Jeff and Brit find some shocking photos.
Little Sister

Chapter 31
A Disturbing Revelation

As soon as the car was out of sight, Brit broke down into tears. Instead of fleeing to her room, though, she threw her arms around her brother. He rolled his eyes. He considered making some disparaging comment, but decided not to. After all, he was feeling just as sad as she was that his big sister was gone. At least Lissa had been someone he could talk to; she was intelligent enough. But as far as he was concerned, Brit was just a little girl. They really had nothing in common. It wasn't that he didn't love her. Quite the opposite, in fact. When they used to play together as kids, they always enjoyed themselves. It was only these last few years, since their mother had left, that things had changed. Part of it was that they were both teenagers now; they were different people than they had been once upon a time.

Later, after Brit had dried her tears, they ate dinner without speaking much, only engaging in the most superficial conversation: "How was your day?" "What do you think of your new classes?" "How do you like your teachers?" That sort of thing.

After dinner, they cleared away the table settings and then headed into the living room. Maybe there was something good on TV.

But just as he was about to sit down, Brit put a hand on his arm. "Jeff?" she asked.

"What do you need, Brit?"

"Lissa said we have to be nice to each other, remember?"


"So I have a way you can be nice to me."

"Okay, what is it?"

"I have to do a report on Hawaii for school, and I need some pictures to go along with it. There were some good ones that Dad took on their vacation this summer, so I need you to help me find them on Dad's computer."

"You've only been in school four days and already you have a report to do?"

"Well, it's not due until next month, but I wanted to at least get an idea of what I was going to do. I need the pictures to help me with that."

Spending the rest of the evening looking through old vacation photos with his little sister was not his idea of a good time. "I don't know," he said. "I don't think we should be poking around Dad's stuff without his permission. Why can't you wait until he gets back?"

"Please?" she asked, flashing him that look that she always gave him when she wanted him to do something. It always worked on Greg, and usually on Jeff, too. But he was still worried about getting into trouble.

"You're thirteen years old," he told her. "Don't you think you're getting too old to use that look?"

"Not if it still works," she replied with a grin.

"Oh, all right," he sighed. "I'll help you find your stupid pictures."

She immediately jumped up from the couch and threw her arms around him. Caught off his guard, he stumbled backward, and then fell to the floor with her on top of him.

She lay there giggling, and Jeff, once the initial shock wore off, also began to laugh.

"You're the best brother in the whole world," Brit told him once she got her giggling under control.

"Dang!" Jeff replied in mock disgust. "My evil plan to be the worst brother in the whole world isn't working."

She stuck her tongue out at him, then climbed off of him. Jeff sat up, paused for a second so as not to get a head rush from too much movement all at once, then rose to his feet. Brit skipped into Greg's and Allison's bedroom, followed by her brother.

Jeff took the seat in front of the computer and turned it on. Rather than pulling up a chair from across the room, Brit plopped down on his lap.

"Hey!" Jeff exclaimed.

"What?" asked Brit.

"You really need to grow up. Only little girls sit on people's laps."

"Oh, you're no fun," she complained.

"Fun? I'm the one you're sitting on. Maybe if you were fifty pounds lighter I wouldn't mind."

"Are you calling me fat?"

"Yeah, you're so fat that you don't get blown away by the slightest breeze."

Brit laughed and elbowed him playfully in the stomach, but she made no move to get off of his lap.

They waited a few second for the computer to finish booting up, then Jeff took the controls and began to search for the vacation photos from the previous summer. He browsed through folders full of work documents, old letters, and the occasional spreadsheet. Finally he found a folder labeled "Vacation Photos," so he opened it up. Inside were two sub-folders: "Main" and "X." Quickly glancing through each one, he saw that they had roughly the same number of pictures, and the dates on the files suggested they had all been taken about the same time. He opened the "Main" folder and started going through the pictures.

There were the usual shots of Greg, Allison, and Lissa at the airport, at their condo, in the streets, and everywhere else they had gone. Interspersed with these were more scenic pictures of waterfalls, beaches, flowers, and sunsets. Naturally these shots had turned out really well, considering how talented both Greg and Allison were with a camera.

Brit grabbed a piece of paper from the desk and began jotting down the file names of the pictures she wanted for her report. She only needed about four or five, but she ended up with nearly twenty, so they had to go through them all again to narrow down her selections.

Ten minutes later, she had five good pictures for her report. "Thanks, Jeff," she said, smiling with delight. "I'm going to have the best report in the class."

"Yeah, well, you owe me one," he replied.

She turned back to the computer screen. "So what's in the X folder?" she asked.

Jeff had almost forgotten about it. It was probably just more pictures, and Brit already had enough. Looking through vacation photos wasn't his thing, so he was reluctant to even open it and have to start all over again if she found some more pictures that she liked. But now that she had brought up the subject, there was nothing he could do. He went to the X folder and opened the first file.

It was a photo of Allison, on a sailboat, wearing a tiny little bikini. She relaxed against the railing with a bright smile on her face and the deep blue ocean behind her stretching away in the distance. Once again Jeff was struck with just how beautiful she was. And with Greg's skill with the camera, this picture could have come straight out of a magazine.

