Lissa reveals her incestuous relationships to Alya.
Chapter 79
No More Secrets

In contrast to the gloom that had settled over the Primdale household, Lissa Primdale was having the time of her life. She loved being in love. Alya and she had a lot of fun. No matter what they did together, they enjoyed it, whether going out to see a movie, buying groceries, taking a romantic stroll through the snow-covered park, washing the dishes, or keeping Monique and Meg awake with the sounds of their passionate lovemaking at night.

That didn't mean Lissa didn't have her share of worries. She had been shocked one day to read an email that Allison had sent telling her that Greg had discovered Jeff's and Brit's incestuous affair. It bothered her to realize that things weren't going too well at home. Allison assured her in the email that Greg didn't know that Lissa had been involved in it at Christmas time. She also mentioned the letter that Lissa had sent her regarding the relationship with Alya. So far, Allison hadn't said anything to Greg about it, since the shock of finding out his son and daughter were having sex had overwhelmed him, and Allison didn't want to pile another burden onto him. She assured Lissa that she would tell him soon though, and that was the second thing that Lissa worried about.

The third was that Alya did not yet know about the goings-on in Lissa's family. She knew that Lissa had a younger brother and sister that she adored, but she had not even the tiniest suspicion that Lissa had had a fling with both of them at Christmas time. Lissa still worried about what her reaction would be upon finding it out. She knew there were some people out there, like Allison, that had no problem with it, but she also knew that a lot of people would be disgusted and offended by it.

But Alya was a very tolerant person. She had never been judgmental about Meg's sexuality, and she had forgiven Lissa right away when Lissa had confessed that she had plotted against her. Alya tended to see the good in people rather than the bad. That had made her an easy victim for Matt, and it had made her an easy victim for Lissa. But it was also one of the things Lissa loved best about her.

One afternoon in early February, Lissa decided to just come right out and tell her. Whatever Alya's reaction, it wasn't likely to change just because more time had passed. The two of them sat together on the couch, arms wrapped around each other and snuggling together. They had a blanket thrown over them as they just sat with Alya's head on Lissa's shoulder.

"Alya," said Lissa quietly. "I'm ready to tell you my last secret. I'm still a little nervous, because I'm afraid of what you'll think of me."

"It's all right, Lissa," said Alya, glancing up at her. "You can tell me anything. I love you, and nothing's going to change that."

"I know. It's just that some of this is pretty bad. I'm not apologizing for what I've done, because I knew what I was doing, and I have no regrets."

"Just tell me. I won't judge you. I promise."

"Alya, what do you think of incest?"

"What? Oh, I don't know. I think it's a little disturbing, but then again I've never had the temptation because I'm an only child. And my Dad... well, like I said, no temptation."

Lissa took a deep breath. This was it. "What if I told you that I had an affair with my brother and sister over Christmas vacation?" she asked.

Alya stared at her, perhaps a little surprised. "You're serious?" she asked.

"Yes. It was all a part of what I thought was the new Lissa. You remember her. She's the vengeful, spiteful, hateful girl that tried to seduce you to steal you away from Matt. The girl that did whatever she wanted, and damn the consequences. The girl that you turned into who I am today."

"You actually slept with your brother and sister?"

"Yes. Like I said, I have no regrets. The only thing I'm ashamed of is what you must think of me."

"Tell me this. When you go home next summer, are you going to continue that relationship?"

"You deserve to know the truth. With my sister, it was just an experiment, but I want to keep things going with my brother. But I won't do it behind your back, so if it bothers you at all, I'll call the whole thing off. I know he'll be understanding about the whole thing, and you're much more important to me than a fling with my brother."

Alya smiled. "I can't have that on my conscience now, can I? It's all right, Lissa. It sounds like your brother's a great guy. You know, it's funny, but I think it's okay because he's your brother. Do you know why?"


"Because I'm not in danger of you choosing him over me. See, if I asked you to give up sex with him, you could still be his sister, so you could maintain some kind of relationship with both of us, and therefore you wouldn't mind making that sacrifice for me. In other words, if you were forced to choose between us, you would choose me because you're still not giving him up completely. Knowing that, I don't have to worry because I could always have you make that choice in the future if I wanted to. Does that make sense?"

"No, but I'll accept that kind of nonsense any day."

"Besides, I'd like to meet this brother of yours. His name's Jeff, right? After that whole incident with Matt, I wouldn't mind meeting a guy like Jeff. You wouldn't be opposed to me getting friendly with him, would you?"

