Lissa goes home with Meg.
Chapter 65
The First Betrayal

On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Meg got off work too late to drive to her parents' place, so Lissa and she decided to get up early the next morning for the trip instead. It would be lighter and the roads would be mostly free of traffic, so it would be safer all around. Lissa got a good night's sleep that night, and woke up refreshed and eager to go home with Meg to a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

The trip went quickly, even though it was several hours. That was because Meg was great company to have on a road trip. Between the joking and the flirting, Lissa didn't even realize that they had been driving that long before they pulled off the freeway and headed into the town where Meg's family lived. They made their way to a nice, clean-looking neighborhood where they pulled off the side of the road near a driveway that already had three cars in it.

"Looks like Peter and Carla are already here," Meg commented.

The two girls got out of the car and headed to the front door. Just as they reached it, it suddenly opened and a woman in her mid twenties appeared behind it. She was quite pretty, with long black hair and green eyes. Upon spying Meg, she immediately threw her arms around her and hugged her. "Oh, it's so good to see you, Meg!" she exclaimed.

"You too, Carla," Meg replied. Then she turned to Lissa.

"Lissa, this is my sister-in-law Carla," she introduced. "Carla, this is my roommate Lissa."

"Hi," Carla smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Lissa greeted.

"Well come in, you two. Everyone else is eager to see you."

They entered the house, and immediately the aroma of baking turkey greeted them. Though the house wasn't as large as Lissa's, it had a very homey, relaxed atmosphere to it. There were about half a dozen people sitting in the living room.

"Hi everyone," Meg said, and everyone waved or smiled or said hi back. "This is my roommate Lissa. I want you all to be extra nice to her this weekend."

An older woman stood up, then came over and hugged Meg, and then Lissa.

"I'm Maureen, Megan's mother," she greeted. "Let me introduce you to the rest of the family. You've already met Carla. This is her husband, my son Peter." She indicated a tall, rather handsome man about Carla's age who was sitting on the couch. Then she moved on to the older man next to him. "This is Megan's father, Doug. And these are our two other sons, Justin and Shawn." Justin looked to be not much younger than Lissa herself, and Shawn was probably about Jeff's age.

"So Lissa's your 'roommate?'" Shawn grinned.

"Knock it off, Shawn," said Meg. Then to Lissa, she said, "Shawn's the resident pervert. You think I'm bad, but Shawn has me beat hands down. If he tries to grope you, just slam his head against the wall a couple of times."

"Knock some sense into him, huh?" Lissa smiled.

"No chance of that. I just meant that the only time he's harmless is when he's unconscious."

Lissa laughed. After putting up with Meg for two months, she figured she could handle Shawn.

"So if you don't mind my asking," said Carla, "what happened to Sandy?"

"Nothing happened to her," Meg replied. "Listen, everybody, just so we get things straight, Sandy and I are still going out. She just couldn't come for Thanksgiving because she's visiting her sick grandma. And Lissa is my roommate. In this case that's not a euphemism for 'girlfriend,' it's just a euphemism for 'roommate.' Lissa's straight."

"Well, if you've spent two months with Megan and she hasn't scared you off," her father said to Lissa, "then we're happy to have you here."

"Dad!" Meg exclaimed.

"Come on, dear, you know you can be a little intimidating sometimes."

"I'm just proud of who I am, and if people don't like it, that's their problem."

"So Lissa," said Carla. "Come sit down and tell us all about yourself."

There was an open spot on the couch next to Shawn, and Lissa came over and sat down. Shawn yawned and stretched, letting one of his arms fall around her shoulder in an obvious gesture. Meg, who happened to be walking behind the couch at the time to reach an empty chair across the way, cuffed him on the side of the head.

"Behave yourself," she scolded, and Shawn withdrew his arm, laughing.

"I never thought I'd hear that from you," Lissa told her with a grin.

"I know. Usually everyone's telling me that," Meg replied. "I told you Shawn's worse than I am."

"I'm a very naughty boy," Shawn explained. "Maybe Meg will have to get out her whips and chains and punish me."

"You wish," said Meg. "I've told you before, the whips and chains are only for guests."

"Like Lissa?" he asked. "Can I watch?"

"Unfortunately, I left all my dominatrix gear back at my apartment. Gotta keep my roommates in line, you know. Although I think Lissa secretly enjoys getting out of line just so I have to punish her."

"You figured out my secret," Lissa grinned. "I hope that doesn't mean you'll stop."

"Of course not," Meg smiled evilly.

"Next time take pictures," said Shawn. "Get some nice juicy ones to show me."

"I wouldn't want to get charged with corrupting a minor," Meg told him. "And the argument that you're already as corrupt as it's possible for a minor to be wouldn't hold up in court, no matter how true it is."

"Just tell them you thought I was eighteen. I'll back you up on it."

"As if the court would believe that."

"Okay, fine. Just upload them to the Internet and 'accidentally' leave the web address lying around where I can find it."

