Rachael, Brit, and Jeff play a game.
Chapter 44
Strip Poker

"Okay, you two, I've got some activities planned for this weekend," Rachael announced as soon as Greg and Allison had driven away from the house.

"I thought we were the ones who were supposed to come up with the activities," said Jeff.

"Oh, you'll like mine better. At least, I know you will. Brit, you probably will too. It depends on how far you're willing to go."

Jeff liked the sound of that. He could imagine the types of things Rachael might come up with.

"What kinds of activities?" he asked.

"Pretty much exactly what you're thinking," she replied with a sly wink.

"You two are disgusting!" Brit exclaimed. "Can't you keep your hands off of each other for two days? Let me guess. Tonight after supper you're going to send me to my room while you two have sex. Then tomorrow morning, you're going to send me to my room while you two have sex. Then tomorrow afternoon, you're going to send me to my room while you two have sex."

"Basically, yes," Rachael grinned.

"Aren't you afraid in his injured condition his brain will explode from all the sex?"

"Nobody's brain ever exploded from sex. Believe me, if it were possible it would have happened to me long ago. Besides, I don't want you to feel left out. I think you're old enough to join in."

Britney's eyes grew wide. "You're not serious!"

"How serious I am depends on how willing you are."

"You're sick!"

"In that case, I was just joking. Instead, we'll take things more slowly. I was thinking, tonight after dinner we'll play a game of strip poker."

"What? You mean... all three of us?"

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I'm sure you two would love to get naked together, but what about me?"

"I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. You just have to stop being so shy."

"I'm not shy!"

"Then it's settled."

Brit considered for a minute. "Okay, fine," she said.

"So let's hurry up and eat!" Jeff said enthusiastically.

Brit giggled. "Are you in a hurry to lose?" she taunted.

"I'll bet you'd like that," he replied. "I'll bet you're hoping I'll be the first one out."

"No way! You're such a pervert, Jeff."

"Hey, that's no fair," said Rachael. "I'm supposed to the be pervert here."

They made a light supper and sat down to eat. Jeff wasn't particularly hungry; he had slept all through lunch time, but eaten after he woke up just before Brit came home. Brit, of course, ate slowly, either out of nervousness for the game they would play later, or more likely, just to tease Jeff by prolonging it as much as possible.

It wasn't anything obvious of course, nothing that Jeff could point to and tell her not to do. That was the most frustrating part; he had to just sit there silently, or with the occasional vague "hurry up."

Eventually dinner did end, though. Brit headed upstairs to retrieve a deck of cards from her room, leaving Jeff and Rachael with a brief time to make out.

Once Brit returned, Rachael took the cards from her and shuffled them. "So here are the rules," she said. "The one with the worst hand has to take off an article of clothing. The others get to keep their clothes on. You're not allowed to put any clothes back on once we start the game."

"So we have to keep our clothes off for the rest of the game," Jeff nodded, but Rachael shook her head.

"Actually," she said, "I was thinking more like the rest of the weekend."

Brit's eyes grew wide. "You can't be serious!" she exclaimed.

"Of course I'm serious."

"You mean we're supposed to just run around naked all weekend?"


"No," Brit denied.

"Then what's the problem?"

"Fine," she said. "You're really perverted, Rachael."

"Guilty as charged," she grinned, then dealt the cards.

Jeff had never really understood the fascination of poker as a "strip" game. All the strategy of the game was in the betting, not the deal of the cards, which was mostly luck. So a good poker player had no advantage in variations where the money was taken out of it. But he wasn't going to point that out; he didn't want to spoil the fun, or worse, risk having them put the game away. Although he had seen Rachael nude all day, the sight of her body never grew old. And truth be told, he actually wanted to see Brit's again. It wasn't because of any sexual feelings toward her. He just thought she had a beautiful body.

He lost the first hand, which was fine. He had deliberately put on his jacket before they started the game, so he started pulling it off.

"Wait," said Rachael. "New rule. When you take off an article of clothing, you have to stand up and face the others."

Brit seemed about to protest, but Jeff shrugged, then rose to his feet and removed his coat, tossing it to the side. By that time it was too late for his sister to argue, so she kept quiet.

