Allison schemes to save the family.
Chapter 84
A Desperate Plan

With a two day drive back home, Lissa had plenty of time for quiet reflection. Things were spiraling out of control, and she worried about the end result. She had managed to put it out of her mind during the farewell party with her roommates, but now with nothing to occupy her attention, her thoughts kept returning to the problems she faced when she arrived home.

She would have been happy for some company, and had tried to convince Alya to ride back with her and spend all summer there. But although her girlfriend had agreed to come visit, she was a little hesitant to show up right away until Lissa had had a chance to gauge the situation, and besides, Alya wanted to spend some time with her own family. They were quite a bit more open-minded about the whole situation. From Alya's retelling of the conversations she had had on the phone with her parents, they sounded a lot like Meg's family. Maybe later that summer, Lissa would go home with Alya and meet them.

Lissa had also considered asking Greg and Allison to drive down to get her, but they would have had to leave before Jeff's and Brit's last day of school, and there was no way that their parents would leave them alone now. So Lissa had to sit in the car, alone with her thoughts.

She had spoken with her dad on the phone a couple more times after that call that had left her crying, but by unspoken agreement neither of them had brought up Alya again. Lissa would likely need to start over with convincing him to let Alya come visit later that summer. But she had made up her mind, and she just knew that if Greg met Alya, he would feel a lot better about the situation.

Then there was the situation between Jeff and Brit. Allison had talked to her at length about it, so she had a pretty good grasp of what had been going on. She had been overjoyed at Christmas time to find out that the two of them had finally gotten over their differences and learned to love each other, even if it wasn't the most conventional kind of love between siblings. Now that all seemed to be over. No doubt in a few months they would return to their bickering and fighting, and things would be back the way they had been last year. It pained her to think of that happening; she loved both of them and wanted desperately for them to get along, even if it meant an incestuous affair.

Especially if it meant an incestuous affair. Lissa couldn't deny she had ulterior motives. If Greg refused to allow that kind of behavior between Jeff and Brit, he most certainly wouldn't allow it between Jeff and Lissa. She wondered how willing Jeff would be to go along with her plans when their dad had made it quite clear how opposed he was to that kind of relationship between brother and sister.

She spent the night in a motel room with troubled dreams. For all her show of bravado, of liberation, of refusing to worry about things, sometimes she was still just a frightened little girl.

She felt lonely that night; for the first time in months she slept alone, with nobody to cuddle with or make love to. She thought of Alya, and longed for the girl's company. What am I doing? she thought. [/i]It's just the first night, and already I'm pining like a lovesick little girl.[/i] Of course, that was exactly what she was. She loved Alya, and a little yearning was expected during their first separation since falling in love. She figured she would feel much better once she got home, and that thought took the edge off of her loneliness.

She got up the next day early and headed out. It would still be almost a full day's drive, so she would arrive home in the evening. She was anxious to see her family again. Her dad, little Brit, sexy Jeff, and especially Allison. She had a momentary fantasy of getting Allison to take Alya's place temporarily; now that Lissa had become a lesbian, she could allow herself those fantasies. But no, that might spoil their friendship, and right now more than anything Lissa needed a friend.

The hours passed surprisingly quickly, probably due to the thousands of thoughts running through her head. She stopped for a burger at noon to tide her over until dinner time, but other than that she limited her stops; if she hurried she would be home in time for dinner, and she missed Allison's cooking.

The sun was well on its way toward the horizon before she found herself in familiar surroundings. She drove down the highway toward her home, finally turning onto the road that wound up the hill. Finally, she pulled into the driveway next to her father's Jaguar.

It was not a happy group that met Lissa at front door. Sure, they put on a good show, and they were all glad to see her. But with all of the things that had happened in the past few months, they were far from the cheerful, amiable family that they had been at Christmas time. Jeff and Brit hardly spoke to each other, and Greg seemed a little distant perhaps just a little worried. Lissa knew the reasons for the melancholy. Allison had filled her in on all of the details, including the problems between Jeff and Brit, and Greg's inability to cope with the idea of Lissa's newfound sexuality. In short, it looked like she wouldn't enjoy this vacation at all.