"Be good and maybe Santa Claus will bring you a video for Christmas."

"He would, the old lecher," Lissa giggled. "I've heard he climbs down people's chimneys at night while they're asleep, leaving 'presents' for them to find, if you know what I mean. If that isn't stalker behavior, I don't know what is."

"Plus, have you seen the lists he keeps?" Justin added. "I mean, the guy's got more extensive files than the CIA! You notice it's always the innocent ones he visits."

"So you've got nothing to worry about, Meg," said Shawn.

"I think between the two of us, he won't dare set foot within fifty miles of this house," Meg replied.

"Fifty?" asked Shawn. "I was hoping for a hundred. Want to help me try to reach that target, Lissa?"

"In your dreams," she laughed.

"It's a date. I'll see you tonight, say, around midnight?"

"As long as you don't sleepwalk, you can dream about whatever you want."

"Sleepwalk! I never thought of that! Great idea, Lissa. I owe you one."

"Okay, that's enough, Shawn," said Maureen. "Lissa, do you like to cook?"

"I love it," she smiled.

"Good. Would you mind helping me a little in the kitchen?"

"Of course not." She rose to her feet. Shawn started to follow, but Meg quickly pounced on him and got him in a headlock.

"I've got him momentarily neutralized," she said. "Make your escape while you still can."

Lissa followed Maureen into the kitchen, in great spirits. Meg's family reminded her of her own, except that Brit and Jeff sometimes overdid it on the teasing, and there were some subjects that just weren't talked about in the Primdale household. At least, they weren't talked about when Greg was around, though Allison seemed to have no problem bringing them up.

Lissa began peeling potatoes while Maureen set to work heating some cranberries to make sauce.

"I hope my children aren't making you uncomfortable," commented Maureen.

"Uncomfortable?" asked Lissa. "Just the opposite. My little brother and sister are big teases too. It's actually refreshing to be in company where I don't have to be the mature one."

"And you're all right with Megan's... orientation?"

"Well, I have to admit she made me blush a few times when I first met her, but she's such a great person that it's hard not to enjoy her company. I don't care if she likes girls or guys. That's her choice, and it doesn't bother me either way."

"I suppose you've been wondering what we think of her lifestyle," said Maureen.

"I understand it can be pretty straining on family relationships," Lissa commented.

"That's why we decided just to accept it. We love our daughter, and we don't want to have any tension between us. Doug and I have always been pretty open-minded, but it still came as a shock to us when Megan told us one day that she's gay. We had a long talk about it, and at first we figured it was just a phase she was going through. But that was almost five years ago, so we've had to come to terms with the fact that it's permanent. So we decided as a family that if that's the way she wants to be, we're going to support her. Plus it doesn't hurt that Sandy's really great. We all like her."

"Yes, I've met Sandy, and she seems to be just like Meg."

"I guess I just worry about her sometimes."

"Mothers are like that, I've heard," Lissa grinned.

Maureen laughed. "I know, I can't help it. I just want to know that she has friends. Her choice of lifestyle can certainly put a lot of people off."

"You'll be happy to know then that all three of her roommates adore her."

"I'm glad. As long as she has people like you who won't judge her, I don't have to worry so much."

After they sat and talked for a few more minutes, Meg popped her head in the door and asked Lissa if she wanted to go get her things out of the car and take them up to the room that they would share. The two girls headed outside, where Lissa retrieved her suitcase and Meg retrieved her duffel bag. They brought them inside, where Peter offered to help them take them upstairs. He grabbed Justin, and the two of them carried the items up to the second floor hall. They placed them inside one of the rooms, which had a temporary cot with what looked like a pleasantly soft mattress set up opposite the bed.

"So this is my bedroom," Meg grinned. "I'll bet you never thought you'd one day be in here."

"Scary," laughed Lissa.

"So do you want to sleep in the bed or the cot?"

"It's your room, so I don't mind taking the cot."

"Well, it's not really big enough for the two of us, but I'm sure we'll manage," said Meg.

"I meant that you should sleep in the bed and I'll sleep in the cot!" Lissa said, though with a laugh. In truth, she had expected some joke like that.

"Oh. Too bad," Meg shrugged. "You know, if you wait too long to take me up on my offers, you may lose the opportunity entirely."

"What a shame that would be," Lissa replied sarcastically.

For the rest of the morning, Lissa alternated her time between helping out in the kitchen and visiting with the family. They were all so nice to her that she felt very comfortable. Of course, Shawn kept trying to put his arm around her or touch her knee or hold her hand, but she just slapped his hand each time he did so. Even that was fun; it was all just a big joke after all.

The turkey came out of the oven about 2:00, and they finished preparing the last minute dishes and setting the table. Then they all sat down and began the feast. It was absolutely delicious, especially since it was the first home-cooked meal she had eaten for months. The conversation at the table was cheerful and upbeat, reminding her of dinner at her home, at least since Allison had come into their lives. Surprisingly, Lissa found that her stepmother was the one she missed the most, even more than her own flesh and blood family. But that was all right; as far as she was concerned, Allison was a part of her family.

