Brit and Jeff grow closer.
Chapter 52
Nights and Mornings with Brit

Sunday morning, Jeff awoke to the feeling of Brit lying completely on top of him, her lips pressed against his. He opened his eyes wide in alarm, then put his hands on her side and half-heartedly tried to push her away. He could have easily overpowered her, but his heart wasn't in it.

Brit lifted her head and gazed into his eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"What's wrong?" he exclaimed. "You're my sister, that's what's wrong!"


"So you shouldn't be trying to... to..."

She giggled. "Oh, Jeff, I was just practicing."


"Allison told us to practice kissing, remember?"

"But... but... not like this."

"Like what?"

"Naked. In bed. Remember what I talked about yesterday? I mean, we could end up... doing something we shouldn't."

"That's the whole point, silly," she giggled.


"Sorry. I was just teasing you. Look, we're not going to do anything we shouldn't, because you wouldn't do that to me, right? I trust you, Jeff."

He found it impossible to argue with that. What was he supposed to do, tell her that she shouldn't trust him? His excitement was clear from his rapidly hardening cock, but that didn't seem to bother her as long as he didn't use it. Right now though, he wasn't sure that he wouldn't.

As he was thinking about that, Brit lowered her head and kissed him again. Instantly his resolve vanished. How was he supposed to refuse her when it felt this good?

Before he knew it, he found himself kissing her back. Her lips were so sweet and delightful, he just couldn't hold back. He kissed her deeply and passionately, almost violently. She noticed his reaction and giggled, kissing with just as much fervor. Their tongues teased each other as they continued their blissful encounter.

He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her to him. How he wanted her in that moment!

"Did you change your mind?" she whispered, a loving smile on her face.

"About what?" he asked.

"About letting me take care of you."

He blinked in confusion for a few seconds, until he suddenly realized what she was talking about. "Oh my god, Brit!" he exclaimed, pushing her away. "We shouldn't be..."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him tightly. "I'm sorry," she said. "Please don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you, Brit."

"You're not?"

"No I'm not. But please get off me."

She released him and rolled over onto her back. He glanced over at her, and couldn't help letting his eyes wander over her hot little body.

"Jeff, do you like being naked with me?" asked Brit.

"What?" he asked, stunned by the question.

"I mean it, Jeff. Do you like being naked with me?"

"Um... that's kind of a hard question to answer."

"Why? It's just yes or no."

"I know, but I don't want you to get the wrong impression."

"I guess that's an answer in and of itself."

"What do you mean?"

"If the answer was no, you would have said so. But since you have trouble answering it, the answer must be yes."

"I don't know..."

"More specifically, the answer is yes but you don't want to admit it because that might make me think you want to do naughty things with me, right?"

"But Brit, I don't want to do naughty things with you. That's just it." That was a complete lie, and he knew it. But he had to keep his feelings under control, because he couldn't risk hurting his little sister.

"It's okay, Jeff," she said. "If it will make you feel better, I like being naked with you too. Your body is nice and warm, and I can imagine our love for each other seeping through our skin. I can feel your love when there's nothing between us, as silly as that sounds."

"It doesn't sound silly at all," he answered. "I feel the same way. I just don't want you to think that I want to have sex with you or anything."

"I know. It's not about sex. It's just about closeness."

"Exactly," he smiled. "As long as we both understand that."

While her body certainly felt nice, he also knew he was in danger of enjoying it too much. He threw off the covers and sat up. Brit continued to lie there with an affectionate smile on her face as she gazed at him. He smiled back, then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. Then he stood up and made his way into the bathroom.

As he showered, he couldn't help thinking about her offer. Brit was actually willing to have sex with him. All he had to do was ask. That would be such an amazing experience, to not only feel her body against his, but to actually penetrate her, to take her virginity. She would willingly give it to him, because she loved him so much.

No, that wasn't entirely true. If she made love to him out of a sense of obligation or gratitude, it would be wrong. She would be his sex slave, nothing more. He didn't want any kind of relationship with her in which they didn't treat each other like equals. He didn't want a submissive, always-giving Britney as a lover. He wanted to make it as much for her pleasure as for his.

That was a scary thought. Did he really want to make love to his little sister? Shouldn't he feel some kind of revulsion to that idea? Why should he suddenly be having fantasies of seducing her, when he had never gotten along with her until recently?

