Jeff, Brit, Kari, and Crystal fool around.
Chapter 64

Although Crystal and Kari were both up for some wild sex, Jeff and Brit asked them to take things more slowly. Jeff was exhausted from his multiple orgasms during the night, and Brit was a little sore from having her virginity taken so recently.

That didn't mean they couldn't still have plenty of fun. Kari in particular liked to be creative in their lovemaking, especially when she had another girl or two to throw into the equation. This time, however, it was Brit who came up with a plan.

She leaned over and whispered something in Crystal's ear, too quiet for the others to hear. Crystal grinned, then nodded enthusiastically. Brit hopped down from the bed and headed back to her room.

"Where are you going?" asked Jeff.

"I just need to get something," she winked. As she disappeared through the door, Crystal whispered the secret into Kari's ear, who seemed just as eager as her sister had been upon hearing it.

Six months ago Jeff would have complained if Brit told someone a secret without letting him in on it. Considering the result of the last time the girls had conspired against him, though, he was more than happy to be the victim of their devious little plot.

The Williams girls scooted in next to him, then all three of them lay down on the bed. Kari and Crystal kissed him on the cheek as they pressed their bodies up against his, their hands massaging his chest. He wrapped his arms around them, drawing them in even tighter.

Brit returned to his bedroom, her hand behind her back and a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"I have a surprise for you, Jeff," she said. "Close your eyes."

"You're not going to give me a bite of your favorite food, are you?" he chuckled, and the girls all laughed, especially Crystal.

"No, but you'll like this surprise even more."

"I can't wait," he said, closing his eyes. Kari and Crystal continued to kiss him as Brit approached the bed.

Suddenly, the Williams girls grabbed his hands and pulled them up and outward. Before he knew what was happening, he felt a loop of rope fasten around one of his wrists. He opened his eyes in surprise, just in time to see Brit scramble over the top of him to reach his other arm.

He was too shocked to put up a struggle until it was too late, and he suddenly found himself with his hands tied to the bedposts. By the time he had regained control of himself enough to resist, Kari and Crystal had both moved down his body to sit on his legs, pinning them down.

He knew it was all in fun of course; none of the girls would really do anything to hurt him. Still, he wasn't going to make it easy for them. He tried bucking and kicking to dislodge the girls while Brit looped the ropes around his ankles. With the three of them subduing him, he didn't stand a chance, and soon he had his feet tied to the other bedposts. He lay there spread-eagle as the girls climbed off of him and admired their handiwork.

He had never really been into bondage play before (unless one counted the times he tied up his little sister to torment her when they were children), but on the other hand, with three gorgeous girls like this, he was certainly willing to give it a try. He was actually a little excited at the possibilities.

"And now I get my revenge for all those times you did this to me when we were growing up," Brit told him. "Say the words!" she demanded.

Jeff grinned and shook his head, keeping his mouth shut tight. He was having way too much fun to make it that easy for them.

"What words?" asked Crystal.

"Remember how I told you about this?" Brit replied. "About how he used to do this to me when we were younger and he was still a big meanie. He would always make me say certain words."

"Ooh, that sounds fun!" Kari laughed. "Say them, Jeff!"

He shook his head again.

"Good, I was hoping he wouldn't give in too easily," said Brit. She immediately reached out and tickled him under the armpits.

Crystal attacked his other side, and together the girls tickle-tormented him. He laughed uncontrollably; he had always been ticklish. When he was younger and much bigger than his little sister, he used to torture her like this all the time, and now apparently it was coming around to haunt him.

"Okay, I give up!" he finally exclaimed, laughing so hard that tears ran down his cheeks. The girls backed off, giving him time to catch his breath.

After a few seconds, he said, "Now I'm completely at your mercy. You can do anything you want to me, and I can't stop you. My body is yours to play with."

Kari and Crystal broke down in a fit of giggles. "That's so humiliating!" Kari exclaimed with delight. "You mean you used to make Brit say that all the time?"

