Jeff plays a joke at Crystal's 14th birthday party.
Chapter 55
Crashing the Party

Brit, Crystal, and Kari had some decisions to make. After playtime was over, they sat on the couch in the front room, discussing what the future had in store for them.

The first and foremost thing on their mind was the status of Brit's and Crystal's relationship, or more accurately, how much of it they were willing to admit openly. Crystal was all for announcing to the whole world that the two of them were lesbian lovers, but Brit knew that that would have some serious consequences. One of the biggest things on her mind was what her father's reaction would be. She wanted to be brave for her girlfriend's sake, but she also knew that he was liable to overreact. In all honesty, he would probably pull her out of school and enroll her in a private school where she would never see Crystal again.

In the end, they decided to keep their love secret, not out of shame but out of fear of the consequences of making it public.

With that out of the way, they got down to the business of how to get Brit to seduce Jeff.

"I've got an idea," Crystal suggested. "Admit to him that you're in love with me."

"What? But I can't do that to him!" said Brit. "That would hurt him so much!"

"I doubt it," Crystal laughed. "Look, you're going to have to tell him sooner or later if we're going to make this work. I can think of two possible reactions he might have. First, jealousy. This is the old 'make the guy you're interested in jealous' trick. Pretty standard stuff. He realizes he's in danger of losing you, and begs you to accept his love."

"What's the other possible reaction?"

"That he'll be so turned on by the thought of you getting naughty with another girl that he'll take you right there and fuck your brains out."

Brit giggled. "Ooh, I hope it's the second one," she said.


Jeff was upstairs in his room playing computer games with Allison when Brit returned home that evening. Allison said she had to go make dinner, so asked if Brit wouldn't mind taking her place. Surprisingly, she agreed. Jeff had never seen his little sister take even the slightest interest in computer games before, but now she seemed to enjoy it.

He had a sneaking suspicion that the only reason she did so was to spend time with him. Lately she had been so affectionate with him, he wondered just how deep her feelings ran.

He went easy on her, but still managed to beat her every single game. A few weeks ago that might have caused her to give up in disgust, but now she simply laughed at her own lack of skill.

She did, however, "accidentally" bump him as he was about to cross the finish line ahead of her in a racing game, causing his on-screen vehicle to careen out of control and crash into the side of the course. In retaliation he grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. Laughing, they wrestled around on the floor, forgetting all about the game. Jeff ended up on top of her, pinning her hands down just above her shoulders.

He gazed into her eyes for a few seconds as she smiled up at him with an expression that was at once playful, childlike, trusting, and affectionate. In his younger days, he would have taken this opportunity to torment her, but now he found that he couldn't do it. He simply released her.

"Aren't you going to make me say the words?" she grinned.

"Um... no," he replied.

"Oh, you're no fun," she pouted.

"Okay, fine. Say the words," he ordered, grabbing her hands and pinning them down again.

She grinned. "Now I'm completely at your mercy," she said. "You can do anything you want to me, and I can't stop you. My body is yours to play with."

The last time he had made her say those words was the first day Kari had come to the house for math lessons, over a year ago. It used to be a regular occurrence when they were growing up, when Jeff had that sadistic streak when it came to his little sister. When she had been a child, the words were merely degrading. Now, however, they took on a much less innocent tone, bringing to mind images of just how he might play with her body.

He immediately got off of her, not liking where that train of thought was headed. He loved her too much to do anything like that to her.

Brit sat up, then threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She leaned in and whispered into his ear, "This time I meant it." Then, leaving him bewildered, she hopped up and left the room to head downstairs for dinner.

During the meal, Brit brought up Crystal's birthday party in a week, and Greg said it was perfectly fine for her to stay the night on Friday. Jeff offered to drive her over; he had a date with Kari that night. Unfortunately, Greg insisted he not drive until the doctor cleared him. The next appointment was only another week and a half after the slumber party, but Greg refused to budge.

It really didn't matter, though. Kari could come pick up the two of them and drop off Brit before the date. As long as she drove, Greg had no problem with him going out with her.

