Greg gets a visit from Rachael and a couple of friends.
Chapter 62
Surprise Visit

Greg didn't look forward to the long week awaiting him. If Saturday's session of the business conference was any indication of the rest of the week, he expected to be bored out of his mind.

Usually he enjoyed these conferences; they often hired funny and witty speakers, an absolute must when dealing with a topic as dry as real estate. It also gave him a chance to talk to others in the industry and gather some refreshing ideas to bring back to the board. While this conference so far qualified on both of those accounts, it just felt different somehow.

When he was honest with himself, he knew exactly why he didn't enjoy it like he usually did. Allison wasn't there with him.

It never bothered him before. Back when he was still married to his first wife, he had never had as much fun with her as with Allison, so he didn't notice the contrast so much. Then with Allison, there just wasn't the love there until recently. No, more accurately, he just didn't recognize the love there. But since that realization a couple of months ago, he wanted to spend every waking moment with her. It was like an adolescent crush, a heartsick longing. In short, Gregory Primdale was madly in love with his wife.

At least the accommodations were nice. He had a large room in a luxury hotel, really more like a small apartment. It had a living room with included kitchen/dining room, a separate bedroom, a well-stocked bar, big screen TV, and a bathroom including a spacious jacuzzi bath.

That reminded him of how much Allison liked sitting in the hot tub at home. Unfortunately the kids were almost always around when he was home, so he didn't get much chance to be alone with his wife in the house, but in the rare occasions when they did, he loved to soak naked in the hot tub with her, hugging and kissing and groping and fondling and horsing around. After they could stand it no longer, they got out, dried themselves off, and hurried upstairs to the bedroom to make passionate love to each other. Sometimes they never made it as far as the stairs, but had sex right on the floor of the rec room.

Maybe he could arrange for Jeff and Brit to spend some time at the Williams house as soon as he got back from the conference. That would at least give him something to look forward to this week.

As he sat alone in his posh hotel room on Saturday night watching nothing in particular on the TV, he felt lonely. It didn't really bother him because it was just a temporary separation from his family, but he still wished he were back home right now. Even if he couldn't spend time alone with Allison, he missed his children just as much.

He had been sitting there like that feeling sorry for himself for over an hour when he head a knock at the door. That surprised him; no one he knew was within a hundred miles of him right now. It was probably just some member of the hotel staff with some minor detail that he needed to deal with.

He got up out of the chair and headed across the room to the door. When he opened it, he stared in shock. It was Rachael.

She had a couple of friends with her, one a gorgeous blonde about Rachael's age, and the other a brunette who was slightly younger, maybe eighteen or nineteen. Rachael carried a black duffel bag.

"I'll bet you didn't expect to see me here, did you?" asked Rachael.

"No I didn't," he said, still staring.

"Well, may we come in?"

"Um, sure." He stepped aside and let the three of them enter. They glanced around the room.

"Very nice," Rachael commented. "Yes, this will do perfectly."

"What do you mean?" asked Greg.

She reached into her coat pocket and withdrew an envelope, handing it to Greg. He opened it and pulled out the letter inside. It was in Allison's handwriting.

"Dearest Greg," it read, "If you're reading this letter, it means I'm unable to be with you for the moment. I don't want you to feel lonely, so I've given this letter to Rachael to be used by her at her discretion. Don't worry about going behind my back; I give you permission to take full advantage of her presence in any way that the two of you would like. Yes, that means sex. Have fun. Your devoted wife, Allison. P.S. She hinted to me as I was writing this that she might invite a friend or two along, and that's fine with me too."

Greg laughed. "Allison never ceases to amaze me," he said.

"She wrote that and gave it to me when I visited you in September," Rachael explained. "When I found out you were going to be all by yourself at a business conference for a week, I knew I just had to come see you. Unfortunately, I only have the weekend off, but at least we can make the most of it. So what do you think?"

