Meg and Sandy start training Lissa on how to seduce girls.
Chapter 68

Lissa felt a little nervous sitting in Meg's car as the two of them drove to Sandy's apartment. She had never been to Sandy's place before, but that wasn't the reason. It was only natural for a girl to be a little scared knowing that in a few minutes she would be starting on the road to becoming a lesbian. Meg asked her for the fourth time if she was sure this was what she wanted, and Lissa nodded. She had made up her mind.

This wasn't just about seducing Alya, though that was a large part of it. This was more about becoming a new person. She thought back on what Rachael had told her two years ago, about coming out of her shell and experiencing new things. If Lissa were to ever reach the point where she could never be taken advantage of again, she needed to be willing to do anything and everything. That way she would never be trapped by people's expectations or her own reluctance. She would be completely free.

Meg pulled into the visitor parking in front of a three-story apartment building with exterior walkways. Instead of turning off the ignition, though, she turned to Lissa. "Last chance to back out," she said. "I can take you back home right now if you want. Sandy will understand if you got cold feet."

"Let's go see her," replied Lissa.

Meg sighed. "Okay," she said. She turned off the car, then the two of them stepped out. Meg led the way to one of the apartments on the ground floor. "Sandy moved down here after her downstairs neighbors complained about all of the noise we were making," Meg grinned. "When we really get into it we sometimes get so active that we fall off the bed, which is annoying for anyone downstairs, especially in the middle of the night. Then of course we keep going, rolling around on the floor and sometimes bumping into things. At least the sound is muffled for people above us."

She knocked on the door, and Sandy opened it. "Hi Meg," she grinned. "Hi Lissa. Come on in."

The two girls stepped into the apartment, closing the door behind them. Sandy threw her arms around Meg and kissed her deeply as Lissa watched. Then she caught Lissa by surprise by doing the same to her. Lissa let the kiss happen, even opening her mouth to allow Sandy to slip her tongue in. Lissa even slipped her arms around the girl, hugging her tightly.

When they broke the kiss, Sandy grinned. "You're one lucky girl, Meg, to have such a hot little roommate who's willing to do this. I think I'll have seconds." She leaned in and kissed Lissa again, and Lissa kissed her back. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as she had expected it to be, but then, it wasn't the first time she had kissed a girl after all. Although it had been two years ago, she remembered that kiss from Rachael. And of course, she had kissed Allison plenty of times on that sailing trip last summer. She hadn't liked either one, but that was mainly because she thought she shouldn't like it. Now that she was more accepting of it, she realized that it really did feel nice.

Sandy pulled back again, a smile on her lips. "Holy shit!" she said. "Lissa's a great kisser! I think I'll have thirds." She leaned in again.

"Stop that," said Meg, and the two girls pulled away.

"Sorry," apologized Lissa. "I didn't mean to make you jealous."

Meg laughed. "You're not making me jealous. That's the first rule of threesomes. No one is allowed to get jealous of what the other two are doing. I just meant that when Sandy gets in these moods, you have to stop her early or she'll go on to fourths, fifths, and twenty-ninths. You're here for lessons, not for a make-out session with my girlfriend."

"Yes, Mistress," said Sandy with a grin. "See? I know how to submit to authority. That's what makes me such a good teacher's aide."

"I'd be curious to know what kind of class that is, where you call the teacher 'Mistress,'" said Lissa.

"English Literature," Sandy replied. "I'm the T.A. for Mrs. Richards."

"Are you sure that's not T. and A?" asked Meg.

Sandy laughed. "Only in my fantasies. For a thirty-year-old woman, Mrs. Richards is hot. That's why I asked for the job. It's too bad she's not willing to take advantage of the situation. I actually did call her Mistress once by accident, but she thought it was a joke."

"So let's get down to business," said Meg. "Sandy, are your roommates all out?"

"None of them have gotten back from Thanksgiving vacation yet. I don't expect any of them until late."

"Good. Let's go to the bedroom."

The three of them headed to the back room, where Meg motioned for Lissa to sit on the bed. "Just so we all have the same expectations," said Meg, "let's discuss what we're going to do. Lissa, I haven't told Sandy the details, but she needs to know part of it. I'm not going to name names, so don't worry. You have your eye on a certain girl who happens to be involved in a relationship with a man. You've never been with a woman before, but this girl is enough to make you want to switch over."

"Must be some girl!" Sandy grinned.

"Oh, she is," Meg said. "I've met her before, and I'm tempted to go after her myself. But anyway, Lissa, because you've never had any lesbian experiences, you need us to teach you so that you can learn to seduce this girl. Am I right so far?"

"Exactly," Lissa replied.

"Then you need to learn not only how to have sex with girls, but how to flirt with them too. How to make them hot for you. Right?"