He nodded.

"Personally, I think it's more erotic than humiliating," Crystal winked. "Just think, all this time you could have been playing with her body instead of tickling or tormenting her. What a wasted opportunity."

"Well, I'm not going to waste this opportunity," said Kari. "We've got Jeff in the same position, so what are we going to do with him?"

"I don't know about anyone else," said Brit, "but I'm hungry."

"You're just going to leave him here and go eat?" asked Crystal. "That's boring."

"No, I'm going to eat right here."

"We're not allowed to eat in bed," Jeff replied.

"There are a lot of other things we're not allowed to do in bed, but that never stopped us," she giggled.

"Oh, very funny. Just don't expect the three of us to wait while you're in the kitchen fixing something to eat."

"What I want to eat doesn't require getting out of bed," said Brit.

"What's that?" he asked.

"You!" she exclaimed, then lowered her head and began to move down his body, kissing and licking as she went.

"Oh my god Brit, what are you doing?" he gasped.

"The yummiest food I've ever tasted is your cum," she explained.

"What? When did you--"

"You don't really think I can suck your cock all night without waking up once, do you?" she laughed.

Jeff's eyes grew wide. So she had been awake after all!

"Oh my god, when did this happen?" Crystal asked with a grin.

Jeff explained about that night that Brit had sucked him off three times, all while he thought she was asleep. Kari and Crystal both wore excited looks on their faces; it was obviously turning them on.

"From now on, I want you to give me your cum to drink every night before we go to sleep, all right?" Brit demanded.

"You're serious?" he asked.

"Absolutely. I don't care where your cock has been during the day. Even if you've just pulled it out of Kari's pussy, you have to let me suck all the sperm out."

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed, excited at what he was hearing. Little Britney not only was willing to give him oral sex, she wanted to!

She reached his cock a moment later, and planted a kiss right on the shaft. "So yummy," she commented. "I'm so in love with your cock, I can't stand it." She ran her tongue from the base all the way to the tip, causing Jeff to groan in pleasure. She tickled it with her tongue, focusing especially on the point on the underside of the head that was extra sensitive. Kari or Crystal must have told her about that; they both knew it drove him wild when they licked him there.

His body squirmed involuntarily, and Brit giggled. Apparently she enjoyed the reactions she was causing in him. Jeff was more than happy to amuse her in that way, especially since it meant such intense pleasure for himself. He gave up trying to hold anything back, and instead just let things happen.

If not for all the sex he had had last night, he probably would have climaxed before she even put it in her mouth, just from the excitement of having his little sister licking him like that. As it was, he was more than happy to draw it out. The longer it took, the more fun he would have in the mean time.

"Looks like Brit's taken the best part," commented Crystal.

"Indulge her," Kari said. "She's been waiting a long time for this."

Crystal hopped up on top of him, spreading her legs over his stomach and lying down on his chest so that she could kiss him on the lips. Kari knelt behind Brit and reached around to fondle the girl's boobs.

"You have the cutest little titties," she grinned. "So soft and squeezable."

"You can squeeze them all you want," Brit replied.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer."

"Kari, are you trying to seduce my girlfriend?" asked Crystal, glancing back at them.

"It's only fair," said her sister. "Since you're trying to seduce my boyfriend."

"Okay, you got me there," Crystal laughed. She rose back up, straddling Jeff's chest. "You know," she said, "you're the one tied up here, and yet you're the only one receiving oral sex. I ask you, is that fair?"

"Sounds fair to me," he replied.

"And I'm just happy getting my boobs played with," Brit giggled.

"Well if the rest of you aren't going to take advantage of our captive, I sure am," said Crystal. She slid her body forward along his chest, until she positioned her pussy above his face. "Now eat me out," she ordered.

