Crystal, Brit, and Kari fool around.
Chapter 53
Crystal's Slave

That Saturday, Allen Williams had a faculty meeting at the school all day. Unfortunately for Jeff, on Friday he had another severe headache, so when he asked if he could go visit Kari, his father said no. He thought it was unfair; he hadn't had a headache in almost a week. But Greg could be very stubborn sometimes, and apparently this was one of those times.

Brit was torn between wanting to visit Crystal and wanting to stay home with Jeff. The truth was that she hadn't had time to talk to Crystal in private since that kiss in the shower last weekend. She wanted to know what had gone through Crystal's mind, and if maybe Crystal had certain feelings for her. They had seen each other at school plenty of times, but always with other people around, so there was no time to talk about it. On the other hand, she really wanted to spend as much time as possible with Jeff these past few weeks. She loved being near him, loved sitting by him and laying her head on his shoulder, loved hugging him, loved sitting on his lap.

Jeff helped her make up her mind by insisting that she go have fun; they would have all night together after all. So she asked her father if she could go to the Williams house. At first he was reluctant, having just denied Jeff, but Jeff came to her defense, saying that he didn't mind at all. Greg agreed, so she called Crystal to make the arrangements, and then Allison drove her over and dropped her off.

Crystal greeted her at the door with a hug, then they headed upstairs to Crystal's bedroom. She told Brit that Kari was in her own room working on a term paper for her English class, which finally gave Brit the time she needed alone with her friend.

Unfortunately, now that the two of them were together without anyone around, she found it hard to bring up the subject. She hadn't really thought about what she would say or ask; in fact, she had thought that Crystal would be the one to start the conversation. It was Crystal, after all, who had initiated that kiss, and Brit had half expected her to immediately make a pass at her as soon as they were alone. But Crystal acted as if that kiss had never even happened.

They mostly talked about boys, especially Jeff. Crystal, of course, was more than happy to admit that she was completely infatuated with him, and Brit let that fact set the tone of the conversation. Lately she herself had begun to have some of the same feelings, but she wasn't about to mention it.

Strangely enough, she didn't feel jealous at all. Crystal was her best friend, so she liked to see her happy. If that meant having sex with Jeff, that was all right with Brit. Although she fantasized about him sometimes, she had never really felt a need to have any kind of exclusive relationship with him. Perhaps that was because she had already known that he was sleeping with two girls before she had begun to think about him in any but a sisterly way. Since neither Kari nor Crystal minded sharing him with each other, Brit figured that if she pursued him, it wouldn't be at the expense of the other girls. Besides, only the fact that Kari wasn't the jealous type gave Brit any chance at all with Jeff, so she wasn't going to push her luck.

Crystal brought up the subject of her birthday the next Saturday, and said her dad had already given her permission to have a slumber party Friday night. She especially wanted Brit to come. Brit accepted immediately.

They joked and teased each other for a few more minutes, then Crystal came up with a suggestion. "I've got a game we can play," she said.

"It's not like the one Kari came up with when the volleyball team was here, is it?" asked Brit. "That was gross."

"So gross that you volunteered," laughed Crystal. Brit grew red. It was true; she had volunteered, and even let Crystal bring her to orgasm with her mouth.

"Anyway, that's beside the point," Crystal continued. "This game is a lot simpler. You and I wrestle. Whoever gets pinned has to be the other girl's slave for the rest of the day."

Brit's eyes opened wide for an instant, then she regained control of herself. A shiver ran through her body. If she lost, then Crystal could do anything she wanted to her, and she could imagine the kinds of things Crystal would do. It would be so horrible, so disgusting, so... thrilling. After all, if Crystal ordered her to do it, she would have no choice. She would be completely innocent. And if she happened to take some kind of pleasure from the things Crystal would make her do...

"So what do you say, Brit?" asked Crystal.

"Okay," she grinned.

"Good," said Crystal. "So the rules are--" Suddenly, she pounced on Brit, knocking her to the floor.

"--anything goes," she finished with a grin.

Brit fought back, managing to knock Crystal off of her. The two girls grabbed each other's hands and tried to push each other over. Crystal put her foot behind Brit's to try to trip her, but Brit took a step with her other foot and pushed forward, and suddenly Crystal was the one who toppled over. Brit jumped on top of her, but Crystal squirmed out from underneath her, then wrapped her legs around one of Brit's and tried to turn her over.

Brit managed to keep the advantage until Crystal suddenly grabbed the bottom of Brit's shirt and pulled it up over her tits, exposing her bra. Brit leaped up, trying to pull away as Crystal tried to remove the garment from her.

