The pictures get naughtier.
Chapter 48
Art or Smut?

Kari and Crystal got permission to come over again on Sunday, to Jeff's delight. He hadn't had a chance to make love to either one of them on Saturday, and wanted another opportunity. Brit had insisted on sleeping with Jeff Saturday night, and although Rachael shared the bed as well, they had just cuddled, not had sex. In fact, with Brit there he insisted that they keep their clothes on.

In the morning, Rachael wanted to fuck him while Brit showered, but he knew there wouldn't be enough time, so he declined. To keep her from attacking him anyway, he had to promise to have sex with her later that day, though.

They were just finishing breakfast when Kari and Crystal arrived. The two Williams girls came into the dining room and sat down beside them.

"So what do you want to do today?" Kari asked.

"Fuck," Rachael replied.

Brit giggled. "Is that all you think about?" she asked.

"More or less."

"You can do that later," Kari told her. "I had something else in mind that I think would be fun. Brit, Crystal told me about the pictures you took yesterday. I was thinking maybe we should all go out to your studio and take some more."

"Ooh!" Rachael grinned. "Did Brit and Crystal take some smutty pictures?"

"Artistic pictures," Brit corrected with an authoritative air. "There's nothing smutty about nudity."

"Except that whenever I get nude, I want to get smutty," Rachael replied. "Come to think of it, I always want to get smutty."

Despite Rachael's apparent horniness, everyone agreed with Kari's idea. Jeff in particular was eager to get all of the girls naked. For some reason, that included Brit as well, a somewhat disturbing thought that he chose not to dwell on. Instead, he wondered whether they might end up taking some less innocent pictures after all. He would have no problem posing together with Kari, Crystal, or Rachael in various compromising positions.

The five of them slipped out the back door, descended the stairs, then headed across the lawn to Brit's art studio. As soon as they were all inside, most of the girls began to strip. Brit and Jeff stood there watching with a grin, but kept their clothes on.

"Are you going to get naked with us?" Rachael asked Jeff.

"There's no point. Brit said she didn't want to take any nude pictures of me," he explained, secretly hoping she would change her mind.

"Yeah, I wouldn't let Jeff in front of my camera if you paid me," Brit said.

"Well then, I guess that means these pictures are going to be pretty boring," Rachael said.

"What about you, Brit?" asked Crystal. "Aren't you going to pose?"

"I'm the photographer," she replied.

"We can take turns being the photographer," Kari suggested. "That way you wouldn't have to be left out of the fun."

"Oh, all right," she said, and slipped out her clothes as well.

"Can I go first?" asked Crystal as soon as Brit had shed the last of her raiment.

There were no objections, so Crystal sat down on the couch. They had left the backdrop, lights, and tripod in place from yesterday, so there was no need to move around any of the equipment.

Crystal first posed in a relaxed position, lying on her side on the couch facing the camera. She propped her head up on her fist, and bent the knee on her upper leg forward and down so that it just barely touched the cushion. Her free hand rested gently on her hip. It was a pretty classical pose, simple and elegant, the type one would expect to find in an art gallery rather than a dirty magazine.

For the second pose, Crystal lowered her head and rested it on her arm. Her hand went up to lazily run through her hair, pulling it back away from her face. Brit snapped this picture, then Crystal sat up.

She leaned to the side, draping her arm on the arm of the couch to prop herself up, while she bent her knees forward and rested them on the cushion in front of her.

For a thirteen-year-old, Crystal had a very beautiful body. Jeff watched with delight as she posed for the pictures. He could watch her all day like this. However, he had kind of hoped that the photoshoot would degenerate into something a little less innocent, and as she continued with these simple, demure poses, he found himself growing bored.

That didn't last long. Not surprisingly, it was Rachael who suggested something a little more intimate. She was even more impatient than him when it came to sex.

