Brit and Crystal take pictures.
Chapter 46
Dirty Pictures

While Jeff was having fun with Kari and Rachael, Crystal sat with Brit on the couch in her studio. The two of them had been talking for a while, letting the conversation drift from subject to subject, but purposely avoiding the topic of what was happening in the house.

Crystal would have been more than happy to talk about it, but if she planned to seduce Brit, she had to take things slow. Brit always got embarrassed whenever talking about sex, and the last thing Crystal wanted was to embarrass her. If she tried to push things, she might end up scaring off Brit.

Still, Crystal was getting anxious. It had been a couple of months now since she had come up with the idea of seducing her best friend, and she had made essentially zero progress toward that goal. Brit had no idea how sexy she was, even to other girls.

Crystal had one thing going for her, though. According to Jeff, Brit now knew about lesbians. That meant that she knew it was a different lifestyle, and not something horrifying and wrong. When Crystal finally did make her move, Brit would at least be able to frame it in some kind of context, and would therefore be less likely to be scared off by it.

After they had been talking for about an hour, Crystal decided to try her luck. She wondered if she could get her best friend to masturbate with her again.

"So does it bother you to know that your brother is getting his brains fucked out right now?" she asked.

Surprisingly, Brit giggled. "Does it bother you that your sister's the one doing it to him?"

"And don't forget about your aunt."

"Step-aunt," Brit corrected. "She's no relation to us, so it's okay."

"Yeah, but aren't you the least bit jealous?"

"Jealous?" Brit laughed. "Of who?"

"Kari and Rachael," said Crystal. "I mean, Jeff's a really good-looking guy, and I know what a great lover he is. Aren't you a little jealous that you're the only one in this house that he hasn't fucked?"

"No, he's my brother. Why would I want him to do that to me?"

"Do what to you?" Crystal teased. "Say it, Brit."

"Okay, fuck," said Brit with a nervous grin. "Satisfied?"

"So you don't want him to fuck you?"

"Of course not."

"Not even in your fantasies?"

"Well... I..."

"You can tell me, Brit," Crystal encouraged. "Look, if I had a brother, you can believe me that I would take full advantage of it every opportunity I got."

"Really?" asked Brit, astonished.

"Sure. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with just a sister, so I have to settle for her boyfriend instead."

Brit laughed.

"So tell me the truth. Have you ever fantasized about him?"

"Well... I don't know. This past week, Jeff's been so sweet to me, but up until last weekend, we couldn't stand each other. I mean, we love each other and everything, but we never really got along."

"I see. So things must have changed when we took a shower together."

"What do you mean?" asked Brit, blushing.

"He probably took one look at your body and decided he just had to get into your pants."

"You're gross!" Brit exclaimed, but with a laugh. She obviously knew Crystal was just teasing.

"Okay, so you don't fantasize about Jeff. Who do you fantasize about when you play with yourself?"

"Who do you fantasize about?" Brit countered.

"Jeff," Crystal replied.

"Oh yeah. Good point."

"But you have been playing with yourself, haven't you?"

"Um..." said Brit, growing red again.

"Come on, Brit. Tell me the truth. I'm your best friend."

"Okay," Brit sighed. "I've done it just a couple of times."

"And have you succeeded in having an orgasm?"

"I... well..."

"That means yes," Crystal grinned.

"I didn't say that!" Brit exclaimed.

"So have you?"

Brit nodded sheepishly.

Crystal nearly had an orgasm herself right there, with that mental image. To see Brit lying there naked, screaming in the throes of her climax... She suddenly realized that she could make her fantasy come true right here, right now, if she managed to do things right.

"Oh Brit, that's so wonderful!" she exclaimed.


"Well, I was a little worried about you. I remember last time we talked about it, it seemed to bother you that you had never had an orgasm. So did it feel nice?"

"Um... yeah," Brit replied.

"So tell me all about it."

"There's not much to tell. I mean, I know you've had an orgasm before. I saw it. So you know how it feels."

"You could always show me," said Crystal.

"I'm not going to show you!" Brit exclaimed.

"Come on. You've watched me do it. It's only fair that I get to watch you."


Crystal sighed. This wasn't going to be as easy as she had hoped. Brit was just too much of a prude.

"Okay. I can see it's embarrassing you," she said, "so we'll change the subject. Do you want to draw me again?"