Rachael lost the second hand, but instead of removing one of her shoes, she took off her shirt. Both Jeff and Brit laughed at that. It was just like her. And since there were no rules as to which article to remove, it was perfectly fine.

Jeff and Brit kept mostly even for the next few hands, while Rachael lost a couple of extra. She of course removed her pants after her shirt, and only then began working on her shoes and socks. Jeff lost his belt and both of his shoes early, then Brit lost both shoes and a sock, then Jeff lost both his socks, then finally Brit lost her other sock. In the mean time, Rachael had lost both shoes and both socks.

On the next hand, Jeff was the loser. "This is why I don't gamble," he joked as he rose to his feet. "Because I always lose my shirt." The girls laughed at his joke, but he caught them both stealing glances at his bare chest after removing it. He didn't mind taking his shirt off, even though he wasn't allowed to put it back on again all weekend. Even if he lost all of his clothes, as long as the girls ended up topless he would be satisfied.

Now it was down to the fun part. If Brit lost again, she would have to take off her blouse, and if Rachael lost, she would take off her bra. Jeff only had to hold out a couple more rounds without losing, then he would get his wish. Of course, he only had two more pieces of clothing to take off, while Brit had four.

Rachael dealt the next hand. Jeff's hopes sank as he ended up with not even a pair. He kept the ace in his hand and asked for four new cards. His spirits rose when Rachael also took four and Brit took three. Jeff glanced down at his new hand, and almost sighed in relief. He now held a pair of Jacks, not the greatest hand but at least it had potential.

"Okay everyone, let's see 'em," Rachael grinned, laying her cards down. Brit had three fives, but Rachael had nothing. Jeff grinned.

"You seem particularly happy," Rachael commented, rising to her feet.

"This is the moment I've been waiting for," he replied.

"You hear that, Brit?" asked Rachael. "If you want to catch a man, Jeff's just given you a hint on how to do it. Apparently guys think it's sexy when girls take off their earrings."

Jeff opened his mouth and stared at her for a second, then closed it again. He hadn't even thought to look for jewelry.

Brit giggled for a second, then suddenly put her hands to her ears with a look of shock. "I forgot to wear earrings," she said, and Jeff laughed.

On the next hand, he ended up with a full house right off the deal. Rachael asked for two cards, and Brit asked for one. It wasn't the best sign, but he felt confident that his full house would at least save him from last place.

It did. Rachael had three fives, and Brit had a pair of threes and a pair of nines. They argued for a minute over whether two pair beat three of a kind, but fortunately Jeff remembered that they had a book of card games in the library. He went to retrieve it, then returned and scanned through it until he found the section on poker. As it turned out, three of a kind was better, so Brit had to take off her blouse.

Once again he had the chance to gaze at her figure. She was so cute, almost delicate. Her figure certainly couldn't compare to Rachael's, but it had its own youthful charm.

On the next deal, Jeff ended up with a pair of two's, the worst possible hand that actually counted for something. Since he was wearing only his pants and boxer shorts, that meant he would likely end up losing half his reserve. He was prepared for it, and in truth it didn't matter even if he lost everything as long as Rachael and Brit agreed to continue the game until there was a clear winner. That would mean that at least one of them would be nude all weekend as well.

Fortunately, Rachael came up empty-handed, with not even a pair. She stood and removed her other earring. Jeff looked her over to check for any other jewelry, but it didn't look like she wore any.

She caught him staring at her. "See?" Rachael said. "Jeff thinks I'm so sexy without my earrings that he can't keep his eyes off me. Just goes to prove my point."

Jeff laughed. A couple of years ago he might have blushed and tried to make up some excuse, but now he was feeling bold. "It has nothing to do with your earrings," he said. "I think you're sexy wearing anything. Or nothing," he added with a wink.

"Well then, maybe I should play to lose," she grinned.

"Would you two stop your flirting and get on with the game?" insisted Brit.

"Good idea," agreed Rachael. "Sounds like Brit's anxious to see one or both of us naked."

"That's not what I meant!" she said.

"Oh, you're anxious to get naked yourself?"

"Shut up."