"Okay, how about some with Kari and Crystal together?" she suggested. The girls were happy to oblige her. Jeff gritted his teeth. He had hoped for something more than just some innocent nude photos, but this perhaps wasn't the best alternative. He had told the girls not to do any lesbian stuff in front of Brit, but he wasn't entirely sure they remembered that. The thought of the two Williams sisters together brought back memories of those pictures he had seen on his father's computer a couple of weeks earlier, with Allison and Lissa together. They had started out innocently enough, but soon had degraded into a full-on lesbian show.

He could always put his foot down if things got out of hand, he decided. He would let the girls have their fun, but not too much. Brit was still an impressionable little girl, and the last thing she needed was to be exposed to stuff like that.

To their credit, the girls behaved admirably. It turned out that he didn't have to jump in at all. The first picture had them just sitting on the couch next to each other, both staring straight forward into the camera. It seemed to emphasize the similarities between the two sisters, a symmetrical mirror image. Although Crystal's body wasn't as developed as Kari's, their faces were so alike that they could have been twins. Perhaps one day in the future, when they were old enough that the two years difference between their ages no longer mattered, they might look identical.

The second pose made Jeff a little uneasy. They moved in a little closer and each put an arm around the other's shoulders. Again, it would be just a simple picture of two sisters, the kind that one could find in any family photo album, were it not for the fact that they had no clothes on. Jeff noticed that the sides of their breasts just barely touched. He glanced over at Brit to see her reaction, but apparently the implications of the contact went completely over her head. That was one benefit of being so innocent, he decided. Because she didn't understand certain things, she could be unaffected by such sights.

Jeff, on the other hand, had no such benefit. Fortunately his cock had already stiffened as soon as the girls undressed, or it certainly would have given away his excitement.

He found the third pose surprisingly erotic. They still faced forward, but this time, they put their arms around each other's waists. Crystal lay her head on her big sister's shoulder, and both wore a peaceful, contented smile. Again it was just a tender moment between sisters, made naughty only by their lack of clothes. It was these almost-innocent poses that turned Jeff on the most. Though not explicit, it hinted at an underlying sapphic love that boiled just beneath the surface. For some reason that excited him even more than seeing them actually going down on each other. There wasn't much that two women could do to each other that Jeff hadn't already seen between Kari and Crystal, but this moment of tender love was more erotic than all of that combined.

He supposed it had something to do with the emotions involved. Maybe he was just a romantic at heart, but the actual physical act of sex was just an emotionless act of mutual pleasure. With the girls holding each other tenderly like this, it was like looking into their emotions, or even their very souls, where he could see just how much they cared for one another.

For the next pose, they knelt on the couch facing each other, their knees barely touching. They took each other's hands and gazed into each other's eyes. Once again, it was a tender look, a hint of romantic feelings between them but mostly just a quiet, peaceful, caring moment between sisters.

"Now let's see you hug," Brit suggested, and Jeff was shocked to hear her make the suggestion. Again, a hug between women was nothing dirty, but with them nude, it would be bare skin on bare skin.

Kari glanced over at him for a second as if to get confirmation that it was okay. Obviously she remembered the no-lesbian rule and wanted to make sure it was all right. Jeff thought about it for an instant, then nodded to tell her it was okay. He decided that he wouldn't veto any of Brit's suggestions; as long as she was calling the shots then whatever happened would not disturb her.

The two sisters rose up on their knees and wrapped their arms around each other. Their tits pressed together, then the rest of their bodies. Crystal ended up with her head closer to the camera than her big sister's, and Brit told her to lay it on Kari's shoulder and look directly into the camera. She did so, keeping that same content look on her face.

There was more sisterly love in that pose than lesbian lust, but it was still quite erotic. Jeff wondered just what was going through Brit's mind. Did she not understand the implications of their bodies touching like that? But then, she didn't already know that Kari and Crystal were lovers. Perhaps to her this was as innocent as it seemed on the surface. It was just two sisters showing their love for one another, and they just happened to be nude.

Once again he was reminded of that camping trip a couple of years ago when he had seen Allison and Lissa hugging like this at the swimming hole. He still didn't know what he thought about it. At first, he had suspected that they were lovers. But the way they acted toward each other in public suggested otherwise; they were just very affectionate toward one another. Perhaps two women could touch each other's bodies without it being anything sexual.