"I think I'm going to have to take Allison up on her offer," he grinned.

Rachael peeked into the bedroom, her eyes fastening on the bed. "Good," she said. "Big enough for the four of us. We're going to have all kinds of fun. Oh, by the way, this is Paula and her little sister Nancy."

"It's nice to meet you," he said.

"You too, Greg," replied Paula.

"Knowing Rachael, I'm not surprised she talked you two into this, but I'm curious, how did she do it?"

"Paula lost a bet," Rachael explained. "I bet her I could give her five orgasms in less than an hour. It took me fifty-eight minutes and forty-one seconds. And when Nancy found out that we were coming to visit you, she refused to stay behind. She's just as much a slut as I am."

That's hard to believe, Greg wanted to say, but decided it wouldn't be polite.

"I know what you're thinking," Rachael grinned. "You're thinking, 'that's hard to believe.'"

Greg laughed. "In those exact words, even."

"Well then, I'll leave it up to Nancy to prove it."

"My pleasure," said Nancy.

"No, I'm pretty sure it will be my pleasure," replied Greg.

"Yes, that too."

"So Greg," said Paula, "we've had a long day, what with our flight and all. Is it all right if we take a shower?"

"Only if I can join you," he replied with a grin.

Nancy laughed. "You were right, Rachael. Greg's a real flirt."

That surprised him. He had never considered himself a flirt before. Just the opposite, in fact. Certainly he would never have made that kind of comment a couple of years ago. It was Allison's doing, of course. She had changed him, and now for the first time he realized just how far he had come.

"Greg?" asked Nancy, sensing his hesitation. "Are you all right?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Fine. I was just thinking about my wife."

"Uh oh," said Paula. "You're not suddenly having a moral crisis, are you?"

He laughed. "Oh, no, nothing like that. I mean, I love her and everything, but as long as she's willing to write that kind of letter, I might as well enjoy myself, right? I just mean, until I met her, I would have never even thought of doing something like this."

"Allison has that effect on people," Rachael smiled.

"She certainly does. So anyway, how about that shower?"

"Do you think there's room enough for the four of us?" asked Nancy.

"I hope not," Rachael replied. "I hope the only way to fit us all in is to squeeze us in like sardines."

"I like the way your mind thinks," said Paula. "Even if it's too big, maybe we can pretend it's a lot smaller."

"Paula, Nancy, why don't you two undress Greg?" Rachael suggested. "I'm going to get the hot water started."

"Okay!" Nancy eagerly exclaimed. As Rachael picked up her duffel bag and headed into the bathroom, the two sisters quickly approached Greg and reached for the buttons on his shirt. They hurried and unfastened them, then slipped it off of him. Both girls ran their hands over his chest.

"Nice," Paula commented. "You're sure you're forty? You look pretty young for your age."

"That's what everyone always says," he nodded.

"And you're very fit, too," Nancy added.

"I do a little working out. I bought my son some exercise equipment last year and I've gotten as much use out of it as he has."

"It's done its job. Of course, no amount of working out is going to affect the part of you I'm interested in."

"And he certainly gets a workout on that part!" Rachael called from the bathroom. "Allison gives me all the sordid details, plus I get in my share of time with him every time I go visit him."

"Well then, let's have a look at it," Paula smiled, kneeling in front of him and unfastening his belt. Nancy continued running her hands all over his chest as her sister unzipped his pants and dropped it to the floor. She then reached for his shorts, but Nancy slapped her hand away.

"My turn," she insisted.

Paula consented, but instead of rising to her feet, she simply moved to the side to allow her sister room to kneel in front of Greg. Nancy grabbed his shorts and with one swift motion dropped them to the floor, exposing him completely to their view.

"That looks nice and tasty," said Paula. "You know, I'm kind of glad I lost that bet. "What do you think, Nancy?"

In response, Nancy stuck out her tongue, leaned in, and licked all over his cock. Greg groaned in pleasure as she ran her tongue over it.

