Greg has a hard time with Lissa's girlfriend.
Chapter 87
A Not Entirely Welcome Guest

The next week was much like the one before it, with Greg trying to rid his mind of the sexy images of his daughters. He couldn't deny that they had beautiful bodies, the kind that made him think thoughts he shouldn't. No matter how hard he tried to fill his mind with business or other concerns, every so often those images would pop right back in.

With Alya arriving on Saturday, he had plenty of other thoughts to occupy him. Worries, more precisely. He still didn't know how he would manage to keep things civil when he was so opposed to Alya's very existence. She was an affront, an insult to him and everything he stood for. As the week passed and the weekend drew nearer, he found himself feeling more and more on edge, uptight and even occasionally grouchy.

Allison had a talk with him every night, trying to make him see reason. It usually helped to soothe him, but the effect was only temporary, and by morning he was as stressed as ever.

The fateful day arrived, and with the exception of Greg, most of the family looked forward with eager anticipation to meeting her. Finally they would get their chance.

Lissa insisted on driving to the airport alone to pick her up, and for good reason. She wanted some time alone with her girlfriend to explain the mood in the household, and what to expect. No one argued this point with her, so that morning Lissa left the house and drove into town, leaving the others waiting and wondering what the encounter would be like.

Allison, calm as ever, went about her usual routine as if nothing were out of the ordinary, though she got Jeff and Brit to help her do a bit of last-minute cleaning. Greg sat in silence, though he didn't look forward to the inevitable meeting. He didn't know what to expect when Alya arrived, but realized that more than likely it would end in some kind of confrontation. Maybe that was his own fault; maybe he was just too closed-minded to accept the girl as his daughter's lover. But he certainly wasn't happy that this day had arrived.

It was just after lunch time when he heard Lissa's car pull into the driveway. Jeff in particular seemed anxious to meet Alya, not surprisingly if she turned out to be as pretty as Lissa made her out to be. Not that they could really trust Lissa's opinion; when a person was in love, they tended to see only the good in the one they were in love with.

Brit skipped to the front door and opened it. Jeff continued to sit at the table with Greg, apparently not wanting to appear too eager. That was just his way; he tried to always seem casual. He did turn around, however, as soon as the girls appeared in the doorway. From the dining room table they had a clear view of the front door, and as soon as they saw Alya, Greg realized that Lissa hadn't exaggerated one bit. Though not as stunning as Allison, she was still extremely beautiful.

"Come on in," Allison grinned, and Alya hesitantly stepped into the great hall. Lissa took her by the arm and led her into the dining room.

"Everyone, this is my girlfriend Alya," said Lissa. Though her tone was cheerful, Greg couldn't help but sense a hidden challenge there, as if daring anyone to make a big deal of her sexuality. But nobody did.

Allison strode over and threw her arms around the girl. "It's so good to finally meet you!" she exclaimed.

"Likewise," said Alya.

Allison drew away. "So this is our family," she said.

"No need for introductions," Alya said. "Lissa's shown me pictures of all of you." She glanced at Jeff. "You must be the little brother that she had lots of good things to say about. If even half of the things she said are true, then I'm jealous that I don't have a brother, especially one like you."

Jeff actually blushed at the compliment.

"And you must be Lissa's little sister Brit," she said. "You're even cuter in person than in the pictures."

"Thanks," Brit grinned.

"So how was your trip?" asked Greg, perhaps a little more formally than was strictly necessary.

"A little tiring, truth be told. I'm glad it's over."

"Well come and have a seat," Allison smiled. "You just have a nice rest. Jeff, would you be a dear and go get her bags out of Lissa's car?"

"I'd be happy to," he smiled.

"Thank you, Jeff," said Alya. "You're a real gentleman. Of course, the way Lissa's described you, I already knew that."

He beamed at the compliment as Lissa handed him her keys. He headed out to the car, returning a minute later with two suitcases in his hand, making a big deal of carrying both of them at the same time. Greg couldn't fault him for that; as a teenage boy, it was just his nature to want to show off his strength for the girls, especially their new guest. She glanced over and grinned at him from the dining room as he placed them in the hall. Then he came back over and sat down at the table.