At least she had a nice home-cooked meal to comfort her for once. It was just like the food she remembered, though it lacked the jovial conversation at the dinner table that she remembered and loved. She would have even settled for Jeff and Brit yelling at each other.

That night before bed, Jeff helped Lissa carry her bags up to her room. It was strange, she thought, to be sleeping in Jeff's old room. Greg and Jeff had done a good job of trying to rearrange things the same as they had been in her own room, and she understood the need for more of a separation between where Jeff and Brit slept. After all, there was a direct path through the shared bathroom between the two rooms.

Speaking of the bathroom, she was in the mood for a nice, hot shower. Deciding to do her unpacking in the morning, she headed into the bathroom, closed and locked both doors, stripped off her clothes, and stepped into the shower. After her long drive, the massaging warmth of the water felt incredibly soothing. Like a thousand hands running all over her body, it gently caressed her skin. Maybe she could get Jeff to massage her shoulders some time, like they used to do when she was still living at home. That thought made her smile. Yes, she would take advantage of her little brother's presence. And perhaps her little sister's too.

After her shower, Lissa didn't bother to get dressed. Ever since getting together with Alya, she always slept nude, and she wasn't about to change her ways now that she was home. She opened the bathroom doors, peeking into Brit's room to see if she was all right. There was really no reason for it, but Lissa had always felt protective of her little sister. Brit lay in her bed, mostly covered by her blanket. She smiled at Lissa, who waved and then headed back to her own room. She yawned, stretched, then switched off the light and climbed into bed, feeling again a bit of loneliness without Alya there to snuggle with.

Her loneliness was short-lived, however, when she heard Brit crossing the floor to her room. The girl climbed into bed with her, and Lissa realized that she was naked too.

"You don't mind, do you?" asked Brit. "I just want to cuddle."

"I don't mind a bit," Lissa replied, then leaned in and gave her little sister a kiss on the lips. They wrapped their arms around each other, and together they dropped off to sleep.


The next morning, the children awoke to the smell of banana pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, and orange juice. Allison had prepared a special breakfast to celebrate Lissa's return home. They ate with a show of cheerfulness, though there was still that edge of gloom that had pervaded the home for months now. Greg sighed with frustration, but it was obvious that there was nothing he could do.

Allison seemed to sense it too, but she took a more proactive approach. "Kids," she said as they were finishing up breakfast, "we need to have a talk. Especially you two, Jeff and Brit. Greg, do you mind if we borrow your office for a while?"

"That's fine," he smiled.

"And I think maybe we need a little privacy. Lissa's welcome to join us, but it would be better if you weren't there. I'll be perfectly frank; I think it's obvious that the kids see you as kind of the bad guy here."

He nodded. "I know. I don't like it, but somebody had to do it."

"And that's exactly what I'm hoping to get over," Allison continued. "But they need to be able to talk this out without you there to scare them. You would never do it by choice, of course, but right now with the role you've adopted, you can be a little intimidating."

"Okay," he said with a forced smile. "I don't mind giving you some privacy to talk things over."

After clearing away the dishes, Allison took the kids up to the office, where they all sat down on the couches. They didn't know what she had in mind, and whether to be excited or nervous about it.

"We all know what's going on here," she began. "Brit and Jeff, you've fallen in love with each other, and despite your father's best efforts, it doesn't look like you're going to get over each other any time soon. Lissa, you couldn't have picked a worse time to announce that you're a lesbian, at least as far as Greg is concerned. I know, I can hardly blame you for your timing. Falling in love isn't something you can schedule. But it comes right down to this. Your father loves you all, and he thinks he knows what's best for you. He just feels that you've all betrayed him."

"But we weren't--" Brit began.

"I know," Allison interrupted her. "But the fact of the matter is, you've all gone completely contrary to how he raised you. Greg thinks he can pick up the pieces of this shattered family and glue them all back together to make everything just like it used to be. He's wrong."