Brit nodded, and Crystal could see she was relieved. Crystal almost always posed for her these days when she came over to visit, and Brit came up with the most imaginative drawings. If the two of them couldn't make love, at least this was an activity that they both enjoyed.

Brit stood up and headed back to her office to retrieve her art supplies. For a moment, she hesitated, glancing back at her friend. Crystal wondered what she was thinking.

"I have another idea," said Brit. "Is it okay if we take pictures this time?"

"Sure," Crystal smiled. "You're starting to get into photography too?"

"Well, Allison... Yeah. Photography."

"That sounds fun."

"Um... Crystal?"


"Would it be all right if... if you posed... nude?"

That both surprised and delighted Crystal. She would have never suspected that Brit would want to do that, the way she had been acting today.

"You want to take smutty pictures of me?" asked Crystal.

"Nude pictures," Brit clarified. "There's a difference between nude art and pornography."

"Sounds like you know all about it."

"Not really. That's just what Allison told me."

"Oh, so you've been taking nude pictures of her then?" Crystal teased.

She was shocked to see Brit nod. But if Allison had gotten naked with Brit, that meant...

That meant nothing. Crystal had seen paintings of naked women at the Museum of Art. She assumed that the models themselves had probably been nude, but that didn't mean that anything had gone on between them and the painters. Still, the thought that Brit and Allison might have done something naughty together thrilled her. Allison was a damn gorgeous woman, and Brit was such a cutie. To see them together...

It was just as well that she was going to take her clothes off, because she was beginning to feel warm. She slipped her tee-shirt off, then kicked off her shoes and leaned over to pull off her socks.

As she undressed, Brit retrieved her camera and tripod and began to set it up. Crystal noticed her stealing glances, and wondered if she was getting aroused. Unfortunately, it was more likely that she was just nervous to watch her friend undress. On the other hand, Brit was the one who had suggested it.

As soon as Crystal had finished disrobing, she gathered up her clothes and set them on one of the chairs out of the way. Then the two girls wheeled the background frame into place and covered it with a white sheet. Crystal then sat down on the couch.

Brit took a minute to adjust the tripod and camera while Crystal waited patiently. She was getting excited about this. Now Brit would have some naked pictures of her to ogle. She wondered whether the girl would actually look at them after taking them. Maybe Brit would masturbate to those images. The thought was driving Crystal crazy.

"We'll start out simple," said Brit. "Sit straight up in the couch, with your hands folded in your lap."

Crystal did as instructed. It wasn't a particularly erotic pose, just plain and ordinary. If not for her nudity, it wouldn't even be sexy at all. Still, this was just the first of a series of pictures.

Brit clicked the button on the camera. "Okay, now I want the same pose, but this time you should cross one leg over the other."

That's boring, thought Crystal. We should try some really exciting ones. She wondered if maybe she could get Brit to pose with her. That would certainly be fun. Nevertheless, she followed the instructions, and Brit snapped the next picture.

"Very nice," Brit commented.

"What, the pose or my body?" asked Crystal with a wink.

"The pose, of course. Why would I think your body's nice?"

"Hey, that's mean. Don't you think I have a nice body?"

"I'm a girl. I don't think like that."

"Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't think another girl's body is nice. For instance, I think you have a nice body."

"That's not something I want to hear right now," said Brit, but from the shy smile on her face, Crystal could tell she enjoyed the compliment.

"Whatever," Crystal shrugged. "Just remember, you're the one who wanted to take nude pictures of me."

"Okay, fine. You have a nice body. Satisfied?"

"Sure," Crystal smiled. "So what's next?"

This time, Brit had Crystal turn slightly to the side, then put her hands behind her head. She stepped in and helped arrange Crystal's hair so that it was thrown over one shoulder, and Crystal felt thrills running through her at the thought that Brit was actually touching her. Granted, it was mostly just her hair, but for just an instant Brit's hand brushed against her shoulder, almost causing her to jump.

Brit then headed back to the camera and looked at her for a couple of seconds.

"Put your head back slightly," she said. "Just a couple of inches. Good. Now take a deep breath and... um... stick out your chest."

"Why, to make my boobs look bigger?" Crystal teased. Both girls laughed at that, which had the unfortunate effect of throwing off the whole pose, so they had to start over.

