was willing to overlook it.

"To tell you the truth," said Alya, "when Lissa mentioned her little indiscretions with her family, my first feeling was disgust, but my second was... well... arousal. I'd love to see it first hand. Especially if I get a cute little teenage girl like Kari in the trade."

"Okay," Jeff shrugged. "I'm in."


Jeff could hardly get to sleep that night, back in his own bed at home. He was too excited for the next day to arrive. He thought back on those times, years ago, when Lissa and he had fooled around as teenagers, experimenting with their sexuality. And then when she had returned home for Christmas vacation a completely different girl, so wild and uninhibited, not to mention damn sexy. And now it looked like they were going to continue where they left off.

In the morning he awoke to find Crystal curled up in bed with him. That surprised him; she was taking a big risk sneaking into his bed like that. What if Greg happened to come up to check on her?

"Brit thought you might be feeling a little lonely," she explained, "and since she's not allowed to come herself, she sent me instead."

Actually, he wasn't feeling particularly lonely at all at the moment, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy her company. He slipped off his boxer shorts, then Crystal lay down on top of him, facing in the opposite direction. "After we're done here," she said, "I think I'll go back to Brit's room and kiss her. She's been longing for a taste of your spunk for months now, and at least she can have it second hand."

With that, she slipped his cock into her mouth. He opened his own mouth and ran his tongue against her slit. The two of them pleasured each other until they both climaxed hard. Crystal swallowed most of the evidence, but she made it clear that she kept just a little in her mouth as a treat for Brit. Crystal threw on her clothes, which she had wisely brought with her, then left the room to return to Brit's.

He showered and dressed, then met everyone downstairs for breakfast. Lissa and Alya kept giving him knowing glances throughout the meal, but fortunately Greg didn't pick up on it, or he might have asked about it. And despite Lissa's logic yesterday about how he shouldn't be opposed to it, there really wasn't a good way of explaining to him what they were about to do.

After eating breakfast, the four of them climbed into the car and set out to Kari's house. Jeff couldn't stop grinning the whole time, which Kari thought was hilariously amusing. As soon as they reached their destination, he was the first one out of the car.

"My, Jeff, you sure are eager," Alya teased. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're horny for your sister."

"Oh, I am!" he exclaimed, and Alya laughed.

They entered the house, and this time Kari immediately went for the sleeping bags in the closet to lay them down on the floor. Alya and Kari sat down on one, while Lissa and Jeff took the other.

"Okay, now for the moment we've all been waiting for. At least, the moment I've been waiting for. Lissa, I want to watch you kiss your little brother."

Lissa leaned in and gave Jeff a peck on the cheek.

"You know what I mean," Alya grinned.

Lissa turned to Jeff, gazing into his eyes with a mischievous look. She leaned in, and Jeff met her lips with his own, kissing her the way he often kissed Kari. He let his hands slip around her waist to hold her to him. She opened her mouth, and he knew exactly what she wanted. He let his own mouth open, and a moment later he felt his sister's tongue touch his own.

"Oh my god!" he heard Alya gasp from across the room. It was the sound of a girl excited by what she saw.

Then Lissa slowly drew away from him, their mouths regretfully separating. The two of them glanced over at the other girls, who were watching in awe.

"Wow!" Alya commented. "Lissa told me about the fun you two had during Christmas break, but to see it is something else entirely."

"I hope you mean that in a good way," said Lissa.

"Oh, I do," she smiled. "The thought of incest always disgusted me. The reality of it, I have to admit, kind of turns me on."

"Well, there's a lot more where that came from," Lissa grinned. "Come on, little brother. Let's show these girls a thing or two about sex."

Jeff, who already had his hands on Lissa's hips, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up. A moment later, she sat there in front of him with only her bra covering her tits. Jeff leaned in and kissed her at the top of her cleavage, to the delight of the onlookers.

"You're really going to go through with it," Alya breathed.

