The girls play a game to see how many orgasms they can give Jeff in one day.
Chapter 69
Test of Stamina

Back home, Jeff and Brit were having just as much fun as their big sister. Jeff hadn't felt so good since the day he had made love to Kari for the first time. Growing up, he had always thought that love was something shared between one man and one woman, but now he knew it was possible for a man to love two women. He was in love with both Kari and Brit. Perhaps Crystal too. And it appeared that they all loved him back.

He still visited Kari whenever he could, especially on days when she said her father wouldn't be home. Spending time alone with her, or with her and Crystal, was one of his favorite pastimes. With winter setting in and people staying indoors more often, he found himself spending more and more time at home, which also suited him fine. He enjoyed being with Brit just as much. With Greg nearby they had to limit their affection for each other, but Brit still tended to sit on his lap a lot, often falling asleep in his arms. Their dad sometimes looked like he didn't approve, but Jeff merely shrugged, trying to act casual about it. He expected at any time for Greg to give them a lecture, but it never came.

Of course, spending time alone with Brit was even more enjoyable. She continued to sleep in his bed, their nude bodies pressed against each other as he held her tightly to him. True to her word, almost every night she performed oral sex on him, bringing him off with her mouth. Apparently, she enjoyed the taste every bit as much as she claimed. He certainly wasn't about to complain.

Sometimes after school with a couple of hours before Greg came home, the two of them would have sex. Allison made it a point to give them some privacy whenever she sensed that they were in the mood, although sometimes she asked if she could watch. Despite her decision not to have sex with Jeff again, now that he had seen her nude body she had no problem taking her clothes off in front of them. Sometimes as they made love in his bed, Allison sat nearby playing with herself as she watched her two stepchildren. Sometimes they all took their clothes off and relaxed in the hot tub, Brit sitting in Jeff's lap of course, usually with his cock nestled inside her pussy.

Allison confessed one day that she often fantasized about getting Greg to join in. She thought it would be exciting to make love to Greg while Jeff made love to Brit on the same bed. Of course, that wasn't likely to happen any time soon. It would mean revealing the incestuous affair to their dad, not a pleasant thought at all. So they had to content themselves with keeping it a secret.

Then there were those rare times when Greg was absent from the house all day. Sometimes he would go out with Allison and spend the night in a hotel somewhere, but sometimes he would be out on another business trip. He admitted that he didn't really like traveling; he would much rather stay home with his family. Allison mentioned something about having her sister make use of 'that letter' more often, with a wink and a sly grin. Greg blushed, but it was obviously an inside joke, so Jeff decided not to ask about it.

As it so happened, Greg had to go out of town one weekend in early December, which would leave Jeff, Allison, and Brit alone in the house all day Saturday. On Friday afternoon, Greg came home from work early to pack his bags, then hugged Jeff and Brit goodbye, gave Allison a long, drawn-out kiss, and headed out to his car. Jeff helped him pack the bags in the trunk, and Greg climbed in and drove off to the airport.

About half an hour after he left, Jeff got a call from Kari.

"Hi Kari," he said cheerfully as soon as Allison, who had originally answered it, handed the phone to him.

"Hi Jeff," Kari replied. "Are the rumors true? Is your Dad going to be gone all day tomorrow?"

"That's right," he grinned. "Another business trip. Just a short one this time. He's already left, and he'll be back Sunday. Do you and Crystal want to come over?"

"Do we ever!" Kari exclaimed. "In fact, I've got a great idea of a game we can play."

"I always like your games. Somehow I always end up winning."

"There are no losers in my games," said Kari.

"Good point. I especially like... um... your Dad's not in hearing distance, is he?"

"Nope. He had to go down to the school for something. So we can use all the sexiest, filthiest, raunchiest language we want. If you want to talk about shoving that big ol' dick of yours right down my throat, that's fine. If you want to talk about my little sister running her tongue all over the outside and inside of my pussy until I cum all over her face, that's fine. If you want to talk about little Britney wrapping her lips around your rod and sucking all the sperm out, that's fine too. Or maybe you'd like Allison to do it. She told me all about the one time she did that to you. She said she loved it, especially when you squirted your cum into her mouth. She said that if she wasn't already married to your father, she'd want to be your sex slave."

"She did not!" Jeff laughed.

"Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Anyway, I have a request."

"What is it?"

"I want you well rested for the fun and games tomorrow. Especially your cock. So don't let Brit suck you off tonight."

"I'm not sure I can stop her."

"Just tell her she can do it in the morning instead."

"Wait. It's not okay tonight, but it's okay tomorrow? I'm confused."

"Just trust me on this one," Kari told him. "It's all part of the game. I'll explain it tomorrow morning."

"Okay. I trust you."

"Good. Well, I've got to go. All that dirty talk has made me horny. I'm going to make Crystal get me off."

