Last Doctor's Appointment. Jeff, Brit, Kari, Crystal take pictures.
Chapter 57
More Dirty Pictures

A week later, Jeff found himself in the unusual situation of sitting at home on the weekend, waiting anxiously for Monday to arrive. He normally didn't like Mondays, but on this particular one, he had an appointment with the doctor scheduled. Assuming everything went well, all of the restrictions would be lifted from him. He would be allowed to drive again, he could be alone again, and his father would no longer restrict his visits to the Williams' house.

By this time, the weather had turned quite cold, as it usually did in October. In just a couple of weeks, it went from warm enough for the volleyball team to play naked at the volleyball court to cold enough that he had to wear a moderately heavy jacket when going outside. It meant more time staying indoors where it was warm, although Brit still spent plenty of time out back in her studio. Fortunately, it was insulated, so it stayed nice and warm inside. Only the trip to and from the studio was uncomfortable.

On Saturday, Greg decided he wanted to take the whole family out somewhere to have fun. It was partly as an early celebration for Jeff's recovery, but mostly just because with all of the activities that had happened in the past few weeks, they just hadn't spent a lot of time together. Ever since Lissa left, it seemed like there was always something going on during the weekends that kept the family apart.

Since the cold weather limited their options, they decided to try the mini-golf at the mall again. The last time they had gone there as a family several years ago, Brit and Jeff fought the whole time. But with their new attitudes toward one another, Greg felt it was worth giving it another try.

It worked out beautifully. The kids never so much as said an unkind word to each other. Allison won, of course (was there anything she wasn't good at?), followed by Brit, Jeff, and finally Greg. He joked about being old and out-of-shape, which of course wasn't the case at all. He was in great shape for his age, maybe not as much as Allen Williams, but he looked five years younger than he really was. As a consolation prize, Allison kissed him and told him that he was the most handsome man in the whole world, and Jeff found himself in the amusing situation of wishing he had lost.

Lately, Allison had adopted a flirtatious attitude with Greg. The two of them were very affectionate with each other, like newlyweds. In a sense, that was what they were. While they had been married for over two years now, it wasn't until recently that they had realized that they were in love.

Jeff was jealous, of course, but it wasn't a really serious jealousy. He still had a thing for Allison, but now that he had Kari, he was content just to have Allison as part of his family. He still got to spend as much time with her as he wanted after all.

Lately, Brit had joined the list of girls that he thought about a lot, on the same level as Allison and Kari. He loved how affectionate she was with him, and he always looked forward to waking up to her smile each morning.

That smile was actually the reason she scored better than him during the game. While he used to be competitive with her, this time he was more interested in seeing her happy than in beating her. He could have probably gotten way ahead of her, but deliberately missed some shots so that she could keep up with him. The excitement of having a chance to beat him kept her animated and happy, and the smile that he loved so much never left her face. When she finally sank the last putt to put her one stroke ahead of him on the final score, she was so happy that she literally jumped into his arms, nearly bowling him over. She hugged him for a few seconds, then he set her down on the ground.

After the game, the family headed over to Jeff's and Brit's favorite buffet to eat lunch. Then they returned home to sit in the rec room and watch movies on the big screen TV for the rest of the day.

Jeff was glad he had the chance to spend time with his family like that. Lately, he had been looking for opportunities to get away from Greg and spend time with Kari and Crystal. He was beginning to think of his dad as some kind of enemy rather than a friend, and that thought really bothered him. These little outings helped to bring the family together.

Sunday night was likely the last official chance for Brit to sleep in his bed, although she hinted quite strongly that she wasn't going to stop just because she no longer had to. Allison insisted on seeing them to bed and talking with them for just a few minutes, but as soon as their stepmother left, Jeff and Brit slipped out of their clothes and lay naked together in each other's arms. Brit gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then snuggled against his chest.

They awoke in the morning as usual, ten minutes before Allison came in to wake them. They dressed in their nightclothes, then lay down once more and pretended to sleep. When Allison arrived, she knocked on the door (they always kept it locked after that incident a couple of weeks before), and Brit opened it for her.

Jeff's appointment with the doctor was right in the middle of the day, which was perfect in his opinion because there wouldn't be enough time before or after for him to go to school at all that day. He showered and dressed, and met everyone downstairs for breakfast, in as good a mood as he had ever been on a Monday.

Since Greg had to work, he had asked Allison to take him to the doctor's office, which suited Jeff just fine. He always liked to be near her.