But then he had seen those racy vacation photos, in which Allison and Lissa had done just about everything imaginable to one another, and he began to wonder once again whether they weren't lovers after all. Either way, it didn't really bother him. In fact, the thought that they had been secretly engaging in lesbian sex behind everyone's backs excited him.

These photos with Kari and Crystal had much of the same ambiguous quality to them. While Jeff obviously thought of it in sexual terms, perhaps someone like Brit might not see anything sexual about two women touching each other's bodies. Was it a girl thing? He didn't know. Maybe he would ask Kari later in private.

Brit obviously went for the soft, loving, almost romantic poses, because in the next one, she had Kari sit at one end of the couch and Crystal lay her head in Kari's lap. Crystal lay on her side, facing away from her big sister, but Kari put a hand to the girl's forehead as if to brush away a stray strand of hair. Again Crystal gazed directly into the camera, while Kari smiled down at her sister.

They took one more picture together, and Jeff would have stepped in and put an end to it were it not for the fact that Brit suggested it. This time, both girls lay on the couch, Kari on her back and Crystal on top of her. The younger girl lay her head down on the older girl's chest, and Kari wrapped her arms around Crystal's back. Kari stared up at the ceiling, while Crystal closed her eyes as if asleep. Brit snapped the picture, and then the girls sat up again.

"That was fun!" Crystal grinned. "Do you want to take Kari's place and take some more pictures with me, Brit?"

"No!" Brit said, her face growing red. Apparently she at least understood enough to be embarrassed about posing together with Crystal.

"I've got some ideas for pictures," Kari said, "but they're going to have to break the rules."

"What rules?" asked Brit.

"Specifically the one about not letting Jeff in front of the camera. I think you should take some pictures of him and me together."

"Ooh, what kind of pictures?" Crystal teased.

"Basically just what you're thinking," Kari grinned.

"Come on, Brit," Rachael pleaded. "I'd love to see some pictures like that."

Brit pondered for a second. Finally, she gave in. "Okay," she conceded. "I guess just this once I can survive seeing him without his clothes on." Jeff could have pointed out that she had seen him without his clothes on plenty this weekend, especially yesterday morning, but decided that that would be pushing his luck. He was happy enough just getting to pose with Kari. He figured it wouldn't be long before the pictures crossed way over the line between art and smut.

He stripped off his clothes as all four girls watched. He felt a certain exhibitionistic pride at exposing himself in front of the girls, including his little sister. He especially liked the way all of their eyes lit up when he dropped his shorts and let his rapidly hardening member spring free.

"Very nice," Rachael commented. "Kari, since this was your idea, you direct."

"Okay. Jeff, come over here and sit down next to me on the couch."

Jeff sat down, and Kari sat next to him. She took his hand in hers, and they both smiled into the camera. Brit gave a few minor instructions to set the pose correctly, then snapped the picture. It was really just an innocent pose, despite the fact that they were both nude. Furthermore, there was no way to hide Jeff's erection.

"I've got a great idea for the next one," Brit grinned. She headed into the back of the room to search through the cupboards. She returned momentarily with a bunch of plastic grapes, part of a set of plastic fruit that she sometimes used to practice still life drawings.

She had Kari sit at one end of the couch, and told Jeff to lie down with his head in her lap. She handed Kari the grapes and had her hold them over Jeff's mouth. Kari lowered them so that Jeff could take the bottommost grape between his teeth.

"A new twist on an old classic," Rachael grinned as Brit snapped the picture.

As soon as she released the shutter, Crystal skipped over. She lifted Jeff's legs and squeezed under them onto the couch so that his buttocks now rested in her lap. She took hold of his cock and began to stroke it.

"Oh god!" he exclaimed from the unexpected pleasure. Brit giggled, but she didn't seem opposed to taking another photograph, this one just like before but with the addition of Crystal.

