The girls in the apartment come to an understanding.
Chapter 75
Settling In To A New Life

The sound of the bedroom door opening woke her several hours later.

"Oh my god!" she heard Monique's voice say. "I forgot that you two..." Lissa glanced up, and saw Monique standing in the doorway, looking embarrassed.

"Well this is a little awkward," said Alya, and Lissa realized that her new girlfriend was also awake. Then both girls burst out laughing.

"Caught in the act," Lissa said. "Don't worry, Monique. We're finished in here. You didn't interrupt anything."

"I'll... um... wait out in the front room," Monique said, closing the door.

Lissa and Alya dressed quickly, then opened the door and left the room. Monique was sitting in a chair with one of her textbooks in her hand. She watched as Alya and Lissa sat down on the couch next to each other, putting their arms around each other.

"So I take it Lissa said yes?" Monique asked Alya.

"Oh, she definitely said yes. Screamed it, in fact." They all laughed at the joke.

"Then I'm happy for you two," Monique smiled.

"It doesn't bother you that all of your roommates are lesbians?" asked Alya.

"I'm not a full lesbian," Lissa protested. "I guess you could call me bisexual."

"Same here," Alya replied. "Maybe we could find a boyfriend to share. I wonder if Matt's free?"

"Don't you dare!" Lissa exclaimed, but she knew Alya was just teasing. Alya gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Then they glanced over at Monique.

"Sorry," Alya apologized. "If we're bothering you, let us know and we'll stop."

"No we won't stop," Lissa insisted. "But at least we'll take it somewhere else."

"After seeing Meg and Sandy go at each other all the time, a little thing like this is nothing," Monique grinned. "Just don't get busy in my room at night while I'm trying to sleep."

"Speaking of which," commented Lissa, "I think as soon as Meg gets home, we should discuss new sleeping arrangements."

"Oh, great," Monique groaned facetiously. "Now I'm the one who's going to have to worry about Meg sneaking into my bed every night."

"I could sneak into your bed instead," Alya offered with a playful wink.

"Oh, no! I'm surrounded by lesbians who want my body!"

"Well, I hadn't really thought about it before," said Lissa, "but now that you brought up the subject..."

"Geez, you two. Get a room. Heck, use my room if you want. Just find some way to calm your hormones. I'm not going to be safe until you do."

"But seriously," said Alya, "I think I speak for both Lissa and myself when I say that we really would appreciate it if either you or Meg switched rooms."

"I don't know," Lissa added. "Maybe we should let Monique and Meg both keep their rooms and just have you move in with me in my bed. The thought of doing it with Meg watching is kind of a turn-on."

"So you've got a bit of an exhibitionist to you, Lissa," Alya grinned. "I have to admit, you're starting to make me horny."

"I just realized something," Lissa said. "I have to call my aunt Rachael."

"Why?" asked Monique.

"It's something I promised her while we were driving up here before the school year began."


When Meg arrived home and spied Lissa and Alya sitting on the couch holding hands, she dropped her luggage on the floor and stared at them in shock. The girls grinned, then leaned in and kissed each other on the lips. Meg continued to stare, a smile gradually spreading onto her face.

Suddenly she squealed in delight, then ran over and threw her arms around them both. "Oh, I'm so happy for you two!" she exclaimed, and when she pulled away, she had tears in her eyes.

"Don't lie," Alya laughed. "You were hoping I would fall for you, weren't you?"

"Well, I knew that Lissa..." she began, then cut herself off.

"You knew what?" asked Alya.

Meg glanced at Lissa, as if unsure what to say. Lissa came to her rescue with a half-truth. "I confessed to Meg before the break that I was starting to have romantic feelings for you. I asked for her advice. Kind of like you asked for Monique's."

"I'm guessing Meg's advice was a little more specific," said Alya.

"A lot more specific," Lissa agreed, and all three girls laughed.