They stared at her in surprise. She had always been so optimistic, so carefree and happy. Now it sounded like she was giving up.

"Allison," said Lissa, "just because things are different around here doesn't mean the family can't be mended."

"Oh, I'm not admitting defeat," Allison replied. "I'm just saying that we can't go back to how we were before. We can only go forward, and that means becoming something completely new."

"What?" asked Jeff.

"I'm not entirely sure, but at the bare minimum it means Greg accepting Alya as Lissa's lover, and you and Brit as lovers."

"You're serious?" asked Brit. "You think we can convince him that it's all right?"

"Absolutely. I have an idea that will solve everything," said Allison, "but it's not going to be easy."

"Tell us what we can do to help," Jeff said.

"You, nothing. Unfortunately, there's only one person now who can save this family. Britney, it's up to you."

"Me?" asked Brit, her eyes going wide.

"Yes. I wouldn't ask this of you, but I think it's the only solution. Even so, I'm only going to tell you what I think will work. I'm not going to ask you to do it, because I don't want to put any pressure on you. This is a decision that you, and you alone, have to make. Do you understand?"

"I think so. Just tell me what I have to do."

"All right. You have to..." Allison sighed, "...seduce your father."

"You can't be serious!" exclaimed Jeff.

"I'm absolutely serious."

"But Brit... and Dad... I mean... you're really going to share your own husband with another girl? Especially his daughter!"

"First of all, I have no problem with sharing him with other women. We do it all the time. Of course, I'm always on the lookout for bisexuals so that we can do a threesome."

"Oh my god, really?" asked Lissa, delight showing on her face. She was loving this.

"Really. And as for this one being his daughter, Jeff, the reason that Greg is so opposed to you two being together has nothing to do with incest, or at least, it has nothing to do with thinking that it's wrong. Those photos we took with Lissa prove that. Deep down inside, he's just as accepting of it as we are. We just need to reach that spot."

"Then why don't I seduce him?" asked Lissa. "Everyone knows I'm the slut of this family. It would be no big deal for me."

"No, dear," said Allison. "I mean, if you want to try it I wouldn't be opposed; it might help to move things along, but not as much as you might expect. That's a road he's already started down, and we can see that it hasn't changed his attitude. Even if he began fucking you on a regular basis, he would still want to protect Britney, even from her own brother. No, it has to be Brit herself. Once he's screwed her, he won't have any qualms about screwing you, but I'm afraid it won't work the other way around."

"I'll do it," said Brit quietly.

"What? No way," Jeff insisted. "Brit, you don't know what you're saying."

"Why? Because I'm willing to fuck my own daddy? I was willing to fuck you, so why should this be a problem?"

"Because you're just doing this to help out. That's too much like using sex to get what you want."

"And that's a problem why?" asked Lissa.

"Because she shouldn't be having sex with someone she doesn't love."

"But I do love him," Brit insisted. "He's my daddy."

"But you don't love him in that way. It's not the thing girls do with their fathers."

"Just like it's not the thing girls do with their brothers."

"That's not fair."

"Jeff, this is my decision. I know you just want to protect me, but I think it's better for everyone if I do this."

He sighed. "All right, I'm not going to tell you you're too young, because that would be hypocritical of me. To be honest, my main argument against it is that I'm jealous. I can't stand seeing you getting affectionate with Dad; it really bothers me because I know you're not allowed to act that way with me."

"I know," said Allison with a tone of pity. "But once Greg accepts an incestuous relationship with his daughter, he can't very well keep her from having the same kind of relationship with her brother. He's said himself he would approve of it if not for the fact that you two are siblings."

"All right. Brit, if you want to do this, I won't stand in your way. Just be careful."

"I will, don't worry," she said with a smile, then kissed him fully on the lips. "Thank you for looking out for me."

"Good," said Allison.

"I don't know where to start, though," said Brit.

"I do. Now this is something we can all do. We need to create the right atmosphere here."

"Time to call Rachael?" asked Jeff hopefully. "She seems to be an expert at that."