"Hey, don't start the meal just yet," said Rachael, emerging from the bathroom completely nude. "We haven't even gotten in the shower yet."

"Good point," said Paula, grabbing Nancy and pulling her away from Greg. Nancy gave a disappointed groan, but the two girls stood up and started undressing each other. Greg watched with delight as they pulled each other's shirts off, then leaned in and pressed their chests together so that they could reach around each other's backs to unfasten their bras.

"Rachael says you have a thing for sisters," Paula told him.

"I just have a thing for gorgeous women," Greg replied. "It just so happens that Rachael and Allison like to have fun in front of me, so who am I to complain?"

"Well then, you don't mind if we do this then," said Nancy, leaning in and kissing her sister fully on the lips. The two girls made out passionately in front of him, while at the same time slipping each other's bras off, leaving their chests totally bare as they rubbed their bodies together. Greg couldn't help but grin at the sight in front of him.

Still kissing, they slid their hands down each other's bodies and unfastened each other's skirts. Soon, these fell down around their feet and they stepped out of them. Then Nancy knelt in front of her sister, reached out, and slid the girl's panties down. She leaned in and kissed her right on the pussy.

"My little sister is insanely good with her mouth," Paula told Greg. "But I guess you're going to find that out soon enough."

"I just can't get enough pussy or cock," said Nancy. She finished her job by pulling down Paula's socks until her sister could step out of them, then stood up. Paula then knelt in front of her sister and removed her panties and socks as well. She returned the favor, kissing Nancy between the legs. Then she rose to her feet, and the two girls turned to face Greg, side by side with their arms around each other's waists.

He gazed delightedly at their bodies. Paula had a larger bust and more curvaceous hips than her little sister, but Nancy's body had a youthful charm that was very appealing. Both girls had no hair between their legs, just like Rachael.

He stepped forward. "Do you mind?" he asked, reaching out and squeezing one of Paula's breasts with one hand while he did the same to Nancy with the other. Both girls giggled as he did so.

"Looks like he approves," Nancy commented, then reached out and grasped his cock with her hand.

"There will be plenty of time for that later," said Rachael. "Let's get in the shower first."

The four of them headed into the bathroom. The shower was fairly large, but with the four of them there wasn't much room to move around. Greg certainly didn't mind. He was about to be surrounded on all sides by lovely, soft, girl flesh.

Rachael stepped in first, then motioned for Greg to follow her. He stepped in, reached his arm around Rachael's waist, and drew her in for a kiss. While he was kissing her, he felt one of the other girls pressing her body up against his back. A moment later he heard the shower door close, and knew that they were all in.

They took turns standing under the water, having to squeeze past each other's bodies as they did so. As the four of them began soaping each other up, the feeling of sliding past one another grew more and more pleasurable. Greg loved the feel of their soapy boobs against his chest, and the slippery trail he left against their thighs with his cock as he moved past them.

Greg took the opportunity to grope the girls' bodies. They didn't seem to mind, and in fact accepted his touches with enthusiasm. He let his hands wander all over their chests and backs, sometimes slipping them between their legs. In return, the girls took turns grabbing his cock with a soapy hand and giving it a few strokes.

As he fondled Nancy's boobs, Rachael led Paula to the far end of the shower. "Get down on your knees," she commanded.

Paula giggled, but knelt down in front of Rachael, who grabbed her by the back of the head and thrust her hips into the girl's face. Paula immediately started licking at her cunt.

"She has to do everything I say this weekend," Rachael explained. "All a part of the bet. Believe me, I plan to take full advantage of it."

"Looks like you are already," Greg grinned.


As Paula orally pleasured Rachael, Greg let his hand slide between Nancy's legs. Her eyes went wide and she grinned with delight as he fingered her there. He had never claimed to be an expert at lovemaking, but he had had several sexual partners in the past few years, and knew the types of things that women enjoyed. He let his fingers run over her clit for a few minutes, teasing and toying with it and watching the reactions in Nancy's body. She closed her eyes and smiled, her breathing growing heavier.

