Greg and Allison finally realize how much they love each other.
Chapter 43
In Love At Last

When Brit arrived home, she immediately came over and sat down beside him on the couch, taking his hand in hers. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Just fine," he replied. "I had another long nap this afternoon, but no headache or dizziness. Thanks for your concern."

"I am concerned," she said. "I care for you, Jeff. And when you're not feeling well, it bothers me."

"I know," he smiled, putting an arm around her shoulders. "I'm so lucky to have a little sister like you."

She climbed up onto his lap and lay her head against his chest like she enjoyed doing. Jeff wrapped his arms around her. They sat like that for a few minutes until Rachael appeared in the hallway. "Oh, hi Brit," she greeted, coming over and sitting down beside them. "How was school?"

"Fine, except that I was worried about my big brother all day."

"Well, Jeff's doing great. We kept him in bed most of the time."

"Yeah, I'll bet you did," Brit giggled.

"You've got a dirty little mind," Rachael teased. "It wasn't like that at all." Then she winked and added, "Or was it?"

"Probably not. Allison would have kept things under control."

"Allison joined in."

"Oh yeah, right," laughed Brit. "Like I really believe that."

Rachael shrugged. "Suit yourself."

They continued to joke and tease for a while, and even Allison came in and joined in on the fun a few minutes later. Even with her insisting that everything Jeff and Rachael said was true, Brit still didn't believe it, but that was fine. In fact, they probably wouldn't have joked about if they thought she would.

Their teasing mellowed suddenly when Greg arrived home half an hour later, early from work. He wanted to get an early start so Allison and he could get the camp set up before dark and still have time to fix dinner. Fortunately, their bags were all packed; all they had to do was load them into the van. Despite Greg's insistence that Jeff not exert himself, Jeff helped him carry some of the equipment out. He was kind of anxious to get his dad out of there so that they could get on with the fun.

Of course, the fun would be limited until Brit went to bed, but that was all right. Rachael was nice to spend time with even with Brit there to keep them from jumping all over each other.

"Okay, we're going to leave you three now," said Greg as soon as they finished putting the last of the gear in the van. "This is your last chance. Is it still all right if just Allison and I go camping?"

"Go have fun," insisted Jeff.

"We'll see you when we get back," said Allison, kissing each of them on the cheek. Then she followed Greg out to the van. Rachael and the kids stood by the door watching and waving as they drove down the hill out of sight.


As Greg and Allison drove to their favorite campsite, he noticed that she kept staring at him with a smile on her face. It was a little disconcerting; she normally didn't act like that at all. If he didn't know better, he would say she was infatuated with him. Of course, that couldn't be true; they had been married for three years already, and he couldn't think of anything that had changed between them.

He wondered what kinds of thoughts ran through her mind. He never claimed to understand women; any man who did was a liar. So there really wasn't much point in trying to figure out her thoughts. Still, he couldn't help but speculate.

Maybe Rachael's presence had something to do with her mood. Rachael had already joined Allison and him in their lovemaking a couple of times that week. Perhaps Allison was merely recalling those incidents with fondness. Or perhaps just having her sister spending time with them had something to do with it. He knew that Allison and Lissa had become very good friends, and Lissa's departure couldn't have been good for Allison, so Rachael's presence helped to ease her loneliness.

On the other hand, maybe she was just glad that the two of them had this time alone together. With all of the preparations for getting Lissa off to college, things had been really busy that summer. Sure, they had gone camping and vacationed in Hawaii, but at least one of their children had joined them on each of those trips. Now, after all of the preparations had ended and Lissa had gone off to school, they finally had a quiet moment to be alone together, just husband and wife.

God, she's beautiful! he thought as he glanced over at her. At times like these, he remembered the first day he had met her. The rest of the family had changed around them, but even after three years, Allison continued to thrill him. The passion still burned just as brightly as on their wedding night. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to be married to a woman like Allison.

