All-girl orgy in Lissa's apartment.
Chapter 83
Farewell Party

With the semester coming to a close, some of Lissa's worries returned. She both dreaded and looked forward to returning home to see her family. Although her father knew all about her relationship with Alya, he hadn't yet had a chance to sit down and talk to her about it. No doubt when that time came, he would try to convince her to break off the relationship. That just wasn't going to happen, so they were bound to end up angry, or hurt, or both.

She also felt a certain melancholy about temporarily separating from Alya. True, it would only be for a month or so, but she missed her already. Lissa talked to her and confirmed that she would come and visit during the summer, and Alya assured her that she was still planning to. She admitted that she felt a little nervous about meeting Lissa's family, especially her father, but if the two of them were going to remain together, there was no getting around it. They promised to support each other no matter what happened.

She found that she was going to miss her other roommates as well. Fortunately, all four of them were planning to return in the fall, and they all planned to live in the same apartment. Monique joked that that should keep Tony Bullard happy. At least, as long as she didn't move out. Once Lissa and Alya had gotten together, the roommates had stopped drawing straws, and now Monique "paid the rent" every month.

Lissa came home from her last final on Wednesday afternoon, happy to be finished with school for three months. She felt like celebrating, and knew exactly whom she wanted to celebrate with. Fortunately, she found Alya in the apartment when she returned home, sitting and talking with Monique.

"That's it," Lissa announced with a smile on her face. "I'm done with my Freshman year of college."

"How did your test go?" asked Monique.

"I think I did well. Now I have nothing to do until I leave for home on Friday."

"We can't have that," Alya grinned. "I can think of one or two ways to occupy our attention."

Lissa sat down next to her, threw her arm around her shoulder, and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. She could feel Monique's eyes on them, but at the moment she didn't care. All she wanted to do was make out with her girlfriend. In fact, if they spent their entire time doing that until Friday, she would be happy.

Finally they broke the kiss, moving apart but still smiling lovingly at each other.

"You two really love each other, don't you?" asked Monique.

"Was that ever in doubt?" Lissa smiled, then gave Alya another quick kiss on the lips.

"I think it's wonderful that you two have found each other," Monique continued. "Two of my best friends are going to live happily ever after."

"I'm glad you accept us the way we are," Alya told her. "Not everyone would be so open to it. It really doesn't bother you to see us kissing in front of you?"

"I think it's beautiful. Sometimes I'm even a little envious."

"I'll kiss you if you want," Lissa grinned.

"You know I didn't mean it like that," Monique laughed. "Sometimes you're as bad as Meg, Lissa. I just meant, well, after seeing you two with Matt, it sometimes makes me wonder whether there are any decent men left."

"You ought to meet my brother," Lissa said.

"Oh, I know there are still good men out there. I just sometimes think it would be so much easier just to fall in love with a woman."

"Is that so?" Alya grinned.

Monique laughed. "I guess you two are the wrong people to be talking to about this."

"Or maybe we're the right people. I think it's safe to say that Lissa and I know exactly how you feel."

"It's less physical and more emotional," Lissa nodded. "Women can be friends with each other in ways that they can't with men, and the love that grows out of that friendship is in some ways deeper than it could ever be with a man."

"Now if I could only get over my hangups about not having the slightest interest in having sex with a woman," Monique laughed.

Lissa glanced at Alya, then back at Monique. "You know..." she said. "I wouldn't mind helping you get over that hangup."

"It was a joke," Monique explained.

"I know, but seriously, if Alya's interested, maybe the two of us could give you a little taste of what it's like."

"What are you talking about?" asked Alya.

"A little hands-on demonstration," Lissa smiled.

"What are you saying? That you want to have sex with me?" asked Monique.

"Just to show you what it's like," Lissa nodded. "So that you can better decide whether that's a road you want to explore."

Monique stared at her. "You're serious, aren't you?"