"Hey, no fair!" he jokingly complained. "You're allowed to have your little sister do that for you, but I'm not."

"Oh, if you want to do a little groping that's fine. But no orgasms until tomorrow. That's an order."

"Yes ma'am," he grinned.

"Besides, when I explain my game, you'll be glad you waited."

"That's something I can definitely believe."

"See you later."


He relayed the message to Brit, who was a little disappointed that she didn't get to blow him that night, but grudgingly agreed to wait until morning for the sake of Kari's mysterious game. Allison, who was sitting nearby and listening to the conversation, commented that she was curious about this game. She had planned to spend most of the day in town shopping, but decided it would be much more fun to stay home and watch.

That night, Brit and Jeff climbed into bed together, but this time they simply hugged and kissed until they were too tired to continue, finally dropping off to a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.


In the morning, Jeff awoke to the familiar but intensely pleasurable feeling of his little sister's lips wrapped around his cock. He groaned as she slurped on it, sucking it deep into her mouth. What he loved most about it was her enthusiasm. She seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as he did, impossible though that seemed.

He lifted his head and gazed down at her beautiful face. She glanced up at him and smiled around his dick, an expression that somehow managed to be both cute and erotic at the same time. He couldn't believe how sexy his little sister was.

It didn't take long for her to bring him off. When she first started sucking his cock, he always warned her before he ejaculated. But then she told him that she liked to be taken by surprise, so now he just let it happen. Somehow, amazingly, she had never let a single drop spill out of her mouth. She swallowed everything he gave her.

After the morning blowjob, the two of them got up and headed into the shower. They washed each other's backs, then turned around and hugged each other under the steaming water. Jeff reached his hand down between their bodies and fingered her pussy. Since she had been kind enough to get him off, he wanted to return the favor. He let his soapy fingers rub her all over, teasing her clit mercilessly. Since the only one within hearing distance was Allison, she didn't even try to contain her moans, letting them all come out. After a few minutes of stimulation, she screamed in ecstasy. Her legs gave out, but Jeff had expected it, and wrapped his other arm around her waist to hold her up. She wasn't particularly heavy, so it didn't bother him to hold her even as she rested against him in post-orgasmic exhaustion. After a minute or two, she planted her feet again and stood up, giving him a thank-you kiss on the cheek.

After their shower, they dressed and headed downstairs to breakfast. They met Allison in the great hall, and were about to head into the dining room when they heard a knock at the door. Jeff hurried over and opened it, knowing who it would be. Kari immediately dashed in and gave him a hug and kiss. Crystal followed, though she limited her display of affection to just a hug for Jeff and Brit because her dad was still in the car watching. Jeff waved to him, then closed the door. Immediately, Crystal jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss that put Kari's to shame.

After a few seconds, she broke off the kiss and climbed down.

"So what's the special occasion?" he asked with a grin.

"You'll find out."

"Anyway, have you had your breakfast, Jeff?" asked Kari. "You're going to need to get your strength up for the game I have in mind."

"We were just about to head in to breakfast right now," said Allison. "If Jeff needs to get his strength up, why don't I fix us all some ham and eggs, with toast and jam on the side?"

They all agreed, so the five of them adjourned to the dining room. Allison disappeared into the kitchen to make breakfast. Jeff asked Kari what the game was that she had in mind, but Kari said she would wait until Allison was done in the kitchen so that she could tell her as well.

About ten minutes later, Allison emerged carrying a couple of plates of food. She set these down in front of the Williams girls, then went back to the kitchen for the rest. Soon they all had their food in front of them, and they set to work eating the meal.

"So Jeff, did Brit suck you off this morning?" asked Kari.

"That's a little blunt," Allison told her.

"I need to know," Kari explained. "For statistical purposes."

"Well, who am I to get in the way of statistics?" Jeff smiled. "As a matter of fact, Brit gave me one hell of an orgasm with her mouth this morning."

"Good," Kari smiled. "Because the game I have in mind is to see how many orgasms the four of us can give you today. We're hoping for a new personal record."

A broad grin spread across Jeff's face. As usual, Kari had come up with a great game.

"The four of us?" asked Allison. "I take it you're including me in this?"

"That's up to you," Kari told her. "Considering how much Jeff likes you, I'm guessing you'll be able to get an extra orgasm out of him that the rest of us can't. Maybe two."

"Well, I suppose if it's in the name of statistics, I'm willing to do my part," Allison grinned. "I am a math teacher after all."

"I'll keep count," Crystal offered.

"I don't expect it will be so many that there's a chance of losing track," said Jeff.

"You underestimate us," Kari grinned.

"I half hope you're right," he laughed.

