Crystal and Kari seduce Brit.
Chapter 54
Brit's Lovers

The three girls dried themselves off, then headed across to Crystal's room. Brit shuddered with anticipation, knowing what awaited her. She knew Crystal wouldn't do anything to her that Brit didn't want; if she protested enough Crystal would undoubtedly call off the game rather than risk their friendship. That was why Brit decided to keep going along with it. She knew she could quit at any time.

But these newly awakening feelings inside of her wanted to continue, wanted to explore this new world, with Crystal there to lead her along the way. It was the safest way to experience this change in herself. If she didn't like it, she could at least rationalize that she had no choice in the matter, that she had to obey Crystal's commands. But if she did like it, it could turn out to be a wonderful experience.

"Lie down on the bed, slave," Crystal ordered, and Brit meekly complied. She couldn't keep the grin off of her face as she did so, slightly embarrassed but also incredibly aroused by what was coming up.

Kari handed something to Crystal, who immediately held it up with a grin. It was the spool of nylon cord that they had used on her before the bath. Brit knew what that meant; the three of them were going to do a little bondage, and she would be the victim.

If Crystal expected a reaction out of her slave, she was in for a disappointment. It wasn't the first time Brit had been tied to a bed before. Jeff used to do it to her all the time. In the last few years he had stopped doing it, but it seemed like he had done it about every other week when they were younger and he was so much bigger than her.

"Now spread your arms and legs," Crystal demanded. Brit did so, obediently pointing all four of her limbs toward the bedposts. It was such a naughty position, an openness that suggested an invitation to explore her body.

Kari grabbed a pair of scissors from a pencil holder on Crystal's desk and cut four lengths of cord from the spool. Then the two sisters set to work binding their little captive. Brit giggled as they did so, unable to hide the fact that she enjoyed this game every bit as much as her captors did.

Once she was securely fastened, Crystal climbed onto the bed and lay down next to her. She leaned over and kissed Brit deeply on the lips, pressing her tongue inside her mouth. Brit closed her eyes and accepted it, really starting to enjoy herself.

Crystal pulled back, to Brit's disappointment. "You have the most luscious lips in the whole world," said Crystal. "They're just made for kissing. It's almost a shame to have to cover them up."

"Cover them up, Mistress?" asked Brit.

Crystal hopped off the bed and grabbed a large handkerchief from her dresser. "I'm afraid we're going to have to gag you," she said.

That was something Jeff had never done. Despite being horrible to her sometimes, he had drawn the line at covering her mouth and thereby taking away her ability to tell him to stop. Even back in the days when he used to torment her, he had at least made sure she had a way out.

The thought of being completely helpless and at the mercy of her friends, rather than frightening her, only served to heighten her arousal. For some reason that even she couldn't fully explain, she wanted to feel helpless. It was an ironic kind of freedom, to be able to let go of all of her guilt and know that everything that happened to her was not her fault. Only by surrendering herself completely to the whims of her captors could she allow herself to enjoy it without hesitation, because it would not be her who was causing it to happen, but someone else.

Crystal gagged her with a handkerchief that she retrieved from a drawer in the dresser, lifting her head long enough to tie a knot in the back. She asked if Brit was okay, and Brit nodded.

"She looks so cute all tied up like that," said Kari. "Maybe we should get out some toys to use on her."

"I don't think we have any of that kind of toy in the house," Crystal giggled.

"No, but I know of something just as good. I'll be back in a minute."

Kari slipped out the door, leaving the two younger girls alone together. Crystal climbed onto the bed again, this time reaching out and running her finger lightly over Brit's stomach, just under the ribs. Brit squealed and laughed; it tickled like crazy! Her wide open position seemed to enhance the sensation.

Kari returned a moment later with her hands behind her back and a mischievous grin on her face. "I've got something we can play with," she said.

"What is it?" asked Crystal with excitement.

Kari held out a cucumber that she had taken from the refrigerator. It was a small one, not much bigger around than Jeff's cock. Brit's eyes grew wide as she realized what they were going to do with it.

"Ooh!" Crystal squealed with anticipation, a broad grin on her face.

"You like that, don't you, little sister?" Kari grinned.

"I sure do."

Kari opened her mouth and licked the cucumber from one end to another. Then she slid it into her mouth, taking it to the back of her throat. She held it there for a second, then withdrew it.