Eventually they reached the parking lot for the campground, and they climbed out of the van. They retrieved their tent and other equipment and headed back to the site. Though they had left late and it was already starting to get dark, they still had plenty of time to pitch the tent and prepare dinner. Allison moved in close and cuddled up next to him as they ate, keeping one arm around him throughout the meal.

He wondered what had gotten into her. She was always been fun to be around, but it seemed that she was acting a lot more affectionate tonight for some reason. Not that he minded, of course. She was very nice to cuddle with, even on a warm day like today.

After dinner they cleaned up the dishes and then sat down again. This time she sat right down in his lap, throwing one of her arms around his shoulder and smiling at him.

"Okay, what's up?" he asked with an amused smile.

"I'm just glad we get to spend this time alone together, and I'm trying to make the most of it."

"Suits me fine," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist.

They snuggled and talked for the longest time, just enjoying each other's company. The setting sun, though mostly hidden by the trees, turned the sky orange and bathed the campsite in warm colors. Greg sat there just gazing upon his wife's face, so close to his own and so beautiful. He thought she looked absolutely divine at these times with the last rays of sunlight illuminating her face and making her skin almost glow.

Soon, though, the dusk faded into night, and the lovely vision before him grew harder and harder to see. Still, as long as he could still feel her body against his own and knew that he would wake up to her face again in the morning, he had no cause to complain.

"You know what would feel really nice right now?" asked Allison.


"A late night dip in the pond. Do you want to go swimming with me?"

Greg smiled. It certainly sounded nice; it was a warm night, and he wouldn't mind lying out in the water staring up at the stars. Besides, he knew the kind of swimsuits Allison liked to wear when it was just the two of them together. An image of her standing there, dripping wet in the tiniest little pieces of fabric flashed through his mind.

"What's the matter?" asked Allison. "You're staring."

"Sorry," he replied. "I'm just imagining you in a bikini."

"Well, now imagine me in even less," she said. "Because that's what you're going to see."

"You mean..."

"Exactly. But to make it fair, you're going to have to do the same."

Greg considered. He hadn't been skinny dipping since... now that he thought of it, he had never been skinny dipping. The closest he had ever come was sitting naked with Allison in the hot tub back home. He wasn't sure if he liked the idea of being exposed to the world like that; there was no guarantee that someone wouldn't happen along and see him. Of course, the last two times they had been to this campsite, they had had it all to themselves, and especially now that the season was pretty much over, that meant even less chance of being spotted.

In the end, the thought of watching Allison frolicking nude in the water outweighed any bashfulness he felt. "All right," he agreed.

They slipped on their sandals, grabbed a couple of beach towels, and then headed down the trail toward the swimming hole. Greg carried the battery-powered camp lantern so that they had plenty of light to find their way, but because the moon was nearly full they really didn't need it. When they arrived at the swimming hole, he hung it on a convenient tree branch as Allison spread the towels on the sand.

They stripped down on the shore, and Greg watched with delight as Allison's body came into view. Though he got to see that sight almost every night, he never tired of it. As he watched the sexy and enticing movements of her body, he couldn't help but grow aroused. His excitement became all too obvious in a moment when he dropped his shorts and stood naked in front of her.

She glanced over at him and grinned. "I'll take that as a compliment," she smiled.

"Oh, it is," he told her. "It's just that you have an amazing body. How did a guy like me end up with such a perfect woman?"

"You just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And you had enough money to attract me."

"Oh gee, thanks," he said. "I was hoping for something more along the lines of--"

"I'm glad you turned out to be the one," she smiled.

"That's better," he replied.

"I know. I was just joking about the first part. Seriously Greg, I took a big risk when I married you for your money, but it turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. If tomorrow you were to lose your fortune and end up homeless on the streets, I would rather stay with you than find another millionaire to marry. The money no longer matters."

"You're really serious, aren't you?"