As the four girls sat around the table eating dinner that night, they discussed their new sleeping arrangements. They decided to have Monique and Lissa switch rooms so that the two lovers could sleep together. Monique wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of sleeping in the same room as Meg, but there was really nothing to be done about that. Lissa was half-serious when she said she wouldn't mind making love to Alya in front of Meg, but Alya preferred to have more privacy. Monique joked about spending most of her nights on the couch in order to stay away from Meg, but it was all just in fun.

After dinner, they all helped Lissa and Monique carry their things into their new rooms. Between the four of them, they managed to get everything moved in about an hour.

Alya called her parents that night to tell them the good news. Lissa was more nervous about it than she was, but Alya reassured her that her parents were far too liberal to let this bother them. Lissa sat nearby eavesdropping as Alya made the call and explained the situation to her parents. They were surprised, but her mother simply asked whether this was what she really wanted, and once Alya replied that it was, there had been no argument out of either of them.

Both of her parents wanted to talk to Lissa then, but it turned out to be a lot less scary than she had expected. Mainly they just wanted to get to know her a little. She explained that this was the first time either of the girls had ever fallen in love with another woman, so it was quite a new experience for both. Alya's mother reassured her that she and her husband would both support them in this relationship, which made Lissa feel a lot better. As it turned out, both parents strongly and actively supported the gay rights movement, so having a lesbian daughter was almost a point of pride for them.

They had copies of photos that Alya had taken during the previous semester, including quite a few of her roommates, so as soon as Lissa described herself enough for them to identify her from the photos, they began looking through them. They ended up spending an hour on the phone with her talking about the various activities that Lissa and Alya had done together, almost as if going through a photo album.

Eventually they ended the call, and Lissa sat back down with a smile, at least some of her fears put to rest.

"Sounds like my parents like you," Alya told her. "I think they like you even more than they like me," she joked.

"Now if only I could get my own parents to have the same reaction to you, everything will be great," replied Lissa. "I'm sure my stepmom will just adore you. She's even more open-minded than your parents. But I don't relish the thought of breaking the news to my dad."

"Well, you've got all semester to work up to it. And just remember, whatever happens, I'll stand by you."

"Thanks, Alya," she smiled. "That means a lot to me."


When they began the new semester, Lissa eagerly looked forward to the tennis class that Alya had decided to take with her. In one sense, it was kind of anticlimactic now that the two of them had gotten together. Lissa had intended it to be a way for the girls to get comfortable with each other's naked bodies as they showered together after class, a stepping stone on the path to their new relationship. Now that they could see each other's bodies any time they wanted, it seemed like a moot point.

However, any time she could be naked with Alya, especially a glistening wet Alya, Lissa wasn't going to complain. Besides, there was a certain thrill in standing under the water with her in an otherwise unoccupied shower room, hugging and kissing right out there in the open where anyone could walk in on them.

Most days after class, of course, they couldn't do that. There were just too many other girls in the showers with them. Of course, now that Lissa had not only admitted but enthusiastically embraced her lesbian tendencies, standing in a room surrounded by naked college coeds delighted her, even if it meant not being able to touch her roommate the way she wanted. Often after these frustrating yet arousing sessions, the two of them went home and immediately jumped into the shower in their apartment where they could make love under the steaming hot water without fear of being caught.

They did have one somewhat embarrassing incident though, one evening after an hour on the tennis court. The locker room was deserted, so the two of them stripped off their clothes and headed into the shower together. They spent a few minutes soaping each other up and washing each other's backs. First Lissa washed Alya, letting her hands run all over her roommate's body. There was something incredibly enticing about the softness of a woman's skin that just wasn't the same with a man. While Lissa had no intention of giving up men completely, right now all she wanted was Alya.

After a couple of minutes, they switched places, and Alya gave Lissa the same pleasurable treatment. She even went one step further, and reached around to fondle Lissa's breasts. Lissa giggled at the sensation, loving the feel of Alya's hands on her.

When she could stand the sexual tension no longer, she turned around and the two girls pressed their bodies together and leaned in for a passionate kiss. Lissa closed her eyes and let the wonderful feeling of Alya's lips and tongue work their magic on her.