"That's not fair!" Brit complained.

"I said anything goes," Crystal laughed.

Brit managed to pull her shirt free from the girl's grip, and fortunately Crystal didn't try that again. It had served its purpose, though. Crystal was back on even footing with Brit.

The two girls closed again, and this time Crystal went all out, wrapping her arms around Brit and trying to lift her off her feet. Brit felt herself tumbling over, but she had enough intelligence to realize that her opponent was just as off-balance as she was. Although Crystal was above her, Brit used the momentum of their fall to her advantage. She rolled backward, carrying Crystal with her, and suddenly she ended up on top. She put her full weight on top of the girl, grabbed both of her hands, and pressed down on them.

She had Crystal pinned. All she had to do was count to three, and she would win.

"One," she said.

Crystal suddenly pushed her head up and mashed her lips up against Brit's, kissing her deeply and even using her tongue. It was a trick Brit had expected from the girl, and she was ready for it. All she had to do was hold on and not let it startle her into releasing her grip.

She released her grip.

Why she did that, she didn't know, but she was forced to admit, if only to herself, that it was deliberate. She had wanted to let Crystal escape.

Crystal, however, went for the kill. Instead of struggling out of Brit's grasp, she wrapped her arms around her, managed to get one leg up around Brit's, and rolled her over, all while keeping their lips pressed together. Brit suddenly found herself pinned underneath.

She tested her strength, pushing one of her arms up. Yes, she could easily get away. All she had to do was thrust with both of her arms to lift the girl off of her. She was too strong for Crystal to pin.

Instead, she lay there underneath, her arms against the ground and Crystal kissing her passionately. Brit's body began to grow warm as she felt the girl's body on top of her, and she felt chills running down her spine. Now it was just a matter of Crystal counting to three, if she could ever pull her lips away for that long.

What am I doing? thought Brit. I can easily beat her! But she lay there in that apparently hopeless position.

"One," Crystal said as she drew back for just an instant, then began to kiss her again. Brit pretended to struggle, but half-heartedly.

"Two," Crystal said again, then bit Brit gently on the lower lip. Brit tensed up, prepared to make one final effort to escape. It was now or never; if she didn't make her move, she would be forced to submit to Crystal's every perverted fantasy.

Now! she thought... and then let herself go limp again.

"Three!" Crystal exclaimed, then climbed up off of her. "I win!"

"Okay, fine," said Brit, sitting up and pretending to wear a disgusted look. "You win. I'm your slave."

"We're going to have so much fun," Crystal said with a wink.

"You're disgusting, Crystal," Brit said, but she couldn't help grinning.

"Exactly," Crystal told her. "But first, call me 'Mistress.'"

"Yes, Mistress," Brit grumbled.

"Come on, let's have a little enthusiasm."

"Yes, Mistress," Brit repeated, this time with a wide grin on her face.

"Much better. Now, if you're going to be a good little slave, you're going to have to wear the right uniform."

"Uniform?" Brit asked. "It's not going to be something humiliating, is it?"

"Of course not," said Crystal. "It's not something you haven't worn before."


"In fact, you probably wear it a couple of times a day."

"What do you mean?"


"I'm serious, Crystal. I mean Mistress."

"So am I. Nothing. That's your uniform."

"What?" Brit exclaimed in shock. "You want me to be naked?"

"Exactly," Crystal grinned. "Your uniform is to wear absolutely nothing. And by the way, I'm going to help you put it on." She stood up and helped Brit to her feet. Then she stepped in close and put her hands around Brit's waist. She took hold of the bottom of Brit's tee-shirt.

"Put your arms up," she said.

"Yes, Mistress." Brit raised her arms above her head. Crystal pulled the shirt up and over, leaving Brit standing there with only her bra covering her tits. Then she stepped in again and reached around back, this time unclasping her bra. She drew it forward and off of Brit's shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, and Brit found herself bare from the waist up.

"Those look so tasty," Crystal grinned.

"Ew!" Brit complained, throwing her arms in front of her chest.

"I didn't say you could cover up, slave," ordered Crystal, and Brit reluctantly lowered her hands to her sides. Crystal reached forward, and Brit realized what she was doing. She felt the girl's hands on her breasts, rubbing and squeezing and kneading them. Brit couldn't believe she was getting felt up by another girl. Worse, she couldn't believe that she was actually enjoying it!

"Yes, I can see I'm going to have lots of fun with these," Crystal commented. "Just think. They're mine to play with all day. What do you think of that, slave?"