She strode over to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Greg held her to him, enjoying the feel of her body. But there was more to it than that, he realized. Sure, she was soft and warm and very nice to hold and cuddle with. Sure, she had a beautiful face and magnificent body. Sure, she was fantastic in bed. But somehow, she was much more than the sum of her parts. Whether he was having sex with her, holding a conversation with her, enjoying a dinner out with her, or just sitting at home watching TV with her, there was something comforting and pleasant about her very presence. It was like all of the fun times they had had together somehow came back when he was with her, as well as hints of fun times to come in the future. He had married her because she was quite literally the most beautiful woman he had ever met, and she really knew how to make him feel good. He hadn't thought much beyond the thrill and excitement of the promise of years of great sex with her. But now he realized that in thirty or forty years when her beauty had faded and all those good times were behind them, he would be just as happy with her as he was now.

What did that mean? Certainly he hadn't felt that way when they first met. Either she had changed, or he had. Or perhaps both. There was a word that he was hesitant to use, because he wasn't sure whether it was true or not. After all, maybe she didn't feel the same way about him as he felt about her. Could those feelings work one way and not the other? Could that word really describe what they had between them?

That word, of course, was love.

Brit had been the first to bring it up. He hadn't really given it much thought until that conversation a couple of days ago, but now he couldn't get it out of his mind. Maybe during this past couple of years, with all the fun he had had with Allison, with everything they had shared, somehow Greg Primdale had fallen in love with his wife.

Allison splashed out into the water, and Greg waded out behind her. She dove under for a second, then emerged with water running down her body. Greg grinned as he stared at her. In the moonlight she looked almost surreal, like a fairy or an elf out of a fantasy world. Or perhaps he had spent too much time in his daughter's art studio lately. Either way, he loved the sight of her nude body.

He followed her out, letting himself gradually get used to the chill of the water. It really did feel nice, he decided. The darkness added a certain adventurous mystique, both eerie and yet peaceful at the same time. He decided that he liked swimming at night. Of course, the presence of his wife really helped as well.

She waded over to him and threw her arms around him again, kissing him passionately. No doubt about it, she was even more affectionate than before. Something had changed in her, and he was just beginning to suspect what that was. Maybe it was the same thing that had changed in him.

Suddenly, she leaped up on him and pressed down, laughing as she tried to dunk him. Somehow he managed to keep from going under, then grabbed her around the waist, lifted her off her feet, and tossed her backward into the water. She shrieked in mock terror right before vanishing under the water.

A moment later, he felt her arms wrap around his legs just at the knees, and she pulled on them, knocking him off balance. He found himself tumbling into the water as well.

They horsed around in the water like children for the longest time, and Greg found himself enjoying acting like a kid again. Once again, Allison brought out the best in him. At the very least, he knew he could just relax and have fun with her, not worrying about acting like an adult.

Of course, their nudity made it a little less innocent than a child's game, and they spent as much time "accidentally" rubbing up against each other's bodies as trying to dunk one another. Once, when Allison was submerged and Greg was standing up, she even opened her mouth and took his cock into it momentarily, giving it a couple of sucks before she came up for air.

Finally, exhausted, they called a truce. They hugged and kissed some more, but if that was meant to relax them after their fun and games, it didn't work. At least, not for Greg. He found himself getting excited at the feel of her body against his.

Then they separated, to his dismay. Allison lay back on the water, and Greg watched her floating there for a minute. Then he too lay back, staring up into the moonlit sky.

It was a beautiful night. He could make out all of the major constellations, and the glow of the moon added its own breathtaking beauty. Lying out like this under the stars, with his ears underwater to dampen the sounds of the forest, he felt an almost timeless peace, as if the universe and he were one and the same. It was the same sky that had looked down on the world from the dawn of man, eternal and unchanging. Now, together with Allison, his wife, the woman he loved, he was complete.

Yes, he loved her. It was that simple. There was no longer any doubt about that, no wondering or analyzing or calculating. It had not happened just since his daughter asked him about it; he had loved Allison for much longer. He just hadn't recognized it until now.