Lissa shrugged. "Why not? Alya, you wouldn't mind helping Monique out like that, would you?"

"Well... I don't know," Alya said. "I mean, you're the only woman I've ever really been attracted to."

"Then it sounds like it would be good for you too," Lissa smiled. "Seriously. What do you guys think?"

Monique continued to stare. "I..." she stammered. "I don't know. You kind of caught me off guard with your offer. I mean, I'm used to Meg's flirting, but that was always a joke. But a serious offer like that... I just never considered... I guess I'm going to have to think about it."

"Alya?" asked Lissa.

"I suppose I would be willing if Monique is," replied Alya.

"Okay, Monique," said Lissa. "Don't take too much time to make up your mind. Tomorrow is our last day here after all."

"All right. I'll tell you tonight before we go to bed. That should give me plenty of time to think it over. And tomorrow if I've agreed to it, we'll have our little party."

"What's this 'party' thing you mention?" asked Lissa. "Is that kind of like an orgy?"

Monique laughed. "In this case, yes."

"So that brings up an obvious question," said Alya. "Should we invite Meg?"

"Oh god, not that!" Monique laughed. "I'll never live it down."

"Oh come on," Lissa insisted. "It just wouldn't be right if we had a lesbian orgy in this apartment without Meg."

"Okay, fine," conceded Monique. "Just don't mention it to her until I make up my mind. The last thing I need is to have her teasing me about it all day."

Meg came home about the time that Monique had to leave for campus to take her own last final. Lissa and Alya kept their word, not letting on that they had discussed their idea with Monique. Secretly, Lissa hoped that the girl would accept the offer. She really was quite gorgeous, and Lissa wouldn't mind getting her hands and mouth on her body. Ever since falling in love with Alya, she had been completely faithful to the girl. She had even broken off the get-togethers with Meg and Sandy. But if Alya was willing to join her in fooling around with other girls, Lissa planned to take full advantage of it.

Monique returned in time for supper, but she didn't mention anything about her decision. That was fine; as long as she didn't say no, that meant she was still considering it.

The four girls pooled their remaining supplies of food to make dinner together, and with the worries of the testing over, they could finally relax and enjoy themselves. The conversation was lively throughout the meal, especially since Meg stepped up her teasing and flirting.

They had so much fun that they continued talking and joking with each other as they washed up, then sat down together in the living room. The fun continued until almost midnight, when they finally decided to retire for the night.

As Lissa and Alya were getting ready for bed, they heard a knock on the bedroom door. Despite both being topless, Lissa went over and opened the door. Monique stood there. She glanced down at Lissa's chest for a brief instant, then back up at her face.

"Okay," said Monique. "I'm in."

"Great!" Lissa exclaimed, then threw her arms around her.

"Hey!" Monique chuckled. "Don't get too excited just yet. We'll do it tomorrow, like we said."

When they talked to Meg about it, she was, not surprisingly, thrilled with the idea. She asked if she could invite Sandy to join in, and Monique agreed. Meg gave Sandy a call and told her about it, and soon they had all the arrangements made. They all went to bed, with one last comment by Monique about how for the first time, if Meg tried to sneak into bed with her, it wouldn't bother her.


In the morning, Lissa was the first to wake. She lay on her side, holding Alya's nude body in her arms. She gave Alya a kiss, which woke the girl. The two women smiled, spent a few minutes kissing and hugging, then eventually got out of bed.

Normally Alya dressed as soon as they woke, though Lissa sometimes went naked from the bedroom to the bathroom to take her shower. This time, they both left their clothes off, holding hands as they left the bedroom. Since all four roommates would be naked together soon enough anyway, there was no point in being modest.

They continued to grope and fondle each other under the shower, though they limited themselves because they wanted to wait until Sandy and their roommates joined in later. Still, a little tender caressing wasn't out of order.

