Jeff + Brit, Jeff + Lissa at the same time.
Chapter 72
Double Seduction

Lissa's mood was exactly opposite of what she had projected. The sadness and longing was all an act. The truth was that she felt excited to be returning home. She missed her dad, and Allison, and Jeff, and especially little Brit. A part of the old Lissa remained, a part that felt protective of her younger siblings, especially Brit. Jeff was old enough to take care of himself, but Lissa worried about her little sister, especially since her brother who should have looked after her still tended to fight with her all the time. Not that it was all his fault, of course, but without Lissa there to mediate, Brit would be left at the mercy of a boy who was older, stronger, and probably twice her size. He would never deliberately hurt her, but what if he just didn't realize his own strength?

But that was the old Lissa thinking, the one she had cast aside. The new Lissa didn't care. She had no responsibility to them any more; they would just have to learn to get along without her interfering. That thought was liberating, and she smiled.

She took the bus to the airport so she wouldn't have to leave her car in long-term parking. A few hours later she sat aboard the plane, happy and excited, and almost, but not quite, able to ignore her feelings of guilt.

It had to do with Alya. The girl was so sweet, almost innocent in a way. She had fallen for Matt because she was inexperienced in love, not completely emotionally mature. And now Lissa was going to risk destroying her.

It's for her own good, she told herself, but she was hardly convincing. In truth, it was to justify her own vanity. This had become a challenge, and the new Lissa never backed down from a challenge.

Still, it felt like a rotten thing to do to a good person. She could try to rationalize that Alya deserved it for stealing Lissa's boyfriend, but even that was a stretch. Lissa didn't hate her for that; she had spoken truly when she said that Alya was as much a victim as Lissa was. And she really did care about Alya's feelings. The two of them had become good friends over this, and Lissa really enjoyed her friendship. She was even willing to admit that she felt a bit lonely here on the plane without Alya there with her. But she had to do what she had to do.

No guilt, she thought. I told myself I would never feel guilt again. Lissa Primdale does what she wants.

After a few minutes of such self-talk, she felt much better about it.

The plane landed a couple of hours later and Lissa disembarked with the rest of the passengers. As she emerged from the long tunnel, she spotted her family standing nearby. She trotted over to them and began to hug them all.

Not surprisingly, Brit hugged her the tightest. That made Lissa feel good; it meant that her little sister was still the same girl she had left behind.

As they made their way to the baggage carousel to pick up her luggage, she told them all about college life. She mentioned Matt and how he had dumped her for her roommate, leaving out the part about how she had found out; Brit was still too young to hear things like that after all. She talked about her Thanksgiving with Meg's family, again leaving out certain incidents. She even left out any mention of Meg's sexuality, saying only that she was a bit of a wild girl.

Brit and Jeff talked with her, asking her plenty of questions. That was strange; for one thing, they didn't say a single harsh word to each other, and for another, Jeff was speaking a lot more than he used to.

Even though it had only been four months, it seemed like the two of them had changed so much. It wasn't that they looked different. In fact, they looked exactly the same. But there was something a little more mature about them. Maybe it was that they weren't constantly fighting and teasing each other. In fact, they actually seemed to like each other! That was shocking, but maybe it was because Brit was now a teenager, too old to play the role of the snotty little brat.

She noticed something else about Jeff as well. He had a confidence now that he had lacked before. He had always been a good-looking kid, but he had a shy streak that manifested itself around girls, even Allison. Now, though, that bashfulness had disappeared completely, replaced by a quiet, inner strength. It was actually quite sexy.

She was about to try to clear her mind of that thought, but then realized, what the hell. The old Lissa wouldn't dare think about things like that, but the new Lissa had no problem with it.

She realized that Brit was also turning into quite the beauty. She had been filling out all summer, and although she still had the figure of a thirteen year old, now her little girl ways had been discarded, leaving a hot little teenager in their place. No doubt all the boys in her junior high were lusting after her.

Dad and Allison, of course, were the same as always. Dad was quiet and conservative, but kept stealing glances at Lissa's body whenever he thought nobody was looking. And why not? He had been doing the same thing the whole summer since the Hawaii trip in June. Allison, of course, was friendly and cheerful, but Lissa couldn't help wondering if she was doing the same thing. It made Lissa feel a little aroused by the thought of them thinking of her in that way.

Then she wondered something else. If Dad and Allison were thinking it, what about Jeff? Lissa's new flirtatious manner, of course, wasn't exactly designed for them, but why not? Was Jeff fantasizing about her right now?

That brought up an intriguing possibility. She had already admitted that she found Jeff sexy. And she was about to spend two weeks with her family, two weeks without much chance of having her way with boys, or girls for that matter. She didn't know if she could stand it. That meant she had to make do with what she had.

