Kari visits Jeff's tent.
Chapter 28
Nocturnal Encounter

Allison and the kids returned to the campsites, where Greg and Allen sat talking around a fire that they had built in preparation for cooking dinner. They had some nice coals going, so Allison announced that it was time to start fixing dinner. She said she would be preparing Dutch Oven Pizzas, a recipe her father had invented years ago when she was just a girl. It sounded delicious, so the kids were more than happy to lend a hand when she asked if they would like to help her cook it.

It consisted of pre-prepared pizza dough that they had stored in the cooler, topped by pizza sauce that she had mixed up that morning before leaving for the camping trip, pre-grated mozzarella cheese, and the usual toppings of pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, and onions. Because most of the work had been done beforehand, it was very simple to fix. They really just had to cut up the vegetables and throw everything together in the dutch ovens.

They had brought two of the cooking pots because one wouldn't make enough pizza to feed both families. They set these on the coals and let them cook for a while.

As usual with everything Allison did, it turned out absolutely perfect. Everyone ate with smiles on their faces, savoring the delicious meal.

The heat of the day began to drop quickly after dinner, so everyone put on warmer pants. For the most part they kept their swimsuits on under their clothes; it was just easier that way, since they would be changing into their night clothes in a couple of hours anyway.

Kari headed back to the van to retrieve a couple of board games that were favorites at the Williams house, and the two families sat around playing for the rest of the evening as the shadows lengthened and the temperature dropped.

When it was too dark to play without extra light, Greg lit the propane lantern to give them another hour or so to continue visiting and playing games.

Eventually they had to go to bed though. Lissa led the rest of the kids back to their own campsite, where Kari, Crystal, and Brit climbed into their tent while Jeff and Lissa climbed into the other one.

Brit and Crystal continued to talk for a while in the tent. Brit noticed that Kari seemed a little restless, even anxious, and wondered what that could mean. But she didn't seem to be mad at the girls for talking, so Brit decided not to worry about it.

After about half an hour, Kari finally spoke up.

"Brit," she said. "There's something I have to do, and it may come as a shock to you."

"What is it?" asked Brit.

"I'm going to go visit your brother."

"Visit? You mean...?"

"I mean have sex with him."

"Oh," said Brit, thinking about what Kari had said.

"I know this is awkward," said Kari. "I was hoping to wait till you went to sleep, but it looks like you and Crystal will be up late talking, so there's no chance to sneak out without you knowing about it."

"It's okay," said Brit. "Look, everyone still treats me like a little kid, but I'm thirteen now. And you already admitted that you've been having sex with him, so why should it bother me that you're doing it now?"

Kari smiled. "You're right, Brit. I'm sorry that I treated you like a kid."

"Don't worry about it," said Brit. "So is Lissa coming back here then?"

"No, Lissa's staying with Jeff and me."


"Lissa said she wanted to watch, and I agreed."

"Why would she want to watch? Jeff's her brother."

"I know. I guess she's just curious, that's all."

"Oh. I suppose that's okay then."

"Well, wish me luck," Kari grinned.

"Good luck," Brit and Crystal both said, and Kari slipped out of the tent.


Jeff lay on his back, his big sister curled up next to him with her head on his shoulder and one arm thrown over his chest. They had opened up their sleeping bags and lay them together like they had done on the camping trip a couple of years ago.

The two of them were always affectionate with each other when they were alone together. Jeff really loved his big sister, and was already feeling sad that she would be leaving for college in a few months. So when Lissa had suggested they sleep together tonight, he was more than happy to accept.

He had wondered for a moment whether she intended to seduce him, and whether he would refuse her or not. He had Kari, of course, but Lissa had been the first one to explore his sexuality with him, and it would have been so nice to bring that to fulfillment. But he would never go behind Kari's back like that, no matter how much he wanted it.

In the end, it was a moot point. After they lay out their sleeping bags, she simply lay down in his arms, making no move to touch him in any sexual way. It was almost disappointing, but at the same time he was relieved that he wouldn't have to tell her no.

"Jeff, I'm going to miss you," she said. "When I leave for college, I mean."

"I feel the same way," he told her. "But I'll see you at Christmas. And next summer, of course."

"I know, but it just won't be the same."

