Continuing adventures with my drunk wife and our new dog.
After our experience with Karen's co-workers dog (in another story) my wife and I started looking
for a dog of our own.

We researched on the internet to see which dogs were easy going and most importantly hung
the best. We settled on a Great Dane. We read about how friendly they are and easy to train.
They also have a reputation for having huge cocks and knots. This alone had Karen sold.

We didn't know anyone that had a Great Dane that we could visit, so we started looking at
animal shelters. We really didn't want to pay the price of a pure bred dog. Animal
shelters always have a lot of dogs looking for homes. We looked at several shelters around
our town and surrounding towns and were about to give up. We found a lot of dogs but no
Danes. Some of the dogs we saw were interesting but we were set on a Dane.

A friend asked if we checked out any rescue places where they wouldn't kill the dogs if they
weren't adopted quickly. We hadn't so we looked up a few and visited them. We noticed right
away that they had a lot of older dogs, probably because they didn't kill any of them. They
just waited until they could find a home for them all.

On the third place visited we struck paydirt. They had a 1 year old Dane that a lady had just
brought in because he was just too big for her small house. She never thought he would grow
to that size. He could lick my wife's face while still standing on four feet. He was huge. We
didn't expect a Dane to be that big, but he was extremely well behaved. He would listen to
commands to shake, sit and lay down even though he didn't know us. My wife was sold right
away. I tried to act unsure of it even though I could see he was packing some serious meat
and his balls were as big as my fists.

After spending a half hour with the shelter manager convincing her that we would take very
good care of him, we took Big Mike home. Luckily we drove a van because we needed the room.
he would have never fit in our smaller car. Karen talked to him and petted him the whole way
home. I stopped at a pet store on the way home to get a large bag of dog food and a heavy duty
leash. The light duty one we brought with us just didn't look like it would do the job.

When I came out of the pet store I didn't see Karen in the van. I checked and found her in the
back of the van with Big Mike. She said she was getting to know him better. She said she was
experimenting with touching him to see how he would react. She said he let her do anything she
wanted. It was a good thing we had dark tinted windows.

She said she stroked his penis some and he licked her face. She stroked it some more and it started
getting big. She stroked it some more and it got huge. She said it wasn't fully erect yet and it was
bigger than anything she had ever seen. She couldn't wait to get home. Then she looked at me and
said he tasted delicious. I couldn't believe what she had been up to in a pet shop parking lot.

When we got home we let him into our spacious fenced in back yard. He ran around like a little
kid in a new playground. He explored everything that was there. Standing upright against the
fence he could almost see over the top of our 6 foot privacy fence. We played a little fetch
and ran around a while before going into the house.

Inside the house he was more careful. He must have been trained to go slow in the house. We
found out quickly what to move to keep his tail from breaking things. That tail was dangerous.
We found a convenient place for his food and water in the kitchen and he was all set.

We sat down to relax a little and watch TV and Karen fixed us some drinks. She drank hers
kind of quick and went to get a refill. She came back and sat down and Big Mike came over
and sat down in front of her facing her. He sat between her legs with his head in her lap.
Now Karen had a short pleated skirt on so his head really kind of fell between her legs.

She lazily stroked his head while drinking her drink. He meanwhile started inching his head
forward sniffing carefully. It didn't look like she noticed since she seemed to be focused
on the TV. When he inched forward enough to bump up against her she looked down at him.
She said it was time for a refill. She refilled mine too.

It took her a little while before she came back but she handed me my drink, smiled strangely
and went and sat down kind of hard. It looked like she was getting a buzz already. When
she sat down her skirt moved up her legs some and Big Mike moved back for some more
petting. This time when he put his head between her legs his head didn't sit on her skirt
because it had moved up some.

When Karen started petting him he started moving closer to her pussy sniffing again.
His nose was quickly under her skirt and she was acting like nothing was happening. He
was working up closer and I had no idea what was on TV anymore. This was much more
exciting. When he looked like he was about to make contact she let out a small gasp and
opened her legs wider.

Now I could see more movement under her skirt as it was obvious that he was licking
her out. I asked her if I could see. She lifted her skirt up and I could see that she had
no panties on and Big Mike was licking away at her. She wanted to see what he would
do without prompting. Well he took to pussy like he had tasted it before. He was starting
to show some excitement himself.

I got down on the floor beside him to see what he was packing. He already was showing
a couple of inches that was thicker than my cock. I jacked his sheath a little and a couple
more inches slid out into the open. I told Karen she better come look at this as I was
starting to worry about whether or not it was going to be too big for her to handle.

I got up beside Karen and petted Big Mike while Karen got down on the floor. She let
out a WOW as soon as she saw what was hanging in front of her. She leaned in and
took him right into her mouth. He started humping and almost choked her but she didn't
stop. She was sucking like she was possessed. He was humping like mad and she was
hanging on with both hands. The amazing thing was the knot that was starting to grow.

It grew and grew and then he stiffened up and was obviously cumming. Karen never
let go and was sucking and swallowing for all she was worth. He tried to turn away
from her so she grabbed him behind the knot with both hands. It looked like she was
cradling a globe with her hands. He easily stepped over her and turned away from
her. She still had him in her mouth and was almost dragged away. I held him by the
collar and kept him still until she was done with him.