"Yes," said Lissa.

"Then you've come to the right place," said Meg. "Sandy happens to be an expert on seducing straight girls."

"Oh, I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert," Sandy said.

"Jody, Mandy, and April," Meg told her. "Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. All three of them were straight until you started to work on them."

"Hey! Now you're revealing my love life all the way back to junior high."

"Then just to be fair, I'll reveal mine. First Carla and then you. That doesn't include the occasional flings at parties or the dozens that you and I have picked up for the occasional three- or foursome. Fair enough?"

"Fair enough," laughed Sandy. "So anyway, I guess I have had some experience with straight girls. So Lissa, tell me about your relationship with this mystery woman. Are you friends, or do you worship her from afar, or is it somewhere in between?"

"Oh, we're friends," replied Lissa.

"Have you ever hugged her?"


"Good. One of the benefits of being a woman is that we can be affectionate with each other like that without people thinking we're lesbians. Of course, in Meg's and my case, we don't care what they think, but if you're trying to seduce a straight girl, you can get quite far without her getting suspicious."

"Anyway, we'll save that for a future lesson," said Meg. "I was thinking, one time isn't going to do it. We need to make this an ongoing thing. Say, twice a week. That will give Lissa time to practice what she's learned with the object of her desire. What do you think?"

"Fine with me," said Lissa.

"I like it," said Sandy.

"Good. Since we have to work fast, this first lesson will be a crash course in lesbian sex. By the time we're through tonight, Lissa, you need to be comfortable with making love to women."

Lissa nodded.

"Well what are you waiting for?" asked Meg with a grin. "Everyone get naked." She wasted no time, but immediately yanked off her shirt and started working on her bra. Sandy and Lissa followed suit, and soon all three of them stood there with nothing on.

"So what do you think?" Lissa asked the girls, spreading her arms out to give them a good view of her unclothed body.

"I think you've got a gorgeous body," Meg replied. "You shouldn't cover it up, at least when I'm around."

"If you're lucky, maybe I'll start sleeping the nude."

"Keep up that talk, and I'll have an orgasm before we even start."

"Now I'm jealous that you share a bedroom with Meg," Sandy commented.

"No getting jealous, remember?" Lissa grinned. "Besides, I'll make it up to you." She stepped in close, wrapped her arms around Sandy's neck, and kissed her deeply on the lips. Sandy responded by wrapping her arms around Lissa's waist.

The feel of the girl's body against her own thrilled Lissa. After those times with Allison, touching another woman's body like that didn't bother her, but this was different because of the added sexual element. She could feel her nipples hardening against Sandy's as they held each other tightly.

Not wanting to be left out, Meg moved in behind Lissa and pressed her own body up against her back. She lowered her lips and kissed Lissa on the neck, just above the shoulder. There was a particularly sensitive spot there which Meg seemed to know about, probably because it was common to all girls. Either that or Meg had been kissing her in her sleep and taking note of her responses.

Lissa drew her head back, lifting her face to the ceiling with her eyes closed and mouth open in a smile, letting the wonderful feeling of the girls' bodies overwhelm her. She was still a little tense, this being her first lesbian experience where she really allowed herself to enjoy it, but she was surprised at how quickly she got used to it.

"Wow, Lissa!" Sandy exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever had such an enthusiastic pupil."

"You sure you're not already a lesbian?" asked Meg. "Most girls are a little hesitant the first time."

"That's because they have pesky little inhibitions that get in the way. But this is the new me. No inhibitions, no hesitation, just an overwhelming desire to be as naughty as I can."

"So far you're doing a great job."

"Well then, let's get a little more direct," suggested Sandy. She stepped back, then reached out and took Lissa's tits in her hands. Lissa smiled, raised her arms, and put her hands behind her head to give her plenty of room to work. Meg reached around from behind and cupped her boobs in her hands as well. Lissa sighed. It felt nice to have the girls groping her like that. It brought back memories of that time with Rachael, years ago, when the girl had fondled her in much the same way. At the time there had been some awkwardness and discomfort mingled with the pleasure, but that was just because of the hesitation and inhibitions she had mentioned. Now, without those to hold her back, she could really let herself enjoy it.

Sandy took her nipples and squeezed them between her fingers. The smile on Lissa's face intensified at the pleasure. She was really starting to have fun. The girls certainly knew what they were doing, and she was discovering things about her own body that she didn't even know about before.

She reached out and put her hands on Sandy's breasts, delighted to find her nipples already hard. She did to Sandy what she knew felt good on her own body, rubbing and kneading her breasts.

"Hey, I want some of that too," Meg said, moving around to the side. Sandy and Lissa each removed one of their hands from each other and placed them on Meg's chest. Meg took their now-neglected breasts in her own hands, and they stood in a triangle, each girl fondling and being fondled by both of her partners.