That night, Jeff lay nude in bed awaiting his little sister. Just like she had said, every night after Greg and Allison had gone to sleep, she crept into his room through the bathroom and climbed into bed with him.

Tonight was no exception. She appeared in the bathroom doorway, and although the lights were turned out, he could tell that she wore no clothes. No matter how many times he saw her like that, she never failed to cause an erection. She had been very understanding about it all, thankfully not commenting on it.

He thought back to her words previously in the evening. This time I meant it, she had told him. Was that an invitation? With the way she had been acting toward him these past few weeks, he could take it as nothing else. He wanted so much to take her up on that offer. Despite the forbidden nature of his feelings, he had to concede that they were more than just affection between a brother and sister.

Brit slipped under the covers with him and lay her head down on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, loving the feel of her naked body against his own.

Brit was so beautiful, so absolutely divine. He had been unsure of his feelings for her before, but lately everything seemed much clearer. He could no longer deny that he was in love with her. One of these days he would have to let her know how he felt about her. The problem was that he knew it was wrong, knew that if he admitted it to her, she would probably expect to act on it, and that could only lead to disaster.

He had to tell her. He opened his mouth and took a deep breath to prepare himself.

She spoke first. "Jeff," she said.

"Yes, Brit," he replied, then silently let out the breath he had taken.

"I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"Well... it's something wonderful, but... I'm afraid of how you might take it."

"It's okay, Brit. You don't have to tell me if you don't want."

"But I have to tell somebody, and you're the only one I trust enough."

"What about Dad?"

"Oh, I couldn't tell him!" she exclaimed. "He wouldn't understand."

"So what's this big secret?" he asked with a smile.

"Okay, here goes. Jeff, I'm in love." she began.

As soon as she said those words, he knew that his happiness was complete. Until now he had wondered about her feelings toward him. She had flirted with him, even fooled around a little, but he had never been sure that it wasn't just a new form of teasing. Now that she was baring her heart to him, how could he do any less? He would confess his love for her too, and all would be well.

"So who's the lucky guy?" he smiled, teasing her. He wanted to hear it from her own lips.

She looked away. "I..." she stammered. "I want you to promise me something before I tell you."

"Anything for my little sister."

"Promise me you won't be mad. Promise me you'll always love me, no matter what I say."

"Of course I'll always love you, Brit. You don't need a promise, because there's no chance that my love for you will ever change."

"Promise me anyway."

"Okay. I promise I'll always love you, Brit. And I won't be mad. So tell me who you're in love with."

"I'm in love..." she said, then took a deep breath, "...with Crystal."

"You what?" he exclaimed.

Her eyes filled with tears as she trembled. "I'm sorry, Jeff!" she stammered. "Please don't be mad at me. I don't want you to think I'm disgusting or a horrible person, but I can't deny my feelings."

Jeff was stunned. Brit, who had only recently learned about lesbians, was one herself! His little sister was involved with another girl. He couldn't believe it!

And then the full import of her words hit him. If she was a lesbian, then all those things she had done with him weren't as naughty as they had seemed. It was all just innocent play between brother and sister. A little teasing, a little flirting even, and of course devotion to him because he was still her hero. But she didn't love him in the same way he loved her.

She didn't mind being naked with him because to her it was nothing sexual. Those kisses, no matter how tender or passionate, were just practice, like she claimed. And although she had even offered to have sex with him, it was only out of a sense of duty or obligation.

Rarely did Jeff get jealous, but right now he hated Crystal. The girl had seduced his sister away from him! It wasn't fair.

But then, wasn't this all for the better? Jeff shouldn't be lusting after his own sister. Maybe it was best that Brit fall in love with someone outside of the family, even if it was another girl. All he wanted was for Brit to be happy. If Crystal was the one to make her happy, well then, Jeff wouldn't stand in their way.

"It's okay," he told her with a smile.

"Really?" she asked.

He kissed her on the forehead. "Crystal's really a lucky girl."

