Special rent arrangement.
Chapter 36
Paying the Rent

Lissa was almost disappointed when she awoke in the morning, alone in her own bed in her new apartment with no sign that anything had happened to her during the night. Meg lay sleeping across the room, the blanket pulled down so that she was completely exposed from the waist up. Without realizing it, Lissa found herself staring at the girl. She really did have a beautiful body. And her face was lovely too. Unlike most straight girls, Lissa had no problem looking at naked women and appreciating their physical qualities. Allison had cured her of any embarrassment she might feel.

She felt a pang of longing as she remembered with fondness those times with her stepmother when they sat in the hot tub together or swam together or sunbathed together. Lissa enjoyed being naked with the woman; it was a symbol of their closeness that they could be completely exposed to each other without judgment or jealousy. She especially liked it when they hugged like that, feeling no barrier between them. When she closed her eyes she could imagine the feel of Allison's lips on her cheek, a simple little sign of affection that reminded her that Allison loved her.

She shook her head, then laughed quietly to herself. She hadn't even been here a day yet, and she was already pining for home. She had to be strong, to put those thoughts out of her mind, or she wouldn't last the semester.

She got up, then collected her clothes for the day and headed into the bathroom to take a shower, making sure to lock the bathroom door. She wasn't entirely sure Meg wouldn't try to sneak in with her.

She laughed at that thought. It was amusing especially because it was so embarrassing. What would her Dad say if she ended up in a compromising situation like that with a lesbian? Of course, knowing what she did about him, she wasn't sure he wouldn't get excited about it.

The water felt nice and refreshing, and chased away all of those thoughts. She just stood under the water, letting it soothe her. She always did enjoy taking a shower; it was a time to relax without any cares, without any worries, and without any restrictive clothing to restrain her. She could let the tension go in all of her muscles and just bask in the warmth of the water running down her body.

After the shower, she dried herself off and dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans, a nice and comfortable attire for walking in. Today she planned to explore the campus so she wouldn't be lost when her classes started tomorrow. She opened the door, almost surprised not to see Meg standing there listening or peering through the keyhole.

She found Monique sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. Lissa poured herself a bowl and sat down to talk to her. She found Monique, like Meg, easy to talk to. Monique liked to joke around, though not as much as Meg. It made Lissa wonder about their fourth roommate. She asked about Alya, and Monique assured her that Alya was just as fun as the rest of them. Apparently the girl was gorgeous, but never took advantage of the fact. In fact, she preferred to study rather than chase boys. Monique had been her roommate for a year now, and not once had Alya gone out on a date. Monique jokingly said that that gave her a little hope of finding herself a boyfriend without having to worry about Alya stealing him away.

A few minutes later, Meg joined them, wearing a bathrobe but not bothering to close it, so that the entire front of her body was exposed. Lissa decided not to let that bother her; apparently Monique didn't seem to care, and Meg herself had warned her that she would be going around naked quite often, though Lissa hadn't really believed her at the time. Meg put a couple of slices of bread in the toaster, then sat down at the table with her roommates, joining in the conversation until the toast popped up.

The girls were pleasant enough that it was a shame to have to leave them, but Lissa really did want to have a look around the campus after all. She had printed a map off the Internet, and with that she headed up to the school.

Everything seemed so big compared to back home. Whereas her high school had been only one building, here there were dozens. Lissa wandered around, plotting out her route for the various days. Tuesdays and Thursdays were her light load; she started her first class, World History, at 10:00, and ended with Economics, which got out at 2:00. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were a little heavier, and unfortunately she had two consecutive classes halfway across campus from each other. It would make for a brisk walk trying to make it to that second class on time, not that she was afraid of a little exercise.

She stopped by the library to familiarize herself with it, knowing that she would be spending a lot of time there. After exploring it to get a feel for its services, she decided to head back home. She still needed to stop by the campus bookstore to buy the books for her classes, but Allison had suggested she not do that until the first day of classes, as sometimes the "required" books turned out not to be required at all, and she might find a friend in one of her classes to study with who would be willing to split the cost of a single textbook with her.

When she arrived home, she found both Meg and Monique gone, so she went back to her room to retrieve a book she hadn't quite finished that summer and had brought along with her to read. She plopped down on the couch in the front room and opened it.

She had been reading for about half an hour when the door opened and a girl she had not yet met entered. Though she had never seen her before, she realized that this must be Alya.