Eventually they got it, though. Crystal imagined that it probably looked very sexy. She would have to take a look at the results of these pictures afterward.

The next picture was very similar, except that Brit had her throw her head back even more so that she faced almost straight up, with her eyes closed and her mouth open. It was almost like yawning and stretching after a good night's sleep. In fact, after Brit snapped the picture, Crystal did actually yawn.

She was having fun with this. Not only was it so deliciously naughty, but she was getting Brit to look at her naked body, which meant getting used to it. From now on, every time she came over, she planned to have Brit take some more nude photos of her.

Next Brit had her lie down, her head on the arm of the couch. She put one hand up to grasp the back of the couch and the other one leisurely draped on the floor. One of her legs lay straight while the other had the knee bent and pointed upward. It was a very relaxed-looking pose, very peaceful and serene.

"How about this one?" Crystal suggested next, then did the same pose except that she removed her hand from the back of the couch and placed it between her legs. She lifted her face to the sky and stuck her tongue out to lick her upper lip. It was more than a little erotic, she knew, but she wanted to test Brit's reaction.

"Why am I not surprised you're starting to get dirty?" Brit laughed, then took the picture. Taking that as a good sign, she decided to be bold and go for it. For the next picture, she sat back up and faced forward. She lifted her feet and spread her legs, exposing her pussy to the camera.

"Ew, gross!" Brit exclaimed, though with a grin on her face. "I can see everything!"

"That's the point," Crystal replied.

Brit hurried and snapped the picture so that Crystal would close up her legs. But Crystal, feeling bold, instead simply lowered her feet to the floor but kept her knees spread wide. She slid one hand down to her cunt and began to rub herself.

"What are you doing?" Brit demanded, growing red.

"Just keep taking pictures," Crystal told her. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the couch, continuing to stimulate herself. This would certainly give Brit some good photos to look through later! Once again she imagined her friend hidden away in the studio, flipping between pictures on her computer screen, always coming back to this set, her heart beating, her mouth dry, sweat glistening on her forehead as she let her fingers wander down between her legs to copy the motions of Crystal on the screen. Would Brit ever masturbate to these pictures? Probably not, but it made for a great fantasy.

Crystal was more than a little damp between the legs now as she ran her fingers over herself, rubbing at her clit and spreading her lips. She could hear Britney clicking the shutter, which made her feel even more aroused. That meant Brit had a permanent record of Crystal's naughtiness, that she could look at whenever she wanted. At least part of her fantasy would come true; even if Brit never looked at the pictures again, at least they would be there on the computer and available, in case she ever got the urge one night to come down here and flip through them.

You can have the real thing too, Brit, she thought, but didn't give voice to her fantasy. Patience was key. She had to take things slow.

That didn't mean she couldn't enjoy her own hands right now. She moved the free one up to her breast and massaged herself, pinching and pulling at the nipple. Her mouth opened in a moan as she pleasured herself for the camera, and for her best friend. Without her eyes open she couldn't see the expression on Brit's face, but she imagined the girl staring with barely-concealed sapphic lust. Maybe Brit was losing control right now. Maybe she would leave the camera behind and come over to the couch. Maybe she would kneel in front of Crystal, lean in, open her mouth, and...

"Oh god!" Crystal exclaimed as an intense orgasm racked her body. The thought of Brit tasting her like that had driven her wild with passion. She rubbed herself furiously as the orgasm hit, trying to draw it out as long as possible.

She could hear the click of the shutter on the camera as she lay there panting afterward, which meant that Brit had stayed back, unfortunately. Oh well. It was just a fantasy anyway; she hadn't really expected the girl to do any of those things. Still, the thought that she had been photographed right through the whole thing, including the climax, sent thrills of excitement through her.

She opened her eyes and found Brit staring at her with the smile of a shared secret on her lips. It seemed to say "I know what you did was naughty, but I won't tell anyone."

Crystal yawned. "An orgasm like that takes a lot out of a girl," she said.

"So tell me the truth," said Brit, "was this just a ploy to give you an excuse to play with yourself?"

"Of course not," Crystal replied. I'd rather play with you, she added mentally.

Then she got a sudden naughty idea. "Why don't we switch?" she asked.

"Switch?" said Brit. "You mean... you want to take nude pictures of me?"

"Sure," Crystal shrugged. "Come on. It will be fun."