"You mean it doesn't bother you that she and I are... well... lovers?"

"I suppose it bothers me a little bit, but not enough to make me angry. You just surprised me, that's all."

"Yeah, it came as a surprise to me too. I think it started that day when we had the volleyball team over. When we took a shower together, she kissed me. And then afterward, when she... you know... that was the most wonderful thing I've ever felt. And then today when I was at her house we took all our clothes off and made love to each other. Oh Jeff, she's so beautiful, and wonderful, and..."

"Tasty?" he asked with a grin. Brit giggled.

"Yeah, tasty," she replied.

"I know," he told her. "Remember, I've made love to her too."

"So she really is a lucky girl, to have both of us."

"Both of us?" he asked. "But..."

"Jeff, I know how she feels about you, and I wouldn't take her away from you. It's all right with me if we share her."

That seemed like a perfectly acceptable plan, if Crystal were to go along with it. And why shouldn't she? She would have two sexual partners. Three, actually, because she would still have Kari.

Now was a good time to bring up his other questions. "Brit, can I ask you something?" he said. "I hope you won't take it the wrong way."

"Go ahead."

"These past few weeks, you and I have... well... we've done a few things that aren't appropriate for brothers and sisters to do. I was beginning to think that... well..."

"Oh, Jeff, I'm sorry. I didn't know you thought of me like that. I'm sorry if I made you jealous."

"Jealous? Well... I... Maybe just a little."

"So you really do think of me like that?" she asked. "I mean, more as a lover than as a sister?"

"I don't know what to think. There have been times that I've been really attracted to you, like boyfriend and girlfriend. Then there are other times when I just want to hug you and hold you and keep you safe. I still sometimes think of you as a little girl, but then also... Oh, I don't know. I just want you to be happy."

"Jeff, tell me straight. Are you in love with me?"

Jeff stared at her for a minute. Maybe now wasn't the time for confession after all. If he admitted it, it would hurt her to know of his unrequited love, a love that she didn't return. But how could he be anything less than honest with her when she asked him so sincerely?

"I thought I was," he admitted. "But now I'm not so sure."

"Jeff, you're so wonderful," she told him, throwing her arms around him. "You've always been there to look after me, and even when I tell you I'm in love with someone else, you simply wish me happiness. Are you really willing to give me up, just like that?"

"Brit, you and I can never be together, you understand? I will always love you, but it will have to be only as a brother."

"But I--"

"Just hear me out. I've been falling in love with you these past few weeks. I can no longer deny that. And now you've found someone else, so I'm a little hurt. But it's actually the best thing to happen to us, because we no longer have to worry about making a big mistake."

"But Jeff, I won't go on with Crystal if it will hurt you. Remember what I said? I belong to you. If you're really falling in love with me, then I want to do everything I can to make you happy. Tell me to give up Crystal, and I will. Tell me you want me to be your girlfriend, and I will. I'll be anything you want. If you... if you want to have sex with me, I'll do that too."


"I'm serious, Jeff. I'll be your sex slave it that's what you want. And I'll enjoy every minute of it because I know it's making you happy."

"Don't say things like that, Brit. I'm your brother."

"And you're my hero. You saved my life, so you've earned the right to do anything you want to me."

"We already talked about this. You shouldn't feel obligated to do anything for me. I can only be truly happy if you're happy, and I'm not the one who can give that to you. You have Crystal, and I have Kari, and we'll just have to be content with that."

"But... I don't want..."

"What?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said. "You really think we should just give each other up?"

"No. I think we should continue to love each other, but just as brother and sister. We need to keep our romantic love separate, okay? Now that we both have girlfriends, there shouldn't be any reason for us to be attracted to each other."

Brit stared up at him with tears in her eyes. He wondered what that meant. Now she was giving him mixed signals. Didn't she already say she was in love with Crystal? So why should she be sad that he was rejecting her? He had thought he had it all figured out, but now he was even more confused than before.