Neither of the girls bothered to dress after the shower, but left the bathroom to find Meg and Monique sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Meg had also left her clothes off, though Monique wore a tee shirt and shorts.

"Oh come on," Lissa teased her. "Follow the dress code."

"Someone's got to answer the door when Sandy gets here," Monique explained.

"I'm sure she won't mind," Meg smiled.

"No, but until we open the door we won't know if it's her. What if it turns out to be a door-to-door salesman?"

"Wouldn't that be fun!" Alya laughed. "But you've got a point."

The girls all ate breakfast, after which Monique headed into the bathroom to take a shower, refusing to give in to Meg's pleadings to let her join her. After showering, Monique emerged fully dressed in jeans and a blouse. Meg gave an obvious disappointed sigh, to which Monique simply laughed.

Meg then took her own shower. She neglected to put her clothes on afterward, but merely walked out to the front room naked to join the girls on the couch. She slipped her arm around Monique's shoulder, but this time instead of getting up and moving to a different chair, Monique actually put her own arm around Meg in return.

"I might as well get used to it," she said. "We're going to do a lot more than this pretty soon."

When they heard a knock at the door, Monique went over to answer it. She glanced back at the girls, still seated on the couch.

"You're just going to wait right out here in the front room where everyone can see you?" she asked.

"It's just Sandy," Meg told her. "She won't mind."

"Just be prepared to have me laugh at you if you're wrong," replied Monique, then answered the door.

It was Sandy.

She wore a gray trench coat which was wrapped tightly around her and tied at the waist with a sash. Lissa had a sneaking suspicion about the purpose of that trenchcoat.

Sandy immediately threw her arms around Monique's neck and kissed her right on the lips. Monique, caught off her guard, stood there frozen, her eyes wide with shock. Her roommates chuckled at her predicament.

When Sandy drew back, she grinned. "That was nice," she said. "I think I'll have seconds."

Lissa hopped off the couch, grabbed her arm, and pulled her into the apartment. "Oh no you don't," she laughed. "We're not going to start that, or we'll never finish."

Monique, still in a daze, closed the door and walked over to the others.

Meg hopped up the couch and threw her arms around Sandy, drawing her in and giving her a kiss. Monique stared, as if seeing them kissing for the first time. Lissa had a pretty good idea what was going through her head. Despite the fact that Sandy and Meg often kissed in front of her roommates, no doubt Monique was looking at it from an entirely different perspective this time.

Eventually the two girls drew apart. Meg glanced down at Sandy's coat and grinned. "You've got me curious," she said.

"We all are," Lissa added.

"I know what you're thinking," Sandy smiled. "Sorry to disappoint you, but this trenchcoat isn't the only thing I'm wearing." She untied the sash, then opened the coat and dropped it on the floor, revealing her bare body. "I'm also wearing shoes," she explained. The girls all laughed, though Monique gawked at her body.

"Okay, we're all naked," said Sandy. "Now it's your turn, Monique."

The girl sighed, then reached for the base of her shirt.

"Not like that," Meg insisted. "Do a striptease."

"We can put on some music if it will help," Lissa grinned.

"The hell with that," Monique laughed, pulling her shirt over her head. Not wearing a bra, that exposed her bare chest to their view. It wasn't the first time Lissa had seen it; she had been topless that day when the three of them went down to Mr. Bullard's office to pay the rent. She really did have a gorgeous body.

Monique then proceeded to drop her shorts and her panties to the floor, then stood in front of them, arms spread wide to give them a good view. Now that she had made up her mind, she apparently had no more qualms.

"It's a good thing you didn't show me what you got before today," Meg said. "Otherwise I really would have jumped into bed with you every night."

"Well, you get have all you want today."

"I plan to. She reached out and squeezed one of Monique's breasts. Monique jumped back, startled, then giggled. "Sorry," she said. "Just a nervous reaction." Then she threw her shoulders back and stuck out her chest. "Care to try again?"