Suddenly, Alya pulled away. Lissa opened her eyes and saw an embarrassed look on her girlfriend's face. She turned around and noticed another naked young lady who had just come around the corner into the showers, and was staring at the two of them in shock.

Both girls broke down laughing. "Sorry," Alya apologized. "We're about through here."

In a moment of mischievous boldness, Lissa added, "Unless you want to join us."

Alya giggled and slapped her on the shoulder. "She's kidding, of course," she told the girl. "Come on, Lissa. We can finish this at home." They moved past the still staring girl, then retrieved their towels from the rack and began to dry themselves.

"You're as bad as Meg," Alya commented with a laugh.

"Just a tie?" asked Lissa. "I must not be trying hard enough."


Despite the nearly complete bliss that Lissa felt in those happy days, two things bothered her. First, she didn't know how to tell her family that she had a girlfriend. No, that wasn't particularly true; most of them would have no problem with it. Allison, Jeff, and Brit would all be happy for her, but she dreaded the reaction of her father. She knew with near certainty that he would be furious. It reminded her of that night in Meg's bedroom when Meg had told Lissa of her own parents' reactions, but Lissa knew with Greg it would be much worse. He had never claimed to be particularly open-minded; in fact, he was proud of his strict conservatism. This would be a serious blow to him, and it would no doubt lead to a confrontation.

Her second worry was her guilt. Despite once vowing that she would never feel guilty again, the Lissa who had made that vow had been changed once more into a caring and loving person, one who didn't like to see people hurt, especially if she was the one who had hurt them. She knew, however, that she had tried to do something horrible to Alya. In one sense it had succeeded, but in another, things had turned out better than all right. She still felt guilty about her intentions, though.

She only had one option, she decided. She would have to tell Alya. No matter the cost, Lissa could not stand the guilt of what she had done. Alya deserved the truth. She made up her mind to tell her the next time the two of them found themselves alone together.

She got her chance the next day after her last class. She came home and found Alya sitting on the couch studying. Lissa sat down next to her roommate, who gave her a big grin and put her arm around her shoulder, drawing in for a kiss. Lissa let the kiss happen, but she was too worried to enjoy it.

Alya could sense the difference, so she pulled back, the smile dropping from her face. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Alya, I have a confession to make," said Lissa. "It's all right if you get mad at me, because I deserve it. But just understand, I'm not the same person I was when I did it. You changed me."

"So what is this horrible crime you've committed?" Alya asked.

"After I broke up with Matt, I wanted to punish him. So I... I came up with the idea of... seducing his new girlfriend away from him. You."

"What?" demanded Alya, a look of shock on her face.

"I'm sorry, Alya. I feel terrible about it. But the truth is that everything up to Christmas break was all part of my plan. I got Meg and Sandy to teach me what I needed to do. I'm telling you this because... well, because you deserve the truth. But there's another part of the truth that I think is more important. From the moment that you kissed me after I came back from vacation, I realized that I truly am in love with you. Truly. I won't say I wish I hadn't plotted against you, because in the end it brought us together, but I still hate myself for deceiving you."

Alya looked away, and Lissa felt her heart breaking.

"Please forgive me, Alya!" she pleaded. "I couldn't stand the thought of losing you."

When Alya turned back around, there were tears in her eyes. She threw her arms around Lissa and hugged her.

"I am mad at you," said Alya. "You toyed with my emotions. You could have hurt me badly. But I love you too much to let this come between us. It took a lot of courage for you to tell me the truth, and I'm glad you did, because now we have no secrets from each other." She pulled away and looked Lissa in the eyes. "Or do we?" she asked.

Lissa turned away. She didn't want to keep any secrets from Alya, but how could she tell her that she had had some kind of sexual contact with every member of her family? Her trysts with Rachael, Allison, Jeff, and even little Brit, were things that the new Lissa shouldn't be ashamed of, but how would Alya react to them?