She reminded him of her sister Rachael in the picture, especially that night in the hot tub. He remembered it so clearly; how could he forget? If possible, Allison looked even more lovely than her sister.

"She must have left most of her swimsuit at home," Brit giggled. "She only has a few scraps left."

"Maybe the rest got blown out to sea," laughed Jeff, then clicked to the next picture. It was similar to the first, but she had her head back, and the wind was whipping her hair to the side. The pose thrust her chest into prominent view, covered only by the tiny bikini top.

Though he had seen quite a bit more of her in the infamous video, this picture was beginning to have a significant effect on him. He felt a kind of warmth spreading through him, as well as a pressure down between his legs. Unfortunately, Brit was sitting right on top of it, so she would almost certainly feel it if it got any harder. Still, he was eager to continue.

The next few pictures were much like the first two, with Allison in poses ranging from innocent to seductive. Jeff couldn't believe just how sexy she was! And to think that she was living in the very same house as him, and that he could see her whenever he wanted. Unfortunately, he would never get to see her like this, but at least the pictures existed. He decided that he would have to secretly make a copy of them and put them on his own computer to look at whenever he wanted.

About ten pictures in, she posed with her arms behind her back as if untying her bikini top. Jeff's heart began to pound in his chest, and he was so hard now that there was no way that Brit could not feel it. He wanted so much to keep going, but on the other hand, he felt guilty about seeing these pictures. After all, they were private. She had not given him permission to look at them, so it felt like he was betraying a trust. He hesitated, wondering whether he should continue.

"Jeff?" Brit asked, sensing his hesitation.

"I... don't think we should go any further," he stammered.

"Why not?"

"Well, you see what she's about to do."

"Oh, come on. We've already looked at this much. We might as well finish."

"No. I think we should turn it off and pretend we never saw them."

"There's no reason not to continue. I'm a girl, so it's nothing I haven't seen before, and you're just going to sneak in here some other time when you're alone and look at the pictures anyway."

"I am not!" he snapped.

"It's true. Even if you don't think you will right now, some day when the temptation gets to you, you're going to come into this room, start up the computer, and stare at the pictures. I know you think Allison is the hottest woman you've ever seen. There's no way you would pass up a chance like this."

As Brit spoke the words, Jeff realized that she was right. Knowing that these pictures were here, he wouldn't be able to withstand the temptation for long. No doubt he would give in the first chance he got.

"All right, but you have to promise never to tell anyone," he finally conceded.

"I promise," grinned Brit.

Taking a deep breath, Jeff clicked to the next picture.

It wasn't quite what he had hoped; at this point Allison's top was undone but it still hung loosely about her neck, covering her breasts. She had a slightly embarrassed grin on her face as if she had been caught doing something she shouldn't.

"Go on," breathed Brit, and in almost fearful anticipation, Jeff continued to the next photograph.

Suddenly, there she was, completely naked from the waist up, her magnificent breasts exposed to their eyes. Jeff's heart beat in his chest faster than ever as he stared at her gorgeous body, and he felt about ready to explode out of his pants.

He had never thought of his father as the sexual type; Greg had always been stern and hard. But here was proof that there was another side to him; he was very much a man. Who wouldn't want to take pictures of a beautiful, topless woman? For the first time in his life, Jeff was jealous of his dad.

"Ooh, I think my big brother likes it," Brit giggled, squirming around on his lap. The sensation was both exhilarating and painful with his cock constrained as it was.

"Stop it!" he scolded, and Brit settled down, leaning back against his chest.

"Don't get too excited," she told him. "You're liable to blow a fuse or something."

"Well, just don't move around so much."

She grunted noncommittally, and Jeff continued to the next picture.

Allison was certainly putting on a show as they advanced through the photos. She was striking all kinds of poses, some quite erotic.

"I had no idea Allison was so naughty," Brit commented.

Jeff had known for quite some time, but he wasn't about to mention the video he had seen of her.

"Actually, there's nothing naughty about this at all," he said instead.

"Oh, come on. She's almost naked," Brit insisted.

"So what? These pictures weren't meant for us; they were only meant for Dad. He's probably the one taking the pictures, in fact. Since she's his wife, if she wants to get naked in front of him, there's nothing wrong with that. And if he happens to have a camera, and she doesn't mind..."

"Oh, so you're defending her," Brit teased. "You must be in love."

"I am not!"

"Well, you have to admit, these aren't your average vacation photos. Speaking of which, I wonder where Lissa was during all this?"

Jeff shrugged. "Dad and Allison probably left her at the condo so they could be alone together. She was probably just sitting out by the pool all day working on her tan."

"Probably," Brit agreed. "I wonder if she's seen the pictures, though."

"I'm sure she hasn't. She's just as prudish as Dad."

"You forget, Dad's the one taking the pictures."

"You know what I mean." He clicked to the next photograph.

Suddenly, Brit gasped. Jeff's eyes opened wide. The timing couldn't have been more perfect considering what they had just been talking about, and the implications were shocking. This picture was not of Allison, but of Lissa!

At least she wore a swimsuit. It was a one-piece, quite conservative in fact. But the setting was the same. She stood against the same railing as Allison.

"That means..." Brit stammered, but somehow couldn't finish the sentence. She didn't need to; Jeff knew exactly what she was going to say. Lissa must have been there for the whole photo shoot!

