Greg, Allison, and Rachael spend the night in a motel.
Chapter 35
Spending the Night

Greg had mixed feelings about Lissa being gone. On the one hand, he was proud that she had grown up into a fine young woman, ready to move on to the next stage of her life. On the other hand, he was really going to miss her. When he said his final goodbyes to her, he almost broke down crying right there. Somehow he had managed to put on a good face though, so that she wouldn't worry.

Having Rachael spend a couple of weeks with them would definitely help his mood. As he listened to Allison and her sister gabbing as they drove back home, he wondered if Rachael would be up for some more fun like the last time she visited. Seeing Allison and Rachael going at it, and then having them make love to him, had been one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He still didn't approve of lesbians; if either Lissa or Brit ever got involved with another girl for instance, he would go ballistic. But that made it all the more exciting to watch Allison and Rachael. It had a certain forbidden quality that enhanced the sight.

The difference, he supposed, was that lesbians excited him. With his wife, he was supposed to get excited about her, so it didn't bother him to see her with another woman. With his daughters, the excitement wasn't supposed to be there, so that left only his disgust and opposition to the lifestyle.

But he had failed on that account too. He had actually gotten excited, and even aroused, at the sight of his own daughter. On the sailing trip, he had let down his guard a little, and ended up taking nude pictures of Lissa. That much at least could have still been somewhat innocent. There were plenty of nude beaches in Europe, and it wasn't uncommon for families to go there for outings. There wasn't anything inherently wrong with fathers and daughters being naked together. But then when Allison suggested he photograph the two girls together, he had been so excited that he had agreed immediately, leading to a series of pictures that were far from wholesome. He remembered his conflicted feelings as he snapped those pictures one after another, both disgust and arousal at the same time.

But that was nothing compared to what Allison suggested next. When she took over the camera and had him join Lissa, he had done it not only willingly but enthusiastically. They had laughed about it, treating it as just a joke, like children doing silly poses. But he could not deny that it had thrilled him to touch his daughter like that. She had even...

Even now he found it difficult to think about that last picture, both because it thrilled him beyond belief and because it shamed him that he had let it get so far out of hand. Somehow after that, he had managed to work up the willpower to refuse to go on, so Lissa put her clothes back on and they took some more photos of Allison. At least he had stopped it before even more happened. He didn't know where it would have led, but it could have been the biggest mistake of his entire life. What would happen if Jeff or Brit saw those photos? It might tear the family apart.

He knew that Jeff had seen that video of Allison; she had confessed to Greg that she had let him watch it, just to get it out of the way. Greg wasn't exactly happy about it, but Allison made the convincing argument that Jeff would probably stumble across it someday anyway, so it was better for Allison to explain the situation to him ahead of time and then let him see it.

But that was a different situation altogether. For one thing, the video had been made in the past, before Greg even met her. There was no taking it back. For another, it was just between two consenting adults who were not related to one another. True, the fact that he was her student added a certain forbidden touch to it, but that was nothing compared to a father and daughter touching each other sexually.

As the sun sank toward the horizon, he realized that he had something else to consider. It would take another day to arrive back home, which meant the three of them would have to spend the night in a motel. The last time they had spent the night under the same roof, they had gotten really naughty. He was all for doing it again, but wasn't sure if the girls were up for it. Maybe that was just a one time thing, a little fooling around without the expectation of another encounter.

"I hope you don't mind, Rachael," he said, "but if you thought that I always stay in a five-star hotel when I travel, you're going to be disappointed. I'm just going to look for a motel along the way somewhere for tonight. I haven't planned far enough ahead to even know which town we'll be sleeping in, much less book a reservation." He hoped the subject of lodgings would lead to a discussion of sleeping arrangements, giving him some clue about whether Rachael intended to spend the night with them or not.

"That's fine," Rachael smiled. "This is a road trip. You're not supposed to sleep in a five-star hotel, or it ruins the whole feel of it."

"Good point."

They turned off of the freeway at the next town and searched for a motel. They found one that looked decent enough, so Greg pulled into the parking lot. He shut off the engine, but instead of getting out of the car, he turned to Allison. "Look," he said, "um, I've been trying to figure out how to bring up this subject, and I've kind of run out of time, so... um..."

"It's all right," Allison smiled, taking his hand. "Don't be embarrassed. You can tell us anything."

He sighed. "Okay. I might as well get it over with. We have to make a decision. I mean, it's really up to Rachael. Should we get two rooms... or one?"