They teased each other like that for a few minutes, and Lissa felt her body responding to the stimulation. Her breathing deepened and she felt warm. From the sounds the other girls were making, it was obvious that they felt the same way.

Meg was the one to stop it. "I can't stand it any more," she said. "I've got to taste the gorgeous body of yours. Go lie down on the bed."

Lissa did as instructed, lying on her back and staring up at the two girls, who immediately came over. They both lowered their heads to her tits and sucked her nipples into her mouth.

"Oh god!" she cried out with the sudden intense pleasure. Meg and Sandy giggled.

"Sounds like she likes it," Sandy commented, then resumed her sucking.

Lissa was in heaven. Only a couple of times before had she had anyone suck her tits, and her inhibitions had gotten in the way of letting her enjoy it to its fullest. Now, unrestrained, she realized just how pleasurable it could be.

There was more, though, much more. She felt Sandy's hand on her body, sliding down toward her pussy. Lissa spread her legs invitingly, eager to feel the girl's fingers at the center of her sex.

When it happened, she was unprepared for the sudden spike in pleasure. She was used to her own fingers down there, but to feel someone else's hands, especially a woman's, at the same time as the other two most sensitive parts of her body, pushed her over the edge. She cried out as an orgasm washed over her body, then lay there panting on the bed.

"I love to watch another woman climax," Meg commented. "Especially when it's my roommate."

"I hope this doesn't mean you're done for the evening," said Sandy.

"Not even close," Lissa mumbled. "Just let me rest here for a minute."

"No resting while you've got me this worked up," Meg insisted. She began to kiss down Lissa's body. Lissa grinned as she realized where the girl was headed.

Sandy also lifted her head from Lissa's nipple, but she went the opposite direction. She pressed her lips against Lissa's, slipping her tongue inside. She only held that kiss for a minute though, instead raising her head and smiling down. "Do you mind giving me some of the pleasure we've been giving you?" she asked.

"Let's put it this way," Lissa replied. "I intend to bring you both to orgasm with my mouth tonight, so I have no problem with a little tit-sucking."

"That's what I was hoping to hear." Sandy leaned over her until her breasts dangled in Lissa's face. Lissa stuck out her tongue and flicked it against the nearest nipple, causing the girl to groan.

She had tasted another woman's breasts only once before, on that sailing trip last summer. It was a good thing that it was Allison, because she wouldn't have felt comfortable with anyone else, including Rachael. At the time it had been a little embarrassing with just the tiniest hint of disgust, but not nearly as revolting as it could have been. She was familiar, and comfortable, with her stepmother's body after all.

Now as she teased Sandy's nipples, she found that she actually liked it. It wasn't the taste, which was pretty neutral after all; it was no different from licking the back of her hand. Rather, it was the feel of the girl's nipple on her tongue and the reaction she was causing, as well as the knowledge of just how naughty it was.

Sandy lowered her body a couple of inches, and Lissa took the nipple into her mouth, sucking it deeply. She could get used to this. Maybe after she seduced Alya she could still join Meg and Sandy once in a while.

Just then Meg reached her destination. She ran her tongue along Lissa's slit from the base to the top, causing her to cry out again, though not quite with another orgasm. Meg took the outer lips in her fingers and spread them, allowing her tongue to probe inside. She sought out the rapidly swelling clit, driving Lissa into a frenzy. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have another woman do that to her. The girl's tongue worked expertly over her cunt, threatening to drive her over the edge again.

When Meg took her clit in her teeth and nibbled gently on it, Lissa lost control, and she literally screamed as her second orgasm of the night overtook her. She couldn't believe how much of a difference it made to have another woman do that to her. Her own hands, and even a man's cock, were nothing in comparison. Even the other day, when she fucked three guys at the same time, it didn't feel this good. Maybe she was a true lesbian at heart after all.

Meg rose up and lay down beside her, and Sandy moved out of the way as Meg moved in to give her a wet, open-mouthed kiss. Lissa tasted something different yet slightly familiar on the girl's tongue, and she immediately identified it as her own juices. Meg's face was wet with the stuff, and Lissa eagerly licked it off.

"Well now, if you like that taste, we've got plenty more for you," Meg grinned.

Lissa sat up. "Then maybe you'd better lie down, so I can get my fill," she said.

Sandy laughed. "Meg, why didn't you tell me you had such a slutty little roommate?"

"I didn't know myself," Meg shrugged. She lay on her back and spread her legs. Lissa wasted no time. She lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, tasting her first pussy. She hadn't even gone this far with Allison. As she ran her tongue all over her roommate's cunt, she smiled as she realized that she was doing something she had never done before.