By this time, they had crossed way over the line from art into smut, so they made no pretense at keeping the pictures innocent. For the next one, Brit told Jeff to sit back up, between the two sisters. He did so, slipping his arms around their shoulders. Both of them grabbed his cock and stroked it in unison. Brit took the picture just like the others, with an "I know this is naughty but that's okay" grin on her face.

"No fair," Rachael complained. She hurried over and knelt in front of Jeff, then lowered her head and took him into her mouth. He found himself surrounded by three gorgeous girls, and getting pleasured by all of them at once. In this pose, Rachael's head covered the action from the camera's view, but there was something particularly erotic about that for some reason.

Brit took the picture, and Kari and Crystal released his cock. Rachael, however, continued to suck on him.

"Hey!" Kari grinned. "That's my boyfriend you're blowing."

Rachael lifted her head just long enough to say, "I don't mind sharing."

Jeff suspected that Kari was going to protest, but she surprised him by kneeling down beside Rachael. The older girl let his cock slip from her mouth, then the two of them ran their tongues all over the shaft.

They made sure not to block the camera, giving Brit a great view of the action. She snapped several pictures as the two girls went down on him, and he felt a certain exhibitionistic pleasure at being exposed like this to his little sister's eyes. She seemed to enjoy it as well.

He noticed that the girls' tongues often met and teased each other. Technically, that was probably against the no-lesbian rule, but it didn't seem to bother Brit. It was really just incidental contact after all. As long as she was okay with it, he decided not to worry about it.

After a few minutes, Rachael raised her head again. "You want a taste, Brit?" she asked.

"Ew, gross!" Brit exclaimed, blushing again. The other girls laughed; none of them had really expected her to agree.

"Well if she doesn't, I do," Crystal said. Rachael moved aside to let her kneel beside him. Crystal picked up where Rachael left off, licking his cock all over. Once again, the tongues of the two sisters occasionally met. That was nothing unusual; often when Kari, Crystal, and Jeff were alone together, they would end up in a similar position, and sometimes the two girls would get so turned on by each other's tongues that they would leave his cock completely and end up French kissing each other. This time they limited themselves to only the occasional brush of their tongues together, not enough to arouse any kind of suspicion.

As they licked him, they put their hands to good use, slipping them down between their legs and rubbing. During their usual get-togethers, the girls would stimulate each other, but this time they had to limit themselves to touching their own bodies. Jeff wondered what his little sister's reaction would be if the girls reached between each other's legs instead. He could imagine the disgusted or perhaps horror-struck look on Brit's face if she saw that. On the other hand, she had been fine so far with some touching between the girls, so maybe she wouldn't be as turned off as he thought.

"Okay, that's enough of that," Crystal suddenly said. "I can't wait any longer." She stood up, then stepped in front of Jeff, facing away from him but her legs straddling his lap. Kari noticed what she was doing, and took his cock in her hand to position it straight up. Crystal lowered herself, her pussy aimed straight for his upturned member. Kari helped to guide it to the right spot, and it slipped inside the girl's waiting cunt.

Jeff let her lead, not wanting to push too hard and possibly hurt her. She rose up and pressed back down a couple of times, going deeper each time until finally his cock was buried to the hilt inside of her.

"Take some more photos," Crystal told Brit. "Take some photos of me fucking your big brother."

Brit was happy to oblige her. As Crystal bounced up and down on him, Brit snapped away. Jeff reached up and placed his hands on Crystal's tits, fondling and massaging them. Crystal moaned in delight as he did so, keeping her legs spread wide so that Brit had a perfect view of his dick plunging deep inside of her.

They fucked like that for several minutes as the girls watched in delight. Jeff noticed both Rachael and Kari rubbing themselves, and even Brit was fidgeting as if wanting to follow their example. He noticed dampness between the legs of all of the girls, including Brit. Apparently she was getting aroused at the sight.

"Okay, Crystal, you've had your fun," said Kari. "Now I want a chance to fuck my boyfriend."