Lissa was reminded of Meg's relationship with her brother and his wife. It hadn't worked for them, but then, Meg wasn't bisexual. Lissa wondered if something like that could work out for the three of them.

"If you're trying to make me jealous, it's not working," she said. "If you're trying to make me horny, it is. It might be fun to try it out with all three of us. Of course, you're going to have to stand in line. It seems that everybody is after him. His girlfriend, his girlfriend's sister, our sister, our stepmother's sister, and I'm not entirely sure our stepmother isn't interested."

"Okay, so maybe he's more like Matt than I thought," Alya laughed.

"Except that he's not doing anything behind their backs. They all have no problem with it. If his girlfriend wanted him to be exclusive, I'm sure he'd give up all the others."

"Okay, so it won't be the three of us. It will be the eight of us, or however many there are. Maybe we could invite Meg and Sandy to join in as well. And Monique, while I think of it. We'll get a nice harem going."

"I never knew you were so dirty, Alya," Lissa grinned.

"Only around you. You bring out the best in me. But seriously, it sounds like you've got an interesting family. I'd like to visit you this summer some time."

"Maybe. I'd love that, but I still haven't told them about us. I'm sure my stepmother would be happy to know I've fallen in love with someone, male or female. But my Dad's a lot more conservative. I'm scared of what his reaction will be."

"So just start an affair with him also. That should open him up to new ideas."

Lissa began to turn red, and Alya's eyes grew wide as she saw it.

"You didn't..." she breathed.

"Sort of. My dad and stepmom and I took a vacation last summer. We started taking pictures, innocently at first, and then getting naughtier and naughtier."

"Did you actually...?"

"Since I'm being completely honest anyway, you might as well know, I did some lesbian pictures with my stepmom. Then I... did some photos with my dad."

"You mean real, sexual stuff?"

"It was all in fun, but there was some rubbing and fondling and... well... I put his dick in my mouth."

Alya surprised her by bursting out laughing. "You're amazing, Lissa!" she said. "I thought Meg was the pervert of this apartment, but you've got her beat."

"I don't know whether I should be take that as a compliment or an insult."

"Let's put it this way. At least I know that romance with you is never going to get boring. Now I really want to meet your family."

Lissa laughed, relieved that Alya had taken it so well. Now one of her two worries had been resolved, and she felt much better. She would just have to face the other two when they came up.

Monique arrived home about an hour later, and sat down to talk with them. Monique was a lot like Alya, Lissa concluded. The girl had a natural accepting attitude that made her great to get along with. She liked to joke and tease about Meg, and now about Lissa and Alya also, but it was always just in fun. It was nice to be surrounded by roommates who refused to judge one another.

About an hour after dinner, the phone rang. Monique was the closest, so she answered it. "It's for you, Lissa," she said.

Lissa got up and headed over to the phone, putting it to her ear. "Hello?" she said.

"Hi, Lissa. This is your Dad," the voice on the other end said.

"Hi, Dad," she grinned.

"Lissa..." he said. "Allison... She told me... told me... about Alya."

Lissa's face suddenly went white.

"What is it?" asked Alya with concern, sensing the change in her.

"Dad, can you hold on for a minute?" Lissa asked. She lowered the phone and put her hand over the receiver.

"I'm sorry, you guys, but I really need some privacy right now," she said.

"What's wrong?" asked Monique.

"My Dad just found out I have a girlfriend," she replied.

"Say no more," Monique told her. "Come on, Alya. I'm in the mood for ice cream. Let's go to the store and pick up a carton. My treat."

Alya nodded, and the two of them hurried out the door.

Lissa took a deep breath to calm her nerves, then put the receiver back to her ear.

"Sorry, Dad," she said, trying to sound calm. "I just had to kick my roommates out so we could talk alone. Go ahead."

"Lissa, is it true? Are you actually dating a... a woman?"

"Yes, Dad. You might as well know the whole truth. We're lovers."

"You're what?" he demanded.

"You heard me, Dad."

"Lissa, what... why... what kind of nonsense is this?"

"It's not nonsense, Dad. Alya and I are in love."

"This is just a phase you're going through, right? I mean--"

"No it's not. As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to love Alya for the rest of my life."

"Is that why you never had a boyfriend growing up? Because you were a lesbian?"

"That's a low blow, Dad."

"I'm sorry, dear. I just have to know."