"You bet we are," Lissa replied.

"Come on, Alya," said Kari. "Let's not let them have all the fun." She kissed the girl on the lips, mimicking Jeff's and Lissa's earlier kiss. Now it was his turn to stop and watch in excitement.

That didn't last long, because Lissa immediately attacked him, grabbing his shirt and pulling it off of him. She pounced on him, knocking him to the floor and lying on top of him. In the last few years he had gone through several growth spurts and was now quite a bit bigger than her, so if he wanted to, he could easily overpower her. But it was so much more fun to lie back and let her attack him with her lips, especially with the heat and softness of her body against him. He did, however, reach around and unfasten her bra. She didn't even bother to take it off, but just let it fall off in the course of her onslaught. Soon though, he felt her pointed nipples against his chest as she kissed him all over the face.

He was so wrapped up in the feeling of his sister's lips and topless body that he barely noticed the girls going at it to the side. They had also begun stripping each other, and now all six boobs were plainly visible. Jeff was in heaven, surrounded by such a quantity of girl flesh and especially with his sister rubbing against him.

He wrestled around with her, grabbing for her skirt in an attempt to take it off. She fought back by reaching for his pants. He had to pause for a moment to let her unfasten his belt, but they they resumed their stripping game, fighting to be the first to get the other one completely nude.

Alya and Kari had adopted a different strategy. They were working more slowly, taking time to feel each other up in the process. Jeff glanced over at them and saw Kari's hand down the front of Alya's panties, rubbing her there as Alya sucked on one of Kari's tits. If Lissa's body against his own wasn't enough to get him hard, seeing the two girls groping each other across the room certainly made up the difference. When Lissa managed to get his pants off, the tent in his boxers was plainly evident.

By this time, he had her skirt off, so now it was down to their underwear. Jeff tried to snatch Lissa's panties, but she was too fast for him, and she slipped out of his grasp. He wasn't quite so fortunate, because a moment later she had hold of the waistband of his shorts, and started tugging them down. He probably could have escaped if he tried hard enough, but this type of game was just as much fun to lose as to win, so he only halfheartedly struggled against her, and a moment later he found himself exposed to their view. Kari and Alya paused to applaud Lissa's successful efforts, and he had a sneaking suspicion that at least part of that applause was for his swollen cock.

"So Alya," said Lissa, "since you're so excited about this whole incest thing, do you want to see me suck my little brother's dick?"

"Oh god, yes!" Alya grinned.

Jeff raised himself up on his knees, and Lissa went down on all fours in front of him. As the two girls watched from the other side of the room, Lissa opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock.

"Oh god oh god!" Alya breathed, her eyes wide with delight. No doubt part of her excitement was from Kari's fondling, but Jeff could tell that the rest was for the sight in front of her.

He of course was at least as excited as her, with the pleasure of his big sister sucking him off. She was doing a masterful job of it, shooting waves of pleasure through him with each suck. Her tongue wasn't idle, but ran all over it inside of her mouth. He couldn't help himself, but began to rock his hips forward. Lissa didn't seem to mind; in fact, she hummed with delight as he penetrated deeply into her mouth.

Kari and Alya had by now lost their underwear too. Alya lay on her back, and Kari knelt between her legs. She stuck out her tongue and ran it up and down the girl's slit. Alya whimpered in pleasure as the teen girl tongued her all over between the legs. Jeff watched in fascination as her body squirmed around on the sleeping bag. Her hands went to her own tits and fondled them as she lifted her legs and rested them on Kari's shoulders.

The sight was so erotic that Jeff realized he was about to climax. He was sure Lissa wouldn't mind him cumming in her mouth, and he was tempted to do just that. But he preferred to hold off until he could get it inside her pussy. Grudgingly and with supreme effort, he willed himself to pull out of her mouth. She gave a sound of displeasure, but when he explained that he wanted to do the same to her, her face lit up with delight. She lay down on the floor, and he pulled off her panties.