"She sure is," replied Allison. "Ever since I started sharing my boyfriends with her, she's been pretty creative about coming up with sexual positions involving a man and two women. There's nothing quite like being brought to orgasm by a guy and your sister at the same time."

"Sounds fun!" said Lissa. "Want to try it some time, Brit?" she asked.

Brit just stuck her tongue out at her sister.

"Maybe next time she comes over, we can show you," continued Allison. "I'm sure Jeff would love to help out in that way."

"You bet I would!" he exclaimed, growing excited at the thought.

"Actually, now that I think about it, having Rachael come and visit might not be a bad idea," said Allison. "I'm sure Greg would be more than happy to let her come over. After all, he already knows I set her up to take Jeff's virginity, and he's looking for ways to keep Jeff's mind off of Brit. I'm sure he would have no problem having her 'chaperone' him.

"But we can't wait for her. We need to start working on this plan now. Besides, I can be just as good as she is," said Allison. "I've had to tread carefully because I have something at stake: my marriage to your father. But I think it's time to go all out, because I don't want to see this family fall apart."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Lissa. "Something wicked, I hope."

"All in good time. Summer's just starting, which gives us all a chance to dress down a little bit. I expect to turn this into a house full of exhibitionists before long."

"I like it," grinned Lissa. "Can we start now?" Without waiting for a reply, she took off her shirt, literally throwing it across the room. Not surprisingly, she wasn't wearing a bra. Jeff stared at her breasts. Though they hadn't really changed since he last saw them six months ago, it was always a delight to see her like this.

"Your turn, Brit," Lissa said.

"Too fast," Allison chided.

"That's what everyone keeps telling me," Lissa laughed.

"Seriously, we need to take things slow. For starters, I suggest we all spend as much time out at the pool as possible, preferably with the tiniest bikinis we can find."

"I've got the perfect one," said Lissa. "I outgrew it a couple of years ago, and I would give it to Britney, except that I still wear it," she grinned.

"Jeff, you're welcome to join us if you want, but your part in this will be minimal," said Allison.

"I think there might be times when he may need to disappear," said Lissa. "We need to have Dad all to ourselves sometimes."

"That works out well," said Brit. "Dad already said he wants Jeff to spend as much time as possible over at Kari's place."

"That gives me a great idea," said Allison. "Jeff, you should invite Kari over as often as possible. And Crystal too, for that matter. We'll get them in on the action. The more half-naked beauties he has around, the faster he'll drop his barriers. We especially want to get him thinking about Crystal sexually, because we want his mind on girls Britney's age."

"So you want me to bring over my girlfriend and her sister so my own dad can ogle them?"

"Sure. Why not? He's going to be doing just as much ogling at his own daughters, which most people would consider to be quite a bit worse."

"I suppose you're right."

"Okay. So like I said, we'll start slow. I think having him walk in on Lissa or Brit topless or naked a couple of times is our first priority. I've got a few ideas along those lines, which we can discuss later. I can gauge your father's excitement each night when I sleep with him, to speed things up or slow them down as needed."

"I've got another idea," said Lissa. "I know for a fact that dad likes lesbians. So we should all try to do some ambiguous lesbian stuff. You know, like accidentally brushing up against each other, rubbing suntan lotion on each other, hugging (innocently of course), that sort of thing. That will help get him excited."

"I like the way your mind thinks," grinned Allison.

"Hey, Brit, you want to practice?" Lissa asked.

"Fuck you, you pervert," replied Brit, but in a playful tone.

"Well, I wasn't thinking of going that far, but, okay."

"Get away from me, you pervert!" Brit giggled.

"Actually, I was thinking more of Alya."

"Your girlfriend?" asked Jeff.

"Yes. I already invited her to come visit this summer; we just haven't made any definite plans yet. I told Dad that she's coming, and although he's reluctant, he agreed to let her come. I think we need her. Not only will she add one more girl to get Dad in the mood, but it will give me an excuse to do some flirting with another girl in front of him."

"And where am I this whole time?" grumbled Jeff, not wanting to be left out of the excitement.