"All right. No. Alya is the first woman I've ever been in love with."

"This is all my fault," he mumbled.

"How is it your fault?"

"That sailing trip last summer. I let the joke get out of hand. You and Allison--"

"There's never been anything between me and Allison, Dad. That sailing trip meant nothing."

"But how could you just do this? Didn't I raise you right?"

"You raised me wonderfully, Dad. But there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to leave their parents and start making decisions on their own. This was my decision to make, not yours."

"But it's wrong!"


"Because it is."

"No it isn't, because it isn't. See? I can use that same logic."

"That's not funny, Lissa," he told her sternly.

"It's not meant to be funny."

"Lissa, you have to put an end to this relationship."


"Don't say no to your father."

"Then don't tell your daughter to do things that are impossible."

"Lissa, if we're just going to fight, then I'm going to hang up right now."

"Then hang up."

"Lissa..." His voice trailed off, leaving an empty silence.

She sighed. This was going about as bad as she had expected. "Dad," she said, more calmly. "I'm sorry. I really don't want to fight with you over this. But you're not even giving it a chance. If you could just meet Alya, you'd see how absolutely wonderful she is. She's beautiful, and kind, and gentle, and the sweetest girl in the whole world."

"That's not the point," he replied, though the angry tone had left his voice. "Even if she's the most perfect woman in the world, she's still a woman."

"Dad, can't you just accept me for who I am? For who I've become? I'm not the same girl I used to be, I'll admit that. And I know I didn't turn out like you wanted me to." Her emotions began to break through at this point, and she found her voice wavering. "But I still want to be your daughter."

"But you're going against everything I ever taught you."

"Daddy," she said. "I don't want you to be disappointed in me, but this is just who I am now. Can't you see that?" She was on the verge of tears now.

"Lissa, please don't cry," he said softly. "I'm sorry for yelling at you. It's for your own sake that I say these things."

"I know," she said. "You want what you think is best for me. But you're wrong this time, Daddy. What's best for me right now is Alya."

"I'm sorry, but I just can't accept that."

"But you haven't even met her!"

"Lissa... You just can't do this."

She sighed, taking a moment to collect herself. She wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up straight to help her confidence. "I'm not going to give her up, and that's final. So you're going to have to deal with it in one way or another. Since Alya and I are going to stay together, if you ever want to see me again, you're going to have to eventually meet her."

"What was that? Was that a threat? Or an ultimatum?"

"That was a logical conclusion. If you want an ultimatum, here's one for you. I'm going to invite Alya to visit me this summer. That will either be in your house, or somewhere else. In other words, if you want me to come home this summer, you're going to have to agree to have Alya there."

"Lissa, what are you trying to pull?"

"Nothing. I just know as soon as you meet Alya you'll feel much better about this. I don't want to force you, but it sounds like this is the only way."

"I can't believe you're doing this to me."

"I can't believe it either, but I am. Look, I'm going to hang up now. You just think it over. I'll call you tomorrow so you can give me your answer."

Greg sighed. "There's no need for that," he said. "If having Alya visit is the only way I get to see you this summer, then I guess I can let her come."

"Really?" asked Lissa, suddenly feeling a lot better.

"You didn't exactly leave me with any choice, did you?"

"I'm sorry, Dad. I don't like to fight with you, but there was just no other way to make you see."

"Well, I'm sorry we got in a fight too. I've just been overwhelmed by what's been happening to my children lately. It just seems like I'm losing control of this family."

"Dad, I'm eighteen years old and living on my own now. You're not supposed to control me any more. The only thing you're supposed to do is love me."

"I do love you, honey."

"I love you too, Daddy. And I really want to come home. Please promise you'll at least give Alya a chance. I just know you'll like her."

"I don't think I'll ever get used to the idea of you being a lesbian, but at least I can be civilized about it."

"Thanks. I guess that will have to do for now."

"I guess it will. Goodbye, Lissa."

"Goodbye, Dad." She hung up the phone, then went over and sat back down on the couch. Weak and trembling and almost hyperventilating, she tried to calm herself down. It didn't work, and a few seconds later she burst into tears and buried her head in a pillow.


When Monique and Alya returned home and saw her sitting there with puffy red eyes, they both came and sat down beside her on the couch, putting their arms around her. She lay her head down on Alya's shoulder, and Alya gave her a tender kiss on the forehead. Alya glanced over at Monique with a questioning look as if asking if it were okay to continue, but Monique just shrugged. So Alya turned Lissa toward her and pulled her in to a tender hug, bathing her face with kisses. Monique leaned up against Lissa's back and wrapped her arms around them both.