After dinner, they all retired to the living room. The men, not surprisingly, wanted to watch the football game, although it was obvious that after such a big meal they were all likely to fall asleep five minutes in. Lissa felt a little drowsy herself.

Maureen noticed her starting to droop. "Would you like to take a nap?" she asked. Lissa nodded.

"Great idea," said Shawn. "I think I'll join--" He cut off as a flying pillow thrown by Meg hit him in the head.

"Sorry," he apologized to his sister, though with a grin on his face. "I didn't know you were going to get that jealous. But don't worry. I'm willing to share."

"Lissa, if you would like, you can go lie down upstairs in Megan's room," Maureen told her. "There's a lock on the door," she explained, flashing Shawn a stern look.

"Good," said Meg. "We'll hang out the Do-Not-Disturb sign and finally get some time alone."

"You stay downstairs too," her mother demanded.

"I was just joking, Mom," Meg laughed. "Lissa, you go on upstairs. I'll put Shawn in his cage."

"Thanks," smiled Lissa, then rose to her feet and made her way up to Meg's bedroom. She lay down in the cot, which was surprisingly comfortable, and drifted off to sleep.

She slept for about an hour, then got up and made her way back downstairs to join the family. Peter and Justin had their eyes glued to the television. Carla sat next to Peter with a blanket over her and her head on her husband's shoulder, fast asleep. Maureen and Greg sat in chairs against the wall, reading. Surprisingly, Meg and Shawn sat on the couch asleep, with Meg's head on her little brother's shoulder.

Actually, now that she thought about it, that wasn't surprising at all. It reminded her of Jeff and Brit. They fought constantly, but there were those occasional rare times when they got along very well. Maybe it was because Jeff was closest to her in age, but Brit had always seemed to be closer to Jeff than anyone in the family. It was likely that, ironically, their constant teasing and fighting had helped them to develop a deeper relationship with each other. Probably one day when they matured a little they would become best friends. Meg and Shawn seemed to fight a lot as well, and that could lead to a similar closeness.

Lissa sat down on the couch next to Carla, the only open spot. Peter turned his head and smiled at her for a second, then returned his attention to the game on TV.

Lissa had never really been all that interested in sports, but since there was really nothing else to do, she decided to watch the game as well. She didn't even know who the teams were, but apparently one of them was winning twenty-four to seventeen.

About fifteen minutes later, one of the players fumbled the ball on the eleven yard line and Justin shouted out in disgust, waking everyone in the room. He grew red as he stared at the faces around him. "Sorry," he apologized.

Meg glanced around, then seeing where she was, immediately scooted away from Shawn. "Don't touch me, you pervert!" she exclaimed, though with a grin.

"What?" he asked. "Don't blame me. I was already asleep when you sat down here and decided to get friendly. You know you can't keep your hands off me."

"You're disgusting, Shawn."

"Because I know you like it. Anyway, you don't have to worry. Now that Lissa's here, she can take your place."

"I'd rather douse myself in gasoline and light myself on fire," Lissa replied sweetly.

"Kinky," said Shawn. "That's one I've never tried."

"You can go douse yourself right now if you want," Meg told him. "I'll even light the match."

"You first."

"Screw you," she said.

"What, right now? With everyone watching?"

She picked up a pillow and hit him in the head.

Nap time seemed to be over, so as Meg and Shawn playfully beat each other up, the rest of the family started up various conversations. Lissa joined in, feeling very welcome in this home. Once again she began to miss her own home and her own family. Now that she had started thinking about Jeff and Brit, she wondered if they were okay. Jeff would never really let his little sister come to harm, at least not intentionally. But he had a habit of stepping over the lines. Maybe without Lissa there to intermediate, he would do something without intending to and really hurt her. It was especially dangerous because Brit was so emotional, and therefore so vulnerable. Even something simple could have a devastating effect on her.

I can't be there for them forever, she decided. I have to let them learn to get along without me. She made up her mind not to worry about them. She could depend upon Jeff. He would take care of Brit. That thought made her feel much better.

The game ended a couple of hours later, and the family ate a light supper, still full from Thanksgiving dinner. Maureen brought out the pumpkin pie that she had baked the previous night, which turned out to be delicious enough that Lissa managed to eat a full slice despite not being hungry at all.

Afterward they sat and visited again for a couple of hours before bedtime. Then one by one the family announced that they were going to bed. Meg and Lissa were the last to retire, but eventually they too headed upstairs to Meg's bedroom.

Lissa grabbed her bag and headed across the hall to the bathroom to change. When she returned, Meg was already naked and sitting on her bed. Lissa stripped down to her bra and panties, ignoring the look of lust on her roommate's face. Then she slipped under the covers on the cot. Meg walked over and switched off the lights, then returned to her bed and climbed in.