Meg's body squirmed delightfully, and Lissa reveled in the power she was exerting over her roommate. It felt exhilarating to know that she was causing such pleasure in another human being, doubly so because it was a girl. She licked her all over enthusiastically, enjoying the taste. Only about half of the dampness came from Lissa's tongue; Meg was leaking like crazy.

Sandy got into the action too, kissing her girlfriend all over the chest. Between the two of them, Meg was soon crying out in pleasure.

Lissa used her fingers to spread her roommate's puffy little lips, and drove her tongue deep inside. She couldn't go very far in; it wasn't a cock after all, but it was enough to drive Meg wild. Lissa also teased the girl's clitoris with her tongue, licking and tickling it mercilessly.

It wasn't long before Meg's body tensed up in a raging orgasm. Lissa opened her mouth wide and wrapped it all over the girl's pussy, not wanting to miss any of the gushing liquid. She rammed her tongue inside again as she did so, wriggling it around to put a sharp edge on Meg's pleasure.

"Oh my god!" Meg finally exclaimed as she collapsed in exhaustion. "Lissa, you're a natural! Believe me, girl, you were born to be a lesbian."

Lissa giggled. "You just may be right," she said.

"Well then let me have a turn," Sandy insisted. Meg grudgingly rolled off the bed and onto her knees beside it as Sandy took her place. She was already nice and moist, despite not having been touched there yet.

Lissa tried a new technique this time. Instead of forcefully licking the girl, she very lightly brushed her tongue against the top of the girl's slit. Sandy gasped at the contact, and Lissa grinned.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

Lissa lowered her head and did it again. This time the girl's whole body jumped. Lissa continued to tease her like that, using only the lightest touches of her tongue, all over the girls cunt. She loved to see the reactions it was causing in the girl's body. Sandy writhed on the bed as Lissa worked her over.

After about five minutes of this teasing, she spread the girl's lips and licked along the inside, and Sandy cried out in pleasure. Lissa sucked on the outer lips, then let her tongue dance over the hood hiding the girl's clitoris. It wasn't long before the swelling bud peeked out, and Lissa took full advantage of the situation. She licked it, sucked on it, and even nibbled on it, much as Meg had done to her earlier. Sandy's body became a quivering mass on the bed as Lissa took complete control of her. She realized just how much power a girl could have over someone by using these techniques. Certainly Sandy no longer had any power over her own body.

It didn't take long for the girl to scream out in ecstasy, and Lissa treated her to the same treat as she had Meg, by covering her pussy with her mouth and shoving her tongue as deep inside as she could. She could taste the juices of Sandy's climax, and drank them down greedily. Yes, making love to a woman was different from making love to a man. It was somehow more intense, and yet at the same time more comfortable.

After it was over, the three girls lay together in each other's arms, and Meg and Sandy cleaned the juices off Lissa's face with their tongues. They continued to playfully grope at each other's bodies, but it was more friendly teasing than anything else.

"I can't believe you've never had any previous lesbian experiences, Lissa," commented Sandy. "Or have you?"

Lissa's face turned red as she thought back on that time with Rachael. It had never bothered her before because she had always planned to keep it a secret. But here with these two girls, she considered actually telling them, and that indecision more than anything made her blush.

Megan, seeing her reaction, stared at her in shock. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "Really?" Obviously, Lissa's embarrassment had given it away.

"So tell us all about it," Sandy grinned. "Come on. We promise not to tell anyone."

"Okay," said Lissa. "The first time--"

"The first time?" Meg interrupted. "You mean there are more than one?"

"Two," Lissa nodded. "The first time was with my aunt."

"Keeping it in the family, I see," Meg grinned.

"She's not actually related to me!" Lissa hurriedly explained. "She's my stepmom's sister. She was nineteen and I was sixteen. Meg, you can relate. One night, she was babysitting us, and, well, it happened."

"Just like Carla and me," nodded Meg. "God, that's so sexy. What about the second time? Was it with your aunt again?"

Lissa shook her head. "My stepmom," she replied. "This time it was just some dirty pictures together. We just started taking pictures, and it kind of got out of hand." She deliberately left out any mention of her father; she would keep that a secret at least. Fortunately, neither Meg nor Sandy asked who was holding the camera.

"That makes me so horny, I want to go again," commented Meg.

"Save it for next time," Sandy told them. "My roommates should be home pretty soon, and it wouldn't do to catch us like this."

"That makes me horny too," Meg grinned.

"Everything makes you horny," laughed Lissa.

"Everything except men," Meg shrugged. She stood up, and went to gather up her clothes. The other girls did likewise, and they put their clothes back on. As they did so, they discussed their schedules. Alya's roommates always stayed out late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so they agreed to meet on those days.