During the drive over, they mostly talked about Brit, or more specifically, Jeff's feelings toward Brit. Allison seemed really happy that the two of them were getting along so well. Jeff avoided going into details, especially not mentioning certain things they had done together. He admitted that he really liked her, and enjoyed how affectionate she was. He even commented that he thought she was a really beautiful girl, a relatively safe answer.

He didn't tell her about Brit and Crystal, though. While Allison probably wouldn't have had a problem with that kind of relationship between the girls, Jeff wasn't entirely certain. It would also have felt like betraying his sister's trust. When she was ready, she would tell Allison herself.

Allison once again reemphasized that he needed to be someone Brit could trust, someone she could flirt with and practice her feminine charms on without fear of rejection. Jeff just nodded, not wanting to explore that topic too deeply with his stepmother.

They reached the doctor's office a few minutes early, and Jeff had to fill out some paperwork while he waited. Then the receptionist called him in, and while Allison waited out in the lobby, he met the doctor in a small room.

The doctor ran the usual tests on him, then they discussed Jeff's headaches. He mentioned that it had been over two weeks since the last once, and that that one might have been due to overexertion and dehydration. When the doctor asked him what he had been doing, he lied and said he had been throwing a football around outside, since that was a much safer answer than admitting he had received two blowjobs and fucked one of his girlfriend's friends.

The doctor gave him the all-clear to lift the restrictions, although he did caution him not to overexert himself again for the next few months, and to drink plenty of water. It wasn't quite as important now that the weather had cooled off, but it was good advice any time of the year.

He wrote out a note that Jeff could take to school to excuse his absence, although Jeff had already told all of his teachers on Friday about the appointment. Then Jeff left and met Allison in the waiting room.

They drove home, talking about how the appointment went. Allison was happy that he was back to normal and was no longer restricted in what he could do. She mentioned that it was too bad that it was too cold to go swimming, because he hadn't been allowed to in over a month. Jeff sighed with regret. He would have loved to get into the pool with her; she looked especially good in a swimsuit, with her hair hanging damply about her shoulders and rivulets of water running down her body.

His fantasy was interrupted by their arrival back home. They got out and went inside.

Since school would be over in a couple of hours, there was no point going back, so Allison networked her laptop to his computer and they spent the rest of the afternoon playing games.

That evening, he got another bit of good news. His dad announced over dinner that he had to go to a business conference in about three weeks, and would be gone for a week. While it wasn't a particularly exciting announcement on the surface, to Jeff it meant plenty of time to fool around with Kari and Crystal. All he would have to do would be to get Allison or Brit, or both, out of the house for a while, and that would leave him with a great opportunity.

Funnily enough, he could do it with Allison there because she had seen him with Kari and Crystal, and he could do it with Brit there because she had even participated a little, but he couldn't do it with both of them there because Allison certainly wouldn't approve of Brit's involvement with the three of them.

He figured the smartest thing would be to trade Brit for Kari. Brit and Crystal could spend time at the Williams' house while Kari, Allison, and Jeff got together at the Primdales'. The truth was that he would have preferred to have his little sister there with him; he really enjoyed her company. But that was the problem. He couldn't afford to enjoy it too much. What he really needed was some time away from her to let himself cool off.

Fate seemed to conspire against him, though. The next weekend Greg wanted to go out with just Allison and spend all day with her on Saturday. Ever since their newly-confessed love for one another, they acted like they wanted to make up for lost time. Jeff certainly couldn't begrudge them that, but it did leave Jeff and Brit home alone.

As soon as Kari found out, she invited Crystal and herself over. Jeff wasn't sure whether that would help or hurt things. Still, he could never refuse Kari when she wanted to be with him.

As the week progressed, his mood changed toward Brit. He figured that since he could probably get Brit out of the house a lot once their father left on his business trip in a couple of weeks, he wouldn't have to put so much effort into avoiding her now. In fact, by the end of the week he found himself looking forward to having all three of the girls there with him. Lately Brit had seemed just a natural part of his relationship with Kari and Crystal.

On Saturday morning, the family ate breakfast together, then Greg and Allison left on their date. About an hour later, the Williams girls arrived.

"So what do you guys want to do?" asked Crystal as soon as they entered the house.

"I've got an idea," Brit replied. "Why don't we go out back to my studio?"

"What for?" asked Kari.

"I've got my camera there."


"And we can take some pictures."

"That sounds boring," said Jeff.

"Nude pictures," Brit explained.

"Okay!" he grinned.

The four of them headed out back into the brisk autumn air. Jeff loved the autumn, mainly because it reminded him of the first time he met Allison three years ago. When he closed his eyes, he could still remember her perfectly, standing there in the front doorway, looking like an angel sent from heaven.