Meg's and Monique's descriptions of her were spot on. She was quite stunning. The girl had long, straight, dark brown hair that fell most of the way to her waist. Her eyes, though not as large as Monique's, made up in color what they lacked in size. They were a deep, vivid turquoise hue that almost sparkled under her long lashes. She had a small, slightly upturned nose and pouty lips, both of which added a childlike quality to her face. It was not the face of a supermodel; in fact, Monique's face was the more glamorous of the two. But Alya had a much more down-to-earth, honest beauty that gave her a certain charm through simplicity rather than aloofness.

Her figure was not particularly full, but it was padded in all the right places. She had a slender waist and a flat stomach. She wore a tight tee-shirt that emphasized her figure, and a pair of form-hugging jeans.

Monique was right. Lissa had never planned to become a lesbian, but a girl as beautiful as Alya almost made her want to consider it.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Alya Barber." Her voice was a perfect match to her face and body. It had a soprano pitch with a soft, almost soothing quality to it and a friendly tone.

"Lissa Primdale. I'm your new roommate."

"Oh, of course. I forgot, Julie's not coming back, is she? So you said your name was Lissa?"

"Right. Short for Melissa."

"Got it. It's so good to meet you." She came over and sat in the chair across from Lissa. "So have you met the others?"

"I met them last night."

Alya smiled. It was the kind of smile that broke hearts. "So what do you think of Meg?"

"Very entertaining," Lissa told her.

"Oh, she is definitely that! And what about your first night here? Spending the night in a room with a lesbian. Or... I mean... you're not a lesbian yourself, are you?"

Lissa laughed. "No, Meg hasn't conquered me yet. And fortunately Monique warned me about her."

"Oh, Meg's harmless. She won't go any further than you're willing to let her, although admittedly we sometimes have to band together to beat her off, but that's what roommates are for. Fortunately, she hasn't been trying as hard since she started going out with Sandy."

"Yes, I met Sandy yesterday too."

Alya's smile turned into one of amusement. "So what did you catch them doing?" she asked.


"Sandy only comes over to... well... to... spend time... with Meg."

Now Lissa could see why Alya found it so amusing. "Actually, they were in the shower when I arrived."

Alya laughed. "That must have been awkward," she grinned.

"Not as awkward as it could have been. My dad and stepmom had only left a few minutes earlier when Meg and Sandy came out."

"Oh, that would have been the best! I'll bet your dad would have loved it, at least. Were they naked?"

"No, both my Dad and stepmom were fully dressed."

Alya laughed. "No, I meant Meg and Sandy."

"I know, I was just kidding. Actually, they were wearing towels."

"Oh, so you haven't seen Meg's tattoo yet then."

Lissa blushed. "Actually, I have. She was more than happy to show it off later when she was changing."

"Well, if you've met Meg, you've seen her naked, and you haven't run away screaming, then it sounds like you'll fit right in here."

"I hope so. I know this sounds like junior high talk, but I hope you and I can be friends."

"Since we're doing junior high talk then, I'll be your friend if you'll be mine."

"It's a deal!" said Lissa. "So since we're friends, why don't you tell me what you like to do around here? I made the mistake of asking Monique and Meg, and Meg was only happy to share with me her favorite activities."

"I'll bet!" Alya laughed. "I'd love to give you a few suggestions, but I'm afraid I'm not much help there. I'm sort of a bookworm. I know, college is supposed to be fun, but I guess I'm too much of a nerd."

"Why is it that all the self-proclaimed nerds that I know are completely opposite of the stereotype?"

"What do you mean?"

"My stepmom calls herself a nerd, and she's about the most gorgeous woman I've ever met. My brother calls himself a nerd, and he's actually quite a handsome guy. And you call yourself a nerd, and just look at you!"

"I'll take that as a compliment," grinned Alya.

"I suppose it was," Lissa laughed.

Monique had been right. Alya was every bit as charming as her other roommates. Lissa decided that she was going to like it here after all. Even after just sitting here with this girl for five minutes, she felt like they were old friends.

Some people were just like that, Lissa decided. Allison was the extreme example; everybody got along well with her. Jeff of course felt really comfortable to be around. And she felt an immediate affinity for Alya, perhaps even slightly more than Monique or Meg. Perhaps that was because Alya was a lot like Lissa. She had admitted a certain inexperience with romantic relationships, favoring the company of books to men. Both girls were intelligent and pretty yet unassuming. Lissa could tell she was going to get along very well with Alya.

Meg and Monique both arrived home just before lunch time. Upon seeing Alya they hugged her, and then they all started asking each other about their summer vacations.

"I just saw Mr. Bullard," Monique said at a lull in the conversation. "He said he's waiting for payment."