Once again, Jeff was tempted to shut down the computer and never speak of it again. It was one thing for Allison to get naked for her husband. Regardless of how erotic it was, it was all perfectly moral and clean. But to do it while his daughter was there... that was crossing some kind of line. Suddenly the whole thing took on a dirtier air.

"Do you think..." said Jeff. "Do you think we should stop now?"

"I don't know. I'm starting to feel kind of funny about it."


"Sort of. But also... excited. I know we shouldn't be doing this, but I don't want to stop."

"All right. Then we'll go on," Jeff decided.

The pictures of Lissa were more subdued. While Allison had beamed a bright grin throughout the whole affair, Lissa had only the trace of a smile on her face. These pictures looked somehow more glamorous. The poses were subtle and yet at the same time just as sexy as Allison's. There was something extremely erotic about the demure way in which she held herself.

Still, Jeff was starting to grow bored. He wished there were more pictures of Allison, especially if she took off the rest of her bikini. Lissa was beautiful in her own way, but these pictures couldn't beat a naked woman.

Then they stumbled onto another picture that gave them pause. She continued to lean up against the railing, staring out into the distance, but this time she had one of the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulder. Her opposite hand held it as if she were beginning to undress.

"You don't think..." said Jeff.

"She wouldn't," Brit insisted. "Not with Dad there."

Another idea struck Jeff just then. "But what if Dad isn't there?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"It only takes two people to take these pictures. One to pose and one to hold the camera. All this time we've assumed Dad was the one doing it. But maybe it's just Allison and Lissa there."

"You mean Allison was posing topless for her?"

"Why not? Maybe they were just having fun. Like you said, it's nothing they hadn't seen before. They're both girls after all. Maybe Allison's pictures were going to be a surprise for Dad, and then Lissa wanted to take a turn modeling. Maybe these pictures were supposed to get erased, and Allison just hasn't gotten around to it. I'll bet Dad hasn't even seen them, and he's not going to."

"Good point," Brit said, letting out a sigh. Jeff shared her relief. The thought that their father would take that kind of picture of his own daughter, their sister, was too much to think about. It was revolting, but Jeff had to admit that that was only because it was his dad, and not Jeff himself with the camera. He had already proven that he didn't mind fooling around with his big sister. But that was just kids experimenting. For a father to take naked pictures of his daughter, though, was something quite different. What if, just what if, it were true? It was all so forbidden, but that was what made it all the more intense.

"So if she gets naked, we'll know it was just Allison and her on that boat," Brit stated.

That added one more layer of complexity to Jeff's feelings. Maybe the pictures weren't meant for Greg, but they most certainly were not meant for Jeff! He had already seen Lissa naked in person, so it wasn't as if this would be a new experience for him. But two things made him hesitate. First, he felt like it was invading her privacy, and second, with Brit there with him it was a little awkward. What would she think if he continued looking at those pictures? But the idea also held a kind of fascination for him. There was something deliciously naughty about the whole thing. Lissa was certainly a beautiful girl; he had already admitted that he was attracted to her. He would like nothing more than to see naked photos of her. But at it was, it was all so wrong and yet at the same time so stimulating! Admittedly, he had fooled around with Lissa a little bit, but that was just experimentation by a couple of teenagers who didn't know what they were doing, and they hadn't done anything in years.

"You must think this is really weird," Brit told him, no doubt guessing at his feelings.

"Yeah, really weird," Jeff repeated. "She's my sister. I've never really wanted to see her naked." That was not exactly true; he had had his fantasies, but had only taken a couple of small steps toward fulfilling them.

"What about at the camping trip in June?"

"That was different. We were all just playing around, not posing for pictures. What about you? You're the one who left your swimsuit on when the rest of us took them off. Don't you think this is weird?"

"Me? You forget, I'm a girl. So to me, it's just a big 'So what?'"

"Oh yeah."

"If you want, we can stop now. Or we can go on and find out for sure. What do you think?"

"Let's just go long enough to find out if she's actually going to take her clothes off, and then that's it."

"Good enough."

They didn't have to wait long. In the very next picture, she had her swimsuit down to her waist, exposing her breasts. Jeff gaped. He had seen her naked only a few months before, but here she was, posing topless in a photograph, exposing her gorgeous body. In its own way, it was just as beautiful as Allison's. A little less developed perhaps, but that youthful quality made it all the more appealing. He felt that familiar stirring between his legs again, an unconscious reaction that he knew was completely inappropriate considering who he was looking at.

"I guess it's Allison taking the pictures," Brit said.

"Yeah," Jeff agreed, unable to tear his eyes away from the screen. His own sister! He knew he shouldn't be seeing this, and he certainly shouldn't be enjoying it. He should be turning off the computer in disgust. But somehow the feelings of utter revulsion were completely absent. All he wanted to do was see more of her like this.

"So that's it then," Brit told him.


"You said we would just continue until we found out if she took her clothes off."

"But her clothes aren't all the way off!" he protested.

Brit laughed. "Oh, so you're saying you want to see the rest of her," she teased.

"No!" Jeff denied, but he knew it was a lie, and he was pretty certain Brit knew it too.

"Just wait till I tell Lissa that you want to see her naked," Brit giggled.