They finished eating breakfast, then Allison cleared the table and took the dishes into the kitchen to place them in the dishwasher. She came back out and joined the kids, who were adjourning to the front room.

"So how are we going to do this?" asked Brit.

"I've got an idea," Crystal replied. "It's simple, really. First, we tackle Jeff and rip his clothes off!" She pounced on him, nearly knocking him over. Brit, Kari, and Allison followed her lead, and in a moment Jeff found himself surrounded by four sex-crazed girls stripping him. Allison grabbed him from behind and pulled him to the ground, where the girls pinned him down and finished removing all of his clothes. He lay there helpless and at their mercy, completely naked but laughing in amusement.

"Now spread his arms and legs," Crystal suggested. Allison and Kari grabbed his arms and pulled them to the side, while Brit and Crystal each took a leg. He might have been able to fight them off with tremendous effort, but that really wasn't the point. He made a token struggle, but mostly he just let the girls do what they wanted.

Now that they had him pinned, Brit and Crystal reached for his cock, letting their hands wrap around the shaft. They worked in unison, pumping him up and down. At the same time, Kari and Allison, who were kneeling on his arms to keep him from escaping (not that he wanted to), began undressing each other. Jeff watched in excitement from his prone position below them as the two women of his fantasies pulled off each other's shirts, then leaned in even closer to reach around and work on their bras. He grinned with delight when the garments came off, and he found himself staring up at their bare chests.

"I'll bet Jeff won't stand a chance if we fondle each other," suggested Kari.

"Let's find out," Allison grinned, then reached out and cupped Kari's breasts in her hand. Kari giggled, returning the favor. The two women teased each other's boobs with their hands, rubbing and caressing them right over Jeff's head.

"Looks like that blowjob you gave him this morning really took a lot out of him," Crystal told Brit. "I was sure as soon as he saw your stepmom and my sister playing with each other, he would climax right there."

"This calls for drastic measures," said Kari. She leaned forward and took one of Allison's nipples into her mouth.

That did it. Jeff cried out as the sight overwhelmed him. At the last second, Crystal lowered her head and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, and he erupted almost violently. She eagerly slurped down his cum as he shot over and over again into her mouth.

After it was over, he lay there panting and exhausted. The girls climbed off of him, letting him rest.

"Poor Jeff," Brit smiled, snuggling up to him. "I think he needs a little nappy-wappy."

"Good idea," said Allison. "I think between each orgasm, we're going to have to let Jeff rest for a while. Say, half an hour. He's still young; that should give him plenty of time to recover. Jeff, if you want to sleep, go right ahead. We'll wake you when it's time."

He nodded, still too tired to say anything. He closed his eyes, gave a contented sigh, and drifted off to sleep.


He awoke later to the thrilling sight of two pairs of lesbians going at each other on either side of him. On the right, Allison lay on her back with Kari on top of her. The two girls were locked in a sixty-nine position, eagerly devouring each other's pussies. On the left, Brit lay on top of Crystal in a similar position. His cock, softened from two previous orgasms that day, started growing stiff again.

Jeff reached out and slid one of his hands onto Kari's breast and the other one onto Brit's. Both glanced over at him with a smile.

"You woke up too soon," Kari whined. "We were planning to wake you by screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy."

"Now that's my kind of alarm clock," Jeff grinned.

"Even better than this morning's?" asked Brit.

"Let's just call it a close second," he replied. "But if you're interested in waking me that way, I could always close my eyes and pretend to be asleep."

"Never mind that," said Kari. "Now that you're awake, you can join us. Last time we held you down and didn't let you do anything, so we'll make up for it by letting you do anything you want."


"Well, not quite," Allison told him. "I'm going to have to insist on setting a few limitations because I'd like to maintain at least a semblance of marital fidelity to your father. So you're not allowed to put any part of your anatomy into any part of my anatomy."

"But I had my heart set on putting my toe in your ear," he teased.

"Too bad, because that's exactly what I had in mind when I made that rule," said Allison with a smirk.

"Oh, so you're not so concerned with me putting my penis in your vagina then?" he grinned.

"Nice try, buster," she laughed.

"Well then, Brit, you don't mind filling in for Allison, do you?"

"Ooh! My horny brother wants to put his penis in my vagina!" Brit squealed playfully. "Whatever shall I do?"

"Let him," Crystal replied. "That makes it convenient for me, because I don't have to make up my mind about which of you I want to taste more."

Jeff rose up to his knees, then crawled around behind his little sister. She glanced back at him, giving a little giggle as he placed his hands on her waist and stroked her for a second. Meanwhile, Crystal, who lay with her head under Brit's pussy, grabbed his cock and licked the shaft.

"Hey, no fair!" Brit playfully complained. "It's not even in me yet."

