Kari, Crystal, and Brit take care of Jeff.
Chapter 51
Jeff's Three Nurses

"Well I don't know about anyone else, but I'm up for a game of volleyball," Kari said.

"What?" asked Gwen. "We just showered."

"And some of us are already a little dirty," she replied. "Besides, the water's been off long enough that there should be enough hot water again."

"Well, I for one refuse to get back into my sweaty clothes," Rebecca said, and the rest of the girls agreed with her.

"Who said anything about clothes?" asked Kari with a wicked grin.

Everyone's eyes grew wide.

"You're not suggesting..." Laurie breathed.

"You realize, the back yard is completely closed off, and there aren't even any neighbors except down at the bottom of the hill. It's very private."

"You mean you want us to play volleyball naked?" asked Gwen.

"Exactly!" Kari laughed. "Come on. It will be fun." She glanced down at Jeff's manhood, that was beginning to rise again even after having been satisfied three times. "It looks like at least one person agrees with me," she said. "Everyone who wants to do it, raise your hand."

"Or some other appendage," Crystal giggled, glancing over at Jeff.

One by one, the hands went up until it was unanimous. Even Brit raised hers; she was one of the first, only beat out by Kari, Crystal, and himself.

"It's settled then," said Tracy. "Let's all go back outside."

"Wait a minute," said Shelly. "We've all just taken showers, so I don't think any of us is wearing sunblock."

"Good point," Tracy agreed. "Okay, girls. We'll meet outside in ten minutes."

"Jeff, would you mind rubbing the sunblock on me?" asked Crystal.

"Not a bit," he grinned.

"Me too?" asked Flor.

"I'll do it to anyone who wants me to," Jeff replied.

Several of the other girls accepted his offer enthusiastically. Not surprisingly, Gwen wasn't one of them.

"Hey Erica," she said. "Would you mind?"

"Yes I would!" Erica replied, trying to hide the grin on her face.

"You sure? I'll do you too."

"No thanks. I want Jeff to do me."

"I'll help you, Gwen," Kari offered. "As long as you do me afterward."

"You sure?" asked Gwen, though with a look of delight in her eyes. "Don't you want Jeff to rub the lotion on you?"

"I can have him do it any time."

Gwen agreed, and Jeff was treated to the sight of Kari and her rubbing each other all over their bodies. In the mean time, he found himself surrounded by naked girls who wanted him to put their hands all over them as well. He started with Crystal, rubbing the lotion into her back. She had wonderfully smooth skin, a product of her youth.

Not content to have him just cover her back, she made him do her front as well. That felt even nicer, especially when he squirted the lotion onto her small, developing breasts and rubbed it in. Although he had been having sex with her for close to a year now, he never grew tired of touching her.

He knelt down to work on her legs, making sure not to forget her lovely young thighs. She giggled as he ran his fingers over her down-covered pussy, but as much as he wanted to continue along those lines, there really wasn't time.

Once he finished and stood back up, she thanked him and gave him a hug. Then she headed over to Brit, who was watching from across the room.

"Feeling lonely?" Crystal asked her. "I'll rub lotion on you if you want."

"No thanks," Brit replied. "I can manage myself."

Kari and Gwen, by this time, were having a lot of fun. They were rubbing the sunblock into each other's skin at the same time, concentrating mainly on the naughty bits. Gwen was massaging Kari's boobs, while Kari had her hand between Gwen's legs. Jeff noticed Erica watching them with a surprising expression; he thought it almost looked like jealousy.

Now that he was finished with Crystal, he moved on to Flor. She had a gorgeous body, very soft and wonderful to the touch. It was too bad that she hadn't joined in the game earlier; she had beautiful lips that he would have loved to feel around his cock. Touching her like this was nice too, though.

After finishing her back, he asked her if she would like him to do her front as well, and she agreed. Jeff wasted no time, but immediately began to work the lotion into her magnificent chest. He massaged her breasts, noting that her nipples were hard when he ran his hands over them. That suggested that she was every bit as aroused as he was, but he didn't think it polite to mention it to her.

After Flor, he worked on Rebecca, then Laurie, then Jenny, and finally Shelly. The ten minutes had long since passed, but the girls were all having so much fun watching the proceedings that no one wanted to mention it.

After he finished with Shelly, he was the only one left without sunblock. Laurie suggested that since he was so nice to rub it on them, that they return the favor, so they began to put their hands all over him. He couldn't help grinning; it wasn't every day that half a dozen naked girls wanted to touch him like this.

Crystal, of course, made sure that she got to his cock before any of the others, She dribbled a healthy amount of lotion onto it and rubbed it in. It was probably more accurate to say that she stroked him, using the lotion as lubricant. He nearly had a fourth orgasm just from her hands.