"Jeff loves it when I do that to his cucumber," she grinned. "But I think this would be of much better use on our slave, wouldn't it?"

Brit shook her head, unable to speak through the gag.

"Don't worry," Crystal told her. "I'll warm you up first. And once it's inside, you'll thank us." She leaned down and began to lick Brit all over her thirteen-year-old cunt.

Brit gasped at the contact. Crystal certainly knew how to use her mouth! Despite her squeamishness at the thought of being pleasured by a girl and the anticipation of the cucumber inside of her, she couldn't help but get aroused. The girls' hands on her earlier had already done much to awaken her sexuality, and Crystal's tongue took it to the next level. She felt her body squirming reflexively, rising to meet her friend's mouth, and an involuntary groan escaped her lips.

"See? I knew you would like it," Crystal grinned, taking a momentary break from her ministrations. Then she lowered her mouth once again.

When Crystal spread her puffy outer lips with her fingers, Brit gasped. She was still learning about masturbation, still just rubbing herself, sometimes to orgasm. After that first time on Jeff's lap, she found it came much more naturally. This feeling was something new. Crystal was pulling her apart, opening her up to expose parts of her to the pleasure that she hadn't thought much about before. When the girl leaned down and actually stuck her tongue inside, Brit nearly lost it. It was the most exquisite feeling in the world.

Was this the same feeling as having a cock stuck inside of her? No, she realized that Crystal's tongue couldn't penetrate her nearly as deep, which meant real sex would be deeper and probably more intense. If so, she couldn't wait until her brother finally got around to having sex with her.

She let out a long, loud groan at that thought. Crystal giggled. "See, Brit?" she asked. "Remember what I told you about getting loosened up for the fucking? Whether you want to or not, your body's getting ready for it. I could go on like this forever, but I don't want you to cum until you've got that thing buried to the hilt inside of you."

"My turn," Kari said, then lay down next to Brit. She took a few licks at her clit, causing her to shudder, then brought the cucumber up and began to rub it against the slit. Brit continued to groan, especially as the bumps on the vegetable rubbed against her clitoris. That little extra stimulation was enough to shoot the pleasure up several degrees. By now she was groaning in ecstasy, waiting in eager anticipation for the needed release.

"Here comes the fun part," Kari grinned. She lowered the cucumber until the tip just touched the entrance to Britney's slit. Crystal reached up again and spread her lips.

Brit suddenly realized what was about to happen. She had been so caught up in the pleasure while Crystal and Kari had pleasured her that she had forgotten about the cucumber, but here it was again. But no! She couldn't let it happen! Jeff was supposed to be the first one to enter her like that!

As Kari pressed the end against her opening, she realized with horror that there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was bound and helpless, and couldn't even beg them not to do it. The thought that she was about to lose her virginity like that was too much for her, and she broke down into tears.

"Kari, wait!" Crystal suddenly exclaimed. Her big sister stopped, and both girls stared at the tears running down Brit's face. Kari withdrew the vegetable, and Crystal hurried and untied the gag, her own face reflecting worry and fear.

"Please..." Brit sobbed. "I don't want to lose my virginity that way."

"Oh my god," Kari gasped. "I'm so sorry, Brit. I didn't mean... I just wasn't thinking."

Crystal lay down next to Brit and kissed her on the cheek. "Do you want to stop now?" she asked. "Maybe we should end this game. You don't have to be my slave any more."

Brit turned her head to look at her friend. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breaths came in sobs, but now that the danger had passed, her panic was subsiding. Crystal was so sweet, coming to her rescue like that. And even the look on Kari's face showed how sorry she was that it had almost gotten out of hand.

"It's okay," Brit sighed. "We can keep playing. Just don't put anything inside me. And don't put the gag back on me."

Kari lay down on her opposite side. "You're a brave girl, Brit," she said tenderly, reaching up to stroke her cheek and wipe away the tears. "It's really all right if we continue?"

Brit nodded, even managing a smile on her face.

"Tell you what," Crystal suggested. "Let's let you rest for a minute. Kari, I don't mind if you shove it up inside me."

"All in good time," grinned Kari. "Weren't you paying attention to your own lecture? You need to get loosened up first. I wonder what would be the best way."

Crystal glanced down at her friend. "Brit," she said. "You know what I'm going to ask you, but I won't do anything that you don't want. Are you up for it?"

Brit smiled. "Yes, Mistress," she said.

