More sexual hijinks at the slumber party.
Chapter 56
Spin the Bottle

"So now what?" asked Tammy. "Are we just going to watch Crystal suck off her big sister's boyfriend?"

"Sounds good to me," Crystal mumbled around his cock.

"Do you mind if I pick the game?" asked Kari, slipping into the room.

Crystal let his cock slip out of her mouth. "Oh, great, my boring older sister is here too," she teased. Kari stuck her tongue out at her.

"What kind of game did you have in mind?" asked Brit, and Jeff could see her eyes light up with excitement.

"Spin-the-bottle," Kari replied. "The person who spins it gets to dare the person it stops on to do anything. Once they finish the task, then they get to spin the bottle."

"Does Jeff get to play?" asked Crystal with a grin.

"Actually, I was thinking that Jeff's job is to make it interesting."

"What do you mean?" asked Kimmy.

"You're allowed to take full advantage of him in your dares."

The girls giggled, glancing around at each other nervously, as if wondering what kinds of twisted ideas they would come up with.

"Um... I don't want..." Kimmy stammered.

"What?" asked Kari.

"I don't want to do anything too naughty."

"But that's the whole point," grinned Crystal.

"But... well..."

"What's wrong? Everyone knows you don't have a boyfriend, so it's not like you're cheating."

"Leave her alone, Crystal," said Tanya. "Maybe she's saving herself for someone."

"I'll bet I know who it is," Brit grinned.

"Who?" asked Kari.

"Her dad," Brit teased. Kimmy grew red.

"Ew!" Monica exclaimed. "You're so gross, Brit!"

"What? He's my home room teacher, so I know how handsome he is. Half the girls in class are in love with him. I've seen the way the girls all stare at him in class, and Kimmy's just as bad as the rest of them."

"You know, you're really disgusting," said Tanya.

"Hey, if I had a dad who looked like that you can bet I'd be taking advantage of it," Crystal said, coming to her rescue.

"Shut up," Kimmy insisted. "If you must know, I love my dad a lot, and I just don't want to do anything that would disappoint him."

"Okay, fine," said Crystal. "In your case we won't make you do anything really naughty. Only semi-naughty at most. For the rest of us, though, anything is fair game. Agreed?"

"Agreed," said all of the girls, including Kimmy.

"I'll go get a bottle," Kari said, then left the room. She returned shortly with an empty soda bottle, and the girls all gathered around in a circle. Jeff sat on Crystal's bed. Kari placed the bottle on the floor between the girls.

"Crystal, you're the birthday girl, so you get to spin first," she said.

Crystal grinned, then gave the bottle a twirl. It spun for a second, then stopped, pointing directly at Monica.

"I dare you to take off all of your clothes," said Crystal.

The other girls giggled, and Monica gasped. Her face turned red as she glanced over at Jeff, who just grinned at her. Then she slipped her nightgown over her head, leaving her in only panties. Jeff liked what he saw. He had seen her in a swimsuit before, but that was a year and a half ago, before her body had started to develop. Her black hair contrasted with her fair skin. She had surprisingly well-developed breasts for her age. When she removed her panties, he noticed that the hair between her legs, though dark, was sparse. She giggled and sat back down again.

She spun the bottle, and this time it pointed to Tammy. Monica grinned with a wicked gleam in her eye, and he knew she was about to suggest something particularly interesting.

"Tammy," she said, "I dare you to French kiss Jeff."

Jeff grinned, and noticed that Tammy did too. She got up and approached him. She sat down on the bed next to him, and he turned to her. For a couple of seconds they hesitated, both a little nervous. Although Jeff had gotten much more confident around girls in the last couple of years, he still retained a tiny sense of inferiority around pretty girls, despite the fact that Tammy and Tanya were nearly three years younger than him.

Still, there was no reason to be shy; he had permission to kiss her after all. In fact, he was supposed to kiss her. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers.

Together they opened their mouths, and let their tongues entwine. Tammy giggled a little as they did so, but didn't break the kiss. They sat that way for at least thirty seconds.

She was a fairly good kisser, he decided. It wasn't as passionate as with Kari or Crystal, or as mind-blowing as with Allison, or as kinky as with Rachael, or as beautiful and fulfilling as with Brit, but over all, he really enjoyed it.