But that was an answer in and of itself. He had spent so much time focused on the bratty, whiny, annoying side of her personality that he had completely forgotten that she had another side to her, a vulnerable, trusting, affectionate side that loved him deeply. Being exposed to it was like meeting her again for the first time, and despite the fact that they were siblings, she really was kind of sexy when she was like that.

That was why he couldn't afford to let down his guard. He had to be strong. He remembered what Allison had told him earlier in the week, about how she was just beginning to explore her sexuality, how she was practicing her wiles on him, either consciously or unconsciously. Whatever signals he was reading from her were just experiments. She didn't really want to make love to him after all. She just needed assurance that she could be attractive to boys. So he would tease and joke and flirt with her a little, hug her and let her sit on his lap and sleep in his bed, but that was all.

He finished his shower and dried himself off, then wearing only a towel, returned to his room. Brit still lay on his bed, but she had her eyes open and watched him.

After all they had been through that weekend, modesty was pointless, so he let the towel fall from his waist and went through his dresser to find the clothes he wanted to wear that day. He noticed her staring at him with a smile of delight as he stood nude in front of her, but decided just to ignore it.

While Brit took her shower, Jeff felt like fixing her a nice breakfast. Though his one and only time trying to make banana pancakes had resulted in disaster, he could at least throw some bread in the toaster and scramble some eggs. He was even feeling ambitious enough to fry up some ham.

Brit met him at the dining room table. She scolded him for leaving his bedroom without her (what if he had had a dizzy spell at the top of the stairs?) but seemed genuinely grateful for the effort he had put into fixing breakfast. They sat and ate, and the meal turned out not too bad after all.

Brit joined him this time in his daily workout. She laughed at how weak she was, but Jeff made no comment. A few weeks ago he would have teased her to tears about it, but now for some reason he couldn't bring himself to make a single disparaging comment about her.

They split their time the rest of the day between playing games in the rec room and looking at the pictures they had taken yesterday out in Brit's studio. Brit teased him about getting excited over those pictures, but he teased her right back, suggesting she print them out and hang them all over her studio to replace her drawings. They had fun imagining Greg's and Allison's reactions upon seeing them. Granted, Allison would likely have no problem with it, but Greg would almost surely ground them until they turned thirty-five.

In the afternoon, they sat on the couch in the front room and took turns giving each other shoulder massages. Brit wanted to do it without their shirts on, claiming that they had been naked so much with each other lately that there was no reason to be bashful any more. Jeff, however, insisted that they remain fully clothed. In spite of the fact that he still got excited every time he saw her nude body (or, more accurately, because of it), he felt a little uneasy about getting naked with her. He used the excuse that they didn't know when their parents would be coming home, which was a valid point.

Brit's hands on his shoulders felt so nice and relaxing that he began to drift off to sleep. She sensed his sleepiness and had him lay his head down on her lap. He was more than happy to take her up on her offer, and spread himself out on the couch.

He still lay there with his head cradled in Brit's lap when Greg and Allison arrived home. Allison immediately came over and knelt down beside the couch, putting her hand to his cheek.

"How are you feeling, Jeff?" she asked.

"I'm all right," he replied. "Just a little tired, that's all."

"Any headaches or dizziness?"

"I had a headache on Saturday while the girls were here, but Kari and Crystal and Brit all took good care of me. Brit makes a good nurse."

"See?" said Brit. "It was okay to leave me alone with him after all."

"Well then," said their father from across the room. "I guess there was no reason for me to be worried. Brit, I'm proud of you for being so mature."

"Thanks, Dad," she smiled.

"So Jeff, I take it you're not feeling up to helping me with the luggage?"

"No, I'm fine," he replied, then got up off of the couch and followed his father out to the van to retrieve the suitcases.

They ate a light dinner that night; there wasn't time to prepare anything fancy. At the dinner table, Brit told Greg and Allison about the incident with the headache on Saturday, conveniently leaving out certain details such as the fact that all the girls were naked. She gave it her usual flair, making it sound a lot more exciting than it really was.

Jeff found he enjoyed listening to her tell stories like that. Her excitement over relatively ordinary things was so cute. She had always been imaginative, seeing the world as an almost mystical place full of bright colors. He used to tease her about it, but now he felt almost envious, wishing he could see the world through her eyes. It seemed a wonderful place to live.

It was all a part of her childlike charm. She was so innocent, so imaginative, so affectionate. Despite the fact that she was growing up, she still retained a certain youthful character that was so adorable. How he had missed it all these years, he didn't know. All he knew was that it was impossible not to love her.