That was all the encouragement Crystal needed; they were completely back in the game again. "Okay, slave," she said. "It's time to service your mistress." She raised her body up over Brit's, moving forward on the bed until her chest was level with Brit's head.

"Open your mouth," Crystal told her. Brit did so obediently. Crystal lowered her chest, aiming one of her tits directly at Brit's mouth. Brit realized what she was about to do, but rather than disgusting her, it thrilled her.

Crystal's breast touched her lips, the nipple slipping inside.

"Now suck!" Crystal ordered.

Brit closed her mouth around the nipple and began to suck on it. It was the first time she had ever had a girl's boob in her mouth, unless one counted breastfeeding as a baby. The nipple was already hard from previous stimulation, which for some reason, Brit found incredibly arousing.

This is it, Brit thought. I'm now a lesbian. That thought would have filled her with horror or disgust only a few short weeks ago, but now it felt so wonderful. She wondered how long Crystal had been fantasizing about this moment. How long had she wanted to seduce her? Maybe since that camping trip, maybe before. Maybe Crystal had been planning it ever since the two girls had met.

She loved the feel of the nipple moving around in her mouth as she sucked on it and teased it with her tongue. She loved the little shudders running through Crystal's body, and knowing that they were from pleasure that Brit was giving to her. She wanted to take that pleasure to the extreme, to make Crystal scream in ecstasy. What a delight that would be!

Crystal moved her body to the side and the nipple slipped out of Brit's mouth. But immediately the other one came into reach, and Brit eagerly sucked it into her mouth.

"Look at that!" Kari grinned. "I think she's enjoying this as much as you are, Crystal."

Brit realized it was true. It thrilled her to be doing this to a girl, especially one she cared about as much as Crystal. They had been the best of friends, and now they were taking that friendship to new heights. Right now, all that Brit wanted in the whole world was to make Crystal feel good.

Her eyes happened to glance up at Crystal's face, and she saw the look of pleasure there. For a moment their eyes met, and Crystal gave her a loving smile. Brit smiled back, showing how much she enjoyed making her friend feel good.

She couldn't get enough of the girl's pussy. It was strange to think that only a few short weeks ago, she had never even heard of this kind of pleasure, and now she was engaging in it and loving every minute of it. She could go on like this forever, just licking and nibbling and teasing.

She felt a new sensation between her legs, and for a second she panicked as she thought it was the cucumber again. But she realized with relief and excitement that it was actually Kari's mouth. She groaned as the girl began to pleasure her in the same way Brit was pleasuring Crystal.

She loved the feeling of Kari's tongue on her most sensitive spots. She had only experienced it once, last week with Crystal. Ever since then, she had been thinking about it, thinking about Crystal doing it to her again. She had even played with herself in the shower one morning with that thought in mind. When she came, she had nearly collapsed in the tub.

"Oh god!" Crystal groaned. "Brit, that feels so good! But I'm not going to last much longer, and I want to feel that cucumber inside of me first."

She climbed off of Brit, then lay down beside her and spread her legs. Kari discontinued her ministrations to Brit's cunt, to her disappointment. The older girl brought the vegetable up and began to rub it along the outside of Crystal's pussy.

"No need for that," Crystal said. "Just shove it in. Brit, you'll want to see this. Maybe you'll change your mind and want a chance too."

Kari placed the end of the vegetable against Crystal's opening, then ever so gently pressed it in. Crystal sucked in her breath as her lips spread to accommodate it. Brit watched in fascination as first just the tip, then more and more of it disappeared inside her friend. She found the sight extremely arousing, and not for the first nor for the last time wondered what it would feel like to be penetrated like that.

Several inches had entered Crystal when Kari began to pull it back, then thrust it in again. Crystal began to moan in pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a wide smile. The gleam in Kari's eye told Brit that she enjoyed stimulating her little sister like that. She leaned down and began to tongue the girl's clit.

Crystal's moans increased in volume and pitch then, and Brit recognized those sounds. They were the same sounds she had made when Kari and the other girls had tongued her to orgasm last week. It meant she was near her climax.

That was something Brit had seen several times already, but it sent chills through her body every time. Not only did it remind her of the pleasure her own body was capable of, but there was something so sexy about seeing a girl as beautiful as Crystal screaming in the throes of ecstasy.

