Alya and Lissa in love.
Chapter 74
Alya Conquers Lissa

Lissa's sadness at leaving her family, especially her brother and sister, was tempered by the anticipation of seeing Alya. Five minutes after her flight took off, she started thinking about her roommate, and from that point forward she couldn't get her out of her mind. She had pretty much forgotten all about her during the vacation, but now that she would be returning to the now familiar apartment, the girl once more came back into her thoughts.

She wondered why she was so obsessed with the girl. Of course she liked her, and the thrill of the conquest was enjoyable. When she was honest with herself, she realized that their friendship, though based upon a lie, wasn't a lie at all. Still, Lissa had never been the type of girl to obsess over someone. Not even Matt had taken over her thoughts so completely, even when he was her boyfriend.

When the plane landed, Lissa found herself hoping that Alya had already returned from Christmas vacation, and would be waiting for her in the apartment.

As it turned out, Alya had returned, and when Lissa opened the apartment door she found the girl sitting on the couch talking with Monique. They glanced up at her and immediately fell silent. The air had a certain tension, and Lissa wondered what was wrong. But the girls both wore smiles on their faces.

"Hi, guys," Lissa said cheerfully, trying to hide the fact that she had noticed something going on.

"Hi, Lissa," said Monique. "Did you have a nice vacation?"

Did she ever! But she wasn't about to mention the details. Instead, she dropped her suitcase on the floor and plopped down in the comfy chair. "So what's up?" she asked.

Monique and Alya glanced at each other for a moment. Then Monique rose to her feet. "Well, I'm off to the library. I'll see you two later tonight."

"Bye," said Lissa.

Monique grabbed her bag from the kitchen table, then headed for the door. "Good luck," she told Alya, just before disappearing outside.

To Lissa's eyes, it was quite obvious that Monique wanted Alya to be alone with Lissa. And Alya's quietness during this whole time meant that something was bothering her, or at least she had something weighing on her mind. Monique's last comment suggested that it was something she needed to talk with Lissa about.

"What did she mean by that?" asked Lissa.

"What? Oh, Monique and I were talking about... things."

"What kinds of things?"

"Um... well..."

"Come on, Alya. You know you can tell me anything."

"I know." She patted the couch beside her, where Monique had sat. "Come sit by me?" she requested.

Lissa slipped over to her, wondering what was going on. Before the break, she could always tell exactly what Alya was thinking. Of course, that was because she was mostly thinking what Lissa wanted her to think. Now, though, Lissa found herself completely lost.

"I noticed there was something going on before I came in," Lissa said. "You guys got really quiet all of a sudden. What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing's wrong," said Alya hurriedly. "I think... I think for the first time, things are right. At least I hope so."

"Okay, so what's right?" Lissa grinned.

"Well, that's the part that's kind of hard to say."

"But you said it to Monique, didn't you?" As she spoke the words, she realized that there was a bitter tone to them. That surprised even her. Did that mean she was jealous?

"Oh, but that's different," said Alya, and Lissa's jealousy spiked. So Alya was confiding in Monique things she couldn't confide in Lissa. She knew it shouldn't bother her, but it did.

"All right, if you don't want to tell me, that's fine," said Lissa, making as if to get up off the couch. But Alya hurriedly put an arm around her.

"Lissa, please. Sit here next to me." She said it so sweetly that Lissa could not refuse. But there was still that spark of bitterness haunting the back of her mind.

Alya sighed. "Look, I just needed a little advice," she said. "And the reason I went to Monique was... well... because I needed the opinion of someone not directly involved."

"I don't understand."

"Lissa, remember at Thanksgiving when I said I was going to have extra fun at Christmas time? Well, to be honest, I was miserable. I won't say it was the worst Christmas ever, because that honor belongs to the time I had pneumonia through the whole vacation. But this time was a close runner-up."

"Why were you miserable?"

"Because I was lonely."

"Didn't you have your family there?" asked Lissa.

"Oh yeah, and they were great, but I was missing someone in particular."

"Alya, you're not still pining for that bastard Matt, are you?"

"Matt?" she laughed. "Matt who?"

Lissa smiled. "Well, I'm glad about that. I'm still tempted to sneak into his apartment some night and castrate him. In fact, the only thing stopping me is the thought that he's probably cringing in terror every night wondering when we're going to strike, and I'd like to torture him like that for as long as possible."