She might be able to get Allison to indulge her. After all, they had made good progress down that road six months ago. While that was tempting, she had a better idea in mind. She had already admitted that that trip on the sailboat had been the new Lissa, the one who was willing to do anything. Well, if she was willing to put her own father's dick in her mouth, she would have no qualms about seducing her own brother.

By the time they reached the van, Lissa had made up her mind. She would give Jeff a Christmas present he would never forget!

"I hope you don't mind," said Dad as they drove home from the airport, "but you're going to have to sleep with Brit while you're here. We've been cleaning out the garage, and we have a bunch of crates filling your room temporarily. We've set up the old bunk bed in Brit's room. You know, the one you used when the two of you were younger."

Actually, Lissa did mind, but not for any reason that she was willing to admit to them. No privacy meant that there would be little chance of getting Jeff alone one night and...

"Okay, but I get to sleep on top," she said instead.

"Hey, no fair!" Brit complained.

"It's just for a couple of weeks," Allison told her. "If you want, we can leave the bunk bed set up and you can sleep on top after Lissa's gone."

"Oh, all right," Brit mumbled.

Well, that put an end to Lissa's fantasies about Jeff. On the other hand, since she was already going to sleep in the same room as Brit...

She giggled at just how naughty that thought was. Would even the new Lissa be willing to go that far?

"What's so funny?" asked Jeff.

"Nothing," Lissa responded. "Just a momentary absurd idea I had."

"What kind of idea?"

"Nothing I'd tell you," she smiled sweetly.

"Oh, come on."

"Never you mind, dear," said Allison. "A girl needs her secrets."

Allison would certainly know about that! There was a particular one that Allison and Lissa shared, for instance, that they wouldn't want Jeff or Brit to discover.

"So how's your head, Jeff?" she asked instead.

"My head?"

"Yeah, I heard you had a major concussion. Do you still get headaches and fainting spells?"

"Not for a couple of months now."

"Well, I'm glad. Wouldn't want to have anything spoil your Christmas."

"I have a feeling this is going to be the best Christmas ever," he replied.

"Me too," Brit giggled. Lissa wondered what they meant by that. Was there something they weren't telling her? Not that it really bothered her; if Lissa could have her secrets, they could have theirs.

"So tell me about the accident," she asked.

"The one where Jeff saved my life and became the family hero?" asked Brit with her typical hyperbole.


"Well, there I was standing on the balcony over the great hall. Suddenly, the railing split, and I found myself tumbling down toward the floor. I was just fortunate that Jeff was there, or I might have been killed. He made a diving catch and kept me from hitting the floor head first, but in his effort to rescue me he hit his head on the stairs and knocked himself out."

"Is that true?" Lissa asked Jeff.

"More or less, although Brit makes it sound so much better than it really was. She makes me out to be some kind of hero."

"Do you deny it?" Brit asked.

"Well... no," he said with a grin. "But honestly, I just reacted without thinking."

"Apparently heroism is so much a part of him that he does it automatically," Brit smiled.

"I for one am glad he did," Lissa commented. "Jeff, I want you to promise me something. Promise that you'll always protect your little sister."

"I've promised her that, and I've promised Dad that, so why not you too?" he laughed. "Okay, I'll always protect her."

That took a weight off her shoulders. Seeing them being nice to each other like this and now with Jeff's promise, she didn't have to worry about them ever again. In a way it was sad; she was giving up her long time role, passing it on to Jeff. But that didn't mean she couldn't still be their big sister.

They continued to talk as they drove home, finally pulling into the driveway at the top of the hill. Lissa smiled as years worth of memories of the fun she had had in this house crashed down upon her. It was great to be home.

As soon as she stepped in the house, she gazed up at the Christmas tree standing in the great hall. It rose nearly twenty feet high; Greg spared no expense during the holidays. Lissa smiled, thinking back to previous years, and how she sometimes just sat in the front room staring at the hypnotic blinking lights of the tree.

There wasn't much time to fix dinner, so Allison merely heated up some leftovers, which suited Lissa just fine. Allison's cooking was delicious even reheated the next day.

After dinner they sat in the living room talking about their various adventures over the past few months. Jeff mostly just listened, which wasn't surprising, although he did talk more than he used to. Lissa was glad that he was coming out of his shell. Brit kept retelling the story of how Jeff saved her life, adding a few more details each time, most of which were untrue. Not that it mattered; everyone knew she liked to embellish stories, and it sounded so much more interesting to hear her tell them.

Lissa talked about her failed relationship with Matt, but emphasized that she had forgiven her roommate over it, and now the two of them were best friends. She didn't mention that she was trying to seduce Alya, smiling to herself as she imagined the reactions she would get from her family. Greg would be shocked, Allison would be amused, Brit probably wouldn't understand, and Jeff would probably just sit there grinning.