"You bet!" Meg grinned, and reached up to fondle her again. Sandy came up to her other side and gave the same attention to her other breast. Lissa and Alya watched with amusement, fascination, and growing lust. Lissa felt her girlfriend's hand on her knee, caressing her gently. Lissa returned the favor, but let her hand slide up a little higher.

When Meg leaned down and sucked Monique's nipple into her mouth, the girl gasped at the contact. "Oh my god!" she breathed.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" asked Sandy. "I love it when Meg sucks my boobs. She's a world-class expert in boob-sucking." Everyone laughed at her description. Lissa knew from experience that it was pretty accurate.

"Hey Monique," said Lissa. "Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

"Yes," she replied. "Sandy, just now."

"No, Sandy kissed you. Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No," said Monique, blushing.

"Want to?"

The girl nodded, a coy smile on her face. Lissa rose to her feet, strode over to her, then reached out and placed her hands on Monique's hips. Meg and Sandy got out of the way as Lissa pulled the girl toward her, pressing their bodies together. Like this, she could feel Monique's heart pounding rapidly in her chest, no doubt from both excitement and nervousness. Lissa leaned in, tilted her head to the side, and kissed her roommate fully on the lips.

She could sense a little hesitation in Monique still, but the girl seemed to relax as they held out the kiss. Lissa let it go on as long as possible, only drawing back after Monique broke it off.

"That was nice," Lissa commented. "But you still haven't kissed a girl."

Monique sighed, then stepped in again and pressed her lips against Lissa's. This time, Lissa decided to be bold. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Surprisingly, Monique opened her own mouth and let her own tongue brush against Lissa's.

"Oh my god!" Alya breathed as she watched them. "That is so hot!"

"You don't have to just watch, you know," said Meg with a grin. Alya glanced at her, then let her own face break out into a smile.

"Are you offering?" she asked.

"I've had the offer open ever since I met you."

Alya laughed. "Then I guess it's time to fulfill your fantasy." She stepped up close to Meg, slipped her arms around the girl's waist, and pressed their bodies together. The two girls leaned in and let their lips touch, opening their mouths and letting their tongues tease each other's.

Lissa and Monique now stepped back and watched their two roommates kissing. Instead of jealousy, Lissa felt only excitement at seeing her girlfriend kissing another woman. No doubt that was due to her temporary foray into the world of uninhibited sexual freedom. Jealousy was another one of those feelings like guilt that she had given up on. Although she had left that world behind, some of its remnants still lingered. She could understand now how Allison could be willing to share her husband with other women. While sex could be an intimate act between two people in love, it didn't have to be. It could just be a way to have fun. And she didn't mind Alya having fun with other people.

A moment later, Meg took a step back and collapsed on the couch, panting heavily. "Wow!" she said. "Having your fantasies fulfilled like that sure takes a lot out of you."

"So are we just going to stand around kissing, or are we going to have an orgy?" asked Sandy.

"An orgy," said Lissa.

"Let's take things slow though," Monique told them. "Remember, this is my first time."

"Okay, we'll keep it nice and relaxed," said Sandy. "You don't mind if I do this, do you?" She placed her hand on Monique's breast and gave a squeeze. Monique sucked in her breath and a shiver ran down her spine, but she stood her ground.

"That's fine," she said.

"Then you don't mind if I do this," Lissa told her, leaning down and sucking her nipple into her mouth. Monique gasped at the contact, her eyes opening wide.

"Lissa!" she exclaimed. "I..."

"Relax," said Alya, coming up behind her and putting her hands on her shoulders to gently rub her. "Enjoy it. Trust me, Lissa knows how to suck boobs, so you might as well take advantage of it."

Lissa closed her eyes and stood there, a smile slowly creeping onto her face.

"You know, that does feel kind of nice," she sighed.

When Sandy leaned down and began suckling on the other one, Monique's smile grew wider. "I can't believe I'm letting a couple of girls suck my boobs," she commented.