"Well, don't worry about Matt. I don't care about him any more."

"So you've got a new boyfriend?" asked Lissa.


"But you're interested in someone?"

"Well... I suppose you can say that."

"Is it someone I know?"

"Um... an interesting question."

"Oh, come on, Alya. Who is it?"

Alya sighed. "Monique warned me not to be too obvious, but I think maybe I'm being too subtle."

What's that supposed to mean? Lissa wondered. It was clear that Alya wanted to tell her, but at the same time was hesitant about it. It didn't make any kind of sense.

"Lissa, you've been a good friend to me," said Alya. "I think I value your friendship as much as I've valued any relationship I've ever had with a man."

So now she was changing the subject. Well, Lissa wouldn't push her.

"Thanks, Alya. You know you mean the world to me too."

"And I think I might have enjoyed this vacation more if you were there with me."

Lissa certainly couldn't say the same thing about her own vacation, not that she had anything against Alya's presence. It was just that she had already enjoyed herself so much. Although, that would have been quite an interesting experience if she had involved Alya in her affair with her siblings! The thought almost made her laugh. Only the fact that Alya was starting to bare her heart kept her from breaking the mood.

"It's always nice to have a good friend to help you take your mind off the person you're longing for," she said instead.

Alya turned her head and gazed at her. "You know, Lissa, you really can be dense sometimes," she said with a smile.

"What do you mean? You won't even tell me who this mystery man is."

"It's not a man," said Alya.

"A woman?" asked Lissa, shocked. But Alya had insisted that she wasn't going to go down that road. Now, suddenly, to have a change of heart... Then Lissa began to feel that familiar twinge of jealousy. Lissa had been the one to explore that road with her, and Alya had been hesitant. Now she was continuing down that road without her.

"You really don't understand, do you?" asked Alya.

Then Lissa had it. Monique! So that's what the two of them had been talking about! And that 'good luck' was for moral support for when Alya had to break the bad news to Lissa. Now her jealousy rose to a point that she felt like throwing something. But she wanted to hear it from Alya herself.

"So who is it?" she said, thankful that she managed to make her voice sound curious rather than angry.

"I'll give you a hint," said Alya with a warm smile, then put her hand behind Lissa's head, drew her in, and kissed her fully on the lips.

Lissa's eyes opened wide with shock. But that meant... So she really...

Lissa couldn't even think straight. All she knew was that the kiss felt good enough to drive away all her anger and jealousy. She felt the love behind that kiss, and returned it with all her heart. Alya! she thought. I love you! And she was astonished to realize that it was true. Before, it had simply been the new Lissa asserting her independence, playing a game, even toying with Alya's affections. That Lissa was vengeful, hateful, and willing to destroy even her friends in order to get what she wanted. But now, those thoughts were in the past. Now, she wanted only to take her roommate in her arms and love her.

In one instant, Alya had transformed her again. This third incarnation was a hybrid of the previous two. She had taken the intelligence, wisdom, and compassion of the first, and merged it with the confidence and freedom of the second. Lissa the Third was every bit as liberated and unrestrained as Lissa the Second, but there was one difference. She had a soul. Alya had awakened it within her.

Then they drew apart, and Lissa could see that Alya had a look of concern on her face. "But Lissa," she said, "it has to be something you want too. I don't want you to feel obligated--"

Lissa put a finger to Alya's lips to silence her. It was a little teasing gesture that she enjoyed doing, especially because it made the girl look so cute. Then she removed her finger and replaced it with her own lips. Alya melted into her arms as all the anger, jealousy, and hatred of the past few months fled from the two women who had finally let themselves fall in love.

Somehow-- Lissa didn't exactly know how because it happened while she was still lost in that kiss-- they ended up in Alya's bedroom. She found herself smiling down at the adorable face of Alya, who lay beneath her on the bed. Lissa's heart beat rapidly as she realized that she had never even seen her naked! She had known that Alya had a great figure, but now, to see what she looked like without clothes... the thought excited her beyond belief.

She lowered her body to her roommate's, kissing her once again deeply on the lips. Alya relaxed and let it happen, giving in to the sapphic pleasure.

Suddenly, she pushed Lissa away.

"Lissa," said Alya. Rather than stop, Lissa lowered herself once more and began to kiss her on the cheek, neck, and chin. "I'm in love with you," Alya told her.

"I'm in love with you too," Lissa replied between kisses.