After dinner, they adjourned to the living room to watch television. Greg and Allison sat next to each other on the couch and Jeff took one of the easy chairs. Although there was room on the couch next to her father, Brit instead opted to sit on Jeff's lap.

"Hey!" he said as she plopped down on him with a giggle, but really he didn't mind it at all.

"Britney, dear," said Greg. "Don't you think maybe you're pestering Jeff a little too much?"

"You don't mind, do you big brother?" asked Brit.

"She's all right," Jeff said. "I owe her one for taking care of me this weekend."

Greg glanced at Allison, who merely shrugged. "Kids," she commented with an amused grin.

They watched TV for a couple of hours, then their parents sent them to bed. They had school in the morning, after all. Allison followed them up the stairs, then spent a few minutes in Brit's room talking with her. Meanwhile, Jeff stripped down to his boxer shorts and tee-shirt and climbed into bed, wondering if Brit planned to sleep naked with him again. She had said she wanted to do it every night, but maybe with Greg and Allison here, she would change her mind.

A few minutes later, Allison and Brit entered his bedroom through the bathroom. Brit had changed into her pajamas, and immediately climbed into bed with him. Allison bent down and gave each of them a kiss on the forehead. "Take care of each other," she told them, then turned off the light and disappeared through the door to the hall.

They waited until they heard her footsteps reach the bottom of the stairs, then Brit immediately threw the covers off and stood up. "Let's get naked," she whispered with a naughty grin.

Jeff laughed. So she was going to go through with it after all. Well, he wasn't about to argue with her. He did so enjoy feeling her nude body against his, despite the fact that they were siblings.

He watched her undress, growing excited at seeing her body exposed. For a thirteen-year-old girl, she had an absolutely stunning figure. It wasn't that she was overdeveloped for her age. In fact, she was really only about average. But there was something about the shape of her body that appealed to him.

He took off his own clothes, not even trying to hide his erection. They had a silent understanding about that; she knew he had no control over it whenever he saw her naked, and rarely commented about it except the occasional playful, teasing remark. It didn't bother her, and it didn't bother him.

She climbed into bed with him, pressing her hot little body up against him. He wrapped his arms around her to draw her in tightly, and drew up the covers over the top of them. They lay there in the darkness together until they drifted off to sleep.


He woke up in the middle of the night with an intense erection. For a moment, he lay there groggily, then as sleep drained away, he realized what was going on. He had rolled over onto his side, and Brit lay there beside him. She had curled up into the fetal position, and somehow had scooted down the bed so that her head was at the level of his crotch. He realized with both horror and excitement that she had her lips wrapped around his cock, and was sucking on it.

Jeff almost pulled away right there, but then he noticed that her eyes were closed, and other than the sucking motions of her mouth, she made no move. Was it possible that she was asleep? What kind of dream would she be having that involved sucking on his cock?

In one sense, it all looked very innocent. It reminded him of how she used to suck her thumb whenever she slept when she was a baby. Perhaps that was all this was. But it was certainly not innocent from his point of view.

"Brit," he whispered gently, to test if she was awake. She didn't answer. Then that was it. She was asleep.

It felt so good that he was tempted to let her keep sucking. But he couldn't do that to her, and besides, it was completely wrong. She was his sister after all. Slowly, so as not to wake her, he tried to pull out.

Brit made a sound of displeasure and sucked even harder. Jeff realized that he couldn't get away without waking her. That left an awkward dilemma; if he tried to stop her, she would wake up and realize what she had been doing. On the other hand, if she kept this up much longer, he wouldn't be able to hold himself back.

He tried again to pull away, but with the same result. Now he began to worry. If he didn't do something about it in a few minutes, he was liable to climax right in her mouth. In fact, he could feel the first stirrings of the buildup.

He tried a third time, but again she made that same sound and sucked harder, like a baby that didn't want its pacifier taken away. There was nothing he could do without waking her, and that would be the most horrible of all. If she realized what she was doing in her sleep, it would shame her terribly. She might even blame him for it, despite the fact that it wasn't his fault. What could he do?

It didn't take long before the intense sensation began its ascent to the peak. He was at a near panic as he felt the pleasure rising. How could he do this to his little sister? And yet, if he woke her while trying to pull away...

He clutched the bed tightly, trying to hold back the imminent explosion. But Brit continued to suck hungrily, sending waves of intense pleasure through him. He couldn't control himself. There was no hope. He realized that in a few seconds he would have an orgasm, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Even if he pulled out now, he would just end up squirting all over her face.