She knew the exact moment when Crystal reached her peak, because the girl suddenly froze up, her body trembling and only a hoarse cry escaped her lips as her tenseness kept her from making any other sound. Kari jammed the cucumber inside of her as far as she could without hurting her, no doubt intensifying the orgasm.

It lasted about ten seconds, then Crystal's body went limp. She let out one last, shuddering sigh, then lay there panting with that smile still on her face.

Kari carefully withdrew the cucumber, then held it up to show Brit the moisture covering it. She winked, then licked it from one end to the other. "Delicious," she said.

"Oh my god!" Brit gasped, and Kari giggled.

Crystal rolled over, pressing her body up against Brit's. "I'm going to give you a treat," she said. "Kari may get my juices second-hand, but you get them right from the source." She once again rose up along Brit's body, then straddled her face. "Lick, slave," she commanded.

"Oh yes, Mistress!" Brit exclaimed eagerly. She stuck out her tongue and began to lap up the moisture all along her friend's slit. She shoved her tongue inside to make sure she didn't miss any. It was exciting and exhilarating to be doing this. Even earlier today she would have found the idea revolting, but now she was too far gone to have any feelings of uneasiness. She wanted nothing more than to taste her best friend's girl-cum.

After a few minutes, Crystal removed herself and lay down once again next to Brit. "So do you want to try the cucumber?"

"No!" Brit exclaimed hurriedly.

"It's all right," she soothed. "I was just asking. We won't do it unless you want us to."

"On the other hand, we can do anything to the outside that we want," Kari grinned. She lowered her head again and began to tease Brit's cunt.

"No fair!" Crystal said. "I want some too."

Kari moved over to give her little sister room. Crystal climbed off the bed and positioned herself next to her big sister, then the two of them set to work stimulating Brit.

The girls' tongues between her legs were driving Brit wild. Her body squirmed unconsciously as several mini-orgasms wracked her. She realized she loved the feeling, and loved the fact that it came from her best friend and her best friend's sister.

After several minutes, Kari lifted her head up and grinned at Brit. "Looks like your slave's having all the fun," she commented. "Mind if I borrow her mouth for a bit?"

"Go ahead," Crystal grinned.

Kari moved up and straddled Brit's head. Brit was in ecstasy. To pleasure Crystal was one thing, but this was Kari, the girl her brother had been lusting after for years. She represented all of Jeff's fantasies, and now Brit herself was about to partake of those fantasies.

She stuck out her tongue and touched it to the girl's clit, sending a shudder through Kari's body. Brit took that as a sign of encouragement and continued to tease the girl's pussy with her tongue. Kari gasped with each contact, her body squirming in the same way that Brit's did from Crystal's ministrations.

In her excitement, Brit realized something astonishing. She loved eating pussy! If that made her a lesbian, then she was without a doubt a lesbian now. The thought thrilled her; it was so nasty, so forbidden, so erotic. That was especially true since Jeff had admitted to liking lesbians, and she so wanted to please him.

In her fantasies, she imagined herself going down on Crystal while Jeff and Kari had sex in the other room. Then Jeff would get curious and come to see what his little sister was up to. Upon spying them together, he would come up behind her and slip his cock deep inside her cunt.

Kari cried out, and Brit felt a sudden rush of moisture between the girl's legs, which she eagerly gulped down. She felt so thrilled to know that she had given Kari an orgasm! It made her feel a kind of closeness to Jeff because it was now something they shared.

Exhausted, Kari lay down on the bed next to Brit. She lay there panting, a smile of bliss on her face, and Brit felt overjoyed to know that she was the one to put that smile there. She stared at Kari's breasts, rising and falling with the deep breaths she took. That sight for some reason turned Brit on even more.

"So are you done?" Crystal asked her big sister, ceasing her work on Brit's pussy. Brit groaned in frustration, but Crystal merely giggled, enjoying tormenting her friend like that.

"She's all yours," Kari replied.

Crystal eagerly climbed up along the bed and returned to her previous position over Brit's face. Brit wasted no time, but stuck her tongue out and lapped at her friend's cunt. She alternated between licking her slit from top to bottom, and focusing exclusively on the clitoris. Crystal found both exciting, judging by the cute little moans she was making.

Kari watched them for a few minutes, then reached out and fondled Brit's boobs. Brit enjoyed that a lot; she was almost as sensitive there as between her legs. Sometimes when she played with herself, she could bring herself off just by rubbing her nipples.