"It's too bad you couldn't have picked a school closer to home. One where you could still live here with us."

"I'll tell you a secret. I picked one far away because I want to start over. I want to throw away the old Lissa and become a different person. Do you remember... Oh, maybe I shouldn't tell you this."


"Well, do you remember that night when Rachael babysat us? That night when she stayed with me?"


"Don't take this the wrong way, but when that happened I started to see the world from a different perspective. I'm not talking about as a lesbian, because I'm not. I just mean, I think I've been sheltered all my life, and I got too comfortable. I'm ready to try new experiences."

"I guess that makes sense," he smiled. "I think it will be good for you. Just promise me you'll always love us."

"I will, Jeff."

"Then I promise I'll always love you too."

"Thanks," she said, hugging him tightly.

Suddenly there was a sound at the entrance. Someone was fumbling with the tent flap.

"Who...?" Jeff began, but Lissa put a finger to his lips to silence him.

"It's a surprise for you," she whispered.

"A surprise for me?"

Suddenly, Kari's head appeared in the opening. "What have you two naughty kids been up to?" she whispered with a grin.

"Come on in," Lissa told her. "Jeff, Kari and I plotted this. I told Kari she could spend some quality time with you tonight if I could watch."

"You want to watch?" Jeff gasped.

"Jeff, I love you. I want to have one more intimate moment with you before I leave for school in a couple of months. Since there are certain lines that I know we shouldn't cross, this is the next best thing."

"And you're all right with this?" he asked Kari as she stepped inside and closed up the flap behind her.

"As far as I'm concerned, she can join in if she wants," Kari grinned. "You know me."

Jeff laughed. "Okay, good point."

Jeff sat up, and Kari sat down on his lap, facing him and straddling his hips. For the first few minutes they just hugged and kissed with their clothes on. It was often like this when they made love, at least when they weren't rushed; they liked to take plenty of time to enjoy it. They would usually kiss each other tenderly and enjoy the warmth of each other's bodies through their clothes. It helped to build up the anticipation for when they undressed later.

It was the same tonight. With the adults in the other campsite and all of the kids in on the secret, there was no need to hurry. Sometimes Jeff enjoyed this part of their lovemaking the most of all. He loved kissing Kari, and with their clothes on the erotic nature of the act was kept to a minimum, leaving only the love between them.

Not that he had anything against sex; he enjoyed that part as well. But that was a more physical act, and the pleasure tended to crowd out the emotional parts for him. It was only afterward, in the seconds and minutes following the orgasm, when the pleasure faded, that there was enough room in his emotions for him to really feel his love for her burning strongly again.

Jeff glanced over at Lissa, who knelt on the floor of the tent nearby, a smile on her lips. Apparently she was enjoying the show, despite the fact that nothing had really happened yet.

Kari noticed it too. "Should we give Lissa something to remember?" she asked.

"Absolutely," Jeff agreed.

Kari reached down and grasped the bottom of his tee-shirt, then pulled it up over his head. She then bent down and kissed him on the chest. Jeff held her to him, enjoying the feel of her lips on his skin. Sometimes she was wild and unrestrained, but this time, it was tender and gentle.

When she pulled back and gazed into his eyes, Jeff knew he could wait no longer. He slipped her shirt up over her head as well. She still wore her swimsuit from earlier in the day, unfortunately, not that that would last long. He kissed her neck and then her shoulder, reaching up to pull down the strap to give him better access. She responded with a contented sigh.

When he reached for the other strap, she giggled. "Now I know how your sister felt when you did this to her," she said.

"Believe me, it wasn't anything like this," Lissa grinned.

Jeff continued to draw the straps downward off her shoulders, watching as the top of her swimsuit folded over to follow the straps down her body, exposing her chest bit by bit. First the tops of her breasts came into view, then her cleavage, then her nipples, and finally they sprang free. He didn't stop until he had her stripped down to her waist, and she pulled her hands out of the straps and wrapped them once more around him.

"So what do you think?" Kari asked Lissa.

"If I were a connoisseur of boobs, I'd say you've got a great pair," Lissa laughed. "But I think Jeff's opinion is more important that mine in this case."

"I have to concur," said Jeff, trying to sound formal. "The overall quality is definitely superior."