I can't believe I've kissed that many girls, he thought. This would make five, and it was scarcely two years since his first time with Rachael.

He eventually pulled away, then Tammy finally broke down in a fit of embarrassed giggles. Jeff put an arm around her and gave her a quick hug to ease her embarrassment, then she got up off the couch and sat down in the circle with the other girls.

"So how was it?" asked Tanya with a grin.

"It was..." she replied, "well... nice, I guess."

"It had to have been more than nice," Kari told her. "Jeff's the best kisser in the whole world."

"You're just saying that because you're his girlfriend," said Kimmy.

"I can back her up on that," Crystal added.

"You've kissed him too?" asked Tammy, surprised.

"Kissed him, fucked him, sucked him off, even swallowed his cum," Crystal told her proudly.

"Oh my god!" Monica exclaimed. "I can't believe your sister let you do that with her boyfriend!"

"We like to share," Kari said, then gave Brit a wink. For some reason, Brit went red at that gesture. Jeff didn't know what it meant, but decided it was just a secret between the girls.

"Anyway, it's your turn, Tammy," Crystal said.

Tammy gave the bottle a spin, and it ended its rotation pointed toward Kari.

"Okay," said Tammy. "Since Jeff's your boyfriend, let's make this one just a little more naughty. I dare you to jerk him off for one minute."

"Pretty mild by my definition of 'naughty,'" Kari commented, "but I have to take what I get." She sat down by Jeff on the bed and put her hand on his cock. She started gently, with long, slow strokes, but that didn't last long. Soon she was beating him off as fast as she could. Jeff knew what she was doing; she was trying to see if she could get him to cum in that one minute.

While it felt good, the time was just too short to really get into it. Before she could really work up his pleasure, the time ended, and she had to remove her hands. Jeff glanced around and saw all the girls staring between his legs with excited grins on their faces. He had a feeling that most of them would have loved to be in Kari's position.

She returned to the circle and spun the bottle. This time it ended on Crystal.

"I think it's time we really started having fun," Kari said. "I dare you to suck my boobs."

The other girls gasped at her suggestion, but Crystal grinned. Most of the girls here didn't know that this wasn't the first time something like this had gone one between the two sisters.

Kari slipped her shirt over her head, then reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. It slid to the ground, revealing her beautiful chest. Crystal leaned in and sucked one of the nipples into her mouth.

"Oh my god!" Monica breathed. Crystal glanced over at her briefly, then returned her attention to Kari's breasts.

All the girls watched in fascination at this sapphic display in front of them. Most of them had probably never seen anything like this before. Jeff paid particular attention to Brit's reaction. Since she had told him she was in love with Crystal and pretty much admitted to making love to her, Jeff wasn't sure what would be going through her mind. She might be jealous, or disgusted, or excited. She simply watched in apparent amusement, though.

After a couple of minutes, Crystal switched to the other nipple. She sucked on this one for a while, and Jeff could tell by the look on Kari's face that she was getting aroused.

There wasn't time to really get into it though, and eventually they had to stop. Crystal drew back and licked her lips. "Yummy," she said. All the girls giggled.

Kari didn't bother putting her shirt back on; she was an exhibitionist at heart, and since Jeff was the only boy here, it didn't really matter.

Crystal spun the bottle, which ended at Tanya this time.

"I think I'm going to do a rain check this time," Crystal said.

"A rain check?" asked Tanya.

"I'm going to hold off on daring you until a little later."


"You'll see," Crystal grinned.

"Okay, but it has to be before we end the game. You can't just expect me to do what you tell me to do some time at school next week."

"That's fine," replied Crystal. "Now it's your turn to spin."

Tanya did so, and the bottle came to rest pointing toward Kimmy this time. Kimmy blushed even before Tanya told her the dare. As it turned out, that pre-emptive blush was justified.

"You may not be willing to do anything really naughty," Tanya said, "but you're at least going to have to get naked. I dare you to take all your clothes off."

Jeff half-expected her to refuse, but she merely nodded and began to strip. He watched with delight as she unfastened the buttons on her night shirt and opened it up, revealing her gorgeous bare chest. Then she slipped down her pajama bottoms and discarded them. She had a body almost as beautiful as Brit's and Crystal's. She had tiny little breasts with perky nipples, and an almost nonexistent covering of hair between her legs. Her hips were nicely rounded for her age, not too developed yet but sexy anyway.

