They are such lovely and beautiful young ladies.
Well young asked me to share and you let me kiss you as well cock got hard and now as I'm writing this for you, your story of your granddad and uncle reminded me of one of my experiences.

Let see....well, it was not long ago my good neighbor Frank Harrison from the farm down the road, came by with his wife and three little daughters one morning to ask a favor of me. His three young daughters so pretty and shy smiling at me, with their short dresses, they were the cutest youngsters you could imagine three of the liveliest sweeties running around looking at everything. There was Sally, the youngest whose climbing and crawling on the floor revealed that she didn't have any panties on and,she had a habit of standing and touching or rubbing her little pussy under her dress, mom or dad paid no mind to her actions. Gwen, a little older,and a pretty happy blond girl was not shy at all, she wanted a hug and when I leaned down she held onto me so I just had to pick her up and as I did she wrapped her legs around my waist, and when I held her by supporting her little round butt with my hands under her dress.....Whoa, she also had no panties on, so my hands got warm feeling this young 7yo ass which never stopped wiggling, and my fingertips kept finding their way into her wet pussy and butt. I held her, and she started kissing me, surely BECAUSE SHE LIKED WHAT WAS GOING ON BELOW. My favorite little Harrison girl is Lylien a very demur pretty 12 yr old young lady who is polite, mannerly, considerate, and loving, I could go on, and she likes to hug too, so I set Gwen down reluctantly, and hugged Lylien up close, and i'm sure she could feel my hard cock pushing against her from my fondling Gwen. I sensed that she held the hug longer ..........enjoying the extra cock excitement.
Frank stated that he and wife had to go into town for some errands and things, but they were such that the girls would be in the way and would I watch them for the afternoon till about 6 maybe 7 tonight. I looked over at them and their pleading grins melted my heart, this crusty old guy would have a great time thinking of ideas to entertain these young girls for that long a time. Being a good neighbor I naturally said, "yes, sure, I'll take good care of them." I said, thinking hmmmm , three young pantiless cuties all I have to do is let them play and I can enjoy just watching.
As mom and dad left we moved into the living room, The girls beamed and smiled coming up and turned to me saying....."what can we do Mr Brooks? I said "What?" Mr Brooks Lylien said, We have been wanting to visit you for so long, , and today when dad told us we were coming here, we couldnt believe it, and she gave me the sweetiest smile, and hug ever. She was wearing a loose black tank top, pink skirt with white tennies. I took her soft hands in mine and asked her what she would like to do. She asked, can we watch a movie? I thought a minute, and said, sure, but I have to go outside for a minute, so you go see in my rack of movies in the living room by the tv what you’d like to watch. Well, little Gwen went straight to my bed room instead and soon found my stack of porn movies I watch when I’m lonely.
As I came back into the house, I heard Oh, ugh! ugh! And as I peeked around the corner there was Lilyien and little Sally and Gwenn on the couch watching one of my favorite vids…”Granddads little lovely” I quickly moved back into the hall and peered around the corner watching as they all had their hands in her laps rubbing their lil pussies as they watched a little girl enjoy sucking her grandads cock. I decided, I’ll wait and let them watch a little more of this and when they gets more excited…..hey just maybe they'll let me play grandad. After about 5 minutes I coughed before entering the living room, and they all turned to me and with surprised faces said, oh Mr Harman look at what we found??
Okay old man what are you going to do now I thought…. Young ladies! What would your daddy say if I told him what I’m seeing? Mr Harman, we saw this video in your room earlier and was just curious, and, and, we….just couldn’t help ourselves…..and when we saw the older man kissing and touching the girl….we….got excited, and please, will you let us watch the rest of it? Please Mr Harman? My cock was growing again looking at these beautiful young flowers pleading to watch another young girl being fondled and probed. Let’s have an agreement pretty girls, lets enjoy the movie together….and I wont tell your father ….ok? OK! they all said!
I turned the video back on as the old guy was lifting the young girls blouse over her head revealing the cutiest new tities covered by a new laced training bra which he removed easily. She looked at him and saw his pants bulging in the front and the little actress reached over and felt it up and down, her little white hand staying to caress what was there, and the grand father paused in his undress of the little nymph, to look down and unzip his pants and let out his big cock.
I, who was on the couch reached down to little my little nymph Sally, who was kneeling on the floor in front of me, and as the video got exciting, I took her hand and put it back under her pink dress to her cunt….she looked up at me and smiled, and just like the lil girl in the video she reached up and began to rub her other hand up and down on the bulge in my pants we both smiled knowing that a fun agreement was being made.
( Oh Lil Sarah I’m thinking of you now as these sweets are being loved). I looked at Lylien, on my right as she opened her legs a little more to slip her fingers under her dress and into her now wet pussy. Oh I wanted to finger what she was feeling. She put her finger up into her pussy and she closed her eyes and laid her head on my shoulder…..mmmmm my cock Was at a salute…I couldn’t help looking down as lil Sally leaned forward like the girl on the TV, sucking my now stiff hardness that felt so wonderful.
To my surprise Gwen came and sat on my left, and when she saw what Sally was doing she stood up on my legs, and that made her tall enough that her pussy was right at my face level..... Oh,yes little beauty your body feels so wonderful pressed against me. How about you taking your clothes off now like their doing in the video? She hurriedly raised her dress over her head and pushing her body out against me, my mouth felt and breathed in the warmth of her pubic area..... Can i kiss you I said? as I looked up at her naked body and she just nodded... My tongue went out slowly searching and felt around probing right to and between her wet pussy lips..... The girlsand I were all approaching orgasms and softly moaning. Wat a wonderful babysitting experience.
PS Authors note: Time out for orgasm.....mmmmm Oh....oooo
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