Instinctively, her hands went to her own breasts, and she began to knead them as Greg worked her over. He continued fingering her as she mewled in pleasure from the ministrations of his hands. When he slipped a finger inside, she gasped in delight. Greg moved that finger in and out of her pussy, fucking her as effectively as if he used his cock.

Nearby, Rachael was making some of the same sounds as Nancy. She had her own eyes closed and moaned as Paula ate her out. Greg glanced over, loving the sight of the two girls going at it like that. Although at the moment his cock was sadly free of attention, the sheer intensity of the erotic feeling in the air was enough that he just knew that if any of the girls were to touch his member at that moment, he would go off.

A moment later, Rachael cried out as her orgasm hit. She thrust her hips forward, mashing her thigh against Paula's face, and trembled with the force of her climax. Her body slumped, and she would have fallen if she didn't lean back against the wall. Paula continued to attack her pussy until the last vestiges of the orgasm drained from Rachael, then stood back up to hug and kiss her deeply.

A minute later, Nancy achieved a similar climax. As her body built to it, Greg could see that her legs were about to give out, so he quickly moved behind her and wrapped his free hand around her waist to hold her up. He was right; as her orgasm hit, her feet shot out from under her, and only his arm holding her up kept her from dropping to the floor. She gave out one last strangled moan as she lay back against his chest, pressing her hot body up against his as she tensed up in frenzied excitement.

After it was over, she rested in his arms like that for a minute. She was getting heavy, and Greg feared that his strength might give out before she set her feet down again, but fortunately it didn't last long. She stood up, then turned around and hugged him.

"That was wonderful," she said, then brought her head around and kissed him on the lips.

"I vote we adjourn to the bedroom," Paula suggested, and everyone seemed to be in agreement.

They finished rinsing the soap off of their bodies, spending a minute to wash each other's backs (and fronts), then Greg turned off the water and they stepped out of the shower.

"Let's see if we have enough towels," said Greg, moving toward the cupboard.

"Who needs towels?" Rachael asked. She reached into her bag and withdrew a blow dryer. "Once I discovered how good this feels, I never used a towel again." She plugged it in and held it out to Greg. "Care to do the honors?" she asked.

He was more than happy to help her like that. He turned it on and aimed it at her, running it all over her skin. The other two girls came over and huddled next to her so that he could dry them all at the same time. He loved seeing them like this, dripping wet but slowly drying as the heat bathed their skin. He watched the water droplets running down their bodies, or fleeing to the side, chased by the air from the dryer. As he worked, the girls used their hands to massage one another, sometimes fondling each other's breasts or pussies. He knew he would never forget the sight as long as he lived.

They began passing the dryer around so that Greg could get in on the action. When Paula took it from his hands and turned it back on him, he discovered just why Rachael liked it so much. The hot air felt so soothing, but also kind of sexy in a way, especially with a gorgeous girl doing it to him. Of course, the girls weren't idle with their hands either. They gently caressed his back and his chest, a wonderfully pleasant sensation. Rachael grabbed his cock, and he was glad it had settled down somewhat since the shower, or he would have spurted all over her. He didn't want to climax until he had it inside one of their bodies.

Finally, once they were all dry, the girls took his hands and led him into the bedroom.

"Now just lie down here and relax," Rachael told him. "We're going to take care of you, aren't we, girls?"

"Speak for yourself," said Nancy. "I'm going to take care of myself. It's just that I'll use his body to do it."

"That works for me too," Greg smiled, climbing onto the bed. He lay down on his back, resting his head on the pillow.