Brit continued to tongue her friend, sometimes sticking it right inside. She found that it wasn't at all disgusting; it was warm and damp, but Crystal tasted so good. Just knowing she was giving pleasure to her friend was its own reward.

Although Brit hadn't really gotten off yet, aside from those small orgasms that didn't really count, she felt satisfied as long as she could bring her friend to climax.

That climax came soon. Crystal literally screamed as she hit her peak, and Brit drove her tongue deep inside to maximize the girl's pleasure. She sucked out all of the pussy juices she could, reveling in the taste of her best friend's orgasm.

Eventually Crystal climbed off of her and lay down on Brit's other side, opposite Kari. She yawned, then smiled at Brit, reaching out with a hand and stroking her cheek.

The three girls lay there for a few minutes, two of them tired after their orgasms and the third just happy to have given it to them. Kari was still teasing Brit's breasts, keeping her arousal up. Crystal, however, just tenderly caressed her friend.

"Kari," said Crystal after a few minutes. "Do you mind if I spend a few minutes alone with Brit?"

"Not at all," her sister replied. "I've got a few things to finish up in my room anyway." She rolled off the bed onto her feet, then headed for the door. "Have fun," she winked before ducking outside and closing it behind her.

Brit watched her go with a touch of sadness; she really liked the girl, especially after what had gone on between them. But she still had her friend to keep her company.

Crystal climbed on top of her, and Brit realized she loved the feeling of the girl's body next to her. When Crystal began to kiss her, she simply let it happen, surprised that she didn't find it at all disgusting. Ever since that kiss in the shower, Brit had wanted to do it again. It was amazing how good it felt.

"I'll tell you a secret," said Crystal, then turned her head to the side and brought her cheek next to Brit's so she could whisper in her ear. Brit listened intently.

"I'm in love with you, Brit," Crystal whispered.

Brit's eyes opened wide as Crystal drew back and stared at her as if seeking approval.

"Oh my god, really Mistress?" asked Brit.

"I'm tired of being called that. I want to hear you use my name; it sounds so beautiful in your voice. And yes, it's the absolute truth."

"Crystal," said Brit. "I don't know what to say. You're one of the most wonderful people in the whole world, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as a friend."

"Just a friend?" asked Crystal with a disappointed look in her eyes.

"You have to understand that I just found out about lesbians a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was horrible at first. So the idea still scares me a little."

"You don't have to be scared with me," Crystal told her.

"I know. But I just want you to understand that that's holding me back. That and..."

"You're in love with someone else," Crystal nodded.

"I'm sorry, Crystal," said Brit. "I think I'm falling in love with you too. It's just that I don't know what I want right now. I know eventually I'm going to have to make a choice between you and... I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Brit. I just want you to be happy. I want you to feel good."

"I know, and I appreciate it."

"Is it all right if I make you feel good right now?" asked Crystal hopefully.

"I was hoping you would ask me that," Brit grinned.

"Do you want me to untie you?"

Brit grinned, then shook her head. The bondage play was all a part of the thrill.

Crystal kissed her on the neck then, working her lips all over and bringing Brit back to a state of high arousal. Her hands worked over Brit's chest, picking up where Kari had left off. Brit simply relaxed and let it all happen. With her arms and legs still tied, she couldn't do much of anything anyway, so she merely enjoyed the feeling of her friend's lips, hands, and body all over her.

Crystal moved her head lower, kissing Brit's shoulders and upper chest. Brit loved the sensation, especially the anticipation of what was coming up.

She was not disappointed. A few minutes later, Crystal lowered even more, kissing her way directly toward one of Brit's nipples. When she reached it and sucked it into her mouth, Brit cried out from the pleasure. Even just this touch from her friend's mouth was enough to send her over the edge into another series of orgasms. Crystal giggled, sensing the pleasure she was causing Brit.

For the longest time, Brit had fantasized about someone sucking on her nipples. She was so sensitive there, she had known it would drive her wild. The reality was every bit as pleasurable as she had imagined.

Crystal worked over the nipple for a while, then moved on to the other to give it the same treatment. Brit was lost now in the thrill, unable to think clearly and not wanting to. She only wanted to feel the intense pleasure that her best friend was giving her.

While Crystal worked over her tits with her mouth, she slid her hand down Brit's body and toyed with her cunt. She rubbed it and squeezed the clit, causing Brit to shudder. She spread the lips and let her finger push right up against her hymen, and Brit tensed up for a moment; she had never felt anything go that deep inside her before, but Crystal knew enough to back off before breaking her cherry. Brit was saving that for her big brother.