Meg and Lissa were about to leave when the front door opened and a pretty young girl came in. Upon spying the two of them, she froze, then a grin spread on her face. "Not again!" she said.

"That's right," Lissa told her. "I'm one of Meg's friends, and she invited me over for a threesome with Sandy and her. Too bad you didn't come home earlier, or you could have joined in."

The girl just laughed and rolled her eyes. Meg and Lissa headed out the door.

As they were walking to the car, Meg turned to Lissa and commented, "You know, you're going to make a great lesbian."

"That's the plan," Lissa grinned. As she climbed into the car, she thought about the change that was coming over her, and how much it excited her. She couldn't wait for her next new experience, though she hadn't thought of what it might be yet. There weren't a lot of opportunities with winter coming up and everyone staying indoors where it was warm. It was the last day of November, after all.

The last day of November, she thought. That means a new month is about to start. She smiled to herself as she came up with a great idea. Tomorrow would be her next seduction.


Tony Bullard was sitting in the back room Monday afternoon looking at a dirty magazine when he heard the door open, so he put down the magazine and headed out into the waiting room. It was the Primdale girl, Lissa. He had always thought she was good looking. What he wouldn't give to fuck a sweet, eighteen-year-old thing like that. It was just too bad that she had chosen not to draw straws. Well, he didn't have any problem with accepting payment from the cute blonde Monique, or especially the stunning hottie Alya.

"Hi, Lissa," he said with a warm smile. "What can I do for you?"

"I came to pay the rent," she replied.

He didn't know how to take that. Did that mean she was going to pay it legitimately? If so, that couldn't be good; it meant the rest of the girls would follow, and he wouldn't get special treatment this month.

Or did she mean...? His heart began to pound in his chest with the thought of it. Had she decided to draw straws this time? It couldn't be! She had always been so proper, shy even.

"Well don't just stand there gaping," she said. "Let's go to the back room and get down to business."

So it was true! This teenage beauty was going to suck him off!

"Right," he grinned. "So you decided to draw straws this month?"

"No, I cheated. We haven't drawn yet; I wanted to get the jump on the other girls."

"Really?" he asked, astonished. He had no illusions about these girls actually enjoying this; they probably all thought it was disgusting. But this sounded like Lissa actually wanted to do it.

Still a little confused about her sudden forwardness, he led her back into the store room.

"Mr. Bullard?" she asked coquettishly. "Would you do me a favor?"

"Anything, Lissa."

"Undress me?"

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed. The other girls had all insisted on undressing themselves, unfortunately. That limited the contact between him and them. But this girl... damn!

She stepped in close to him and put her hands on his shoulders, gazing up adoringly into his eyes. He immediately put his hands to her sides and untucked her shirt from her pants, then slipped his hands under it to fondle her waist underneath.

"Ooh!" she cooed. "That feels good. But I think it would feel better with my shirt off completely."

He wasn't about to argue with that. He took her shirt in her hands and lifted it over her head. She raised her arms to help him.

Once her shirt was off, he stared down at her chest, covered only by a silk bra. Damn, she had a fine body. Lustily, he slid his hands around her waist and drew her in to him. She gazed up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers.

He reached around her back and began to fumble with her bra strap. He wasn't exactly an expert, and it took him a while to figure out how it opened. Once he had it undone, though, Lissa stepped back, leaving the bra in his hands. She put her hands shyly behind her back as she glanced down at her tits, then up again at him.

"Do you like them?" she asked coyly.

"God, Lissa! You're so beautiful!" She had what he considered to be the perfect body for her age. Her tits were not too big and not too small. They looked firm and inviting, with about average sized nipples. They jiggled ever so slightly as she moved, sending a chill down his spine.

"Thank you," she smiled. "I feel so naughty standing here like this in front of you. But also kind of... tingly. Would you mind... oh, I couldn't ask."

"Go ahead, Lissa," he said.

"Would you mind touching them?"

"Not at all!" He dropped her bra on the floor next to her shirt, then reached out his hands and placed them on her breasts. Lissa sucked in her breath at the touch, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. Tony was ecstatic. It had been a long time since he had groped a pair of tits, especially ones as perfect as these. He squeezed and kneaded them gently in his hands, then began to softly tease the nipples between his fingers.

"Oh, Mr. Bullard!" she exclaimed in delight. "That feels so good!"

"I'll bet this feels even better," he said, then leaned in and flicked his tongue against her nipple.

"Aiyeeee!" she squealed, wrapping her hands around his head. "I love it! Oh, god! Keep doing that!"

He continued to tease her nipple with her tongue, hearing her screams of pleasure growing more and more passionate. He took the nipple between his lips and sucked it in.