"So are you hungry, Alya?" asked Greg. "We just ate, but we can always throw together another sandwich."

"No, Lissa and I picked up some lunch on the way over, but thanks anyway."

"Well then, let's just get these dishes out of your way," said Allison, picking up some of the plates and carrying them into the kitchen. Greg grabbed his own and rose to his feet.

"You really have a beautiful house," Alya commented.

"That's why I married Greg," Allison called from the kitchen. "That and the rest of his money." She said it with a lighthearted tone, almost jokingly; she wasn't ashamed of the fact, and she knew that Lissa had told Alya all about the situation with the family.

"Well, I'm not interested in Lissa for her money," Alya grinned. "I'm interested in her because she's such a good kisser." She leaned in and kissed Lissa on the lips.

Greg froze, a thousand emotions suddenly flooding him simultaneously and overwhelming him. He just couldn't handle the sight of his daughter kissing another woman. He put his plate on the counter and hurried out of the room, ignoring the shocked looks on everyone's faces. He managed to catch the look on Alya's face as he passed her, a frightened and even a little hurt expression. He hurried into his room, then sat down on the bed and stared at the floor, trying to piece together his thoughts.

A moment later, Lissa appeared in the doorway. She came over and sat down beside him. "Daddy," she said meekly, "are you mad?"

He shook his head. "I don't know what I feel right now. I'm just a little overwhelmed."

"I'm sorry," she said. "Would it help if Alya and I weren't so affectionate when you're around?"

"No. It's just something I'm going to have to get used to, that's all. Look, I've told you before that I don't approve of your relationship with Alya."

"So you are mad."

"Yes, but that's only part of it."

"Tell me."

"You want me to list them all? It's a long list."

"I know, but I have to know how you feel, Dad."

Greg sighed. "All right. I'm feeling mad, and a little bit betrayed, because you're acting so contrary to the way I thought I had raised you. But I'm also feeling guilty because of that sailing trip last summer. I wonder if maybe in part I'm to blame. I feel helpless because you're doing something that I don't want you to do, but I'm powerless to stop you. I'm feeling excited at seeing two beautiful young women kissing, and guilty again because one of them is my daughter. I'm feeling lost because I've never thought of how I would act in this situation, I'm feeling happy for you because you've found someone, but I'm worried about what people might think, and even a little jealous because, well, you're not my little girl any more. And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head."

"I'll always be your little girl, Daddy," she said, throwing her arms around his neck.

"But you're all grown up now, and falling in love."

"Yes, but this is even better. Do you know why?"


"Because this way you know you'll always be the number one man in my life."

Greg chuckled. "Okay, you have a good point." He hugged her back tightly. "Thank you, Lissa. You always know what to say to cheer me up."

"Does that mean you're not mad any more?"

"No it doesn't. This isn't something I can get over in just a few minutes. I'm going to need time."

"How much time?"

"Months. Years, maybe. But in the mean time, I can at least be friendly to Alya, because it wouldn't be fair to you if I went out of my way to make you unhappy. I love you, Lissa, even if I don't approve of what you're doing."

"And I love you too, Dad. I'm glad you're willing to put forth this effort. I only wish there was a way I could spare you this pain."

"I know, honey, and I appreciate it."

"Dad, can I tell you something that might help you understand what Alya means to me?"

"Of course, dear."

"Okay. You remember I wrote to you a couple of times about Matt, right?"

"Your old boyfriend?"

"Yes. And how he betrayed me. He did something to me. He changed me. And the person he changed me into... well, she scares me."

"What do you mean?"

"I thought I was a victim because I allowed myself to be hurt, and because I tried to follow the rules. I thought as long as I had negative emotions-- guilt, sorrow, hurt-- then people could take advantage of me. So I threw all of that off, threw off all of my inhibitions, and became the same thing that Matt was: a monster. I hated him, but I also realized that he wasn't a victim because he didn't feel guilt."

"What are you saying, Lissa?"

"I might as well tell you. For about a month, I was... well, I was a slut."

"I'm not sure I want to hear this, Lissa."

