Jeff, Kari, Lissa, and Alya have fun together.
Chapter 88
Double Date

Jeff woke up the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on his bedroom door. He opened his eyes and stared groggily at the door for a moment, not sure if he had actually heard it or not, until the knock came again.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"It's Lissa."

He rose to his feet and threw on his bathrobe, then stumbled groggily to the door and unlocked it. Lissa came in and sat down in the chair by his desk. He took a seat on the bed.

"Did you sleep well?" she asked.

"Fine. You?"

"Not a wink," she grinned. "After a month without Alya, I was going through withdrawals, so I made up for lost time."

Jeff laughed. Ever since last Christmas, she had never been shy about her sex life. She was like Allison in that regard.

"So anyway," Lissa continued, "we didn't spend the whole time munching each other's cunts. We actually did some talking. I told her all about the plan to have Brit seduce Dad. So far Brit's doing a fine job, but she needs to keep it up. That means giving her plenty of opportunities alone with him."

"Right. So we all need to get out of the house."

"Exactly. But there's no rule that says we can't enjoy ourselves in the mean time. So I thought it would be fun if you call up Kari and we do a double date tomorrow."

"You mean... me and Kari, and you and Alya?"

"Unless I missed something, they're our usual partners."

"I don't know..." he said.

"Oh, come on. Are you embarrassed to be seen in public with your sister?"

"No, that's not it. I'm more... embarrassed to be seen in public with... my sister's girlfriend."

Lissa stared at him. "Well, I never expected that from a boy who lets his girlfriend make love to other women."

"Oh, don't get me wrong," he said. "I really like Alya, and I'm glad you two are together. It's just that Kari has kept her lesbian tendencies private; there aren't too many people who know that she's that way. So I'm just not used to going out in public with a couple of girls who are open about it."

"Okay, I think I understand. But look, Alya and I do it all the time. We hold hands, we kiss, we get really affectionate in public. Yes, the first couple of times it feels awkward because you're not used to the stares you get from people, but you get over that really quick. Besides, they won't be staring at you and Kari, they'll be staring at Alya and me. Won't you at least give it a try? You'll see it's no big deal."

He sighed. "I suppose," he said. "As long as Kari is okay with it."

Just then, they heard another knock at the door. Jeff opened it to see Allison standing there.

"Hi," she said. "We need to talk."

"What did I do this time?" Jeff grinned.

"Not just you. All of us. Lissa, go get Alya. I'll get Brit."

A minute later, all five of them gathered in Jeff's room. Jeff and Lissa sat on the bed, while Alya and Brit sat in the two available chairs. Allison stood in front of them.

"We need to talk about your father," she said.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Lissa.

"No, nothing concrete. I'm just getting the feeling that all these girls getting naked with him kind of bothers him. Jeff and Brit, you might as well know that Lissa and Alya took a bath in front of him last night."

"Ooh!" Brit grinned.

"I had a talk with him last night, and I think we need to tone down the nudity a little."

"But it's so fun!" Brit facetiously complained.

"Just until Rachael arrives," Allison qualified. "I have a feeling that she'll spend plenty of time out of her clothes in front of Greg, and the rest of us can use that as an excuse to get naked."

"So the plan's on hold for now?" asked Lissa, sounding disappointed.

"Absolutely not," Allison grinned. "Brit and I will spend as much time out by the pool as possible whenever we're alone with Greg, flaunting our bodies in microscopic bikinis. Brit, I think you ought to invite Crystal over as often as you can. Have her bring that bikini I bought her when we went shopping."

"What about the rest of us?" asked Alya.

"I'm afraid we need to get you out of the house sometimes. Your relationship with Lissa still bothers him, so any time you're here, it distracts him away from the business at hand, which is getting him thinking about Brit sexually."

"Okay, but he also needs time to get used to me and Lissa."

"That's a very good point. So let's not have you go away all the time. A couple of times a week should be enough, as long as you make sure you're not back until bedtime. Brit and I need a couple of hours after Greg gets home from the office to work on him."

"That's actually perfect," said Lissa. "It fits right into our plans. Jeff and I were just discussing it. We're going to go out on a double date. That is, if Kari is willing."