"Just remember," said Meg, "you're going to have to do the same to us."

Monique sighed again. "I suppose you're right, although I'm not exactly looking forward to it."

"Just wait till you taste it," Meg grinned. "It's addicting."

Yeah, sure it is," Monique laughed.

"Don't believe me? Come over here and suck my boobs. I'll prove it to you."

"Okay, you're on."

The girls backed off as Monique approached Meg. Blushing bright crimson, she lowered her head, took a moment to collect her wits, then stuck out her tongue and ran it against Meg's nipple.

"Ooh!" Meg exclaimed with a giggle. "Do that again."

Monique licked her roommate once more, then feeling a little more bold, opened her mouth and took the nipple in. She sucked on it for a few seconds, then drew back. The other girls all clapped and cheered. Monique, still blushing and with an embarrassed grin on her face, took a bow.

"So how does it taste?" asked Alya.

"Tastes like chicken," Monique replied.

"No it doesn't!" Sandy laughed. "And I should know."

"Okay, it doesn't. But it's not addicting either. So I proved you wrong, Meg."

"That's okay; I got you to suck my tits, didn't I?" Meg grinned. Monique stuck her tongue out at her.

"Well, now what?" asked Alya. "I mean, we could stand around sucking tits all day, but I think it might be better if we lie down."

"I have an idea," said Monique. "Let's get the mattresses off of all the beds and bring them out here to the front room. We'll move the furniture out of the way and put them all down side by side to give us plenty of room."

The other girls agreed, so they set to work pushing the couch and end table against the wall, then headed back to their bedrooms to grab the mattresses off of their bed. Five minutes later, they had a makeshift mat in the middle of the floor.

"Since Monique's a first-timer," said Sandy, "I suggest we all do her first. Any objections?"

"You mean, all at the same time?" asked Monique.


"Okay," she grinned. She lay down on the mat and spread her legs. Since it was Sandy's idea, she got first pick of Monique's anatomy, and not surprisingly she went straight for the girl's pussy. She lay down between Monique's legs, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and ran it along Monique's slit, causing the girl to jump. Everyone laughed at her reaction, then Sandy did it again. This time Monique simply lay there with a smile on her face.

Lissa and Alya decided to go for her boobs, so they lay down next to her and began teasing her nipples with their tongues. That left Meg to kiss her roommate on the lips.

Lissa loved the taste of the girl's nipples, loved the feel of it in her mouth and how it hardened more and more as she teased it with her tongue. She enjoyed the jiggling of Monique's breasts as the girl shuddered from the ministrations of her four friends. Lissa glanced down between Monique's legs and watched delightedly as Sandy licked her all over. Monique's cute little clitoris was starting to peek out of its hiding place, and Sandy attacked it with her tongue, causing the girl to squeal with pleasure.

Her body squirmed and writhed on the mat as the girls pleasured her. Lissa knew that feeling; she had felt it on many occasions with Meg, Sandy, and Alya. Having all three of them here with her at once, with Monique as an added bonus, just made it all the better.

When the girl's squeals rose in pitch until they were practically screams as her body tensed up, her chest thrusting upward to rise off of the mat, Lissa smiled at the thought that Monique had just completed the journey, albeit temporarily, to the other side. She had now experienced the ultimate pleasure at the hands, or rather the mouths, of other women.

Her body finally collapsed as she panted in post-orgasmic exhaustion. Her eyes were closed, and she had a smile on her face from the pleasure she had just received. Sandy lifted her mouth from Monique's body and grinned. "Add one more to the number of straight girls I've seduced," she said. "God, I love to eat pussy!"

"So how was that, Monique?" asked Meg. "How does it feel to have been brought to orgasm by another girl."

"That was intense!" she replied. "Supposedly it shouldn't be any different whether it's a man or a woman eating me out, but Sandy seemed to know just what I needed."