"Please just listen, Dad. I did whatever I wanted, to whomever I wanted. My motto was 'damn the consequences.' It felt so liberating, so exciting. But at the same time, I was becoming a horrible person. I was willing to sacrifice even my friends and family to get what I wanted.

"And then I fell in love with Alya. It only took a moment. Just one kiss. And I realized I would do anything for her. I started to care again, care about what happened to her, and therefore what happened in general to the people around me. Oh, I'm still a lot more liberated than I used to be, but now I think about the consequences of my actions, especially on the people I care about. I know it sounds so cliche, but it was love that saved me, Daddy. Love for Alya. Without her, I would be a completely different girl. You wouldn't even recognize me."

Greg stared down at the floor again, but he nodded. "Thank you, Lissa. I think I'm beginning to understand why you love her so much. Maybe my disapproval will never go away, but when I hear things like that, it doesn't hurt so much any more." He chuckled. "Now we can add one more emotion to the list." He looked her in the eyes. "Gratitude," he smiled. "If Alya has saved you, then she can't be all that bad."

"There's nothing bad about her," Lissa smiled. "If you give her enough time, I'm sure you'll see that too."

"I'm willing to make the effort, but I can't give you any promises as to the result."

"That's all I want, Daddy. Just try."

He nodded. She took his hand and led him back down the hall to the rest of the family.

By the time he arrived back in the dining room, the mood had brightened. He found Alya sitting and joking with Jeff and Brit. Brit, of course, was teasing her about her lesbian relationship with Lissa, but Alya was taking it rather well. She was fitting in nicely.

As soon as he entered the room, the conversation came to a screeching halt, and all eyes turned to him. An awkward silence filled the room. He decided the only one who could get them past it was him.

"It's all right," he said. "I was just a little overwhelmed there for a minute."

"I'm sorry," said Alya, still looking somewhat nervous.

"You did nothing wrong," he told her. "It's just something I'm going to have to get used to, that's all. I want Lissa to be happy, and I'm going to have to come to terms with the fact that you're the one who can make her happy right now."

She nodded, but still seemed a bit uncertain.


Despite his misgivings, Alya did seem to put a lot of his fears to rest. The way she immediately took to the family reminded him of Kari. He had liked Kari right from the beginning, and was delighted when she started going out with Jeff. Alya had that same friendly, easygoing manner, and fit right in with the kids.

There was something a bit mechanical, though, about how she went about it, and he noticed her occasionally glancing over at him. He thought he knew why. Of all the people in this house, he was the most her enemy, and it was his approval, perhaps more than anyone's except Lissa's, that she wanted. He stopped short of thinking she was putting on an act; if Lissa loved her, she had to be something special after all. But it looked like she was trying just a little too hard.

Despite that, he realized that overall he really didn't mind her. He would even go so far as to say that she was really likable. She had a certain charm, and not just because of her good looks, of which she had plenty. Under any other circumstances, he would love to have her as a guest in his house.

He decided that he needed to talk to her alone, to ease his apprehensions, and perhaps hers as well. Out here in front of the family, there were some things he just couldn't say to her.

"Alya, would you mind coming up to my office for a minute?" he asked at the next lull in the conversation.

She looked a little worried about that. "Um, sure," she said hesitantly. "What do you... I mean..."

"Let's put it this way. A long time ago I decided that when my girls brought home their boyfriends for the first time, I would have an interview with them. Well, this isn't exactly the same thing, but I'd still like the interview."

"Oh," she said.

"Don't worry," Greg smiled, trying to make it look friendly. "I'm not going to shoot you or anything. Let's just get this over with, okay?"

"Okay," she nodded. Lissa gave her an encouraging smile as she stood up, then Greg and Alya left the room and headed up the stairs to his office. He motioned for her to take one of the couches, and he took the other.

"Let me explain something," Greg told her immediately. "If I want to be formal or even intimidating, I sit behind my desk. The couches are for a relaxed, casual atmosphere. So you can guess the tone I want for this conversation."

"Thanks," she said, still looking a bit nervous. "The last thing I need is for you to be any more intimidating."

"I want you to understand something," Greg said. "I'm very conservative. Some would even call me prudish. So I'm bothered by the thought of my daughter being... well..."

"A lesbian?" Alya offered.