Jeff and Rachael laughed. Rachael shuffled the cards, then dealt them. This time Jeff ended up with a pair of nines. He picked up another after asking for three cards. They all looked over their hand, then spread them out in front of them.

Brit had a pair of aces and Rachael had two pair. This time there was no arguing over whether two pair beat three of a kind, since it didn't matter anyway. Brit was the clear loser.

Jeff watched in excitement as she stood and unfastened her skirt. She let it drop to the ground, exposing her pretty legs and nice hips. She wore the cutest little white cotton panties with pink hearts dotted all over them. She hurriedly sat down.

"Sexy," Rachael commented.

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed, blushing and putting her hands in her lap to cover up.

"What? Don't be ashamed of your body, Brit. For a thirteen-year-old, you've got a great one."

"Never mind that."

Rachael shrugged and dealt the cards again. Jeff realized, they were all tied up again. Each of them had exactly two articles of clothing left. If his luck kept up, he might get both of the girls completely naked for the rest of the weekend. That would be a real treat.

His luck didn't hold up, however, at least for the next hand. He ended up with a pair of sevens, but Rachael had a pair of eights and Brit had a pair of Queens. Well, he was okay with that. He stood and dropped his pants, leaving only his boxer shorts. Seeing both of the girls in only their bras and panties had done its job; he couldn't hide the bulge in his shorts. It didn't bother him at all, since it was pretty much expected. Now they were all down to just their underwear, and while Jeff was at a disadvantage, fortunately none of the others had a clear advantage, so it was likely that they would both end up at least topless before the game finished.

"Let's take a break," Rachael suggested.

"Hey!" Jeff complained, a little too enthusiastically. Brit and Rachael both broke out into laughs.

"Looks like Jeff's getting eager to finish the game," said Brit with a grin. "I wonder why?"

"I just think he wants to see some tits," Rachael shrugged.

"Hey, I resent that," said Jeff. "I'm not that shallow. There's more to a girl than just her tits. I want to see a little pussy too."

Rachael stood up and headed into the kitchen. She returned with three cans of root beer, then handed two of them to Jeff and Brit. "I just thought we'd like a little refreshment," she explained. "Despite the fact that we're almost naked, I'm feeling kind of hot."

She pressed the cold can against her forehead for a second, then lowered it and pressed it against her chest between her breasts.

"Oh god," Jeff groaned at the sight, and Brit giggled.

"Better stop that," she told Rachael. "I don't think Jeff can handle much more of that."

"Good," Rachael winked.

The three of them drank their sodas, then dealt the cards again.

"New rule," Rachael announced.

"Why do I have the feeling this is going to be bad?" asked Brit.

"It's not bad. It's fun. The new rule is that the player with the second worst hand has to take off the article of clothing from the player with the worst."

Brit gasped, glancing over at Jeff. He wondered what that meant. Was she thinking about undressing him? Or him undressing her? Or maybe she was just looking to him to insist that they don't follow that rule.

If that was the case, she would be disappointed. He wasn't about to pass up this opportunity.

"Okay," he said.

Brit sighed. "Fine," she agreed.

So here it was. On this next hand, one of the three would have to lose something important. It was two chances to one that it would be one of the girls. And that meant she would have to be exposed to his eyes for the rest of the weekend. He grinned in anticipation as the cards were dealt.

That grin immediately fell from his face. He had nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Well, he still had a second chance. He kept the single King in his hand and asked for four cards. Rachael took three, and Brit also asked for four.

The new set didn't help him at all. He still had nothing. That meant he would be naked in front of the girls without them having to be naked themselves. He just had to hold on to the hope that they would continue the game with him out.

All three of them lay down their cards. Jeff gasped. Rachael had a pair of fours, but Brit didn't have anything either. It came down to her highest card being a Jack against Jeff's King.

"No!" she exclaimed, realizing that she had lost. Jeff couldn't contain his grin. She now had to expose her breasts to him. As he glanced again at the cards, he realized something else. He would have to take off her bra for her.

"That's not fair!" Brit said.

"What isn't fair?" asked Rachael.

"Well... I..." Brit stammered. "Why do I have to be the one to take my bra off first?"

"Because you lost," Jeff replied.