"I don't want to see her naked!" he exclaimed, but the redness of his face gave him away. "And you're not going to tell, because you would have to admit that you looked at these pictures."

"Good point. Okay. It will be our secret that you're horny for your own sister."

"Shut up."

"So are we done, or are you going to keep going until she's completely naked?"

"I'm not going to go any further if you're just going to tease me."

"Oh, all right. I won't tease you. I promise."

"Okay." He clicked to the next picture. In this one, Lissa was still topless, but she had her finger in her mouth and her chin down. With her big, bright eyes looking directly into the camera, it gave her a shy look, but at the same time very erotic. Maybe Allison had suggested the pose, but it appeared that Lissa was a natural at this kind of modeling. Jeff just couldn't believe that about his sister; she had always been so mature, so serious. In fact, he would have expected this kind of activity more from Brit than from Lissa. At least Brit knew how to have fun. Sometimes he wondered whether Lissa did.

"I've always thought Lissa had nice boobs," Brit commented.

"Brit!" Jeff exclaimed.

"It's just a comment. I've seen them plenty of times before, you know. I've always been a little jealous. Do you think I'll have boobs like that when I'm her age?"

With his little sister sitting on his erection and his big sister half naked on the screen in front of him, the last thing he needed right now was to turn the conversation to Brit's boobs. And yet the comment threw a mental image into his head that he couldn't ignore. It was both awkward and thrilling at the same time.

To ease the tension, he decided to make a joke out of it. "I don't know," he said. "I'd have to see them first. Take off your shirt and bra and I'll give you my honest opinion."

"Okay," she agreed, untucking the bottom of her shirt from her pants.

"I was only kidding!" he exclaimed, swatting her hand away. Brit broke down in a fit of giggles, and he realized she was kidding too. Once again she had gotten the better of him.

Mumbling under his breath, he clicked to the next picture. As they advanced through the photos, Lissa continued to show the contrast between Allison and her. While Allison had been bold and outgoing in her pictures, Lissa's photos were softer and more glamorous. Allison's could have been taken from the pages of Lecher Magazine, but Lissa's were more appropriate for a nude photography exhibition. Even though she was naked above the waist, there was something simple and innocent about these pictures.

After about ten more pictures, they switched over to Allison again. This time she had one of her hands down the front of her bikini bottom as if fondling herself, and her mouth open wide in a grin as if she were enjoying herself.

"Oh," said Brit. "She's... um..."

"Touching herself?" Jeff asked. It didn't shock him the way it did his little sister; he had seen many pictures like this since he had started browsing for porn.

"Yeah," Brit replied. "Crystal... um..."

"What about Crystal?"

"She... well... she showed me..."

"She showed you?" Jeff gasped. He had heard that girls that age sometimes experimented with each other, and that thought was a frequent fantasy of his, but he had never thought of Crystal and Brit doing it!

"Yeah," Brit said, blushing. "On the camping trip. While you and Kari were... well... you know. Crystal showed me how she touches herself."

"And what about you?" Jeff asked, then suddenly realized he shouldn't have. What business of it was his if Brit liked to masturbate?

"Well... I've done it a couple of times," she said. "Just to see what it was like. Crystal says there's nothing wrong with it, but I... I just don't feel right about it."

When Jeff didn't make any further comment, Brit simply accepted it and let him continue.

A few pictures later, Allison discarded the rest of her bikini completely, and stood there absolutely naked. Of course, Jeff had seen her like this before in the video, but still, he enjoyed the view.

Brit, however, pointed out something that Jeff hadn't caught, mainly because he was so used to seeing it in the images he looked at on the Internet. "She doesn't have any hair down there," said his sister.

Jeff had already seen that in the infamous video, so he hadn't really noticed this time.

"But I thought girls are supposed to grow hair down there once they're no longer kids," Brit commented. "Lissa does, and I've got a little myself, although not as much as her. I expect I'll get more when I get older."

"Well, apparently Allison shaves," Jeff told her. Rachael was the same way, as he knew from direct experience. It had intrigued him then, but now it seemed to him perfectly natural.

"She shaves?" Brit inquired. "You mean she shaved it all off?"


"Why would a girl want to do that?"

"Well, sometimes it's so they don't have hair sticking out when they wear a tiny swimsuit, like the one Allison was wearing in these pictures. Some girls say it feels good, either for them or for the man, when they... well... you know."

"When they have sex? You can say it, Jeff. I'm thirteen; I know what sex is."

"You do?" he asked, astonished.

"Not from experience, of course," she giggled.

"Oh," he said. Her words had given him a shocking mental image, but that was just because he had misinterpreted them. Naturally she would still be a virgin at her age, not that Jeff had been much older when Rachael had seduced him.

"Right. When they have sex," he said, trying to shut out that mental image and especially trying to keep from admitting that it aroused him. "And some men like to see women without hair down there, so she might shave it off if Dad's like that."

"Oh. I guess that makes sense." Brit seemed to accept the answer. She was being surprisingly mature about the whole thing.

Jeff clicked to the next picture. Lissa was back, and this time she was also completely naked. Again as if to show the contrast, Lissa had a neat and healthy growth of hair between her legs.