"Yes. You see? I can't even say it. But she's old enough to make her own decisions about her sexuality. I won't lie; I'm hoping that it's just a phase she's going through that will pass. Not because I don't like you," he added hastily, trying not to give her the wrong impression. "Alya, I think I know what you're doing: you're trying hard to be especially nice to us so that we'll be more accepting of you. Well, the truth is, it's working. Despite my reservations, I like you. Part of me is glad that you're a good friend to Lissa. It's the other part of me that's struggling right now."

"I appreciate your honesty, Greg," she replied. "And I can understand how hard it must be. This is my first romantic relationship with a girl, and I'm glad it's with Lissa. She means everything to me, and I would do anything for her. I know that's not what you want to hear right now. You want to think it's just a superficial relationship that will end in a couple of months, but that's not going to happen. I don't like that it makes you uncomfortable, but there's really nothing I can do short of giving her up, and that's something I'm not willing to do. I just hope that you can accept me for who I am, because I really don't want to see you as an enemy, and I hope you won't see me as an enemy either."

"Then I'm going to need your help," said Greg. "You see, I'm torn between feeling that there's something inherently wrong with your relationship, and feeling that what's wrong is with me. Although I was never very religious, I was brought up in a strict home with strong beliefs about right and wrong. Two women being in love was something that was quite simply beyond comprehension. So is this kind of thing bad, like I was always brought up to believe, or do I just need to get over my intolerance? I don't know. But I love my daughter, and if she's going to get involved in a long-term relationship of this kind, I'm going to have to learn to deal with it. So help me. Prove to me that this is good for her. That you're good for her. I think if you can convince me of that by the time you leave, I can manage the rest."

Alya suddenly scooted over to the couch where he sat, then threw her arms around him and gave him a hug. "Thank you," she said. "I've been terrified of you for months now. I was almost too scared to come visit. But now that I know how hard you're trying to accept me, I'm not frightened of you any more. Your daughter is so lucky to have a father like you. I'm going to try to make it as easy for you to accept me as possible. You'll see that my relationship with Lissa is the best thing that ever happened to her."

"I half hope you're right."

Alya smiled, and this time it was without that edge of nervousness or worry that had been there before.

"So that's it then," Greg said with a smile. "Now that the interview is over, we can be friends. Okay?"

"Okay," she agreed.

The two of them rose to their feet, and Greg impulsively put an arm around her shoulder as he led her to the door. She wore a smile on her face as they descended the stairs like that to join the rest of the family.

"So I take it everything's okay between you two?" asked Lissa hopefully as soon as she saw them.

"No," said Greg, "but at least we have an understanding. Despite our differences, we've decided to be friends."

Lissa dashed over and threw her arms around him. "Really?" she asked.

"Really," he smiled.

Alya and Lissa sat down on the couch together, taking each other's hands. Greg stared at them and gritted his teeth, but didn't say anything, even when they gave each other a quick kiss on the lips.


When suppertime came around, they sat around the table eating and talking. Alya seemed to fit right in; she laughed and joked with the rest of them. It was good to see Jeff and Brit enjoying themselves as well too; with company there, they were on their best behavior.

It wasn't that they were trying to hide anything; Alya knew all about their incestuous relationship, and it didn't seem to bother her. They didn't speak of it, but she seemed perfectly willing to accept that this was not the most conventional family in the world.

That, of everything else he knew of her, impressed Greg the most. She seemed to have a completely nonjudgmental attitude about the family.

After dinner, they returned to the living room, where they sat around and talked some more. Brit brought out one of her favorite card games and they all played and had fun with it. As time wore on, though, Alya yawned and sighed and generally looked sleepy. Lissa picked up on this, and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. Alya smiled and nodded.

Lissa took Alya's hand and they stood up. "Alya's kind of worn out from her trip, so I think I'll give her a nice hot bath to help her relax," said Lissa. Greg clenched his teeth and grunted, looking away.

Lissa obviously caught on to the gesture. "Dad," she said. "Can we talk for a minute?"

"Oh, there's no need for that," he said, trying to sound casual. "Go have a bath. I think I'll take one tonight too."

"Please, Dad?" she asked again.