"Oh, yes!" she shouted. "God, yes! More! More! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, Megan! More! More! More! Alya!"

Tony couldn't believe what he was hearing. She was screaming out the names of her roommates! Did that mean she was fantasizing about them doing this to her? The thought drove him into a frenzy. Little Lissa Primdale, so sweet and innocent, was bisexual! Imagining her standing there with her roommates sucking on her tits was almost too much.

Then she suddenly pushed him away.

"Mr. Bullard," she said, "I came in here to take care of your needs, not the other way around. I'll take care of myself later."

"Maybe you could get Meg or Alya to help you," he grinned.

Her eyes grew wide, but she kept the smile on her face. "Did I actually say their names out loud?" she asked, astonished.

"You screamed their names out loud."

"Then I guess you know my fantasy. No use hiding it. Well, I doubt I could get Alya to help me out like that, but I'm sure Meg would be happy to oblige. Of course, I'd have to reciprocate. God, I wonder what that would feel like?"

"Or what it would taste like," he grinned, and she laughed.

"Speaking of taste, I've already got the menu picked out for today," she said, eying his crotch. "But first, there's one more thing I want to do. I know that the rule is I have to be topless, but do you mind if just this once, we both get completely naked?"

"Mind? I'd love it!"

"Good," she said, then reached for his shirt. "You got to undress me," she explained. "It's only fair that I get to undress you."

"You'll get no argument out of me," he said, letting her strip off his shirt. He raised his arms above his head to help her out, then a moment later she had it off. She stepped in close and hugged him, and he loved the feel of the skin-on-skin contact.

"My god, Lissa, you're so soft," he breathed.

"Thanks," she smiled, then stepped away and kicked off her shoes. She glanced down at her pants. "Care to do the honors?" she asked.

Tony was more than happy to agree. In a moment he would see her sweet, teenage pussy. He knelt on the floor in front of her and reached for her belt. Trembling in anticipation, he had trouble undoing the latch, but eventually he got it open. He unbuckled her pants and drew the zipper down, exposing her pretty silk panties. He put his hands on her hips and pulled down her pants, and she giggled.

She had fine, shapely legs that matched her torso perfectly. Her narrow waist and rounded hips added to the image of perfection. There was only one last piece to complete that image. He put his hands to the sides of her panties. "Ready?" he asked.

"I've been ready since I came in here," she smiled.

He pulled them down, nearly gasping at the sight before his eyes. Her cunt was every bit as beautiful as he had imagined it. She was unshaven, but still neatly trimmed. The delicate outer lips looked so inviting, so touchable. Without thinking, he reached out and stroked her pussy with his hand.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, taking a step back, but she kept the smile on her face. "That would cost you next month's rent too."

"That's fine by me," he said.

"Not by me, though. At least, not until I talk to my roommates. I feel kind of guilty going behind their backs as it is. To do two months worth would be pushing it."

He sighed. Well, it sounded like he wasn't going to enjoy that particular pleasure today. Still, shoving his dick in her mouth would more than make up for it.

She stood there now in just her socks, and he admired her perfect form. She had such an irresistible body. If she weren't already willing to blow him, he'd be tempted to rape her right now.

She sat down on the couch and began stripping off her socks. The motion required her to spread her legs, naturally opening up her feminine lips to give him a peek at the wonders within. It was really too bad he wouldn't get a piece of that.

The show ended too quickly, and she dropped to her knees on the floor, her legs closed back up. Still, it wasn't a total loss, considering what was about to happen. He stepped forward, moving up close to her so that she could finish undressing him. She gazed up at him with a grin as she worked at the belt buckle. She had the most lovely eyes, so deep and beautiful.

A moment later she had his pants down around his ankles, and he stepped out of them. Lissa glanced down at the obvious bulge in his underwear, and that grin intensified. She reached out and stroked it through the cloth, causing him to groan.

"I wonder what that is hiding in there?" she teased.

"Why don't you go ahead and find out?"

"I think I will." She grasped his shorts and pulled them swiftly down. His cock sprang free, already leaking pre-cum in anticipation. Her eyes lit up with delight when she saw it.

"Now that looks good enough to eat," she said.

"Help yourself," he replied, sitting down on the couch.

She crawled over to him, then took the shaft in her hand and gave it a couple of tentative strokes. He groaned again at the electrifying pleasure of her hand wrapped around the shaft.

When she leaned in and slurped up the pre-cum leaking from the tip, he almost exploded right there. Only by the strongest willpower was he able to control himself. He didn't want this to be over too soon, after all. The longer he held out, the more pleasure he would derive out of it.

Lissa, however, seemed to have other ideas. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard, immediately bobbing up and down on his cock. She stared up into his eyes and gave him as much of a smile as she could as she sucked.