"But this is a new experience for me," continued Alya. "I love it when you hug me and kiss me, but I'm not sure I'm ready to... well..."

"Have sex?" Lissa offered helpfully.

"Yes," Alya nodded.

"Well I am," said Lissa. "Let me take care of you."

"But what if... what if I don't like it?"

"I promise that you will. All you have to do is trust me."

"I trust you," Alya breathed. "I wouldn't let any other girl do this to me, but with you it's different. I'm just worried that I might not be able to go through with it."

"If you're at all hesitant, you don't have to worry at all about pleasing me. I'll just take care of your needs this time, and we'll work on the rest later."

"That wouldn't be fair to you. I want to make you as happy as you make me."

"I am happy," Lissa breathed, closing her eyes and pressing her lips against Alya's.

After a few more minutes, Lissa rose back up and sat on her roommate's thighs. It was time to undress. Alya's hands went to Lissa's tee-shirt first, though, sliding underneath it and caressing her side. Then she slid her hands up, taking the shirt with it. Lissa leaned over so that Alya could pull it the rest of the way off. Her roommate gazed at her chest for a few seconds, then reached behind to unstrap her bra. Alya had seen her naked before, but it was different knowing that it was a prelude to making love. She let the bra fall away to expose her to Alya's hungry eyes.

"God, Lissa, you're so beautiful," she breathed.

"Right back at ya," replied Lissa playfully. But now it was Lissa's turn. Alya wore a button-down blouse, which Lissa began to unfasten with excruciating slowness. It wasn't that she wasn't eager to make love to this beauty, but she wanted to draw this whole thing out for as long as possible. After she had unbuttoned her about halfway, she slid her hands inside and opened it to show the top of her chest. Lissa leaned down and kissed her on the neck, making Alya gasp in pleasure. Lissa felt a surge of delight from knowing that she was giving such pleasure to the girl she loved. Then she lowered herself to the tops of her breasts, playfully teasing them with her tongue. As she did so, she continued to unbutton the blouse until the last one was finished. Then she spread the blouse to the side and gazed down at Alya's remarkable body.

She lifted Alya into her arms then, so as to better dispose of the garment. Hugging her tightly and kissing her passionately, she reached behind her and unfastened her bra. Alya moved away just long enough to allow Lissa to remove it, then leaned in and pressed her bare chest up against Lissa's. It was one of the most thrilling feelings she had ever had, to feel this beautiful woman's body against her own, to feel their breasts pressed together and their hard nipples teasing each other.

They hugged like that for several minutes, hungrily kissing each other as they ran their hands up and down each other's backs, just lost in the feeling of their bodies so close. If they could just remain like this all night, Lissa thought, it would be enough.

But there were far more exciting things to do. She leaned slightly forward to push Alya backward, then drew back as she lowered her roommate gently to the bed. She sat there and just gazed at her body for a minute. This was a sight she could get used to. The girl's figure while clothed only hinted at the exquisiteness of her shape when nude. Her breasts were really only about the same size as Lissa's, which weren't particularly large, but firm and perky. But her nipples were absolutely stunning. Swollen in pleasure, they were dark and well defined, and Lissa felt an overwhelming urge to suck on them. She had tasted the nipples of several women already, but with the exception of her little sister, most of those times had just been experiments, and had given her no pleasure. This time was different. She wanted to tease Alya to a frenzy with her mouth.

She lowered her head, and Alya's eyes opened wide as she realized where Lissa was headed. Lissa opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the girl's nipple. Alya squealed like a child that had just been given an ice cream cone, and Lissa took that as a sign to continue.

Her roommate tasted so good! She wanted to just lick, suck, and nibble at her all night. And judging by Alya's gasps and moans, she seemed willing enough. Lissa almost giggled as she listened to the cute little sounds that Alya was making, unable to control herself in the throes of ecstasy. There was something immensely satisfying about having the girl's nipple in her mouth, perhaps a hint of a lost memory of nursing as an infant. But this was different. It was about knowing that she was doing something wonderful and exciting for the person she loved most in the world.

But Lissa wanted more. Tonight they would bring each other to the ultimate pleasure.

She slipped her hand under Alya's skirt and panties and began to fondle her. Her hand reached that sensitive spot that Lissa knew so well on her own body, and Alya cried out with passion. She reached for Lissa's pants now, unfastening the belt and unzipping her pants, and Lissa took a moment to wiggle out of them. Then she lay down next to Alya, who immediately copied Lissa's actions by sliding her hand down inside Lissa's panties.