Brit found it hard to answer that question, so instead, she replied, "Yes, Mistress."

Crystal wouldn't let it go at that. "That's not the answer I want to hear," she said.

"What do you want to hear, Mistress?"

"I want to hear that you love it when I do this to you."

"I love it when you do this to me," Brit repeated, though still grumbling.

"That's not very convincing," Crystal insisted.

"I love it so much when you do this to me, Mistress," Brit grinned. "I want you to keep doing it to me over and over and over again."

"Now tell me you want me to put my mouth on them."

"Oh, Mistress! I would love for you to put your mouth on them. I want you to kiss them and lick them and suck them and bite them and taste them! Please, Mistress. Please suck on my boobs!"

"Now that's the kind of enthusiasm I like," Crystal grinned. "But that will have to come later. You haven't finished changing into your uniform yet."

Brit sighed. She was going to have to go through with it all the way. Well, she had made her choice when she let Crystal pin her. She put her hands to the front of her pants to unfasten them.

"Hold on, slave," said Crystal. "I'm supposed to do it, not you. Put your hands behind your back."

With a "Yes Mistress," Brit did as instructed. Crystal knelt in front of her and unfastened her pants. She then unzipped her zipper and yanked the pants down to Brit's ankles. Brit stepped out of them.

"I like your panties," Crystal grinned. Brit didn't think there was anything special about her panties; they were simple white cotton, pretty plain after all. But Crystal lifted a hand and touched her between the legs.

She jumped as the contact sent a thrill through her. She was really sensitive there, and apparently Crystal knew it.

"Do you like that, slave?" asked Crystal as she began to rub her through her panties.

"Yes, Mistress," Brit smiled.

"Do you want me to keep doing this?"

"Yes, Mistress."

But Crystal took her hand away, to Brit's disappointment.

"In a minute," said Crystal. "First we have to finish stripping you." She hooked a couple of fingers under the elastic waistband and drew Brit's panties down, exposing her tiny, virgin pussy to view. Crystal grinned when she saw it. "Scrumptious," she said. "Brings back memories, doesn't it?"

"Memories, Mistress?" asked Brit.

"Last week," Crystal explained. "When I ate you out. I knew I had to have you again some time."

Brit blushed. It was true, Brit had allowed her to do that. She was surprised at how good it had felt. Maybe she had some lesbian tendencies after all. Three weeks ago it might have bothered her, but right now she didn't feel disgusted in the least. She even felt eager to feel Crystal's tongue again.

As if sensing her desire, Crystal leaned in and planted a kiss right at the top of the slit.

"Ooh!" Brit exclaimed, her eyes lighting up in pleasure. "Thank you, Mistress!"

Crystal pulled back and giggled. "I think you're enjoying being my slave. Maybe we should make it permanent."

"I'm not enjoying it that much!" Brit said.

"Well, we'll just have to see if we can't change your mind by the time we're through. But first, I think a little humiliation is in order."

"Humiliation?" asked Brit, a little nervous about what that could mean.

Crystal went over to a chest in the corner and opened it up. Inside were a bunch of toys, probably left over from her younger days. She rummaged through it, searching for something in particular.

"Here it is!" she exclaimed, pulling out a dog collar with a six-foot chain leash attached.

"You wouldn't dare!" Brit said, her eyes growing wide.

"You wouldn't dare, what?" asked Crystal.

"You wouldn't dare, Mistress."

"Oh wouldn't I? I'm not content with having you as my slave. You're going to be my pet."

"You're mean!" Brit accused, but the truth was, she was enjoying this little game of Crystal's. Though a little embarrassing, it was also absolutely hilarious if she could look at it from a detached point of view.

"Yes, my cute little cuddly pet Britney," Crystal continued. "We'll have so much fun together. Maybe I'll take you for a walk around the neighborhood."

"No!" Brit exclaimed in playful horror.

"Now hold still, cute little cuddly Britney," said Crystal, reaching up with the collar. Brit stood there trying to look mad as Crystal fastened it around her neck, but unable to hide a grin or suppress a giggle. Crystal fastened it securely but not too tightly. It was surprisingly comfortable.

"There we go. Just perfect," Crystal smiled. The other end of the leash had a strap to go around her wrist, so she fastened it, linking Brit to her.

"If you're good, I'll let you cuddle with me later. And if you're really good, I'll let you sleep in my bed. What do you think of that?"

"Yes, Mistress," Brit replied.

"Good. Now come over here and show me how much you like being my pet."

"What do you mean?"