Crystal sighed, but she obediently climbed off of Jeff and stood aside. One of the rules that they had agreed upon when Jeff first began having sex with Crystal was that Kari could at any time tell Crystal to stop, and she would have to. Kari rarely wielded that power, mostly because she got off on watching the two of them fucking.

She took her little sister's place on Jeff's lap, and slid her pussy down onto his cock. Immediately she started to bounce up and down on it, and Jeff thrust upward to meet her. They got into a good rhythm as Brit photographed the obscene spectacle.

This was like a dream come true for Jeff. Here he was, in the presence of some of the most gorgeous girls he knew, fucking them one at a time. Even his sister's presence here enhanced the excitement. Her certainly classified her in the same group as the others, as far as looks went. Until recently, he hadn't really thought about it, but now he really did think she was beautiful.

After several more minutes with Kari riding him, Brit interrupted them. "Before you go too far, I want to take some pictures of Rachael doing it," she said.

Kari sighed. "I suppose I could veto that," she remarked, "but this may be the last chance for a while that Jeff gets to screw his aunt, so I guess I'll be nice." She rose up off Jeff, letting his cock slip out of her cunt. Rachael took her place, and in a few seconds she was riding him every bit as hard as Kari had.

She was a lot more vocal about it than the other girls, but then, she had never been particularly shy about sex.

"Who's your favorite aunt?" she demanded as she rode him.

"You are!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Damn right I am. And who's the girl who gave you your first ever fuck?"

"You are!" he repeated.

"And who's the girl with the sweetest, tightest, most perfect cunt in the whole world?"

Jeff was about to give the same answer as the one for the last two questions, then in a moment of clarity realized that there was a better answer.

"Kari is!" he exclaimed. Everyone laughed, and Kari dashed over to give him a kiss.

"Okay, not exactly what I was hoping for," Rachael said, "but I give you full credit for loyalty. You've got a good man here, Kari. If I were you, I would never let him go."

"I don't plan to," Kari smiled, kissing him again.

"On the other hand, since I'm not you, I suggest you do let him go. That way I can take him," Rachael added.

"Sorry, but I already have dibs," Crystal told her.

"Oh well," Rachael shrugged. "I guess I'll have to settle for the occasional fuck."

She started bouncing up and down even harder, driving him into a frenzy. His earlier apprehensions about not having much fun had disappeared completely, replaced by the excitement of what had become an orgy, with him as the main attraction. He had already had sex with three of the four girls today, not that he had much hope of doing it with the fourth.

The thought of actually having sex with little Britney, his adoring and adorable little sister, caused his pleasure to spike, and he knew that he could hold on no longer.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum!" he gasped.

"Hey, don't stain my couch!" Brit exclaimed. Rachael immediately climbed off of him, but before he had a chance to be too disappointed, she knelt down in front of him and took his dick in her mouth. She sucked him hard, as if trying to coax out his orgasm as soon as possible.

It worked. He cried out as he erupted into her mouth, and she swallowed it down eagerly. Through the haze of his pleasure he could hear the familiar click of the shutter button on Brit's camera, and realized that she was capturing the whole thing. It turned him on even more to know that she was not only watching him climax, but recording it. Perhaps it was the thought that she might look at the pictures again some day. She might even masturbate to them. The mental image of his little sister naked and alone with her legs spread wide and her hands rubbing between them as she stared at those pictures intensified his already intense orgasm.

Rachael made sure to milk every last drop out of him, sparing the couch. Jeff lay there exhausted for a few minutes, too tired to even sit up. Kari knelt down by his head and ran her hand through his hair, lovingly caressing him. She was always so sweet and tender after sex, and although she hadn't been the one to get him off this time, she still liked to give him simple little pleasures like that.

After several minutes, Jeff worked up the energy to sit back up again. Kari sat down on the couch on one side of him, and Crystal on the other, both wrapping their arms around him. Rachael continued to kneel in front of him.

"Say cheese!" Brit grinned, and the four of them smiled into the camera. She snapped the picture, which was the most spontaneous one she had taken so far, but fitting well with the staged ones.

