The author is discovered by his youngest daughter Lacy, or should I say Lucy for the Perfume fans.
Perfume - Totally Exposed

If you haven't read the Perfume series then this story may not make much sense. This was written especially for the faithful Perfume series readers.

"I can't believe it," she cried. "You killed them all. How could you? It's so wrong."

"Lacy, honey, what are you talking about?" I asked, trying to understand why my youngest daughter Lacy was so upset.

"The stories you wrote Daddy, the Perfume stories," she exclaimed.

I was in shock. How could she know about my stories I had written? I had better play it cool. "What Perfume stories Lacy?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Oh stop it. Don't even try to lie to me Daddy. You know full well what stories. I found them on the XNXX stories website," she said.

"Honey, if you found some stories on some website, that doesn't mean I wrote them," I explained to her.

"Daddy, everything is the same," she argued. "You made everything match up. It's our family. There is a little girl named Lucy. You changed one letter in my name making Lacy become Lucy. She's my age, has long hair like me, and looks like me. Everything about her is me. The older brother Richard, that's our Robert. Caryanne became Maryanne. Even Mom, Ellen, became Evelyn. They are all described just like they look in real life. Grandma is there too just like she is for real. Even Caryanne's black girlfriend LaToya is there, only as Latisha."

She had me. There was no denying it now. "OK, I wrote them," I admitted. "Just don't tell anyone, please."

"Don't be silly," she assured me. "Most of the stories I understand but some I just don't get. And why did you kill us all off? I agree with the comments, it was just so wrong to do that. If you wanted to end the series, just end it. But to kill us all? How could you?"

"Fine, I'll answer your questions, especially the last one," I agreed. "But let me start at the beginning."

I took a deep breath, partially glad I was finally able to talk to someone about what I had written. I was just a little surprised it turned out to be Lacy. When I came to her story, would I be able to tell her the truth? The silence went too long as I tried to gather my thoughts.

"Well for starters, Daddy, you're the author w1drng," Lacy interrupted me before I got started, spelling out the last word. "I've read all your stories. They're all about sex."

"They are about relationships, honey," I tried to explain. "Please, let me start at the beginning. Your mother and I haven't had much in the, uh, sex department the last few years. I tried to examine it and understand why. That's when I really looked closely at our family and the relationships we all had."

"What do you mean, like what?" she asked.

I continued, "Take your mother for example. She has developed a very close relationship with your brother Robert, almost too close for a mother and son. So in my first Perfume story I created a way for them to consummate that relationship."

"They had sex together," she interrupted. "Or as you said in the story, they fucked the hell out of each other." I looked at her harshly. "Hey, those were your words, not mine," she explained, making me smile.

"OK, how about the next story?" she asked. "How about sis?"

"The second story, about your big sister was really about Robert, initially," I went on. "Robert adores your sister and in this story he finally gets what he has always wanted."

"What about me?" Lacy pressed on. "What about my story?"

"Your story is more complex. I couldn't quite read you. I thought you had a loving admiration for your brother but you are more conniving, sneakier. I couldn't just let you be a victim like the others, so I switched it up a bit, having you turn the tables on Robert. In the beginning I wanted to make the stories all about you but you are a little young to have been able to do some of the things I needed for the series so I made Robert the main character. Otherwise I would have made you the star. In reality though, the stories seemed to write themselves."

"I want to know about our story, the one about you and me," she asked.

"I don't want to tell you that one just yet," I told her. "Can I wait a bit, save it for later?"

"OK, but don't think you are going to get away with not telling me. I won't let that happen," she promised. "Now what about Grandma?"

"That was all about Grandma. I understand the dry spell she is going through, since Grandpa died last year. I know that she would welcome Robert into her bed if she could just get past her prejudices against incest."

"So you think that there are times when incest is OK?" Lacy asked me point blank. She caught me off guard with that one.

"Well, sometimes, yes," I admitted. "In the case with your grandmother I think she has lived a long life and deserves a little more happiness before she is gone."

"You know Daddy, I've read all the stories and I know where you are going with this, with your explanations," Lacy said with a tone of authority, "and it's all bullshit."

"Lacy, watch you mouth," I told her.

"Oh, I can say fuck but I can't say bullshit?" she asked sarcastically. "Even that's bullshit, and everything you're telling me is bullshit."

"So if you know so much you explain the stories," I challenged her.

"Fine, I will," she agreed. "You haven't been laid in years. You get your kicks through these stories, but it wouldn't be believable if you just played yourself. So you made Robert, oh I mean Richard, the main character and you fucked everybody through him. I saw his English teacher once at the mall. Robert pointed her out to me. She's hot and I don't blame you for wanting her, especially since you aren't getting any from Mom. And the preacher's wife, why not? Heck you even fucked my girlfriends, describing them perfectly, only changing their names. Each story is just you getting you rocks off, except the last few, and I still want to know about me and my story."