"How do dogs show affection to their masters?"

"I don't know. How?"

"By licking them, of course," Crystal grinned.

"Licking?" Brit gasped.

"Exactly. We'll start with my face for now. Maybe later we'll move on to other parts of my anatomy."

Brit approached her, still unsuccessfully trying to maintain an angry expression. She put her hands on Crystal's shoulders, leaned in, and quickly licked Crystal on the cheek, then stepped back, frowning in what she hoped looked like disgust.

"Just one lick? Don't you love your mistress any more than that?" Crystal demanded.

Brit stepped in and licked her again, but this time she continued. She started with Crystal's cheek, then moved on to her forehead, the other cheek, her chin, and then the tip of her nose.

"Now my lips," Crystal ordered, and Brit obeyed. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over Crystal's lips several times. Then suddenly Crystal opened her mouth and stuck out her own tongue. Brit took the hint and began using her tongue to toy with Crystal's. It was disgusting, but at the same time, knowing how much pleasure Crystal was receiving from it, strangely erotic.

Crystal wasn't content to leave it at that, though. She reached behind Brit's head and pulled her in closer, and suddenly Brit found herself French-kissing the girl. It was a lot like that time in the shower last week, just as horrifying and just as wonderful. She closed her eyes and abandoned her revulsion, giving in to the sapphic pleasure of the girl's kiss. She knew that before the day was out, Crystal would probably make her complete that journey, so she might as well enjoy it.

In fact, when Crystal pulled away, Brit felt a little disappointment that the kiss wasn't longer. Crystal really was a beautiful girl, and her lips were so luscious and tasty. Brit's experience with kissing was limited, but of the three people she had kissed-- Allison, Jeff, and Crystal-- she enjoyed every one of them. Each of them had been different. With Allison it had been experimental, a little awkward perhaps but still comfortable because of how much she loved and trusted Allison. With Jeff, it was like the whole universe was smiling down on them, pure and wonderful and beautiful. She could feel his love in that kiss, an overwhelming feeling that made her want to melt into him and become a part of him. With Crystal, however, it was both playful and naughty, a girlish secret shared between them, so dirty and yet so fun.

"So far you're being a good little slave," Crystal said.

"Thank you, Mistress," Brit beamed, determined to play the part perfectly.

"I think now it's time to show big sister my new pet. Come along now, little Britney. You know the way."

Brit strode out of the room, followed by her mistress. She headed down the hall to Kari's room.

"Now knock on the door," Crystal told her, and Brit obeyed.

"Come in," she heard Kari say from the other side. Taking a deep breath, Brit reached down, turned the doorknob, and pushed open the door.

Kari was sitting on her bed with one of her textbooks open. She glanced up, then grinned. "Brit!" she exclaimed with delight. "I love your new outfit!" she giggled.

Crystal stepped into the doorway. "I won a bet," she explained. "So now Brit's my slave. And my pet. Isn't she so cute and cuddly?" she asked, wrapping her arms playfully around Brit's neck.

"Oh, she's adorable!" Kari squealed, jumping off her bed and dashing over to throw her arms around Brit, who now found herself squeezed between two sex-crazed girls.

"Can I play with her too?" Kari asked Crystal. "I want to so badly. I want to pet her and scratch her and snuggle with her."

"Sure," she replied. "I like to share my things. I'm nothing if not generous, right slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," Brit replied.

"And you've got her trained so well," Kari said. "I'll bet she'll do everything you say."

"Of course she will, won't you, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You know," said Kari, "I just had a thought. Even the most obedient pets sometimes get into trouble."

"What do you mean?" asked Crystal.

"I mean, I think we should take extra precautions with such a big and smart pet like this."

"What kinds of precautions?"

"Nothing too strong. I just think she's most likely to get into trouble if her hands are free. Let's tie them behind her back!"

Brit's eyes grew wide. "No!" she exclaimed, though still playfully.

"Great idea," Crystal agreed, ignoring her protest. Kari opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out a spool of nylon cord and a pair of scissors. Crystal told Brit to put her hands behind her back, and Brit obeyed. Kari wrapped the cord around her hands several times, loose enough that it didn't hurt but tight enough that Brit couldn't get away, then cut off the end of the cord and fastened a tight knot. Brit tested it, and realized that she really was helpless.

"Much better," said Kari. "Now she won't be able to cause any problems. So now what are you going to do with her?"

"I think it's time to give my new pet a bath," Crystal grinned. "Won't that be nice, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," she smiled.

"A bath sounds really nice," commented Kari. "Maybe all three of us should get in the tub."