After they finished rubbing lotion on each other, they headed out back to the volleyball court. Jeff took his seat at the net as the girls rearranged their positions to make a new rotation from that morning.

Jeff watched in delight as the girls played their game. Some of the girls were, frankly, quite bouncy. At first, most of the girls were a little timid without their clothes on, and there were quite a few bad serves and missed saves. As the game progressed, though, they got over their inhibitions and began to play competitively. Erica, in particular, was fun to watch. She had a surprisingly high jump, one of the reasons why her spike was so dangerous. Without her clothes on, it was a sight to behold indeed.

Even more amusing was when Rebecca went for a desperate save and did a face plant in the dirt. She stood up, the whole front of her body covered in sand. The girls all grinned and laughed as she brushed herself off. Of course, she got the last laugh when Tracy pointed out that the save had been successful and in fact had slipped over the net and scored her team a point.

Surprisingly, Jeff found himself more interested in Brit than in the rest of the girls. He thought her body was extremely beautiful for her age, and he just liked to watch her move. Maybe it was just that until recently he had thought of her as just a bratty little girl, and the novelty of thinking of her differently excited him. He had seen Kari's and Crystal's bodies plenty of times before, and while he enjoyed looking at the rest of the girls, he didn't really know any of them all that well and therefore seeing them nude gave him a more superficial excitement.

After half an hour, Tracy called a break, and everyone gathered around the water cooler for drinks. Some of the girls headed inside, either to use the bathroom or just to get out of the sun for a minute. Some of the others hit the volleyball back and forth with each other for practice.

Ten minutes later, Tracy called everyone back to the net. Jeff took one last drink of water and headed back to his spot at the net.

Suddenly, Jeff stumbled. He made it back to the lawn chair before collapsing onto it as a roaring pain pounded inside his head and he felt the world starting to spin.

"Jeff!" Kari exclaimed, noticing what had happened and rushing to his side. The other girls stopped their game and gathered around him.

"He's having one of his headaches," Jenny said. "I saw it in class the other day."

"Are you going to be all right, Jeff?" asked Erica.

"I'll be fine in about fifteen minutes," he mumbled.

"Well this heat sure isn't doing you any good," said Shelly. "Come on, Kari. Let's get him inside."

She bent down and put an arm around him, and Kari got on the other side and did the same. Carefully, they lifted him off the chair. He was able to stand on his feet; he was just too dizzy to keep himself upright. With his arms over the girls' shoulders, he allowed himself to be led to the house.

At any other time, he would have been overjoyed to have his arms around two naked girls as beautiful as Kari and Shelly, but he was in too much pain right now to enjoy it. He closed his eyes to block out the sunlight that only added to the discomfort of his head and focused just on putting one foot in front of the other.

They made it up the stairs to the deck and entered the house followed by the rest of the team, and the sudden coolness made him shiver.

"Just put me on Dad's bed," he said. "I don't think I'll make it upstairs to my own room." They navigated him into the bedroom and helped him onto the bed. He lay down and sighed, his eyes still closed.

"I've got some ibuprofen in my duffel bag," Shelly offered.

"Thanks," said Kari. "That should help take the edge off the pain."

Shelly left the room, but Brit entered to take her place. The other girls hovered outside, watching him with concerned faces.

"I'll be all right soon, really," he told them to help ease their anxiety. "It's just the side effects of a concussion."

"The doctor says he'll have these headaches on and off for about a month," Kari explained. "They last about fifteen minutes and then just disappear on their own. There's no reason to worry."

Just then, Shelly returned with a couple of pills and a glass of water. Kari and Brit climbed onto the bed, one on each side of him. They helped Jeff into a sitting position, and he downed the pills. Then they let him lie back down again.

"Let's give him some peace and quiet," Kari said. "Tracy, would you mind closing the door?"

"I guess you just want him all to yourself," Rebecca giggled.

"His sister's here to keep me from getting out of line," Kari replied.

"That didn't stop anything earlier today," said Jenny with a grin.

"All right, that's enough teasing. Can't you see that the man's in pain?" asked Tracy. She hustled the girls out the door, then stepped outside herself and closed it behind her.

Jeff suddenly found himself lying naked in bed with two beautiful women. Of course, he always enjoyed being like this with Kari, and lately he had started to have unnatural feelings for Brit. His cock, which had gone limp as soon as the pain hit him, began once more to swell.

Seeing it, Kari leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "This isn't just a ruse to get me by myself, is it?" she whispered, but loud enough for Brit to hear.

Brit giggled. "Looks like Rebecca was right," she said. "You're not going to start any nasty stuff, are you?"

"Why? Do you want to join in?" asked Kari with a grin.

"Ew!" she exclaimed in playful disgust.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to just rest here for a bit," Jeff murmured.