"Just what I was in the mood for," he replied, then stuck out his tongue and tickled her cunt with it. She jumped at the first contact, then settled down and lowered herself onto his mouth. Jeff licked her from the base of the slit up to the top, where he sought out her little clitoris. It took some some work to get it to emerge from its hiding place, but once it was out he set to work teasing it passionately and almost roughly. Crystal's body began to respond in the same way his own did to Brit's ministrations.

"Oh god!" exclaimed Crystal. "Just like that!"

Jeff enthusiastically obeyed, loving the taste of her body and her feminine juices. He knew that Kari and Crystal tasted similar, and wondered if it would be the same with Brit. The thought of pleasuring her with his mouth excited him; he loved to make her feel good, and to give her that kind of pleasure would be the greatest feeling in the world.

The greatest feeling next to what she was doing to him right now, of course. Despite her lack of experience, she seemed to know just how to make him feel good. Her tongue worked over his cock inside her mouth as she sucked on it greedily. The sheer intensity was almost too much to bear, an exquisite torture.

"Well, we might as well do this right," said Kari. Everyone else is face-fucking someone, so we might as well add one more link to this daisy-chain." She released Brit, then turned around and reclined next to the foot of the bed.

"I'm sure you're still too sore for any kind of deep penetration, Brit," she said, "but are you up for a little tongue on the outside?"

"Hell yeah!" Brit exclaimed enthusiastically. Jeff laughed; he rarely heard her swear, so he knew she must really be excited.

Kari ducked her head under Brit's legs, then scooted up between her thighs and the bed.

"Ooh!" Brit exclaimed with a grin as Kari started to work her over with her mouth. Now the four of them formed a chain of oral sex, all but Crystal giving pleasure to someone else, and all but Kari receiving it.

"Let's make this a contest," said Crystal. "Whoever makes the first person cum wins. Any objections?" No one spoke up, but whether that was because they didn't object or because their mouths were too occupied wasn't at all clear. Jeff felt Brit double her efforts, however, so he knew that at least she was planning to compete. He decided to go along with it also.

He lowered his tongue and drove it deep inside of Crystal's pussy. He shoved it in and out as if fucking her with it. She groaned in pleasure from the sensation. He had done this enough times to her before that he knew exactly what she liked. Kari, Crystal, and he were experts on each other's bodies, and they were in the process of bringing Brit in on it as well. Soon all four of them would be experienced lovers of one another.

Brit, meanwhile, was sucking as hard as she could. It was a risky strategy; she wouldn't be able to keep it up for long, he knew. On the other hand, it made the pleasure all the more intense. He decided not to try to hold off his orgasm; if possible he would reward her for her efforts. This was the type of game where it was just as fun to lose as to win, after all.

From the sounds she was making, he realized that she might be the first one to climax. Her moans, which had originally been for the taste of his dick in her mouth, had increased in pitch and intensity as soon as Kari began to pleasure her, and they were growing more wild by the minute. She was even beginning to lose control of what she was doing to her big brother as her body responded to the sensations of Kari's tongue. Jeff knew those sensations very well, and he knew just how hard it was to keep control when Kari did that.

Crystal was also having plenty of fun, apparently. She mashed her thighs against Jeff's face, trying to force every last possible millimeter that he could shove his tongue inside her. He pressed in as deep as he could, his tongue extended to its full length.

Suddenly, Brit squealed in ecstasy, her body tensing up and shuddering. For a moment he thought she was going to bite down on his dick. He knew how painful that could be. But she kept her mouth open through the climax, to his relief.

Jeff was the next to cum. The sounds of his little sister in the throes of passion were enough to push him over the edge. His own body tensed up, straining against the ropes that held him bound. He found the check on his motion to be ironically liberating. He could squirm all he wanted and his body would remain in the same position. That, plus the almost painful tightening against his wrists and ankles, served to intensify the feeling. He could certainly understand the thrill of bondage-play during sex. He might have to try this again some time.