"Well, let's take care of that then," said Crystal. She raised his cock, lining it up with her hole. Jeff pressed forward a little, at the same time that Brit pushed back. He slid into her warm, moist tunnel, sighing with delight. He loved having sex with his little sister; not only was she an absolutely gorgeous girl, but he loved her perhaps more deeply and thoroughly than he loved anyone else, including Kari.

He thrust in a couple more times, going deeper with each push. Taking her from behind like this was something he hadn't done before. Normally he preferred to have her facing him, so that he could feel her body against his own and have her beautiful face constantly before his eyes. But he enjoyed doing it this way as well. It was less intimate, true, but there was a certain naked, sexual rawness about it. By holding her by the hips, he could pound her a lot harder than the more traditional missionary position.

Judging from her squeals of delight as he thrust deep inside her body, she apparently liked it. Of course, some of those squeals were due to Crystal's tongue and lips pleasuring both of them. The girl licked all over the area, from Jeff's balls to Brit's clitoris. The extra stimulation on his shaft added an intensity to the pleasure, already intense from the feeling of his sister's body wrapped around his cock.

At the other end, he could see Brit going down on Crystal's pussy. She had her lips wrapped around it, sucking and licking and nibbling, and causing Crystal to make some of the same noises that Brit made. He could see Crystal's body writhing around under Brit, her legs spread wide and her hips thrusting. He loved the sight of the two girls pleasuring each other, especially since they were both giving him the same pleasure.

He glanced over at Kari and Allison, who had pretty much forgotten about them, lost in their own ecstasy with each other. This sight was even more erotic, because it involved Allison, the sexiest woman ever to walk the earth, and Kari, the girl he had fantasized about for years. Together, it was an insane combination of sexiness, a sheer mass of eroticism more intense than anything he had ever seen.

He thrust hard and deep, unable to control his urges with the sight of so much girl flesh surrounding him. He could hear Brit moaning from the double pleasure of his cock and Crystal's tongue, and the sounds drove him even more into a frenzy. When she cried out in orgasmic delight, it pushed him over the edge and he gave one last, deep, powerful thrust as he erupted inside his little sister's body.

After it was over, he collapsed on the floor next to the girls. Brit continued to eat out her best friend until Crystal too achieved orgasm. Jeff turned his head and smiled, watching the beautiful sight of Allison and Kari still going at it. After a few more minutes, Allison screamed in pleasure, and Kari followed.


After resting for a while, they got up and cleaned up the mess they had made on the floor. As it was getting close to noon, they adjourned to the dining room for lunch. Brit insisted on sitting on Jeff's lap, and he had no problem with that. After the series of orgasms he had already had, his cock remained limp even with Brit squirming all over him trying to get it back up. He figured he would need to rest for a while after lunch before being able to continue.

Allison mixed up a chef's salad, saying that what everyone needed right now was energy food, meaning plenty of vegetables. Jeff normally preferred a heavier concentration of meat at meals, but he couldn't fault her logic. He certainly needed energy if he was going to be able to perform to the girls' expectations.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was, to have four women all willing to give him pleasure like this. There was no jealousy there, just a spirit of sharing. Of course, they also shared each other, so how could they complain? Allison, of course, was the exception; of the four of them she was the only one not willing to have sex with him. But she sure seemed willing to see how far she could push the boundaries. Crystal had been smitten with him ever since he had taken her out, and seemed perfectly happy taking second place to her big sister. He liked to think it was because she liked him enough that she was willing to take whatever she could get of him, even knowing she could never officially be his girlfriend. Of course, she had Brit to keep her company. Brit, his sweet little sister. God, how he loved her! Despite the two girls of his fantasies being right here in front of him, he had to admit that he loved Brit more than either of them. Maybe it was just because she was both sister and lover to him, or maybe there was more to his love than just the sum of its parts.

Then there was Kari. Devoted, understanding, and the least jealous person he had ever met. Not only had she accepted his relationship with these other girls, she had been enthusiastic about it from the beginning. Like Allison with Greg, Kari not only didn't mind sharing Jeff, she enjoyed it. Of course, being bisexual herself, it did open up opportunities with some really gorgeous girls for her too, but Jeff liked to believe that she would have shared him even if she were completely straight.

She caught him looking at her, and gave him a smile. Jeff smiled back at her, and suddenly he realized what he wanted to do next. "You guys, would you mind leaving Kari and me alone for a while?" he asked them. "She's been such a good sport about sharing me, but right now I want to spend some intimate time alone with my girlfriend."

Kari beamed at him, leaning in to kiss him. "I love you, Jeff," she told him.

"I love you too."

"Ew, if you guys are going to get all mushy, I'm leaving!" Crystal laughed. "Come on, Brit. Let's go jump in the hot tub and play with each other's boobs. Do you want to come too, Allison?"