Alya and Meg giggled.

"What's so funny?" asked Lissa. "Isn't Mr. Bullard the landlord?"

"Exactly," said Alya. "It means it's time to draw straws."

"Oh yes. He mentioned that when I checked in."

All three of her roommates laughed at that.

"He would!" Alya giggled.

"So what is it, a kind of game?"

"Yes, it's a kind of game, but I don't think you'll want to play this first time. Not at least until you know the rules."

"Are they complicated?"

"Not particularly," answered Monique, "but we only play this game once a month."

"Why is that?"

"Because the winner can only earn the prize once a month, that's why."

"Oh, stop teasing her, girls," Meg said. "Tell her the truth. Maybe she'll want to play this first time after all."

Alya and Monique glanced at each other, as if unsure to continue.

"Do you want me to explain it?" asked Meg.

"Go ahead," said Monique.

"All right. Lissa, this is a game that the three of us came up with last year when Julie didn't have money to pay the rent. As it turns out, Mr. Bullard is happy to accept... certain services... in lieu of payment."

"What kind of services?"

"Blowjobs," said Alya bluntly.

"Yeah, very funny," Lissa commented.

"I'm serious, Lissa. Mr. Bullard likes getting blowjobs."

"You mean you're not joking?" she asked, astonished.

"It's the absolute truth."

"So we made a deal with him," Meg continued. "Each month, one of the girls pays him by sucking him off. Then he lets us have the apartment for the rest of the month free. Originally we were going to take turns, but for obvious reasons I didn't want to do it. Now, if the apartment manager was an extremely attractive woman, I might be tempted, but he's not. So because I wasn't willing to take my turn, we decide things differently around here. Each month, the girls draw straws. It's all voluntary; you won't be forced to do it if you don't want to. The girl with the shortest straw does the deed, and the rest of the girls pay half of their monthly rent to her as compensation. We get reduced rent, and whoever takes care of Mr. Bullard actually makes money on the deal. It works out great."

"I see now," Lissa said, a little angry. "So that's what the old lecher meant. He told me to make sure you guys explained about drawing straws. 'I'd hate to see you left out of the fun!'" she quoted.

The girls all laughed. "Yes, that sounds like Mr. Bullard," said Alya. "Oh, come on, Lissa. You're right about him being an old lecher. Saying he wants you to join in on the fun was just his way of giving you a compliment. If he didn't like the way you look, he wouldn't have said anything."

"So... if I don't want to draw a straw, I still only pay half rent?"

"Exactly. Everyone wins. Of course, it's not quite as fun when there are only two girls drawing, but now that Julie's moved out, that leaves only Alya and Monique, unless you want to join in."

"And what happens if nobody wants to draw?"

"That actually happened once last year," said Monique. "April, I think."

"No, it was March, wasn't it?" asked Alya.

"Oh yes. You're right. Well, Mr. Bullard is a pretty understanding guy. He said we can decide each month whether to pay him normally or send one of the girls down to service him."

"So what do you think?" asked Alya. "Do you want to draw against us?"

"First of all, I'm not convinced this isn't some kind of prank. Second, it's really pretty disgusting. Third, I already paid my rent this month."

"We can take care of that," said Meg. "Come down after lunch and he'll write you out a check for a refund."

"Hey, that gives me a great idea!" Monique added. "What if Lissa comes with the winner to see for herself that it's not a prank?"

"Perfect!" Alya agreed.

"Wait a minute, what are you talking about?" Lissa complained. "I'm not going to watch you suck off Mr. Bullard. You guys are gross."

"Oh, come on, Lissa," said Meg. "I'll tell you what. Why don't we all go down together? I think it's as gross as you do. In fact, of all the girls in this room, I think it's fair to say I'm the one who would least want to watch it. But if all four of us go to see him, it won't be quite as bad for any of us."

"So you've never taken a turn?" Lissa asked her.

"Hell no! You couldn't pay me enough. So what do you say? Should we all go together?"

Everyone stared at Lissa with hopeful glances. She gritted her teeth.

"Oh, all right," she agreed. "If you all go, I'll go. But I'm not drawing straws."

"Great!" said Alya. "Now it's time to see who earns the rent this month. Meg, would you do the honors?"

Meg stood up and headed over to the cupboard, where she pulled out a box of toothpicks. She turned her back so the girls couldn't see what she was doing, then turned back around with the tips of two toothpicks sticking out of her clenched fist. She held out her hand to Alya, who grabbed one of the toothpicks. It was whole. Meg then opened her hand to reveal that the other one was only half a toothpick.