Tony groaned in pleasure. He could tell that Lissa wasn't particularly experienced, but what she lacked she made up for in enthusiasm. She worked her tongue and lips all over his cock, sucking it like her life depended on it. Tony rocked his hips forward for deeper penetration, but her hands on the base kept it from going too far.

He wondered what had come over the girl. She had always seemed so demure, almost shy. There was no need for her to be; with a face and body like that, she could have any man in the world. It was almost cruel to taunt men with that body without giving it to them. He thrilled at the thought that he was getting a piece of it right now. Granted, it was only her mouth, but her whole body was there on display in front of him.

He could see from the look in her eyes that she really enjoyed it. Her excited expression and enthusiasm, coupled with her lack of experience, made him wonder about this girl. What was her story? Why was she so happy to suck him off now, when she had been reluctant before? He entertained no fantasies that she was attracted to him; he wasn't particularly handsome. Whatever it was, she was doing this more for herself than for him.

It didn't matter in the end. As long as she was willing to do this, he was more than happy to let her, whatever her motivations. Now he had received blowjobs from three of the four girls in Apartment 207. There was basically zero chance of getting the same from the fourth, but that didn't bother him. Monique, Alya, and Lissa were some of the most gorgeous girls in the whole apartment complex. He couldn't believe his luck.

Lissa lifted her head and let his cock slip from her mouth momentarily to catch her breath. She smiled up at him, continuing to stroke it with her hand. "Oh my god, I love sucking your dick!" she exclaimed. "I can't wait to feel your hot cum squirting down my throat."

He groaned at that thought, and she giggled. If she kept up like she was doing, it wouldn't be long before she got her wish.

As she jerked him off, she ran her tongue all over the head, lapping up the copiously leaking pre-cum. The almost ticklish sensation nearly drove him over the edge right there. It was such an exquisite torture.

After the rest, she returned her lips to his cock and sucked again with renewed vigor. His breaths came in gasps now as the pleasure washed over him. He could think of nothing but the intense feeling between his legs and the beautiful girl giving him that feeling.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum!" he exclaimed, and Lissa shocked him by releasing him with her hands and jamming her face down on his dick as hard as she could. He felt the tip of his cock slip into her throat as her lips reached the base and her nose mashed against his belly.

That was too much for him. Tony grabbed the back of her head and held her there tightly as he erupted, spewing his seed right down her throat. She gagged a little, but it was too late; she had brought this on herself. His cock twitched over and over again as it emptied load after load. Lissa's face was turning red, but he didn't release her until he had fired off the last spurt. Then he removed his hands, and she rose back up, gasping for air.

She went into a coughing fit as he collapsed back against the couch. Only then did he realize that in his ecstasy he might have hurt her.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"That was one of the best face-fucks I've ever had," she grinned. "Thanks, Mr. Bullard. Maybe I'll come back and give you a freebie some time this month."

"Seriously?" he asked, astonished.

"Maybe," she winked, then picked up her clothes and began to dress.


When she returned to her apartment that afternoon, Alya and Matt were sitting at the kitchen table. Matt immediately stood up. This was the first time she had seen him since that night.

"Look, Lissa," said Matt awkwardly. "I--"

Lissa cut him off. "Forget it," she told him. "I'm not mad at you any more. You had your chance, and you blew it, so really, it's your loss."

"My roommates told me about... that night," he said awkwardly. "I'm really sorry that I drove you to that."

"You didn't drive me. That was my own choice. Just remember that of the four of you, you're the only one who hasn't had that pleasure."

Matt looked a bit angry for a second, then sighed. "All right then, I think it's only fair to tell you that I intend to keep seeing your roommate."

Lissa shrugged. "That's fine with me. I'm not jealous. I'm not even angry. You and I can never be friends, but at least we can be civilized about this. I promise I won't make a scene when you come over. But there's just one more thing that needs to be said. If you hurt her the way you hurt me, I'll rip your testicles off. Got it?"

His eyes grew wide. "Er... yeah," he said.

Alya also had a look of shock on her face, but there was something else there as well. Delight? Gratitude? Lissa couldn't tell. She seemed almost happy that Lissa was threatening him like that.

Matt didn't stay long; he had just stopped by to talk to Lissa and Alya and get things straightened out between them. He gave Alya one last kiss, which was a little awkward considering the circumstances, then headed out the door.

Meg and Monique arrived home about fifteen minutes later. Everyone ended up in the front room, sitting around and talking.

"By the way, today's the first of December," Monique commented. "That means the rent is due."

Alya rolled her eyes. "Oh god, not again," she laughed. "Anyway, now that I have a boyfriend, I probably shouldn't draw any more. Lissa, do you want in this time?"

"The rent's already been paid," Lissa told them.