"Great!" Allison smiled. "Knowing her, I'm sure she'll be okay with it."


Kari, as it turned out, was more than okay with it. She was pretty enthusiastic about it. That was partly due to the fact that she had never mentioned her secret to her father, but she knew she would have to tell him eventually. He had always been pretty open-minded, but if she could see his reaction when she mentioned that she had gone out on a double date with a lesbian couple, it could help better prepare her for what to expect when she finally told him that she herself was bisexual.

With no further objections, Jeff decided to just relax and enjoy himself.

He talked with Lissa and Alya, who suggested they go check out the amusement park that had just opened in the next county. It would take about an hour to get there and an hour back, but nobody seemed to mind a long drive, and they had all day after all. Jeff was also secretly relieved that it would be far enough away that they likely wouldn't run into anyone they knew. He still felt a little awkward about being seen on a double date with a couple of lesbians. If nobody recognized them, however, it took the edge off of his embarrassment.

Since nobody had any firm plans for Sunday, Greg suggested they have a barbecue out on the back porch. He wanted it to be just a family event, however, something all too rare in the past six months. Besides, Jeff and Brit had been so good about staying away from each other that he wanted to give them a little break and let them enjoy themselves together for a change. He asked them if they would mind not inviting the Williams girls over, and they were fine with it. Jeff would see Kari the next day after all. Alya was the exception, but Greg came right out and admitted that part of the reason for the barbecue party was to help him get used to her in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. He seemed to be going out of his way to make concessions for her, which made Lissa feel good.

The one rule he imposed, however, was that they not get in the pool. He didn't want Jeff and Brit together in swimsuits. Brit joked that if swimsuits bothered him, she would just go nude, but that only earned her a stern look from her father that told her he didn't approve of her joke.

Greg started grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs, but also added shish kebabs for those who wanted to try them. As it turned out, that was the most popular food, so he ended up grilling more of those than of the burgers and dogs combined.

Mostly they just sat around talking as they ate, but after lunch they got out a deck of cards and played a couple of games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even Jeff and Brit. Greg was happy to see them having fun, though wary of having too may of these family get-togethers for a while. He still thought they needed some time away from each other.

They ate the leftovers from the barbecue for supper that night, then when it cooled down in the evening, retired inside to shoot pool or play ping-pong downstairs in the rec room. That night, they all went to bed and had peaceful dreams.


On Monday morning, Jeff woke up with a smile on his face, an all too rare occurrence since Greg imposed the new rules. He headed into the bathroom for a shower and a shave, then dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt shirt. He usually dressed up a little nicer when going out with Kari, but considering that they would be outside most of the time, everyone had agreed to go casual. The girls would all be in jeans too. He always enjoyed going out with Kari, and having Lissa and Alya join them this time, despite his reservations, sounded like fun. He opened his bedroom door and stepped out into the hall to see Lissa and Alya emerging from Lissa's bedroom as well, fully dressed and ready to start the day. The three of them headed downstairs, where they met Allison, Greg, and Brit at the breakfast table.

Since Jeff, Lissa, and Alya would be gone, that left only Allison and Brit in the house. If Greg were there, Allison might have schemed to leave him alone with his daughter for some more father-daughter bonding, but since he had to work, that left no time for that.

Since there was no chance for her to work on the plan, Brit asked if she could invite Crystal over. With Greg's and Allison's approval, she called Crystal and invited her over, and Lissa offered to deliver her when they picked up Kari for her day with Jeff.

With that all settled, they all sat down to breakfast, then Lissa, Alya, and Jeff climbed into Lissa's car and drove down the hill. They proceeded to the Williams house, where they found Kari and Crystal waiting for them. The two girls climbed into the back seat with Jeff, sitting on either side of him and both taking his hands in their own, to his delight. He glanced up to see if Alya saw Crystal holding his hand, then realized that it didn't matter; Lissa had revealed pretty much all of the family secrets to her girlfriend, including his relationship with Crystal and even Brit.