The girls climbed onto the bed, Nancy and Paula beside him and Rachael bent over the foot of the bed with her head aligned with his cock. She grabbed it, then lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, letting it run all over the head. The two sisters also moved in to lick along the shaft on both sides. Greg groaned in excitement as the three girls orally pleasured him. He watched in erotic fascination, loving the sight and feel of it.

Nancy reached out and took his scrotum in her hand, toying with his balls. She used a firm yet not too tight of a touch, obviously knowing where to draw the line. She didn't want to hurt him after all. He could tell that this wasn't the first time she had done this to a man.

Rachael's mouth engulfed the head and she began to suck on it. Inside her mouth she continued to tease it with her tongue, causing more groans from Greg. He knew from experience just how good she was with her lips.

They continued to tease him like that until he started groaning in pleasure. Then they let up, grinning at him.

"I think we ought to stop now, or this party will be over before it even gets started," said Rachael. "While I don't mind a load of cum down my throat, I can think of a better use for that particular part of his anatomy. So now the only question is who gets to have that big, meaty cock shoved up inside their pussy," said Rachael.

"Count me out," said Nancy. "Not that I have anything against you, Greg, but I mentioned that I like the taste of pussy and the taste of cock. Getting to taste both at the same time is an opportunity I just can't pass up."

"Well then," said Rachael, "You and I have already done it before, Greg, so why don't we mix things up a little? Paula, do you want him to fuck you?"

"Absolutely!" Paula exclaimed with delight.

"Can I warm you up?" asked Nancy.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," said Paula. She lay down on the bed next to Greg, and Nancy maneuvered herself between her sister's legs. She stuck out her tongue and began running it all over the girl's pussy. Paula hummed in contentment as her little sister ate her out. Greg watched in excitement at the sapphic display in front of him. He had long since surrendered himself to the fact that he liked lesbians. He still had some moral issues with it, but he couldn't deny that there was just something beautiful and erotic about two women showing their love for one another in such an intimate way.

Nancy used her fingers to gently pry apart her big sister's pussy lips, thrusting her tongue inside and licking her all over. She wriggled her tongue energetically, causing her sister to squeal with delight. Nancy paid particular attention to Paula's clitoris, flicking her tongue against it repeatedly, eliciting a gasp of pleasure each time. Paula's body reacted reflexively, jumping every time her sister touched her clit.

While Nancy worked on her sister, Rachael took Greg's cock in her hand and gently stroked it. She used long, slow, leisurely strokes, not enough to get him off but just enough to keep him aroused. He relaxed and enjoyed her ministrations as he watched the two sisters going at it beside him. Rachael apparently knew what she was doing; while he was anxious to bury himself deep inside of Paula, Rachael kept him at a slow simmer, ready at any time to take it to the next level.

Finally, Paula sat up. "I'm ready," she said. Nancy drew back, giving her sister room to maneuver.

Paula climbed up onto Greg, straddling his legs. Rachael maneuvered herself behind her, reached between her legs and grabbed Greg's cock, pointing it upward. Paula lowered herself onto him, helping Rachael adjust the position so that it lined up correctly. A moment later, he felt himself entering her, squeezing into her tight hole.

"Ooh!" she groaned as he penetrated her.

"You took the words right out of my mouth," he smiled. He let Paula do the work, bouncing up and down on him. He reached out with his hands and fondled her breasts, enjoying the softness of them between his fingers.

Rachael climbed on top of him behind Paula. She slipped her own hands around Paula's body to thrust them under Greg's hands on her breasts. Paula leaned back with a dreamy look on her face as Rachael kissed her on the neck. It was an intensely erotic sight, seeing the two women in such an intimate embrace, especially since he had his cock buried inside one of them at the same time. He loved the feel of Paula's body wrapped around his shaft, the spongy softness of her breasts in his hands, and the beautiful view of her body before his eyes.

Rachael stuck out her tongue and touched it to Paula's neck, causing the girl to jump at the contact. As she did so, her body tightened up, her pussy squeezing Greg's cock and sending an electric thrill of pleasure through his body. He gasped at the sensation, then laughed with Paula.