"Don't feel so bad, Jeff," said Allison. "Sometimes you'll be off with Kari alone somewhere, and I know you won't mind that. But sometimes you'll be right here in the middle of the action. Either way, you have no cause to complain."

He grinned, feeling much better. "No I don't. You know, I'm beginning to like this plan more and more."


After the meeting broke up, Allison called Rachael and invited her to come visit. Unfortunately Rachael couldn't make it until about the middle of July, but that would still give her more than half the summer. Allison explained the plan to her little sister, who was even more enthusiastic about it than the Williams girls, which wasn't surprising in the least.

Lissa called Alya and confirmed that she would be visiting in late June, and also mentioned the (as she called it) "devious plot." Alya wasn't as thrilled about it as the others; she had enough to worry about already just trying to get Greg to like her. Still, she agreed to do her part for Lissa's sake.

That left only the Williams girls. Jeff wanted to be the one to talk to them about it, and Brit agreed not to mention it to Crystal until Jeff did.

They didn't have to wait very long, because Jeff went to visit Kari the next afternoon. As soon as he got the two girls alone together, he explained the plan to them. It was hard for him to talk about Brit seducing his father, and just as hard to talk about the Williams girls getting involved. Frankly, he didn't like the idea of his dad getting aroused by Jeff's girlfriend. Kari and Crystal, however, took to the idea instantly.

"You mean we get to flirt with your dad?" asked Crystal with a grin.

"Well... yeah," Jeff replied.

"And Allison seems to think we'll eventually be able to turn your house into some kind of nudist colony?" asked Kari, as enthusiastically as her little sister.

"Something like that."

"Sounds fun," Kari smiled. "I can't wait to run around naked with the whole Primdale family."

"But Kari," said Jeff, "what if things get out of hand?"

"Out of hand?"

"Yeah. What if it works too well, and Dad ends up wanting to... um..."

"Oh," she nodded. "I see. You think he might try to seduce us?"

"It's a possibility."

She thought about it for a moment. "Well," she said, "there are really two questions there. First, would I be willing to have sex with him under any circumstances? The answer to that one is yes. He's a pretty handsome man, despite being forty years old. He looks a lot like you after all. And he's always been really nice to me. A little formal, I'll admit, but I understand that that's just his way. Besides, his biggest endorsement is that Allison loves him. I can't imagine her ever loving someone who wasn't extraordinary in some way."

"So what you're saying is that if the situation were different, you would have sex with him?" asked Jeff.

"Sure. I'd probably even enjoy it. Especially if he's as nice to snuggle with as you are," she added with a smile. "So that just leaves the second question. If he makes a pass at me, should I go along with it? That's a little trickier, but under the circumstances, I think the answer is still yes."

"I'm not sure I agree," said Jeff, "but that just might be jealousy on my part."

"Look Jeff, the goal is to break down all his barriers, right? Turn him into 'one of us,' if you'll pardon the science-fictiony sound of that. I just think the more girls he has sex with, the more likely he is to cross that final line with his own daughter. And especially if he seduces his son's girlfriend, then he'll be open to the idea of sharing. So then when he does have sex with Brit, he'll be more inclined to let you do the same. Jeff, I was happiest when it was you, me, Crystal, and Brit together, and I know you were too. I'm willing to do anything to go back to that. But what if the only way to make that happen is for me to have sex with your father?"

Jeff sighed. "Okay. I'm still a little jealous, but if it means getting back to Brit, I think I can get over that."

"Don't worry, Jeff. I'll always love you more than him. It sounds like Greg's not the only one who needs to learn a thing or two about sex from Allison. After all, what is she always saying about sex?"

"That it's fun?"

"Specifically, that it's just a way for people to have fun together. Sure, it can enhance the relationship between two people who love each other, but sometimes it can just be a pleasant way to spend the time."

"Okay, I guess you're right. I'm not happy about it, but I'll go along with it. But what about you, Crystal?"

"What about me?" Crystal asked.

"I think he's just as likely, no more likely to make a pass at you than at Kari. Kari's already spoken for, after all."

"So am I."