"But if I lose the next hand, I have to go completely naked."

"Then don't lose the next hand," he shrugged.

"Do it, Jeff!" Rachael grinned. Brit turned beet red, but reluctantly rose to her feet. Jeff stood up in front of her. He leaned in, feeling the heat of her body as he reached his arms behind her back. He remembered how nice it had felt to rub her back, especially with nothing between his hands and her skin. He made sure to let his hands rub against her a little as he unfastened the strap of her bra. Then he pulled it forward. He got only a glimpse of her cute little boobs as he removed the bra from her arms, then she immediately put her hands in front of her chest.

"Oh come on, Brit," Rachael insisted. "Don't cover yourself up. I told you that you have a great body. When you get a chance to expose it like this, you should take advantage of it."

"Don't tease her," said Jeff. "Remember, she's not allowed to put anything back on for the rest of the weekend, and she can't keep her arms in front of her the whole time."

"Good point," said Rachael. "Okay. Let's continue." She dealt out the next hand. Brit kept one hand in front of her as she picked up the cards with the other. This time Jeff had a pair of tens, a decent enough hand. He asked for three cards, but the three replacements didn't help him any. Brit asked for four, to Jeff's disappointment. It wasn't that he didn't want to see the rest of her, but if she lost this hand and Jeff lost the other, that meant Rachael would win without having to take off even her bra. Rachael, unfortunately, took only one new card.

Brit stared at her cards in frustration. That wasn't a good sign. He lay his cards down, signaling the others to do the same.

Brit had nothing, just a single ace. To everyone's shock, though, Rachael had done even worse. Her highest card was a king. The suits showed what had happened. Four of them were diamonds, while the fifth was a spade. She had gambled on a flush, and lost. It wasn't the smartest move to make, considering that second place in this variation of poker was just as good as first. On the other hand, maybe she had played to lose after all.

Jeff was ecstatic. Now it didn't matter how the game turned out. He was guaranteed to spend the weekend with a couple of topless beauties.

"I know it's not as sexy as taking off my earrings," Rachael teased, "but here we go." She rose to her feet, then turned to Brit. "You wouldn't mind helping me out of this, would you?" she asked coyly. Brit gritted her teeth but couldn't hide the grin on her face. It was a comical mixture of anger, embarrassment, and humor. Jeff would have loved to see Brit reach around Rachael in what would end up being a lot like a hug between the topless girls, but instead she walked around behind her. Still keeping a hand to her chest, she fumbled with the bra strap with her free hand. It took her a couple of seconds to get it loose, then she took one end and walked around Rachael pulling it off of her. When she was finished, Rachael took it from her hand. Unlike Brit, she made no attempt to cover herself. In fact, as Brit was sitting down again, Rachael tossed it onto Jeff's face, then put her hands behind her head. "What do you think?" she asked.

Jeff took the bra off of his face and held it in his hand, staring down at it. "I don't know," he commented. "It's really not my size."

Both girls laughed.

"It might fit Brit better though," he said, tossing it at her. Brit squealed, swatting it out of the air.

"Gross!" she said.

"Anyway, I wasn't talking about the bra," Rachael said. "I was talking about my tits."

"Those are my size," he said. "I think they would fit very nicely in my hands."

"Jeff!" Brit exclaimed, blushing.

"What's wrong?" asked Rachael. "You can put them in your hands too if you want."

"Yuck!" she said, then everyone laughed. Rachael sat down.

Once again, they were all tied, each with only one last garment to remove. It was time to start eliminating.

On the next hand he got a pair of fives, so traded in three cards. That added a pair of sevens as well, an acceptable hand. When they exposed their cards, it turned out that Brit had three fours while Rachael had only a pair of Queens.

"Looks like I lose. I hate that," Rachael said in a tone of voice that suggested that she most certainly did not hate it. She rose to her feet and stood in front of Jeff. "Looks like you get to do the honors," she said.

Jeff wasn't about to argue. He knelt in front of her, hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties, then dropped them to the floor. She stepped out of them, smiling.

"There," she said. "Much better. I hate wearing clothes, don't you?" she asked Brit.

"No!" Brit insisted.

"So now it's just down to you two."