"If I'm going to get that kind of reaction out of you, maybe I ought to do it again," said Rachael. She did.

Nancy, meanwhile, was hardly idle. She had been lying next to Greg, fingering her own pussy. She rolled over and kissed him on the lips, thrusting her tongue inside. Greg removed his hands from her big sister's body to wrap them around Nancy and hug her to him. He ran his hands over her back as he basked in the delightful warmth of her breasts against his chest.

She continued to kiss him passionately for a few minutes, then finally drew back. She gave him a wink, then lowered her head and kissed him on the chin. She didn't stop there, though, but continued down to his neck. When she stuck out her tongue and touched it to his neck, he jumped just like Paula had, his hips thrusting upward into Paula's body and causing her to gasp.

"It works from this end too," said Nancy as the others chuckled. She continued lowering her mouth along his body, kissing him all over the chest. Greg lay there and let her work her magic on him. It was better than a massage, though he couldn't exactly call it relaxing, considering that it tended to work him up instead of calming him down. Nancy sure knew how to use her mouth.

She made it to his stomach, and kissed him lightly there. He had always been a little ticklish, and he couldn't help but chuckle at the sensation.

"Ooh, I can see this is going to be fun," said Nancy, then dug her fingers into his side. He burst out laughing, which had the thrilling effect of thrusting his hips up with each laugh.

"Let's see if Paula is the same way," said Rachael, lowering her hands to the girl's sides and tickling her just as mercilessly. Paula shrieked and giggled, which made her bounce up and down on his cock rapidly. The overall effect was intensely pleasurable, despite the torment of the tickles.

"No more!" Paula finally begged, and Rachael removed her hands from her sides and returned them to her breasts, where she continued to squeeze and massage them. Paula sighed with relief, freed from the torture. Nancy also mercifully removed her hands from Greg, but she returned her lips to his stomach to continue kissing him. This, while still ticklish, was at least bearable, especially knowing where she was headed.

As she passed his navel, he groaned with anticipation. With Paula's pussy wrapped around his cock and Nancy's tongue licking the shaft, he wasn't sure how long he would last. Of course, he wasn't exactly trying to hold out. When it came to it, he would just let it happen.

Finally the girl reached her goal, and Greg felt her tongue brush against the base of his cock, right where it entered Paula's body. Nancy made long strokes with her tongue, and Greg realized that she was licking not only him, but her big sister at the same time. From the look of delight on Paula's face and her squeals of pleasure at the end of each stroke, he could guess exactly where those licks ended up.

"Mmm," Nancy hummed, as if dining on her favorite food. No doubt she enjoyed this, though probably not as much as Greg or Nancy did. Of course, Nancy had her hands between her own legs, so she wasn't exactly left out of the fun.

After a few minutes of licking the two lovers, Nancy began moving up her sister's body, kissing her way up as she had kissed her way down Greg's. He watched in delight, the thought of forbidden lust between the two girls adding to the excitement. It wasn't the first time he had seen sisters making love; Allison and Rachael had given him a number of shows during Rachael's last visit to the Primdale house. He just couldn't get over the thrill of the idea though. The double perversion of lesbianism and incest added a certain eroticism far beyond either of them alone.

When Nancy reached Paula's breasts, Rachael moved her hands to the side to give the girl access to the nipples. To his delight, Nancy moved her head out of the way to give Greg a great view as she licked Paula's nipples from the side. She flicked her tongue against them, causing Paula to jump like she had before. By now though, Paula was too lost in the pleasure to give an embarrassed laugh. She had her head thrown back over Rachael's shoulder, her eyes closed and cute little moans coming from her open mouth.