"Of course," said Kari, growing serious again. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't be joking at your expense."

"Oh, that's fine. I just wish I was in a better mood to appreciate that kind of joke."

"Well, if you're going to just lie there, do you mind if I do the same?" asked Kari. Without waiting for an answer, she moved in and lay her head down on his chest. Her warm body against him felt very nice.

"Me too?" asked Brit, and lay down on the opposite side.

Too weak to argue with her about what was and wasn't appropriate contact between them, Jeff just gave in and sighed. He wrapped his arms around the girls and relaxed. His headache was beginning to subside, to be replaced by the wonderful feeling of two naked bodies pressed against him.

A couple of minutes later, there came a knock at the door. Kari and Brit both jumped at the sound, hurriedly scooting away from him as if feeling guilty. Kari got off the bed and opened the door.

Tracy stood there, fully dressed.

"How's he doing?" she asked.

"Better," Kari responded.

"Good. The girls have all agreed that it's time we headed home. We're going to leave in about twenty minutes. Kari, you and Crystal are welcome to ride home with us."

"Maybe I should stay," she said. "I could call my Dad to come pick me up later."

"Go ahead and give him a call, and let us know what he says."

Kari hurried out of the room to use the phone in the hall.

"Jeff," said Tracy, "the girls are all worried about you. This is the second time you've had these headaches."

"It's been a lot more than that," he replied. "But don't worry. They'll be gone in a couple more weeks."

"Still, we've had a talk. Crystal told us about what happened, about you saving your sister's life and all. While I don't have a big brother personally, some of the other girls do. Let's just say not every one of the girls would expect their brothers to do the same thing for them that you did for Brit. You're really a great guy."

"Thanks," he said, pleased at the compliment. It had only been in the last year or so that he had begun to come out of his shell, so most girls didn't even know he existed, much less think highly of him.

"Anyway, because the girls think you're so sweet, if you don't mind, we'd like to be your guardian angels. If at any time during school you have another one of these episodes, you just find one of us and we'll take care of you, okay?"

"Really?" he asked.

"Absolutely. Besides, we take care of our own, and since you're Kari's boyfriend, we'll watch out for you too."

"Thanks," he said, forcing a weak smile. Tracy nodded and closed the door once again.

"Is your headache going away yet?" asked Brit.

"A little bit," he replied. Despite the pain, Jeff was feeling much better with his little sister there with him. There was something so soothing about her presence.

"Come here, Jeff," she said, then lay down again next to him and pulled him over on top of her, placing his head against her chest. It was just the opposite position from when she usually slept with him, but this way felt nice too, especially with them naked. With his head just under her chin, her breast cuddled against his neck, and his hard cock against her leg, there was something extremely wrong about the position, but he didn't have the strength to fight those feelings right now.

"Do you hear that?" she asked. Jeff didn't know what she meant, so he listened for a moment. There was the sound of her breathing and her heartbeat, but that was it.

"Do you hear my heart?" she asked again.

"Mm," Jeff acknowledged.

"I want you to listen to that heart and know that it's filled with love for you. My sweet, wonderful big brother who saved my life. I belong to you now, did you know that? Because I owe you my life. And the first part of me that I give to you is my heart. So keep listening to it and know that it belongs to you and no one else. Not Daddy, not even me. Only you. I love you so much."

Jeff smiled. She really did have the strangest imagination. But he sensed the love behind the words, and her tone of voice was so soothing. Headache or no headache, he felt he could just lie here forever and be happy.

"I love you too," he said, and though he couldn't see her face, he could almost sense her face lighting up with a smile.

"I love you three," she giggled.

"I love you four," he replied.

"I love you infinity."

"Yeah, well... I love you infinity plus one. So ha!" he said.

"There's no such thing!" she laughed. "So that means I win."

"Oh, good point. Well, how about a tie then? Because I love you infinity also."

She hugged him tightly to her. "I like that," she said. "I think our love should always be a tie."

"Me too," he smiled.

"I really meant it when I said I belong to you," she smiled. "You could ask me to do anything and I would do it."

"Anything?" he asked in a teasing voice.

"Anything. Beat me, whip me, abuse me, humiliate me, I don't care. As long as I know it makes you happy, I'll enjoy it."

"Do you know what makes me happiest of all?"


"Making you happy."

"Oh Jeff!" she grinned and hugged him again.

Just then, Kari opened the door and slipped into the room, still naked. Jeff wondered if she might get the wrong impression and have a fit of jealousy, but she simply climbed into the bed and snuggled up against his back, putting an arm around him.

"Dad says I can stay here for the rest of the day," she told him. "Just in case you have another spell."

"Did you tell him you were about to slip into bed naked with me?" he teased.