"Maybe we should stop now," said Brit.

"Why?" asked Rachael. "Here's where it gets fun. The final showdown between brother and sister."

"That's exactly why. I don't want to play against just him. No matter who wins, one of us has to get naked."

"If you don't play, you forfeit," Rachael told her. "So what will it be? Play against Jeff, or take off your panties."

"Oh, all right!" she conceded. Rachael dealt out the last hand. Jeff ended up with a pair of threes. He asked for three cards, and got another three with it. That was a good hand. It looked like he was going to win after all, leaving Brit completely naked for the rest of the weekend.

Brit asked for three cards. That suggested she had a pair, but nothing more.

"I have you now!" he told her with a wicked grin. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Fine. Show me your cards then," she insisted.

He laid his cards down in front of him. "Three threes," he said.

She lay her cards down as well. He stared in shock. Four twos.

"I..." he stammered. "But..."

Brit giggled. "I win!" she exclaimed, momentarily forgetting herself and throwing her hands up in the air triumphantly. Then she realized what she was doing, and hurriedly covered herself, blushing.

"Okay," he laughed. "Although I suspect Rachael stacked the deck."

"Would I do that?" she asked innocently. "I mean, right out here in the open where I couldn't get away with it."

Jeff rose to his feet and faced his little sister.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

"You had the second worst hand."

"But that's not fair! There were only two of us!"

"Rules are rules, no matter how many people are playing."

Brit glanced over at Rachael, who merely shrugged. Seeing no help there, Brit sighed, then reached up with her hands and pulled his shorts down, letting his cock spring free. She giggled at the sight of it bouncing around for a second until it came to rest pointing straight out.

"See?" said Rachael. "You won after all, Brit. Although somehow I don't feel like a loser."

"Neither do I," Jeff agreed.

"Let me see," Rachael grinned, reaching out and taking his dick in her hand. Brit gasped.

"Nope," said Rachael. "You don't feel like a loser."

"Well, now that the game's over, what are we going to do now?" asked Jeff with a grin, hoping Rachael would get the hint.

"Let's get in the hot tub," she suggested. It wasn't what he had hoped, but it sounded nice too. Besides, he was sure she would be more than willing to have fun with him after Brit went to bed later.

"Okay," he agreed. "Coming, Brit?"

She shrugged. "I guess so," she said.

Jeff reached down and helped her to her feet. Now that the rest of them were nude, she seemed to lose her self-consciousness, and took her hands away from her chest. Jeff kept stealing glances as they headed down the stairs to the alcove.

Jeff and Rachael climbed into the hot tub, but Brit held back. Rachael scooted right up next to Jeff, and he put his arm around her shoulders. Normally he would be a little self-conscious about being so openly affectionate in front of his sister, but it sounded like she was already well aware of what was going to go on later tonight anyway, so there really was no point.

"Maybe I'd better go put on a swimsuit on," said Brit.

"You're not allowed," Rachael insisted. "Remember the rules. You're not allowed to put on any more clothes."

"Okay, what about changing into just bikini bottoms then?" she said.

"Nope," Rachael smiled. "If you want to get in, you've either got to get in with your panties, or take them off. And if you take them off, you're not allowed to put them back on again for the rest of the weekend.

"But then... that whole strip poker game was pointless!" she complained. "We're all going to end up naked anyway."

"Any game where everyone ends up naked is never pointless," Rachael laughed. "Now come on, Brit. Don't be shy. Just take them off. It's not like you're covering much anyway; we can already see your boobies."

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed, throwing her arms in front of her chest again.

Rachael shrugged. "You can either take your panties off yourself or I'll take them off for you," she grinned.

"Okay, fine," Brit conceded. She reached down and slid her underwear down to the floor, then stepped out of it. "Satisfied?" she asked.

"Not yet, but your big brother will take care of that later," said Rachael.

Jeff watched as she ascended the steps to the hot tub. She really had a gorgeous little cunt, with just a trace of hair around the lips. It reminded him of Crystal's, which was very cute. He loved to run his tongue all over it as she squealed and bucked her hips, and he especially loved to shove his dick deep inside it and shoot his cum into her womb. He wondered if Brit's would feel the same way.