"It's just as well," she sighed. "I usually sleep in the nude anyway." That surprised Jeff; he hadn't expected anything quite so bold from her.

She leaned over and gave the bottle a spin. It ended at Brit. Kimmy laughed. "I was kind of hoping it would be you," she said.

"Why?" asked Brit.

"Because you're going to fulfill one of my little fantasies," Kimmy told her. "You know what Kari did to your brother a few minutes ago? I want you to do the same thing to him."

Brit's eyes lit up with delight, and she grinned. Jeff wasn't surprised to see that reaction at all. Despite her earlier confession that she loved Crystal, Brit still liked to do things for him that made him feel good, like rubbing his back or massaging his shoulders. In a way, this was really just the same thing, despite being a little more erotic.

"Ooh, I think you're the naughtiest one of us all," Monica told Kimmy. "For all your talk, you sure have some kinky fantasies. You really want to see a girl jerk off her own brother?"

Kimmy nodded.

Jeff wondered whether he should put a stop to this right now. On the other hand, Brit had already put her mouth on his cock; her hands were quite a bit less naughty by comparison.

She sat down on the bed next to him and gazed into his eyes with a smile. There was no embarrassment or bashfulness there, only love. Then she lowered her eyes, reached out her hand, and wrapped it around his member.

There was something intensely thrilling about having her do this to him. Part of it was the idea that it was so forbidden because she was his sister. Part of it was that he loved her so much. Although Brit didn't move as fast as Kari, he found it, surprisingly, even more enjoyable.

She stroked him slowly and tenderly, a gentle caress rather than a frenzied stimulation. It was like the difference between having sex and making love. Sometimes Jeff and Kari got each other so horny that they just had to have sex. More often, though, they made emotional, tender, passionate love to each other. Brit's hand was making love to his cock.

Unfortunately, she had to quit after a minute. Or perhaps it was fortunate, because if she had gone on much longer, he would probably have cum. For a moment he imagined cumming all over Brit's hand. Or maybe he would get in a few powerful spurts and it would shoot out onto her chest, or her neck, or her chin, or even her mouth...

He couldn't afford to allow himself such thoughts. If he let his guard down even for an instant, he could make a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

"That was so sexy," Monica commented. "Makes me wish I had a brother."

"You're such a pervert, Monica," said Tammy. Monica just shrugged and grinned.

Now it was Brit's turn to spin the bottle. She did so, and it ended up at Crystal.

"Are you going to make me do the same thing to you that Kari did?" Crystal asked hopefully.

"No," Brit said. "I dare you to do a sexy dance and strip tease."

Crystal grinned. She stood up and, despite the lack of music, began to dance. It was much like the one that Flor and Laurie had done a couple of weeks ago on the pool table. She gyrated her hips and ran her hands all over her body. She twirled around a couple of times, moving closer to Jeff with each move. As soon as she reached him, she sat down on his lap and squirmed around.

"You don't have to give Jeff a lap dance," Monica said with a laugh.

"No, this is a bonus," Crystal replied. "If you're jealous, I'll do the same for you. No charge."

"No thanks!" Monica hurriedly exclaimed.

Crystal continued the dance, as she writhed around on Jeff's lap, reaching down to grasp the hem of her shirt. She lifted it up tantalizingly to just below her breasts, then lowered it again. It was a little teasing motion that drove Jeff wild.

She knelt on the bed, straddling his hips, and as she continued to squirm around on him, she did the same thing, lifting her shirt to where he could almost see her boobs. Twice more she repeated the move, then finally, when Jeff thought he could stand it no longer, she finally slipped her shirt over her head, twirled it around a couple of times, then tossed it away.

To his delight, she wore no bra underneath it, and he had a marvelous view of her bare torso. She continued to gyrate in front of him, leaning forward to shove her chest in his face. Jeff took the opportunity to plant a kiss right between her tits.

She slid off the bed, then spun around. She slipped her hands over her breasts, then slid them down her body toward her panties. For a moment, she let one of her hands explore underneath it, then removed it again, lifting it to her face and sucking her index finger into her mouth.

Then she bent over and thrust her panties down to the floor. Daintily she stepped out of them, then picked them up, twirled them around her head like she had her shirt, and tossed them right into Jeff's face. The girls laughed as they landed right on his head. He immediately took them off and tossed them on the floor next to her shirt.