They returned to the Primdale mansion to drop off Crystal, then the four of them climbed back into the car. Alya grabbed the California state map out of the glove box to help navigate, since none of them had been to the amusement park before. Actually, the highway went almost right by it, so there wasn't much chance of missing it.

A cheerful atmosphere filled the car as they drove. This was the first time Alya and Kari had a chance to get to know each other, so they started talking, and as it turned out, they had enough in common that they got along great. Jeff didn't pay much attention to the conversation itself; it was mostly girl talk, in his opinion, and the important thing was just that they seemed to enjoy each other's company. That suited him well. It appeared that both Kari and Alya would be around for a long time, so he would prefer as little tension between them as possible.

He had gotten to know Alya pretty well over the past few days, but so far it had always been with Greg in the room with them, so they hadn't really been free to just talk. After Kari and Alya dominated the conversation, Alya decided to be bold and ask him about some things that were a little more personal.

"So Jeff," said Alya, "I don't mean to pry, but what's the story with you and Brit?"

Jeff blushed. "Um..." he said. "Well..."

"Don't be bashful," she told him. "Lissa told me all about your relationship with her. At least in general. I don't know any of the details."

He sighed. "Okay, I just sort of... fell in love with her. Can you blame me? She's really the most adorable girl, and once she started acting all affectionate..."

"Not to mention Crystal and I helped her to break down his resistances," Kari added. "He really didn't stand a chance."

"I've heard you're not exactly the jealous type," said Alya. "You really don't mind sharing your boyfriend with all these other women?"

"I'll let you in on a little secret. Being bisexual myself, there are certain benefits to letting my boyfriend fool around with other women."

"Yes, I'd heard about that too," Alya laughed. "If even half the stories Lissa has told me are true, it sounds like you guys really know how to have fun."

"And the whole incest thing doesn't bother you?" asked Jeff.

"When I fell in love with Lissa, I had to reevaluate a lot of things I took for granted. Until then, I never thought I would ever fall for another woman. Now that it's happened, though, I can understand how people can end up doing something so contrary to society's expectations. I think if you're in love with Brit, why should it matter that she's your little sister?"

"Exactly," he smiled. "Now if only we could get my dad to see it like that."

"We're working on it," Alya said. "All of us. I agreed to help with Allison's plan, and Lissa and I have already taken some steps in that direction. I know how uptight your dad can be, but I also know that he's slowly breaking down, getting used to thinking naughty thoughts about certain girls, even girls in his own family."

"Like Lissa."

"You bet like me!" Lissa grinned. "I've already gotten him into the tub with me once."

"Really?" Kari asked, her eyes lighting up with delight.

"It's not what you think. I'm not fucking him, if that's what you're asking. Not yet at least. Allison was in the bath with us, and it really wasn't much different than sitting in the hot tub together."

"But you were naked?"

"We were naked," she admitted.

They continued their conversation during the rest of the trip. It felt relieving for Jeff to be able to talk about his relationship with his little sister, among people who wouldn't judge him for it. Alya not only accepted it, but actually seemed to approve of it. It felt like she wanted Jeff and Brit to get back together. Of course, she had a good reason for that; if Greg broke down and let Jeff and Brit carry on, he could hardly disapprove of Lissa's and Alya's relationship anymore.

They were having so much fun talking that they arrived at their destination before they realized they had been driving for an hour. The park was large and full of brightly-colored yet terrifying looking structures. After parking and paying the entrance fee to get in, they wandered around for a while to get a feel for it and see which rides they wanted to go on.

Lissa wanted to try all the scariest, motion-sickness-inducingest rides in the park, but Alya, who was slightly more timid, vetoed her on most of those. Jeff was actually relieved; he didn't want to look like a coward in front of the girls, but staring at some of those mechanical horrors, he was glad he had an excuse not to climb aboard.

They did go on one of the roller coasters, though not the big one with half a dozen loops and vertical drops that looked like it was designed to serve the single purpose of making the riders lose their lunch. Jeff didn't mind the thrill of the smaller one, especially when Kari grabbed his arm in a moment of panic as they came over the highest drop. He welcomed any excuse to get his girlfriend to cling to him.