"What do you mean, about you?" I asked.

"In my story you brought yourself into the story," she explained, "not just living through another person."

I was sitting in the middle of our couch when Lacy started her tirade. "So what are you getting at?" I asked as I just leaned my head back over the couch and stared at the ceiling.

"You lived through Rob, uh Richard, through your stories except one, until the last few of course. You didn't bring yourself into the stories to fuck Mom, or Caryanne, or Grandma, or even my virgin girlfriends. You brought yourself into the story to fuck Lucy. I'm Lucy. You want to fuck me Daddy," she announced, and correctly I might add. I did want to fuck her, my youngest daughter, my 10-year-old darling little girl. I wanted to fuck Lacy.

I closed my eyes and didn't respond. Lacy knew the answer without me confirming it. This wasn't one of my stories I posted on the website. This was for real. This was incest in its purist forms, not father and stepdaughter or daughter and father-in-law. Lacy was my blood daughter, whole, pure, and virgin. How could I ask her to give that up for me? What was I thinking? But she wasn't asking that. She couldn't be. Of course, she just wanted me to admit I wanted her. She hasn't made any moves on me or indicated she even wanted to do anything with me.

Well not until I felt her climb onto the couch. When I opened my eyes and looked at her she was just straddling my hips, sitting down into my lap. She still had on her nightgown and simply pulled it up a bit to be able to spread her legs and let her drop her body down onto my growing erection.

"Lacy, there is no turning back on something like this," I warned her. "This isn't a story. It's not fiction. This is for real and it's forever. You are about to fu...uh do something we may both regret. It is wrong. It's incest."

"I have only one question," she said, "and I want you to tell me the truth. Do you want to fuck me Daddy?"

I paused. She knew the answer. I just needed to admit it. "More than anything in this world," I honestly told her.

That's all she needed to hear. She leaned into me and kissed me passionately like a lover would. How my little girl learned how to kiss I may never know but she was wonderful. It was more than just my excitement of what we were about to do too. She drove her tongue into my mouth and I let her explore my mouth before returning the favor.

Lacy broke the kiss to pull her nightgown over her head. But before I got to explore her chest she had me remove my own t-shirt. There in front of me, just inches away from my own chest was my immature little girl, sporting two little breasts still in their infancy. Her little areolas were small and dark, not the washed out color so many women have. Her tiny nipples were so inviting I leaned Lacy back and took one in my mouth. Even as young as she was her nipple responded to my touch and seemed to stiffen up as I licked and gently sucked on first one and then the other, listening to Lacy moan as I did it.

"Take off your pants Daddy," she instructed as she got off my lap. Here I was being guided by my little girl. She was controlling this session, not me. As I removed the last of my clothes, Lacy took off her panties.

There we were, totally nude. My erection was complete and ready for what was to come. I had lived in my stories for so long I couldn't believe what was happening, couldn't see it for the reality that it was. I was about to fuck my real daughter, not some storybook fuck, but really fuck my daughter. If I ever wrote about this I would have to mark this as a True Story, not Fiction, like all my Perfume stories.

"Lie down on the couch," she said. I did as she straddled me once again, only this time there was nothing between us, no clothes to prevent what was about to happen. I wasn't sure I would even make it to the main event, my pre-cum was already dripping out. I'm not huge, maybe six inches at full erection. But for Lacy it may be for the better, as I would probably not hurt her, she being so young.

It was Lacy that took my hard shaft and rubbed it against her slit a few times and then positioned it so that just the tip separated her pussy lips. She then let herself slide slowly down onto my erection. She was incredibly tight and I almost blew my load right away. But I controlled it, held off my climax. Lacy was thin, skinny arms, skinny legs, not a whole lot in the chest. But she had a beautiful face with gorgeous eyes, a smile that made you smile back, and long hair that she liked to whip back and forth.

Lacy lifted herself up slightly and slid down onto me a bit further. I knew she had me at her hymen. I could feel the extra pressure on the tip of my penis. Pulling up once more she hesitated, took a deep breath, and then plunged herself down hard. Screaming out in pain she quickly lifted herself up and dropped down again just as hard. She repeated this several more times before getting control and into a smooth rhythm. The feeling for me was not one of pain but incredible pleasure. The tightness didn't diminish but she was able to slide me in and out much easier now.