"Sure," she smiled. The three of them got up and headed out of the room, leaving Jeff alone with Kari.

"Let's go upstairs to my room," he told her. Kari nodded, and he took her hand. Together they ascended the stairs and entered his bedroom. They immediately lay down on the bed next to each other. Jeff leaned in and kissed her on the lips, letting his hand stray to one of her breasts. She smiled around his kiss, enjoying the contact.

Eventually he broke the kiss, but he continued to lie there gazing at her beautiful face.

"You know," he said, "ever since Crystal and Brit got involved in our relationship, I've kind of missed spending time alone with you."

"Me too," she replied, reaching out and stroking his cheek. "I mean, it's fun with them and everything, but I like having you to myself once in a while too."

"So it doesn't bother you? I mean, now that I've fallen in love with Brit too. Let's face it, she gets to be alone with me a lot more than you do."

"Jeff, I've already told you, I think what you two share is beautiful. I love you, and I love Brit, and I love Crystal. I couldn't imagine not having them a part of our relationship."

"Me either," he smiled, then leaned in and kissed her again. She lay back on the bed, and Jeff immediately began kissing her cheek and neck, watching for the familiar signs of her arousal. He had been making love to Kari long enough now that he knew just what turned her on, and he could gauge how excited she was by the smallest movements of her body.

As he slid his hand onto her breast, she sucked in her breath. Jeff gently massaged her there, enjoying the feel of it in his hands. As he fondled her, he let his lips wander lower, down to her upper chest. He kissed her all over there, letting his tongue brush against her skin and causing her to shudder. He let his instincts take over now, reacting to her own reactions that let him know what she needed. He kissed his way to her other breast, gently moving up the hill until he reached the peak, where he sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to whimper in pleasure.

He spent a few minutes sucking and groping her breasts, then began to kiss down her body even further. Kari moaned in anticipation, spreading her legs. Jeff descended to her stomach, kissing her all over and enjoying the closeness as it rose and fell with her breathing, which had become heavy and labored. He continued downward, finally reaching her beautiful, sweet pussy. He let his tongue run up the slit, loving the taste of her juices. Her hips squirmed as he ate her out, especially when he teased her clit with his tongue. Her whimpers continued, growing louder and more frequent, and he knew it was time to take it to the next level. He sat up, then lowered his body on top of hers, pressing his cock inside her pussy. They both sighed as he slipped inside of her, burying himself in her hot and moist body.

Their lips met again, and they kissed each other passionately as he began to thrust gently, rocking his hips slowly back and forth. Kari closed her eyes and threw her head back, reaching her arms around his back and holding him tightly to her. Jeff increased the tempo, now pushing harder and faster.

Already warmed up from his previous ministrations, Kari climaxed first. Jeff, however, wasn't even close to being through. The previous orgasms of the day had taken a lot out of him. As it turned out, Kari didn't mind a bit, because she ended up climaxing again before he finally released his load inside of her.

They lay there in each other's arms for a few minutes, relaxing in the closeness and enjoying the warmth of one another's bodies like they usually did. Kari had once told him that she enjoyed this part almost as much as the act itself, and Jeff had to agree with her.

After a quick shower, they left the room and headed down to the basement to look for the other girls.

When they arrived downstairs, they found Allison and the girls sitting in the hot tub. Allison rested against the side, her arms spread out around the rim and her head thrown back with her eyes closed and an ecstatic smile on her face. Brit and Crystal sat next to her, sucking on her nipples. From the positions of their hands, he could tell that they were also fingering her between the legs.

Allison cried out and shuddered in ecstasy a moment later, then gave out an exhausted groan as her body relaxed. Brit and Crystal lifted their heads from her boobs, and only then did they spy Kari and Jeff.

"That was quite the show," Kari commented with a grin.

"We aim to please," Brit replied.

"I think Allison was the one you were pleasing," Jeff laughed.

"So I take it you two are done then?" asked Brit.

"We're done," said Kari. "But I'll bet Jeff still has a couple more orgasms in him. Does anyone have any idea of what to do this time?"

"Brit and you have both had Jeff's cock in your pussy today, and I'm getting a little jealous," said Crystal. "I don't care how we do it, as long as I get fucked by him."

"That's fine with me," said Jeff, "but I'm not going to be up for it for a while. In the mean time, you don't mind if I join you in the hot tub, do you? It looks nice and relaxing."

"I'm not sure if there's room for five of us," said Brit.

"That's all right," Allison replied. "I think I'm going to lie down for a nap. You girls took a lot out of me."

Jeff watched in delight as she climbed out of the tub, water dripping from her glistening skin. It was a sign of his exhaustion that he didn't immediately start getting hard again. He continued to watch her as she picked up a towel and dried herself off, not bothering to turn modestly away from his eyes. She even gave him a wink when she caught him staring.