The girls all clapped and applauded her efforts. Jeff joined in, especially happy that she had included him in the performance. Her dance was even sexier than Flor's and Laurie's.

Crystal sat back down, and Kari clapped her on the back. "Good job," she congratulated.

Crystal then spun the bottle. This time it ended up pointed at Kimmy.

"Well, I was hoping for Tammy, but this will have to do," she said.

"Uh oh," said Kimmy. "This doesn't sound good."

"Don't worry. This one's easy. All you have to do is lie on the bed with your legs spread."

"That's it?" asked Kimmy, relieved.

"Well, sort of. Tanya, it's time to give you your dare. I dare you to eat out Kimmy for one minute."

"Oh my god!" Tanya exclaimed, her face growing dark red.

"Um, maybe this is a little too naughty for Kimmy," said Jeff, glancing at the girl.

"Well, I guess this is all right," Kimmy replied, to his surprise. She came over and climbed onto the bed. Jeff stood up to give her room. She spread her legs and stared at Tanya.

"I've never..." Tanya stammered. "I've never done anything with another girl before."

"Neither have I," Kimmy giggled. "But a dare is a dare."

"Easy for you to say. You're the one getting eaten." Despite her protests, though, Tanya stood and walked over to the bed. She knelt down between Kimmy's legs. Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and gingerly stuck out her tongue.

At the first contact, she wrinkled her nose. Then she licked again, and this time let her tongue linger. Jeff, Kari, Crystal, and Brit all grinned as they watched the lesbian show.

Tanya's tongue ran all over Kimmy's pussy, and despite never having done this before, she appeared to be doing well. At least Kimmy seemed to think so, judging by the tiny little moans that escaped her mouth. Tanya didn't try to spread Kimmy's outer lips to lick inside, but instead focused exclusively on the outside. Still, it was a very erotic sight.

"Okay, time's up," Crystal announced a minute later, and Tanya rose back up, still blushing furiously but with a grin on her face. Kimmy lay there panting for about thirty seconds later, and the rest of the girls didn't try to push her to get up.

She did finally rise to a sitting position, then slipped off the bed into her place in the circle.

When she spun the bottle, it ended up at Monica. Kimmy thought for a moment, then giggled. "Since you're already naked," she said, "this one should be easy. I dare you to have sex with Jeff for five minutes."

The other girls cheered at the boldness of her suggestion.

"Oh, I see how this works," Monica said. "You don't have to do anything naughty, but you're allowed to tell other people to."

"Hey, I just had another girl go down on me," Kimmy replied.

"Good point." Monica stood up and walked over to Jeff, who was more than happy to help out with this dare. He took her hand and led her over to the bed, and they climbed in.

"Can I be on top?" she asked.

Jeff nodded. Monica swung her leg over the top of him and straddled his waist. She took his cock in her hand and positioned it at her pussy, then lowered herself slowly.

The tip of his dick touched the entrance to her pussy, and she stopped for a moment. She rubbed it around the outside for a bit to help loosen herself up and build up some lubrication.

"The five minutes doesn't start until he's inside of you," Kimmy told her.

"Now don't get impatient," Monica said. "A girl can't just take a cock inside of her without warming up first."

She pressed downward, and the tip slipped between her cunt lips. She rested for a few seconds, then lowered herself again. Bit by bit he worked his way inside of her.

"Okay, the time's starting now," Kimmy said.

Monica bounced up and down on him, slowly and gently at first. Jeff grunted as she did so, feeling the erotic sensation of her tight moist tunnel wrapped around his dick. He loved the feel of the action as he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her.

She alternated between straight up and down, and a more backward and forward motion. Both felt wonderful in their own way. It was clear she was no stranger to sex, despite being only fourteen years old. Then again, that was the age when Jeff lost his virginity to Rachael, so he couldn't exactly fault her for that.

He reached up and took hold of her breasts, squeezing them in his hand. She smiled and moaned at the contact. He had always had a fascination for boobs, and he had had plenty of opportunity to live out his fantasies lately.

They say that time flies when you're having fun, and Jeff was having a lot of fun. Before he knew it, the five minutes were up. He groaned in disappointment, and was surprised to hear a similar sound from Monica. Nevertheless, she climbed off of him, leaving him unsatisfied. He just hoped that she would dare the next girl to do something with him.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Monica spun the bottle, and it ended up at Tanya again.