Sitting there in the girls' arms, Lissa didn't feel so bad any more. It surprised her that Monique was willing to sit there with them as Alya kissed her, but then, Monique had never been judgmental of Meg's lifestyle, so why should Alya's and Lissa's bother her?

Later, they sat down at the table eating ice cream. It was hard to feel bad while eating ice cream, which now that she thought of it, was probably Monique's plan all along. Soon she was as cheerful as ever.

That night, she invited Alya to come visit that summer. At first the girl was reluctant, especially after seeing Lissa's reaction to the phone call. Lissa explained that her dad had not taken the news at all well, but she felt that this had to be done. After some coaxing and even begging, Alya finally gave in and agreed.

That relieved one-and-a-half out of three of her worries. Alya was okay with Lissa's unwholesome relationship with her siblings, and the dreaded confrontation with her father was over, though this likely wasn't the end of that. She knew she would have to face her father again, this time introducing Alya to him face to face. But now that they had passed the initial barrier, she felt it would go much smoother from here on.

A couple of days later she and Alya were sitting in the front room giving each other back rubs when the phone rang. Alya was lying on her stomach, half asleep on the floor, so Lissa hopped up and answered the phone.

"Hi, Lissa," said the girl on the other end. "This is Sandy."

"Hi, Sandy," Lissa greeted. "I'm sorry, but Meg's not here right now."

"I know. I was actually calling to talk to you. You and Alya. Is she there, by chance?"

"She is. What is this about? Is everything okay between you and Meg?"

"Oh, we're fine," Sandy laughed. "It's nothing like that. I just want to talk to you and Alya about an idea I have. Is it okay if I come over right now?"

"Let me check with Alya." She put the phone against her shoulder and said, "Hey Alya, Sandy wants to come over and talk to us about something. Is that okay?"

"Sure," Alya shrugged.

"Okay," Lissa told Sandy.

"Good. I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

Fifteen minutes later almost to the second, the girls heard a knock at the door. Alya opened it, and Sandy came in. Since Monique was home as well, the girls headed back to the bedroom. Lissa and Alya sat on their bed, while Sandy sat across from them on the other.

"You're probably wondering why I want to talk to you," Sandy said. "With Valentine's Day coming up, I want to give Meg a special present. No jewelry or flowers or traditional stuff like that."

"So what did you have in mind?"

"A video," Sandy grinned. "Alya, I know Meg has always had a bit of a crush on you, and Lissa, well..."

"It's okay," said Lissa. "I told Alya all about the lessons. Once I fell in love with her, I felt too guilty to keep it a secret from her any more. So I'll come right out and say it. I've already had sex with Meg and you. Is that what you were going to say?"

"More or less," said Sandy, relieved. "So here's my thought. I want to make a video of you two together, if you know what I mean. My roommate is going into film production, so she's got all of the equipment we need, plus she's agreed to help me edit it. I'm sure you don't have a problem with it Lissa, but Alya, I don't know if you've ever taken your clothes off in front of Meg before. And you certainly haven't done it in front of me. If it will make you feel uncomfortable, we'll drop the whole thing and I'll figure out a different present."

Alya stared pensively at the ground for a minute. Then a grin spread across her face.

"What is it?" asked Lissa.

"Oh, I was just thinking," she said, "if we're going to do this, I want to make a second version. A stripped down version with all of the good parts cut out. Enough to get someone excited, but leave them frustrated and unfulfilled."

"Well that's no fun," said Sandy. "Why would you want to do such a thing?"

Alya grinned. "I think Matt deserves a Valentine's Day present too."


The girls got a plan together, and consulting Meg's schedule, they found a two-hour window when she wouldn't be home, and Sandy would have time to film Lissa and Alya. She called ahead of time to make sure Meg was really gone, then brought over a digital video camera and tripod. They set it up in the bedroom, pointed at the bed.

Alya and Lissa had already made themselves up pretty, putting on a couple of slinky evening gowns and doing up their hair. Sandy commented on how glamorous they both looked, delighted to see them all dolled up like that.

The first order of business was to make two introductions, one for Meg and one for Matt. The two roommates stood in front of the camera, their arms around one another and smiling seductively. Sandy gave them the signal to begin.