Lissa lay there for a while, thinking about the day. It had been fun; even Shawn had been entertaining. Meg's family reminded her of her own, and she found her thoughts returning to Allison, her dad, and her two younger siblings. She wondered if they had had as much fun as she had. Probably not; Jeff and Brit had probably fought the whole time. Well, maybe one of these days they would learn to get along.

"Meg?" she suddenly asked, in a whisper. "Are you still awake?"

"Sure," Meg replied.

"Do you and Shawn always fight as much as you did today?"

"That was all for show. Shawn's a pervert, but the truth is that I absolutely adore him. Maybe because he's so much like me."

"Yeah, I noticed."

"We fight sometimes, but it's never serious. All of my brothers are great. Peter has always looked out for me, Justin is the nicest and kindest boy I've ever met, and Shawn... Well, let's just say it's impossible to be in a bad mood with Shawn around."

"That's funny, because that's the way I've always felt about you," said Lissa.

"Thanks, Lissa. I really appreciate that. Anyway, I guess I've liked Shawn especially well ever since I... ever since I came out. He was the most supportive of my lifestyle. Maybe it was because he was always hoping I would bring home a girlfriend that he could try to seduce, but he was in favor of it from the very beginning."

"So when you took a nap together this afternoon..."

"Shawn likes to play around, but he knows exactly where to draw the line. Despite what I told you earlier, I trust him completely. And when he's not being a pervert, he's nice to hug."

"I never thought I'd hear you say that about a boy," Lissa giggled.

"Family doesn't count," Meg replied.

"Good point."

"In fact, when I first told my family that I was a lesbian, they didn't exactly take it well. Mom seemed hurt, and Dad got mad. I ran to my room and started crying. It was Shawn who first came to comfort me. I remember crying into his shoulder for the longest time. Then he took my hand and we went downstairs and Shawn actually chewed out my parents for not being supportive of me in my decision. Can you see that? An eleven-year-old boy telling off his parents, and them actually standing there and taking it! I don't remember what he said, but it worked. When he was through, they both apologized to me. Ever since then, I've felt close to Shawn, and I don't mind hugging him or putting my head on his shoulder. I would trust him with my very life. Of course, I could say the same thing about my other brothers too. Peter especially. Sometimes I wish..."


"Never mind. Good night, Lissa."

"Good night, Meg."

Lissa turned over and closed her eyes, wondering what Meg had been about to say. What did she wish? Something to do with her big brother, apparently.

The door suddenly opened, spilling light into the room from the hall. Lissa closed her eyes to block out the glare. Then the door closed again, and she was able to open her eyes once more. Carla had slipped in. The woman made her way to the bed, then to Lissa's astonishment, she leaned in and kissed Meg fully on the lips.

"Carla!" Meg exclaimed. "Lissa's still awake!"

Carla gasped, threw a hand over her mouth and turned to stare, wide-eyed at Lissa. A nervous tension filled the room, and both Meg and Carla looked horrified.

It looked like it was up to Lissa to break the tension. "It's all right," she said. "It doesn't bother me."

Still with an uncertain expression, Carla went over to the light switch and flipped it on. Then she came back over to Meg's bed and sat down. Meg rose to a sitting position beside her.

"Look, it's really none of my business," Lissa said.

"Yes, but I think you deserve an explanation," replied Meg. "I just don't know if I can actually say it."

"If you want to explain, I'd like to hear, but I'll understand if you don't. I'm perfectly willing to pretend this never happened."

Meg glanced at Carla, who nodded at her in encouragement. Meg sighed, then turned back to Lissa.

"I'm not sure we should tell you this," said Meg. "An innocent girl like you might not be able to handle it."

"Oh yeah, very funny," said Lissa sarcastically.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. We could get in big trouble if people found out."

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Especially Sandy or Peter."

"Oh, we're not worried about them," said Carla. "They both know."


"Yes. The thing we're really worried about is that part of it's illegal, because it's been going on since Meg was underage. I could go to prison if it ever got out."

"Sounds kinky," Lissa grinned.

Meg laughed. "I think you've been hanging around me too long," she said. "Okay, since you promised, I'll tell you. Carla and I have been having an affair for about five years now. Our first time was when I was fifteen. She was my babysitter."

Lissa nearly gasped. It sounded surprisingly similar to her own experience with Rachael.

"Both my parents worked, and my big brother was away at college," Meg continued. "Carla's family was friends with my family, so they arranged to have Carla spend the days at our house so that there would be someone there when we came home from school."

"Skip to the good parts," said Carla with a grin.

"Okay, so one day when the boys were both outside playing and I was up in my room, Carla came in. We started talking, then we started kissing, and then she made love to me. To this day, that's still the most erotic experience I've ever had."

"So is that when you became a lesbian? Your mother said it's been five years."