He mentally scolded himself for thinking things like that.

She slipped into the water, which, conveniently enough, was just deep enough to come up to her breasts, leaving them exposed. Surprisingly, she scooted right up next to Jeff.

"You're certainly not shy tonight," Rachael commented.

"Actually, it's the best place to keep Jeff from staring at my boobs," Brit laughed.

Jeff decided to be a little bold, and put his arm around her shoulders as well. He figured at worst she would playfully complain and then scoot away from him where he really could stare at her boobs, and at best she would let him leave his arm there.

As it turned out, she simply scooted in closer and lay her head down on his shoulder. Jeff loved it, with two very beautiful and very naked girls right up next to him in the hot tub. The only way he could think of that it might be better would be if Kari and Crystal were there too.

"Remember the first time we did this?" Rachael asked Jeff.

"Do I ever!" he grinned. "You were flirting like crazy."

"It was your fault. You refused to attack me. I had to try everything I could think of to get you in bed."

"Um... maybe we shouldn't talk about this," he said.

"Oh, it doesn't bother me," said Brit. "Look, we might as well come right out and say it. You two are going to have sex later tonight, right?"

"Well... yes," Jeff replied. "That is, if it's okay with you, Rachael?"

"When is sex ever not okay with me?" Rachael laughed. "Brit's being very mature about this whole thing. Maybe we should let her watch."

"No thanks," Brit replied. "But you two go ahead and have fun."

"Maybe we should start the fun right now," Rachael grinned, reaching over and taking his cock in her hand.

"Hey!" Brit exclaimed. "If you're going to get nasty right here, I'm leaving."

Rachael withdrew her hand. "Sorry. We'll wait until later."

They soaked in the tub for a while, no longer talking but simply enjoying the warmth of the water and the softness of each other's bodies. Rachael deliberately rubbed her leg up against Jeff's, which felt nice. On the other side, he could feel Brit's leg pressed against his as well. For some reason he thought that felt extremely sexy. He stayed hard throughout the entire time they were in the tub.

About twenty minutes later, he could hear both of the girls breathing deeply, and realized that they had fallen asleep. He felt so relaxed, he probably would have fallen asleep too if not for the long nap he had taken that afternoon.

He let them sleep for another ten minutes, then decided that they had been in the tub long enough. He gently nudged Brit awake.

"Just a few more minutes, Jeff," she mumbled.

"It's getting late," he insisted. "You need to go to bed."

She yawned and opened her eyes. "I guess I'm going to have to sleep in my own bed tonight," she commented.

"If you wouldn't mind."

She smiled. "Okay," she said. "You two have fun."

"Thanks for being so understanding, Brit," he smiled. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"I'm not doing it for you," she teased. "I'm doing it out of self-defense. I know that when you get horny you lose all control of yourself. It's a good thing you've got Rachael to take care of you, or I wouldn't be safe."

"Oh really?" asked Rachael with a grin. "Is there a little incident I should know about?"

"She's just teasing," Jeff hurriedly said. "You know Brit. She likes to joke around like that."

Brit stood up and let the water run down her body for a few seconds. Jeff couldn't help staring at her. He loved her flat tummy and cute little pussy, just a couple of feet in front of him. He could just reach out and...

"Are you just going to stand there, or go to bed?" he asked her, to get that thought out of his mind.

"Yes, mommy," she replied, then stuck her tongue out at him. Lately, even little teasing gestures liked that seemed sexy when she did them.

She climbed out of the hot tub, then headed for the cupboard in the wall to retrieve a towel. He continued to watch her as she dried herself off. She really was a beautiful girl, especially without her clothes on.

As soon as she finished, she headed out of the alcove. As she stepped up onto the carpet, she turned her head and glanced over her shoulder at them. For some reason, he found that pose extremely erotic.

"And this is just the first night," she said. "I wonder what Rachael has in store for us the rest of the weekend."

"Don't worry," said Rachael. "You won't be disappointed."

"'Night, Jeff," smiled Brit, then crossed the room and climbed the stairs.

"Finally, some privacy," Jeff grinned, reaching out and squeezing one of Rachael's tits. She giggled. "Not yet," she said. "We don't want to get the hot tub all messy, do we?"