The only question was whether she loved him too. He hoped that her flirting and cuddling and hugging and kissing tonight was a sign of that, but he could not be sure. Though they had never discussed it, now he really wanted to know. He would have to ask her, but only when the time was right.

They had been out in the water for over an hour when they finally decided to wade back into shore and make their way back to camp. Rather than get dressed, Allison merely wrapped her towel around her like a sarong. Greg shrugged, then wrapped his around his waist. They donned their sandals, then Allison took his hand and they made their way back to the camp. Greg noticed that she smiled all the way back, like a schoolgirl holding hands with her first boyfriend. It was the same way she had acted on their honeymoon, all giddy and excited. Once again he wondered what had come over her.

Back at camp, Greg headed for the tent to change, but Allison put her hand on his arm to stop him. He glanced at her to see what was wrong, but she wore a naughty grin on her face.

"There's no one around," she said, but that didn't really explain anything.

"And this is important because...?" he teased.

"Because no one's here to see me do this!" she replied, then grabbed his towel and yanked it off of him.

"Hey!" he exclaimed in embarrassment. But as soon as Allison took her own towel off, he suddenly didn't mind at all.

"After the cool water of the pool, I feel too hot to go around in stuffy clothes, wouldn't you agree?"

"Uh huh," he said, staring at her body. Despite being exposed to it the whole time at the swimming hole, the thought of seeing her nude all the rest of the evening until they went to bed excited him.

"Good. Then it's settled."

He placed one of the towels on the picnic bench, then sat down on it. Allison came over and sat on his lap again, which was a little awkward this time because he had nothing between her and his growing erection. She wiggled around a little until it found a comfortable resting spot poking up between her legs. Probably deliberately, she had maneuvered her body so that it brushed against her pussy.

"Greg," said Allison.


"I'm glad the kids decided to stay home. I don't mind sharing you, but it's nice sometimes having this time alone together."

"Yes it is," he smiled. "I like spending time with you. And it's not just the sex," he added with a laugh. "Although I have to admit, it's definitely my favorite way to pass the time."

"We're good for each other, aren't we?"

"Absolutely. So you don't mind being with an older man like me? I mean, there are plenty of younger men--"

"Let's not think about what might have been. Maybe I would have fallen in love with a younger man if I hadn't met you. Maybe not. The only thing I know for certain is..." Then she cut herself off, apparently hesitant to continue.

"What?" he asked.

"Never mind. Let's just say you're enough for me. I'm really glad I met you."

"Me too."

"Greg?" she asked again.

"What is it?"

"I have a confession to make."

"Oh, so you have been seeing a younger man after all," he teased.

"I'm serious, Greg."

"Sorry. So what is this horrible sin you've committed?"

"It's not that horrible."

"Okay, tell me."

"Well, lately I've been thinking. I mean, since Lissa left. I really miss her."

"I miss her too, Allison. But we'll see her again. There's Christmas and next summer after all."

"I know. But in the mean time, I kind of feel like I've lost my best friend."

"You two were really close, weren't you?"

"We were. So it got me thinking... I mean... I've heard other couples, I mean, husbands and wives..."

"It's okay, Allison. You can tell me."

"Okay. When I heard a husband say that his wife is his best friend, or a wife say that her husband is her best friend, I think that's the most beautiful thing in the world. I even get jealous sometimes."

"But Allison, there's no need to get jealous, because that's exactly the way I feel about you."



"Well then, maybe my deep dark secret isn't so bad after all."

"You still haven't told me that deep dark secret yet."

She sighed. "Okay. I know Brit had a talk with you the other day. And I know she asked you..."

"If I love you?"

Allison nodded. "I know because I put her up to it. I mean, she volunteered, but I kind of got the idea in her head. We've been together two years, and that should be enough time for any couple to decide whether they're in love. We just never got around to it because there was no pressure to do so. I mean, we were already married. I guess what I'm trying to say is... Greg, I'm in love with you."