Brit, I'm sorry! he thought as he erupted in one of the most intense orgasms of his life, made even more so by how much he had tried to hold it back.

"Mm," Brit hummed, and continued sucking. He saw her throat contracting and realized with astonishment that she was swallowing, even in her sleep! Was that even possible? How could she not be aware of what was happening?

After it was all over, she continued to suck even as his cock went limp in her mouth. Somehow she had swallowed it all without spilling a single drop. He couldn't believe his luck; she still slept like a baby.

When he tried to pull away again, she reacted the same as she had before, so he decided to just wait a few minutes. His little sister was bound to go into a deeper sleep, or shift positions, or do something to change the situation in a few minutes, and then he would pull out. Now that he had had his orgasm, there was no more danger unless she woke on her own. With that comforting thought, he allowed himself to relax.


Unfortunately, relaxing meant falling asleep, and falling asleep with her lips wrapped around his cock meant erotic dreams. He awoke some time later with his dick as hard as it had ever been, and Brit was still sucking on it. The sight of her cute little face with her eyes closed and her pretty lips around him brought him back to a high state of arousal. He tried again to pull away, but it was a losing battle. Even now he felt the building of another orgasm, and in his exhaustion he didn't have the strength nor will to fight it.

Another unpleasant thought popped into his head. She had continued sucking even while he slept. What if she kept it up all night? What if, despite all of his efforts, she kept his dick in her mouth until the alarm went off in the morning?

He gave another effort to pull away, but Brit would have none of it. She kept him there, a prisoner in his own bed, and he couldn't hold back the next eruption.

He managed to keep from crying out, but for the second time that night he climaxed. There was nothing he could do to stop it, so he just let it happen, hoping that she would remain asleep just like last time. His cock throbbed inside her mouth over and over again, and she drank it down greedily. He felt terrible about doing this to her, but he was powerless to resist the pleasure of her mouth.

Afterward, he lay still, and she continued to suck. He was determined not to go to sleep this time until he had freed himself. If he could just stay awake until she stopped, he could pull out and turn over or scoot away from her. She need never know what had happened.

It was a good plan, but unfortunately in his post-orgasmic fatigue, he couldn't hold out. He felt sleepiness overcome him, and although he fought it, he eventually nodded off.


The third time came just before dawn. As before, he woke to the feeling of her lips wrapped around his hard cock. He couldn't believe she had been doing this all night, and that she hadn't awakened once during that time. After two intense orgasms, he thought he couldn't possibly be up for a third, but he felt so good like this, he thought he was going to scream. Brit could suck cock better in her sleep than most girls could awake!

He knew he couldn't last, and in truth, he didn't want to. Now that he had already committed the sin twice, he had no reason to go through with it one last time. And it would be the last time, because with the morning approaching, he couldn't afford to let it go any longer or she might wake up.

When he reached a climax, he didn't even try to hold back this time, but let it all out. As before, Brit drank it down greedily.

That was it. He had to put an end to it now. Waiting a few minutes to make sure she was still asleep, he ever so slowly pulled away. This time it worked. She let him go without a fuss, and in relief he turned over. A moment later he quietly slipped out of bed; at least now it was late enough that he might as well get up, so he headed into the bathroom to take a shower, despite the fact that he wasn't supposed to without Allison waiting outside the door.

As soon as he was out of the room, Brit opened her eyes, smiled, and licked her lips.


Jeff was concerned that Brit would discover what had happened and feel embarrassed, or worse, betrayed, but as they talked at the breakfast table that morning, she gave no indication that she knew what had happened. She didn't even mention anything about her dreams, so he figured she didn't remember them at all. He felt relieved at that, but at the same time, guilty about what he had done in the first place.

If you only knew what a horrible person your big brother is, he thought. He hated himself for not having more self-control. On the other hand, what man could possibly hold back when a beautiful little girl like Brit sucked him off? How could he have resisted her?

The most disturbing thought was the realization that he had actually committed an act of incest. Unwholesome feelings, flirting, and even nudity were mere steps toward an unnatural relationship with his sister. But now he had crossed over the line. She had actually performed oral sex on him!

He decided not to worry about it. There was no harm done; she didn't remember a thing, and he had made a simple mistake that he wouldn't make again. He had vowed never to take advantage of his little sister, and as long as he kept that vow firmly in mind, there would never be another incident like that again.