Rachael gave him a smile. "I can see now why you were so worried. I guess I should have made it clear last time we were together just what the situation is between us. I like you, Greg. A lot. But I'm not ready for any kind of long-term commitment. Last time I visited you, we fooled around, but it really didn't mean anything. I mean, I really enjoyed myself, and I wouldn't be opposed to doing it again one of these nights while I'm visiting. But for now, I think it's better to get two rooms. I hope you're not disappointed."

"Oh, that's fine. I mean, I really would have liked doing it again, but you're right. We need to talk about it first. Especially since a lot of it has to do with what Allison thinks."

"Oh, I'm not opposed to it," Allison added. "But I agree with Rachael. Before we get together again, we need to talk about it, and figure out just how things stand between the three of us. Is it going to be some kind of semi-permanent relationship, or just an occasional fling? I don't want anyone to have any wrong expectations. Why don't we talk it over after we get home?"

"All right. Let's get our two rooms," Greg smiled.

The three of them climbed out of the car, stretching their arms and legs. Greg glanced over at the girls, loving the sight of them with their backs arched as they stretched. It tended to pull their shirts tight against their chests, a sexy pose if he ever saw one. Whether they were aware of it or not, he found it extremely arousing.

They entered the lobby and walked up to the desk, where an attractive young woman sat. "Two singles please," Greg said. "Together, if possible."

"Sure," she smiled. She turned and typed something into the nearby computer. "Rooms 19 and 20. That's this first building," she said, pointing out the window, "second floor, far end."

Greg handed her his credit card. Allison and Rachael took the two keys that she gave them and headed out to the car to grab what luggage they needed for the night while Greg finished filling out the paperwork. After he finished, he met the girls out by the car, and they all went upstairs to their rooms.

"Did you see the way she was flirting with you?" Allison asked Greg.

"A gorgeous hunk like Greg?" Rachael grinned. "How could she resist?"

Greg just chuckled. When Allison and Rachael got together, they were bigger teases than even Brit and Crystal.

"She was kind of cute. Maybe you ought to invite her up for a nightcap," Allison suggested.

"Very funny," he said.

"Well, if you don't, maybe I will," said Rachael. Greg just rolled his eyes.

After depositing their luggage in the rooms, they decided to go out to eat. Despite Rachael's insistence that a road trip was all about cheap accommodations, they at least went to a nice sit-down restaurant rather than grabbing a couple of burgers at the nearest fast-food joint. A friendly and pretty young waitress served them, and Greg just knew he was going to get teased about her afterward. It didn't bother him; by now he was used to Allison teasing him about pretty girls that they happened across, and although Rachael seemed to always intensify the teasing, it was really just a matter of degree. Greg was tempted to flirt with the waitress just to see their reactions, but he knew he could never go through with it.

Of course, they picked up on the fact that he left a large tip. He could have pointed out that he usually tipped generously, but actually he enjoyed the girls' teasing.

By the time they returned to their rooms, it was getting late, and they had a long drive ahead of them the next day so they didn't have decided to just turn in. Rachael gave them both a goodnight hug, then disappeared into her room while Greg and Allison entered theirs.

"I think I'm going to take a nice, hot bath before bed," Allison said. "It's been a long day, and a soak in the tub is just what I need."

"That sounds nice," commented Greg. "Care for some company?"

Allison hesitated. "Well, okay, but I'm too tired to do anything really fun tonight. Once we get back home I'll make it up to you though. I'll bet I can even talk Rachael into joining us. She really likes you, I can tell. I don't mind taking a bath with you tonight, but I'm too worn out to get frisky. Is that all right?"

"Does washing each other's backs and giving each other shoulder massages count as frisky?" he asked with a hopeful look.

"I think that's fine," she smiled.

They both rummaged through their suitcases until they found their bathrobes. They carried these into the bathroom, then Greg started the water running. While the tub filled, they took the time to remove their clothes. Greg loved to watch Allison undress; although she normally didn't turn it into a striptease (except on special occasions), she had a certain grace that turned the simple act into something sexy and erotic. When she unfastened the buttons on her blouse then threw her shoulders back to let it slide off, it thrust her chest forward in the most alluring way. Her chest was, in his opinion, tied for first place for her best feature, along with her eyes and her hair. Then when she placed her foot on the side of the tub to roll down her stockings, it was like his own private burlesque show. Her pants came next, leaving her clad only in her underwear. She certainly had the face and body of a lingerie model. Or a nude model, for that matter. No wonder their friend Kristen had schemed to get her to take her clothes off for the camera. Greg and Allison had since taken a look at the web site, and he still thought Allison was the best looking model on it. And that had nothing to do with the fact that she was his wife.

My wife, he thought. They had been married over two years now, and he still couldn't believe it. Allison, the most perfect woman in the world, was his wife. Greg Primdale, just a regular guy (okay, a quite wealthy regular guy), had somehow managed to marry a woman who was every man's fantasy.