As bedtime neared, Jeff helped her carry her bags up to Brit's room. Lissa sighed in disappointment. It was really too bad that she would be sleeping there, because it meant there would be no chance of slipping into his room after everyone went to bed. Still, she couldn't fault him for that, and it would only be a couple of weeks after all. Besides, she was just happy to see her little brother and sister again. Jeff was still just as nice to hug as ever.

He was about to go to his room when she grabbed his hand. "Hey you," she grinned. "Don't go away just yet. I'm too excited about seeing you guys to be able to sleep right now."

He smiled, apparently enjoying her company just as much as he was enjoying hers. "Okay," he agreed immediately. "Brit, you don't mind if we stay in here for a while, do you?"

"Are you kidding? I don't want to go to sleep either."

"Fine. So what do we want to do?"

"I've got a deck of cards," Lissa offered. That was a favorite pastime in the Primdale household. When they were younger, the three of them used to stay up late playing cards when they were supposed to be sleeping. They had even made up a few games. Their late-night sessions usually ended when Brit and Jeff started yelling at each other and then their father or mother would come upstairs and berate them for not being in bed. Now that Jeff and Brit were actually getting along together, they might just stay up all night. Her two younger siblings agreed, so she fished through her bags to get the cards.

"Of course, it's more fun to play in our pajamas," Lissa suggested, and both Jeff and Brit nodded. Jeff headed into his room to strip down to his boxer shorts and tee-shirt. When he returned, he saw that Brit and Lissa both wore nothing more than tee-shirts and panties.

He loved the sight of these cuties in their underwear, especially when they sat down. Both girls sat cross-legged, which pressed the material of their panties right up against their skin. Jeff could see the outlines of their pussy lips against the material, and he wondered if they realized what they were doing. He wouldn't put it past either one of them to do it deliberately to tease him.

They agreed on a game, and Lissa dealt the cards. At first they played in silence, not wanting to give away the fact that they were still up. Jeff was usually pretty competitive, but tonight for some reason he kept playing cards that helped his little sister at his own expense. Whenever he did so, Brit grinned appreciatively at him. Once she even threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Okay, you two," said Lissa. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" asked Brit innocently.

"I've been worried about you two for months now. Wondering if you would end up murdering each other or something before I got back. Now you're so affectionate with each other. I've never seen you this way before."

"Things change when someone saves your life," Brit smiled, laying her head on Jeff's shoulder.

"Especially when that person loves you very very much," Jeff smiled at her, and she sighed. Then he turned back to Lissa. "But seriously, there's nothing like a traumatic experience to bring people together. If I hadn't caught her, she could have been killed. Just the thought of never seeing her smiling face again, never hugging her again, never letting her sit on my lap again... well, let's just say I want to get as much of that in as I possibly can."

"You're so sweet, Jeff," Lissa smiled. It really did feel good to know just how much he cared for his little sister. "Come on, group hug!" she said, scooting over to them and throwing her arms around them. The three of them hugged each other with big grins on their faces.

"You just did that to look at my cards," Jeff laughed as soon as she pulled away.

"You caught me!" Lissa replied. It was good to be back home again where she could have laugh and joke and have fun with her brother and sister. Even if she didn't get the chance to sleep with him, it felt nice just being around them. She decided that the new Lissa didn't necessarily have to have sex in order to have fun; whatever felt good was fine.

Unfortunately, over the course of the next half hour as they played the game, they forgot themselves and grew louder and louder. Their laughter was contagious, and they ended up spending more time joking around than playing cards. They started blatantly cheating, not for the purpose of winning but just for the purpose of being silly.

Jeff in particular was having the time of his life. With Brit snuggling up next to him to peek at his cards (the first time he had ever seen cheating being used as an excuse to do something) and Lissa as cheerful as ever, he couldn't help but feel good. Even though with Lissa sleeping in Brit's room there would be no chance for a late-night rendezvous, he was glad she was home for the holidays. There would be plenty of time for sex later. Right now, he just wanted to enjoy himself with his sisters.

Finally, the noise crossed some kind of threshold, and they heard Allison calling from downstairs. "Kids, stop playing and go to bed!" she insisted.

"Yes, Allison," Lissa said grudgingly. "Okay, guys, it's time to put the cards away. Brit, get to bed. Jeff, we'll see you tomorrow."

Brit gave a disappointed groan, then climbed into the lower bunk, and Lissa gathered up the cards and stuffed them back into the box. Jeff turned to head back to his own room, then stopped as he caught Lissa winking at him. What did she mean by that? He watched her as she climbed up to the top bunk, arching her back to display prominently her panty-covered ass. He found himself excited at the sight of her. Had she done that on purpose? Was she really trying to arouse him like that?

She turned and saw him staring at her, but did nothing but smile. "How about we play one more hand?" she asked, showing him the box of cards still in her hands. "Come over here, Jeff. We'll play in my bed." She gave another wink, and Jeff wondered if she had intended the double meaning of her words.