He met Kari at school that morning, and all the members of the volleyball team gave him a knowing grin. It was the smile of a shared secret, a naughty secret. Shelly asked if he was feeling better, and he told her he felt fine. All he had needed was a good night's sleep.

All during his classes, he kept thinking about what had happened between Brit and him last night. Not being a religious person, he didn't really believe he would be damned to hell for what he did; he was more concerned with the consequences in this life. But really, there weren't any consequences except his own guilty conscience. As long as Brit never learned what happened, it was all right.

In fact, once he put his guilt behind him, he realized it was one of the most erotic experiences of his entire life. It ranked right up there with losing his virginity to Rachael and the first time he made love to Kari. He knew he shouldn't feel that way, but having his little sister suck him off was something he would never forget.

When he picked Brit up after school and drove her home, he had a hard time facing her. His guilt was still too strong. They rode home in silence, but Brit kept glancing over at him in confusion. Jeff couldn't get that image out of his mind of her lips wrapped around his cock as she sucked him to orgasmic bliss. How could he have been so terrible as to do that to his innocent little sister?

As soon as they arrived home, he headed upstairs to his room and opened up his books to start on his homework. Better that than to have to face her and confess what he had done.

Unfortunately, he heard a knock on the door, and Brit entered his room.

"Jeff?" she asked sheepishly.

"Yes, Brit? What is it?"

"Um... are you mad at me for some reason?"

He glanced at her, meeting her gaze for the first time all day. She seemed worried, but her eyes still held love and trust.

That was enough for him. She still loved him, and that was all that mattered. As long as she continued to love her big brother, he could suppress the guilt and allow himself to love her back. He would never tell her what he had done to her, partly because he feared that she would stop loving him, but more because he feared that it would hurt her. If confessing his mistake would put things right, he would do it without hesitation, but in this case, it was better to keep it secret.

He held out his arms to her. The worried look on her face turned to a smile, and she skipped over to him and sat down on his lap.

"I'm not mad at you," he told her. "I'm just a little confused right now."

"Confused?" she asked.

"About my feelings toward you. I've always loved you and I always will. That's not in doubt. It's how I love you that I'm not sure of. It's a lot different than it was even just a month ago. We were still fighting back then, and I guess I loved you more out of obligation than anything else, because you're my sister. Now, I love you because I'm seeing you as a different girl, so affectionate and caring and sweet. I know you've offered to be more than a sister to me, and sometimes I'm tempted to take you up on that offer. But I also know we can't do that. You say you trust me, but I'm not so sure any more whether I trust myself."

"It's okay, Jeff," she said. "If you just want me to be your sister, I'm happy being your sister. I just want you to know that if there's anything I can do for you, anything at all, I want to do it. So you don't have to worry about hurting me, because there's nothing you can do to hurt me. As long as it makes you happy, I'll do anything for you."

He kissed her on the forehead. "I know, and I appreciate it. Let's just be brother and sister for now, okay?"

She snuggled up against him. "Okay, big brother," she smiled.

It was amazing how just a few brief words could make things all right again. She had managed to say exactly what he needed to hear. He knew now that even if she had awakened during the night, she wouldn't have been hurt or angry or afraid, because she just wanted to make him happy. Still, he had done something he shouldn't have, but in the end there was no harm done. He would never let it happen again, though.

By dinner time, they were good friends again. They laughed and joked just like they had been doing for the past couple of weeks, and there was no indication that there had been anything wrong between them at all.

When bedtime came along, they went up to their bedrooms. They sat together talking in Jeff's room while they waited a reasonable time to make sure their parents weren't planning on coming up to tuck them in, then Brit started to undress. Jeff wondered whether it might be wise to rethink sleeping in the buff together, but as soon as she removed her shirt and bra, he lost all resolve. How could any man resist a body like that?

They finished undressing and climbed into bed together. She too her usual place in his arms with her head resting on his chest.

Jeff lay awake for a long time, wondering if the same thing would happen tonight as happened last night. More importantly, he wondered what he would do if it did. He came to the conclusion that he would pull out even if it woke Brit. Better to have her wake and feel a little embarrassed than to ejaculate in her mouth three times again.


In the end, it didn't matter anyway, because the incident didn't happen. He merely slept peacefully straight through the night. He awoke in the morning to the sound of Allison calling Brit's name. He opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling for a minute. The room was just beginning to lighten as dawn approached. He glanced down at Brit, who was just beginning to stir. For a moment there he caressed her back. Then she opened her eyes.