She lay her head down once more on his chest, and he could feel the moisture from those tears. Guilt swept through him; he never liked to see her cry, especially if it was his fault. But no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn't figure out what he had said that might have caused her pain.

He lay awake a long time after she had fallen asleep, troubled and disturbed by what had happened between them that night.


Brit went over to visit Crystal again the next day, giving him no time to talk to her about it. She knew she had screwed it all up, and despite wanting to make it right with him, she feared making it worse. She had to talk to Crystal again to get her advice.

Crystal's dad was home this time, so there was no chance for another lesbian encounter, but that was all right; mainly she just wanted to talk to her friend.

"So how did it go with Jeff?" Crystal asked as soon as they entered her room and closed the door.

"It backfired," mumbled Brit.


"Jeff is really the sweetest boy in the whole world. When I told him I was in love with you, I could see it hurt him, but... well, he said he was willing to give me up to make me happy."

"Oh, Brit, I'm so sorry! I thought for sure this would work."

"I know."

"Well, I wouldn't worry about it. It's not a disaster; it just means we have to be a little more patient. We'll keep working on him, I promise."

"But what am I supposed to do now?"

"Just act like you've been acting already, just to keep things going. Then the next time we have a chance to be alone with him, I think we should give him a little demonstration."

"But we already did last week, and it didn't work."

"Yeah, but we had the whole high school volleyball team watching. He wasn't about to do anything with them there. On the other hand, if it's just us, and maybe Kari too..."

Brit grinned, feeling much better about things now. Maybe it would all work out in the end after all.

Just then, Kari knocked on the door. She opened it and stuck her head in. "Brit, can I talk to you for a minute in my room?"

"Sure," said Brit, then hopped up and followed the older girl down the hall. Kari closed the door behind her.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" asked Brit.

Kari smiled. "I'm sure Crystal already invited you to her slumber party for her birthday on Friday, right?"

"Yes she did, and I promised I'd come."

"Well, the reason I wanted to talk to you," said Kari, her face suddenly screwing up into a mischievous grin, "is because I want to play a joke on her, and I want you to get the message out to all of the girls she invites."

"It's not going to be mean, is it?"

"No," said Kari. "I guarantee you she'll like this one."

"Then let's do it," Brit grinned.


Jeff took her aside to talk with her after she got home that day. He said he thought maybe something he had said last night offended her, and he wanted to apologize. She could tell he was sincere, so she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're so sweet, Jeff," she said. "But don't worry. It's all right, as long as I know you love me."

"I do love you," he replied, relief on his face. "Are you sure you're not mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at you, Jeff. You're still the best brother in the whole world."

He smiled and hugged her, and suddenly everything was fine between them again.

She then explained the joke they were going to play on Crystal, since he was going to play a key part. Jeff readily agreed when he heard the plan. Like Brit, when he first heard that it was going to be a joke at Crystal's expense he was a little wary, but then when he heard the details, he was more than enthusiastic. It meant he would be there for the party, and with luck it might turn out like the volleyball practice a couple of weeks ago, only with Crystal's friends instead of Kari's. He had met most of them before, and found them quite sexy. Being surrounded by a group of thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls, especially in the condition that the joke would put him in, sounded like a lot of fun. He couldn't wait to do it.

With something like that to look forward to, the week seemed to drag on. At least Kari came over almost every day to spend time with him. He asked her about Crystal's and Brit's relationship, and she confirmed that they indeed had decided to be lovers. He still wasn't entirely comfortable with it, but agreed with her that they needed to be supportive of their little sisters.

They also got together with Brit and planned out the details of the joke that they would play on Crystal. It really wasn't all that elaborate, but they needed to make sure everything was coordinated.

On Friday after school, Kari drove Jeff, Brit, and Crystal to the Williams home. Kari had told Crystal that Jeff and she were planning to go out on a date later that evening, but that was all a cover for the joke they would play on Crystal.

Allen Williams came home briefly, and they all ate dinner together. He had a faculty meeting later that would keep him out late. Fortunately, Crystal's birthday wasn't until Saturday, so he wouldn't have to miss it.