He nodded and stood up. "Come on, Alya. You too," said Lissa. She led them both up the stairs and down the hall to her room. Lissa and Alya sat on the bed, and Greg sat in the chair by her desk.

"Dad," said Lissa. "I don't think it's any big secret, but it needs to be said. While Alya is staying here, we're going to continue our love life. Yes, that means sex."

Both Greg and Alya turned bright red at that.

"I'm sorry to be so blunt about it," Lissa continued, "but I think bluntness is exactly what we need right now. Let's just get it out in the open right now, and so later when we hint about it, it won't embarrass you any more."

"Lissa, maybe we shouldn't--" Greg began.

"Yes we should," she insisted. "Dad, you knew we were going to have sex. Otherwise you wouldn't have let her sleep in my room. You could have put her in the guest house--"

"The guest house is Brit's studio," Greg said.

"Okay, then the spare room."

"Rachael's going to sleep there when she comes. It seemed pointless to--"

"Stop making excuses, Dad," Lissa interrupted. "My point is that you're allowing us to sleep in the same room, the same bed even, so at least you're not entirely opposed to the idea of us having sex, because you're making allowances for it."

"I'm not--"

"Dad, there's no point trying to deny that things are a lot different around here than they used to be. Your son and daughter just got over an incestuous relationship, your other daughter is going to sleep with her girlfriend, and your wife is sleeping with your son."


"Alya knows all about it, Dad, and she's fine with it. But if she's open-minded enough to accept what's going on around here, shouldn't you be open-minded about our relationship?"

"I'm not comfortable--"

"But you do know what's going to happen tonight between Alya and me when we go to bed."

"Okay, fine," he said. "The two of you are going to have sex. I said it. Now are you happy?"

"Not quite," she continued. "There's something Alya and I discussed on the phone before she left to come visit us."

"Lissa, maybe this isn't such a good idea," Alya said.

"Oh, don't be shy. It never hurts to ask."

"But... oh, all right. But you ask, okay?"


"What are you talking about?" asked Greg.

"I'm going to ask you to do something, and your first impulse is going to be to say no. But I don't want you to answer until you've heard my reasoning, and I don't want you to be mad. You have to promise not to be mad, no matter how shocking my request is."


"Yes, shocking. Promise you won't be mad. That doesn't mean you have to say yes."

"Okay, I promise I won't be mad."

"And you have to promise not to say anything until I'm through."

"Okay, I promise that too."

"Good." She reached over and took his hands in hers. "Dad, I want you to watch Alya and me take a bath."

"What?" he demanded.

"You promised!" she said sternly.

"All right, I promised," he agreed. "Actually, I'm very interested in hearing your reasoning."

She smiled. "It's simple. You've seen me take a bath with Brit, and you've seen me take a bath with Allison. So that much at least, you're not opposed to."

"That doesn't mean--"

"Just hear me out. The girls of this family are not shy about their bodies. You know that from experience. We don't have a problem with touching each other, even in ways that are a little intimate. We've already explained this to you. It's not anything sexual; it's just girls showing affection for each other. There's nothing wrong with it.

"Now, that incident today at the dining room table, where you had to leave because you were too overwhelmed... It just seems to me that you have to get used to seeing Alya and me being affectionate in ways that are sexual. I'm not talking full on lesbian muff diving here, I'm just talking about hugging and kissing and things like that. They're only sexual because we're in love.

"So if you watch us take a bath together, if you see us naked and realize that it's really no big deal, then you won't be so uptight when we kiss and caress and everything with our clothes on."

"Do you mean that you're going to... well... have sex in the bathtub? Right in front of me?" he asked.

"Not necessarily."

"Not necessarily?"

"We don't always have sex when we bathe together. In fact, we've only done it in the tub... what is it?"

"Four," said Alya.

"Four times," Lissa nodded. "But we do like to get intimate. That's what I want you to see, Dad. We're trying to get you to accept the fact that two women in love is really no big deal. And I think this is the best way to show you that."

Greg sighed. Maybe she was right. Maybe it would help him to overcome his uneasiness.

He glanced at Alya. "What about you?" he asked.