"I thought you were going to get in with us," said Kari. He glanced at her, surprised to see that she had already climbed in. He had been so distracted with seeing Allison's nude body that he had lost all track of time.

"Um... yeah," he said, embarrassed. He ascended the steps to the tub, then lowered himself into the water.

"Don't worry," she said. "I don't blame you for getting distracted."

"Jeff's got the hots for his mommy," Brit teased.

"You got that right," he grinned. "And I've got the hots for my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's little sister, and my own little sister. Now what do you think of that?"

"I think you're a pervert," she giggled. "That's why you fit right in with this group."

Brit insisted on giving him a back rub, which he wasn't going to argue with. Kari and Crystal decided to do the same to each other. Jeff loved the feeling of his sister's hands on his back, especially with the sight of the two girls in front of him touching each other tenderly. Even though their hands never strayed to the intimate parts of their body, he found the sight thrilling and beautiful.

After about ten blissfully relaxing minutes, Brit leaned in and hugged Jeff, pressing her chest up against his back. "Now you have to do the same for me," she whispered in his ear. He nodded, and the two of them changed places. Jeff ran his hands all over her beautiful, soft, youthful skin, still watching Kari and Crystal, who had by now turned to face each other and were fondling each other's breasts.

Eventually, Jeff reached around and let his own hands move to Brit's chest, massaging her there and toying with her nipples. He realized with delight that he was starting to grow hard again, which meant he would be able to give Crystal what she wanted after all.

After about ten more minutes of playing around, they decided it was time to get out. Brit and Crystal had been in far too long after all. When Jeff stood up, all three pairs of eyes fastened on his now solid cock.

"Does that mean you're ready for me?" asked Crystal.

"Sure does," he grinned.

"Well then, let's hurry up and get down to business."

They retrieved several towels from the bathroom closet and set to work drying each other. The girls playfully fought over who got to dry Jeff, but for all their fighting, they had just as much fun with each other as with him.

"Do you know what I want to do?" asked Crystal as soon as they finished.

"You already told us what you want to do," Brit giggled.

"Oh, but I haven't told you how I want to do it."

"Okay, I'm game. How do you want to do it?"

"I want to go out back to Brit's art studio and take pictures of Jeff fucking me."

"I like that idea!" Brit exclaimed. She grabbed Jeff's and Crystal's hand. "Come on!"

"Wait a minute," Jeff chuckled. "We need to get dressed first."


"Because it's December," he replied. "And last I checked, we need to go outside to get to the studio."

"So?" Brit grinned.

"I don't know about you, but if I'm going to have sex, the last thing I need is a blast of cold air on my cock."

"So we'll just warm it up afterward," Kari winked. Jeff glanced at her, seeing the smile on her face, and decided that the possibilities in that one sentence were too intriguing to pass up.

"Okay," he conceded.

They hurried up the stairs, where they took a moment to tell Allison where they were going. Then they headed down the hall to the back door. Upon opening it, they all shivered in the cold. There was no snow on the ground, but the temperature was probably in the low forties. They hurried down the stairs and across the lawn, laughing and shrieking at the feeling of the cold ground on their bare feet. They scrambled into the guest house and closed the door behind them, then grabbed each other and huddled together for warmth. Jeff, at least, felt that that alone made it worth the brief trip outside.

"And now for the aforementioned warming up of your cock," said Kari. She knelt down in front of him, opened her mouth, and breathed on it. Her hot breath certain had its effect, especially when Brit and Crystal followed her example. It was a lot like the hair dryer trick that Rachael had shown him, rather pleasant in fact. After shrinking in the cold air, it immediately grew back to full hardness.

Brit headed over to set up her tripod. Crystal grabbed Jeff's hand and led him over to the couch.

"Wait a minute," said Brit. "Let's not get my couch all messy. Help me put a sheet over it."

Between the four of them, they quickly had the couch completely covered. Jeff sat down, and Crystal and Kari took positions beside him. He threw his arms over their shoulders, and they both took hold of his cock and started stroking it.

"Wait a minute," said Brit, still fiddling with her camera on the tripod. "There's no point in getting naughty yet because the camera's not set up."

"That's assuming that the camera is the point of getting naughty," said Crystal.

Brit giggled, and the girls continued to stroke him. Finally, Brit finished her preparations, and began snapping pictures. Kari and Crystal immediately got into it, stroking him harder and then kneeling on the floor in front of him so that they could lick his cock from the sides so that the camera could see the action. Jeff couldn't help but grin as the girls had their fun.

Then Crystal rose up and sat down on Jeff's lap, facing the camera. He reached around and began fondling her breasts. Kari took this opportunity to position herself in front of Jeff and Crystal so that she could lick her sister's cunt. That meant that Brit had to move the camera to the side so that she could photograph the action without Kari in the way.