"Yeah, and he said it made him horny," she replied.

"Really?" Brit gasped.

"No, not really. You can be so gullible sometimes, Brit."

"That's not fair!"

"I for one think it's cute that you're so gullible," Jeff told her, and she grinned.

"Actually, it did feel kind of weird talking to my dad on the phone naked," Kari laughed.

"At least it wasn't in person," said Brit.

"Good point. So Jeff, is there anything you need? Anything I can get you?"

"No, I think I'm fine right now. I just need to rest, that's all."

"And your sister apparently makes a good pillow," Kari commented. "Maybe not as soft as me in places..."

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed, blushing, but she knew it was all in fun.

The three of them lay there together in silence for a few more minutes, Jeff just basking in the pleasure of the warm bodies lying next to him. His headache had just about faded entirely when there came another knock at the door. Crystal opened it this time and entered, still naked.

"The rest of the girls are leaving," she announced, "but I've decided to stay too. Is there room for one more on the bed?"

She didn't wait for an answer, but immediately hopped onto the bed behind Kari. She crawled right over all three of them and lay down on the other side, resting her head opposite Jeff on Brit's chest, and pressing her own chest into Brit's side.

"Ew!" complained Brit playfully. "Get off me!"

"What?" asked Crystal as if there was nothing wrong.

"Don't touch me like that."

"I'm not doing anything your brother isn't doing," Crystal said. "Now, you might have cause to complain if I did something like this." She suddenly grabbed Brit's breast.

Brit pushed her away, laughing. Crystal, however, wrapped her arms around Brit's neck.

"Stop attacking my sister," Jeff grinned, grabbing Crystal and trying to pull her away.

"So is your headache gone?" asked Kari.

"More or less," Jeff replied.

"Good. So you won't mind me trying to stop you from attacking my sister." She rose up and pounced on Jeff.

The four of them wrestled around together, Crystal and Brit locked together in a position that was suspiciously like an embrace, and Kari "accidentally" rubbing against Jeff's rock-hard manhood numerous times as they struggled.

It was really too bad that he couldn't keep wrestling with them, but the headaches always exhausted him. He called a time-out, and the girls stopped fighting. They all wore concerned expressions on their faces until he told them that he just needed to rest for a while. Brit and Kari lay down on their sides next to him, but Crystal, being the boldest, climbed right up on top of him and lay her head down on his chest.

"No fair," said Kari.

"Why not?" asked Crystal.

"Because he's my boyfriend, not yours. Switch places with me."

"Yeah, but I'm lighter. Jeff doesn't need someone as heavy as you on top of him."

"You know, she's got a point," Jeff said.

Kari giggled. "Okay, but you owe me one."

"Just one?" asked Jeff. "I was hoping for two or three."

"It's a deal," she smiled.

With the three girls completely surrounding him, he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feel of their bodies. Even Brit's seemed nice, although he would have to have a discussion with her about it later. It really wasn't appropriate for brothers and sisters to be naked together like this, even if it was just in fun.

Right now, though, he was too tired, and too relaxed for that matter, to worry about it. He could always talk to her about it later. He sighed and let himself drop off to sleep.


When he awoke, Kari was missing, Brit sat in the comfy chair across the room, and Crystal lay beside him. Brit had a book open in her hand and Crystal was asleep. Neither had bothered to put their clothes back on.

When his little sister saw him, she smiled. "So you decided to wake up finally," she commented.

"I wasn't asleep that long, was I?" he asked.

"It's after five."

"Oh," he said. "Another one of those long naps."

"Kari and Crystal were worried when they couldn't wake you, but I told them it's nothing unusual, especially after a bad headache like you had. Kari's in the kitchen making dinner."

"Thanks for looking after me," he said.

Crystal began to stir. She yawned, then glanced at him with a tired look on her face.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Jeff told her.

"You know, I could get used to waking up to your handsome face," Crystal grinned. "Tell Kari if she ever gets tired of you, I'll happily take you off her hands."

"It's good to know I have a backup," he teased. "I think I'll go see what Kari's up to, though." He sat up, then immediately lay back down again as his strength gave out.

"What's wrong?" Crystal asked, immediately concerned.

"Nothing, really. I'm just tired. Maybe I'll just lie here a little longer."

"Are you sure that's it?" asked Brit. "It's not a headache or dizziness?"

"It's all right," he replied. "I just don't have the strength to get up right now. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few minutes."

"You wouldn't lie to us, would you?" asked Crystal. "We're your nurses after all."

He grinned. "Oh, I see. You're the type of nurses that get naked with their patients apparently. I think I saw that in a movie once."

"That's us," Crystal grinned. "Although I might have to tell your dad that you've been watching the wrong kind of movie."