So there it was. She had gotten naked for the pictures after all. Jeff was already too hard to get any harder at the moment; and besides, the thrill of first seeing her topless had been far more exciting than seeing the rest of her, especially since he was the type of guy who favored breasts rather than pussies, not that he had anything against either one.

"How many more picture are there?" Brit asked.

Jeff checked. "A couple dozen," he replied. "Now we've seen what we came to see. Should we finish them?"

"We might as well," Brit said. Jeff shrugged, trying to appear casual. In truth, he was anxious to see where the rest of the pictures would go. After all, both girls had taken all of their clothes off, and there were still plenty of pictures left.

When he clicked on the next one, he froze. This was almost as shocking as the first one with Lissa. It showed both girls together. They stood next to each other, facing forward, and holding hands.

"Um... Jeff..." said Brit. "Who's operating the camera?"

That was what he wanted to know. He was pretty sure his sister was thinking exactly the same thing as him. Was it possible that their father had been taking the pictures all along? The horror of the thought that he would photograph his own daughter naked returned, but there was a certain hypocrisy that took off some of the edge. After all, wasn't Jeff himself sitting here looking at those very same pictures? Wasn't he aroused by the sight of his sister naked on that boat? There was no difference between a brother having those feelings for his sister and a father having them for his daughter. They were wrong in either case. Still, he didn't want to admit it, so his mind groped for any other explanation.

"Maybe..." he said, "maybe it's another girl. Someone they met there."

"Or another man," said Brit, but Jeff shook his head. "I don't think Allison would pose naked for any man except Dad, and I know Lissa wouldn't."

"But if she's willing to do it for Dad..."

"We don't know that for sure. Like I said, it could be another girl. Or maybe they've got the camera on a tripod, with a timer."

"Yeah, maybe that's it," agreed Brit, with a note of relief in her voice. Apparently she didn't like the thought of their dad seeing Lissa nude any more than Jeff did. "I bet if we continue we'll find out that that's the case."

"Of course," said Jeff, though without confidence. What if it wasn't a tripod, and his worst fears were true?

In the next picture, the girls faced each other, with both hands clasped. They looked directly into each other's eyes, but Jeff couldn't read the expression on their faces.

In the next one, they had taken a step closer to each other. This time, their hands rested on each other's hips. Jeff's heart skipped a beat. This was getting dangerously close to some of the lesbian pictures he had seen on the internet. That brought a sudden surprising thought to mind. Allison had introduced him to those pictures, so she knew about them and in fact, was not disgusted by them. Was it possible that she herself had those tendencies? He didn't know why he hadn't seen it sooner. After all, her sister Rachael liked women; she had come right out and admitted it to him. Did that sort of thing run in the family?

He remembered that time on the camping trip a couple of years ago when Allison and Lissa had gone swimming. They had been naked, and hugging. His first reaction had been to think that they were lovers, but when Lissa told him her first time was with Rachael, he had decided it must have been more innocent than he had originally thought. And although Lissa had been seduced by Rachael, she had felt bad enough about it that he figured her first time would be her last time. But now it looked like maybe he was wrong.

If so, the next few pictures could get very interesting. He didn't know if he wanted to continue. If Lissa and Allison were going to do something naughty, he wasn't sure he wanted to know about it. And yet at the same time, the thought turned him on more than anything he had seen so far. Ever since Allison had introduced him to the concept, he had had a fascination for lesbians. And now, to see both his stepmother and his sister doing those things...

His hand was literally trembling as he turned to the next picture.

He thought he was going to faint. He hardly heard Brit's gasp of shock; the room was starting to spin around him. It seemed like everything he had taken for granted was being turned on its head. All this time he had thought of Lissa as just his boring old sister, and even though he had wanted to see Allison naked for a long time, to see her like this was almost overwhelming.

In the picture, Allison had her hand on Lissa's tit!

"What is she doing?" Brit demanded, and she sounded as shaken as Jeff felt. "Girls aren't supposed to do that to other girls!"

"I think we should turn the computer off and forget all about it," Jeff told her. "We've taken this way too far."

"No, don't. I... I just want you to explain it to me."

"I don't know if you're old enough, Brit," he replied.

"Don't give me that. Everyone always tells me I'm not old enough. How am I ever supposed to find things out if that's all anyone ever says when I ask?"

Jeff considered. She really wasn't much younger than he was when Allison had explained it to him. And after all, it was too late now; Brit had already seen the photo. To leave her without an explanation now would be worse than to tell her.

"All right," he conceded. "I'm going to tell you something, but you have to promise never to bring it up again."

"Okay, I promise."

"You're thirteen. So you're at the age when you're starting to get interested in boys, right?"


"Okay, well, some girls instead get interested in other girls."

"Ew!" Brit exclaimed, a look of revulsion on her face. "You mean, in the same way?"

"In exactly the same way. I know it's a little hard to believe, but that's the way it is. Girls who are like that are called lesbians."

"So you mean Allison and Lissa are lesbians?" she asked, nodding toward the computer screen. "Does that mean... does that mean I'll end up like that?" She had a look of horror on her face at the thought. "After all, Lissa's my sister. Is it something that runs in the family?"

"First, I don't know if they're that way at all."

"But on the screen!"

"Think of it this way. Neither of us thought Lissa would be the type of person to pose for nude pictures, right?"