"Superior to what, Lissa's?" asked Kari.

"Hey!" Lissa exclaimed, with a laugh.

Jeff slid one of his hands up to her chest and cupped her breast. Kari grinned at him as he began to fondle it gently. She leaned in and kissed him again, and he responded by opening his mouth and letting her tongue slide inside.

She drew back with a sparkle in her eyes. "Stand up," she told him.

Jeff knew what was coming, and he was more than happy to comply. Kari climbed off of his lap to give him room to rise to his feet. Standing in the center of the tent where the ceiling was the highest, he still had to lean over a little, but he didn't mind the awkward position considering how good he was about to feel.

Kari grabbed the waistband of his sweatpants and pulled downward. When she reached his feet, he stepped out of them. Now he stood in only his swimming trunks. Kari reached for these as well, then glanced over at Lissa.

"Looks like your sister wants to see this as much as I do," she commented.

Jeff looked at Lissa, who wore a grin on her face. She shrugged, letting them know she wasn't going to deny it.

With a quick motion, Kari dropped his shorts, revealing his hardened cock. Both girls' eyes lit up with delight upon seeing it.

"So what do you think if that?" Kari asked her.

"If I were a connoisseur of cocks, I'd say he's got a great one," Lissa giggled.

"Oh, don't be shy. Admit you like it."

"He's my brother!"

"If he were my brother, I'd be taking advantage of the situation," Kari told her.

"Yeah, that's easy for you to say. You're his girlfriend."

"Hey Kari," said Jeff. "Do you want to show Lissa how you like to take care of me?"

"Why am I not surprised you want to do that?" Kari laughed.

"Can you blame me?"

"Okay. Lissa, take a look at this!" she opened her mouth, leaned forward, and took his dick into her mouth. Immediately she began to suck.

"Oh my god!" Lissa gasped. "I've never seen... I mean..."

"It's called oral sex," Jeff told her.

"I know what it is," Lissa replied. "I just didn't realize that you two were into that."

"It's just too bad we're not going to do it to the end," he said, "or we'd really give you something to see. But tonight I want to give her as much pleasure as she gives me. Speaking of which, you'd better stop now Kari, or I'm liable to go off."

Kari drew back and smiled up at him. "On the other hand, we haven't had much chance to be together lately. Do you think maybe you're up for doubles tonight?"

"You bet I am!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Doubles?" asked Lissa.

"Once in my mouth and once in my pussy," Kari explained.

"Are you serious?" Lissa asked, astonished. "You would really let him... I mean... in your mouth?"

"Why not? It tastes so good! You should try it sometime."

"Uh, no thanks," she laughed nervously.

"Your loss," said Kari, then slipped her mouth back over Jeff's cock.

"Wait a minute," he said. "I think I'd better lie down for this. If my strength gives out and I topple over, I could end up pulling the tent down.

Kari nodded, but refused to release him from her mouth. She continued sucking as he slowly went down on his knees, then maneuvered himself onto his back on top of his sleeping bag.

He glanced over at Lissa, who watched the action with a mixture of shock and excitement. Jeff could hardly believe he was getting a blowjob right in front of his sister's eyes!

That thought added to the thrill, and his body began to respond, his hips rising up to push into Kari's mouth. She wrapped her hand around the base to keep him from penetrating too deeply in his enthusiasm. They had learned the hard way that when Jeff got excited like that, he tended to thrust forward a lot. He had accidentally shoved the tip of his cock against the back of Crystal's throat, causing her to choke and spit him out. At the time, it was anything but humorous, especially for Crystal, but afterward they laughed about it. Crystal herself joked that it was payback for the time she had accidentally bitten him.

They decided that because Jeff had no control over himself when he was in that state, they would have to take precautions, hence the hand on the base. Jeff didn't mind, especially when Crystal used her hand to jerk him off into Kari's mouth. Those were some of the best orgasms he had ever had.

With Kari's tongue stimulating him as she sucked, he knew he wouldn't last long. Lissa, surprisingly, lay down on her side, resting her head in one of her hands as she stared at the action. Like this, she was only about a foot away. Jeff could even feel her breath on his cock.