"What do you mean?" he asked innocently. "It was a documentary. I mean, it happens in real life after all. You three have proven it."

"Good point," Brit giggled.

"Let's try this again," he said, trying to sit up. It didn't work any better than the previous time.

"Jeff, this isn't normal," said Brit.

"I'm just tired," he insisted.

"Crystal, get Kari. We need to put him to bed."

"I'm already in bed," he protested as Crystal hurried out the door.

"Your own bed," Brit replied. "You shouldn't have exerted yourself today. I know it's kind of hard to control yourself when you're surrounded by naked girls, but you need to take it easy for the next few weeks."

"Yes mom," he teased.

"Jeff, I'm serious. I'd hate to see your condition worsen because you wore yourself out for no good reason. I don't like to see you hurt."

Jeff nodded. "You're right," he conceded. "And I appreciate it, Brit. Dad was right to leave me here with you."

"I'm just a nurse trying to take care of her patient," said Brit, blushing at the compliment.

Kari and Crystal reappeared in the doorway. Like the others, Kari had kept her clothes off too. She knelt down by the bed and put her hand to his forehead.

"I don't have a fever," he protested. "I'm just tired."

"This is my fault," said Kari. "I shouldn't have made you play all those stupid games today. I think we wore you out."

"That's exactly what I told him," Brit said. "Except I wasn't trying to blame you. Nobody knew this would happen, so there's no reason to take the blame for it."

"Thanks, Brit. Still, I feel a little guilty."

"It doesn't matter whose fault this is. I think we should get him up to his bedroom though. If we don't do it before you two leave, I won't be able to manage on my own."

"Good idea," Kari agreed. "Come on, Jeff." She came over and slid her arm under his shoulders. Crystal did the same from the other side, and the two of them helped him into a sitting position.

"Hey, I'm not that tired," he said, but in truth, he was enjoying the attention.

Between them they managed to get him to his feet. He had to admit he could barely stand, but propped up on Crystal and Kari, he was able to walk out the door and down the hall.

The stairs were a little tricky. He had to stop and rest for a few seconds on each step. Kari told Brit to run into the kitchen and turn off the stove; it would take them a while to get him up to the second floor.

Ten minutes later, he stood at the top, and Brit hurried ahead and opened his bedroom door. Kari and Crystal helped him down the hall and into the bedroom.

"Put his pillow up against the headboard," Kari told Brit. "He needs to sit up to eat dinner. We don't want him spilling it all over himself."

"If he did, I'd lick it off," Crystal volunteered with a naughty grin.

"Yeah, I know you would," Brit giggled.

They got him into bed in a sitting position, then Kari headed downstairs. Brit and Crystal climbed into bed and sat on either side of him.

"Are you going to be all right, Jeff?" asked Brit.

"I'll be fine. A nice dinner and a good night's sleep should do wonders for me. You guys are so sweet. And that goes for Kari too. I ought to hit my head more often if it means I get to have you three take care of me."

"I think he did it on purpose," Crystal told Brit.

"Hey, can you blame me?" he shrugged, playing along.

A couple of minutes later, Kari returned, carrying a tray with four bowls of soup. She placed the tray temporarily on his desk. "Chicken noodle," she said. "I made it from scratch."

"Killed the chicken yourself, did you?" asked Jeff.

"I even raised it," she replied. "And I planted the carrots and peppers and celery. You were asleep a really long time."

"Wow, all that work just for me," Jeff grinned.

"Actually, it was just for me. I happen to like homemade chicken noodle soup."

"Sounds delicious anyway."

There was only one tray, so the girls had to get off the bed. Brit brought in a chair from her room so that the three of them would have places to sit, and Kari passed out the soup.

It was every bit as good as Jeff had anticipated. As he ate, he could feel the strength coming back to his limbs. There was nothing like a good dose of healthy food to invigorate him after an exhausting day.

After dinner, Kari gathered up the bowls and took them downstairs to wash them. Then she returned, but was too late to claim a spot next to Jeff because the younger girls had taken their previous positions in the bed next to him.

"Brit, would you mind?" she asked. "I want to snuggle with my boyfriend for a while."

"Crystal, would you mind?" Brit asked as she climbed off the bed. "I want to snuggle with my big brother for a while."

"Yes I do mind," replied Crystal. "You can snuggle with him all you want after Kari and I leave."

Brit grinned. "Okay, at least I get him all to myself." She sat down in the chair next to the bed.

Kari scooted in next to Jeff and kissed him on the cheek. Jeff turned his head to give her access to his lips, and she took full advantage of it. Crystal leaned in from the other side and kissed him on the neck and shoulder.

"Wow," Brit commented. "I knew you two sometimes shared Jeff, but it's different actually seeing it."

"This is nothing," Crystal said. "It's too bad Jeff's not up to full strength, or we'd really give you a show."