"Hi Meg," Alya started, smiling at the camera. "We hope you like your Valentine's Day present."

"It's just a little something to remember us by," Lissa continued.

Then both girls together cheerfully said, "Have a happy Valentine's Day."

Sandy stopped recording. "Excellent," she told them, giving them a thumbs-up. "And now for the one for Matt." She pressed some buttons on the camera, then gave them the signal to start again.

"Hi, Matt," Alya grinned, then continued in a sugary-sweet voice, "We hope you don't have anyone to share this Valentine's Day with."

"We'd like to give you a taste of what you're missing," Lissa continued. "It's too bad you can't be here with us."

"Too bad for you," added Alya. "Great for us."

"But we can't really complain," said Lissa. "After all, you're the reason we ended up together."

"Have a lonely Valentine's Day," the girls both said, then leaned in and kissed each other.

Sandy stopped recording, then burst out laughing. "You two are downright vicious!" she chuckled.

"I'm only vicious to people who hurt Alya," Lissa replied.

"Likewise," added Alya.

"Remind me never to hurt either one of you then," said Sandy.

She aimed the camera at the bed. Lissa and Alya started out of frame, but as soon as Sandy started filming and gave them the signal, they came over and sat down on the bed next to each other. They leaned in and started kissing.

Sandy sat down in a chair behind the camera and watched as the two girls tenderly kissed each other. Alya seemed a little nervous, which wasn't surprising. This was the first time she had made love for an audience. Lissa, or course, had already joined right in with Meg and Sandy, so this really was no big deal for her.

She wrapped her arms around Alya and hugged her, and took the opportunity with her face hidden by Alya's to whisper in her ear, "Relax and enjoy it. Just remember, I love you."

That seemed to help, and they resumed their kissing.

Lissa let her hand slide onto her roommate's hip, tenderly caressing her. Alya sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling. Lissa's hands moved higher, sliding right over Alya's breast. Alya reacted by placing her own hand over Lissa's and squeezing it tightly to her chest.

Sandy gave them the thumbs up as a sign of encouragement. Lissa noticed out of the corner of her eye that Sandy's other hand had wandered between her legs, and Lissa took that as even more of a compliment.

After a couple of minutes of fondling, Lissa gently turned Alya to the side so that she faced away. Lissa leaned in and kissed her on the neck as she reached her hands around under Alya's arms to cup her breasts over the fabric of her gown. She squeezed and kneaded them as Alya smiled and sighed in pleasure. One of the straps of Alya's gown slipped off the shoulder, and Lissa took the opportunity to kiss her all over her bare skin.

Lissa enjoyed the warmth and softness of the girl's body against her chest, and especially in her hands. She loved to taste Alya's skin, flicking her tongue against the girl's neck as she kissed and causing her to shudder with delight. Although they had been having sex for over a month now, they were still learning about each other, still experimenting to see what they liked. Mostly Lissa just did what she knew felt good on her own body, and for the most part it seemed to work on Alya as well.

She slipped her hands off of Alya's breasts, to the girl's short-lived disappointment. Alya perked right back up when Lissa brought them behind Alya and fumbled with the zipper to her dress. She slid it down, then reached inside and around, this time groping Alya's breasts under the gown. It had felt nice before, but that was nothing compared to the sensation of the girl's bare skin in her hands.

Alya's body was beginning to react. Her breathing had grown heavier, and her face was flushed. Lissa felt a certain sense of pride in being able to cause that kind of reaction in the girl. Lissa, who had only been a lesbian for less than two months, had a kind of sexual control over a woman who until recently had never even thought about letting another woman touch her like that.

Finally, she withdrew her hands and took the straps of Alya's gown, pulling them down to expose her magnificent chest. She noticed Sandy rubbing herself more vigorously behind the camera, and realized that this was the first time that Sandy had seen Alya's body.

Lissa reached one of her hands around Alya's neck and pulled her gently back against her, kissing her neck and shoulders again. This time, however, she kept going, scooting out of the way and drawing Alya down to the bed. Once the girl was lying prostrate, Lissa kissed down the girl's body, from her lips, to her neck, to her chest, down along Alya's cleavage, and past her stomach. She pulled the gown, which had gathered around Alya's waist, the rest of the way off and onto the floor. That left the girl in only her panties. Lissa planted a kiss right on the front of those panties, causing Alya to shudder.