"Okay, now let's see some photos with Jeff and Brit together," Rachael suggested.

"Um..." Jeff began to protest.

"What's wrong?" asked Brit.

"I... I just think maybe that's not such a good idea."

"Why not?"

"Well, because... I mean... some of the pictures we've taken so far have been a little... risqu?

"We're all naked, and you're worried about a little smut?" asked Rachael.

"It's not smut, it's art," Crystal grinned, imitating Brit's voice.

"Hey!" Brit laughed.

"Anyway, what if we promise we won't do any really naughty pictures?" Rachael suggested. "Besides, you just had an orgasm. There's a limit to how naughty you can get with your cock in that state anyway."

Jeff glanced at Brit. Rachael had a good point. So what if he posed nude with his little sister? They were nude already; it would just put them in front of the camera. Besides, after seeing those pictures of Kari and Crystal together, he realized that there were plenty of "innocent" poses that would feel very nice with Brit there with him.

"Okay fine," he said. Rachael and the Williams girls stood up, and Brit walked over to take their place on the couch.

"Can I take the pictures?" Crystal asked. "I've taken photos with this camera before, so I know how to operate it."

Brit nodded, so Crystal stepped behind the camera.

"You tell us how you'd like us to pose," Brit told her.

Crystal first had them sit side by site with their arms around each other's waists. Brit eagerly slipped her arm behind Jeff, who was a little reluctant but went ahead anyway. He decided that she was very nice to hold like that, especially without clothes on. Her soft, warm body felt very pleasant on his arm.

The next was the same, but with Brit's head on Jeff's shoulder. It was almost exactly the same pose as the one that Kari and Crystal had done earlier. Jeff leaned his head slightly to the side to rest it on his little sister's, and they both looked directly at the camera. He remembered the look on the girls' faces from the picture before and tried to mimic it, a kind of tranquil, relaxed half-smile. It wasn't hard; really all he had to do was think of how much he loved Brit, and it came naturally. After Crystal snapped the picture, he took a moment to look down at Brit's face, and saw the same expression there. He hoped it was because she was thinking the same thing as him, but of course there was no way to be sure.

For the next picture, Jeff scooted forward so that he sat on the edge of the cushion. That gave Brit room to kneel behind him. She rose up on her knees and leaned forward, pressing her chest against his back and slipping her arms around his neck in an embrace. He loved the feel of her body against his, especially her cute little breasts. They were so soft, he found himself wanting to take them in his hand and give them a good squeeze.

"Okay, now switch places," Crystal told them. "But don't kneel, Jeff. Just sit down and let her sit in your lap."

The thought of her naked little bum sitting on his cock was almost enough to bring it back to life. It was still too early for that though; after that amazing fuck with the three girls, he doubted he would be able to get hard again any time soon.

Brit sat down on him, and Crystal had her lean back against his chest. She told Jeff to put his arms around her tummy, and he held her there in a tender embrace. They held that position while Crystal snapped the picture, and even afterward, they continued to sit there in each other's arms for a bit longer than was strictly necessary.

Sitting this close to his little sister, he suddenly noticed something about her that he hadn't thought of before. Not only did she look nice and feel nice, but she also smelled nice. As far as he knew, she wasn't wearing any perfume, but there was a compelling aroma about her that was so enjoyable to take in. In fact, he found it strangely alluring. He wondered if it had to do with the fact that she had been getting aroused earlier, and that scent was like a female animal in heat, designed to attract a mate. Whatever it was, he really loved it.

Crystal suddenly grinned at them, and Jeff knew she had just come up with a wicked idea.

"What?" Brit asked her.

"For the next picture, Jeff, I want you to put your hands on her boobs," she said.

"Ew!" Brit exclaimed.

"Um... I'm not sure that's such a good idea," said Jeff.

"Oh, come on. We're just having fun here. Don't spoil it."

Jeff and Brit glanced at each other for a second. Despite her earlier protestations, the look in her eyes held no revulsion, just a sense of questioning, as if to ask him whether it was all right.