"She's good at that," Meg agreed. "And now, Lissa," she added, "if you don't mind letting me borrow your girlfriend, I want to live out the rest of my fantasy with Alya."

"She's all yours," Lissa smiled. "Just don't be surprised if I borrow your girlfriend too."

Meg grabbed Alya's hand and led her onto the mat, where the two of them knelt down. Immediately their hands and lips were all over each other's bodies. Meg went at it with reckless excitement; no doubt her teasing about wanting to get with Alya had some truth to it. A lot of truth to it, considering how she attacked the girl's body.

"Come on, Lissa," Sandy said. "If Meg's going to steal your girlfriend, I'm going to steal Alya's right back."

"I've got an idea," offered Monique, sitting up and grinning. "I want to try something. Lissa, go sit on the couch."

Lissa nodded, then walked over and took a seat in the middle of the couch, which had been pushed against the wall but was nevertheless still accessible.

"Sandy," said Monique, "go sit in her lap."

"So far I like this idea," Sandy grinned, then made her way over to the couch, turned her back to Lissa, and sat down on the edge of the couch in front of her. She smiled and leaned back against Lissa's chest, wiggling around to get into a comfortable position.

"Lissa, you do whatever you think will make Sandy feel good," Monique said. "Sandy, spread your legs."

Lissa reached around and cupped the girl's boobs in her hands, squeezing and rubbing them. She leaned over and kissed her on the neck. Sandy moved her knees apart. Then Monique shocked them all by kneeling down in front of the two girls.

"If I'm going to try out being a lesbian, I might as well go all the way," she said. "Besides, I need to repay Sandy for giving me an orgasm earlier." To everyone's delight, she lowered her head, stuck out her tongue, and touched in to the top of Sandy's pussy.

"Ooh!" Sandy exclaimed in delight. Monique drew back for a second, smiling up at the girl.

"That's not as bad as I expected," she said. "I think I'll have some more." She repeated the gesture, but this time she continued to lick the girl. Lissa had a great view of the action from her vantage point at Sandy's shoulder. Monique traced around the girl's lips with her tongue, then took a couple of licks on the slit itself. Sandy groaned with excitement as Monique worked her over.

Lissa glanced over at the girls on the mat. Meg had lay down on her back, and Alya was kissing her deeply on the lips as she ran her hand all over the girl's body. From the look of ecstasy on Meg's face, Lissa could tell that she really did enjoy being with Alya. The tiniest spark of jealousy rose up in Lissa's heart, but she quickly suppressed it. Meg might be willing to have a permanent relationship with Alya, but Lissa trusted her girlfriend. Lissa and Alya were in love, and they would never betray one another.

Alya didn't just kiss Meg on the lips, though. She moved her head down to the girl's chin, then lower to her neck. Meg was groaning now just like Sandy. And why not? She was being made love to by a beautiful woman. Lissa knew the joys that Alya's lips could bring; she knew exactly what Meg was feeling right now.

When Alya reached Meg's breast and flicked her tongue against it, Meg cried out with glee. The three girls at the couch giggled at her reaction, especially Monique, who was turned the opposite direction and had only the sounds to tell her what was going on. Lissa and Sandy, on the other hand, had a perfect view of the action, and loved every minute of it.

Sandy was especially fortunate, as she had Monique's tongue to stimulate her as she watched her girlfriend on the mat. Now that Monique had made up her mind, she seemed to have absolutely no inhibitions about giving pleasure to another woman. She used her hands to pry the girl's outer lips apart, then ran her tongue all over the pink interior, causing Sandy to gasp. Lissa couldn't believe how enthusiastic the girl was being. Of course, not too long ago Lissa herself had received her first lesson on performing oral sex on a woman, so she had a fair idea of what was going through Monique's mind. In Lissa's case, she had wanted to do it. She had wanted to learn, to change herself into something different. Monique was just doing this to try it out, to see if she could get used to that kind of lifestyle.