It was more than just her physical appearance; gorgeous looks could only go so far to make up for a nasty personality. When he had first met her, he had been wary that her admittedly gold-digging attitude meant that she would expect to be waited on hand and foot, giving nothing in return. In a blind passion, he had agreed to marry her, but he could have called it off at any time before the wedding. What really made her special was her caring and devoted attitude. She wanted him to enjoy himself, and she seemed to enjoy herself with him as well. And of course, she was great with the kids. When it came right down to it, her face and body were merely the icing on the proverbial cake. She was exactly the type of woman he would want for his wife, and for the mother of his children.

Is this what happiness is? he suddenly wondered. Everyone sought happiness in their own way, but often it came from an unexpected direction. Greg had a loving family, a beautiful and exciting wife, no shortage of money, and pretty much everything he had always wanted. He had married Allison without any expectation that there would be love between them, and somehow that lack of love had no impact on his happiness at all.

Allison slipped into the bath, giving out an audible sigh as she entered the warm water. Greg followed her, slipping in behind her. He reached around and drew her in to him, hugging her tightly. His cock, already stiff from the sight of her undressing, pressed up against her back, but she didn't complain. As long as he didn't get too "frisky" it was all right.

"This feels nice," she said. "Like sitting in the hot tub back home. I don't think I'm ever going to want to take a bath without you again."

"Be careful," he chuckled. "I just might take you up on that offer."

She lay her head back and closed her eyes. Greg leaned forward and kissed her neck at that sensitive spot just where it met the shoulder. He knew she loved it when he kissed her there, and the moan that escaped her lips was very satisfying.

After a couple of minutes of snuggling together, Greg reached up and placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging them firmly but gently.

"Mmm, that feels good, Greg," she sighed. "Keep doing that."

He was happy to oblige her. He loved to touch her skin; he loved the feel of it in his hands. She had the softest, most perfect skin in the world. He rubbed her all over the shoulders, adding kisses to the treatment which caused her to give out little moans of pleasure. As he worked her over, he could feel her relaxing under his ministrations, almost to the point of falling asleep.

After a few minutes of massaging her, he picked up the wash cloth and began to run it over her back, gently and tenderly washing her. She seemed to like this just as well, as evidenced by her occasional sighs and the smile on her face. He was happy to do this for her; it didn't cost him anything, and in a few minutes she would return the favor.

He continued to kiss her as he washed her back; she was just too gorgeous not to. She seemed to enjoy that, but when he reached around and started to wash her front, that was where she drew the line.

"Let's not get started with that," she smiled. "You're likely to get me all worked up, and then I'll never get to sleep tonight."

"Can't blame me for trying," he grinned sheepishly.

"I would have been disappointed if you hadn't," she replied. "But now it's your turn."

They traded places, and Allison put her hands on his shoulders to massage them like he had done to her. He scooted back against her; he loved the feel of her breasts on him, and wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. She didn't seem to mind, but simply continued to work over his shoulders.

She borrowed his idea of kissing him as she worked, which suited him fine. The kisses were more tender than passionate, more relaxing than arousing. Sometimes that was exactly what he needed though.

She ran the washcloth over his back, a soothing and tranquil sensation. The feeling was heavenly; he would have to remember this. He decided that he really would take her up on her offer to bathe with him more often.

Unfortunately, the water was starting to get cold. After only a couple of minutes, Allison suggested they get out and go to bed. Grudgingly, Greg climbed out of the tub. Though more relaxed than he had been earlier, he was still quite aroused. Without hope of relief until tomorrow night, he knew tomorrow would be a difficult day for him. Unfortunately, there was nothing to do about it. Allison was right; if they fooled around tonight they wouldn't get the rest they needed.

They spent a few minutes drying each other off, then they left the bathroom. Without bothering to put any clothes on, Allison drew down the covers and climbed into bed.

"You expect me to sleep naked with you and not try to take advantage of you in the middle of the night?" he joked.

"Just think of how thoroughly I'm going to satisfy you tomorrow night in our own bed at home," she smiled.

"Are you kidding? If I think about that, I'm liable to jump on you and rape you right now."

He climbed into bed next to her, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek then snuggled against him. He reached over and turned off the lamp, and the two of them drifted off to sleep.


When he awoke, it was still dark. He reached over to discover that his wife no longer lay beside him. For a moment he wondered where she had gone. Then he felt something moving under the covers, down by his thigh. A moment later, something warm and moist enveloped his cock, which immediately began to harden.

"Oh god, Allison, that feels great!" he whispered.