"Yes. I've seen Lissa naked before, just like she said. That's okay, because we're family. But it's a little different in your case. Wouldn't it make you feel awkward to have a man see you like that? Especially since you're a lesbian."

"Actually, I'm bisexual," she explained. "I'm attracted to men too. I didn't even start liking women until Lissa."

"But still, I'm not related to you. Wouldn't it bother you to be naked in front of me?"

"A little," she admitted. "But I really do want you to like me."

"But... not like that, surely."

Alya laughed. "No, not like that. I just meant that I'll do anything I can to help you overcome your discomfort or uneasiness about your daughter's relationship with me. If that means letting you see my body, well, I'm willing to do that."

Greg nodded.

"Was that a yes?" asked Lissa hopefully.

"That was a maybe," he told her. "I need to talk to Allison first."

"That's a good point. You probably should ask her permission."

"That too," he laughed. "Actually, I'm sure she'll be wholeheartedly in favor of it. I just need a little more persuasion, and she's always been very convincing when it comes to getting me to accept things like this."

"Okay, go talk to Allison," Lissa said. "We'll wait five minutes, and then we're getting into the tub. If you decide to do this, go ahead and come up."

Greg stood up and left the room, making his way downstairs. Allison and the others still sat in the living room.

"Allison, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.

"Sure," she smiled. She rose to her feet and followed him down the hall to their bedroom.

"Lissa and Alya want to take a bath together," he blurted out as soon as they were alone.

"Well they have my permission," she laughed.

"No, I mean, they want me to watch them."

"Oh," she said. "I see. Any reason in particular, or is it just that having you there turns them on?"

"No, it's not that. They think that what I need is to be exposed to them..."

"So you're going to get in the tub with them?"

"No! I guess 'exposed' wasn't the right word. I mean, they think that I need to see them being affectionate with each other. Lissa thinks that once I see them nude together, I won't be so bothered anymore by what they do in front of me."

"She's a smart girl," said Allison.

"Then it doesn't bother you? I mean, with Lissa it's different because she's family, but with Alya..."

"First, I agree with Lissa. Second, now that they've brought up the subject, you're bound to start wondering what Alya looks like naked. I'd rather have you take a good long look and get it over with than to mentally undress her every chance you get."

"I would never--"

"If you wouldn't, then you're not a man. Alya's a beautiful woman. Even I can see that. In fact, maybe I'd better join you up there."

"Really?" he asked. Actually, he would feel a lot better if she were there with him. It might be a little crowded in the bathroom, but it wouldn't feel so much like he were intruding on a private moment between the girls. More people meant less intimacy, and the last thing he needed was an intimate atmosphere.

They left the bedroom and headed up the stairs and down the hall. They avoided the living room, which was a relief to Greg. The last thing he needed was to have the kids ask questions that he didn't feel like answering. They knocked on Lissa's door, and Lissa opened it, dressed in only a towel. Alya was similarly attired.

"I decided to take you up on your offer," said Greg. "You don't mind if Allison comes along too, do you?"

"Not a bit," Lissa smiled. "I've already told Alya that Allison and I like to sit in the hot tub naked when no one else is around, and Alya's keen on joining us some time."

The four of them entered the bathroom, where Lissa and Alya removed their towels and hung them on the rack. Alya wore a somewhat embarrassed look on her face, but she did nothing to cover her body from Greg's eyes, which, admittedly, were staring right at it. She really was quite beautiful, especially nude. Seeing her like this was gave him mixed emotions. Since she wasn't a part of his family, it was a lot less appropriate for her to be nude in front of him. That of course, was tempered by the fact that since meeting Allison he had been exposed to quite a few nude women that had no relation to him whatsoever. Still, he felt a little guilty about seeing her in the buff, even with his wife's lack of objection.

On the other hand, since she was simply a beautiful young woman and not his daughter, he had no reason to feel guilty about his excitement and, yes, his arousal. In a situation like this, it was perfectly natural for a man to get aroused by seeing a beautiful woman's nude body.

The girls climbed into the tub and sat down in the warm water. Unlike with Lissa and Allison, or Lissa and Brit, who had just sat at opposite ends of the tub and washed each other's backs, this time Lissa leaned against the end of the tub and Alya came over to lie back against her chest. Lissa's hands immediately started working on her shoulders, causing Alya to sigh contentedly. Lissa's hands wandered lower and slipped onto Alya's breasts, massaging them gently.