"There are other things," she admitted. "But I'm not ready to share them yet. I just... I just want to be sure you won't judge me. I really want to be completely honest with you, so I won't hide anything I do from now on, but there are things in my past that you might not approve of. I can tell you, though, that none of them have anything to do with you."

"It's all right," Alya said comfortingly. "When you're ready, you can tell me. But if it makes it any easier, I promise I won't judge you for them."

"Thanks, Alya. I love you."

"I love you too, Lissa."

"So do you forgive me?"

"I forgive you," Alya smiled. "I'm still a little angry, but I'll tell you what you can do to make it up to me."

"Anything," Lissa said immediately.

"Give me a night of passion that I'll never forget."

Lissa laughed with relief. "That's something I can do," she said.


That night after dinner, the two of them retired to the bedroom. Meg and Monique flashed them a knowing look as they disappeared down the hall. Lissa and Alya closed the bedroom door behind them and sat down on the bed.

"I have a surprise for you," Lissa whispered, then gave her one last kiss and stood up.

"What kind of surprise?" asked Alya.

"Close your eyes."

"Oh, that kind of surprise." She shut her eyes and even put her hands over them.

Lissa hurried over to the drawer where she had stashed the teddy that Meg had bought her. She stripped off her clothes and slipped on the garment. It felt very soft and very naughty. Then she stood in front of Alya. She had actually tried it on once, when none of her roommates were home. She had felt a thrill of excitement to see that its transparency showed off the darkness of her nipples and even the line of her slit between her legs. She couldn't remember ever telling Meg her size, but it seemed to fit perfectly.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now," she said.

Alya did, and instantly her eyes lit up with shock and delight. "Lissa!" she exclaimed. "Wow! I like it. Where on earth did you get something like that?"

Lissa grinned. "Meg bought it for me for Christmas."

"She would!" Alya laughed.

"I feel a little guilty that she doesn't get to see me in it, though."

"Don't be so sure of that. Hey, Meg!" she called. "Would you come in here for a minute?"

Rather than feel embarrassed, Lissa just turned toward the door and spread out her arms to give a good view of her body. A moment later, Meg appeared in the door. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped, then a smile spread across her lips.

"Oh my god, Lissa!" she exclaimed. "You look even better in that than in my fantasies when I bought it!"

Lissa came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the present," she said. "It's just too bad that Alya gets to enjoy it more than you do."

"Oh, that's all right. As long as it doesn't go to waste." Her hand went up and she squeezed one of Lissa's tits. Lissa laughed and slapped her hand away.

"No more of that," Lissa grinned. "I've got a girlfriend now."

"Too bad. Well, I'm glad you like your present."

"I just hope you won't feel too bad if one of these nights it ends up in shreds on the floor because I tore it off her in impatience," Alya said.

"If it gets you that excited, then I'd say it's done its job well," Meg laughed.

"All right, now get out of here," Alya grinned.

"Do I have to? I haven't even planted the hidden camera yet."

Alya playfully grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her around, and pushed her out of the room. She closed and locked the door, then turned and strode over to Lissa, where she threw her arms around her and hugged her tightly, kissing her passionately. The two girls held each other like that for the longest time, hugging and kissing each other with wanton abandon. Now that they had been lovers for a few weeks, they were at that perfect stage where their nervousness and inhibitions had completely faded but the newness of their relationship still added a thrill and excitement that fueled their passion.

After a few minutes, they broke apart, then by silent agreement made their way to the bed. Alya sat down, but Lissa climbed onto it and crawled with a seductive motion behind her roommate. She rose to her knees then, positioning herself behind Alya and reaching her arms around the girl's waist. She leaned in and kissed her on the neck. Alya sighed, closed her eyes, and leaned her head back. She was wearing a button-down blouse, so Lissa let her hands rise up under the girl's arms to unfasten the top button. She continued to kiss Alya's neck as she worked the other buttons loose one by one. After about the third button, she spread the collar of the blouse and let her lips run over Alya's shoulders. Slowly the rest of the garment came undone until it slipped off of the girl's shoulder and onto Lissa's knees. She picked it up and tossed it away, then returned her arms to their position around her roommate.