They dashed across the lawn to the art studio and entered it, hastily shutting the door behind them to lock out the chill. Crystal shivered; for some reason she had chosen to wear shorts today.

"I'll get the camera," said Brit, and headed to the back of the room. She retrieved it from her desk and returned to the others, who had already begun to undress.

"I'll tell you a secret," Kari said to Brit. "Last time we did this, we had to limit ourselves because we told Jeff we wouldn't do any lesbian stuff in front of you. He thought you were too young and impressionable."

"Thanks, Jeff," Brit told him. "You're right; I really wouldn't have appreciated it back then."

"Of course, now that you're a lesbian yourself," Kari continued, "I think we should lift that restriction. What do you say, Jeff? Should we take some pictures of some kinky girl-on-girl action?"

"Hell yes!" he grinned.

"Well first, I'd like to get some pictures of Brit and Crystal together. This will be a pedophile's dream. A thirteen-year old girl doing naughty things with her barely-fourteen girlfriend."

"I don't know about pedophiles," Jeff commented, "but it's certainly a dream of mine."

"Did you hear that?" Crystal asked Brit. "Jeff just admitted that he dreams about you doing naughty things."

"I didn't mean it like that!" he hastily corrected, although in fact, Crystal's interpretation really was spot-on.

Brit just giggled, taking it in the humor in which it was meant. It was just Crystal's usual teasing after all.

By this time they were all undressed, including Jeff, who assumed that he would be a part of the pictures too. No one seemed to object, so he figured his assumption must be correct.

Since Brit was modeling, she wouldn't be able to take the pictures. She attached the camera to the tripod and then suggested that Kari take the pictures, playfully teasing Jeff that she didn't trust her perverted brother with it. Jeff could have pointed out that there wasn't much a pervert could do with it that Kari wouldn't be doing anyway, but it really didn't matter anyway, so he kept his mouth shut.

The two younger girls sat down on the couch together. They glanced at each other, wondering how to begin.

"Start with a little smooching," Kari suggested, so Brit and Crystal leaned in, turned their heads, and pressed their lips together. They acted spontaneously, ignoring the camera and paying attention only to each other. Their hands slipped around each other's waists, and they drew in closer.

It didn't take long for Jeff's dick to harden, watching these two beautiful, young, nude girls making out. He was almost satisfied just to watch them, although he knew that he would probably get his own chance later on.

As Brit lay back and Crystal climbed on top of her, Jeff had a sudden, amusing realization. A couch, he decided, was designed to encourage sex. If two people sat together on the couch and they wanted to kiss, they had to turn their heads and come at each other from an awkward angle. True, they could turn their bodies, but then their legs would get in the way. If they wanted to face each other for a better position for kissing, the couch itself got in the way. They would have to either kneel on it, which wasn't particularly comfortable for more than just a few minutes, or they could lie down. That, of course, meant that one of them would have to be on top of the other, naturally leading to sex.

He mentioned his theory to the girls, who found it just as entertaining as he did. "I think Crystal and I are proving your theory," Brit commented from under her girlfriend. Then she returned her attention to Crystal's lips.

Jeff loved to see the two girls together like that. For over a month now he had been trying to suppress his feelings for Brit, and so when she mentioned she was in love with Crystal, it was a perfect opportunity for him to let her go. He was a little uncomfortable with Brit being a lesbian, but he knew just how sweet of a girl Crystal was, and that she would never do anything to hurt Brit. Considering the alternative of his sister getting involved with some guy like Chad, or even Jeff himself, this seemed like a great compromise. He had to admit that he was a little jealous because he could never have the kind of relationship with Brit that he really wanted. On the other hand, apparently Brit wasn't shy about making love to Crystal in front of him, so at least he got to watch.

Crystal slid her body down Brit's and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth. Jeff grinned, loving the show in front of him. A few weeks ago he had been concerned when Crystal went down on Brit, but that was mainly because he didn't want Brit doing something that would make her feel guilty later. Since she had made up her mind that she enjoyed this kind of pleasure, he was happy for her.

He was also horny, though. He moved in behind Kari and slipped his hands around her waist, pulling him in to her.

"Hey!" she said. "I'm trying to take pictures here."

"Sorry," he replied, pulling away.

"I didn't say I wanted you to stop," Kari grinned. "Just be careful."

"Yes, Mistress," he laughed, returning to his position. His cock pressed up against the crack of her ass, and he reached around and fondled her breasts.

"Geez, you two," Crystal joked. "Do you have to get all kinky and stuff right in front of your sisters?"

"Look who's talking," Kari retorted.