He smiled and hugged her tightly to him. "Do you mean it?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. "I've just been afraid to say it because I was scared you might not love me back. Up until now I've been content just to leave things how they were, but it's just not the same anymore. Friendship with Lissa helped fill the gaps in my friendship with you, but I need more than that now. I need to feel loved. If you don't love me now, I'll understand, but can we at least make it a goal to work toward?"

"Allison," he said tenderly. "There's no need to make it a goal, because I'm already in love with you. How could I not be? You helped me through a painful time in my life, you've made me feel young again, and you've turned me into a better person. And you've done it all without asking one thing in return. You're a rare woman, one that maybe I don't deserve, but somehow I ended up with you, and that makes me the luckiest man alive. I've loved you for a long time; I just never began to recognize it for what it was until Brit asked me about it. And now I'm not afraid to say it either. I'm in love with you, Allison Primdale."

As he spoke the words, he could see Allison's eyes watering. As soon as he was done, she threw her arms around him and hugged him, letting the tears flow. He held her back, gently caressing her as he kissed her on the cheek.

Finally she drew back and wiped her eyes, smiling at him. "You don't know how long I've longed to hear those words," she said.

"Well, you're going to hear them a lot from now on," he told her. "I love you."

"That being the case," she smiled, "I think we should celebrate. Let's consummate our marriage, not just as husband and wife, but now as lovers too."

"I was thinking exactly the same thing," he grinned.

Allison wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. Greg basked in the thrill of that kiss, knowing that he would never forget it. Though it really didn't differ from the hundreds or thousands of other times they had done it, it was their first kiss after confessing their love to each other.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, mashing her body up against his own, excited that he was about to have sex with the woman that he loved. There were no more doubts, no more questions, nothing to get in the way of their passion.

He lifted her into his arms and made his way to the tent. Unfortunately, he had to set her down in order to unzip the flap, but it didn't seem to spoil the mood. They climbed inside, and Greg zipped it back up.

As one, they lay down together on the sleeping bag. Greg rolled Allison over onto her back without breaking the kiss, then lay down beside her and let his hand wander to her breast. Only when she let out a moan did he draw back, gazing down into her gorgeous face.

"Damn, you're beautiful!" he breathed, and she smiled at the compliment. She even blushed. He couldn't believe it. Allison, Olympian goddess, perfection incarnate, the woman of his dreams, actually blushed when he told her she was beautiful. But love did strange things to people.

He let himself get lost in that beauty for a few minutes as he let his hand enjoy the feel of her skin. She reached up and stroked his cheek tenderly, and he couldn't help but turn his head to the side to kiss the palm of her hand. He could just lie here forever staring at her face, and he would be happy. But there was so much more to her, and he wanted to experience it all.

He lowered his head again, but this time instead of kissing her lips, he let his lips run all over her neck and shoulders. They had plenty of time, and he wanted to savor each part of her. She reached up and held his head in her hands, pulling it down to her, and he let her guide him. Tonight was for her, he decided. He would let her know just how much he loved her.

He kissed lower, toward the swelling of her chest. He planned to draw it out, making it last as long as possible, driving her into a frenzy of lust before he finally took care of her.

His lips moved over her chest, then down between her breasts. He circled them, kissing all around and watching for the signs of her body reacting to the stimulation. Her breathing was already growing heavier, and her chest heaved with every breath she took. Greg let his tongue brush against her skin, and he heard her gasp. He gave an amused chuckle, but continued his work.

Slowly he worked his way around her breasts, circling first one and then the other. He took his time, deliberately avoiding the nipples but moving in ever smaller circles toward the peak. She began to whimper as he kissed her, her body lost in the pleasure. Yes, he would make her scream in ecstasy by the time he finished with her.

He let his hands wander to her stomach, but didn't go any further. He didn't want to reach his goal too quickly after all. He wanted her to already be on the edge by the time he finally touched her there. He brushed his fingertips gently across her skin in an almost ticklish sensation, causing her to shudder and squirm.