"Oh, I've been a lesbian forever, but I was too shy to do anything about it. I used to sneak peeks at the other girls in the shower room after P.E. classes in Junior High, or look at my dad's collection of Lecher magazines. I think he still doesn't know I knew about them. But until that first time with Carla, I had never even kissed another girl.

"After that, I realized that I enjoyed sex with women too much to ever give it up, so I had to come to terms with what I was. That's when I decided to come out of the closet, so I told my family I was gay. Most of them don't know I've been having this affair with Carla, though."

"So I take it she wasn't your sister-in-law then?" asked Lissa.

"You might as well know that she married my brother so that she could be close to me," Meg replied.

"That's an oversimplification," Carla interrupted. "I first started dating him to be close to Meg, but we got married because I fell in love with him. As soon as we got engaged, I told him the truth about Meg and me. I couldn't lie to him. Actually, he was surprisingly supportive. He didn't disapprove of our relationship, because he loves us both."

"Plus he's got a fetish for kinky girl-on-girl action," Meg added with a grin.

"So... have you let him watch you then?" asked Lissa.

Meg and Carla glanced at each other with a knowing look.

"Should we tell her?" asked Meg.

"That's up to you," said Carla. "It's more personal to you than it is to me."

"All right," Meg sighed. "Lissa, I'm going to tell you something that will change your whole impression of me."

"This doesn't sound good," Lissa replied.

"Don't worry, it's not bad. Just surprising. Did you know that I'm not a virgin?"

Lissa laughed. "Oh, very funny."

"I'm serious, Lissa. I'm not talking about sex with girls. I can fuck all the girls I want and still technically remain a virgin."

Lissa nodded. She had a point there. But then, that meant...

"You mean you've had sex with a man?" Lissa asked.

Meg nodded. "I had Peter take my virginity."

Lissa gasped, putting a hand to her mouth. The idea was shocking.

"It's true," Carla confirmed. "I was there."

"It was my eighteenth birthday," said Meg. "It was just an experiment. Since Peter knew that Carla was in love with me, we all agreed to see if we could make a long-term relationship work with all three of us. We decided that in order to do it, we would all have to be willing to have sex together. Since Carla and I had had sex, and Peter and Carla had had sex, there was only one more leg of that triangle to complete. Neither Peter nor I were exactly thrilled with the idea, but we were willing to try it out once to see if we could make it work."

"So what happened?" asked Lissa.

"Oh, Peter was great. He did everything perfectly. He was a little nervous perhaps, but what man wouldn't be while having sex with his sister? I suppose you could say he's a great lover. Believe me, I don't think I could have been comfortable with any other man. He was kind and gentle and caring and loving and... to be perfectly frank, I didn't like it. Even though he was absolutely wonderful to me, I still felt humiliated and disgusted. I remember I cried myself to sleep in his arms. He knew I hadn't enjoyed it, and he felt really guilty about the whole thing. I remember how sweet he was to me after that, apologizing for hurting me and even crying himself. I didn't feel so bad then, but we decided that it just wouldn't work. So that was the one and only time that I've had sex with a man."

"Oh, Meg, I'm so sorry," Lissa said.

"Don't be," Meg smiled. "So what if it didn't work out the way we planned? Peter said that Carla and I can still make love as often as we want, and we let him watch sometimes. He's even joined in a couple of times, which always makes me nervous, but he's been really good about avoiding any kind of sexual contact with me, so it's fine. I wouldn't trust any other man that way, but with him it's different. Believe me, there's nothing like having a big brother that you know you can trust with something like that."

That made her think of her own brother Jeff. He used to be shy, but now that he had a girlfriend, he had really opened up. Kari had been good for him, but more importantly, he had been good for her. He was kind and gentle and caring, just like Meg's description of Peter. In fact, if Jeff had one fault, it was the way he treated Brit.

"Thank you so much for sharing that with me," Lissa smiled. "I'm glad you were willing to tell me something so intimate."

"So it doesn't bother you?"

"I can't say I approve of everything you said you did, but it's not my place to judge, is it? Besides, your brother reminds me of my own."

"Oh?" asked Meg with a grin. "Is there a story you would like to share with us?"

Lissa turned red. In fact, there were a couple of little incidents on her mind right now, a little experimenting she had done herself. Maybe if it were only Meg there, she might say it, but Carla was still almost a complete stranger.

"I just know how sweet and gentle he is, like with his girlfriend for instance," she replied instead. "Your brother sounds just as wonderful. And I'm glad things worked out for you, even if it wasn't like you planned."

"I like this girl," said Carla.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Meg laughed. "Lissa has no plans to cross over."

"You get your mind out of the gutter. You know that's not what I meant. Well anyway, it looks like we're going to have to put our celebration off until Christmas time."

"What do you mean?" asked Meg.

"No privacy. Peter and I are sleeping downstairs in the hide-a-bed in the living room, which is too public for an orgy. And since Lissa's in here, that leaves us with no options."

"I don't want to spoil this for you," said Lissa. "If you want, I can wait outside or something."