Lissa gasped as her roommate touched her there, feeling tingles of pleasure run up and down her spine. She rolled over and kissed Alya tenderly on the lips, desire flooding through her.

After a few minutes of this mutual stimulation, Lissa got up and pulled off Alya's skirt and panties, leaving her completely bare. Alya spread her legs wide, exposing the center of her sex. Lissa eyed it hungrily. She would prove to her roommate how much she loved her. She climbed onto the bed between Alya's legs, lowered her head, and began to lick.

Alya cried out in pleasure from the contact. "Oh, Lissa!" she exclaimed. "Oh yes!"

Lissa found she enjoyed giving Alya that pleasure. It wasn't like with Meg or Sandy, where she had done it just to get used to the experience. This was something far deeper and more powerful. There was no longer any revulsion as she licked her roommate's sweet pussy. She just let herself go and savored the taste.

At first she just ran her tongue over the outside, paying particular attention to the little bud at the top, knowing that it was a focal point of the pleasure. Alya literally screamed when she teased it, and Lissa felt overjoyed that she was the one to stimulate her like that. She nibbled at it, driving Alya into a lust-filled frenzy. Then she lowered her mouth, spread her roommate with her fingers, and drove her tongue in. Alya gasped and moaned as Lissa fucked her with her tongue. The sounds grew in intensity and volume, and Lissa realized she was pushing Alya to the edge. A moment later Alya tensed up, her pussy contracting around Lissa's tongue, and she wailed in ecstasy. Lissa could taste the girl's sweet nectar exploding from her, and she lapped it up hungrily. It lasted several seconds, then Alya collapsed back on the bed, panting in exhaustion.

Lissa moved up and lay down next to her, pressing her naked body up against her. Alya turned her head and gazed into Lissa's eyes. "Give me a minute to rest, and then I'll take care of your needs too," she smiled, reaching out a hand a placing it on Lissa's breast. Lissa closed her eyes and let the stimulation overcome her. They continued like that for a few minutes, then Alya raised herself up and turned Lissa over onto her back, lowering herself onto her and kissing her passionately.

Lissa just savored the feeling, the taste of the girl's lips, the warmth and softness of her body, the love between them. It was almost a shame when Alya's mouth left her own, but her roommate had other plans. She kissed Lissa playfully on the chin, then on her neck, touching it with her tongue. Lissa giggled; it tickled a little, but it also felt extremely erotic.

Alya remained at her neck for a while, teasing and kissing and licking it, causing Lissa to give short little moans of delight. She could tell that Alya enjoyed making her moan like that almost as much as Lissa enjoyed the sensations that caused it. Then Alya went lower, kissing her upper chest.

Again it was a teasing gesture; Alya purposely stayed away from Lissa's breasts in order to draw out the sensations as long as possible before touching her on her most sensitive spots. Lissa began to shiver with delight, in excruciating anticipation of the coming stimulation. Her breaths came in ragged gulps, and her heart beat madly within her. Her body was burning, and her nipples tingled even without any kind of physical contact. It was all she could do to keep from begging Alya to get on with it. But she wanted to hold it out as long as she could as well.

Alya kissed her at the top of her breasts, then ran her tongue between them, causing Lissa to moan loudly, to which Alya laughed. Lissa opened her eyes just long enough to see her roommate staring lovingly down at her with a smile of delight, a smile that Lissa realized must resemble the one on her own face as well. Then Alya lowered her head and took a nipple into her mouth.

Lissa cried out, almost reaching orgasm right there. The pleasure was so intense that she didn't know how she could even stand it. For never having done this before, Alya sure knew how to suck tits. She started gentle, toying with it with her tongue, then sucked in hard, causing Lissa to squeal in pleasure. She was lost in bliss, aware of nothing around her but her beautiful roommate and the naked sensitivity of her own body.

Alya then moved to the other nipple to give it the same treatment, with the same effect on Lissa. She couldn't control the noises she was making, but she didn't want to. Let the whole world know that Alya was making love to her.

But they still weren't finished. Alya went lower, kissing her just below the breasts, running her tongue right along the edge of the bulge. She continued down to the bottom of Lissa's rib cage, and then to her stomach. This she covered with kisses, from the sternum down to what would be the hair line if Lissa hadn't shaved it all off down there. When she stuck her tongue into her belly button, Lissa burst out laughing. That was one thing she loved about Alya: her playful spirit. Apparently it carried over into her lovemaking, to Lissa's delight.