"Geez, I can't even have a rest between my dares," Tanya complained.

"It's been over five minutes," her sister pointed out.

"Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?"

"As usual, I'm on the side of fun."

Tanya rolled her eyes. "Okay, Monica. What do I have to do?"

"I dare you to play with yourself until you have an orgasm," Monica grinned.

"I guess that's all right," she sighed. She lay down on the floor and spread her legs. Immediately she slipped her hands down there and started to finger herself.

She closed her eyes and relaxed, concentrating on the sensations of her fingers and blocking out everything else around her. She started out slow, rubbing up and down her slit and teasing the nub at the top.

Jeff was getting very excited. He loved to watch girls receiving sexual pleasures, no matter what the source. Kari and Crystal sometimes masturbated for him, but more often than not they ended up surrendering to their desires and having sex with either him or themselves, or usually both. Tanya, however, didn't have that luxury. She was going to climax just from her own fingers.

Already she was starting to moan. The look on her face could have indicated either pain or pleasure, but it was obvious which she was feeling. Her breathing grew heavier as she worked her fingers over her pussy.

Then she spread the outer lips with one hand while she shoved a couple of fingers from the other inside. She finger fucked herself right there in front of everyone, and Jeff was so turned on by the sight that he almost couldn't stand it.

After several minutes of auto stimulation, she began to gasp as her body bucked from the pleasure. She cried out in ecstasy, not even trying to hold back the climax.

Jeff almost climaxed himself just from the sight of it. He just had to get relief somehow. If one of the girls didn't do something to him soon, he was apt to attack someone.

Tanya opened her eyes and smiled at everyone. "What are you all staring at?" she joked. "Haven't you ever seen a girl play with herself before?"

The others laughed, and she sat back up and returned to her place in the circle. She spun the bottle, and it stopped this time at Kimmy.

"Okay, this is three times that it's stopped on me," she complained.

"Maybe it's some kind of cosmic justice for not being willing to get naughty," Crystal told her.

"And is it cosmic justice that every time I spin the bottle it stops on her?" Tanya asked. She was right of course. Tanya had spun it twice, and twice it had ended on Kimmy.

Crystal shrugged. It was all the luck of the game after all.

"So Kimmy," said Tanya. "I'm curious about something. So I'm going to turn this 'dare' into a 'truth' instead, okay?"

Kimmy looked at her for a second, a little uncertain. Then she made up her mind. "Okay," she said.

"I have a suspicion," Tanya said. "You aren't willing to do anything with Jeff, but you had no objections to getting dirty with me. That means one of two things: either you're a lesbian, or you have a boyfriend and don't want to cheat on him. I've never seen you so much as look at any of the boys at school before, but that could just mean that you have a secret lover."

"I'm not a lesbian, if that's what you're getting at," Kimmy insisted.

"I didn't think you were. You get your kicks out of watching a girl sexually fondling her own brother, which means that kind of stuff turns you on. If you were attracted to girls, you would have preferred to see me and Tammy go at it, but you said yourself that you were glad the bottle stopped at Brit a few minutes ago, so that she could fulfill your fantasy. Not me, not Tammy. In fact, you weren't any more excited to see Crystal suck Kari's boobs than the rest of us were."

"So what's wrong with a harmless little fantasy?"

"Nothing, but add it all up and it paints an interesting picture. You denied being a lesbian, so that means you have a boyfriend in secret. You're also turned on by incest. You have no brothers to get involved with, which leaves only one possibility. So my question is this: are you and your dad lovers?"

Kimmy's eyes grew wide, and her face went red. Everyone stared at her in shock. Jeff could see how uncomfortable she was, and knew the answer before she even gave it.

Sheepishly, Kimmy nodded.

"Oh my god, really?" asked Crystal.

The girl glanced around nervously at the others. "Do you promise not to tell?" she asked.

"Nothing we say or do here leaves this room," Crystal swore. "Does everyone agree?"

The rest of the girls nodded.

"Okay," said Kimmy. "My daddy and I have been making love ever since I moved in with him."

"Well, you've just single-handedly crushed the fantasies of just about every girl in this room," said Tammy. "We're all jealous."

"That certainly goes for me," Monica added. "If he were my dad, you can bet I'd be having sex with him too."