"Okay," Brit grinned, surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea. Crystal grinned back with excited anticipation. She loved seeing Brit's body; it was so cute. She also knew from experience just how soft it was. She remembered how the two of them had slept naked together on the camping trip that summer, and how nice it felt to cuddle up against her. Crystal hadn't slept much that night; she had been too excited by the feel of her friend's young body against her own. Brit, on the other hand, no doubt thought nothing of it. They were both girls, after all, so there was nothing sexual in her mind about the position.

Crystal would soon cure her of that! The girl was too na? for her own good. Soon enough the two of them would make sweet, passionate love to each other.

She watched as Brit stripped out of her clothes, enjoying the sight as more and more of the girl's beautiful body came into view. Though it wasn't the first time she had seen it, she still liked the look of her perky little boobs and her nearly hairless little cunt. She tried not to stare; she didn't want Brit to feel uncomfortable.

Finally the girl stood before her completely nude, and Crystal had a wonderful, unobstructed view. With her hair hanging loose about her shoulders and a slightly nervous smile touching her lips, she looked like a teen goddess.

They agreed that Brit would go through the same series of poses as Crystal had. That suited Crystal just fine; although she had a few other ideas that would look extremely sexy, some of the ones that Crystal had done would be enough to fuel her fantasies for weeks to come.

At first Brit seemed a little nervous, but a few encouraging words from Crystal soon calmed her. Once she got into it, she grew more and more enthusiastic.

When they came to the pose with her hands behind her head and her chest thrust out, Crystal made sure to spend extra time positioning Brit. She helped straighten out her hair as it cascaded down over her shoulder and neck, "accidentally" brushing the back of her knuckle up against Brit's nipple as she did so. Brit tensed up momentarily at that, but after Crystal simply continued on without making a big deal of it, the girl relaxed.

Crystal also placed an arm on her back and another one on her front just below her breast, to push her back a little for the pose. It felt very nice to touch the girl's body like that, even if it wasn't anywhere particularly sexual. She was tempted to slide her hand up to Brit's boob; it looked so soft and inviting. Only the fear of scaring her off kept her from doing it.

After positioning her just right, Crystal snapped the picture, and Brit lowered her hands so that they could go on to the next one.

Brit absolutely refused to open her legs like Crystal had done on her last few poses, no matter how much Crystal pleaded. So she didn't get to photograph Brit's pussy. That was too bad; it really was one of the most beautiful cunts Crystal had ever seen, with its light-colored, almost nonexistent covering of hair and cute little outer lips. On the other hand, there were plenty of other possibilities for pictures.

"All right then," said Crystal, "lie down instead."

"What?" asked Brit.

"Lie down. We'll do it a little differently. Trust me, Brit, you'll love this."

Brit turned to her side and lay her head back, then put her feet up on the couch. It was too short for her to stretch out all the way on the cushions, so she placed her feet on the arm rest.

"No, bend your legs instead," Crystal suggested. Then, feeling a little bold, she came over and placed one hand under Brit's knees and the other on the shins. She noticed just how nice Brit's legs felt as she positioned them the way she wanted them, and she made sure to take plenty of time to get them just right. Brit gave an embarrassed giggle as Crystal maneuvered her.

She spread the girl's legs slightly with gentle but firm pressure on the knees, and even slipped her hands down inside her upper legs for a moment, staying purposely close to the knees so that Brit wouldn't get frightened off. No matter how much she wanted to slide them down until they met at that luscious delight between, she forced herself to stay within certain limits.

She realized, though, that she could do it vicariously through Brit herself. She took one of Brit's hands and brought it down between her legs, excited and thrilled by the thought that her own hand was momentarily separated from Brit's pussy only by the girl's hand.

"What are you doing?" asked Brit.

"I want you to play with yourself just like I did," Crystal explained.

"What, you mean in front of you? In front of the camera?"

"Exactly," Crystal grinned, and Brit blushed. "Oh come on," Crystal insisted. "No one's going to see these pictures but you. And you've played with yourself in front of me before."

"But that was before... well..."

"Before you had your first orgasm?"

Brit nodded.

"And what's wrong with having an orgasm?"

"I don't know. I just think that would be too embarrassing to do on camera."

"Just give it a try," Crystal insisted. "Look, I'll be here for moral support. And you can't argue that it won't feel good."