Alya continued to kiss her, moving around and around the center of her sex, but always a couple of inches away. The anticipation was an exquisite torment, just like it had been before with her breasts. Lissa could feel her body moving, thrusting involuntarily as if trying to find some kind of contact to satisfy her. She needed something, anything there! But Alya teased her mercilessly by coming nearer and nearer but never reaching the prize.

Lissa's moans were mixed with groans of impatience now. The anticipation was pure torture! But it was also so thrilling. The pleasure was building, held back by an invisible dam on the verge of bursting at any moment. The longer Alya waited, the stronger the buildup would be. When that dam broke, what a flood of ecstasy would emerge!

"I think I've teased you long enough," Alya told her. "Are you ready for the grand finale?"

"Oh yes, Alya! I can't wait any longer! Please eat my pussy!" Lissa was shocked to hear the words come out of her own mouth. They happened automatically, without any thought on her part. That showed just how lost she was in her own desire.

Alya drew in once more, and suddenly Lissa felt the most intensely pleasurable feeling between her legs. Despite having done this several times before, it could not compare to Alya's sweet mouth. Her roommate sought out her bud and attacked it mercilessly, causing Lissa to scream with delight. It was almost like being tickled, but intense and electrical, driving her insane. She thrashed around on the bed, screaming Alya's name over and over again. But that was not the end. Alya lowered her tongue to tease Lissa's pussy lips for a moment, then drove it inside. If the pleasure on her clit had been intense, this was ten times so. She almost passed out from the exhilaration. Again and again Alya thrust, as if trying to prove that her tongue was every bit as good as a penis. She ran it all over the inside, not wanting to miss a spot. Her mouth closed over Lissa in order to give her better access and drive her tongue even deeper.

"Oh God oh God oh God oh God!" Lissa wailed as the felt a surge of pleasure sweeping over her. A moment later it burst forth, and she screamed. Never before in her life had she felt such an intense orgasm. Alya's teasing, along with her love and passion, had done it. The room spun around her; she was dizzy with delight. If the pleasure didn't stop soon she would fall unconscious.

But it did stop, to her regret and relief. She didn't think she could have gone on much longer. She had never known it was possible for the human body to feel such pleasure.

After it was over, Alya crawled back up next to Lissa and lay down. Lissa turned over and lay her head down on Alya's chest, feeling both weak and happy. She was surprised to feel warm tears running down her cheeks, but she didn't care. She had Alya, and that was all that mattered.

"Lissa, why are you crying?" asked Alya. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," Lissa replied. "I'm just so happy that we're together. You don't know what this means to me."

"Yes I do, because it means the same thing to me."

Lissa let herself drop off to sleep then in Alya's arms, the happiest she had felt in as long as she could remember.

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2010-06-04 13:44:44
Because each scene is foregrounded to some degree, most - if not all - of them are expected, by the attentive reader. Sure, there have been a few instances where a little voice in the back of my head has said, "If this scene were cut entirely, no one would miss it." But that could be said of even the greatest fantasy novelists. Take Tolkien, for instance. Tom Bombadil is a neat, enigmatic character, and his chapter (in FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING) is good fun. But if the editors had cut him prior to typesetting, would anyone have sensed a gap in the narrative? Honestly?

Back to PRIMDALES. Yes, there are some scenes that no one would have missed, had the author cut them. Yet, there are remarkably few, for a work of this breadth.

Heck, I've already gone on record as saying that it could afford to be a lot longer.


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My, my. Matt has been productive. Two young ladies transformed, in just one semester. So has Alissa been transformed into a lesbian, or a bisexual? I'm not sure.

As to the length of the book (pursuant to preceding comments): it is as long as it has to be, and no longer. The author has expended considerable effort to develop rich characters and a suspenseful storyline. Those attributes take time, in terms of pages. Suspense cannot be achieved by declarative fiat. It requires plot development. This is a rich, lush novel, and while I have been critical of some of its inconsistencies, one must admire the overall coherency of the narrative framework. For a work of this size, there are remarkably few instances of purely gratuitous or pointless scenes.

(more above)

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Great story I would hate to see it end you should make like spin off series with the different characters

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after reading this series i am the fan of yours

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