As she continued to worship her with her lips, she ran her hands up along Alya's body and let them rest on her bra-covered tits, kneading and massaging them through the material. This close, she could hear Alya's breathing growing deeper and heavier as the stimulation had its effect on her body.

Unconsciously, Alya's legs spread and her hands slid down to her inner thighs, tightening her skirt against her body. Lissa picked up on the signal, and she let her hands leave their position to reach for the snap on the front of the skirt. She unsnapped it, then Alya lifted her hips off the bed and slid her skirt down her legs to fall to the floor.

Lissa took that opportunity to slip one of her hands between Alya's legs, rubbing her crotch over her panties. Alya moaned, and Lissa smiled at the knowledge that she was giving the girl such pleasure. She loved to make her feel good, especially since Alya was so enthusiastic in reciprocating. After a minute or two of rubbing, Lissa felt a wet stain on the girl's panties, which told her just how much Alya enjoyed what was happening to her.

But she wanted to feel more than that. She slipped her hand down inside the panties, letting them touch her bare skin and listening for the gasp that she had come to expect. She was not disappointed. Alya was so predictable that way.

After a few minutes of rubbing the girl's sensitive body, Alya cried out in the first of what would likely be many climaxes that night. At least, it would be many climaxes if Lissa had her way. Alya had insisted after all that it must be a night of passion that she would never forget.

But now it was her time to do the same to Lissa. Alya slipped off the bed and knelt in front of Lissa. She reached up and took hold of the shoulder straps of the teddy and slowly peeled it down. She grinned as she exposed Lissa's breasts, then leaned in and planted a kiss right on one of the nipples.

"Oh god, I love it when you do that," Lissa whispered.

"Me too," Alya replied. "You have the yummiest boobs I've ever tasted."

Lissa giggled. "And how many boobs have you tasted?"

"Including yours, four," Alya replied.

"Oh?" asked Lissa with an arched eyebrow.

"It's not what you think. Until I started this relationship with you, the last time I was less than a year old."

"Oh yeah. Good point."

Alya finished peeling the teddy off of Lissa, then discarded it on the floor. She then stood up and pounced on Lissa, knocking her backward on the bed. She grabbed Lissa's hands and pinned them down next to her head.

"Ooh, you're kind of aggressive tonight," Lissa grinned.

"It's your fault," said Alya. "You got me excited by wearing that lingerie."

"If it affects you that much, maybe I'll wear it more often."

In response, Alya leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Then she released Lissa's arms and began kissing down her body. She worked all over her neck and upper chest, then descended to her breasts, where she sucked greedily on them as Lissa moaned in delight. She relaxed and let the girl pleasure her; Alya seemed to take as much delight in giving as in receiving. That was one of the things that Lissa loved most about her.

After a few minutes, Alya began to work her way down further, and Lissa shuddered in anticipation. Just the thought of the girl's tongue on the most sensitive part of her body nearly brought her to orgasm; she knew she wouldn't last long once it happened for real.

She spread her legs as Alya kissed and licked her way down, opening herself up fully to her roommate. Even the few seconds it took for Alya to traverse the distance between her chest and her thigh seemed an excruciating eternity of eager anticipation. But once Alya reached her goal, she made it well worth the wait. Her tongue darted out like a snake, lightly brushing against her pussy. Lissa moaned with each contact, tremors running through her body. Then Alya let her tongue linger, tightening it and pressing it against the slit. She let it slip a little inside, causing a much more violent shudder to wrack Lissa's body. Alya giggled at the reaction, then reached up with her hands and pried her apart, running her tongue all over the inside. She let her tongue graze against Lissa's clitoris, which nearly brought her to orgasm instantly. In fact, it only took only half a dozen licks at the sensitive bud before Lissa surrendered to the pleasure and squealed out her climax.