"Sure," said Crystal. "Brit, undress your mistress."

"What?" asked Brit.

"I can't very well get in the tub with my clothes on, can I? And since you're my slave, you have to see to my needs, such as dressing and undressing me."

"But... I can't. My hands are tied behind my back."

"Then I guess you'll have to use your mouth, won't you?"

Brit grew red. Well, she should have expected something like this from the girl. Crystal unstrapped the leash from her wrist and handed it to Kari.

"Start with my shirt," Crystal told Brit, who had no choice but to obey. Crystal's shirt was a plain, button-down type, so Brit leaned in and took hold of the flap around the top button with her teeth. She squirmed around trying to unfasten it, which resulted in her rubbing her face all over Crystal's chest in the attempt. All the while, Kari stood back and giggled at her efforts.

Eventually the first button came undone. Brit lowered herself to the second button. This time as she worked on freeing the button, she was forced to press her cheek right into one of Crystal's boobs. It was humiliating, but at the same time just a little thrilling. Judging by the smile on Crystal's face, she was obviously enjoying it.

Brit worked her way down her friend's body, unfastening each of the buttons and exposing more and more of Crystal's torso to view. Brit was very aware of the warmth and smell of Crystal's body, being intimately close to her as she finished her chore. Soon, the last button came undone, and Brit found herself on her knees in front of her friend. Crystal made no move to let the shirt fall from her shoulders, so Brit stood up, took the collar in her teeth, and drew it off, letting it fall to the ground, leaving her upper body clothed only in a bra.

"Now my pants," Crystal ordered. Sensing Brit's unvoiced protest, she added, "Just be glad my shoes and socks are already off. I don't think you would enjoy putting your mouth on either one."

Brit obediently knelt in front of her once more, and latched onto the front of her pants with her teeth. This time, she ended up with her nose pressed into Crystal's stomach just below the navel. Crystal giggled at this sensation, enjoying Brit's humiliation.

Brit managed to get the button unfastened, then thrust her mouth inside the flap to reach the zipper. Her teeth closed around it, and she could taste the tangy, metallic flavor. She lowered herself, pulling the zipper down and trying unsuccessfully not to let her nose touch Crystal's panties as she did so. As it turned out, she had to run her nose right down the front of Crystal's crotch in order to get the zipper down.

"You're pretty good at that, slave," said Crystal. "Have you done this before?"

"No, Mistress."

"Then you're a natural at it. Now finish taking my pants off."

This task proved a little awkward, as she had to move around Crystal and pull on the top of her pants in several places to get it off. Eventually, however, the garment fell to the floor around Crystal's ankles. Crystal stepped out of it, fortunately, because Brit would never have been able to get the pants free without help.

"Now my bra," Crystal grinned, and Brit grew even redder than she had been before.

"What's wrong, slave?" asked Crystal. "Don't you want to undress me?"

Brit knew there was only one acceptable answer. "Yes, Mistress," she replied.

"Then get to it. And by the way, it fastens in the front."

Brit gasped. She had hoped to just unfasten it from the back and then pull the straps off from the shoulder. But like this, she would have to shove her face right into her friend's chest.

There was nothing she could do about it. With a nervous giggle, she leaned in and reached for the latch with her teeth. Her nose disappeared inside Crystal's cleavage, and the girl's breasts pressed against her cheeks on both sides.

Then it came loose. Brit hurriedly drew back, then took one of the shoulder straps and pulled it off. The bra came free and fell on the floor.

"So far you're doing a wonderful job," Crystal praised. "Now for the last part."

"You're not really going to make me do that, are you, Crystal?" asked Brit.

"Call me 'Mistress,' slave. And yes, I am."

Brit knelt down once more in front of Crystal. She stared at the girl's panties, mere inches from her face. The bulge of the girl's femininity was outlined clearly. She had a sudden inspiration, and shuffled around to the side, where she would only be touching Crystal's hips.

Crystal wouldn't let her get out of it that easily. "From the front, slave!" she ordered. Resignedly, Brit moved around once more to kneel in front of her friend.

"Do it now," Crystal said, and Brit resignedly took the waistband in her teeth. She pulled down, her nose unavoidably brushing against the girl's swollen clitoris and her slit. Crystal shuddered from the thrill of the contact.

Then finally, the ordeal was over. Brit found herself kneeling in front of a completely naked girl. She started to rise to her feet, but Crystal ordered her to stay there.

"You know, I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for a bath any more," Crystal commented.

"After that whole time getting undressed?" asked Kari.