"I'm up to full strength," Jeff insisted.

"No you're not," Kari replied. "As much as I'd like to, we can't risk it right now."

"You're no fun," he said. "So Crystal, how about you?"

"I'm sorry Jeff, but Kari's right," she answered. "You're just going to have to settle for a little kissing and groping."

"As long as I can grope you back," he grinned, sliding his arms around both of them and pinching their rears. Both girls jumped, then attacked him with their lips.

Jeff noticed Brit watching their horseplay with delight. He wondered what she was thinking right now. Was she just amused, or did she perhaps get any pleasure from seeing them like this. He knew Kari liked to watch; that was why she had let the other girls make use of him that afternoon. Was Brit the same way? Of course, the only man in the room was her brother, so maybe to her it was nothing but childish fun.

It was too bad it couldn't last, but Kari insisted that they calm down after about ten minutes. Jeff was getting too excited again. It was a shame, but when they helped him to lie down and then lay there with their bodies pressed up against his, he found that he enjoyed that just as much.

Oddly enough, in that rather provocative position they did nothing more than simply talk. Jeff had always found it easy to talk to Kari, and Crystal's teasing was always enjoyable. They spoke of nothing in particular, just holding a conversation the same as if they were sitting on the couch. To hear them, no one would think that they were actually lying naked together.

At about a quarter to seven, Kari sat back up.

"I think it's time for Crystal and me to get dressed," she suggested. "I asked my dad to pick us up about seven, and that's in fifteen minutes."

"Maybe we'd all better get dressed," Jeff suggested. "I don't think he'd be any more pleased to see me nude than to see you nude."

"You can if you want, but Nurse Kari says you should probably stay up here in your room anyway. If you went downstairs you would have no one to help you back up after we leave except Brit, and I don't think she could do it on her own."

"Good point."

Kari and Crystal headed downstairs to retrieve their clothes, leaving Jeff with Brit. "My turn," she said, then climbed onto the bed and lay down next to him.

Now was as good a time as any to bring up the subject of appropriate contact between them. "Brit," he said, "we need to talk."

"About what?" she asked.

"About being naked together."

"What about it?"

"Well... I'm not sure it's right."

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because brothers and sisters shouldn't see each other like that. And they especially shouldn't touch each other's bodies."

"What, you mean like this?" she asked with a grin, then poked him in the shoulder with one of her fingers.

"You know what I mean."

"Oh, is this one of those 'stop touching me' moments? I thought we outgrew that five years ago."

"Come on, Brit. I'm serious. There are... certain parts of our bodies that..."

"Is this the birds and the bees talk?" she asked. "I already know all about that stuff."

"Brit, stop joking about this. This is important. We've broken too many rules already, and I think maybe it's time we started following them."

"Whose rules?" asked Brit. "If I don't mind and you don't mind, then why should we follow somebody else's rules?"

Before Jeff could answer, Kari appeared in the doorway, carrying her clothes. "Crystal's downstairs getting dressed," she said. "She'll keep a look out for Dad and tell us when he gets here." She started putting her clothes on.

"Kari," said Brit. "Jeff and I are having a disagreement. Maybe you can help us out here."

"Sure," she said. "What do you need?"

"Before I tell you, I need to ask Jeff something. Jeff, should we let Kari decide?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'll promise to go by her decision if you promise too."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," Jeff replied.

"Just because you're afraid you might lose."

Jeff sighed. "Oh, all right. We'll let Kari decide."

"Okay," said Brit. "Kari, do you think there's anything wrong with a brother and sister being naked together?"

Kari laughed. "If I thought that, don't you think I would be doing something about it?"

"See?" said Brit.

"Fine," Jeff conceded. Actually, he was almost glad that Kari had decided against him. He felt he had at least made the effort to set things right, despite the fact that he wanted so very much for them to be wrong.

Five minutes later, Crystal appeared at the door, fully dressed. "Kari, Dad's here," she announced.

"Okay. Bye, Jeff." By this time Kari had finished dressing. She leaned over and kissed him. "Brit," she said, "you take care of him for us."

"I'll take care of him for me," Brit grinned.

"And if you need anything, you can call us, any time of day or night. Jeff, are you going to be all right?"

"I'll be fine as long as Brit stays here with me. Thanks, Kari."

"You're welcome. I'll see you Monday at school."

As Kari left the room, Brit snuggled up next to him and kissed him on the cheek. Despite the fact that his girlfriend had gone home, Jeff felt no regrets as long as Brit remained by his side. She was such a sweet girl.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Still really tired," he replied.

She rose up and leaned over him, her hair falling over the side of her face to brush against his cheek. These were the times when Jeff thought she looked the most beautiful, as she gazed down at him with that cute little smile.