His cock pulsed inside his little sister's mouth, shooting his cum against the back of her throat. Brit gulped it down like she was starving. She continued sucking as hard as she could, making the orgasm last extra long.

Somehow she managed to swallow every last drop, then she let it slip from her mouth and stood up. "Oh my god, that was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted!" she exclaimed.

"You too?" asked Kari with a laugh. "I think we'd better not share Jeff with too many other girls, because once they taste his cum, they'll be addicted."

Now Crystal was the only one left. Jeff continued to work on her, driving her into a frenzy with his tongue. He knew it wouldn't be long now, from the way she squealed and her body squirmed above him.

"Need some help, Jeff?" asked Kari. She didn't wait for an answer, but climbed onto the bed next to her sister. She leaned in and took one of Crystal's nipples between her lips.

"Oh yes, Kari!" Crystal exclaimed. "Just like that!"

Brit knelt on the other side and sucked her other nipple into her mouth, causing her to cry out again. Crystal reached out and held the two girls' heads to her chest. They suckled greedily as Jeff watched in fascination from below. The sight was intensely erotic, made all the more so by the feel of her hot little cunt against his mouth.

"Oh god!" exclaimed Crystal. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Her hips bucked, and Jeff felt and tasted a sudden surge of moisture. He drank it down, loving the flavor of her girl-juices, the sweet nectar of her ecstasy. Crystal continued to ride him as her orgasm raced through her body. She let it run its course, then she climbed off of him and collapsed on the bed.

The four of them lay there bunched together on a bed that was really only big enough for one. No one complained; it simply meant squeezing in tightly, their naked bodies pressed tightly against each other.

After they rested for about five minutes, Kari spoke up. "You know, this isn't really fair," she said. "I'm the only one who didn't get to have an orgasm."

"Well, considering I'm the only one who hasn't gotten a taste of cock or pussy today, I'd say the solution is obvious," said Crystal, then scooted down her body to lick at her pussy.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much room to maneuver, so Brit had to get off of the bed. That still left the problem of Jeff lying dead center on it, which meant Kari had to lie to the side, which didn't leave her any room to move around without falling off the bed.

"I've got an idea," said Brit. She knelt at the foot of the bed and once more took his cock into her mouth.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to cum for a while," Jeff told her.

"You don't have to cum," she replied, her words garbled around his dick. "You just have to get hard."

That turned out to be no problem at all, with two gorgeous girls eating each other out at his side and a third sucking his dick. In less than a minute, he was almost fully hard again. So soon after his last climax, it wasn't as rock-solid as before, but it was good enough for what Brit had in mind.

"Come here, Kari," she said. "You sit right down here." She nodded toward Jeff's swollen member. Kari grinned, then sat up. She positioned herself above his cock, then lowered herself onto it. The brief stimulation of her little sister's tongue and the excitement of the orgy had warmed her up enough that he slid right in without any problem.

"Now lie back," Brit told her. Kari did so, her back resting on top of Jeff's chest with his cock still stuck up inside her pussy. He gave a tentative thrust and found that even in his restrained position he was able to get a moderate degree of motion, enough to stimulate Kari at any rate.

"Okay, Crystal," said Brit. "Let's eat up."

The two younger girls moved to the side of the bed, then leaned over it to lick Jeff and Kari. Their tongues roamed all over, from the base of Jeff's cock all the way up to Kari's clit. Sometimes they focused on the point right where he disappeared inside of her, tasting both of their bodies at once. Other times, they altered licking all up and down Jeff's shaft with nibbling on Kari's clit. Crystal, in particular, seemed to focus on her sister more, which left Jeff for Brit. As before, they spent just as much effort teasing each other's tongues, sometimes taking their mouths off of Jeff and Kari long enough to kiss each other passionately.