They spent a good hour ramming each other with bumper cars, though Lissa and Alya tended to come out ahead in that contest, being more experienced drivers. Lissa in particular was very enthusiastic about annihilating the competition, and Jeff thought on more than one occasion that she would do well in a demolition derby. He didn't enjoy himself quite as much, mainly because it separated him from Kari. He preferred rides where he could snuggle up next to her, holding her hand or preferably putting his arm around her.

Of course, that also meant Lissa and Alya doing the same. At first Jeff felt a little uncomfortable being seen in the company of two women holding hands. More than one mother with several kids in tow gave them a reproving stare in passing. But Lissa and Alya didn't seem to mind; no doubt they were used to that kind of stare by now. Since it didn't bother them, Jeff found it surprisingly easy to not let it bother him. After about an hour in the park, he didn't even notice those stares any more.

They ate corn dogs for lunch, admittedly not the healthiest food but perfectly acceptable for the environment they were in. At carnivals and amusement parks it was customary to gorge on stuff that would lower your life expectancy by a year and a half just from the single meal. As if to drive home the point, they bought four snow cones for dessert.

After their greasy meal, they didn't think it prudent to go on any rides that would shake the lunch right out of them, so they stood in line for the ferris wheel instead. Since none of them were particularly afraid of heights, it seemed like a safe choice. Plus it would let the two couples sit together looking out over a romantic view.

Alya and Lissa took one gondola, and Jeff and Kari took the next. They snuggled up next to each other, their arms wrapped around their waists as the great wheel lifted them up to the sky. He was right about the view; it was breathtaking. Of course, having a gorgeous girl like Kari to share it with made it that much more perfect. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and her eyes lit up with delight as she hugged him tighter.

He was so wrapped up in being so close to Kari that the ride ended before he realized it. It was too bad they couldn't stay on all day; he would have loved to be able to just sit there with his girlfriend throughout the afternoon and well into evening, watching the sun go down. But there were plenty of other fun things to do, so he wasn't too disappointed.

That afternoon they tried out several of the other rides, but Jeff's favorite was the haunted house. It wasn't that he liked the ghosts and goblins and skeletons; it was more the fact that when Alya suggested it, Kari immediately wrapped her arm around his and said, "As long as you promise to protect me, Jeff," with a cute little grin on her face.

Not wanting to be shown up, Lissa grabbed Alya's arm in the same way and asked, "Will you protect me too, Alya?"

"I will if you give me a kiss," Alya replied, and Lissa responded not just with a quick peck, but with a passionate, open-mouthed kiss that lasted almost thirty seconds.

Jeff happened to notice a group of young men nearby, probably in their twenties, staring and grinning. As soon as Lissa and Alya separated, several groans of disappointment were clearly audible from the group. Someone even called out, "Do it again!"

"Sorry," Jeff told them. "The shows over."

"This kiss was brought to you by the letter 'L'," Lissa added, giving the men a wink. "For 'lesbian.'"

"See what I have to put up with?" said Jeff. "I have to live with these two." The last thing he saw before turning away and heading toward the haunted house was a wide-eyed stare of shock, and probably more than a little jealousy, on each of their faces.

Jeff realized that he had gone from feeling embarrassed to be seen with the girls, to not minding it, to actually having fun with it. Of course, most of that was due to Lissa's and Alya's great attitude about it. They didn't let it bother them, but in fact seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. And of course, Kari didn't have any problem with it.

They stood in another annoyingly long line, then climbed into another train much like the one for the roller coaster. It entered a hole in the wall of the haunted house, plunging them into darkness.

When the first spook leaped out at them, both Kari and Jeff jumped. They immediately chuckled nervously, but he put his arm around her shoulder and held her with what he hoped was a comforting embrace. Truth be told, he was probably just as scared as her; if he didn't have her with him, he probably wouldn't have gone on the haunted house ride at all.

They rode past witches, skeletons, bats, and even through a giant spider web. Eerie shrieks and moans filled the air, which had a certain subterranean feeling about it, as if they were enclosed inside a mountain rather than separated from the bright sunlight by only a windowless wall. It really had a creepy feeling to it, as if they would never see daylight again.