His throat dry, he made his way over to the bed.

"What about me?" asked Brit.

"This round will just be Jeff and me," said Lissa. "Tomorrow we'll play some more with you."

"Hey, that's not fair."

"I'll make it up to you, Brit," said Jeff. "I promise."

"Fine," Brit said with a grin that told him she knew exactly how he could make it up to her.

Lissa removed the deck from the box and began to shuffle. Jeff continued to watch her as he stood next to the bed. Every move she made was sexy, whether she realized it or not. Maybe she did realize it. She had been flirting with him all vacation, so maybe she wanted to get a reaction out of him. Even something as simple as shuffling cards was arousing when Lissa did it. He remembered what she looked like naked in those pictures, and imagined her like that right now, with those gorgeous tits bared in front of him.

She dealt the cards, and then suddenly put her finger to her lip to signal silence, a strange gleam in her eye. Without a word, she took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

It was the hardest thing he had ever done, stifling the gasp at seeing her. She wore no bra, giving him a perfect view of her amazing torso. Her breasts were just the way he had remembered them. His big sister was showing off for him! He felt himself growing hard, and wondered if he could hide it from Brit's eyes.

Then he felt something on his crotch, and realized that it was his little sister's hand. What was she doing? As she grasped the waistband of his shorts, he realized what it was.

This was crazy! His big sister was showing off for him on the top bunk, and his little sister was going to play with his dick on the bottom! Had they planned this together? Did either of the girls even know about what the other one was doing? As his dick sprang free and Lissa took his hand and put it to her tit, he nearly laughed at the absurdity of it all. Not only was he getting naughty with two girls at the same time, but it was likely that neither of them knew about the other one. And on top of that, they were his sisters!

He felt the pleasure of Brit's hand slowly stroking his cock and Lissa maneuvered his own hand for her own pleasure. She slipped it onto her breast, and he gave it a squeeze. She stifled a gasp at the sudden pleasure, and he grinned at her response. He enjoyed the feel of her breast in his hand, especially her nipple. She flashed him a dreamy look as she gazed at him, licking her lips.

Suddenly he felt moisture on the tip of his cock, and he wondered what it was. Then he gulped as he realized, it was Brit's tongue! Though this was far from the first time she had ever done that to him, he wondered what made her do it now. Perhaps the fear of getting caught was actually stimulating her, driving her wild. Maybe it was the same with Lissa. They were both doing this because they were aroused by the danger of it all. And now that he thought about it, that same danger was exciting him as well. What would Brit say if she knew he was groping Lissa in the bunk above her? And what would Lissa say if she knew that Brit was licking his cock below?

Then he felt his little sister's lips wrap around it, and she began to suck. The pleasure came in waves as she sucked him in and out. He realized there was no way to warn her when he was about to come, and worried about what would happen then. If he shot it off onto her face, there would be no hiding the evidence. Maybe she would stop before it reached that far. On the other hand, she liked to swallow, so more than likely she would let it go all the way. He was just worried that he might not be able to keep from crying out, especially when he climaxed.

Lissa, meanwhile, had slipped his hand off of her breasts and maneuvered it down between her legs. She slipped it inside her panties, where he suddenly realized that she had no hair there. Apparently she had shaved it all off since the trip to Hawaii. His finger found her clit, and he began to rub it. Lissa put a hand over her mouth to cover the sounds of pleasure she was starting to make. Jeff watched her tits jiggle as she breathed heavily in her aroused state, her chest rising and falling.

Jeff was in heaven. Just the thought of fondling his older sister like this was exhilarating, but the added bonus of the intense pleasure of his little sister's mouth on his cock took it to a new level. He wanted to go on forever like this.

But all good things must come to an end. As Brit's oral stimulation worked on his lust, he realized he wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer. Nor did he want to. She had instigated this, and so he had no compunction about taking it to the very end. Though he could give her no warning, she knew that, and so she would get what was (pun intended) "coming" to her.

The pleasure began to spike. Here it was. Little sister was about to get a mouthful of big brother's spunk. He didn't even try to hold back, but let it explode out of his cock. She kept her mouth wrapped tightly around him, sucking harder than ever. She was doing it! She was swallowing!

Lissa reached her peak shortly after; her body tensed up, she squeezed her legs together tightly around his hand, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. For one brief instant he thought she was going to scream and reveal everything, but then she relaxed with a smile of contentment on her features.

Down below, Brit finished coaxing every last drop of cum out of his dick, then silently replaced it inside his shorts. Lissa put her shirt back on, then gathered up the cards, which they hadn't even begun to play.

"Looks like I win," she said with a wink.

"Yes, well, hopefully I'll get a chance to win next time," he replied, and Lissa giggled.

"I'll have to see to that," she grinned.

Jeff turned and headed back to his own room.

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