"But we were wrong. Apparently she's willing to do it under certain circumstances. Maybe Allison talked her into it. Or maybe Allison looked like she was having so much fun that Lissa wanted to try it out. So maybe this is the same thing. They're just experimenting, that's all."

"But why? I mean, it's so disgusting!"

Jeff thought about that. Why would two women who were heterosexual do a lesbian pose together? The answer came immediately to mind.

"A lot of men like to watch lesbians," he explained. "Maybe they're just doing it for..." but then he realized, if it was a man there, it was most likely their father!

Brit was looking a little pale. In fact, she looked like she was about to cry. She knew what he was about to say. Jeff could understand her reaction. If their father was there, and they were posing like that for him, that meant he was getting turned on by it. By his own daughter! Jeff could almost accept the idea of Greg taking nude pictures of Lissa. After all, weren't there nudist colonies all over the world, where families would go together? Family members naked with each other wasn't necessarily wrong or evil. And the photos of Lissa had been relatively benign. But the thought that their father was seeing his own daughter in a sexual way was shocking to the point of being frightening. And that Lissa would submit to such a thing was impossible to imagine. Yet here was proof right on the screen before them.

He put his arm around Brit and pulled her in to him. She turned and buried her face in his shoulder. She was trembling as much as he was, but he realized that it was for a very different reason. She was feeling overwhelmed, even betrayed. He felt the same way. But as he continued to view that picture, he realized that there was something else there that Brit most certainly did not feel. Jeff was aroused by it!

A few minutes later, Brit looked up at him. "Tell me something," she said, in a surprisingly calm voice. "You said some men like to watch lesbians. Does that include you?"

Now Jeff could add embarrassment to the list of emotions he was feeling right now. It was a very long list. But she asked it so innocently, he knew he had to tell her the truth.

"Yes," he said.

"What about this picture that you're looking at right now?"

Jeff sighed. He could try to deny it, but knew he wouldn't be able to hide the insincerity.

"The honest truth? Yes. It's exciting me."

Brit giggled, something he had not expected.

"So you like looking at Lissa and Allison doing... lesbian things to each other?"

"You know I like looking at Allison doing anything at all. So in her case, I'd love to see her doing lesbian things with any girl, even Lissa."

"And what about Lissa?"

"I'm not so sure. Up until today, I had never thought of her in that way." Again, that was not completely true, but at least he hadn't thought about her in that way in a long time. "But now... I don't know. It's a little hard to explain, mostly because I don't really know how I feel."

"But it's possible that you like seeing her like that."

"It's possible."

"So maybe... maybe it's not so unusual then for family members to think of each other that way."

"Brit!" he exclaimed.

"No, really. Maybe Dad was feeling the same things you're feeling right now. Maybe he would love to see Allison doing it with any girl, even Lissa."

"It sounds like you're condoning this."

"Well, is Dad any worse for taking the pictures than you are for looking at them?"

"Hey, that's not fair."

"Why not?"

"Well, because... because it just isn't!"

"Look, maybe we've got this all wrong. Why do we think all of these things are bad?"

"I don't know. They just are."

"Maybe they aren't. You've said lots of times that Dad's too strict. He and Mom, our real Mom, are the ones that raised us to be perfect little angels. But that rotten bitch ran off with another man, and Dad's taking naughty pictures of his daughter. So maybe everything they've told us is a lie. Maybe there's nothing wrong with bad language, or slutty clothes, or lesbians, or even fathers who get turned on by their daughters, or brothers who get turned on by their sisters."

"Okay, Brit, I think you've seen enough. You're starting to get some wrong ideas."

"So what? Apparently Daddy doesn't think they're wrong."

"We still don't even know if he's on the boat."

"So let's keep going until we find out."

"I don't know..."

"Come on, Jeff. I think we both need to see the rest of the pictures so that we can find out just how far Dad's willing to go, so that we can make a better decision."

"But just a few minutes ago you looked like you were about to throw up when you saw this picture."

"I know. I thought it was disgusting."

"But you don't any more?"

"I thought it was disgusting because I thought it was wrong. Now I don't know what's right and wrong any more. That's why I have to see the rest of the pictures. Because if Daddy doesn't think it's so bad, why should I?"

"That's exactly why people say you're too young. Because you get these crazy ideas in your head."

"So far I haven't heard any argument from you except that it's wrong. But you won't tell me why. Probably because you don't know."

"All right, fine. We'll look at the rest of the stupid pictures. But we're going to need to talk about this later."

"That's fine."

Still reluctant to show her any more but realizing that he wasn't going to get out of this without her seeing everything, he clicked to the next picture. This time, the girls had closed into a loving embrace, and their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss. Jeff's erection, which had subsided a bit during the argument with Brit, now sprang back up.

He had expected his little sister to gasp in shock again, or throw up, or even run away screaming. Instead, she continued to sit on his lap, watching the pictures in silence. He wondered what kind of effect these pictures were having on her mind. A few minutes ago she was horrified to find out that there were girls out there who liked girls, and now she was watching her own sister and stepmother engaged in these acts. What was she thinking? Was she thinking that if it was good enough for Lissa, it was good enough for her? Would Brit herself turn out to be a lesbian, all because Jeff let her look at these images?