That was enough to do it. "I'm going to cum," he said, as usual giving Kari fair warning. To date, she had never taken her mouth off of his cock when he did so, but he continued to do it anyway to prepare her for the blast.

She gripped him tighter and sucked hard, and the pleasure began to spike. Jeff gripped the ground tightly as his body tensed. He clenched his teeth and forced himself not to release too soon. The longer he held out, he knew, the more intense the climax.

Eventually his body won out over his willpower, and his cock jerked. The first spurt fired into Kari's mouth, and she smiled. The second spurt came, and she hummed in delight. Over and over he released his load, and she swallowed as fast as she could.

It was still a little too much. Some of his cum leaked out of the corners of her lips. It was just a few drops, and as she let his spent cock slip out of her mouth, she scooped them up with a finger.

She brought it to her mouth and stuck out her tongue, but then she suddenly stopped and glanced at Lissa with a gleam in her eye. She held out her hand with the cum-coated finger extended. "Want to try it?" she asked.

Lissa stared at her, and Jeff was shocked to see not revulsion or embarrassment on her face, but nervous excitement. He realized that she was actually considering it!

"I..." she stammered, barely more than a whisper. She glanced down at the finger, then shuddered. A moment later she leaned forward and took Kari's finger in her mouth.

"Oh my god!" Jeff groaned. That sight was so erotic that he almost had another orgasm right there. Lissa glanced over at him with Kari's finger still in her mouth, and giggled.

"Good girl," said Kari. "Now you've really given your brother something to remember you by."

After the fantastic oral sex, Jeff had to rest for a few minutes. Kari took that opportunity to strip the rest of the way out of her clothes, then lay down with her head on his chest. Surprisingly, Lissa lay down on the other side. Even with Lissa's clothes on, it still felt very nice. He loved his sister, and enjoyed these moments of closeness.

They lay together for about ten minutes before Kari reached down and began to stroke his cock again. In their experimenting, she had learned just how to touch him to bring him quickly to full arousal. It did the trick, and soon he was completely hard again.

Jeff wasn't idle during this time either. He had been similarly been working on her pussy. He had become quite an expert at rubbing girls like that, with both Kari and Crystal to work on. He had watched Kari play with herself, and then he had watched Crystal play with Kari. There was a kind of connection there that could only be felt between two girls, since Crystal did to Kari what she would do to herself to give her pleasure. That was the most educational of all; it was one thing to watch Kari stimulate herself, but it was something quite different to watch someone else do it for her. He had copied Crystal's movements until he had learned exactly what Kari needed and how to read her reactions to speed things up or slow them down.

Now she was quite wet, and as his fingers probed into her, he knew that she was ready for him. Jeff kissed her gently and then gazed into her eyes for confirmation. She smiled and nodded.

"So how do you want to do this?" he asked. "I want to give Lissa a good view."

"I have an idea," she replied. "Sit up."

Jeff rose into a sitting position, and at Kari's request spread his knees slightly. Kari then stood over him, straddling his legs. She lowered herself along his body until she knelt over his lap, one leg on each side of his hips. With a grin, she took his dick in her hands and pointed it up toward her awaiting slit, then lowered herself until the tip brushed against her.

She pressed downward again, and he felt himself slide an inch inside of her. She took a deep breath and smiled, getting used to the feel of it. Then she lowered herself some more, inch by inch until he was all the way in.

"God, that feels wonderful!" she breathed.

"Yes it does," he agreed.

She moved her legs forward until she was no longer kneeling, but sat with her full weight on his lap. That pushed him in the slightest bit more, which only served to increase the pleasure. She slipped her hands onto his shoulder, then brought them together behind his neck, locking her fingers. Then she leaned back, exposing her beautiful torso to his eyes.

"Is that a good enough view for you, Lissa?" she asked.

"Very nice," Lissa replied.

Ever so slowly, Kari began to rock her hips forward and back. It was a wonderful sensation, nowhere near as intense as her mouth but beautiful in its own right. It was a gentle, peaceful rhythm that was just right for his second time that night.

Lissa watched with a smile on her face, obviously enjoying the sight. Jeff wondered what was going through her mind right now. After all, one of the participants was a girl and the other was her brother. Why should she get any kind of enjoyment out of this?