The girls began to arrive after dinner. First to arrive were Tammy and Tanya, the Dover twins. Monica Matheson came next, followed by Kimmy Nelson, the only girl Jeff hadn't met already. He had heard Brit talk about her before, though. She was the daughter of Brit's home room teacher, Mr. Nelson, and had come to live with him the previous summer after her mother passed away. She was just the way Brit had described her: cute, but shy.

At eight, Jeff and Kari said goodbye to the girls and left the house. Kari had to drive, because Jeff still wasn't allowed until the doctor's appointment. Both wearing mischievous grins on their faces, they drove around aimlessly for fifteen minutes, then returned to the house. They parked down the street so that Crystal wouldn't hear the car pull into the driveway, then silently headed back up the street to the front door. Kari unlocked the door, then very carefully opened it and peeked in. Upon seeing nobody in the front room, she motioned for Jeff to join her.

They quietly crept up the stairs. From Crystal's bedroom, they could hear the sounds of the girls as they talked and joked with each other. Her door was closed; Brit would have made sure of that. As silently as they could, Jeff and Kari slipped into Kari's room. They stripped off all of their clothes, then Kari put on her pajamas. Jeff remained undressed. Then they opened the door and crept out into the hall.

Kari put her ear to the door of Crystal's bedroom. Even he could hear the giggles of the girls in the room; they were obviously having plenty of fun. The grin on Kari's face suggested that she found the whole thing amusing.

Of course, this whole thing was her plan for the joke they would play on Crystal. All of the other girls were in on it; they had readily agreed when Brit had told them that they would get to see Jeff nude.

With everyone supposedly out of the house but her friends, it gave Crystal plenty of time to have fun with them. Of course, Crystal wasn't aware of just how much fun they were about to have.

"They're starting the game," Kari mouthed. Jeff knew exactly what game that was; it was the lead-up to the joke. Each of the girls had brought a sample of their favorite food in a paper bag. They blindfolded Crystal, then fed her samples one at a time, and she had to guess whose favorite food it was.

The thought of what was about to happen had its effect on him, and his cock immediately stiffened. That was all right; in fact, it was a necessary part of the trick.

He waited a few more minutes as Kari continued to listen, occasionally snickering quietly as someone on the other side of the door said something funny. After several minutes of agonizing anticipation, Kari indicated that it was time. Very slowly and carefully so as not to make a noise, she opened the door.

Jeff took a deep breath and stepped into the room. All of the girls stared in delight at his naked body, especially his engorged cock. Some of them even giggled, though they immediately threw their hands over their mouths, not wanting to reveal the secret. They had all known he was going to do this, but most of them probably had never seen a naked boy before. Jeff felt a kind of exhibitionistic pleasure at being nude in front of all of these young teenage girls, seeing the lust on their faces as they looked at him.

They were all dressed in their pajamas, which he found very sexy. Brit and Crystal both wore tank tops and panties, Kimmy wore an oversized tee-shirt, Monica had more traditional button-down pajamas, and the Dover twins had matching tee-shirts and shorts.

Crystal sat, kneeling on the floor with a blindfold covering her eyes and her mouth open, waiting for the next round of the game.

"Now here's the last food," Brit told her. "This one's an easy one. I think you'll know exactly whose favorite this is as soon as you taste it." The corners of Crystal's mouth turned up in a grin in anticipation.

Jeff stepped in front of her, his feet on either side of her knees. He pointed his cock at her mouth and slipped it inside.

Her mouth closed on it momentarily, then as soon as she realized what it was, she began to laugh around it. All of the girls broke down into cheers and giggles. Crystal took a few sucks on it, then pulled her mouth off. "I know that taste," she grinned. "That's Jeff Primdale's dick! And that means it's Kari's favorite food."

The girls cheered again.

"You win!" Brit exclaimed. Crystal immediately stripped off her blindfold, then returned her mouth to his cock and began to suck again.

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