"Well... okay," Brit replied. "But I'm going to keep my eyes closed and pretend that the camera isn't there."

She closed her eyes and began to rub herself with the hand that Crystal had placed between her legs. The embarrassed smile that still lingered on her face gradually changed to one of pleasure. She opened her mouth slightly to take in heavier breaths, which for some reason Crystal found quite alluring. There was something about a girl's open mouth, especially with a smile of pleasure on it, that really excited her. Perhaps it was just the thought that the heavy breathing meant the girl was aroused. Perhaps it was because it brought visions of what could be placed between those lips, like a boy's dick, or a girl's tits or cunt.

One day I'll put my own cunt there, she thought. I'll have Brit lick me all up and down. I'll have her stick her tongue deep inside. I'll cum all over her face. And then I'll do the same for her.

She wasn't idle during this time, but snapped a picture every few seconds. She tried to time it so that it was always just after Brit had inhaled, when her chest was most full and her back slightly arched, when the pleasure was most obvious.

"That is so sexy," she said, then realized she shouldn't have. It might give Brit the wrong impression. Or the right impression. But she noticed that the smile on Brit's face widened a little, and wondered whether that meant it was actually turning her on to hear it.

She decided to experiment a little. "You've got the most gorgeous body," she said, and Brit smiled again. "It would be a shame not to take all these photos of it," Crystal continued. "Your body is just made to be photographed. It's too bad we're going to keep these pictures a secret, because the whole world should know what a beautiful body you have. You could be a professional model, you know that? You could pose for Lecher Magazine. I'll bet they would pay big money for pictures of you lying like that playing with yourself. Or with boys. Or with girls," she added, testing just how far she could go without turning Brit off.

Brit, however, seemed to be lost in her own world now, not paying attention to anything Crystal was saying. So Crystal decided to be a little more bold.

"I'll bet the boys would all love to fuck you," she said. "Imagine them sticking their big cocks up your cunt. Imagine them licking you all over your body, from your tits right down to your sweet little pussy. If I were a boy, I would spread your legs, put my head down between them, and shove my tongue right up inside. I'd slurp you all over your pussy, and nibble on your clit, and spread your cute little lips and lick you inside and out. I'd pleasure you with my mouth until you came all over me, then I'd lick it all up. I'll bet you have the sweetest pussy juice in the whole world. I'll bet it tastes just like honey. I'd eat you out every day, three or four or five times a day. Heck, I'm tempted to do it even though I'm a girl."

Brit giggled, but kept her eyes closed. No doubt she thought Crystal was just joking.

Crystal found that the words were turning herself on too. Even thought she had just come down off of an orgasm, she found herself excited beyond belief to be watching a naked Britney Primdale pleasuring herself. She wanted so much to just jump on the girl and make good her fantasies. She tried to think of some excuse, any excuse, to involve herself in the action.

"Do you want to practice kissing again?" she asked. The words just came out of her mouth before she could stop them. As soon as she spoke them, she realized just how awkward they sounded, considering the timing.

"Right now?" asked Brit.

It was too late to withdraw, so Crystal decided just to make the most of it. "Yes, right now. I'll bet it feels really nice to kiss someone while you touch yourself, even if it's another girl."

"But... well..."


Brit sighed. "Okay," she said.

Crystal's heart leaped in her chest. This was her opening! Today she would kiss her while she fondled herself. Maybe tomorrow they would lie in each other's arms while they played with themselves. And then maybe next time they would begin fondling each other. Soon they would make sweet, passionate love, bringing each other to new heights of pleasure. She would make Britney Primdale her little lesbian lover.

She left the camera and knelt down in front of the couch by Brit's head. She let her eyes run over the girl's body for a moment, wishing she could kiss her on more than just the lips. Brit had her mouth still open, an invitation for Crystal to use her tongue, which she was perfectly willing to do. For a moment, she thought of rising up and placing one of her tits in that mouth. That would be the most exquisite feeling, to have Brit suck on her nipple. But that would be going way too far. Brit would panic and push her away, and never speak to Crystal again.

Still, kissing her would be nice too. She leaned over and pressed her lips against Brit's.

Brit still seemed a little hesitant, at least at first. She still continued to play with herself, though, even when Crystal slipped her tongue into her mouth.