Jeff stuck out his tongue and touched it gently to the top of her slit, and she shuddered from the contact. He swirled it around the area in tiny little circles, very gently stimulating her. Even that slight motion had a tremendous effect on her. Lissa's breathing grew deeper, and her hips began to squirm. Like Alya, Lissa put her hands to her breasts to fondle them as Jeff concentrated on her pussy.

He let his tongue wander lower, pressing gently into her slit and causing Lissa to groan. He knew that she would soon be ready for him to enter her. He let his tongue get her nice and slick, and used his fingers to pry her open. He slipped one finger inside her and darted it in and out, loosening her up. When she began to gasp in her breaths, he realized he might have overshot his goal, and almost brought her to orgasm.

He quickly pulled back, and the sigh from his sister told him that he had averted her climax. He crawled up until he was on his hands and knees staring down into her beautiful face as she lay sprawled out underneath him.

To the side, he heard Alya scream in ecstasy, and he glanced over in time to see her body tensed and trembling as Kari's mouth still worked furiously over her. Then Alya collapsed, panting in exhaustion. Jeff turned his attention back to Lissa.

"Do it, Jeff," she told him. "Fuck your big sister. I want to feel my brother's hard dick shoved up inside of me."

Her dirty talk excited him, making him even harder than he was already. He placed his dick against her opening and pressed forward, groaning in pleasure as he slipped inside. This was what he had been waiting for. He had wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around him, and now here it was.

Though he started out gentle, Lissa began ramming her hips upward forcefully, and he got the signal that she wanted it hard. He was happy to oblige her. Her thrust in deep, slamming his body against hers. He could see Lissa smiling as he fucked her; apparently she loved it like that.

He glanced over at Kari and Alya, who by this time were just resting and watching them. Alya seemed particularly excited to see brother and sister fucking. Yes, she was going to fit right in with this family.

His already excited state, coupled with the rapid and rough sex, brought him to orgasm quickly. He groaned as it hit, washing through him and filling him with supreme pleasure. He spurted over and over again into his sister's hot body, and she screamed as her own orgasm overtook her. He loved the thought that he was fucking his own sister, and that he had just unleashed his load inside her body. There was something enticingly erotic about such a forbidden act. Of course, he had done the same to Brit many times, but he never quite got used to it.

Eventually the pleasure ebbed, and Jeff rolled over onto his back. He could see Alya and Kari with bright grins on their faces. Alya was panting almost as if she had been the one getting fucked. Of course, that might have been leftover from Kari's ministrations, but he liked to think it was from excitement at watching Jeff and Lissa.

Only one of the four hadn't been satisfied yet, so now that the show was over, Alya went to work on Kari. Jeff always liked to see his girlfriend with other women, and this was no exception. Alya shoved her face between Kari's thighs and started licking her all over. It didn't take long for Kari to collapse into a squirming heap of girl flesh, writhing and wriggling on the sleeping bag as Alya mercilessly devoured her cunt. The look of joy on Kari's face was a familiar sight to Jeff, having seen it on numerous occasions and been the cause of it many times himself. He was delighted to see her receiving pleasure from another girl. If he hadn't just finished fucking Lissa, he would be tempted to crawl over to the two girls and join them.

Soon Jeff could see the signs of Kari coming to her own climax. She screamed in pleasure, her eyes shut tight and her body tensing up. Her hips lifted right up off of the floor as her orgasm hit her and drove her over the edge. Then she collapsed once more, panting and gasping in the aftershocks.

"So that's it then," said Jeff. "We've done every combination in this group."

"Every combination of two," Lissa qualified. He glanced at her, a grin spreading on his face as he realized what she meant.

"You know," Alya commented, "after seeing you two going at it, I'm absolutely committed to this plan to get Jeff and Brit back together. What I wouldn't give to see him fuck her."

"What I wouldn't give to fuck her," Jeff laughed.

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