Lissa sat up over Alya, then reached behind her own back and managed to unzip her dress. Alya reached up, took hold of the straps on Lissa's shoulder, and pulled it down, letting Lissa's own breasts free. Alya took them in her hands and fondled them for a minute, and Lissa let herself enjoy the sensation. It wasn't the first time she had felt it by any means, but she didn't think she would ever tire of it.

She managed to slip her own dress the rest of the way off, and now both girls were almost completely nude. Lissa lay down on top of Alya, pressing her breasts against her roommate's and kissing her sweet, beautiful lips. She opened her mouth and stabbed her tongue into Alya's, who reacted by teasing it with her own tongue. Alya's hands came up and wrapped around Lissa's back, caressing her gently.

In the corner of the room, Sandy shuddered. Lissa had gotten so caught up the softness and breathtaking beauty of her roommate that she had almost forgotten that the other girl was there. The camera no longer mattered; right now she just wanted to make love to Alya.

Alya pushed upward and rolled Lissa onto her back. Then Alya began kissing down Lissa's body the way Lissa had done to her earlier. Lissa closed her eyes and smiled, allowing the girl to take control. Alya sucked one of Lissa's nipples into her mouth as she toyed with the other one with her hand. It felt so good that Lissa couldn't help but let out a mewling sound as her roommate worked her over. She realized that this was something that really defined their relationship; each wanted to make the other feel good. It wasn't a matter of just agreeing to do it to each other in exchange for reciprocation. They both really enjoyed pleasuring each other.

Alya's hand strayed down Lissa's body, finding its way to her panties. She slipped her fingers under the waistband, running them over Lissa's leaking slit and seeking out the sensitive bud. Lissa groaned as those fingers made contact and sent a wave of pleasure through her. Alya grinned, and started rubbing there, causing Lissa to groan again.

After a minute of stimulating her like that, Alya sat up and grabbed the sides of Lissa's panties. She drew them down, slipping them off and discarding them on the floor.

Lissa sat up and kissed her roommate, then laid her gently on the bed so that she could do the same for her. In a moment, both girls were completely nude. Across the room, Sandy had given up all pretense of not being turned on by the sight in front of her. She had her pants unzipped and her hands down the front of her panties, rubbing up and down. Were it not for the recording, Lissa would almost have been willing to stop what she was doing and invite her to join in. Alya might not appreciate that, though.

The two girls lay together on the bed, their bodies pressed together in a beautiful, sensual embrace. Their hands wandered all over each other as their lips devoured each other's greedily. Lissa just couldn't get enough of the beauty, softness, even the smell of Alya. Everything about the girl excited her, from the silkiness of her dark hair and the color of her eyes, to the intelligent yet innocent look in those same eyes and the charming and pleasant tone of her voice.

Lissa let her tongue run down to one of Alya's breasts, leaving a wet trail as it made a beeline for the nipple. She ran her tongue all over it, playing with it, toying with it, teasing it and driving Alya deeper and deeper into a frenzy of passion and sensation. Alya moaned, thrusting her chest upward. Lissa knew it wouldn't be long before she was ready for serious business. While the girl's tits made a fine appetizer, Lissa was eager to get to the main course.

Alya's hands ran over her own body, unconsciously rubbing herself and adding to the stimulation. When she slid then down between her legs, Lissa knew that it was time. She kissed down Alya's body one last time, this time positioning herself so that she lay alongside her roommate but oriented in the opposite direction. The two girls loved to take turns bringing each other to orgasm, but tonight they would do it together.

When Lissa reached her target, she lifted one leg over Alya's head and climbed on top of the girl, kneeling above her to keep from pressing down too hard on her face. She lowered her head and opened her mouth to let her tongue run over the girl's slit. Alya cried out, but cut it off by slipping her mouth over Lissa's pussy.

Lissa nearly had an orgasm at the first contact. Part of that had to do with the fact that Alya's inexperience belied her skill; she was an expert pussy licker. But more importantly, the love between the two girls made the sexual contact all that much more enjoyable. As Alya's tongue ran all over Lissa's clit, the pleasure shot through her like lightning.

She returned the favor by lapping hungrily at Alya's pussy. She used her finger to spread it and ran her tongue all up and down the inside. She marveled at how much she enjoyed the taste; three months ago she would have been horrified at the thought of doing this to another woman. Now she just couldn't get enough of it.