"Well, I'm not sure I'm all that dirty."

"Except for your mind, but a bath wouldn't help that," Kari teased.

"I wonder how I can find out if I'm dirty enough for a bath?" asked Crystal, and Brit knew she had some kind of perverted idea in mind. "It's not something you can really see, or hear, or feel. It's too bad I can't taste myself. I know!" she suddenly exclaimed with a smile. "I'll have my slave taste me instead!"

"What the fuck?" Brit demanded, suddenly forgetting herself.

"What the fuck, Mistress," Crystal scolded.

"Okay, what the fuck, Mistress," Brit repeated.

"It's easy," said Crystal. "Just stick out your tongue and lick me. Right there between my legs will do."

"You don't really expect me to..." Brit stammered.

"Do as you're told, slave."

Feeling so completely disgusted and yet at the same time, thrilled at what she was about to do, Brit hesitantly stuck out her tongue and leaned in.

At the first contact, Crystal shuddered in pleasure. Brit was surprised that the act that she thought would be so revolting was actually rather benign. It wasn't like Crystal tasted bad; it was a rather neutral flavor.

"Get in some good licks," her mistress told her. Brit decided that since she was already in this position, she might as well go all the way. She ran her tongue from the base of Crystal's slit all the way to the hard little nub at the top. She licked all around the girl's pussy, actually starting to enjoy the cute little spasms that she was causing in Crystal's body.

"I want a taste," said Kari.

"Wait your turn," Crystal told her. "Slave, stand up."

Brit rose to her feet, mere inches from her mistress's body.

"Now you have to let me see how I taste," said Crystal. "Stick out your tongue."

Brit did so obediently. Crystal leaned in and took Brit's tongue into her mouth, sucking on it. Brit couldn't help giggling at the sensation.

"Well, I don't taste particularly dirty," Crystal said, "but I think I'll still take a bath. Slave, go stand against the wall for a minute."

Brit did as instructed.

"So is it my turn now?" asked Kari, and Crystal nodded.

Kari knelt down in front of her sister, grabbed her by the ass, pulled her in, and thrust her tongue against her pussy. Crystal giggled as her big sister licked her up and down the slit.

Brit watched in fascination at this act of incest going on in front of her. Until recently she had been horrified to even think that things like that even happened, but with her feelings for her own brother and her awakening lesbian tendencies, she was willing to entertain the notion that it wasn't so disgusting after all. In fact, it was downright arousing. Even the word, incest, which had previously been dirty to her now inspired in her only excitement. Was there really anything inherently wrong, after all, with teenage sisters who ate each other out, or a girl who wanted her brother to take her virginity, or a father who had his daughter perform oral sex on him?

Crystal seemed to be enjoying it every bit as much as she had when Brit had done it. The girl closed her eyes and smiled, sighing in pleasure. The sight was extremely erotic.

All too soon it ended. Kari rose once more to her feet, then gave Crystal a long, drawn-out kiss. She stepped back and winked. "Can I borrow your slave to undress me now?" she asked.

"Of course," Crystal replied. "Slave, undress Kari."

Brit approached the older girl. She was a little more nervous about this than she had been with Crystal; after all, Crystal was her best friend and the two of them often played around, though admittedly never like this until today. However, she didn't know Kari quite as well. She was a couple years older, and furthermore, she was dating Brit's brother.

She knew she had to go through with it, though. She knelt down and took the bottom of Kari's tee-shirt in her teeth and pulled upward. Kari helped by kneeling on the ground and raising her hands above her head, and Brit managed to pull the shirt all the way off. She let it fall from her mouth onto the floor.

Kari stood up again. "Now my bra," she said. "Unfortunately, it's not as fun as Crystal's because it fastens in the back." She turned around to give Brit access to it.

Brit leaned in, grasping the fastener in her teeth. This felt even more uncomfortable than it had been with Crystal, because Kari was an older girl and not as good a friend to Brit as Crystal was. It wasn't quite as bad as doing it to a complete stranger, but it did feel a little awkward to have her nose pressed against the girl's back as she tried to unfasten the bra.

Finally it came undone. Brit took the shoulder strap in her teeth and pulled it off. Kari stood before her, completely topless.

It wasn't the first time she had seen the girl's body. The weekend that the volleyball team had come over, Brit had seen all of it that she cared to. But this was different because the potential was there for something to happen between them. Before the day was through, Brit might even be Kari's lover!