In the next one, Lissa had raised her face to the sky, and Allison had dropped her head to kiss her on the neck. It was quite an erotic image, but Brit laughed out loud.

"I didn't know Allison was a vampire," she grinned, and Jeff joined in the laughter. Yes, now that she mentioned it, it did look a bit like Allison was sucking Lissa's blood.

She went even lower in the next photograph, this time reaching one of Lissa's breasts. She had her tongue pressed against the nipple.

"Wow. That must feel good," Brit commented.

Jeff was shocked. "You want to have a girl lick you like that?"

"No, not a girl necessarily. I just know that my nipples are very sensitive. To have someone lick them would be incredible."

Once again, an image popped into Jeff's head, this time of a girl licking Brit's nipples like on the screen. As erotic as the thought was, he shook his head to clear it. He was already crossing a line by thinking of Lissa in a sexual way. He didn't need to be thinking of Brit like that.

In the next picture, the lick had turned into a suck. Lissa's nipple had disappeared completely into Allison's mouth.

"Oh, wow!" breathed Brit, squirming around on Jeff's lap, which had the effect of sending a jolt of pleasure through him. The pleasure was enhanced by the implications of Brit's tone of voice. She was actually getting excited by these pictures!

It was too late to stop now, though. He clicked to the next one, which had the roles reversed, and Lissa was sucking Allison's tit! That was surprising; it was just possible that their sister might agree to being photographed in a situation where she was receiving pleasure from another woman, but to put her mouth on part of that woman's body was impossible to believe! But it had happened, as evidenced by the picture.

As they continued, the pictures grew more and more intense as the girls groped and fondled and licked seemingly every part of each other's bodies. Brit was obviously getting more and more aroused by the pictures; her body felt hot against him, her breathing was rapid almost to the point of hyperventilating, and there was the distinct odor of her sweat in the air. Jeff himself was faring little better, but at this point he really didn't care whether Brit knew it or not. Since they were both turned on together, neither of them had any cause to be embarrassed about it.

A dozen pictures later, they received the proof they had sought. The lesbian scenes were over, replaced by a photo of Allison and their father. Greg still had his swimming trunks on, but Allison was completely naked. They stood next to each other, arms around one another's waists.

Then the picture changed to one with Allison turned toward him with her hand on his crotch. The bulge in his shorts was shown in clear outline.

"We're back to acceptable behavior again," Jeff commented. "They're married. They're allowed to do that."

"Don't forget who's holding the camera," Brit told him.

"Good point."

Finally, in the third picture with Greg, Allison had pulled down his shorts. This time Brit did gasp. To Jeff, it was nothing he hadn't seen before on the Internet, but this might be only the second time she had seen a cock. There was something perverted about the fact that the first two she had ever seen belonged to her brother and her father.

It was hard and fully extended, and Jeff realized that it was about the size of his own, perhaps a little above average in length but nothing like some he had seen in various pornographic images.

Allison had a grin on her face, and she gripped it like she had in the previous picture, only this time there was nothing between her hand and the engorged member.

Jeff clicked to the next picture, and this time he gasped as well. Allison and Greg faced each other, but Allison was on her knees in front of him! The tip of their father's penis was just inches from her lips. She gazed up into his eyes with a mischievous look. Was she really going to do it, right in front of his daughter?

"Ew!" exclaimed Brit as soon as Jeff clicked to the next picture. It was just what he had imagined. She had the tip of his dick in her mouth, and she was sucking away. Greg had his hands on the back of her head and smiled down at her.

"Is this another one I need to explain?" asked Jeff, and Brit nodded.

"All right. You said earlier that your nipples are very sensitive. It's the same thing with a man's penis. That's what makes sex so pleasurable for a man. But for most men, the most intense pleasure they can feel is to have a woman suck on it, like she's doing in the picture."

"Really?" asked Brit.


"And does he...?"

"Does he cum? If the girl is willing, yes. Some girls don't like the taste of it, but some do."

"And do they swallow it?"

"Again, it depends on the girl."

Brit was silent for a moment, then she spoke up again. "Jeff... have you... have you ever had a girl do that to you?"

That was an awkward question! But right now, he felt that he could be nothing less than fully honest.

"Yes," he admitted.


Jeff hesitated. He didn't like to talk about his sex life with her, because she might feel he betrayed his trust. But it was pretty obvious since she was his first and only girlfriend.

"Yes," he repeated.

"Wow!" Brit said. "I'm learning all kinds of things today. Thanks for telling me the truth, Jeff. I want you to know I really appreciate it."

There were several more pictures of Allison sucking Greg's cock. In some it was buried up to the balls in her mouth. Her nose touched his belly just above his dick. In others, she held the head gently between her teeth. She licked it in some, sucked it in others. The shots ranged from close-ups showing only his cock and her face, to full-body shots that showed him from head to toe. Jeff and Brit continued to grow more and more aroused by the photos.

Then another surprising image came, though in hindsight, they should have expected it. This time Allison obviously had the camera, because Greg and Lissa were the stars of this picture. They were both naked, but other than that it was completely innocent. No, that was no entirely true; Greg was still erect, probably from the blowjob that Allison had been giving him. Father and daughter stood next to each other with hands clasped, similar to the first one with Allison and Lissa together.