Kari's body soon responded to the triple stimulation, her hips lowering to meet Jeff's thrusts and the girls' tongues. Brit and Crystal reached up and took her tits in their hands, rubbing and squeezing them. They pinched the nipples between their fingers, which drove Kari wild with pleasure. She didn't try to cover the sounds of her ecstasy; with no one else in the house there was no need, and it was so much nicer to be able to let herself go like that.

When the climax came, she let it all out, literally screaming in the intensity of the pleasure. Her body thrashed wildly on top of Jeff as the girls kept up their ministrations until her orgasm had washed through her and she lay panting and sweaty against Jeff's body.

"So that's what it's like to do a foursome," Crystal commented later as they continued to rest there on the too-small bed.

"Not much different from a threesome," replied Jeff.

"Oh, it's quite a bit different from a threesome when it's Brit and Crystal and me," Kari laughed. "I'm not complaining or anything, but sometimes I just like a nice, fat cock shoved up my pussy."

"Me too!" Crystal and Brit both exclaimed at the same time.

Now that the fun was over, they untied Jeff, who massaged his sore wrists. While it had certainly been fun being tied up like that, he would have to figure out some kind of padding to keep the ropes from chafing next time.

The four of them climbed into the shower together, and they took turns washing each other's backs and fronts. Afterward, they retrieved the hair dryer to use Rachael's special drying method. Unfortunately, they all wanted to be the one to handle the blow dryer, and although their fighting over it was all in good fun, the experience was more playful than erotic this time.

They didn't bother putting their clothes back on; now that they were all lovers, there was no need to be shy in front of each other. They headed downstairs for lunch, which consisted of leftover veal from last night, reheated in the microwave. Brit insisted on sitting in Jeff's lap, and he was more than happy to oblige her. Just for fun, Crystal hopped up on Kari's lap too, giving them all an amused chuckle.

When Crystal accidentally dripped some food on her chest, Brit leaned over and licked it off. Crystal returned the favor a few minutes later when Brit spilled a little on herself, and that set off a chain reaction. Soon both girls were deliberately doing it, spending the majority of their time licking each other. They probably ate more food off of each other's bodies than off of their plates.

They fooled around a little after lunch, mostly just wrestling and tickling each other downstairs in the rec room, although it quickly devolved into groping and smooching. Jeff and Kari mostly just fondled each other, but Brit and Crystal ended up eating each other out and bringing each other to another orgasm.

Kari suggested they all get in the hot tub after that, and they all agreed. The hot water and jets of bubbles felt nice and relaxing after the exertion of the day, and they all slumped into a lethargic tranquility.

That was where Allison found them when she returned home that afternoon. She flashed them a knowing smile, then took them by surprise by undressing and slipping into the hot tub with them. The five of them relaxed together, letting all the cares of the world wash away.

After about twenty minutes, Allison offered to massage Brit's shoulders, and Brit readily agreed. She came over and sat in her stepmother's lap, and Allison set to work. Crystal asked if Jeff would do the same for her, and soon they were all giving each other massages and back rubs. They randomly traded off, rubbing and fondling each other's bodies. Jeff always managed to let his hands wander around to the girls' fronts, and he spent more time massaging their boobs than their shoulders.

He made an exception in Allison's case. He still wasn't sure where to draw the line with her; she had certainly not made it clear. So when she sat in his lap he kept his hands only on her shoulders. Eventually she leaned back against his chest, sighing in contentment. He wrapped his arms around her and held her to him, keeping his hands clear of her breasts and thigh. His cock had grown hard again during this time, and now it pressed up against her back, but she made no mention of it, so he decided not to worry about it.

It was getting late, so a few minutes later they all climbed out of the hot tub and dried off, this time using towels because there was no blow dryer handy. The Williams girls got dressed because they had to leave soon, but Jeff, Brit, and Allison didn't bother.

Kari and Crystal said their goodbyes, but only after Jeff invited them over the next day did they finally leave. Once the girls were out the door, Brit and Jeff glanced at each other. Brit grinned, and without a word she took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.