"Looks like I get a little extra spending money this month," said Monique. "That's good. I've just about drained my bank account buying my books for the semester."


After lunch, the four of them headed down to the office. They found Tony Bullard sitting at his desk reading a magazine. As soon as he saw them, his face broke into a grin. "All four of you?" he asked.

"Calm your dick," Meg told him. "We drew straws. Monique's going to do the deed, and the rest of us are here to watch. You don't mind an audience, do you?"

"Not if it's you three," he said. "So what's the special occasion?"

"Lissa didn't believe us when we told her about the arrangement," Alya replied. "So we're going to prove it. If you're lucky, maybe next time she'll draw against us."

"Speaking of which," said Meg, "Since Monique is taking care of it this month, you owe Lissa a refund."

"Sure," he shrugged. "I'll write out a check as soon as we're done. Now if you four ladies wouldn't mind accompanying me into the back room..."

He stood up and opened the door leading back into the back office. The girls all followed him in. It was a comfortable-looking den, not unlike a living room. There was a couch on one wall, a television set on the other, and a couple of file cabinets in the corner.

"The rule is that whoever does it has to be topless," Monique said, unbuttoning her blouse.

"The rest of you can take your shirts off too if you want," Tony told them.

"So I can have my boobs ogled by a man?" asked Meg. "No thanks. That privilege is reserved for my roommates."

Lissa blushed at the words; she was still getting used to Meg's teasing.

Monique finished stripping off her blouse, then handed it to Alya. She then reached behind her back.

"Need any help with that?" Meg offered.

"Hell no," laughed Monique. "Not from you especially." She unfastened the strap, then pulled it off, exposing her chest to view.

Lissa couldn't help but glance at her breasts. They were nice and full, perhaps halfway between Lissa's and Allison's in size. They contrasted her nice, thin waist, though not obscenely so. All in all, Monique really had a nice body.

"Gorgeous," Meg grinned. "You know, Monique, this is the first time I've seen your tits. They're very nice. You should be proud of them; don't cover them up, especially around me."

"I think I will cover them up, especially around you," Monique replied.

"You wouldn't mind waiting for a minute, would you?" asked Meg. "I want to run upstairs and grab my camera."

"You do and I'll shove it up your nose," laughed Monique.

"You can shove anything you want up any part of my anatomy you want," Meg winked.

"Never mind," said Monique, then knelt down in front of Tony and reached for his belt buckle. It only took a couple of seconds for her to unfasten it and unzip his pants. She dropped them to the floor, then reached up for his underwear. He winked at Lissa as Monique slipped them down, revealing his engorged cock.

"So Meg," Alya teased. "Is this the first time you've seen one of those?"

"Nope," replied Meg with a grin.


"Really. But I'm not going to say any more."

"Oh, come on," Alya pleaded. "Don't leave us in suspense."

"It's your fault for asking the question in the first place," Meg told her.

Tony, meanwhile, sat down on the couch and spread his legs. Monique positioned herself between his legs and took his cock in her hand. He groaned in delight at the touch. Lissa watched in awe as Monique lowered her mouth and stuck out her tongue, flicking it against the tip. That contact caused Tony to actually jump.

Lissa couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was only the third time she had witnessed oral sex, but now, her own roommate was doing it to the landlord! She thought back to that night that summer when Kari had done it to Jeff. Lissa had watched then in fascination as well. There was something extremely erotic about it, something thrilling in the sight of a girl with a cock in her mouth. She had loved to see the expressions on Jeff's face, the ecstasy revealed there. She had watched his beautiful cock disappearing into his girlfriend's mouth as she sucked on it.

Lissa had experienced a dick in her mouth only once, and only briefly. She wondered what it would feel like to actually get a man off with her mouth. Would it be as gross as it appeared on the surface? Or would the excitement of doing something so naughty and the thrill of causing a man that much pleasure overcome any disgust she would feel? On an impulse, she had tasted Jeff's semen that night when Kari offered it to her, and was surprised to discover that it didn't taste that bad at all. But would it be different with a man squirting it right into her mouth?

But her fantasies had outpaced reality. Monique was still just licking all around the tip, causing Tony to groan and squirm in delighted anguish.

"Wow, Monique," commented Alya. "When I do it I just get it over with."

Monique raised her head and glanced over at her roommate. "But this is so much more fun," she replied, then returned to the task at hand.

"This is horrible," Meg said. "I thought I was supposed to be the slut of the apartment. Now I discover I'm being beat out by my own roommate."