"Think again," a voice said from across the room. It was Allison's.

"What--?" he began.

The mouth slipped from his cock momentarily. "You're so gullible, Greg," Rachael's voice said from between his legs. "You're so cute like that."

"Oh my god!" he gasped. "But you wanted a separate room, didn't you?"

"Of course I did. If I just slept in here with you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

"I slipped her the key to our room," Allison explained. "That's why I didn't want to do anything earlier; I wanted to make sure you were up for a little fun with Rachael."

"But what about all that talk of deciding beforehand--"

"We've already decided," Rachael interrupted. "Sorry, but we didn't give you a vote. From now on, let's just assume that whenever the three of us are alone together we're going to have sex."

He laughed. "I guess I could complain that you made the decision without me, but since your decision is the same thing mine would have been, I'm not going to second-guess it."

"Good," said Allison. In the darkness, he could hear the creak of the chair she was sitting in as she rose to her feet. He could just make out her outline as she crossed the room, then she turned on the light. Greg squinted in the sudden brightness.

"It's more fun to be able to see what's going on," Allison grinned. She lifted up the covers and tossed them aside, revealing Rachael's beautiful face as she continued sucking his cock. Rachael grinned up at him and winked.

Allison then climbed into the bed, curling up next to her husband and pressed her nude body against his side. Rachael's mouth returned to his cock, sucking it in and eliciting a groan from him.

Meanwhile, Allison began to attack his lips with her own as she ran her hand all over his chest, gently massaging him. Greg reached out with one of his hands and made contact with her breast. He let his finger circle her nipple, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He even felt a tremor run through her body, and he smiled at the effect he was having on her.

Of course, Rachael was having a similar effect on him as she sucked greedily on his cock. He had to hand it to her, she certainly knew how to give a blowjob. As she bobbed up and down on his dick, she made little moans of delight like a child eating her favorite food. It made him wonder how much of it was for his own pleasure, and how much was for hers? Could she actually enjoy sucking dick that much? Maybe she enjoyed it in the same way that he enjoyed teasing Allison with his fingers, seeing the reaction of her body and knowing that he was causing that reaction.

Either way, it sure felt good to him. His hips were starting to buck forward of their own accord; he had lost control of his body from the waist down, and it was now acting on its own. He just let it happen; while it might end up thrusting too deeply in a girl doing this for the first time; Rachael was obviously experienced enough to know what she was doing and know exactly what to expect.

He especially liked the way she used her tongue. Even as she sucked him off, she kept her tongue active, running it all over the head. She alternated taking him deep with holding just the tip in her mouth while she teased it with the tip of her tongue. The result was an intensely erotic sensation that got him beyond excited.

Greg began to moan, which made Rachael work all the harder. He loved her enthusiasm; she really was a little nymphomaniac. As long as she targeted him, he had no cause to complain. It was still hard to believe that his wife was sharing him with her own sister, but then, that had always been Allison's way. She had never been the jealous type. He understood, at least on an intellectual level, that Allison believed that sex was no big deal. He wondered, though, if he would be so open-minded if she wanted to have sex with another man.

On the other hand, she could have sex with all the women she wanted, and he wouldn't care. Or rather, he would love to watch it. So maybe he understood her more than he thought. She had already put on a couple of lesbian displays for his eyes, and he wondered if she would do the same with her sister again tonight.

As if sensing the question, Allison started kissing down his body toward her sister. When she reached her destination, she licked Greg's shaft from the base to the point where it disappeared into Rachael's lips. Then she kissed her on the forehead. Rachael let Greg's cock slip from her mouth, then lifted her head and kissed her sister fully on the lips. The two of them kissed like that for a few minutes, letting their tongues tease each other, mere inches from his engorged cock. Then as one, they both lowered their heads and licked it all over. Greg groaned again at the sensation, loving how good it felt to have these two gorgeous women orally pleasure him.

Rachael sat up, then crawled forward so that she could straddle his hips. She took his cock in her hand and pointed it up toward her opening. She lowered herself slowly onto it, impaling herself on the stiff rod and groaning in pleasure as it entered her. Allison continued to lick him down there, this time concentrating also on her sister's body. Now it was Rachael's turn to groan as she raised and lowered herself on him.

After a few minutes of this, Allison crawled over and lay down on top of Greg, but face up.

"This is a position that Rachael and I came up with," she said. "You don't mind indulging us, do you, Greg?"

"Hell no," he replied, reaching around and giving her tits a squeeze, causing her to let out a delighted squeal.

Allison wrapped her legs around her sister's waist, and Rachael once again began to hump herself up and down on Greg's cock. As she did so, she leaned forward, kissing Allison all over her chest.