Something occurred to him then that he hadn't thought of earlier. He had a sudden image of his father, stepmother, and sister in a similar situation last summer, but on a sailboat rather than in a studio. They too had taken pictures, gradually moving from semi-innocent to extremely naughty. He had thought that it meant that Greg and Lissa had been having an affair, but now he could see that that wasn't necessarily true. Had they just had fun, like the four girls and Jeff were doing right now? That would actually be a relief; he didn't like the idea of his father and his sister in an incestuous relationship like that.

That gave him the motivation to continue right now. If he could touch Brit in a semi-sexual way and not have it lead to actual sex, then it would lend more credibility to the thought that Greg could do the same with Lissa.

Jeff slid his hands up his little sister's body and rested them on her breasts. Brit giggled at the contact.

"No, don't cover the nipples," said Crystal. "The whole point of the picture is to see everything. There, that's good, just like that." She hit the shutter button.

Jeff was about to remove his hands, but Crystal stopped him. "One more picture," she said. "Brit, tilt your head to the side. No, the other side. Jeff, look down at her neck. Doesn't it look so soft and beautiful? Wouldn't you like to kiss your little sister there?"

He certainly would! Holding her in his arms and staring down at her body, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her all over and have her do the same to him. She was such a gorgeous little thing, so sweet, so soft and warm...

Without thinking, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against her neck, right at the point where it met the shoulder. He knew from experience that Kari was especially sensitive there, and actually so was Rachael, come to think of it.

Brit giggled.

"Oh come on," Crystal told her. "You're spoiling it. This is supposed to be a romantic shot."

"Sorry," Brit said.

"I know," said Crystal. "Close your eyes. Pretend that Jeff isn't your annoying big brother, but your lover. All he wants is to make you feel good. He's warming you up so that he can worship your body all night. Now take a couple of deep breaths while you keep that thought in mind."

Brit breathed in, and Jeff could feel her body relaxing. She took a few more deep breaths, just like Crystal told her, and on the fourth one, Crystal snapped the picture.

"That is so erotic!" Kari commented, almost in a whisper.

Brit shivered. He could tell by the sound of her breathing and the heat of her body that she was really getting into this. Despite the fact that the picture was over, he continued to kiss her on the neck and shoulder.

"Now change positions again," Crystal ordered. "Jeff, sit on the couch. Brit, sit on his lap, facing him."

Brit stood up, and Jeff scooted his legs forward to place them on the floor. Brit tried to climb onto his lap, but had difficulty finding a place to put her legs. They worked it out by having him scoot all the way forward so he was just on the edge of the couch, then Brit straddled his waist and wrapped her legs around his back.

It was a good thing that he had just had an orgasm, because if he had an erection right now there would be no place to put it but straight up Brit's cunt. Even with him flaccid, he loved the feeling of her body against his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he placed his arms on her back to support her.

"I want to see you kiss, like you did this morning," Rachael told them.

"Ooh, were Jeff and Brit smooching?" Kari asked with delight.

"We were just... practicing," he insisted, realizing as he said it just how weak of an excuse it was.

"No need to explain yourself," Kari told him. "I find it incredibly hot. I want to see it."

Jeff glanced at Brit, who smiled and shrugged. She leaned in and puckering up. He took her up on that offer, letting his lips touch hers. As they kissed, Crystal moved the tripod to the side so that she could get them in profile. It was much better than just getting the back of Brit's head.

Jeff was in heaven. He loved to kiss his little sister like that; he didn't know why he had ever thought it would disgust him. There was something both pure and naughty about it, and he found the combination highly erotic.

Their bodies were responding too. Brit pressed herself tightly up against him, and he could feel her even start to rub her thigh against his in tiny, almost imperceptible motions.

Jeff let his lips leave hers and kissed her on the chin, then went lower, down to her neck.

"Oh Jeff!" she whispered, throwing her head back and pointing her face to the ceiling. Jeff worked his lips all over her neck and shoulder, even going as low as the collarbone. He wanted to go lower still, but there was still that little warning voice in the back of his mind. All this time, he heard Crystal snapping pictures.