Nancy spent a few minutes licking her sister's boobs, then continued kissing up her body, to her neck, her chin, and finally her lips. The girls kissed each other with incestuous passion, continuing their exciting display. Paula turned her head to the side so that Nancy's face wouldn't cover her own from Greg's view. He loved watching them, and from their enthusiasm he could tell that they loved showing off for him. He could see their tongues running all over each other's as they penetrated one another's mouths.

Finally, Nancy broke it off. "I think I'll go around again," she said, beginning to kiss down her sister's body once more. She spent several minutes on Paula's breasts again, but this time she moved around to the other side and focused on the one she had neglected previously. Her tongue teased it mercilessly as she reached out with her other hand and squeezed the other boob gently.

Paula looked ecstatic at this multiple pleasure. With Greg's cock shoved up her pussy and both of her breasts being stimulated by Rachael and Nancy, no wonder she had a broad grin on her face as she moaned loudly.

Eventually, Nancy left her sister's chest and made her way down her body again, toward the center of the action where Greg and Paula were locked together. When she reached that focal point, she began licking with wild abandon at both of their bodies. She slurped at her sister's clit and ran her tongue all over the base of Greg's shaft as the two lovers writhed and squirmed. Greg loved the intensity of the feeling between his legs, stimulated both by Paula's pussy and Nancy's tongue. He knew it wouldn't be long before it finished him off.

To his surprise and delight, Paula arrived at that point first. Without warning, her moans suddenly elevated into screams of pleasure, and the involuntary movements of her body became wild and almost violent. Her body tensed up, shuddering in insane sexual overdrive as her orgasm hit. Greg felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, squeezing it like a vise.

That was enough to push him over the edge as well. His hips thrust upward powerfully as his own body locked up. He let out a strained groan as the intensely erotic feeling washed over him, shutting down all of his senses but the feeling between his legs. He felt his cock twitch inside of Paula, releasing its load. Again and again it jerked, spewing out its seed.

Nancy redoubled her efforts, eagerly lapping at the fluids leaking from her sister's pussy. She gave a delighted moan as she took it into her mouth, swallowing as much as she could. Greg had never seen someone eat cum so enthusiastically, Rachael included. But Nancy seemed to enjoy it immensely, especially coming from her sister's cunt. He watched in fascination at Nancy's eagerness.

Eventually, Paula collapsed in exhaustion. His cock slipped from her body, and she lay down on the bed next to him. But that didn't mean the fun was over. Nancy followed her sister's body, lying down between her legs and covering her pussy with her mouth as she sucked the juices out. Rachael knelt down between Greg's legs and set to work cleaning him with her tongue.

After a few minutes, Rachael and Nancy rose back up from their tasks. The two of them glanced at each other with a grin, then leaned in and started licking off each other's faces, making sure not to waste any of the cum that hadn't yet made its way into their mouths. Once they finished, Nancy lay down next to her sister and Rachael lay down next to Greg. The four of them wrapped their arms around each other and basked in the warmth and softness of their bodies.

As the girls one by one dropped off to sleep, Greg smiled to himself. If only Allison could see him now. He still missed her, but having sex with three gorgeous women definitely took the edge off his loneliness. Whatever the next week might bring, he could no longer say that he hadn't enjoyed himself.

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In past comments this running critique has derided the story both for gaps in the characterizations and for the repetitiveness of the group situations. In short, the characters incessantly make ill-informed and implausible choices, in order to set up situations that invariably involve incest with bisexual or lesbian exhibitionism. Yet, is it fair to deduct points for consistency? Yes, the plot adheres to a formula, but that formula is working for thousands of readers. Ultimately it is a very long stroke story, and if one has read the first five chapters and has enjoyed them, one can rest assured of satisfaction with the remaining ninety-four.

The challenge for critics (such as yours truly) is that the quality of the prose demands that we judge it on a higher plane than that consigned to mere stroke stories. Fair? Perhaps not. But it is a form of flattery.



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reading your stories is like reading a good book, once I start, I just can stop reading then, over and over. Please, keep up your good work

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