But they did. Jeff blinked in the surprising brightness of it as they emerged from the tomb-like interior and the ride came to a stop. He could feel Kari shivering next to him, although he wasn't entirely sure the shivering didn't come from himself.

After a few more enjoyable rides, they realized that it was getting late. They still had to eat supper and drive home. So they left the park and climbed into Lissa's car again, then headed for the nearest town to find a restaurant to eat at.

They dined at a Chinese restaurant, having fun talking about their long day. Jeff decided that if Lissa and Alya wanted to do this again some time, he would be happy to go along with it. It really was fun double dating with a couple of playful lesbians.

After dinner, the four of them left the restaurant and climbed back into the car.

"So now what?" asked Alya.

"Let's go back to my place," Kari suggested. "We've got all the fixings for ice cream sundaes. The drive back should help to get the food settled in our stomachs so we're ready for dessert."

"Sounds good to me," said Jeff enthusiastically.

"That's Jeff for you," commented Lissa. "The way to his heart is through his stomach."

"Could have fooled me," Kari replied. "I seem to have no trouble getting to his heart through his dick."

"That works at least as well," Jeff laughed.

Lissa started up the car, and they started on the long drive back. Jeff settled into a comfortable position, meaning one in which he held Kari's hand in the back seat. They continued to talk and laugh all the way back. Eventually they found themselves in familiar surroundings, and Lissa turned off the road toward the neighborhood of the Williams home. Finally they pulled into the driveway, then everyone got out and stretched their legs for a minute before heading inside.

Kari led them to the kitchen, where she dug into the freezer for some vanilla ice cream, then went to the fridge for chocolate sauce, caramel, nuts, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. She set these on the table and got out four bowls and spoons, and a few minutes later they were all sitting around the table eating sundaes.

"So Kari," said Lissa, "am I right in thinking that your dad's out of the house all night?"

"He is," Kari replied. "He's got basketball camp."

"Good. Then we've got it all to ourselves until it's time to go home."

"Right. But why is that important?"

"I have a confession to make. Last night Alya and I had a little talk. We know that you two have fooled around some with Crystal and Brit. And Allison and Rachael too, for that matter."

"That's true," Kari grinned. "Does everyone know about our sex life?"

"Pretty much," Lissa shrugged. "But the point is, you like to do it with others."

"Depends on the others," said Kari.

"Well, Alya and me, for instance."

Kari stared at her for a moment. "You're serious?" she asked.

"Absolutely. We think it would be fun to have sex in front of each other."

"What?" asked Jeff, astonished. "You mean, like an orgy?"

"Well, not quite. I mean, Kari and you will be together, and Alya and I will be together. We'll just be in the same room."

Kari grinned. "I have to admit, that kind of turns me on," she said. "What do you think, Jeff?"

"You'll get no complaints out of me," he grinned.

"The let's do this," said Alya.

"There's only one bed in my room though," said Kari.

"Do you have the sleeping bags from our camping trip last year?"

"Sure. They should be in the closet."

"Get them out. We'll do it in the living room."

They were all eager to finish their dessert, and although Jeff normally would have had seconds, he made an exception in this case. They hurried and put the dishes in the sink, then Kari went to the hall closet to retrieve the sleeping bags. They all helped her spread them out on the living room floor, excited about what was about to happen.

Jeff and Kari sat down on one of the sleeping bags, and Lissa joined Alya on the other. The two couples glanced nervously at each other for a moment, then all at the same time the four of them broke out laughing.

"Okay, it seems like none of us know what to do now," said Alya.

"The first step to having sex is taking your clothes off," Jeff replied.

"Good idea," Lissa said. "You and Kari undress each other, and Alya and I will do the same."

Jeff nodded, then reached for the bottom of Kari's shirt. She lifted her arms to help him, and he pulled it up and over her head, tossing it aside. He glanced over at his sister and her girlfriend and saw that Lissa was also absent her shirt. Kari then removed Jeff's shirt in a similar fashion, then Jeff turned and grinned as Lissa reached for Alya's.

"He's peeking on you," Lissa told Alya, who turned and gave him a wink.