"So it doesn't bother you guys?" asked Kimmy hopefully.

"I for one think it's great," Kari reassured her. "When I was in his class a few years ago, I thought he was a wonderful guy. And you've all seen that I don't have a problem doing naughty things with members of my family."

"What about you, Jeff?" asked Kimmy.

He shrugged. "I think if it makes you happy and it makes him happy, then there's nothing wrong with it."

"So you have no problem with close family members getting together then? Like a brother and sister?" Brit asked him in a teasing voice. Jeff glanced over at her and saw the grin on her face, and he immediately grew as red as Kimmy.

"I didn't mean..." he stammered.

"Oh come on, Jeff," she continued to tease. "You can't have it both ways. You can't say on one hand that it's okay for Kimmy to have sex with her father, but on the other hand it's not okay for you to--"

"Brit!" he exclaimed.

All the girls broke down laughing, including Kimmy.

"I'm just kidding, Jeff," Brit told him. "You know me. I love to tease you."

After that, Kimmy didn't look so nervous any more, now that she had gotten her relationship with her father out in the open. Jeff had been momentarily shocked when he first learned about it, but now that he had time to think about it, he found that he wasn't bothered by the idea of a daughter making love to her father. He had been taught to believe that sex between close family members was wrong, but now he didn't really feel that that was the case. Allison and Rachael, Kari and Crystal, and now Kimmy and Mr. Nelson were showing him that it wasn't as uncommon as he had thought. Even his older sister had had a relationship with their father.

That still bothered him a little, but really that was only because it upset his view about his dad. He had always thought of Greg as a stern, strict, sometimes humorless person who was set in his ways and unwilling to compromise. Now he knew that part of that was just a fa?e, a respectable front that hid his unnatural desires.

With Lissa it was a little less shocking, because Jeff himself had fooled around with her a little, so he knew she wasn't entirely opposed to the idea of incest. Now even little Brit was showing a tolerance, if not acceptance, for inappropriate contact with her brother.

Now it was Kimmy's turn to spin the bottle again. She did so, and it stopped on Crystal.

"Shall I do another sexy dance for Jeff?" she asked.

"No," Kimmy replied. "I want to see more incest stuff. And it looks like Kari doesn't mind getting busy with you. So I want you to do a sixty-nine with her for one minute."

That surprised Jeff. He had always thought of Kimmy as a little shy; he figured she wouldn't even know what a sixty-nine was in the first place. Apparently she was less na? than he thought.

"What does sixty-nine mean?" asked Brit. Jeff chuckled, mostly at the timing.

"What?" Brit demanded. "It was a legitimate question."

"You're right, and I'm sorry," he said. "A sixty-nine is a sexual position... well... if you write out the number, then look at the position of the digits, you'll see."

Brit thought about it for a second. Then her eyes grew wide. "Oh," she said. "I get it."

Kari laughed. "Come here, Crystal. Let's show these girls what real lesbian sex is."

She stood and climbed onto the bed. Since she was half undressed already, she just had to pull down her pajama bottoms and panties and discard them on the floor. She lay back and spread her legs.

Crystal climbed on top of her, facing the opposite direction. She lowered her body until it rested on top of her big sister's, their faces in each other's cunts. Both girls immediately started in on licking each other.

Brit scooted in close to Jeff, then put her mouth up next to his ear. "I've got to try that with Crystal," she whispered. His cock jumped at the thought of it, and she giggled.

Kari and Crystal were really getting into it. They tongued each other wantonly, driving themselves into a sexual frenzy. Both of their bodies writhed and thrusted as they attacked each other's pussies.

The end of the minute came quickly, though. Kimmy called the time, and with great reluctance, Crystal climbed off of her big sister. They both hopped off of the bed and sat down again.

"Was it as good as you had hoped?" Kari asked Kimmy, who just shrugged.

Now Crystal spun the bottle. This time the bottle stopped at Brit. A wicked grin spread across Crystal's face.

"What?" asked Brit, her eyes growing wide.

"I dare you to have sex with your brother," Crystal told her.

Brit stood up and approached Jeff.

"Wait," he said. "I'm sorry, but this is where I draw the line."

"Oh come on!" Kari said. "Don't spoil our fun."

"I'm serious, Kari," he said sternly. "She's my sister, and I could never do that to her. Crystal, change your dare."