Kari and Crystal found plenty of excuses to come over to visit the rest of the week. Kari even canceled the after-school study session with Rick and Vanessa on Tuesday, then "studied" with Jeff, Crystal, and Brit instead.

Allison tried to stay out of their way as much as possible, giving them as much privacy as could be had with four people. Usually this meant staying on the ground floor while they had fun upstairs in Brit's and Jeff's bedroom or played erotic games downstairs in the rec room and hot tub. Sometimes the four of them headed out back to the studio to take more pictures, which were all the naughtier now that they didn't have to hold anything back. Allison never followed them out there, although she did casually mention one night at the dinner table that she wouldn't mind seeing the results of their photoshoots.

True to her word, Brit sucked Jeff off every night after they went to bed. She even did it once while Allison was in the room. On this particular night, their stepmother was visiting with them in Jeff's room before bed, like she often did. She had gotten into the habit after Jeff's accident, and never really got over it. Neither Jeff nor Brit minded, especially now that Allison was in on their little secret.

They were also no longer shy about undressing in front of each other. Sometimes Allison herself would take off her clothes too, and they would sit there on Jeff's bed, talking and joking and laughing. Jeff's and Allison's promise never to have sex together again apparently didn't preclude them from being nude together, or even touching. Allison sometimes massaged his shoulders or rubbed his back or chest, and she even hugged him, which felt particularly nice with nothing between their bodies. Of course, she did the same to Brit, and Jeff found the sight of Allison running her hands all over his little sister's body to be an erotic sight indeed.

That night, they had gathered in his room as usual, wearing nothing. Jeff was lying on his back with Brit in his arms, her tiny hand leisurely stroking his cock. Allison knelt on the bed next to them, massaging Jeff's chest and talking about nothing in particular. That was the subject of most of their conversations these days; the point was not the discussion, but the company.

Suddenly, Brit leaned in and kissed him on the chest. Then she scooted her body lower and moved down his torso, kissing as she went. Allison watched with delight as her stepdaughter made her way down. She didn't say anything about it, but simply watched in what she probably tried to make look like a casual expression, but she couldn't hide the fact that the sight was exciting her.

When Brit reached her destination, she wasted no time but let his cock slip inside her mouth. She bobbed slowly up and down, sucking it in and out and sending waves of pleasure through her brother.

Allison reached out and put her hand on the back of Brit's head, stroking her hair gently. It was a tender, innocent gesture that wouldn't have meant anything in any other situation. In this case, it told them that she approved of what they were doing.

She let her hand wander lower, rubbing her stepdaughter's back. Brit cooed in delight, which turned into no more than a muffled hum around his dick. It wasn't long before she was making more of those sounds that he loved so much. She used to make those same sounds when she was a little girl eating ice cream or other sweets. Now she had found a new favorite food, and she wasn't quiet about letting them know it.

She was becoming quite the expert on giving blowjobs. Kari had taught her a couple of techniques that really got to Jeff, such as running her tongue in circles all over the head inside her mouth, or tickling that spot on the underside where he was particularly sensitive. That drove him wild whenever Kari did it, and Brit had quickly picked up on it.

After a few minutes of these games, Jeff had had as much as he could stand. His hips started bucking as his body tensed up. Fortunately, Brit knew enough to keep her hand on the base of his cock to keep it from plunging in too far when he lost control during his climax.

He released into her mouth, and she squealed with delight as she gulped it down. Jeff had always thought that oral sex was something that only gave one person pleasure, but Brit seemed to be a counterexample. She had told him she loved the taste, and her actions backed up that declaration. In the past few days, it seemed like she couldn't get enough of his cum.

This time she wasn't able to swallow it all, and a little gob leaked out the side of her mouth. Allison jumped in, scooping it up with her finger and bringing it up to her own mouth. She licked it off, then hummed in pleasure and smiled at him.

"I can't blame your sister for her enthusiasm," she commented. "You've got some really tasty cum. It reminds me of your father's."