Both of their bodies were squirming now from the attention; they had both lost control and their muscles were now dominated by the heightened energy of their nerves as they stimulated each other with their mouths. Lissa wanted to just jam her cunt right down on Alya's face, to mash it into her and impale it on her tongue. But she held back and let Alya do the work herself. She somehow sensed Alya's need, and attacked her with a frenzy. Both girls had lost all of their humanity now, and had been reduced to animals, governed only by their instincts and desires.

Soon, Lissa felt the pleasure beginning to spike, and knew that it wouldn't be long. At the same time, she sensed the change in Alya, and realized with delight that they would climax together. She braced herself for the overwhelming tide, and nearly screamed when it hit her. Alya cried out too, her voice coming as if from an infinite distance through the enveloping cloud of Lissa's orgasm that nearly shut down her senses with its intensity. Both of their bodies shook with the power of it, their muscles straining and tightened to the very brink.

Then that warm glow that always accompanied it spread through Lissa's body, washing over her and taking the place of the intensity. Along with it came a heightening of her love for Alya. Once again, the two women had shared something beautiful and powerful, something that made them care for each other all the more.

Lissa rolled off of the girl and collapsed on the bed, panting. She noticed the peaceful smile on Alya's face, and knew she probably wore an identical look on her own. In the corner of the room, Sandy lay collapsed in the chair with her hand still down her pants but not moving, and Lissa realized that she must have climaxed at the same time.

She managed to stagger weakly to her feet, then reached out for the video camera and turned it off. Then she collapsed back in the chair again.

"God, you two!" she exclaimed. "That was... I mean... wow!"

"I take it you liked it," commented Alya.

"Hell yes! I'll tell you something. I'm going to make sure Meg and I watch this together the first time, because it's going to make her so horny that she'll fuck the first girl she sees. Just don't be surprised if she tries to rape one or both of you the day after Valentine's Day."

"We'll lock the door," said Lissa.

Alya giggled. "I wonder if we ought to warn Monique," she said.

"Nah. Let her wake up to a surprise in the middle of the night," replied Lissa. "It will be good for her." She was joking, of course. Meg would never do anything like that. She had slipped up once on Thanksgiving night, but Lissa had practically invited her, so she couldn't fault her for that.

After about five minutes of post-orgasmic exhaustion, Sandy once more rose to her feet to take down the camera and tripod. "I'll have my roommate help me with the editing," she said. "I don't know how thrilled she'll be to watch it; she's straight. On the other hand, what I saw was so erotic that it just might make her switch over."

"Just make sure to give us a copy," said Lissa. "Of both the one for Meg and the one for Matt."

"You got it. You two don't mind if I let myself out, do you?"

"I would mind if you didn't," Lissa replied. "I've got a whole lot of snuggling with Alya to get done tonight."

As Sandy left the room and closed the door behind her, Lissa turned over so that she was aligned the same way as her roommate again. She gave her a kiss, then lay her head down on the girl's chest. Alya wrapped her arms around her, and they drifted off to sleep.

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2011-03-22 01:15:25
I am speechless and horny beyond belief! GO DADDY!!!!!!!!

- The Fan

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2010-06-04 13:57:30
(from below)

As for the whole double-Valentines Day video interlude, one is driven to ask, don't these idiots ever learn? The answer, of course, is that they do not learn. Ever. That part, at the very least, has the ring of verity.

Since I have space remaining in this comment, let me add that this book is structurally reminiscent of De Sade's 120 DAYS OF SODOM. Completely different subject matter, of course. Yet both books are essentially explications of every possible sexual permutation, given a starting premise. 120 DAYS is an expansion of a formal outline of sexual combinations. So is this work. Fascinating. I can't imagine our Author could be a fan of de Sade, but perhaps he has at least read de Sade's work, out of professional curiosity.


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2010-06-04 13:54:21
So, Greg is okay with the relationship between his wife and her sister. But not between Melissa and Ayla. Sheesh. We know that won't hold. We already know that Greg is a pushover for a good blowjob, and Ayla's been practicing on her landlord. It will all work out. As I've already assured the shocked and discomfited readers, in my previous comment.

Of course the psychology is wrong on every level, and this chapter would not hold in the realm of mainstream fiction. But we have safely sideskirted the minor hurdle of plausibility long ago. The whole extended family has to be happy and together again, and now that includes not only the Williams brood, but Ayla as well. One big happy family, with no hangups. Including Daddy. In 20 chapters. Can our intrepid author pull it off without rushing the narrative? This critic thinks 20 chapters ought to afford him ample latitude.

(more above)

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