"And now the rest," Kari told her. Brit sighed, then knelt down in front of the girl, who thrust her hips out toward Brit's face. Brit leaned in and began to work at the button in the front of her jeans. It was a little tighter than Crystal's, but she managed to get it unfastened without too much difficulty. She then took the zipper in her teeth and drew it down.

With a little difficulty due to Kari's hips being more curvaceous than her sister's, she managed to pull the jeans down to the ground, where Kari stepped out of them. Brit glanced up at the girl who was smiling down at her.

She took the waistband of her panties in her teeth and pulled downward. Once again, she had to rub her nose right up against the girl's slit in order to get them off. Kari giggled at the contact. Finally, Brit managed to pull them all the way down to the floor.

As Brit began to rise to her feet, Crystal put a firm hand on her shoulder to push her back down. "Stay there," she ordered.

"Yes Mistress," replied Brit.

"Like I said, I like to share my toys," Crystal grinned. "Slave, lick my sister's pussy."

Brit took a deep breath, then leaned in and stuck out her tongue. She pressed it up against Kari's slit, and the girl giggled in delight.

"I think she likes it," Crystal said. "Keep doing that, slave."

Brit continued to lick the older girl. Kari spread her legs to give her better access. At first the girl was nice and tight, but as Brit continued to work on her, she began to loosen up as her clit came into view. Although she had not been told to, Brit immediately began to work on it specifically, knowing how sensitive it was on her own body and assuming it was the same on Kari's.

"Wow!" Kari gasped as Brit licked her. She was getting wet, and Brit began to lap at the juices. Why she did that she didn't know; Crystal hadn't ordered her to after all. But now that she was resigned to having to please the two girls, she figured she might as well get into it. It wasn't anywhere near as disgusting as she had expected. In fact, the smell and taste of the girl, combined with the knowledge that this was so naughty, were actually quite arousing. Brit realized that she was getting wet between her legs herself.

"We'd better stop or I'm going to cum," said Kari. "I never knew little Britney Primdale was such a great little cunt-eater."

"I guess that means it's time for the bath," Crystal said.

They headed into the bathroom, where Crystal, thankfully, untied her hands and removed the dog collar. Brit rubbed her wrists; they had begun to chafe.

"Fill the bath, slave," Crystal ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Brit replied, then turned on the water in the tub. She waited for it to get warm, then plugged the drain. As she stood back up, Crystal crept up behind her and wrapped her arms around her, groping her breasts. Brit gave a startled squeak at the unexpected contact, but didn't try to get away. She was her slave, after all.

When the water was deep enough, Crystal ordered her to turn it off, and she complied. Crystal climbed in first, sitting down and spreading her legs.

"Come sit in my lap," she told Brit, who stepped into the tub, then turned away from Crystal and began to sit down.

"Facing me."

Brit turned around, a little nervous but also excited. So here it was. Crystal was going to continue what she had begun in the shower last week. Brit sat down facing her friend, and at Crystal's instructions, put her legs up over Crystal's so that she was straddling her lap. Crystal's arms reached around Brit's back, drawing her in until their chests touched.

Once again Brit felt that tingle from the contact of their nipples together. It wasn't necessarily from the physical sensation, but from the knowledge of just how dirty, and yet how sexy, it really was. Her own nipples were starting to get hard, and she could feel Crystal's doing the same.

Kari then joined them, sitting behind Brit and spreading her legs out alongside them. She also moved in tight, trapping Brit tightly between their bodies. Kari's hands slipped between the two younger girls and moved right up under Brit's breasts, fondling and teasing them. It actually felt pretty good, especially with Crystal hugging her. She felt surprisingly relaxed considering the situation, although admittedly part of that was from the warmth of the bath.

Crystal leaned in and kissed Brit again, and this time she just let it happen, not trying to analyze it or worry about why her friend was doing it. By this point it was pretty obvious that the girl was trying to seduce her, and Brit realized she wanted to be seduced. She was just learning about the world of sex; first with her big brother Jeff and second with her best friend. Both of them were such wonderful people that she couldn't ask for a better way to be introduced to it. In some ways she still felt like a little girl, but she also wanted to explore these new feelings, these grown-up feelings, and she wanted it to be with people she trusted.

Brit put her own arms around Crystal's back and pulled her in even more tightly, kissing her friend back with passion. It was far too late to harbor any reservations about lesbian sex; she just wanted to touch and feel and rub and kiss her best friend. She wanted to experience her first orgasm at another's hand. She wanted to be someone's lover.