"Do you two mind..." Lissa breathed. "Do you mind if I... take my clothes off too?" she asked.

"Be my guest," Kari told her. "Is that okay with you, Jeff?"

"That's fine," Jeff replied. Actually, he was more than happy to see her naked again. He had thought that today at the swimming hole would be his last opportunity, but this was one more chance. And she had such a nice body.

She quickly slipped out of her clothes. Jeff watched her with delighted interest as she did so, loving the sight of her boobs and pussy as they came into view. She had a very nicely developed body, perhaps above average for a girl her age, not that he had much to compare it with other than the teen porn stars he had seen on the computer. He thought Lissa's body looked even better than theirs, though.

As soon as she removed the last of her clothes, she sat back down on her knees, her hands in her lap. She continued to watch as Kari slowly fucked Jeff.

Although he would have preferred to have Kari's chest up against his, he found that this space between them opened up some interesting possibilities. He reached up with both of his hands and began to fondle her tits. She cooed in delight as he touched her there, and Jeff grinned. His fingers worked over the nipples, pulling at them and pinching them gently, making them hard to the touch. If there was one part of Kari that he enjoyed the most, it was her breasts. They were so beautiful to look at and fun to play with, especially knowing that she got just as much pleasure out of it as he did, or probably even more.

He was so wrapped up in teasing her body with his hands that he almost didn't notice Lissa moving from her spot beside them. She slipped behind Jeff, and suddenly he felt her body pressed up against his own.

"Lissa, what--" he began, but she cut him off.

"Just relax," she told him, slipping her arms around him and holding him tightly to her.

"She's right, you know," Kari smiled. "There's nothing better than snuggling with two people that you love very much."

Jeff sighed. It did feel nice. With Lissa's warm body against his back and Kari's hot, tight cunt wrapped around his cock, he couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

Kari began to increase the tempo now, and Jeff recognized that as a sign that she was getting more excited. He wondered if Lissa was doing it to her. He already knew that Kari liked to have sex with Jeff and Crystal at the same time, so maybe it could be generalized to having more than one partner.

Did that mean that Kari was attracted to Lissa? That thought, oddly enough, disturbed him very little. On the contrary, it excited him. Would that one day come to fruition? He could just imagine the two girls locked in a tight embrace as they made passionate love to one another.

His own body was responding to that erotic thought as his hips rose up to thrust into Kari. The two of them moved as one now, their bodies reacting to each other as if guided by a single consciousness. It was always like this with Kari; they had been making love to each other long enough that they no longer consciously reacted to each other's needs, but simply worked together in perfect unison.

She began to moan now, but at a volume only slightly louder than a whisper. She knew she couldn't afford to be any louder than that or their parents might hear. As they continued to make love, it increased in pitch if not volume.

Lissa began to run her hands all over Jeff's chest, massaging him gently. That contact helped to increase the pleasure, and he knew he was getting close to another orgasm. Kari, thankfully, was near her peak as well. Usually if he had already had an orgasm earlier, she would reach her climax first, but he always loved it when they did it together.

He began to gasp in his breaths as he approached the edge. Kari bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming and he knew she was just about there.

Suddenly, he felt Lissa's hands lowering along his abdomen, down over his stomach and finally slipping between Kari and him. That sudden contact was enough to drive him over the edge. Both Jeff and Kari suddenly grasped each other tightly as their bodies reached orgasm together. His manhood throbbed inside her as her pussy tightened around him in a viselike grip.

They held onto the pleasure for as long as they could, until it began to ebb and their bodies relaxed once more. Jeff kissed Kari tenderly as they held each other close.

"Um... Jeff?" said Lissa.

"Hmm?" he asked.

"Do you mind? My hands are trapped."

Jeff glanced down to see that they were, indeed, caught between Kari's and his bodies. They three of them burst out laughing, and Kari released Jeff and climbed off his lap. Lissa pulled her hands free.

"And now the most important part," said Kari.

"What's that?" asked Lissa.

"The snuggling."

Jeff lay down and Kari rested once more against his chest. Lissa watched them for a second with a hesitant look on her face, then she sighed and lay down also in his arms. They drew up one of the sleeping bags on top of them, and drifted off to sleep.

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