"Oh, I plan to do my share of peeking on him," Alya said. "So it's only fair."

Lissa grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. Jeff stared at her torso, bare except for a small, white, lacy bra covering her breasts. He was eager to see more, so he reached around Kari's back and immediately unfastened the clasps, pulling the garment forward and off of her and letting her tits come into view. The girls glanced at her and smiled.

"That's a nice pair you got there," Alya commented.

"Ooh, I'm getting gawked at by a couple of lesbians!" Kari exclaimed teasingly. "I feel so exposed. So... turned on." Everyone chuckled.

Since Jeff had removed Kari's bra next, the other girls decided to do the same to each other. Jeff was happy with that; he thought there was something erotic about a topless girl in jeans. Now he would be sitting here with three of them.

Lissa's bra came off first, and Jeff took a moment to admire her breasts. He had seen them plenty at Christmas time, and he had always thought his big sister had a beautiful body. Of course, he was anxious to get a look at Alya's boobs as well.

He didn't have to wait long. Lissa reached around her girlfriend and undid the clasps, then pulled off the bra, exposing her gorgeous tits to his eyes. He smiled when he saw them. They weren't actually any larger than Lissa's, despite her being a couple of years older. Rather, they looked quite firm.

"Now my boyfriend's staring at another girl's tits!" Kari exclaimed. "Whatever shall I do?"

"Fuck him so good that there will be no need for his eyes to stray," Lissa suggested.

"Good plan." She reached for Jeff's belt buckle. He rose up on his knees to give her plenty of room to operate, and soon she had his pants unzipped and was pulling them down to his knees. Lissa and Alya grinned as his boxer shorts came into view.

"Very nice," said Alya.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Lissa told her. "Just wait till he gets them off."

He sat back down to let Kari pull his pants off the rest of the way, then immediately went for hers. Meanwhile, Lissa and Alya did the same for each other, and a moment later all three girls wore nothing but their socks and panties.

To prolong the anticipation, the socks came next, then it was time to remove the last of their clothes.

"I vote Jeff gets naked first," Lissa grinned.

He shrugged. "As long as the rest of you follow, I don't have a problem with that."

"I suspect Jeff has a bit of an exhibitionist streak," Kari remarked. "You should have seen him at Crystal's fourteenth birthday party last year. Imagine Jeff stark naked with half a dozen young teenage girls."

"I don't want to imagine him naked," said Alya. "I want to see it."

"Ooh!" Lissa taunted. "Do you have the hots for my little brother?"

"Of course. Didn't you know? I've been drooling over him since I first saw him."

"Oh no," Jeff groaned. "Lissa, I don't mind you falling in love with a woman, but why did you have to pick one who teases as much as Brit and Crystal?"

"You think I'm teasing?" asked Alya. "I was dead serious."

"Okay Lissa," said Kari. "I think you need to fuck your girlfriend so good that there will be no need for her eyes to stray."

"I think you're right. But the striptease isn't over. Get his shorts off."

Just for fun, Jeff rose to his feet and stood in front of his sister and her girlfriend. Kari knelt beside him, then reached around, grabbed the waist band of his shorts, and yanked them down.

Alya giggled.

"Hey!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Sorry," she replied. "I didn't mean that as an insult. I was just laughing out of nervousness."


"I'm really not used to doing something so naughty."

"Except with me," Lissa qualified, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

"With you it's not naughty; it's beautiful."

"Oh come on," Lissa grinned. "You can't say that an orgy with Monique, Meg, and Sandy isn't naughty."

Kari laughed. "Really?" she asked, her eyes lighting up with delight.

"Our last day together," Alya explained.

"Well, naughty or beautiful, it's your turn to get naked now," Jeff told them.

"You first," Alya told Lissa.

"No, you first," Lissa insisted. She lunged at her girlfriend, who squealed and tried to fend her off. Jeff watched with a stupid grin on his face as the girls wrestled around, grabbing for each other's panties. A few seconds later they were as naked as him.

He noticed with delight that they had both shaved between their legs. He wasn't sure why he liked the shaved look so much. Possibly because Allison was the first one he knew who did it, and everything about her was so perfect. Of course, Kari didn't shave, but he loved her more natural look too.