Brit raised up off of his cock, then licked her lips. "Daddy's tastes this good? Maybe I should see if he'll let me do this to him," she teased.

"I doubt it," Jeff laughed. But he wasn't so sure. After all, those pictures he had seen of Lissa and him together suggested otherwise.

"I'll leave you two alone now," Allison said, then leaned down and kissed them each on the forehead. Brit scooted back up and curled up once again in Jeff's arms. Allison climbed off the bed.

"Listen," she said. "Your father's going to be back in a few days, and then we're all going to have to be a little more discreet. I'm not going to tell you to stop having sex, because I couldn't stop you if I tried. I just think you should be cautious, especially when your father's around. I'll try to get him out of the house sometimes, although admittedly that's more because I like going out with him than because I want to give you two some privacy."

"Thanks, Allison," said Jeff. "I was right in thinking you're the best stepmother a couple of kids like us could ever have."

Allison smiled, then turned off the light and headed out the door. Brit and Jeff lay together in the darkness and silence until they fell asleep.


When Greg returned on Sunday night, the three of them acted like nothing was different. Jeff had been a little concerned that they would let something slip and end up revealing what had gone on during the week, but they played their parts well, and it was obvious that he didn't suspect a thing.

During supper that night, their father asked them how things went during his absence. Brit, with her usual flair, invented half a dozen tall tales, none of which were the least bit believable. Greg simply chuckled at her imaginative stories, and all of Jeff's worries about him discovering the truth quickly dissipated.

There was just one thing that still bothered him. He felt guilty about going behind his father's back like that. When it had just been Kari and Crystal, he didn't feel guilty because what he did with them was perfectly normal for a teenage boy. Or at least, the only thing abnormal about it was the fact that he was doing it with them both together. He was pretty sure his dad suspected that his relationship with Kari had a sexual component to it, but Greg had simply adopted a "don't ask don't tell" policy, much like Allen Williams had. On the other hand, having sex with Brit was something Greg most certainly would not approve of. Jeff loved his father, and didn't want to disappoint him. There was really no way around it, though, unless he gave up Brit, something that he wasn't prepared to do. He had to take comfort in the hope that what Greg didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

His pensive and troubled mood slipped away when Brit slipped into bed with him that night and immediately set to work sucking him off. It was impossible to feel bad when she made him feel that good. By the time he climaxed in her mouth, he had forgotten all of his worries and guilt.

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Pay attention next time AP.
"Well if the rest of you aren't going to take advantage of our captive, I sure am," said Crystal. She slid her body forward along his chest, until she positioned her pussy above his face. "Now eat me out," she ordered.

"Just what I was in the mood for," he replied, then stuck out his tongue and tickled her cunt with it. She jumped at the first contact, then settled down and lowered herself onto his mouth. Jeff licked her from the base of the slit up to the top, where he sought out her little clitoris. It took some some work to get it to emerge from its hiding place, but once it was out he set to work teasing it passionately and almost roughly. Crystal's body began to respond in the same way his own did to Brit's ministrations.

You obviously don't pay quite as close attention to the story as you think you do.

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At one point Crystal frets that she's the only one who has not tasted pussy or cock. Au contraire, as the male readers of this story are almost certain to miss: Jeff hasn't tasted cock or pussy, either! What's with that? Four girls have him tied down to a bed, and all they do is feed him their nipples? Sheesh! And later, Jeff muses (incredulously, while he watches baby sister go off like firecrackers over the taste of his sperm, for lack of any more substantive stimulation from big brother) that he'd always imagined oral sex to be for just one of the participants. No kidding, since no one has taught him how to be a gentleman and return the fricking favor.

Yet, I am almost starting to accept these gaps. This is obviously written for men, who presumably get off on seeing their wenches serve. I get off on imagining men getting off on it, so in a sense it works all around. It is what it is, and ever shall be. Amen.


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