"Oh yeah." Crystal returned to kissing all over Brit's body. She focused on the tits for a while, licking and sucking and even nibbling on them. This had a deliciously powerful effect on Brit. Her body writhed in pleasure, shudders running through her with every motion.

Kari had once told Jeff that a woman was capable of having orgasms one right after another, especially if they were small orgasms. A big one might take a few minutes to recover from, although that was more physical exhaustion than anything. These mini-orgasms could go on and on and on. That appeared to be what was happening to Brit right now. He knew from a couple of incidents that she was extremely sensitive, and the slightest thing could set her off.

He loved to watch her climaxing. The thought that she was receiving such intense pleasure aroused him almost more than he could stand. He found himself grinding his crotch into Kari's back side.

"You're jiggling the camera again," Kari told him.

"Oh, you mean these are the camera?" he said, squeezing her breasts. "I thought they were your tits."

"Okay, Brit, Crystal, Jeff's getting horny. Maybe we ought to give you two a rest and let him and I pose for a bit. Last time we were just getting going when Crystal and Rachael interrupted us, so we didn't get very far."

"Do we have to?" Crystal whined.

"Maybe we can do some more with you two later."

"Fine," Crystal said, though not enthusiastically. The two girls got up off the couch, Brit looking a little dazed and possibly even dizzy. Jeff knew that look; it was common on his own face after a fuck session with one or both of the Williams girls.

"I like what you two were doing," said Kari. "I want to be spontaneous with Jeff this time too."

"Spontaneous?" asked Brit.

"That's code for 'I want you to take pictures of me and Jeff having sex,'" Crystal explained.

"Not on my couch!" exclaimed Brit. "You'll get stuff all over it."

"What stuff?" Crystal grinned. "Sperm? Semen? Spunk? Cum? Jizz? Love juice?"

"Okay, you don't have to mention every single name for it," Brit told her.

"Well, I guess you do have a point, Brit," said Kari. "A couch isn't the most comfortable place to screw anyway. Why don't we go to Jeff's room? It's one of my favorite places to make love. And besides, there's room on three sides of the bed, so you have a lot more options for camera angles."

The others agreed, and they gathered up their belongings. Since it was pointless to put their clothes back on just for the trip across the lawn, they didn't. Laughing, giggling, shrieking, and completely naked, they dashed over to the patio and up the stairs, carrying their clothes in their arms.

"Okay, everyone huddle together for warmth," said Crystal as soon as they were safely inside, then threw her arms around Brit. Jeff and Kari moved in and pressed their bodies up against the two girls, turning it into a group hug.

They broke it up after a very pleasant thirty seconds, stepping away from each other.

"Well, I was warmed up before," said Kari, "but unfortunately that dash through the refrigerator out there cooled me off. Let's take some more pictures of us posing before Jeff and I fuck each other silly."

"Sounds fine to me," Jeff smiled. He was willing to put it off a little for the sake of a few more dirty pictures. He would have to ask Brit if she wouldn't mind letting him have copies.

They ascended the stairs, then dropped their clothes on the floor. Brit just set the tripod in the corner and held the camera in her hand, since the point of going to his room was to give the photographer the freedom to move around.

"Let's do a little role-playing here," Kari suggested.

"It's not going to be embarrassing, is it?" asked Brit.

"No, it'll be fun. Brit, you're the mommy, and Crystal's the baby."

Crystal grinned. She sat down on the bed and hugged Brit. "I wuv you, Mommy," she said.

"Too old," Kari told her. "You're a really young baby. You can't talk, you can't walk, you can't even crawl yet."

"Well that's no fun. What am I supposed to do?"

"Nothing. You just lie there while Brit feeds you."

"Feed her with what?" asked Brit.

"Your boobies, of course," Kari grinned.

Jeff, Brit, and Crystal both laughed. "My favorite food," Crystal said. "Aside from her cunt, of course."

Brit handed the camera back to Kari, then sat on the edge of the bed, while Crystal took her place lying with her head in Brit's lap. Brit cradled her head in her arm, lifting her a little to allow her to take a nipple into her mouth. Crystal smiled and sucked on it, just like a nursing baby. She even reached up with one of her hands and pawed at it.

"That is so adorable," Kari said, snapping a picture. "You make a great baby, Crystal."

She continued to suckle for several minutes. Brit used her free hand to grope Crystal's tits and pussy, not a very mother-like thing to do, admittedly, so it tended to spoil the fantasy. On the other hand, Jeff found it highly erotic.

"Ow!" Brit suddenly exclaimed, and Crystal giggled. Brit glared down at her for a second, then began to laugh herself.