When Jeff clicked to the next, he had a momentary shock. It was almost like looking in a mirror. Greg sat in a chair with his daughter on his lap. It was surprisingly like the position Jeff and Brit shared. The thing that was both thrilling and shocking, however, was that, based upon his own current situation, he knew that his father's cock must be touching some part of Lissa's anatomy in the picture.

Greg stood for the next picture, carrying Lissa. One arm supported her under her knee and the other under her shoulder. Another jolt of pleasure shot through Jeff as he could clearly see one of her tits pressed against his chest. The thoughts of disgust had just about disappeared, leaving only the thrill of the forbidden. He half hoped that the two of them would get into some much more nasty poses.

He realized that he just might get his wish when he turned to the next image. Though it was far from a lewd pose, it was one step closer, and yet at the same time there was still something innocent about it. Greg and Lissa faced each other, hugging in an affectionate embrace. If they had been clothed, the pose would have been nothing more than a tender father-daughter hug. But with them naked, with their bodies pressed against each other, it was almost obscene.

Jeff was nearly overcome again. This was his own father, and his own sister! Being naked together was one thing, but this was something far beyond that. Jeff remembered what it felt like from that time in the bath tub, with Lissa's breasts rubbing against his naked chest. He knew it was wrong to think of it, but at the same time, obviously Greg didn't think so. The jealousy returned, along with an increased excitement.

Brit was similarly affected. Her breaths came in uneven gasps, and Jeff almost thought he felt her heart pounding, despite the fact that she faced away from him. He noticed that one of her hands had subconsciously gone between her legs, and she was starting to rub herself down there. No doubt she could feel very little through her jeans, but it wasn't stopping her hand from going through the motions. She was starting to make little moaning noises, perhaps not even realizing she was doing it.

This was so wrong. Not only was he looking at pictures of his father and sister naked together, but his other sister was playing with herself right on his lap! Worse still, he was just as aroused as she was. He was sure she could feel his engorged member beneath her. Maybe that was just contributing to her arousal, a thought that, in some perverted feedback loop, contributed to his own.

He was almost afraid to go to the next picture. As soon as he clicked it over, he realized he had good reason. This time, Lissa knelt in front of her father in almost exactly the same pose as Allison had done previously. If past history was any indication, the next picture would be insane!

"Oh my god!" Brit gasped. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" She sounded like she was on the verge of orgasm. Jeff wasn't far away himself.

"Are you ready for the next picture?" he asked.

"Yes!" she shouted. "Do it, Jeff! Do it!"

Taking a deep breath, he clicked it over.

Everything they had expected, maybe even hoped, came true in that one instant. The final line had been crossed. No more was there any doubt about how naughty these pictures were. Lissa had her mouth full of her own father's cock!

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2013-06-10 23:01:43
While I haven't read past this (yet) I'm going to say that these are pictures that Allison had Greg photoshop :) For two reasons, first I would almost (99.99%) gaurentee that this would have been written for us to read not shown to us through Britt and Jeff finding pictures on a computer, that's 98% of my belief, the rest is because it IS out of character for Lissa. With other authors I probably would not even mention it being out of character, but with a well written story like this character building is essential and breaking character breaks the story entirely and when it happens I get really mad about it and tend to stop reading/watching the story. But considering this is one of the best stories I've ever read (even if the probability of it actually happening is like 1 in 1 billion, it is marked as fiction) , so I'm definitely willing to give the story/author a chance to prove that I'm wrong :)

Also why do almost all of these stories have a rating of 69 and not 100% they deserve

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Ok, so this is the same person as the previous two. I had read this chapter 2 days ago, and then had to take time to think through my response.
I decided to give it 5 more chapters, and if anyone else is feeling like I did, trust the author more than I did.

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That last comment got completely screwed up when I went over the character limit, and paragraphs got reordered, so I will finish them in the order they got printed in.
It actually sickened me when I read it, because she has been the one to most hold to her beliefs. It was just shock value, but for the character, it would have a major psychological cost, and not in a healthy way.
When you are with your family, you regress to your old roles. You don't just change the way you view the people - that takes work, hence Gregs constant grooming to do it by Allison.
Lissa I thought would have had a relationship at work, as a contrast to what is going on with her family.
I'm not sure if I want to continue this series any more - The one hold out that there might be some redemption seems to be gone. Yeah, I know it's erotica, but when you invest, you want to be fulfilled deeply, not just with the momentary thrills of the sex, but with something that endures and is good...

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I am extremely disappointed in the ending. In fact, I couldn't sleep it irked me so much, until I figured out why:
It is completely out of character for Lissa to do that. If it had been her brother, it would have made sense, but for it to be her dad was completely wrong.
She never crosses the line with the brother she talks with all the time, she's never gone down on someone per her own admission, and now she goes down on her dad who she is barely even close to? I know Allison is a depraved influence, but that is just going WAY too far.
You emotionally invest in these characters, and I know it was a literary function to do this - but I feel it was plain wrong, and a cheap way of doing it. It actually sickene
Greg has been getting groomed for this by Allison, but Lissa has held to her guns for what is proper for a long time. She was going to change when she went to college, but it is exceptionally rare to change with ones own family, as it noted with the relationship with Jeff and


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One hell of a story. No wher can this go but forward. I can't wait to see the remainder of this erotic tale.

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