Despite her lack of experience, she was having her effect on Sandy, who was breathing heavily and even whimpering a little as the girls stimulated her. Lissa liked to think that she was part of the cause, with her hands groping Alya's tits like that. But she had to admit that it was mostly Monique.

She had grown to love the sound of a woman reacting to such pleasure. Alya always made the cutest little sounds whenever Lissa made love to her. Sandy's were not that different. It was also nice to feel the girl squirming against her body. Her own nipples had hardened, and no doubt Sandy could feel them poking into her back.

Across the room, Alya had continued her journey down Meg's body, leaving the girl's breast behind and moving gradually to a new delight. Lissa watched in growing excitement. She knew the pleasure of Alya's lips, and it thrilled her to see Meg enjoying it. She knew it had been a long-time fantasy of Meg's, and it was nice to see that fantasy being fulfilled.

Meg groaned as Alya reached her destination. Alya ran her tongue all over the slit, touching it to various parts to judge Meg's reaction. Mostly, Meg just moaned with each touch, though that moan became an excited squeal when Alya brushed against her clitoris.

Alya moved her lower body around toward Meg's head. Then she lifted one of her legs and straddled Meg's face. She lowered her hips slightly, and Meg opened her own mouth to run it against Alya's pussy. The two girls pleasured each other with their mouths, groaning and panting and gasping with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Lissa could tell that Sandy was getting close. She had moved beyond the simple shudders and squirms of pleasure and was bucking her hips against Monique's face. Her whole body was reacting to the stimulation, her breaths coming in gasps. Monique attacked her pussy wildly and savagely, driving Sandy into a frenzy. Lissa had never known Monique to get so excited. Even that time when Lissa had watched her sucking off Mr. Bullard was nothing compared to this. Perhaps the girl had more lesbian in her than she admitted.

Then Sandy's moans became a shrieking wail as her orgasm hit her. Monique didn't let up, but continued to lick her all over between the legs, driving her further and further into an orgasmic frenzy.

She was just calming down from her peak when Meg went off. She literally screamed from the pleasure of Alya's tongue, taking her own mouth off of Alya's pussy just long enough to let out that scream as her body tensed and quivered. Once it passed, however, she immediately returned her mouth to the task of getting Alya off.

Sandy climbed off of Lissa's lap and sat next to her, watching the erotic show in front of them. Her hand went to Lissa's thigh, rubbing her gently and perhaps even unconsciously. From the delight in her eyes, she enjoyed seeing her girlfriend having sex with another woman as much as Lissa did.

Since Meg had already had her release, she gently pushed Alya off of her, who rolled over onto her back. Meg immediately moved between her legs to lick and suck and nibble her again.

A few minutes later, Lissa noticed the telltale signs of Alya's imminent explosion. Lissa was very familiar with those signs; in the past few months she had become as familiar with Alya's body as with her own.

It wasn't long before the girl's body tensed up, her hips raising off of the mattress to mash against her lover's face. Meg opened her mouth and drove her tongue deep inside Alya's body, bringing her to a screaming and shuddering climax.

A moment later, Alya collapsed in exhaustion, gasping as the aftershocks of her climax ran through her.

"God, that felt good!" Meg exclaimed. "I've been fantasizing about that for a couple of years now."

"So are we done?" asked Sandy.

"We'd better not be," said Lissa, "because I haven't had an orgasm yet. I feel kind of cheated."

"Well then, we'd better make it up to you," Sandy replied, leaning back and turning her head to the side so that she could kiss her on the cheek. "How about we do to Lissa what we did to Monique earlier?"

"I get dibs on her pussy," Monique said, to everyone's astonishment.

"Really?" asked Alya.

"I want to try it one more time, just to see if I can get used to it. You girls have half convinced me to become a lesbian already."