"Put your hand on her boob, Jeff!" he head Crystal tell him. He lifted his hand and placed it on her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh god!" Brit exclaimed. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Suddenly her body bucked, her legs tightening around his waist and tremors running through her. He felt a sudden rush of dampness against his crotch, and knew in an instant what it was. In shock and delight, he realized that she had just had an orgasm!

After it was over, she leaned forward and lay her head against his chest, her face lit up in post-orgasmic bliss.

"Excellent!" Crystal grinned, and took one last picture. "I love that look on your face, Brit. So beautiful, so tranquil. Nothing like an orgasm to relax you."

Brit giggled.

"Geez, Brit!" Rachael exclaimed. "I wish I could climax as easily as you. What was it that set you off?"

She opened her eyes and stared at the people around her, he face growing red as if she had forgotten that they were there.

"Um... she stammered. "Well, it's just that Jeff's... um... his hair... well, it tickled my... my..."

"Clit?" Kari asked with a grin. Brit nodded.

"I'm going to have to remember that," Kari said.

Brit giggled again, then Jeff released her and she got up off of his lap.

Jeff glanced at the clock in the corner. "It's getting late," he said. "If Dad and Allison broke camp first thing in the morning, they could be home at any time."

"Wouldn't that be fun to have them walk in on us like this!" Rachael laughed.

"I'll bet you'd love that," Jeff told her. "You get off on danger."

"I get off on anything," she shrugged.


As it turned out, Greg and Allison didn't arrive home until later that evening. The five youngsters got dressed and spent the rest of the day playing more innocent games in the house until Kari and Crystal had to leave.

As soon as Greg and Allison walked in the door, Brit skipped over and hugged both of them, asking them how the camping trip went. Both of them seemed very happy as they told of their adventures.

It was getting close to bed time, so Allison took the children upstairs to tuck them in. She accompanied Brit into her room so that Jeff could get undressed in private. The two girls sat down on the bed next to each other.

"So how is it coming along with Jeff?" asked Allison.

"Oh, bit by bit. You know."

"Good. I take it you haven't slept with him yet."

"Every night," Brit grinned.

"No, I didn't mean it like that."

"I know. So the answer is no. We haven't gone that far yet."

"Jeff will come around eventually. You just have to be patient."

"I still can't believe you're actually encouraging this, Allison. Aren't you supposed to be outraged that I'm in love with my own brother?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm supposed to be. But I've never done things just because I'm supposed to."

Allison reached down and brushed away a strand of hair that had fallen across her stepdaughter's face.

"Brit," she said, "I want to thank you so much."

"What for?"

"For doing what I should have done a long time ago. All it took was a little nudge to get your father thinking."

"About what?"

"Last night he confessed his love to me."

Brit's face lit up with a smile. "Oh Allison!" she exclaimed, sitting up and throwing her arms around her stepmother. "I'm so happy for you!"

"Me too," Allison said. "So now I owe you one. And I know exactly how to repay you."

"How?" asked Brit.

Allison grinned at her. "I'm going to help you seduce your brother," she said.

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2010-06-11 00:46:22

You'll see in future chapters that Brit's lack of jealousy actually makes sense. She knows she has no chance of an exclusive relationship with Jeff, so as long as Kari and Crystal are willing to not only share but actively push Jeff closer to her, she's going to take them up on the offer. If anyone is acting illogically, it's Kari. She's the only one of the three who could be exclusive with Jeff if she really pushed for it.


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Brit's seduction of Jeff repeatedly takes one step forward and two steps back. That is why it is so frustrating. Would Brit really need all this help?

Allison and Greg have declared, and we know now that one of the steps back for Jeff and Brit served specifically to facilitate that declaration. The machinations become confusing, especially when the characters have to break out of their roles in order to accomplish them.

Brit, for instance. She has taken a step forward in her quest to seduce her brother, and to be seduced by him. In the company of three rivals. Where is her jealousy?

Then again, who cares?


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