"What is it?" asked Jeff.

"She bit me!" Brit explained.

"Babies sometimes do that," Crystal said playfully. "Besides, it wasn't intentional. I accidentally do that when I get excited. Your finger just rubbed against my clit."

Kari laughed too. "Jeff knows all about that."

"Don't remind me," Jeff groaned. "It still hurts when I think about it." Then to Brit, who wore a puzzled look on her face, he added, "Crystal bit my dick once on accident."

"Yeah, but you got your revenge by shoving your cock down my throat," Crystal countered.

"That was an accident too. I just got overexcited."

Brit giggled at this exchange, apparently finding the whole thing humorous.

"Anyway, I think this little game is over," she said. Crystal sat up and glanced at Kari to see if she had any more kinky ideas.

She did.

"For this next one," Kari suggested, "let's try something a little different. Jeff, you sit on the edge of the bed. Brit and Crystal, you kneel down in front of him and face each other."

"What kinds of perverted things are you going to make us do?" Brit asked with a grin.

"You ever hear of tit fucking?"


"Well, basically, a guy sticks his dick in the girl's cleavage and she rubs her boobs up and down it."

Crystal giggled. "I'm not sure that either Brit or I have enough cleavage to do it," she said.

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed.

"Maybe not separately," Kari replied, "but together I think it's just about right."

"You mean..." said Brit.

"Exactly. I want you two to rub your boobs together, with Jeff's cock between them."

"Ooh!" Brit exclaimed in delight. "That sounds like fun!"

Jeff had to agree with her. The only time anyone had done anything like that with him was that day that Allison had lost control and nearly seduced him. It was one of the greatest things he had ever felt, although admittedly part of that was due to the fact that it was the first time Allison had ever done anything sexual with him.

Once again, he was worried that this might be crossing some kind of line with Brit, but he reminded himself that he had already had his dick in her mouth before, so this wasn't anywhere near the same thing.

Brit and Crystal took their places in front of him, facing each other. Jeff scooted forward to place his cock in the right position. The girls scooted in, aiming their chests for his engorged member. He felt their breasts close in around it as they pressed their boobs up against each other's. He found it to be a perfect fit; the cavity between their breasts formed a hexagon with their breastbones and the inner swells of their tits squeezing against his hardened organ.

They both broke down into fits of giggles at the sensation. Jeff's reaction was different; he groaned with pleasure.

"This is so naughty," Brit grinned. "My boobs are touching another girl's, and my big brother has his cock squeezed between them."

Kari took a picture of them in that position. "Now rub your boobs up and down," she said. "Concentrate on rubbing the nipples together. Just forget you've got a cock there."

"You want me to forget about Jeff's cock?" Crystal asked. "I can't stop thinking about it even when he's not around. How am I supposed to manage with it right there in my face?"

"Well, pretend then."

Jeff watched in erotic fascination as the girls rubbed up and down. Like Kari had told them, their nipples teased each other, and he could tell by the looks on their faces that they were as turned on by it as he was. The action caused them to slide their sternums along the shaft of his cock, and the soft yet tight tunnel between them felt amazingly good.

Crystal and even Brit began to moan now as their boobs rubbed together with his dick in between. He couldn't see past the action, but he was pretty sure that they were both leaking like crazy between the legs.

Across the room, he caught Kari fondling herself. She kept one hand on the camera, but the other roamed over her body. When she caught him looking at her, she merely shrugged and grinned.

"I think if you go a little lower," she told the girls, "you can lick the head of his dick."

"Great idea!" Crystal said, then slid down until her tits cradled the base of his cock. She stuck out her tongue and ran it all over his head.

Brit was soon to follow. He almost told her not to, but his baser instincts were far too strong. He could only watch in excitement as she stuck her tongue out and teased his cock with it.

"Oh god, Brit!" he moaned, and she giggled.

"You like that, big brother?" she asked.

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed.

"Good." She continued the motions. Her tongue brushed against Crystal's often, and soon it became a three-way stimulation, with the girls focusing as much on each other's tongues as on his cock.

"This is fun," said Crystal. "Kari, you've got a talent for coming up with kinky ideas. Maybe you should write a book. You could call it 'Sexual Positions for Two Young Bisexual Teenage Girls and One Big Brother.'"

"Bound to be a best-seller," Jeff remarked with a grin.

"Maybe I should," said Kari. "I've got enough ideas for about a thousand pages. It would have to be illustrated with photos of the positions, of course. You three could be the models."

"I like that idea!" Crystal said.

"Well then, let's do another position."

"Okay," Brit and Crystal both said together.