"Yes, but he doesn't know that. Remember Chad? You had a bad experience, and it nearly ruined you."

"Fortunately, I had a dashing and handsome hero sweep me off my feet right afterwards," she grinned.

"I'm just wondering... I mean... what if Dad seduces you and you don't like it? It would break my heart to see you hurt again."

"That's so sweet of you, Jeff, but I don't think there's anything to worry about. Any man who raised such a chivalrous and gallant son couldn't possibly be the type of man who would treat me like Chad did."

"From the way he acts with Allison, it's obvious he knows how to treat a lady," Kari added.

"Besides, even if he used me and thew me away," said Crystal, "it wouldn't hurt me like it did the first time, because I know there are always guys like you out there who are absolutely wonderful. So in the worst-case scenario, you would just have to go out with me like you did a couple of years ago. Then I would be just fine again."

Jeff laughed. "You two really know how to stroke a guy's ego," he said. "I came in here feeling gloomy at the thought of having to share you with my dad, but now I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Better be careful, or I might get a big head."

"You've already got a big head," Kari grinned. "And I'm not talking about the one on top of your shoulders."

"Was that an invitation?"

"Of course. All this talk of seducing your dad has gotten me kind of horny. Maybe I'll get you and him to double-team me," she teased.

"Better fuck her quick," Crystal told him. "When Kari gets into one of these moods, she'll just keep going on and on until you wear her out sexually."

"You know this from experience, do you?" asked Jeff.


"Then I just might need some help to tame her. Care to give me a hand?" He glanced at Kari, who had a wild look in her eyes. "Better make it two hands," he said. "And a tongue."

"Okay!" Crystal agreed enthusiastically.


Since the plan required a house full of scantily-clad girls, Allison decided to take the girls shopping for swimsuits on Tuesday. She even invited Kari and Crystal along. Although Brit already had that red bikini, she came along as well. Jeff stayed home, of course; although he wouldn't have minded watching the girls try on their new swimsuits, he thought it best not to push things by going on an outing of that kind with Brit. He didn't mind; he had his computer and that website that Allison had showed him last year to keep him company. When he had browsed it with Allison, she had talked about the various girls she had met there, pointing them out in the pictures, so it brought it a little closer to home. He hadn't visited it in months, and had some time now to browse the latests photo sets.

Allison and the girls made it up to him on Wednesday though, by coming over for a swim in the pool. On Tuesday night when Brit asked their dad if Kari and Crystal could come over the next day, he was hesitant to give his permission; naturally if Kari went out to the pool, Jeff would want to also, and Greg wasn't too keen on having him too close to Brit with her in a swimsuit. But Jeff had been so good in staying out of the house the past few days, Greg decided he could compromise now and then, especially since Allison promised to be there with them the whole time, and Jeff promised to spend Thursday at the Williams house.

Kari and Crystal arrived shortly after Greg left for work in the morning. Since the early morning chill still lingered, they spent an hour downstairs shooting pool and playing ping-pong. Later they all retired to their various rooms to change for the pool.

Jeff was eager to see the girls mostly undressed, so he hurried and changed, then grabbed a towel from the bathroom and dashed downstairs to discover that in his eagerness he was the first one finished so he had to wait for the others.

Lissa was the second to appear, wearing what must have been that bikini that she said she had outgrown. It certainly didn't do much to cover her assets. Brit, Crystal, and Kari were next, wearing equally daring bikinis. No doubt these were the swimsuits that they had just purchased, except for Brit's, who wore that same red one that had tempted him enough to make him lose control and have sex with her. Kari's had a pretty floral pattern in tropical colors that he found quite appealing. Allison brought up the rear, wearing what was for her a pretty typical swimsuit, meaning one that was hardly there at all.

"What do you think?" Kari asked Jeff, spreading her arms and slowly spinning around to give him a great view.

"I think I'm in love," he replied.

The Williams girls grabbed his hand, then everyone hurried out the back door and down the stairs to the pool deck. They were about to jump into the pool when Allison stopped them.

"I have an idea," she said.