Greg stared, realizing that he had one more naughty image added to the growing collection in his mind. His daughter was actually fondling another woman's breasts. Right in front of him.

Lissa glanced at him and giggled. "Hey Alya," she said, "I think my dad likes to see me playing with your boobs."

"I..." he began, then realized that there was no point trying to deny it. So what if he was getting turned on by the lesbian display in front of him? What man wouldn't?

Lissa leaned down and kissed Alya on the side of the head. Alya reached one of her arms up and placed it behind Lissa's head, stroking her hair tenderly as Lissa continued to massage her chest.

After a few minutes, Alya sat up. She moved to the center of the tub and turned around to face Lissa, who scooted in near. Lissa lifted her legs so that Alya could get her own underneath, then the two girls leaned in close and pressed their bodies together. Greg shivered as a chill went through his body at the sight of his daughter and her girlfriend in a naked embrace. When they leaned in and kissed each other on the lips, he thought he would pass out from the sight. Despite the fact that one of them was his daughter, or perhaps even because of it, the scene before him was insanely erotic.

Yet at the same time, he also found it tender and charming. The girls weren't having sex after all, and their kisses were sweet and beautiful. He had seen Lissa and Allison touching each other's bodies in a similar fashion, and had managed to recognize it for what it was, just a tender moment between two women who were very close. They had claimed that it was nothing sexual, and he could at least understand that. Now, with Lissa and Alya similarly touching, he could recognize some of that same tenderness. The sight before him didn't feel sinful or perverse, but sweet and beautiful. Perhaps that was what Lissa meant when she said he needed to see it for himself. He had to see that what they shared wasn't just naked lust, like he had assumed. There was love there, real love. As with Jeff and Brit, he just hadn't been able to see it.

When Alya leaned back and Lissa planted a kiss right on her nipple, it completely changed his mind. He stared in shock. Maybe there was love there, but what they were now doing in front of him was much more like what he had expected.

As Lissa ran her tongue all over Alya's breast, she glanced over at him, giggling at his reaction. "Oops," she grinned. "I kind of got carried away. Maybe Dad isn't ready to see that just yet."

"Probably not," Allison agreed. "Greg dear, have you seen enough?"

"I think I've seen far more than is healthy," he replied.

She nodded. "Lissa, you two carry on. I know how much lesbians excite your father, so I think what he needs right now is a good dose of wild sex."

"Have fun," Lissa nodded. "I know Alya and I will."

Still in a daze, he let Allison lead him downstairs to the bedroom.

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2011-03-23 21:04:43
I'm not going to make a lengthy comment because my iPhones battery is almost dead and I want to read a little more of this story so I'll just leave it at GOOD JOB Daddycums!

- The Fan

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2010-06-04 14:33:53
(from below)

But for goodness sakes, should Greg not be over his qualms by now, after all he has seen? He should either have accepted Allison and all her vices by now, or kicked her out of the house. His failure to have done either of those two things is simply a distraction. The people who are reading this want to see him screw his daughters and be done with it. There is no convincing reason to have dragged it out this long.

Those who are still reading are sold. Those who are not still reading are not coming back. (Unless they come back for my cruel and heartless review (wink-wink).)


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2010-06-04 14:32:21
More lessons, both for the reader and for the author. The lessons are certainly not for Greg. He is merely one of the instruments by which the lessons are imparted.

Pardon me for continuing to harp on the incessant inculcation, but it is important. It occurs to the detriment of the book, because the narrative reads less like a novel than a manifesto for bisexual and pseudo-lesbian incest. If the book would simply start on the premise that those forms of sexual activity are acceptable, it would not sound so preachy, and the reader would be less distracted by all the needless machinations by the characters. It would even be fine to let a few of the characters, such as Greg, be intolerant and resistant. It would be fun to watch them come around and discover their libidos. But this steps over the line by teaching, far too much.

(more above)

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2009-07-31 17:49:45
I wish I was a fly on the wall in that house, watching the girls bathe and Greg & Allisons reactions

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