"Brit!" Allison called again, and Brit sat up. The movement exposed her breasts to his view, and he stared at them. No matter how many times he saw her naked, he still found her extremely alluring.

Then he heard the creak of footsteps on the stairs. Allison was coming up to them.

"You'd better get back to your room," he whispered.

Brit's eyes suddenly grew wide. "I forgot to lock my door last night!" she breathed.

The footsteps reached the top of the stairs and began down the hall. Brit threw off the covers, but Jeff grabbed her by the arm. "Too late!" he whispered. "She'll hear you!" He glanced around for anything that could help them out of this predicament. He heard the footsteps just outside his door, passing and nearing Brit's.

He spied a couple of tee-shirts on his floor near the bed; his clothes always ended up on the floor despite the fact that he had a perfectly good hamper nearby. He quickly grabbed them and handed one to Brit. They hurriedly threw them on as they heard a knock on Brit's door, and then the sound of it opening.

"Brit? Where did you go?" Allison asked.

The children lay back down and Jeff drew up the covers, an instant before Allison's head came into view through the double bathroom door. Jeff hoped that she wouldn't notice that Brit was wearing one of his shirts.

Allison walked through the bathroom into Jeff's room.

"Oh, I forgot," she said. "Brit's been sleeping with you."

That wasn't exactly the best way to put it, but Jeff nodded, trying to make it seem like he hadn't picked up on the double meaning.

"Yeah, I'll be glad when the month is over," he said. "This bed really isn't big enough for both of us at once."

"I know, and I appreciate you both being willing to make the sacrifice. Especially you, Brit, because it's for your brother's sake. I know you two don't always get along, but you've been wonderful this past couple of weeks. Anyway, Brit, I made your favorite, banana pancakes for breakfast."

"Yummy!" Brit exclaimed. "I'll be down in a minute."

Allison nodded. "And Jeff, wait for me this morning before showering," she instructed.

"Fine," he shrugged.

"Good. I've got to go finish setting the table for breakfast, but I'll be back in a minute. Brit, stay in here with Jeff until I come back. Then you can take your shower."

"Okay," Brit grinned. Allison smiled and left the room.

As soon as she was gone, the kids burst out laughing in relief for the close call.

"Next time, make sure you lock your door," Jeff told her.

They took advantage of her absence to finish dressing in their nightclothes. Then they got back into bed to make it look like they had been in there the whole time. A couple of minutes later, Allison returned, and Brit skipped into the bathroom to shower.

Jeff lay back on the bed, and Allison sat down in the chair next to him. She didn't say anything, but she didn't have to. Jeff enjoyed just being this close to her. He smiled and closed his eyes, relaxing in her presence.

When it was his turn to shower, he got up and headed into the bathroom. As usual, he didn't lock the door, in case there was an emergency and Allison had to come in to help him. He stepped into the hot water of the shower and closed his eyes, relaxing in the warm spray.

He was still standing there with his eyes closed when he heard the shower door open. He opened his eyes and stared in shock at his stepmother, who was climbing into the tub wearing that tiny little bikini that he had seen her in a week ago.

"Allison!" he gasped, though in a whisper. She put a finger to her lips with a sly grin in a gesture of silence, then stepped in next to him until her breasts rubbed against his chest. He shuddered in delight at the touch, then again as his rapidly-hardening cock brushed against her crotch. She put her hands on his shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"You slept naked with your little sister last night, didn't you?" she asked.

"What? No!" he denied. "We--"

"Don't lie," Allison giggled. "She had one of your shirts on, and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Plus I could hear you two scuffling around as if trying to put on some clothes before I caught you."

"All right. We were naked. You're not going to tell Dad, are you?"

"That depends. Did you have sex with her?"

"No!" he exclaimed. That much at least was true.

"But you wanted to, didn't you?"

"Please, Allison. Leave me alone. I don't want to talk about this."

"Okay, you two can have your little secret. Next time make sure you lock both doors, okay?"

"So you're not going to tell Dad?"

"I don't know... As your stepmother, I should probably report this. But I don't feel very much like a stepmother right now. I think if you're really nice to me, I can keep quiet."

"You're going to blackmail me?" he gasped.

"I just want to spend some quality time with you," she replied, then kissed him on the cheek. "For starters, why don't you let me wash your back?"

"I thought you said we weren't going to do this?"