That's right, Britney, Crystal thought. Go ahead and get yourself off while I kiss you. Give in to your desires and let yourself have an orgasm. Maybe next time I'll do it for you. I'll give you pleasure like you never dreamed was possible.

She loved to kiss her friend like this. Though she had experimented a little with her older sister and found it quite enjoyable, there was something about seducing this inexperienced little girl that drove her crazy. Once Crystal had discovered the joy of lesbian sex, it was inevitable that she would want to share it with Brit. The two girls were best friends after all, and Brit was about the most gorgeous girl Crystal had ever seen. Plus she had a beautiful body, just right for playing with, or groping, or tasting.

Brit began to moan into Crystal's mouth, evidence of her arousal. It wouldn't be long now, and Crystal wanted to be there with her when she climaxed. She had never seen Brit have an orgasm before, and now she would get her chance.

It happened a couple of minutes later. Brit suddenly tensed up and gave out a long wail as Crystal continued to attack her lips with her own. That set off Crystal's own orgasm as she fantasized that maybe the kiss had something to do with it. Just the thought that she might have been the cause of the girl's pleasure excited her beyond belief.

Only after Brit collapsed back onto the couch panting did Crystal finally break the kiss. She stared at her friend, who lay there with a smile on her face and her eyes closed, exhausted from the intensity. The girl looked so beautiful, so innocent and yet so dirty at the same time.

Crystal couldn't help herself. She had to have Britney now. As the girl lay there panting from the exertion of her orgasm, Crystal reached out with one of her hands toward Brit's breast.

There came a knock at the door. Crystal immediately withdrew her hand, cursing the interruption but at the same time glad that it had stopped her. If she had gone any further, she might have destroyed her friendship with Brit.

"Who is it?" asked Brit, hurriedly reaching for her clothes.

"It's Jeff," came the reply.

"Come in," said Crystal with a grin on her face, wanting the see the reaction on his face when he walked in on them like that.

He opened the door and stepped into the room, wearing his bathrobe and a pair of sandals. As soon as he saw them naked in their compromising position, he suddenly froze, staring. Crystal was surprised to see that his eyes lingered more on Brit than on herself. Of course, he probably didn't get much opportunity to see his sister's body, so it was still new to him, while he had seen Crystal's plenty of times before.

"Um... what were you two doing?" he asked.

"We were just taking pictures!" Brit exclaimed, growing red.

"Of each other?"

Brit nodded.

"Nude pictures?"

"Why not?" she asked, defensively. "Allison says it's a perfectly legitimate genre of art; it's not necessarily pornography. She's even bought me a couple of books about it."

Jeff stared for a few seconds, as if trying to decide whether he believed her or not.

"It's true," Brit insisted.

"So Allison got you started on nude photography?" asked Jeff.

Surprisingly, Brit laughed. "I can see what you're thinking," she said with a grin on her face. "Yes, Allison posed for me. And no, I'm not going to show you those pictures."

"Maybe we could get Jeff to model for you," Crystal grinned.

"Yeah, if I want to break my camera," Brit said. "I don't think it could stand to see that."

"Probably die of pleasure when it sees my gorgeous manliness," Jeff retaliated.

"I know it almost happened to me the first time I laid eyes on him," Crystal added.

"No fair! Two against one," complained Brit. "Just because you've been having sex with him, now you have to take his side."

"I'm sorry, Brit," said Crystal. "I'm still your best friend. Do you want to kiss and make up?" she teased.

"No way, you pervert," Brit said.

"You can kiss and make up with me if you want," Jeff told Crystal.

"No, with you I want to kiss and make out."

He came over and sat down beside her, then leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Brit watched for a couple of seconds, then turned away. "Ew, gross!" she said.

Jeff pulled back. "Anyway," he said, "Kari and Rachael and I are planning on going swimming. I came here to ask you two if you wanted to swim with us too."

"I didn't bring a swimsuit," said Crystal.

Jeff grinned. "Exactly," he said. "You might as well join us; you're already dressed for it."

"But Jeff, you're not supposed to go swimming," said Brit.

"I'm not going to get in the pool. I'm just going to sit on the edge."

"So we can all see your gorgeous manliness?" asked Crystal.

"Right!" he laughed, then turned and headed outside. Brit and Crystal glanced at each other momentarily, and then together they burst out laughing.

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