Speaking of Kari, she was the only one now still in her underwear. She stood in front of Jeff, and he quickly slipped her panties down. Then he leaned in and gave her a kiss right on her pussy.

"Wow, that makes me hot!" Lissa gasped. "Alya, would you mind doing the same to me?"

"Only if you do it to me afterwards."

"It's a deal!" Lissa rose to her feet and stood next to Alya. They both turned to face each other, Alya on her knees in front of her lover. As Jeff and Kari watched, Alya leaned in, but instead of just kissing Lissa, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, running in up and down Lissa's pussy.

"Oh god!" Lissa exclaimed. "Keep that up, and I'm bound to finish before the party even starts."

"We wouldn't want that, would we?" Alya asked. She climbed to her feet, then wrapped her arms around Lissa's back, pressed their bodies together, and kissed her on the lips. Both girls opened their mouths and let their tongues tease each other. Jeff watched with absolute fascination at the lesbian kiss. He was especially intrigued by the way their breasts touched each other, tightly together with nothing in between them to lessen the physical sensation. There was something so incredibly arousing about two nude women hugging.

Now it was Lissa's turn to take care of her girlfriend. She didn't just get down on her knees, she kissed down Alya's body as she lowered herself. Jeff couldn't suppress a gasp when Lissa slipped Alya's nipple momentarily into her mouth. But it was just a fleeting instant, and then she continued her journey down Alya's body, past her breasts, her rib cage, her stomach, and finally to her bare little pussy. She opened her mouth and took as much of it in as she could, and from the subtle little motions in her cheeks, Jeff could tell that she was running her tongue all over it inside her mouth.

"That is incredibly sexy," Kari breathed. "I'm glad I'm bisexual, because I can enjoy that kind of pleasure with girls too. Maybe I'll get Crystal to do it for me tonight."

"I hope not," said Jeff, "because I'm planning to get you so satisfied that you'll have no need to have sex for days."

"I'm going to take you up on that offer," she said, then grabbed him and hugged him tightly, kissing him just like Alya had kissed Lissa. Now it was their turn to watch as Jeff and Kari kissed naked in front of them. Jeff's cock, already rock hard, was pressed between their bodies, shoved up against Kari's hot little stomach. He could feel her swollen nipples nestled delightfully against his chest, and all the rest of her body pressed tightly to his own. As he held her in his arms, he caressed her up and down, delighting in the smooth softness of her skin.

Finally, she broke away. "Time to come up for air," she said, her face flushed and a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Well, let's get down to business," Alya suggested. She knelt down on the floor next to Lissa, slipping a hand onto her breast to gently fondle her. Jeff mimicked her motions with Kari, kneading her breast in her hand and enjoying the firm yet spongy feel of it.

Lissa lay down, spreading herself out on the sleeping bag. Alya leaned over her, and Jeff loved the way her long, brown hair fell to the floor on the other side of her face as she gazed down into Lissa's eyes, her hand still on her breast. It was quite a picturesque view, and he suddenly wished he had a camera. Maybe he could convince the girls to do this same thing out in Brit's art studio some time.

Then Alya lowered her head and kissed Lissa on the chest, just below the neck. Lissa sighed, closing her eyes and smiling. Alya certainly knew Lissa's body well. She seemed to know just what to do to make her feel good. She continued lower, moving off to the side, and Jeff knew exactly where she was headed. A couple of years ago he might have been embarrassed to stare at his sister's boobs, but ever since his affair with Brit, he had no problem admitting that his sisters were sexy. When Alya ran her tongue around Lissa's nipple, Jeff couldn't help but shiver in excitement.

"You like that, do you?" asked Kari, who had by now joined him on the sleeping bag.

"Of course. Don't you?"

"Of course. I don't suppose you'd be willing to do the same for me?"

Jeff lowered his head and flicked his tongue against her nipple, causing her to gasp. He ran it all over the areola, loving the taste and the feel of it as the nipple hardened. Once he decided that he had given it enough treatment, he moved to the other breast and did the same. Kari's breathing grew heavier as he stimulated her, and he enjoyed the knowledge that he was the one doing it to her.