After a few minutes of Kari alternating between Jeff and Crystal, with Crystal squirming around on Jeff's lap, Crystal said she was ready. She rose up a couple of inches and scooted forward. Kari took Jeff's cock in her hand and positioned it beneath her sister's pussy. Crystal gently lowered her body, impaling herself on his hardened member. They both groaned as he slid up inside her.

That wasn't the end of Kari's part, though. As Crystal bounced up and down on Jeff's lap, Kari licked them both, eliciting squeals of delight from her little sister and moans of pleasure from Jeff.

He glanced over and noticed that Brit was also fingering herself even as she snapped the pictures. He didn't know how well those shots would turn out; she seemed to be paying more attention to her own needs than to the camera. Still, he couldn't exactly blame her. He was in a similar state of mind, with the two girls giving him pleasure.

They were in that same position when the door opened, sending a blast of cold air in and causing the girls to shriek at the sudden chill. Allison hurried and stepped through, nude and shivering. She quickly shut the door behind her.

"Brr!" she said. "It's cold out there!"

"I'll warm you up," Kari volunteered. She hopped up and dashed over to throw her arms around Allison. The two girls embraced, their arms around each other and rubbing each other's backs.

A moment later, Crystal reached her peak. Her body tensed up as she gave out a long wail of ecstasy. Surprisingly, Jeff wasn't far behind. Perhaps the sight of the naked girls hugging did it to him. It wasn't the first time he had seen Allison and Kari touching, even that day, but the erotic sight, coupled with Crystal's pussy clamping down on his cock in her orgasm, pushed him over the edge.

A minute later, he slumped back against the couch, tired but happy. He had lost track of the number of orgasms he had had that day, but he thought it was probably more than he had ever had in one day before.

Crystal climbed off his lap. She grabbed a paper towel from beside the nearby sink and cleaned herself off. There was no need for Jeff to do the same, because Brit knelt in front of him and took care of it with her mouth. As soon as she finished, she stood up with a grin on her face. "Yummy," she commented. "My two favorite flavors mixed together."

"That's probably it for me," said Jeff. "I'm exhausted."

"Not so fast," Kari told him. "There's a reason we involved your stepmom in this game. Allison, it's up to you now."

Allison grinned. "I'm sure I can squeeze one more orgasm out of you, Jeff."

"Oh god!" he groaned, imagining the possibilities.

"Come here," she said, taking his hand.

"Do I have to get up?" he complained. "I'm so tired."

"If we're going to do this, we have to do it right. Unless you want to give up now and leave the count as it is."

Jeff stood up. He was willing to put forth a little more effort if it meant another orgasm, especially if it was Allison giving it to him. Instead of taking him out of the room, however, she simply had him stand aside. "Brit," she said, "take a seat."

Brit followed her instructions, sitting down on the couch.

"Now spread your legs," Allison told her, and Brit did as instructed.

"Jeff," said Allison, "your little sister has spent a lot of time sitting in your lap these past months. So now it's your turn. Go sit down in her lap."

He smiled, then walked over to the couch again. He sat down in front of Brit, lying back against her chest. Allison had her put her legs up over Jeff's thighs, her feet between his knees to spread his legs. Brit reached around Jeff and hugged him from behind.

"So now you've got a nice, soft, warm cushion for your back," said Allison. "Now let's add a couple more to your sides. Kari and Crystal, go sit next to Jeff."

The Williams girls enthusiastically climbed onto the chair, leaning in against him. He wrapped his arms around their waists and hugged them.

"everyone nice and comfy?" asked Allison. "Brit, you're not being squished?"

"I'm doing just fine," said Brit.

"Good," smiled Allison. "Now you've got naked girls on three sides of you, Jeff. It looks like it's up to me to take care of the front."

"God, yes!" he exclaimed, realizing what she meant.

Allison approached, but to his disappointment she didn't sit down in his lap like he expected. Instead, she leaned forward. "Does my little Jeff have a kiss for Mommy?" she asked in that playfully seductive voice he had heard her use before.

"I always have a kiss for Mommy," he replied, playing along.

Allison took his head in her hands, leaned in, and pressed her lips against his. It wasn't the most motherly kiss he had ever received, but he certainly wasn't going to point that out. He merely relaxed and enjoyed it, especially when she thrust her tongue inside his mouth. He teased her tongue with his own, letting himself take advantage of her willingness.

Unfortunately, his recent orgasms were enough to keep his cock soft, even as he kissed her. When Allison broke the kiss and glanced down at his lap, he could see the look of disappointment on her face.

"What's wrong, Jeff?" she asked. "Aren't you happy to see Mommy?"

"Oh, I am!" he exclaimed. "I'm really happy to see Mommy. It's just that I'm so tired."