She could feel Kari's lips on her neck and shoulders, and remembered that the older girl was just as much a part of this intimate moment as the younger two. It felt surprisingly comfortable, considering that Kari was the girlfriend of the boy that Brit most wanted to make love to. But maybe that was part of it; she felt closer to Kari because of her relationship to Jeff, not in spite of it.

Crystal finally came up for air, and Brit leaned her head back and sighed. Crystal began to kiss her all over her face and neck as Kari worked on her from behind. Brit licked her lips, savoring the lingering taste of her friend there.

"Can I take a turn now?" asked Kari.

"Sure," Crystal smiled. "Slave, turn around."

That proved a little more difficult to do than to say, so Brit ended up having to stand completely up to do it. Both of the Williams girls gazed lustily at her body as she did so. She sat back down, facing Kari this time.

She knew what was coming, and wondered if it would be horrible or pleasant. With Crystal, it was just two girls experimenting. But Kari was older, and furthermore, she was Brit's brother's girlfriend. To have her up against her back was one thing, but to turn around and expose the front of her body to the older girl was something completely different.

The first thing Kari did was reach out and fondle her boobs. Brit didn't say anything, just letting the girl touch her like that. She didn't know how she felt about it; she was getting used to the sensation by now, so it neither disgusted nor aroused her.

Then Kari leaned in and wrapped her arms around her, pressing their bodies together and lowering her head for a kiss. Brit accepted it, even admitting Kari's tongue into her mouth. It was a lot like kissing Crystal; playful and naughty. Maybe the difference in their ages wasn't all that great after all; Kari was still a girl, and still liked to play around.

Kari's boobs were a little bigger than Crystal's, so it felt a little different to be touching her like this. She didn't know whether she liked the feel of Crystal's petite figure or Kari's more developed one. They both had their strong points.

Crystal slipped one of her hands around Brit's waist and slid it down between her legs. Brit gave a startled yelp, causing both girls to giggle. Then the pleasure of the contact overcame her, and she sighed, even spreading her legs wider to give her better access. Kari continued to kiss her as Crystal rubbed her cunt. It was the first time she had ever felt anyone's hand on her bare pussy but her own, and it felt ten times more thrilling. She knew that if Crystal kept it up, she would soon have an orgasm right here in the tub.

Unfortunately, the girl cut off after a few minutes. "The water's starting to get cold," she said. "Maybe it's time to get out."

"Maybe you're right," Kari agreed reluctantly. "I hope that doesn't mean the fun's over."

"Of course not," Crystal grinned. "In fact, now it's time for the really fun part," Crystal grinned.

"The really fun part, Mistress?" asked Brit.

"Yes. The part where you become a full-blown lesbian. The three of us are going to have wild and kinky girl-on-girl sex."

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-23 16:54:11
A.P.: think about it this way, a teenage girl who is exploring her sexuality is going to do some off the wall things when she gets the chance to be naughty with a girlfriend, yes it ruins the momentum of the story, but it also involves Brit even more than you may realize in Jeff's love life, remember he's had sex with both Kari and Crystal... that being said this may be a way for Brit to subconsciously become closer to Jeff, and it makes it possible for him to see her as even more of a sex object without compromising the integrity of anyone involved

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-08 22:53:12
I kind of wanted Brit to not get into sex with Crystal, I wanted her to stay devoted to Jeff.

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-17 17:36:28
A.P.: personally i liked. Brit's intentions was just to hang out with a close friend and possibly ask her a personal question. sure it was excisiting for Brit, but i refuse to believe that she had know exactly what was going to happen. though your welcome to your opinion, the only thing i would have enjoyed more is if it showed Crystal's side of the story as she achieved her goal of seducing Brit. but other than that it was just perfect! keep it up Daddycums! - the fan

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2010-06-02 00:14:01
Can I call the gaffes, or what?

So. Our oversexed, love-addled little firecracker, Brit, is determined enough to suck her brother's dick from dusk to dawn. But then she's torn between quality time with that same brother, and hanging out with Crystal? This author has just taken the steaming cast-iron skillet, hauled it off the flames, and tossed it into a bucket of icewater. And why? Twenty-four hours ago she volunteered to be her brother's slave for life. A day later, she ditches him, to be a slave for the girlfriend's bisexual sister? Huh?

Apart from the break in momentum, solely to set up an opportunity for "kinky girl-on-girl sex" (as though the all-day naked volleyball party had not been enough), this little interlude does another disservice to the story. It neglects to account for the possibility that Brit might see Jeff's girlfriend (Kari) and the fuckbuddy (Crystal) as rivals.


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2009-07-12 23:47:44
aweee I wanted more of Jeff, but this works too.

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