After a couple of minutes of tit-licking, Kari lay down on the sleeping bag. Jeff placed his hand between her legs and began to rub.

He glanced over at his sister and her girlfriend, delighted to see that Alya had reversed her position and was in the process of putting one leg over Lissa's head to straddle her face. That lined up her own face with Lissa's pussy as well. She lowered both her hips and her head, and both girls opened their mouths to lick each other's cunts.

"Oh god, that's hot!" Kari gasped, also watching them. By now she was leaking like crazy down between her legs. Jeff gently pried her open and slipped a finger inside to get her ready. He was so horny he was about to burst, so he needed to get inside of her quick before he went off.

He lay down next to Kari and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head so that he could repeat the gesture on her lips. As the two lovers continued to kiss passionately, Kari's hands unconsciously went to her breasts to squeeze and pull on her nipples. Jeff could feel her pussy opening up to his finger, and he knew that she would soon be ready for him.

With his head down by Kari's, he could no longer see the other two girls, but he could hear them moaning and panting, and the rhythmic swishes of the sleeping bag told him that they were moving all over the place.

"Jeff," moaned Kari, but she didn't have to finish. He smiled at her, then rolled over on top of her, placing himself between her spread legs. He pressed the tip of his cock against her pink, feminine opening, and gently lowered himself. She was so wet and slick that he slid right in with no problem. They both groaned at the sensation.

He began to rock his hips forward, slowly at first while she warmed up to his presence inside of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, letting her own body fall into the same rhythm as his. He thrust faster and deeper, gradually picking up the tempo. He was so excited right now that he didn't think he would last very long at all. Hopefully Kari was similarly turned on, so that he wouldn't have to leave her unsatisfied.

Across the room, he heard Lissa suck in her breath, and a moment later a strangled squeal escaped her lips. He glanced over in time to see her body tensed up in ecstasy, and he knew that she was having an orgasm.

It lasted a few seconds, then her body relaxed once more. She resumed her attack on her girlfriend's cunt, and from the sounds Alya was making, Jeff could tell that she was close to her own climax. He heard her moans increase in pitch until they became a squeal of pleasure. He loved the sound of a girl having an orgasm. There was no sound quite so erotic.

After Alya rested for a minute, she rolled off of Lissa, and the two of them lay down together, cuddling each other and watching Kari and Jeff go at it. He felt a certain exhibitionistic thrill at being watched like this, especially by a couple of girls as gorgeous as Lissa and Alya. When he glanced over at them, he could see the delight in their eyes at seeing the sexual display in front of them.

He didn't last much longer. He felt the surging pleasure as it spiked, washing through him. Through the sound of his own wailing, he heard Kari also screaming out in pleasure, and when her pussy clamped down tightly on his cock, it confirmed that she had hit her orgasm at the same time. He held her to him tightly as his cock twitched inside her, erupting with ecstasy. He mauled her lips with his own, until finally the pleasure waned and fatigue overtook him. He rolled off of Kari and lay there staring up at the ceiling, the room spinning around him.

"Oh my god," he heard Alya breathe from across the room. "That was about the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Kari, you're one lucky girl. Jeff, wow. Just wow."

"That's my little brother," Lissa said with a note of pride. "My brother the sex maniac. Our own Don Juan, right here. No wonder he's got so many girls after him."

"Add one more to the list," Alya laughed.

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2012-07-10 12:08:04
I read all th chapter but somehow i missed alya and lissa... HOW!!? So now im finding all of them.

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2011-10-06 10:23:52
If this ever becomes a book I'm buying it it saddens me that the series is almost over I plan on reading all your story's

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2011-10-06 10:23:23
If this ever becomes a book I'm buying it it saddens me that the series is almost over I plan on reading all your story's

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2011-02-01 22:57:10
god i feel that the next time i go to the bookstore there will be Allison and the Primdales right there.... this is probably the most amazing read ever

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2011-02-01 22:57:04
god i feel that the next time i go to the bookstore there will be Allison and the Primdales right there.... this is probably the most amazing read ever

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