"I don't mind," Brit told him.

"I do. Crystal, change your dare."

"Oh, all right," Crystal conceded. "Brit, I dare you to lick my pussy until I climax."

"Okay," Brit grinned enthusiastically.

Jeff stared with growing excitement. He had seen Crystal eat out Brit before, but never the other way around. In some ways it was hard to accept that his little sister was a lesbian. On the other hand, watching her engaging in such acts with Crystal made him horny beyond belief.

"Well, somebody have sex with me," he said in exasperation, despite having just turned down Brit just a moment before. After fucking with Monica, he just had to get relief somehow. When Crystal had told Brit to do it, he had been so tempted to let her. Only his love for her kept him from giving in to his desires.

All at once, he was hit by several girls who jumped on top of him. He hadn't expected them all to take him up on his offer, but apparently most of them did. Crystal and Brit, of course, were occupied with each other, but Kari, Monica, and the Dover twins both pounced on him. Kimmy, of course, sat back and just giggled at the show in front of her.

As Brit went down on her best friend, Jeff wrestled with the girls, who all rubbed their bodies up against him and tried to maneuver themselves onto his cock. He fought them off half-heartedly, really more interested in losing than winning.

In the end, Tanya won out. She somehow pushed the other girls away, wrapped her legs around his waist, and shoved herself down hard onto his cock. Since she had so recently fingered herself, her body was already warmed up.

She bounced up and down on him furiously, driving him into a frenzy. The other girls, realizing they were defeated, let him go. At least, Kari and Monica did. Tammy, on the other hand, straddled his stomach, sitting down on him and leaning back against her twin.

"Play with my boobs," she told Tanya, who giggled then reached around and took the girl's tits in her hands.

Jeff stared in excitement. Here he was, in a threesome with a couple of twins! Things were just getting better and better for him. He had thought he was lucky a couple of weeks ago when he was seduced by almost the entire volleyball team, but this was just as good, if not better.

Across the room, Brit was working her magic on her best friend. It was the first time he had seen his little sister actually pleasure another girl, and he felt a thrill at the sight. Brit seemed to enjoy it immensely, and he was happy for her. He still felt a little jealous, but it was all for the best after all.

Jeff was the first to reach orgasm, because he had been on the verge for a long time. His climax touched off Tanya's, and Crystal followed not far behind. He collapsed in a tired heap, a smile of satisfaction on his face. Crystal looked to be in a similar state, her hair disheveled, her face flushed, and a delirious grin on her lips.

He was overjoyed at what had happened to him. Although it was Crystal's birthday, it was a night he would remember for the rest of his life.

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i loved every chapter up til you turned Brit into a lesbian. after that im just kind of like, "fuck it". im tired of the lesbian crap. i have skipped through the last 3 chapters just skimming over a few paragraphs because of the nonsense. Kari started out innocent and in to sex at least a little. now she's a sex maniac. Krystal was great then she turned into a lesbian whore. come on now. they could have been a bit less than that.

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2011-03-19 23:48:09
A.P.:...... FINALLY U SEE THE LIGHT (at least partially) anyways Daddy please keep itup and write more stories! your ma favorite auhor on the site!

-The Fan

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2011-02-15 02:03:47

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2010-06-02 00:19:55
I have been almost more entertained by the comments over the past few chapters than by the stories. The ongoing debate over the sexual orientation fails to acknowledge a glaring gap: the bisexuality in this story goes only one way. In fact, unless I am quite mistaken, the oral servicing - even among heterosexuals - goes only one way. Jeff is characterized as a great lover, who can't seem to get a girl off without several other girls on hand to assist in the conquest of the lucky young lady. Has our dashing Casanova gone down on anything, male or female, in the past 56 chapters? Maybe once or twice, if that. The point is that I can't recall. And that's a shame.

Funny, also, how the heterosexuals are supposed to be open to new experiences, and feel okay about experimenting with the bisexual lifestyle. Yet the bona fide lesbians, like Sandy, Meg, and Gwen, are revolted by the male form.

I know. Too much analysis. Fine. This chapter is a Sapphic masterpiece.


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2009-07-14 08:27:38
Brit & Crystal are not lesbians,they' are bi-sexuals, crystal has fucked Jeff and Brit wants to fuck Jeff, that makes them bi-sexual.

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