"I'm a woman. I'm allowed to change my mind," she giggled. "Ever since you got together with Rachael and me last week, I've given up on trying to pretend I don't have feelings for you. I've been looking for an opportunity to get you alone, and now I have it. Brit and Greg are downstairs eating. They'll be there for at least fifteen more minutes. That should give me enough time to get you off."

"Oh god!" he said. "You're serious? But what about your promise?"

"I only promised that I wouldn't let you see me naked," she said. "I never said I wouldn't give you a hand job." She slid one of her hands down his body and grasped his rock-hard dick.

Jeff was in ecstasy. While she had touched him there before, it had always been to supplement the stimulation from another girl, such as Kari or Rachael. Now it was Allison, and Allison alone, who was giving him this pleasure. He couldn't believe it!

"Does Brit ever do this to you?" she asked as she began pumping up and down.

"I... don't..." he stammered.

"Never mind. If you told me, it might spoil the fantasy. Just close your eyes and pretend it's her hand that's doing this. Or maybe her mouth," she added with a giggle. "I'll bet Brit would make a great little cocksucker if she had a little training. Maybe now that she's mastered kissing, that can be the next lesson."

Jeff groaned in pleasure. The words were driving him wild. Although he had already felt that sensation, it still aroused him to think about it.

"That's right, Jeff," said Allison. "Imagine your sister's sweet little lips wrapped around your dick. Imagine her bobbing up and down on it. Imagine her beautiful blue eyes staring up at you in adoration as she gives you the ultimate pleasure. Imagine her delight when you show her how good she's making you feel by cumming in her mouth. That's right, Jeff. Cum in your baby sister's mouth. Shoot it down her throat. Let her milk it for all it's worth. You know she wants it."

"Oh god!" he groaned. "I can't... I'm not..."

"Just let your feelings take over," Allison smiled. "Don't worry about the consequences. If it's what you want, then why deny yourself?"

"Please... I..."

He knew he didn't stand a chance, with Allison stroking his cock and thoughts of his sexy little sister running through his head. It was unfair to have this much temptation. How was he supposed to resist? No one would blame him for giving in.


"No!" he shouted, and opened his eyes. He found himself staring up at the ceiling in his bedroom. Allison sat nearby with a surprised look on her face. From the bathroom came the sound of the shower running. He stared around wildly for a second, then realized what had happened. He had fallen asleep, and the whole episode was just a dream.

"Are you all right?" Allison asked.

"Um... yeah," he said, blushing. "Just a nightmare. How long was I asleep?"

"Only about five minutes. What was your dream about?"

"I'd rather not say," he replied.

Allison shrugged. "That's all right. I have dreams sometimes too that I don't like to talk about."

Jeff relaxed. Just a dream. He knew exactly where it came from. It was the last vestiges of guilt that he felt for what he had done to Brit Sunday night. Allison's presence in the dream had merely been a result of her close proximity and him thinking about her when he drifted off to sleep.

He had called it a nightmare, but the truth was that it was one of the more pleasant dreams he had had in a while. The thought of Allison stroking him like that, while saying naughty things about his little sister...

Brit opened the bathroom door a few minutes later, this time fully dressed. She headed across to her own room, and Jeff took her place in the shower.

He was almost disappointed when Allison didn't try to sneak in with him.

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2011-03-17 16:48:33
i wish i had a little sister like Brit...... thanks Daddycums! though it surprised me that A.P. didn't write a comment on the last chapter... anyways thank you soooooooooooo much! your srories are the pinnacle of incest related stories as I get more stimulation reading these than watching porn! - The Fan

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2010-06-02 00:12:24
Jeff's dream, toward the end of this chapter, is the first use of the dream conceit in this book, unless I am mistaken. That being the case, it could have been used more, in past chapters, and would have softened some of the character inconsistencies.

The night between Jeff and her sister is very well done, and her nocturnal activities are red-hot. Brit knows what he wants better than he himself does, and she will give it to him, whether he likes it or not. Now let us hope this author knows how to keep the skillet over the heat. The romance between Britney and Jeff has been a long slow grind. We're getting to the good part. This would be a bad time for coitus interruptus.


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2010-04-27 22:29:15
That was intense with brit sucking jeff's cock throughout the night

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you mention "the pictures they took yesterday" but it was the previous saturday if I have the chronology. right? the 'yesterday,' for them, was the orgiastic volleyball practice.

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so hot,

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