He continued to kiss her breasts, still not quite at the nipples yet. Glancing up, he noticed that she had her eyes closed and an almost pained look on her face with her mouth open to bring in deep, heaving breaths. She was nearly there, nearly at the edge of the precipice. He wanted to make sure that once she reached that point, she would fall off the edge into an intense orgasm.

"Greg..." she groaned. "Please..."

That was his cue. He suddenly stuck out his tongue and flicked it across one of her nipples, at the same time squeezing the other between his finger and thumb. The sudden intensifying of the pleasure when she was already at the edge did just what he expected. She gasped in her breath, arched her back, and tensed up her body. She held that position, unmoving, for about five seconds as he continued to tease her nipples mercilessly with his tongue and fingers. Then a faint, almost imperceptible shudder ran through her body, building until her whole body shook. A hoarse whine escaped her lips, turning into a loud groan as the tenseness in her body finally vanished and she collapsed once again onto the sleeping bag.

"Wow!" she panted. "That was... that was..."

"That was number one," he grinned.

"Oh god!" she squealed in delight, realizing the implications of his words. Greg chuckled. He was far from through with her yet.

He left her breasts, and began slowly kissing down her body. Allison groaned, realizing where he was headed. He planned to bring her over the edge at least twice more tonight. By now he knew her well enough to be able to gauge her body's reactions and do exactly what she needed to achieve satisfaction.

He kissed her all over her stomach, making circles with his lips around her navel. This close to her body he could see and even feel every vibration that ran through her, and they were many. Even so soon after her first orgasm, the stimulation of his lips on her still caused her to quiver and occasionally gasp as he touched a particularly sensitive spot.

Her hands went to her breasts and began to knead them, perhaps an unconscious reaction. Perhaps she wasn't aware of what she was doing, but it really didn't matter. Since his job tonight was to make her feel good, anything she did to add to that pleasure was all right with him. She would reach her second climax of the night soon enough, with or without the extra stimulation of her own hands.

After working several minutes on her stomach, he lowered himself more, and she whimpered again in anticipation. He kissed below her navel, then at the point where the hair line would begin if she didn't keep it neatly shaved. He stuck out his tongue and ran it over that area, and her hips started slowly rocking forward as if trying to impale themselves on an invisible phallus. Greg could have given her relief then, but he wanted to tease her some more. He would have her begging for it before he reached his goal.

He kept his tongue out and ran it down her skin, but off to the side. He licked around her thighs, deliberately avoiding the center of her sex. Though he wanted so much just to open his mouth and devour it, he also knew that his patience would pay off. As with her breasts, the longer he denied her satisfaction, the more intense it would be when he gave it to her. And he wanted it to be so intense that she would never forget this night.

She spread her knees, and he kissed her on the inside of her thighs, careful not to get too close. There would be time enough for that later. There was plenty of dampness around the area, and not just from their earlier moonlight swim. She had already had one orgasm without even any direct stimulation of her pussy, and her body was preparing itself for another one. He would give it to her, but only when the time was right.

She whimpered every time she exhaled now, in both pleasure and frustration. He could tell she was enjoying this, while at the same time wanting to get on with it. In a minute she would be ready, then he would give her what she so longed for.

"Greg..." she cried. "I need..."

"What do you need?" he teased.

"I need you to..."

"Tell me, my love."

"I need you to lick my pussy!" she said.

"Say please."

"Please, Greg!" she begged.

It would be cruel to make her wait any longer, so he lowered his head, stuck out his tongue, and pressed it into her slit, licking from the base up to the clitoral hood at the top. He licked all over her clitoris, attacking it almost violently with his tongue.

Allison literally screamed as the orgasm that had been building so long overtook her. For the second time that night her body tensed up, but this one was more energetic, almost like a seizure as her hips thrust upward over and over again against his mouth. He loved the sight and feel of her in the throes of ecstasy, and he continued lapping hungrily at her, showing her no mercy until her body came down from the heights on its own.