"I love you," she said, then lowered her head and pressed her lips against his.

This time she didn't just give him a quick peck, but let it linger. Too tired to resist, Jeff let the wonderful feeling overcome him. He slid his arms around her waist, and she slipped on top of him, her warm body pressed against his. Something in the back of his mind said he shouldn't be doing this, but he ignored it. Right now, Brit was his.

Suddenly, she pulled back. "Wait, Jeff," she said. He immediately released her; if she wasn't ready for this he wouldn't rush her.

If she wasn't ready? What was he thinking? She would never be ready because it was absolutely wrong! Had he really just tried to seduce his own sister?

"I'm sorry," he said, embarrassed. He immediately took his arms off of her.

"It's okay," she replied, sliding off of him. "Look, we shouldn't do this."

"I know," he replied. "You're absolutely right."

"Jeff, you've had three orgasms today. The reason you're so tired is that you're exhausted, and probably even a little dehydrated. I'll bet that's why you had that headache. I want you to get a good night's sleep tonight, and then tomorrow I'll take care of you, okay? I promise."

Jeff stared at her. Was she really offering?

"Um..." he stammered. "I don't..."

"What?" she asked.

"Brit, are you really saying what I think you're saying? I mean, what are you talking about?"

"Sex," she replied frankly.

"Really?" he asked, astonished.

"Jeff, I told you I belong to you. You can do anything you want to me."

"I thought you were just saying that to make me feel better."

"I said it because it's true. Jeff, I could tell that you were getting excited there for a minute, and I know it's because of me, so that's something I can do to show you how much I love you."

"Brit, I'm sorry, but I don't want you to do that."

"You don't?" she asked, a little disappointed.

"I just got carried away there for a second. I lost control, like I did a couple of weeks ago in the shower. Remember that? Despite what Kari said, I don't think it's right for us to be in bed together like this. In fact, I think maybe we should put our clothes on now."

Brit turned away, a look of hurt in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she said. "This is really embarrassing. I just thought..."

"Oh, no, Brit. This wasn't your fault," he said, wrapping his arm around her again and holding her to his chest. "I'm the one who lost control. Look, you're a beautiful girl and I absolutely adore you. You know that, right?"

She glanced up at him with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"You can be so sweet sometimes," he continued, "and I'm flattered by your devotion, and that you're willing to give yourself to me to make me feel good. Sometimes I wish you weren't my sister, because then I could take you up on that offer. But I don't want you to feel obligated to do that for me, Brit. I mean, you're still a virgin, aren't you?"

She nodded.

"So your first time should be special," he said.

"You could make it special," Brit replied.

"Not if you're doing it just because you feel like it's some kind of duty. And don't forget the guilt. I mean, you're my sister. It might be nice just in the moment, but afterward we would have to live with the consequences."

"We wouldn't necessarily feel guilty," she insisted.

"I don't want to take that chance, Brit. Remember that talk we had last night? Some day the right boy will come along, and he'll be able to give you what I can't. Until then, it's all right if we hug and snuggle and sleep in the same bed, but we can't take it beyond that, okay?"

"Okay," she said.

"I'm going to need your help on this," he told her. "I've lost control a couple of times, and that scares me because I could end up hurting you. If you feel at all uncomfortable with what I'm doing, just tell me to stop and I will."

"I know you will," she smiled. "I trust you, Jeff. And I love you."

"I love you too."

They lay there together in each other's arms for a while, then Jeff decided he had been in bed long enough. With his strength back, he wanted to get out.

Brit insisted that he stay in his room at least, reminding him that she was still his nurse and he had to do what she said. Amused by her tone of voice, he conceded that point.

They got out a deck of cards to play some games. Jeff facetiously suggested strip poker, then immediately declared them both losers. So they settled on blackjack instead.

They kept their clothes off as they played; Jeff could have insisted that they at least put their pajamas on, but the truth was that he enjoyed the sight of his sister's body. By unspoken agreement, they remained nude.

An hour and a half later, Brit announced that it was nearing bed time. When Jeff complained that it was only eight-thirty, she reminded him once again that she was his nurse, and said that he needed to get to bed early. He grudgingly returned to his bed, this time pulling the covers up over him.

"I'm going to take a shower," Brit said.

"You're not supposed to leave me, remember?" Jeff replied.

"Well, why don't you come in to the bathroom with me? I know it's not a good idea if you get in the shower with me, but you can just sit beside the tub."

"Maybe I'd better not. Look, just leave the bathroom door open. If I need anything, I'll yell."

Brit shrugged. "I suppose that would be all right," she said. She headed into the bathroom.

The truth was that Jeff thought seeing her in the shower would be too much for him. He remembered the last time, with the water running down her hot little body, beads of moisture clinging to her skin... He had lost control then, and he was pretty sure he would lose control again.