"That's okay," Alya grinned, putting an arm around Meg's shoulder. "If it will make you feel any better, I'll always think of you as a slut."

Now Monique changed her tactics. She began running her tongue up and down the shaft, licking it all over from the base to the tip. Lissa watched in astonishment. Monique was even better at it than Kari! An amused thought crossed Lissa's mind. She wondered what Kari would think if she came back at Christmas vacation and gave her a few pointers. She even giggled at that thought.

"Apparently Lissa's enjoying herself," Meg commented.

"I just had a naughty thought," Lissa replied.

"I think we're all having naughty thoughts right now," Alya told her.

Tony was obviously enjoying himself, probably more than the rest of them combined. With Monique licking him all over, he could barely control himself. His body was working on its own now, his hips rocking forward reflexively at the stimulation of Monique's tongue. He had his head thrown back and his eyes closed, and loud grunts and groans escaped his lips.

Finally Monique slipped his dick into her mouth. At first she worked on only the head, and Lissa stared in erotic fascination at the indentations in her cheeks as she sucked it in. Tony's groans increased in volume, not surprisingly for what was happening to him. Lissa wondered if she would ever decide to draw straws against the girls. The idea of performing oral sex on a man, at first shocking and disgusting, now seemed exciting. At the moment, if the girls asked to draw straws for the next month, she probably would.

She glanced over at her roommates. Alya seemed to be watching with the same fascination, while Meg wore a look of apathetic disinterest.

Monique started to move her head up and down now, taking a little more of the landlord's cock into her mouth on each downstroke. For some reason Lissa thought it looked a little comical, with her head bobbing up and down slowly. Tony obviously didn't seem to think so, judging by the sounds he was making. Monique kept her hand at the base of his cock, partly to stroke the part of his dick that she wasn't sucking, and partly to keep his involuntary motions from shoving it in too deep. Lissa remembered that Kari had done the same thing to Jeff.

That suddenly gave her a very naughty thought, and she nearly shuddered from it. Jeff would probably be willing to let her do this to him. And he was probably the only guy she would be comfortable giving a blowjob to. It was almost frightening how much that excited her, considering he was her brother.

It's just a fantasy, she told herself. Allison had said that fantasies were perfectly all right. Anything she came up with in her mind was harmless if she didn't act on it. Maybe next time she got a chance to play with herself she would use the thought of sucking off Jeff to stimulate her. Maybe he would even return the favor!

Monique had increased the tempo now. What had previously been long, slow strokes were now quick and hard. The sharp, almost mechanical movements of her head looked almost obscene. No, considering what she was doing, they were obscene. She plunged her mouth down over the shaft over and over again, sucking harder, faster, and deeper than before.

"Oh god!" Tony cried out. "I'm going to cum!"

Monique kept her lips wrapped around him and worked him over as fast as she could. Lissa's eyes grew wide as Tony cried out and thrust his hips forward. He was having an orgasm right in Monique's mouth!

He grunted as his hips thrust several more times, each time a little less forcefully, until finally his body rested on the couch, not moving. He kept his head thrown back over the back of the couch as he panted in exhaustion.

Monique stood up and licked off a bit of his cum that had spilled out the side of her mouth and was running down to her chin.

"And that's all there is to it," she told Lissa. "I just made a month-and-a-half rent's worth of money. Not bad, huh?"

"Wow," was all Lissa could say.


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Don't you dare try to admire or imagine yourself as one of the girls in this story. They all have some admirable traits, but you know they're all going to get really naughty by the time the story is through.


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Like the last chapter, the scene itself is hot. Somewhat contrived, yet written so well that the implausibility doesn't matter.

And yet, the scene heats up just as Alya almost starts to sound real. The author works to characterize her as a chaste, beautiful, studious ice maiden, and I am just beginning to fantasize about all the guys who must be peeking through the stacks at the library to get a look at her; all those guys pining after her, and wishing she would show up at the frat socials; all those dicks being jerked off to her vision in dormitories; all that sperm she inspires, perhaps without even knowing it.... And then, dashed. Nothing. Just an empty harlot, who whores herself to her landlord. Just a dumb whore. Like Allison. Sheesh! Isn't there a girl in this story whom I can admire and imagine myself being? Britney, I suppose. Brit is still being held in reserve. This infuriatingly gifted author had better not waste her, like so many others.


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Thanks for the continuation,you have made my cunt drip withn excitement waiting for my daddy get home from Iraq so he can get me off with his extra long tongue,love your stories.

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