Kari had Jeff lie back on the bed. She told Crystal to sit on his stomach, straddling him and facing away from him. Jeff pointed out that if she sat a couple of inches lower he could insert his cock into her pussy, but Kari had a better idea. She had Brit sit on his thighs, positioning herself over Jeff's legs. This forced his cock between the two girls' abdomens. Brit and Crystal scooted together until their bodies touched, squeezing his dick between them.

By this point, Brit was basically sitting in Crystal's lap, and they hugged each other tightly. Since Brit had to spread her legs to wrap them around Crystal's waist, the position pulled her pussy lips open and moved her cunt forward. Jeff found himself in the delightful position of feeling those lips spread around the shaft of his cock. It was the closest he had come yet to having sex with her. Right now he was so aroused that if she asked him to, he would give in completely.

It was even worse when the girls started to make out, because soon their bodies were squirming and writhing just like before. With his hard-on nestled between them, this made it really hard to keep from cumming right there.

He could feel the dampness between their legs; especially Brit's. Obviously she was just as turned on as he was. He wondered if that was just due to Crystal, or maybe he had something to do with it as well. She had confessed that she loved the girl, but until now he had thought that that cut off any possibility of her loving him in the same way. But now that he thought about it, there was really no reason why a girl couldn't be in love with two people at the same time.

Brit? In love with me? he thought. Could it really be possible? If so, shouldn't he just take her right now and make love to her, right in front of Kari and Crystal?

No, he couldn't do that to her. No matter what his feelings for her, or her feelings for him, she was still his sister. Lately they had crossed just about every line possible without actually having sex. But it was all in fun. It was just pictures and games and teasing each other. To actually have a sexual relationship with her was wrong.

"I think that's enough," he said. "Any more of that, and I'm going to cum."

"That's the point," Crystal grinned.

"Not with Brit sitting on me like this," he insisted.

"Aw, you're no fun," Brit teased, but she still climbed off of his lap and stood next to the bed. Crystal followed her. Jeff sat back up.

"I've got another idea," said Kari. "This one's for Jeff and Crystal."

"Oh goody!" Crystal exclaimed. Brit stood up and walked over to Kari, taking the camera from her hands.

"Crystal, I want you to lie there with your head in Jeff's lap," said Kari.

Crystal got up on the bed and lay down. She tried to put her head down in his lap, but his cock got in the way.

"What do you want me to do with this?" he asked Kari with a grin, nodding toward his swollen member.

"Put it in her mouth," Kari replied.


"Crystal, do what you were doing before with Brit. But instead of nursing on her boob, you're going to nurse on his cock."

"Ooh, yummy!" Crystal said. She moved her head down along his legs a little, then Jeff took his cock and pointed it toward her face. She turned her head to the side and let it slip into her mouth.

She wasted no time, but immediately set to work sucking on it, just like a baby with a bottle. She stared up at him innocently, at least as innocently as possible with his dick in her mouth. Kari moved in closer so that she could get a good view of Crystal's face, then snapped a few pictures.

"My turn," Kari said then, but Crystal continued to suck on his dick. She maneuvered her body off of the bed and onto her knees without once taking it out of her mouth. Then she rose to her feet, still keeping her lips wrapped around him. Only then did she let it slip free.

Kari glanced at her, and Crystal just shrugged, grinning sheepishly. Kari knelt between Jeff's legs, then leaned in and took him into her mouth.

Brit had to maneuver to the side to get a good picture as Kari sucked away on his dick. He was having a great time, made even better by the presence of his little sister with her camera.

Then Kari lifted her head and glanced up. "Okay Brit, your turn," she said.

Brit's eyes grew wide. "My turn?" she asked.

"Trade me places. Give me the camera and I'll take the picture."

"Okay," said Brit with a grin.

"Um, wait a minute," Jeff interrupted. "I don't know if this is such a good idea."

"What?" asked Crystal. "It's not something you haven't done before. Besides, it's just for one picture this time."

He sighed. "Oh, all right. One picture." He lay back down on the bed.

Brit handed the camera to Kari, then knelt down between his knees. She lowered her head and let his cock slip into her mouth.

He cried out as soon as she sucked. He remembered now the feeling of her lips around him, the wonderful hot moistness mixed with the love shared between them. Despite the fact that she wasn't as experienced with it as Kari or Crystal, that love made it all the more potent, and he realized that her mouth felt the best of all of them.

"Suck harder," Kari told her. "I want to see a very clear dimple."

Brit giggled, then sucked again, this time with a more powerful suction. Jeff groaned. It was even better than the first time.