"No you won't, because I'm not rude enough to kick you out of the room," Meg replied. "You're my guest."

"Okay then, why don't I go take a shower?" Lissa suggested. "A nice, long shower. That will give you two a little time to... you know."

Meg considered for a moment. "You wouldn't mind?" she asked.

"Of course not. You've been so nice to me in letting me come here with you, it's the least I can do in return."

"Lissa, you're wonderful," said Carla. "You've just made yourself another friend for life."

Actually, Lissa wanted a little privacy herself. Part of her was shocked at what Meg and her brother had done, but there was another feeling, deep down inside, that she couldn't ignore. In fact, her body had started to tingle when Meg told of her experience with her brother. There was something a little thrilling about the whole idea.

She took her hair dryer from her suitcase, threw on a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts, then left the room and headed across the hall to the bathroom. Once there she wasted no time but immediately stripped off her clothes. Even her bra and panties had seemed too stifling there for a while. She needed to feel the open air on her skin.

She stood there and stared at her body in the full-length mirror against the wall. She had developed into a real beauty in the past few years, still with a touch of innocence to her face but with a stunning body. In fact, she had to say that her own body was actually better than Meg's, and that was saying something. She wondered what Meg would think if she saw Lissa right now. I probably don't want to know, she thought with a smile. Of course, she had seen Monique topless, but had never even seen that much of Alya. She suddenly imagined Alya standing there, completely nude, beside her. For the sake of comparison, she told herself, which was a perfectly safe explanation.

The conversation in the bedroom had done something to her body, she realized. Not only were her nipples hard, but she was wet between her legs. Up to this point she had been able to ignore those feelings, but here was proof that she had been aroused by it. What could have done it? she wondered. Surely it wasn't the thought of Meg and Carla together. The only two times Lissa had experimented along those lines, the other woman had been the aggressor. The first time she had given in only because she wondered what it felt like, and because the idea of doing something so forbidden was liberating. The second time was all in fun, just for the sake of some naughty pictures that her dad had probably already deleted anyway. While she had enjoyed it in the moment, the thought of it turned her off. So that left only the thought of Meg and her brother together. She had seen Meg nude enough times that even if she were the type of girl that would fantasize about her, there was really nothing left to fantasize about. So was it the thought of Peter that had done this to her? No, Peter was a good-looking man, but thinking about him right now did nothing for her. So then it must have been the idea of that act of incest. As she thought the word, she felt a tingle run through her. Yes, that was it. The idea of sex between a girl and her brother was exciting her.

Still lost in thought, she moved away from the mirror. Almost mechanically, she turned on the water in the shower and adjusted the temperature. Then she stepped into the tub and let the warm water caress her body.

Her mind went back to those incidents when she and Jeff had fooled around. Granted, it had never gone as far as Meg and Peter had taken it, but still, she couldn't deny it had felt good. That last time during the summer in the tent with Kari had been very nice especially, even though she hadn't taken it as far as she had before. Still, there had been something extremely pleasing about just being naked with him. Her hand unconsciously went to her stomach, then reached lower as she remembered those times.

Jeff had gotten more and more handsome in these past few years. She suddenly felt a little jealous of Kari, and at the same time wondered just how far they had taken their relationship. She remembered that her aunt Rachael had said she had seduced Jeff, so apparently Jeff had no qualms about sex.

Sex. With Jeff. Was Kari indulging in that wonderful delight that Lissa had never quite achieved? She wondered what kind of lover Jeff was. No, she knew exactly what kind of lover he would be. Gentle and caring. Just like he was in all other aspects of his life. Such a sweet, handsome boy.

Jeff! she thought as she began to rub herself between the legs. It was just too bad that he was her brother, because a romantic relationship between them was impossible. It wasn't fair; Kari got to spend time with him while Lissa was stuck at college. She would even gladly trade places with Brit right now.

Brit obviously didn't know what she was missing. She fought with him when she could be taking advantage of his kindness and gentleness. Lissa had told them to be nice to each other, but would they? Instead of arguing, would they spend their time having fun together? Or maybe, like Meg and Shawn, just being near each other? She could imagine the two of them sleeping together on the couch. What Lissa wouldn't give to have that opportunity with Jeff again, just once! To lay her head on his shoulder, feel his arm around her, maybe his hand on her cheek, his lips on her forehead...

What was she doing? She was masturbating to the thought of her little brother! That was sick! If anything, she should be thinking about Matt right now. But Matt was the furthest thing from her mind. He was a good friend, fun to spend time with, even fun to kiss. But she needed something more, something deeper, something with someone she loved.

But Jeff? Yes, she loved him, but it wasn't supposed to be that kind of love. And yet, here she was, playing with herself as she thought about him. What kind of a monster was she, that she would entertain thoughts of a physical relationship with her own brother? What would he think if he could see her now?