"Sure we do," he exclaimed with a grin.

"Let's wait until Brit's asleep, then we can go upstairs to your bed."

Jeff shrugged. "Fine," he said.

"So tell me the truth. Seeing her without her clothes on like that gets you horny, doesn't it."

"She's my sister!"

"We already had this discussion. I admit that seeing Allison without clothes gets me horny. What about you and Brit?"

He sighed. "Okay, I'll admit she's kind of sexy, for a girl that age. Satisfied?"

"So if she wasn't your sister, would you fuck her?"

"No, of course not!"

"Tell the truth, Jeff. You would, wouldn't you?"

"I guess I never really thought about it because she is my sister." That was a complete lie. Just a few minutes ago he had been fantasizing about her.

"Okay, I guess that's fair. Anyway, let's get out of the hot tub. That couch looks nice and comfortable. Just perfect for some heavy petting."

"Okay," he grinned.

They climbed out of the tub and dried each other off, making sure to rub up against each other as they did so. Then they headed over to the couch.

"Lie down," said Rachael. Jeff did so, and she knelt on the floor beside him, then reached out with one of her hands and grasped his cock. In return, he began to fondle her boobs.

"Let's give Brit an hour to get to sleep before we go up to your room," Rachael suggested, as she began to slowly stroke him.

"I don't think I'm going to last an hour if you keep doing that."

"Yes you will," she replied. "I know what I'm doing."

She kept it nice and slow, maintaining a steady, moderate level of pleasure. Any time he felt the tension rising, she recognized the signs and backed off. It was really a new experience for Jeff. Too many times he had been on a time limit when he had sex, and had to get it over with before one or more of their parents came home. That meant that the foreplay was designed to get the girl ready as quickly as possible. Rarely did he have the time to just relax and enjoy it like this.

He wasn't idle, though. His own hands worked over Rachael's breasts, squeezing and rubbing and pinching her nipples. After about ten minutes, she moved over him, placing one of her breasts over his lips as she rested her cheek against the back cushion of the couch. Jeff wasted no time, but took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

Over the course of the next hour, they switched position several times. Sometimes Rachael took his cock into her mouth, but she mostly just teased it with her tongue instead of sucking on it, not wanting to get him off too soon. Jeff reciprocated by licking her all over her beautiful, hairless pussy. He sucked on her clit until he felt her getting too excited, then let it go.

Mostly they just fondled and groped each other with their hands. They took turns lying on their chests on the couch while the other one massaged their back. They turned over to make it a front massage as well. Part of the time they just sat together and kissed each other.

Jeff found that he really liked this new way of making love. There was still the anticipation of sex, but this peaceful, relaxed intimacy was nice as well. Maybe he could get Kari to do it with him some time. She would probably be all for it, considering how much she liked to just lie in his arms afterward. She liked the closeness and intimacy sometimes even more than the sex itself.

Finally, the hour was over. Neither of them said a word, but Rachael took Jeff's hand and the two of them stood up. Together they quietly made their way up the stairs to the ground floor, then up again to the second floor. They headed down the hall toward the bedrooms.

"Shall we take the long way around again?" Rachael whispered. Jeff nodded.

It was just like before, and Jeff was surprised to realize that it was exciting him. He was beginning to understand Rachael's fascination with dangerous sex. Of course, it wasn't quite the same as before. This time if Brit woke, she would just laugh, tell them to get out of her room, and go back to sleep.

Rachael led him right past his own door and into Brit's bedroom, who lay there asleep, still naked and uncovered from the waist up. Jeff couldn't deny that he enjoyed seeing her nude body; he figured that was okay as long as he limited himself to just looking.

Rachael slid her hand down to Jeff's cock and took it in her hand. Rather than stroke it, though, she pulled on it gently, and he had no choice but to step forward. Leading him by the dick, she approached his sister's bed.

Jeff had a moment of panic. What was Rachael doing? Still holding on, she maneuvered Jeff to one side of the bed while she took the other side. He couldn't understand what her plan was until she leaned over across Brit and took him into her mouth.