Afterward, she lay there panting for a few minutes, a smile on her lips and exhaustion throughout her body. Alya lay down next to her, her head propped up on one of her hands while she traced lazy circles on Lissa's stomach with the index finger of her other hand. That light, almost ticklish sensation brought Lissa quickly back to a state of arousal, and her body squirmed under Alya's ministrations. She felt she could go another round right away, but unfortunately, it wasn't her turn.

She finally sat up, then grinned at Alya. "We're not finished yet," she said. "You haven't even stripped out of your underwear."

"I can remedy that," Alya grinned.

"Don't you dare! From now on, that's my job," insisted Lissa. She immediately leaned in and pressed her body up against Alya's. She reached around and found the clasp to her bra, then unhooked it and pulled the article forward and off of the girl's chest. With the girl's tits exposed like that, Lissa couldn't help but lean down and suckle on them. Alya began to moan just as Lissa had.

Lissa's hand returned once more between the girl's legs, slipping under the panties to play with her pussy. With one orgasm behind her already though, Alya wasn't about to go off so easily this time. But that was fine; Lissa had plans for her. She rose back up and gently pushed her roommate down on the bed, then quickly slipped the girl's panties off. She still wore her stockings, but they soon joined the rest of the clothes on the floor.

Lissa leaned down between Alya's legs, which spread to grant her access. She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and ran it all over the outside of Alya's pussy, causing the girl to squeal in delight. Lissa continued to kiss and lick and tongue her roommate until she became a writhing mass of nerves on the bed. Alya gasped, moaned, squealed, and even screeched from the stimulation. Soon she exploded into another orgasm, but Lissa wasn't about to let it go at that. She kept at it, causing Alya's eyes to go wide with shock and delight. It wasn't long before Alya reached her third climax of the night. Lissa still wouldn't let up, so Alya allowed her to go one more round. This one took a while longer, but eventually she screamed in ecstasy one final time.

Lissa rose up and lay down beside her. The two girls smiled at each other, then leaned in and kissed. Alya closed her eyes, no doubt exhausted from the ordeal.

Lissa was about to drift off to sleep herself when Alya surprised her by suddenly rolling over on top of her. "Oh no you don't," Alya insisted. "You're not getting out of this with just a single orgasm. Not after you got me off four times."

"Yes Mistress," Lissa grinned.

Alya immediately lowered herself along Lissa's body and began to lick her between the legs. Already excited from before, it didn't take long for Lissa to go off a second time. Only then did Alya climb back up and lie down next to Lissa. Happy and satisfied, they drifted off to sleep.

Tired as she was, Lissa still wanted to make the night memorable, so when she awoke a couple of hours later, she slipped her hand between Alya's legs and fondled her. At first, Alya remained asleep, though the squirming of her body and her soft moaning showed just how much the stimulation was affecting her. Lissa grinned as she imagined the types of dreams she might be giving her roommate.

Eventually Alya awoke, just in time for her climax to hit her. She cried out again, probably loud enough to wake Monique and Meg. She came down from her high, giggling in embarrassment and glancing over at Lissa, who merely leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips.

A couple of hours later, Alya returned the favor, only this time she used her mouth instead of her hands to wake Lissa with a mind-blowing climax. They continued the game all night, each girl stimulating the other one any time they awoke.

In the morning, they awoke tired and groggy, neither of them having gotten much sleep. They slipped on their bathrobes then together headed into the bathroom to shower together. Weary and satisfied from the night of passion, they didn't have it in them to get too naughty, so they just held each other and kissed a little under the steaming hot water.

Afterward, they returned to their bedroom to dress, then met Meg and Monique at the breakfast table.

"You know," Monique commented, "you two are going to have to learn to keep it down a little more while you make love."

"I'm sorry," said Lissa. "Did it bother you?"

"It wasn't that," Monique explained. "It's just that Meg thought it would be entertaining to give me a play-by-play of what she thought you were doing in there based upon the sounds coming out of your bedroom."

Meg shrugged with a sheepish grin, and they all burst out laughing.

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