She lay there quivering for a while as he kissed back up her body, this time continuing past her breasts and ending up at her face. He pressed his lips to hers, and she stuck out her tongue to twirl it against his own, tasting the remnants of her own juices.

"I love you, Greg," she whispered.

"I love you, Allison," he replied with a grin. "But we're not through yet. That was just number two."

"Oh god," she groaned. "I don't know if I can take any more."

"Well, you're going to have to, because I haven't even gone inside you yet."

She gave a weak smile. "In that case, I think I've got one more orgasm in me."

Greg rolled over on top of her. She spread her knees wide, opening herself to him. Greg had been ready for this since long before they had even entered the tent, and after two orgasms, no doubt Allison was as well. He positioned himself at her opening and lowered his body gently, slipping inside.

Greg let out a sigh of pleasure as he entered her, and he heard a similar noise from Allison. They both needed this; they both wanted it desperately. It was, in a sense, the crowning moment of their marriage, the consummation of their love and passion for one another.

He thrust into her, slowly at first. Allison gasped with every motion. They kissed each other eagerly, as if unable to get enough of each other's lips. Greg reveled in the feeling of her sweaty, hot body against his own, her arms thrown around his neck, pulling him close to her. She locked her legs around his hips, as if imprisoning him until he made her scream one last time.

He picked up tempo, thrusting deeply and energetically. Allowing himself to lose control, he attacked her face with his lips, loving everything about her. Her tight, hot tunnel felt amazing around his swollen cock as he pounded her right to her very soul. Allison cried out now as he thrust, wild sounds of ecstasy shattering the stillness of the night. Lost in their passion, they were like wild animals, creatures of the forest governed not by intelligence or reason, but by raw instinct. And right now that instinct was telling them to mate.

He lost all sense of time as the universe disappeared around them, leaving only the intensely pleasurable physical sensations and the naked emotion of their love. In this world, only Allison and Greg existed, wrapped in an envelope of flame and passion and unbridled desire.

But that world could not go on forever, nor did he want it to. In a moment it would explode around and inside of them in pure ecstasy. He felt it approaching, felt the building within him that told him that he was soon to reach the peak. He let it come, welcomed it in fact.

It burst forth, causing him to groan as his body tensed up. His cock throbbed inside of his wife, releasing his load deep within her body. At that instant all of the love he felt for her hit him. "Allison, I love you!" he cried out as his senses overloaded.

Somewhere in the distance, he could hear her screaming, not out of pain but out of pleasure, and he knew that she had reached her own climax at the same time. It was fitting that they should cum together, as if the universe had aligned itself perfectly to concentrate all of their love, all of their past, present, and future together, into this one moment.

Then that moment was over, but he had no regrets. There would be many more such moments in their marriage, made all the more special because they had fallen in love. As he calmed down from his climax, he collapsed on top of her, panting and gasping for air. He felt her own chest heaving from her similar exertion.

After a minute of cuddling like that, he rolled off of her. Allison lay down beside him, throwing an arm around him to hug him tightly and resting her head on his chest. He reached down and drew the covers up over them, then gave her one final kiss on the forehead.

As he wrapped his arms around his gorgeous young wife and held her to him, he smiled. They had two more days here, all alone in the woods with no children, no friends, no work, nothing to bother them. It was if they had put a great big "Do Not Disturb" sign on the entire forest, telling the world that they wanted this time to be alone together. He planned to take full advantage of it.

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2012-02-11 20:20:39
tHTYRp Sometimes I also see something like this, but earlier I didn`t pay much attention to this!...

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2011-12-19 11:39:52
There are three hebrew words for love, and you need all three to make for a true love:
Committment, Friendship, Passion - They've finally found all three. Nicely done, good that Allison may finally learn that sex alone isn't fulfilling enough. Rachael may never learn though....

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