"You'll get no complaints out of me!" Lissa grinned. She lay down on one of the mattresses and spread her legs. Monique immediately took her position down below, lowering her head and sticking out her tongue. Lissa gasped at the first contact, excited by the thought that she was being stimulated by a previously straight girl. It had been similar with Alya, and she could feel that same hesitation in Monique as she tried to decide whether he liked it or not.

Meg and Sandy took positions on either side of her, opening their mouths to suck on her nipples. Lissa squealed happily at the triple stimulation; she had made love to two girls before, but never three. There was something particularly intense about having the three most sensitive points of her body pleasured at the same time.

When Alya lay down on her stomach above her head and lowered her head to kiss her on the lips, it was almost too much for Lissa to bear. Alya was the most kissable girl she had ever met, with delicious red lips and a tongue that was so fun to toy with. Lissa could just sit and kiss the girl for hours. Alya's lips, added to the pleasure the three girls were giving her all over her body, put Lissa into a dizzying ecstasy. She soon lost herself in the excitement, blinded by passion and lust.

Monique had found her clitoris and was teasing it mercilessly. Meg and Sandy were sucking powerfully on her nipples, using their tongues inside their mouths to add to her delight. And Alya had her tongue shoved deep inside Lissa's mouth, who sucked on it greedily. She knew she wouldn't last long against the mind-blowing multiple stimulations that she was experiencing.

How long she remained in that lustful haze she didn't know, but soon she felt the excitement building deep inside her. She stood no chance against the oncoming orgasm, which built up like a torrential tide straining against a dam too small to contain it. It burst forth, causing her to scream in sublime ecstasy.

She couldn't believe how good it felt to be stimulated to orgasm three different ways. The feeling was indescribable. It filled her up, touching her deeply and continuing longer than almost any orgasm she had ever experienced.

It finally ended though, slowly tapering off as if reluctant to leave her. Bit by bit she calmed down, and the real world replaced the world of intense pleasure that she had occupied for a short time. She found herself gazing up at Alya's beautiful face, which wore a loving smile. She felt the mouths of the other girls leaving her body, having accomplished their task. Lissa lay there in exhaustion, riding out the last waves of her orgasm.

"Wow," she breathed. "That was amazing."

"You sure you've never eaten out a girl before?" Sandy asked Monique. "You seemed to know just what to do."

"I just did what I knew gave me pleasure on my own body."

"That's ninety percent of what it takes to be a lesbian," Meg told her. "Congratulations."

"Don't count me among your ranks just yet," she said. "I'm still not convinced I want to do this again."

"That's fine," Meg smiled. "We'll just have to work on you some more next year." She gave her a wink, and Monique didn't even blush at the innuendo.


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2011-03-22 21:59:28
I wouldn't be surrprised if Matt turned out to be a lesbian..... I mean what are the tell-tale signs of a lesbian? Answer: no fricking clue because I don't know a single lesbian (sadly). But I still have to agree with A.P.

- The Fan

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2010-06-04 14:19:52
Isn't that sweet. Monique is a lesbian, too (most likely). Meg is right after all. Most woman, if not all, are lesbians deep down inside. Even if they don't know it. How nice. Four lesbians (most likely), all in one apartment, by pure chance. How sweet and lovely.

Still, it would have been nice if they could have had Matt over for the going away party. So that he could learn that he is, in fact, a lesbian, too. Deep down inside (most likely). Purely for the symmetry.


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2009-11-07 01:34:52
Wow good story one of the best I ever red so keep it up can't wait to read the next one good job,

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2009-07-23 14:38:10
This set of stories is one of the best I have read in recent times. I especially like the mental termoil and moral dilemma that both Jeff ( in previous chapters) and Greg ( in subsequent chapters) have to endure. Please also write further about Kristalya. Also, kindly post the story 'Island for Three' on this site for the benefit of the readers as it is a fantastic story.

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2009-07-23 01:02:56
Thank you for this incredable story

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