"I like it already," Jeff grinned.

"As well you should," she replied. "Jeff, you've been so good about following your father's orders, aside from that little accident a couple of weeks ago."

"Accident?" asked Crystal. "Spelling a word wrong is an accident. Dropping a plate is an accident. Having sex with your sister is not an accident. Otherwise, he should have just told his dad, 'Oops. Sorry. I accidentally screwed my sister.'"

Jeff stuck his tongue out at her.

"Be that as it may," continued Allison, "I think he deserves a little reward."

"I've got all kinds of rewards for him," Kari grinned.

"I'm sure you do. What I'm talking about, though, is to let him watch our dress rehearsal."

"Did I miss something?" asked Lissa. "Are we putting on a play?"

"Making a play would be more accurate," replied Allison. "At least Brit is. For her father."

Brit giggled at that.

"But what does that have to do with us?" asked Lissa.

"We're the supporting cast in the play. I just think we ought to have a dress rehearsal, and there's no time like the present. Girls, get into your costumes."

"You mean...?" Kari grinned.

"Let me show you exactly what I mean," smiled Allison, then unfastened her top and took it off.

"Okay," Lissa agreed, then took off her top too. To be fair, it looked like it was about to pop off of her anyway. The other girls followed suit. They didn't stop at their tops, but stripped right down to their skins, to Jeff's delight.

"But Jeff," said Allison, "this reward comes with a catch. We still want to stick to the letter of the law that your father has established. So you are not to touch Brit at all. Not even incidental contact. You break this rule and I'll insist that everyone get dressed."

"What about the rest of you?"

Kari came up behind him and threw her arms around his neck, pressing her magnificent body up against his back. "I don't think there's anything wrong with a little incidental contact," she grinned.

"That's incidental?" asked Brit.

"Compared to what I'd really like to do, yes, this is incidental," she laughed.

"I'll allow that kind of incidental contact on two conditions," said Allison. "First, I don't think Jeff will be able to control himself surrounded by naked girls, so Kari, if it looks like he's about to lose control, you have to take him inside for a little one-on-one private time."

"You'll get no argument out of me," Kari said enthusiastically.

"What's the second condition?" asked Crystal.

Allison approached Jeff, and he wondered what she meant by that. It became clear a moment later when she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him. "This!" she exclaimed, yanking down his swimming trunks and exposing his engorged cock.

Everyone burst out laughing and cheering, including Jeff. In any other situation, he would be mortified to have someone pull his pants down. But right now he was more than happy to be exposed to everyone's eyes like that.

Now that they were all naked, it was time to get in the pool. Lissa led the way, jumping off the edge into the deep end. The others followed, either descending the steps, climbing down the ladder, or simply diving in. They took a few minutes to get used to the chill of the water, a refreshing coolness in the hot sun.

"So Lissa," said Brit with a grin, "when we were plotting against Dad the other day, you mentioned about incidental lesbian contact. What did you mean by that?"

Lissa suddenly grabbed Kari, who happened to be within reach, and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her under the water. The girls came up spluttering and laughing.

"That," Lissa replied.

"I like it," said Crystal, pouncing on Brit's back and shoving the shrieking girl under.

"What about incidental heterosexual contact?" asked Jeff, lunging for Allison. Unfortunately, she was ready for him, and when he reached her she put a foot behind his and leaned forward, pushing him off balance so that he toppled over backward. He came up a moment later, soggy and drenched, to see a triumphant look on Allison's face.

"It takes more than that to conquer me," she said in a challenging tone, a moment before Lissa leaped onto her back and dragged her under.

Jeff and the girls continued their horseplay, chasing each other all over the pool. He made sure to stay away from Brit though; as much as he would have loved to tackle her, he knew that that would end the fun. Strangely enough, Allison didn't seem to mind when Lissa grabbed him and dunked him, despite the fact that for a moment there she had her whole front pressed up against him, from her shoulders to her bouncy breasts with their hard nipples, right down to her hairless thigh.