See her now. In the shower. Naked. Her naked body on display for him. His eyes wandering all over her, taking in every inch of her skin, her glistening, hot flesh that longed for his touch. She could imagine him stepping into the shower with her, wrapping his arms around her, drawing her to him. His mouth pressed against hers. Their bodies together. And his hard cock...

"No!" she exclaimed defiantly, though in a whisper. She wasn't going to let herself be turned on by thoughts of her brother. That was just disgusting! She reached for the shampoo and began to wash her hair, trying to block out all thoughts of him.

But as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair and it ran down her body, she realized that she had already gotten aroused, and even a simple sensation like the shampoo against her skin was sending tiny thrills through her body. She had to either go through with her fantasy, or leave herself unsatisfied. She needed release, but at what cost?

It was a difficult decision, but in the end, her willpower won out. She would just have to find some other release later. And it wouldn't be by thinking of Jeff, that was for sure!

She continued to wash herself off, gritting her teeth and trying to ignore the tingling sensations as she ran her hands over her body. She was just washing now, not masturbating. She couldn't afford to give in to the temptation.

She spent a few more minutes under the water, then turned it off. She grabbed a towel and dried herself, then stepped out of the shower. Leaving her clothes off, she plugged in the hair dryer and set to work drying her hair.

She wondered if Meg and Carla were through yet? How long had it been? She had neglected to bring her watch into the bathroom with her, and there was no clock in here. She still had to dry her hair at least, so that would give them a few more minutes.

She spent extra long on her hair, then unplugged the dryer, wrapped up the cord, and replaced it in her duffel bag. Then she put her underwear back on. She considered throwing on her shorts and tee-shirt, but she would have to take them off again as soon as she entered the room anyway, so she decided to leave them off. She smiled as she imagined walking out of the bathroom and bumping into Shawn as he went to get himself a drink of water or something. Wouldn't that be entertaining? At least he would think so, no doubt.

As it turned out, she had no such luck. The hall was deserted. She quickly darted to the other side and put her hand on the knob to the door to Meg's room, wondering what she would find. Was the show over? Or were they still in there, hugging or kissing or groping or licking?

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and peered in.

It was more or less what she had imagined. Both women were naked. Meg sat on the bed, a look of exquisite pleasure on her face and her legs wrapped over Carla's shoulder, who had her face mashed into Meg's thigh. Meg's head was thrown back, her eyes shut tightly, and she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming.

Lissa found that it didn't bother her as much as she had expected. Here were two women who loved each other, and they were expressing that love, that's all. Maybe two months ago she would have run away in shock, but now she quietly slipped into the room and closed the door behind her. Making her way to her own bed, she sat down. Though she had expected to lie down facing the wall and ignore the women, she found herself unable to look away. She had engaged in similar activities herself, but never before had she had a chance to actually watch it.

Probably because she had not achieved satisfaction in the shower, she slipped one of her hands down inside her panties. Aware of what she was doing but unable to stop herself, she began to rub herself just like she had in the shower. The thought frightened her that she was masturbating to two women making love, but somehow it just happened, almost without her consent. It was like her hand was moving on its own. Her other hand went up over her bra, and she pleasured herself there too. Something strange had come over her; the sight before her eyes was actually arousing her!

Meg opened her eyes for a moment and glanced over. She widened her eyes in shock for only a second, then the smile on her face grew even wider. She bucked her hips harder and harder against Carla's face, who lapped at her eagerly. Meg's hands went to the back of Carla's head and she pulled her in tight as she tensed up and shivered in the throes of ecstasy. She looked like she was aching to cry out as her orgasm hit her, but she somehow managed to keep quiet. Only the faintest of groans escaped her, then she collapsed back against the bed.

Carla continued to lick for a moment longer, as if not wanting to admit that it was over, but then she drew her head back. She glanced over at Lissa, seeing her there for the first time. She grinned just like Meg had when she saw what Lissa was doing.

"I see you enjoyed the show," she said, standing up.

That did it. Lissa finally broke free from the spell, removing her hands from her body. Carla laughed, but it wasn't a derogatory or condescending laugh, but a friendly one. "Don't worry," she said. "You refused to judge us, so I refuse to judge you. It's really not my business."

She moved over to her clothes and picked them up. As she dressed, Meg rose tiredly to a sitting position, reaching out a hand and fondling Carla. But they did nothing more except for a final deep, passionate kiss after Carla finished dressing, then the older woman winked at Lissa and disappeared through the door.

"So tell me the truth," Meg asked Lissa. "Did that really turn you on?"

"I don't know."

"Well, you don't have to admit it if it makes you uncomfortable. But I can see we might make a lesbian of you yet."

Lissa blushed, the first time one of Meg's comments had done that to her in weeks. Meg came over and sat next to her on her bed. Lissa was well aware that the girl was still nude, and it made her a little uncomfortable.

"What's on your mind?" asked Meg.

"I don't know. I'm just a little... overwhelmed, that's all."

"And no wonder. You haven't gotten off yet."