She finger-fucked Brit for several minutes while she devoured her tits with her mouth. Brit was in such a state of arousal now that the orgasms blurred together. It seemed that she barely had time to cross over the peak of one before the next one started to build. She had never felt this way, even when she played with her own body. It took someone she loved dearly, plus the thought of just how naughty this was, to excite her this much.

Crystal finally removed her lips from Brit's nipples and continued down her body. Brit knew what was coming up, and just the anticipation caused her to cry out in ecstasy. Crystal wasted no time, but kissed her straight down the chest and abdomen until she reached her destination.

Brit was already as spread out as possible, but she nevertheless tried to open herself up even more. Crystal, sensing her eagerness, lowered her head and thrust out her tongue. Brit couldn't stifle her moans and screams as her friend toyed with her clit and pussy, running her tongue all over and driving Brit into a frenzy. Her body shook and squirmed against the bonds, and for a minute she feared she was going to break the ropes that held her tight.

Crystal showed her no mercy, but attacked her with vigor and enthusiasm. She thrust deep inside, almost to the point where her finger had penetrated. It was as if Crystal wanted to take her friend's virginity with her tongue, impossible as that was.

In the end, the pleasure was too much for Brit, and she even passed out momentarily. She awoke to the sight of Crystal's concerned face gazing down at her. For a few seconds she couldn't remember where she was or why she was here, then the preceding events all came back to her, and she smiled up at her best friend.

As soon as Crystal saw that Brit was all right, she set to the task of untying her. The knots had tightened slightly in Brit's struggles, and threatened to cut off her circulation. Brit was exhausted, and even after being freed from the ropes, she kept her arms and legs spread out, too tired to even move them.


Later, the two girls lay together in bed, curled up in each other's arms. Brit felt so wonderful to have a best friend like Crystal, one who was willing to get intimate with her. All her fear of becoming a lesbian had disappeared completely; she didn't mind having sex with other girls at all when it was with someone like Crystal.

Crystal leaned over and kissed her on the lips. "I love you, Brit," she whispered.

Brit smiled. "I love you too, Crystal."

"Was that the first time you've had sex?"

"Except for that time last week when all the girls were watching," Brit replied.

Crystal kissed her again. "I forgot about that," she said. "But that's good, because that was me too. I'm so glad I got to be your first."

"I am too," smiled Brit.

"This puts you in a strange situation, you know," Crystal laughed. "You're sort of a half-virgin now."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, physically you still have your virginity, since we spared you from that cucumber. But you've still had sex. I'd say you should find yourself a man to take you the rest of the way, but I'd be jealous if you did. Unless you found one you didn't mind sharing with me, one who was gentle and kind and sexy. Like your brother Jeff, for instance."

Did she know? Brit wondered how much Crystal suspected her feelings for her brother. She had never come right out and told her best friend about it, but admittedly Brit had acted more like a devoted lover than a sister toward Jeff lately, even in the girl's presence.

"Um... Crystal?" she said hesitantly.

Kari knocked on the door and opened it. She had gotten dressed, apparently reluctant to go around naked now that the fun was over.

"You two are so adorable," she grinned.

Crystal threw her arms around Brit and hugged her tightly. "Brit's my new teddy bear," she giggled.

"Great, now I've been your slave, your pet and your teddy bear," Brit said, laughing.

"I'll be your teddy bear too if you want," Crystal told her.

"It's a deal."

Kari came over and sat down on the bed beside them. She put her hand out and smoothed Brit's hair back. "So does this mean you're not going to try to steal my boyfriend any more?" she asked.

"What?" Brit gasped. "But your boyfriend's my brother Jeff!"

"Exactly. I don't blame you for being in love with him. You probably love him for all the same reasons I do."

"But I'm not--"

"Brit, it's no use hiding your feelings. After last weekend, I think it was pretty obvious."

Brit looked up at her with fear in her eyes. So Kari knew! And that meant that she would try to reclaim Jeff. Maybe she would let the secret out.

Brit suddenly broke down into tears. "I'm sorry!" she sobbed. "Please don't tell him!"

Crystal hugged her again. "Kari, you're mean! This is the second time you made my new girlfriend cry."