It didn't take long for exhaustion to overcome everyone, so they all gave up on their roughhousing and relaxed in the water. Crystal swam over to Brit and hugged her. "Hey Lissa," she said. "Is this what you meant by incidental lesbian contact?" Then she leaned in and pressed her lips against Brit's. The two girls kissed and caressed each other as Jeff watched with growing excitement. With their torsos out of the water, their boobs pressed together, their stringy wet hair, and rivulets of water running down their hot young bodies, it was certainly an incredible sight.

"That's a little more than incidental," said Lissa. "But don't rule it out."

Then Allison came up behind her and started massaging her shoulders. It would have been completely innocent except for the fact that they were naked and Allison pressed her chest up against her back. "Is this incidental?" she asked.

"A little better," Lissa replied with a grin. "You don't quite have it, but don't let that stop you."

"Since we're pairing up, I guess that means I get to take care of Jeff," Kari grinned.

"If you insist," he replied.

"Go over there and sit on the edge of the pool," she told him.


"So I can suck your dick without drowning, stupid."

He laughed, then waded over to the side, where he climbed out and turned around, sitting down on the concrete and dangling his feet in the water. The others stopped what they were doing and watched as Kari followed him over, then positioned herself between his legs and took him into her mouth. He groaned as she started to suck, ignoring the others as they crowded around to watch.

"God, that makes me horny," Crystal grinned. "Brit, finger my cunt, will you?"

"Only if you finger mine too."

"Okay!" The two youngest girls stood side-by-side, their arms around each other and their other hands reaching between each other's legs.

"You know what I'd like to see?" asked Lissa. "That is, if Kari doesn't mind giving up Jeff for a minute."

Kari drew her head back and let his cock slip from her mouth. "What?" she asked.

"I want to see Allison do that," Lissa replied. "Ever since I found out she's been fucking him, I've been dying to see it."

Allison grinned. "You don't mind, do you, Kari?"

"Be my guest," Kari grinned. "Of course, you're going to have to let me fondle your boobs while you do it." She stepped aside and let Allison take her place. Jeff stared down at his stepmother's beautiful face, thrilled at what was about to happen to him. Allison gave him a wink, then lowered her head onto his cock, taking almost the entire thing inside. She closed her lips around it and began to suck, causing Jeff to groan again. She certainly knew how to suck dick!

Kari moved around behind her and pressed her body against Allison's back. She reached around and gripped Allison's breasts, groping them firmly yet gently.

"That looks fun," Lissa said, positioning herself behind Kari and doing the same thing to her. That set off a chain reaction as Brit moved in behind her big sister and Crystal moved behind Brit. Jeff watched in delight as the girls all played with each other's chests.

Of course, the sight of the erotic train coupled with Allison's ministrations meant he stood no chance. A minute later he froze up and groaned in supreme ecstasy as he hit his climax, sending his cum shooting into his stepmother's hungry mouth. She moaned in delight as she swallowed it eagerly.

"Wow!" Lissa gasped after it was all over. "That was sexy! Jeff is the luckiest boy alive."

"I won't argue with you there," he told her, then collapsed back onto the hard concrete, which, in his exhaustion, made a perfectly adequate bed.

Yes, he decided, he was going to enjoy this plan after all.

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2012-06-19 00:43:03
This has made it interesting I hope there little plan comes to fruttition.

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2011-03-22 22:54:40
Hmm.... Did that make me horny? Yes it did! Did that make me wish I knew a lot of bi- sexual girls? Yes it did! Did that make me want to read on? Yes it did! GO Daddy!!!!!!!!!

- The Fan


2010-07-23 06:29:50
Why are all the people bisexual except the men

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2010-06-04 14:22:05
And now, finally, on the sage advice of the harlot, Allison, we come to the crux of it: it is OKAY for Britney to copulate with Daddy, because it's not different from copulating with Jeff, which is not different from copulating with Crystal, which is not different from... ah, hell... you get the idea. In other words, here we learn the greatest lesson of them all.

All the strange machinations that accrue from this lesson are just... well, let's just say they would most likely work on a man who married a whore because she knew how to give head.


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