"I hope that's not an invitation!" she said, perhaps a little too sharply.

If Meg was offended by her words, she didn't show it. "I didn't mean it like that," she said with a smile. "Look, it's all right if you want to finish up here. I don't mind."

"I know you don't," mumbled Lissa.

"Okay, fine. I'll admit it. I'd like to watch. There, are you satisfied?"

"Well, at least you're honest."

"Come on, Lissa. I promise I won't touch you. You can go ahead and do it. What does it matter if I'm watching you?"

Lissa did want to continue touching herself; she hadn't had satisfaction yet, and the events of the evening and her own fantasies had gotten her so aroused that it was frustrating not being able to climax.

She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, trying to forget that Meg was there.

Meg slid off of the bed and sat on the floor next to her. Lissa could still sense her presence there. But surprisingly the thought excited her. She couldn't believe she was about to play with herself for the amusement of another woman!

She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, then pulled it off and discarded it to the side. She could sense Meg's eyes on her body, and realized that this was the first time Meg had seen her like this. The thought both frightened and thrilled her. Giving in to her arousal, she moved her hands to the side to give the girl a perfect view. She lay there just breathing for a while, feeling Meg's eyes on her almost like a physical, tangible thing that ran all over her body stimulating her. Then she reached down and slipped off her panties, then lay back on the bed again.

She let one hand slip between her legs, and she cupped one of her tits in the other. She began to rub herself, seeking out the most sensitive spots. Now that she didn't have to stand up like in the shower, she could relax and devote all of her energy to giving herself pleasure. Her fingers went to her nipple and she squeezed and pinched it, sending electric thrills through her body. She wondered if Meg was doing the same thing to her own body, but dared not open her eyes to find out.

Her other hand ground into her crotch, pressing on that sensitive bud that gave her so much pleasure. She let out a quiet moan, restraining herself out of fear of being heard. It wasn't too difficult; she had had many practice sessions when growing up with her brother and sister right across the hall. She had learned to hold back the sounds that otherwise came naturally as she pleasured herself. Instead, she took long, deep breaths to ease the building tension.

Her fingers worked their magic on her body, letting the pleasure overtake her. It was a welcome relief; there had been few opportunities to let herself go like this since she had moved into the apartment and shared a bedroom with another girl. No doubt Meg would have loved to watch her do this, but Lissa felt too self-conscious. Now, though, they were crossing the line, and perhaps in the future she wouldn't be so shy. It would be nice to be able to relieve herself like this whenever she wanted, whether Meg was there or not.

Her breaths came as gasps now, shorter and faster. Her body felt so sensitive now that she felt like screaming. Every nerve was exploding in bliss, especially the ones between her legs. All of the pleasure in her body focused itself on that one point, driving her into a frenzy.

Then she felt a new sensation there, a hand that was not her own. It slid beneath her own hand and took over the motions. For a moment she wondered where that new sensation came from, but then remembered that Meg was sitting nearby. Meg, her roommate, her friend, was helping her to achieve the release that she longed for. She let Meg's hand caress her, freeing up her own hand to seek out her sadly neglected other breast. The combined stimulation of all three of her most sensitive spots put her over the edge. Biting her lip to keep the orgasmic bliss from turning into the scream that she so desperately wanted to give, she shook with wanton abandon as the surge of pleasure overtook her. Then she felt it fading as it always did, leaving her weak but satisfied for now.

Then she suddenly realized what had just happened. Her eyes opened in horror, and she pushed Meg's hand away. "Meg!" she said. "What did you do?"

"Oh god, Lissa, I'm sorry!" Meg exclaimed, the same shock in her own eyes. "I shouldn't have... after I promised..." She stood up and headed over to her bed, where she sat down. She put her hands over her mouth as she just stared in shame and guilt for what she had done.

Lissa fought back the tears that were forming in her eyes. She was angry, and hurt, and afraid. Up till now she had trusted Meg completely, but Meg had just violated that trust. Now in this house, with Meg's family, she felt trapped. She wanted to run away, but there was nowhere to go.

"Lissa, I'm so sorry for what I did," Meg said. "It was stupid of me! I just couldn't help myself. Look, if it will make you feel better, I'll go take my things and sleep out in the hall. You can lock the door if you're at all worried that I might try something like that again."

Lissa shook her head. "No. You're fine in here. I just... oh please put some clothes on, Meg."

Meg nodded, and began to dress. Lissa did as well. The two of them sat in silence as they put on their clothes, Meg with an ashamed look on her face and Lissa with an angry one on hers. How could she! Meg was supposed to be her friend, and now this! As soon as she finished dressing, she lay down and turned over on her side to stare at the wall.

"Lissa," said Meg. "If you want to talk about this, I'm here for you. But if you don't, I'll understand."

"I don't want to talk about it right now. Just go to sleep."

"Okay." Meg switched off the lights, and in the darkness Lissa finally let the tears flow. She was not surprised to hear Meg sobbing as well.

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