When she finally let him go she sat back, looked right at me, burped loudly and wiped
her mouth with the back of her hand. She told me that it was unbelievable. She said
he had cum for at least 5 minutes non stop. She didn't want to ever let him out of
her mouth. She said his cum was sooo sweet. Then she came up beside me and kissed
me deeply sharing the taste with me.

She grabbed my cock and said she needed fucked bad. I quickly took off my clothes
and sat back down. She climbed onto my lap and slid right down on me. She was
extremely wet almost too wet to get any friction. I was humping up at her and she
was driving down against me. She started coming quickly and had two or three good
ones before I shot a big load into her. Man that was good.

We stayed coupled while we caught our breath. She started grinding for another
but I was too sensitive so I stopped her. She whined a little and then asked if my
tongue was too tired. I told her that mine wasn't if hers wasn't. She had me lay
down with my head on the arm rest of the couch then she straddled my head and
leaned down to suck on me. this was a new position for us so we had to adjust
some to get it right. All my cum was drooling out of her as I licked her slit. She
was pushing against me trying to get some action on her clit. I was teasingly
avoiding it to her immense frustration. She was doing a decent job on me and I
was starting to recover. She finally bit down on me to get me to quit teasing her.
I went right to work on her clit and she started to cum immediately. Gobs of my
cum started to pour out of her. It was all I could do to keep breathing.

She came two more times before I noticed Big Mike moving closer to us. He was
sniffing around when he reached in and licked from the top of my head to the top
of her ass crack. That was one hugh tongue. Karen noticed right away what was going
on and shook her ass a little and hummed on my cock letting me know that she wanted
it. Big Mike kept licking while I moved down a little to concentrate on her clit.

He hopped up and started humping. I stared back at his cock as it poked around
trying to find a home. I licked up at it a couple of times and he jammed it in my
mouth and down my throat choking me. I thought this was the end. I struggled and
got it out and into her. He jammed it about half way into her and she screamed on
my cock. He was trying hard to stuff his juicy cock, that had to be 10 inches long
and almost as thick as my wrist, into her. I watched in awe as it all eventually went in.

He was pounding that meat into her without mercy and she was cumming non stop.
His balls were beating the top of my head. I watched as the knot started to grow
and slide in and out of her. I couldn't believe the pounding she was taking. Eventually
it got too big and stayed inside her, then he pulled up tight and stayed still. From
underneath her I could feel the knot swelling in her belly and him pulsing into her. She
was still sucking hard on me and I finally let loose with my second hugh load of cum.
She greedily swallowed it down.

She let go of my cock and kept saying how he was splitting her in two and that he was
still coming. She said it felt like a bowling ball was in there. We had played with some
large objects before but nothing like this. He turned around and stood ass to ass with
us. Every time he tried to move away Karen wailed in pain. I was in a hell of a position.
I was under Karen, who had a king size dog cock locked in her cunt, which was up against
my face because I was holding the dog by the legs so he couldn't move before he shrunk some.

After about 5 minutes he finally pulled out with a wail from Karen and a flood of cum
from her cunt that went right into my mouth. She ground down on me to get another orgasm
and force me to drink. She was right about it being sweet. I swallowed to stay alive.

It took some training to get him to understand when it was ok to play around. We had some
embarrassing moments with guests. He had a few incidents when he would stick his nose under
Karen's or guests skirts and give a quick lick. Eventually he learned that we only did that
when we were alone with him.

I got my ass reamed out but good one night. I'm sure Karen set me up for it. We were messing
around when I got down on my knees in front of Karen who was sitting on a long padded stool.
Mike was in the other room resting. I had pulled Karen's panties off and was sliding my hands
up under her skirt rubbing her thighs. She loves that. I took off my clothes and pulled her to
the edge of the stool. We had done this many times before and it was one of her favorites.

She laid back on the stool while I slid into her. I started slowly but worked up to a good fast
pounding. I didn't realize that Big Mike had come into the room and was smelling the air. He
was right behind me watching me pounding Karen. Now when I get ready to come in this position,
I like to lay down on Karen and hold her tight to me. When I did Big Mike saw what he usually
saw when Karen wanted mounted, an ass in front of him. So when I climbed up on Karen and
started to cum, Big Mike jumped up on me and jammed his cock up my ass on the first try.

I had just started coming when he jammed into my ass. The pain only made my orgasm better
but the pain was intense. Big Mike was jabbing away at my ass and I was cumming like never
before. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. The only problem was there was a shorter
time span for heaven.

When I was done cumming and got my senses back I tried desperately to get out from under
Big Mike. It was useless because I couldn't go forward because of my cock in Karen. My erection
wouldn't go down because of Big Mike in my ass. Going backwards only let Big Mike pound
deeper into me. Karen had her legs wrapped around me and Big Mike had his locked around all of us.

Karen saw I was at a loss of what to do and told me I might as well try to enjoy it. I thought it would
never end. I tried to reach back and keep the knot out of me but Big Mike's thrusts were too strong.
He jammed it right through my hands and held it in my ass. I thought I was going to split in half. I could
feel him spurting his juice into me. It felt like he was shooting it into my lungs he was so deep.

Finally he turned around and dragged me off of Karen. I stumbled around walking backwards
following him ass to ass until his knot shrunk enough to pull out. Cum splattered everywhere. I fell
to the floor exhausted and in pain.


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I thought it was a good story. Just keep up the work. Looking forward to part three.


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By "tags" I meant the "themes" that you select when you select when you submit a story on this site. They are there for a good reason. Use them.

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