"My poor Jeff," she cooed. "Let's see if Mommy can make you feel better." She grabbed his deflated cock and started stroking it.

"Mommy's going to take good care of you," she smiled. "You just relax against that nice, soft pillow behind you."

Brit giggled at that, then reached up and began to massage his shoulders. Meanwhile, Kari and Crystal leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. They rubbed their bodies up against his, letting their breasts massage him from the side.

By now, he was beginning to grow hard. Allison smiled with delight. "That's it, Jeff," she said. "You can do it. Mommy's rooting for you. Isn't it so sweet of the girls to help you out like this?"

"Yes Mommy," he breathed.

"You know, sometimes I wish I were your real mommy," said Allison.

"I don't care that you're not my real mommy," he replied. "I love you just as much."

"That's very sweet of you, Jeff, but that's not what I mean. I just mean that I missed out on you growing up. I would have loved to feed you, have you snuggle with me when you had a nightmare, help you get ready for school, dress you, undress you, and bathe you."

"Most of those things I wouldn't mind doing with you even though I'm older," Jeff grinned.

"Oh, and especially nurse you," said Allison. "There's a special bond that develops when mommies nurse their babies. It's just too bad we never got to do that."

"I'd be happy to do that right now!" Jeff cheerfully volunteered.

"You would do that?" asked Allison, her eyes lighting up with delight. "You would suck on Mommy's boobies?"

"I love your boobies, Mommy," said Jeff with a grin.

"Thank you, Jeff. I'm so happy that you like them. And they're happy too." She rose up, still stroking his cock, and leaned forward, thrusting her chest into his face. Jeff immediately opened his mouth and took one of her nipples into it. He sucked it gently, letting his tongue tease it inside his mouth. He loved the feel and even the taste of it. He felt it stiffen as he toyed with it.

"Oh god, Jeff, that's wonderful!" Allison exclaimed. "That's it. Suck Mommy's boobies."

"Mind if I have the other one?" asked Kari, who was on the side of the neglected one. She didn't wait for an answer, but leaned in and sucked the other nipple into her mouth.

"No fair!" complained Crystal.

"Don't worry," Allison told her. "I want to feel Jeff's mouth on both of them, so in a few minutes we'll switch."

Jeff was in heaven. Now surrounded on all four side by the girls he loved, having his shoulders massaged by his gorgeous baby sister and his cock stroked by his sexy stepmother, he realized they just might get one more orgasm out of him after all.

After about five minutes, Allison drew back, to Jeff's disappointment.

"That was very good, Jeff," she told him. "You made Mommy feel so good. Now I want to feel your mouth on the other one." She leaned forward again, moving to the side. Jeff opened his mouth and took the other nipple in, which was already damp and solid from Kari's lips. In fact, he thought he could taste a bit of Kari on it, making it all the more delicious.

Crystal of course eagerly took the other one in her mouth, and the two of them sucked on Allison's breasts eagerly and hungrily.

Kari reached out and slipped on of her hands between Allison's legs.

"Oh!" Allison exclaimed at the contact, smiling. By this point, her breathing was heavy and ragged, and she even began to moan a little. Jeff realized that he was making some of the same noises, and for good reason. Between the stimulation on his cock, the soft girl-flesh all around him, and the sight of Allison being sexually fondled, he realized he was close to an orgasm himself.

"I'm just about there..." Jeff groaned, letting her nipple slip out of his mouth.

"Let's not waste it," Allison cautioned. "Somebody hurry and put it in your mouth." She pulled back, but didn't let up with her hand.

"My turn this time," Kari volunteered. She leaned down and wrapped her lips around his cock.

That was enough to push him past the breaking point. With one last wail, he erupted, his cock jerking inside her mouth as it spewed forth its seed. Kari hummed delightedly as she gulped it down. This last orgasm was almost painful, but pleasurable nonetheless. As he came down from the high, he knew for certain that he wouldn't be able to perform again that day.

"Looks like I haven't lost my touch after all," Allison grinned.

"I think... I've reached... my limit," Jeff panted.

"You did well," smiled Kari. "I'm proud of you."

"Now you just go ahead and rest for a while," Brit told him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. "You've earned it."

"So Crystal," said Allison, "what's the grand total?"

"Six," Crystal announced.

"Really?" asked Jeff, astonished.

"Why so surprised? You were there for each one," Brit teased him.

"Well yeah, but... I just didn't think I had it in me."

"Well, now it's in all of us," Brit giggled. "Except poor Allison. You didn't get to have any of his yummy cum inside you."

"That's all right," Allison smiled. "I got three of the cutest girls in the world to get me off, so I'm certainly not complaining. And I'm glad I got to help Jeff to feel really good."

"Just don't expect me to be able to climax six times a day from now on," he laughed.

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