Looking down I noticed some blood leaking out of her pussy. It wasn't a fantasy or game anymore. This was for real and I had just taken my youngest daughter Lacy's virginity. But the magnitude of it quickly faded as I fell back into the pleasure my daughter was giving me right then.

"It feels really good now, Daddy," she said. "My whole body is tingling all over."

I leaned forward off the couch with Lacy still in my lap and stood up. Lifting her around I placed her back down on the couch, kneeling between her legs. I then took over the fucking, driving myself hard into her while her little body bounced up and down to my thrusts.

She started moaning, "Daddy, Daddy, something is happening to me." With her knees now up to her shoulders, I kept thrusting. "Daddy?" she screamed again. Then her body went stiff, pushing upwards against my continued thrusts. I didn't let up but fought to hold off my own climax while my little girl had her first orgasm. Her already tight pussy was spasming around my shaft. I knew I was about to blow. As she began to relax I couldn't hold it any longer and shot my load deep in her little cunt. Lacy was about the best fuck I think I've ever had, tight the whole way. Maybe it just seemed that way because I hadn't been laid in a long time. Nevertheless, she was good. And the feeling just before I popped her cherry was incredible. Hell, I wished I had a couple more virgin daughters.

Pulling out of her wet pussy, my limp dick starting shrinking up like it always does after I masturbate. But this time I had a better memory to go back to than standing in the shower or over the toilet. Lacy just laid there with a smile on her face.

"Wow, Daddy," she finally said. "You fuck good."

"You've got to watch your language, Lacy," I warned her. "You don't want your mother to hear you."

"Well I don't think it would be a good idea to tell her we just fucked each other silly," she laughed.

"No, that wouldn't be good," I agreed.

"So tell me Daddy," she asked, "was I as good as Lucy in your Perfume stories?"

"Far better than Lucy," I told her, "far better." That made her smile again, that beautiful smile that was so infectious.

"Daddy, can we do this again sometime?" she asked me.

"We will have to be very careful, but I think so, yes," I said. "But no one can know."

"Not even my girlfriends?" she asked.

"No one," I told her.

"But I was thinking that maybe you might want me to invite a few of them over," she offered. "I could have a slumber party, just like in one of your stories. I could even pick the same three that you had in your story. But Daddy, you were both right and wrong about them. You got it right when you said that one of the three was not a virgin. You just guessed the wrong girl. I won't tell you which one and see if you can figure it out before you fuck them all."

"What did you just say?" I interrupted.

"Well don't you want to fuck them?" she asked. "I'm sure I can convince them to want to fuck you, if you want me to of course. You do don't you, well don't you?"

"I, uh, well, God Lacy, you sure are pushy," I said. "Fine, let's have a slumber party. I'll chaperone. It will have to be on a weekend night that your mother and brother spend the night at your grandmother's and your sister is off with her girlfriend."

"Just like in the story, huh Daddy?" she said more than asked.

"Yes, I guess you're right, just like in the story," I agreed.

Lacy and I cleaned up before she asked me about the last stories of my Perfume series. "What happened to them, Daddy, why so dark?"

"By the time your sister was taking over in the stories," I told her, "I was feeling really guilty about them all. They just existed as an extension of my own miserable life, as a way to fill it back up with sexual pleasure. But I had done such terrible things, through Richard in the stories, taking advantage of them all. I felt awful. As I approached the last story I turned the stories around but it didn't help. I finally had to extract myself from the stories and the only way was to end them for good, thus I killed everyone off. I had become this terrible monster and had to pay the ultimate price of losing everyone. Even then my guilt didn't go away. The Perfume series was dead but my love for you lived on. My guilt over my lust for you as well. But now that we have come together, it is all different, all changed. I think I could write anything. I could resurrect the Perfume series if you want, or start something new."

"Yes, or you could simply write about our upcoming slumber party," Lacy suggested. "It would be non-fiction, just like us now. But I have this great idea. Tell me what you think. I've noticed that some of the reader comments are really informative, describing how the story should have gone, what they liked or didn't like. OK, some comments are just whacked out pure evil, full of hate. Ignore them. But what if you started a series and then presented the readers with an option? Ask them what direction the story should go. Let them choose, voting through the comment section. After a week, take the most votes and move the story along that path until you get to another major choice, and so on and so forth. What do you think?"

"It is just unique enough that it might work," I told her. "We'll do it. But for now, my little fuck princess, you get to bed and get a good night sleep. You mother will be home in the morning."

Giving me her puppy-dog look she said, "But Daddy, can't I sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Oh God, what am I thinking?" I said aloud. "Get in here," I told her as I walked into my bedroom. "We need to do some practicing for our upcoming stories."

The End (for tonight)


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