"Oh, Brit, please don't do that," Kari told her, lying down beside her and hugging her as well. "I'm not mad at you. And I won't reveal your secret to anyone. What kind of a horrible person would I be if I did that?"

"Really?" asked Brit. "You're not mad?"

"I'm not mad. I just want to know if you intend to pursue him."

"Well... I..." Brit couldn't think of anything to tell Kari, partly because she didn't know the answer herself. Now that Crystal had confessed her love for her, Brit felt a new closeness to her best friend, maybe even love. But she also loved Jeff, and wanted to be with him too.

"I guess that means you're not willing to give him up," said Kari. "Not that I blame you, of course."

"Kari, I don't want to be your enemy, but I can't... I mean..."

"It's okay, Britney. Since we're both in love with the same man, there are two ways we can handle this. The first way is to be competitive and try to claim him for ourselves. That's a battle I'm sure you would win."

Brit's eyes lit up. "You think I would win? But you're his girlfriend!"

"And you're his sister. He's loved you for a lot longer than he's loved me, and more deeply too. So since I have no chance against you, I'd rather share him."

"Share him?"

"Can I make a confession? I schemed with Crystal to get you in a position where I could seduce you today. She told me she had a crush on you, and when she kissed you, you seemed to like it, so I figured with my little sister's wiles you were sure to become her girlfriend in no time. She agreed to let me... er... sample you... so that I could see if I could get used to the idea of making a threesome with your brother."

"Foursome," Crystal corrected. "I'm not going to let Brit be anyone else's girlfriend unless I get to join in. Besides, Jeff's the sexiest boy I've ever met."

Brit stared at Kari, her eyes wide with astonishment. In a way, it was absolutely perfect; she knew that eventually she would have to find a way to reconcile her feelings for Jeff with her feelings for Crystal, and suddenly here was a great opportunity. As a bonus, she would get Kari as well, a very beautiful and charming girl.

"So what do you think?" asked Kari. "Should we all get together with your brother?"

"But what if he's unwilling?" Brit asked. "I don't know if he would ever consider... getting involved with me."

"I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't consider it," Kari said. "It's not that he doesn't want to. I'm sure you know just as much as I do that he's a complete gentleman."

"He has been for the past couple of weeks, at least," said Brit. "Before that, I couldn't stand him."

"I know. It's funny how it changed all of a sudden. But anyway, he just needs a little time to get used to the idea."

"So you think he really does want to make love to me?"

"Absolutely. I'll tell you a secret. The first time I tried to sleep with him, I panicked and couldn't go through with it. Jeff was okay with that; he just held me in his arms instead. Even though I'm sure he wanted to have sex, he refrained because he didn't want to hurt me. I'm sure it's the same with you."

"He thinks he would hurt me?"

"He thinks it would be emotionally damaging to you, and that's what's holding him back. Jeff loves you too much to do anything that could harm you in any way. He just doesn't realize that it would be the best thing in the world for you, or he wouldn't hesitate another second."

Brit smiled. It made sense. She had been trying to figure out why he had rejected all (or at least most) of her advances so far, when she knew he really cared for her. Kari's explanation seemed to fit.

"Thanks Kari," she smiled. "I love Crystal and I love Jeff and I want to be with both of them. And you're so sweet I'm sure I'll learn to love you too."

Kari blushed, but she had a smile on her face. Brit turned over and hugged her.

"Let's do it," she said. "Let's share Jeff between us."

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2012-01-30 07:04:33
i like ur story so far and up urs A.P. - God

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2011-03-18 19:02:53
A.P.: u really are born to be either a critic or a congressman that is just as amazing as George W. Bush (a huge turn off!) anyways the suspense is killing me Daddycums, keep up the goood work!______ -The Fan

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2010-06-02 00:17:47
Speechless, I guess.

More of the sharing stuff again. I won't belabor it. Maybe it works for some. Not for me. It's like we've taken the characters and shredded them through a Cuisinart.

I have this feeling of dread. I've already threatened to scream if Allison is in the room for Brit's deflowering, and I've also threatened to immolate my computer, or defenestrate it, or something, if Mommy Dearest guides the big boy's pee pee into little missy's love hole. I swear to all that's Holy, that's where all this cast-mangling is headed. (shudder)


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2009-08-03 21:10:25
I know the bi fans are disappointed but I love a purely lez chapter. I'm glad Crystal got to be Brit's first.

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I for one enjoyed it

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