Kari held up the camera, then lowered it again. "No, it's still not quite right," she said. "You've just got the head in your mouth. You've got to take at least a couple more inches."

Brit lowered her head a little more, then sucked a third time. By this time, Jeff was nearly insane with lust. If they didn't take the picture soon, he was going to go off.

"Okay, that's almost right," Kari said. "Now look up at him. No, not like that. Gaze lovingly at him. This is your big brother who you love more than anyone else in the whole world, and being able to give him pleasure like this is all you live for."

Brit gazed up at him, just like Kari said. Jeff glanced down and their eyes met, and he could see from the look in her eyes that Kari's fantasy wasn't far from the truth.

"Good," said Kari. "Now hold that for a second. I think I need the tripod for this picture. Crystal, would you bring it over to me? Thanks."

"Just take the picture!" Jeff groaned. "I can't hold on much longer."

"Now don't be impatient," she playfully scolded. "If we don't do it right, we'll have to start over."

Now he realized what she was doing. Kari was purposely drawing this out, intensifying his pleasure. Did she actually want him to cum in his little sister's mouth?

Knowing her, she probably did. It was such a naughty thought, but so wonderfully erotic. He wanted so much to lose it right here, to pump his semen into Brit's mouth and have her swallow it all.

Brit continued to suck his dick while the Williams girls fumbled with the tripod. Jeff knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Hurry!" he said. "I can't hold on!"

They fastened the camera in place, then Kari took her time adjusting the position, all the while keeping Jeff in such wonderful agony.

"Okay, on the count of three, cum!" Kari said with a grin.

"Oh shit!" Jeff exclaimed. "I'm going to... Kari, please just take the picture!"

"Fine," Kari sighed, then pressed the shutter button.

Jeff immediately reached down and shoved Brit, perhaps a little too forcefully, off of him. She tumbled to the floor, a stunned look on her face for just an instant before she started giggling.

Without Brit there blowing him, he was able to keep himself under control. He lay back on the bed, his eyes shut tight and his teeth clenched as he fought down the impending orgasm. He knew that if he moved, or if any of the girls touched him, he would go off.

Eventually it subsided, and Jeff let out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding.

Crystal giggled. "Now that's what you call self-control," she remarked.

"Damn, Kari," said Jeff. "And I thought Brit and Crystal were the teases."

"You wanted to cum in her mouth and you know it," she replied. "I was just helping you along."

"That's not true!" he lied, his face burning. In fact, he did want it. But that would be crossing way over the line.

"So I take it you're warmed up," said Kari. "Does that mean you're ready to get down to the main event?"

"You bet," Jeff smiled.

Kari left the camera behind and climbed onto the bed next to him. Jeff leaned in and kissed her on the lips, letting one of his hands go to her breast. He heard the shutter of Brit's camera, and found that the thought that she was recording this turned him on.

He kissed lower, to her neck and shoulders. He knew she loved it when he did this to her. His lips sought out her nipples, which were already hard. His mouth worked all over her chest, and she began to moan softly.

As he kissed her, he let his hand wander lower. She was already wet down there, and her pussy lips engorged and loosened up. There wouldn't be need for much foreplay. He was already excited enough that he wouldn't last long once he entered her, and she was apparently at least physically ready for him.

He continued playing with her for a few minutes, listening for the telltale sounds she made when she wanted him to enter him. They had been doing this long enough that she no longer had to tell him directly, he could sense it by the motions of her body and the sound of her moans.

Her body was squirming by now, and a moment later she gave out a groan that had just a tinge of frustration in it. That meant he had gone one just a little too long with his playing. He slid his body up along hers and positioned himself above her.

With a mischievous gleam in her eye, Kari turned to face Brit. "Care to do the honors?" she asked.

Brit grinned, then handed the camera to Crystal. Now it was Jeff's turn to groan as she took hold of his dick and placed it against Kari's hole.

"Right there?" she asked.

"Perfect," Kari told her. "You know just what to do. Are you sure you've never had sex with a boy before?"

Brit blushed, but she shook her head.

They heard a click, and glanced over to Crystal, who had snapped a picture of Brit holding Jeff's cock. All four of them giggled at that.

Jeff pressed downward. It didn't take him too many thrusts to bury his cock completely inside of Kari. Brit stepped back, and Crystal handed her back her camera.

Jeff fucked Kari slowly; he knew if he took things too fast, he wouldn't last long. He kept it at a slow, almost relaxed pace. He kissed her tenderly as he did so, letting her feel his love for her. She sighed in pleasure and happiness.