Greg wasn't idle during this time. His own lips were busy on his wife's neck. She moaned and gasped as both her sister and her husband bathed her with their kisses. Rachael even slid up and let her lips meet Greg's, just over Allison's shoulder. That lasted only a moment, as it was kind of a long stretch with Allison between them. Then Rachael lowered her head again and took one of Allison's nipples into her mouth.

The excitement of seeing two women, two sisters in fact, pleasuring each other like that, drove Greg wild with excitement. What is it about such forbidden sex that appeals to me so much? he wondered. This incestuous love between sisters, far from disgusting him, only fascinated him. Did that make him some kind of lecherous old man, getting his jollies from watching immoral and depraved acts? If so, at least he was a happy lecherous old man, because the sight before him only served to intensify his own pleasure.

He reached out and squeezed Rachael's breasts, loving the feel of them in her hand. Though Allison's were bigger, Rachael's had their own charm. They fit her body well; any bigger and they would have seemed grotesque. Though both women were different, each had what Greg would call a perfect body.

Rachael put one of her hands between Allison's legs and rubbed her there. That caused Allison to cry out and wriggle around. Greg realized with delight yet perhaps just a bit of jealousy that Rachael was in one sense a perfect lover for Allison. He had read enough to know that women made good lovers for each other because they were more familiar with the physiology, knowing what felt good on their own bodies and therefore being able to transfer that knowledge to their partner. In Allison's and Rachael's case, they also had a long history together so they naturally knew what to do. Finally, being sisters, they had an emotional bond different, and perhaps stronger, than mere lovers, and because for a woman, sex was more emotional than physical, Rachael could love her in a way that perhaps no other person on the planet could, including Greg. He didn't begrudge her that though; Rachael might have been able to stimulate her on the outside better than Greg could, but he could penetrate her much more deeply than Rachael ever could with her tongue or her fingers.

Besides, the effect of Rachael's hand on Allison's body transferred partially to Greg as well. With Allison squirming all over him, she rubbed up against his chest and stomach, stimulating him to even greater heights. Between his wife's body writhing against him and Rachael's pussy squeezing his cock, he knew he wouldn't last much longer. Really the only question was who would reach their climax first.

That question was answered a moment later as Rachael's moaning elevated, signaling the onslaught of her orgasm. In her frenzied passion she attacked Allison's body ferociously with her lips, kissing her all over with reckless abandon. She also rubbed Allison furiously between the legs, and Greg saw a couple of fingers slip inside. That triggered Allison's own orgasm, and she screamed in ecstasy.

The chain reaction finally reached him. The sight and sound of the girls lost in the throes of passion, along with the tightening of Rachael's pussy around his cock as she tensed up her body in orgasmic bliss, set him off as well. He groaned one last time as his muscles tensed, thrusting deep inside of Rachael as he exploded.

"Oh god, I can feel it!" Rachael exclaimed as he pumped his load into her. "I can feel you cumming inside of me!"

His groan cut off in a hoarse grunt, and he collapsed again. The three of them lay there together, gasping each breath as every movement sent orgasmic aftershocks through them.

Suddenly, they heard a pounding on the wall. "We're trying to sleep here!" someone shouted from the next room.

The three of them broke out into giggles. "Sorry!" Allison exclaimed.

"I'm sorry too!" Greg added.

"Me too!" said Rachael, just to make sure the occupants of the next room knew that there were three of them there.

Rachael and Allison rolled off of him, then lay down and curled up in his arms, smiling contentedly.

"Okay, that settles it," said Rachael. "I'm going to have to sneak into your bedroom every night while I'm visiting you."

"You'll get no argument out of me," said Greg.

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Honestly, this chapter was just thrown in for the sake of the sex. Greg's ruminations at this point are an echo of Lissa's ruminations earlier, both intended to downplay the sailboat scene and establish Greg and Lissa as still mostly morally virtuous, just with some weaknesses that a person like Allison tends to exploit.

As far as "authentic" Allison, do you think she would let authenticity get in the way of some kinky fun?


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The sex between the Greg and the two sisters is fabulous. Yet I find myself... disappointed.

Greg's rumination in the car, on the way to the hotel, works very well. It is one of the first places where everyone just shuts up long enough for us to hear what is on his mind. (I know, I know. Most readers are probably bored stiff by that part, and itching to get the trio onto a bed.) Then Rachael takes a room of her own, and we finally have Greg and Allison alone. Allison sounds genuinely authentic. Perhaps she does not quite rise to the level of garnering our sympathy for whatever has happened to her, but at least she sounds real, and she is not being used as the mouthpiece for the rationalization of some new kink.

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