"What?" asked Meg.

"I took care of it this afternoon."

"Lissa, did you really...?" Monique asked.

"Yes I did," she smiled. "And before you accuse me of going behind your backs, I really don't care who gets the money. I'm a spoiled little rich girl, remember? Let's all draw straws and whoever wins gets the cash without having to do anything for it. Meg, you can actually get in on the action this time."

"I don't get it," said Alya. She seemed concerned. "Why would you do that?"

"Maybe I like sucking cock. Maybe I've been lusting after Mr. Bullard ever since I saw Monique take care of him that first time."

"Be serious, Lissa," said Monique.

Lissa shrugged. "It's the new me. I do what I want, and who cares what other people think? If I want to go suck off the landlord, I'll go do it."

"Lissa, is this a form of getting even with Matt?" asked Alya.

"Basically, yes," she replied. "But don't worry about me. I have no regrets."

"Well I am worried."

"What, you're worried that Matt will find out and get jealous and want me back? Or are you worried that what I'm doing will hurt your boyfriend?"

"No," Alya stated firmly. "I'm worried that you're going to end up hurting yourself more than you hurt him."

"Oh, don't let that bother you. It's all just a part of the new me."

Alya sighed, but she didn't look happy.

"What's wrong, Alya?" asked Lissa.

"It's just that..." Alya stammered.


Alya glanced at Monique and Meg. "Well, I'd rather say this in private, but I suppose I might as well get it out in the open with everyone here. Frankly, I don't like the new Lissa."

"That's not very nice," Monique told her.

"Don't take it the wrong way, Lissa," Alya continued. "I just think this new you is a stage you're going through, a self-destructive stage that's hurting the old Lissa, the one I like. I'm just afraid you're going to end up doing something you'll regret for the rest of your life. Maybe you already have. You've been so kind to me lately, even after I stole your boyfriend, I just... I just don't want to see that Lissa get hurt."

"But Alya," Lissa said. "That's a part of the new me as well. It's because I've stopped feeling sorry for myself that I was able to forgive you."

"I don't know what to say to that. Just... just promise me you'll be careful, okay?"

"I can't promise that, Alya," Lissa told her. "I don't want to be careful. I want to be free."

"But you can't be free in that way, Lissa. There are always consequences to your actions. It scares me to think of where you might end up because of those consequences."

"This really bothers you, doesn't it?"



"Because you're my friend, that's why."

Lissa smiled at her. "Thanks, Alya. I really appreciate your concern. Even if I don't agree with you, it's nice to know that you're looking out for me."

Meg shrugged. "Well, you're a big girl. You can do what you want. I'm not going to draw because you did earn the money, even if you did take unfair advantage."

"I agree," said Monique. "Count me out. Looks like it's between Lissa and Alya."

"Correction," said Alya. "It's between Lissa and herself. Now that I've got a boyfriend, I'm not drawing any more. And besides, Lissa's earned it. So everyone agrees that Lissa gets the rent money for December?"

They all nodded.

As Alya got up, Lissa stopped her. "Look," she said, "I really do appreciate your friendship, especially after this whole thing with Matt. Promise me we'll stick together through it, okay?"

Alya smiled. "Okay. As long as you promise me you'll let the old Lissa out of her cage once in a while."

Lissa laughed. "It's a deal," she said, then stood up and gave her a hug. Alya hugged her back, and Lissa found that she enjoyed it very much. Her plan was starting to move forward, and she was going to have a lot of fun seducing her roommate.


2013-02-15 01:29:16
<If Lissa were to ever reach the point where she could never be taken advantage of again, she needed to be willing to do anything and everything. That way she would never be trapped by people's expectations or her own reluctance. She would be completely free.>

That's beautiful. And, ironically, a rather apt expression of Consequntialist Morality.

<Alya smiled. "Okay. As long as you promise me you'll let the old Lissa out of her cage once in a while."

Lissa laughed. "The old Lissa was the cage! But I suppose I can dust it off every now and then."

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2012-09-24 08:03:08
ok ~the fan~ I agree with you, A.P. is a nasty critic sometimes, but he's got a good point, if the little things dont always add up we will forgive the author, but if the big things start to not work out to a total, we're gonna walk away from the story and never look back, the problem comes when someone like myself comes along and is able to actually see these major changes as being a logical part of life, sometimes it actually does happen the way this story suggests, thats what keeps me reading it... in fact this is the second time I've read the story

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Wait, I have to go through 32 more chapters of this possibly happening ?!? I'm not sure I can take that....

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At least the author knows precisely what the readers are thinking.... and being innocent and pure is not a fault, but something that should be protected at all costs, because once it's gone, it can destroy you.

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You are kind of a nasty critic sometimes A.P.

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