He tried to get that image out of his head as he heard the water turn on. He could clearly see her in his mind, stepping into the tub, running her hands through her hair, rubbing soap all over her, running her hands over her body. He was getting excited by the thought of it, and growing hard between his legs.

A few minutes later he heard the water turn off, and Brit appeared in the doorway holding a towel. "Any problems while I was gone?" she asked as she began to dry herself off. He tried not to stare, but he really enjoyed the sight of her running the towel all over her body. Everything she did lately seemed quite sexy, especially with her nude like that.

"I'm fine," he said, trying to sound casual.

She hung the towel back on the rack, then plugged in the blow dryer. That brought back memories of Rachael, and he instantly had a mental image of Brit running the dryer all over her skin. Or perhaps, Jeff doing it to her like he had done with Rachael, but with not even a bikini to hide her from his view.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending upon how one looked at it, she merely dried her hair. Jeff continued to watch as she did so. She had her back to him, but she smiled at him in the mirror.

When she was all finished, she turned out the light in the bathroom and entered his room again. It was only then that he realized that he had forgotten to put any clothes on. He had intended to at least put on a pair of boxer shorts and insist that she wear something to cover herself as well, but now it looked like it was too late.

"Brit, I'm not sure we should be sleeping together tonight," he said.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, we're... I mean..."

"I thought we already established that it's okay. And we've been like this all day anyway."

"Still, I don't think it's right for us to be naked together all night."

"Oh, don't be so shy. I don't mind if you don't."

He was already hard from his fantasies about her, and the thought of waking up with this beautiful angel's body pressed up against his only served to fuel his desire. But she was still his sister, and he didn't know if it would be appropriate.

In the end, his more base instincts won out. "Hop in, Brit," he said. Her face lit up in a smile as she came over and drew the covers back. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of his hard member.

"Doesn't that thing ever rest?" she giggled. "If I didn't know any better, I would think I'm turning you on." She climbed into bed and took her usual position with her head on his chest. Her body felt so soft and warm against his. This time, he could feel every inch of her breasts nestled up against his side. There was no mistaking that her nipples were hard. She had her crotch against his leg, and he could feel everything there too. She put one of her legs over his, and he suspected she did it purposely so that her thigh brushed against his dick.

"Now see, that's not so bad," she said. "This feels good."

"It sure does," he agreed.

"It's settled, then. From now on, we do this every night."

"You mean... sleep together? Naked?"

"Yes," she replied. "If Dad or Allison insist on tucking us in, we can always take off our clothes after they leave."

"But Allison wakes us up every morning so she can wait in the bedroom while I take my shower."

"So just set your alarm clock ten minutes early and we'll get our pajamas on before she comes in."

Jeff considered that idea for a minute. It really didn't have any drawbacks except his own discomfort at the idea of sleeping nude with his little sister. But as long as they didn't do anything inappropriate, he figured it was okay.

"Well... oh, all right," he said. Brit grinned and gave him a hug.

As they lay in bed together, Jeff knew he had to ask her about that day.

"Brit?" he said tenderly. "When the girls made you... you know..."

"Suck you off?" Brit suggested helpfully.

"Yeah. I hope you weren't too humiliated or disgusted. I'm really sorry; I should have put a stop to it."

"Oh, don't worry," she replied. "I know that when boys get stimulated like that, they lose all control of themselves. And besides, it wasn't as bad as I expected."

"But I could have... you know."

"I know. That was the point, silly."

"You mean you wouldn't have minded?"

"I would have won the game, wouldn't I?"

"Well, yeah, but then you would have had to swallow it."

"It's okay Jeff, really. Just knowing that I was making you feel good would have made it all worth it. I love you, Jeff. I like to see you feeling good. And if I'm the cause of it, all the better."

"Brit, don't talk like that."

"Why, is it making you horny?" she teased.

"No!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm just kidding, Jeff. But don't worry about me. It really doesn't bother me at all, okay?"

"Just as long as we understand that this is the last time we do something like this, no matter what kinds of games Kari and Crystal want to play in the future."

"But I like those games," she insisted.

"I like them too, but... well... they've already led to some things that brothers and sisters shouldn't do together."

"Oh, come on, Jeff. We were just having fun."

"I don't think that's the kind of fun we should have together."

"Yeah, you're probably right," she conceded. "But let's not talk about that right now, okay? I just want to snuggle with you."

"Brit..." he began, but didn't know what to say.

"What?" she asked.

For a second he hesitated, then decided to let everything wait until the morning. Perhaps then he would have clear thoughts. "I love you," he said instead. "Good night."

"I love you too," she smiled. "Good night."

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Anyway, great stories, keep it up.

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