Now here was a girl who he didn't have to worry about. Brit was young and fragile, and he could end up hurting her if he took his relationship too far with her. With Kari, everything just seemed all right. Whenever he made love to her, he forgot all of his cares, and just let himself fill up with the love they shared. It was like they had always been meant to be together. No matter what happened, he would never give her up.

Just like he expected, he didn't last long. The earlier stimulation had been too much for him, especially when Brit had sucked him almost to a climax. Now, here inside of Kari, he no longer had to hold himself back, so he just let it happen. His cock throbbed, shooting off deep into her body.

Fortunately, Kari had also been aroused earlier, though mostly with her own hand. She didn't last much longer than Jeff. She gave out a long wail as her own orgasm washed through her, and her body shuddered with the force of it.

He heard Brit still snapping pictures, catching Kari in her moment of ecstasy. That made him happy; he wanted to see those pictures later.

After it was over, they lay together in one another's arms. Brit left the camera on the tripod, and together the two younger girls climbed into bed with them. Brit curled up on the other side of Jeff, and Crystal lay down against Kari's back.

They slept for a while, and Jeff's mind was filled with happy dreams. When they awoke, Jeff and Kari went into the bathroom for a quick shower to clean themselves off. They snuggled under the spray of the water but did nothing else. Jeff was too tired for more activities for a while.

After they finished, they found Brit and Crystal sitting in her room uploading the pictures they took to her computer. Neither had bothered getting dressed, which, all things considered, wasn't particularly surprising.

"It's too cold to go out back to the studio to upload these to my computer there," Brit said, indicating the computer in front of her. "I'll transfer them later. Right now I need to delete them off of my camera to make more room."

Jeff decided to get dressed. He still felt a little self-conscious about what had gone on, especially with Brit. It seemed like he had done everything but fuck her today; there wasn't much left. He figured if he had his clothes on, there was less chance of him getting aroused, and even if he did get aroused, he would have to take them off to do anything with her. With those two obstacles in the way, he was sure he could control himself.

The girls, including Brit, left their clothes off for the rest of the day. They spent the rest of their time together wrestling and tickling each other, rolling around in the front room and having a great time. Jeff didn't join in; he merely sat on the couch and watched.

Brit occasionally glanced over at him, and he wondered what she was thinking. Did she really love him in the way that he hoped? Was it even right that he hoped it? Maybe she was feeling some of the same guilt that he was. Maybe she sensed his attraction for her, and it bothered her.

She finally came over to him and sat down on the couch next to him. "Jeff, what's wrong?" she asked.

So that was it. She was just wondering what he was thinking. After all, it wasn't like him to just sit there watching three nude girls when they were more than happy to let him participate.

"Nothing," he smiled.



"Then you don't mind if I do THIS!" she laughed, digging her fingers into his side.

That was enough to break him out of his mood. He laughed at the sudden tickling, then attacked her back. She squealed and hopped up off the couch. The other girls joined in, and soon he had all three of them attacking him at once.

Whatever hesitation and worry he had felt before was gone now. He could never stay in that kind of mood for long when he had three gorgeous, naked girls to play with. It no longer mattered that she was his sister; she was still a cute little thing that right now, deserved to be tickled.

Laughing and grinning, he pounced on the girls, wondering just why he had been worried in the first place.

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2011-03-20 00:18:58
A.P.: I believe they said tht it was kinky because they arent complete lesbians and probably wanted to use wordplay to help get them in the mood. and besides this is a fictional story and doesnt have to b exactly like real life! if it was then nobody would probably want o red it. BTW Daddy keep it up! You can't be beat in the eyes of your fans.

- The Fan

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2010-06-02 00:23:12
Time for aesexual pseudonym to pick a nit. The phrase, "kinky girl-on-girl action," keeps recurring. I am neither lesbian nor bisexual, so I can't answer this question from personal experience, but here goes: do lesbians generally see themselves as kinky? Is that how they would characterize themselves, and their means of expressing affection? It sounds off. The same it would be off for heterosexual couples to say, "Let's be perverse tonight, and fuck." Some people no doubt see themselves as kinky. But generally, do people not see sex, and sexual behavior, as the natural outcome of being sexual beings? The point is that after 1,000 pages of being told it's okay for women to express mutual love sexually, whence the adjective?


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im still a virgin but i lost my anal cherry to my older brother. last night,,and i cant walk straight

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How are you going to get Jeff to take Britt's cherry Iost mine while I was laying on my daddys chest kissing him he got a hard on I slid down his chest and his cock went in my little pussy and I sat up and went down on his cock till it broke my cherry,we have been fucking ever since.

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