Fear, excitement, and pleasure hit him all at once. Rachael was sucking him off right over the top of his little sister! What if she woke up and discovered them like this?

Using her mouth now instead of her hand, Rachael continued to maneuver Jeff, and he had no choice but to follow her lead. Any resistance might result in a struggle, which would either cause too much noise or end up with one of them falling on top of Brit, either of which would be disastrous. To his horror, Rachael positioned him right over Brit's head. In her sleep she had turned somewhat so that her head was right on the edge of the bed, which allowed Jeff to put his cock right over the top of it. And because she lay face up, she only needed to open her eyes in order to see it there, not six inches above her.

But Rachael wasn't done. Still sucking, she lowered her head, forcing Jeff to lower himself as well. Down they went, closer and closer to Brit's face. He realized that Rachel was maneuvering him right to his sister's lips!

In a panic he began to pull away, but Rachael played her trump card. She gently closed her teeth around the head, and Jeff knew that if he pulled away now, it would be very painful.

He could feel Brit's breath on his dick now. Just a couple more inches. Was that really Rachael's goal? And what if Brit awoke when she felt him touching her lips? And what if he had an orgasm and Rachael couldn't swallow it all?

Suddenly he felt Brit's lips on the underside of his cock. Though she didn't move, he realized that this was the equivalent of Brit kissing it. His baby sister, kissing his cock!

The thought brought him over the edge. He tried to stop it, but he couldn't. His cock twitched as he shot his load into Rachael's hungry mouth, and he thought that surely the motion would wake Brit. Again and again he spurt, one of the biggest orgasms in his life. He stared down at Rachael's mouth in horror, wondering which one would be the one that finally leaked out onto Brit's face.

But as the pleasure diminished, he realized that Rachael had managed to swallow everything after all, to his immense relief. His heartbeat, which he imagined was loud enough alone to wake his sister, began to slow. Only after she was sure she had milked every last drop out did Rachael release him, and he immediately stepped back.

"She's been such a good sport about all this," Rachael whispered. "She deserves something special. Here's your reward, Brit." Then she leaned down and kissed her right on the lips.

Jeff just about grabbed her right there to push her away. Only the knowledge that he would make too much noise held him back.

Rachael held that kiss for probably thirty seconds, then raised her head once again. Brit sighed and licked her lips, and Jeff had another moment of panic. But still she didn't wake.

"She liked that kiss," Rachael whispered. "Probably thinking of you. And now she's got a taste of you to help her sleep."

They headed through the bathroom into his bedroom, closing the door behind them to give themselves a little privacy. It wasn't that they wanted to keep their activities safe from Brit; she already knew what they were planning to do. But it wouldn't do to have her peeking in on them.

"You really are a perverted girl," Jeff grinned. "I sometimes can't believe the things you do."

"I hope you mean that in a good way."

"Oh, I do. Unfortunately, this time it cost you. After that blow job, I'm not up for more sex right now."

"That's okay; I know how this works. Remember last time? First I suck you off, then we sleep for a couple of hours, then you fuck my brains out."

"That works for me," he smiled, then the two of them climbed into bed. Rachael lay down in his arms and they let themselves drop off to sleep.

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CgfWUO Left on my site a link to this post. I think many people will be interested in it..!

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2011-03-17 12:11:29
daddycums...... THAT WAS AN AMAZING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my only regret about your srories is that i ended up having to take a shower because of a certain reason i may bore you with in the comment of your next story! - the new fan P.S the only bad rhing about this series jus like any other good story is that it (sadly) has an ending


2010-06-11 00:34:27

Trust me, Brit would have been happy with a bit of her brother's sperm, but alas, Jeff has this frustrating noble streak that makes him want to protect her, even from himself. I can promise you, though, that he will be cured of that eventually.


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By this time I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that Brit is a silly little tapioca head, like her sister, so I'm just rolling with it. Strip poker with your first love and the gold digger's slutty sister. Okay. No sweat. Awsom [sic], as another commenter has adroitly praised.

And as for the last scene? They should have saved a little bit of Jeff's sperm for his little sister's cunny. Would have made her coozie all slippery and pretty. Oh, well. Maybe next time.


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Although, it never said if Jeff got another card, so its hard to tell...

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