Swimming at the camping trip.
Chapter 27
Fun at the Swimming Hole

All of the kids grew more and more excited over the next couple of months as the school year drew to a close. It was especially nice because they had the camping trip to look forward to. Kari and Crystal had never been camping, and Allen said he hadn't gone since he was a boy.

Greg invested in another three-man tent, and Allen bought one just big enough for himself. The original plan was to have Greg and Allison in one tent, Allen in another, the Williams girls in a third, and the Primdale children in the fourth. However, Brit pleaded with them to let her sleep with Crystal, so they relented and said she could bunk in with the Williams girls.

That didn't bother Jeff; it would give him some time alone with Lissa. That didn't mean they would do anything naughty like last time. They were past that. They had just been two kids experimenting. He still liked to be alone with her though; she was nice to talk to and nice to hug. Maybe they would snuggle together in the tent again. That was innocent enough.

On the last day of school Allison picked them up and drove them home. Lissa was the happiest of them all; she was finished with high school forever. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it; it was just that she was looking forward to starting a new life.

A week later they all went to her graduation ceremony. The Williams family joined them; although they had no one graduating, Kari and Crystal had become almost like part of the family, so it was only natural for them to be there for Lissa's big day.

Allison was almost in tears for the whole event, and when they met Lissa afterward and the hugs started, she broke down and let the tears flow. Jeff couldn't remember her ever being so emotional; certainly he had never seen her cry. But despite the tears, she kept a smile on her face.

The camping trip was scheduled for the following weekend. Greg had Jeff help him pack the equipment early on Saturday, then they took Allison over to the Williams house to help Allen pack as well, since he wasn't used to camping and needed a little assistance. Kari and Crystal lent a hand as well, curious and enthusiastic about the whole thing.

By the time they finished, it was noon, so Allen invited Greg and Jeff to stay for lunch. Greg called home and made arrangements with Allison. She was to fix lunch for the girls then help them get ready, and in an hour she would take the van and drive it to the Williams' house, where they would caravan into the mountains to the same campground they had gone to a couple of years before. Allison jokingly said that they were getting dangerously close to letting the secret out; it had been her family's favorite when she was younger, but now too many people knew about it.

Brit asked to ride with Crystal on the way up, and Greg quickly agreed. It would keep her from fighting with Jeff during the trip after all. Kari, on the other hand, rolled her eyes, joking that with the two of them to gang up on her she might not survive the trip. When Greg offered to let her take Brit's place in their van, she jumped at the chance, claiming that it was to get away from Crystal and Brit, but making no secret of the fact that it was really to be with Jeff.

The trip to the campground proved to be uneventful. Jeff really enjoyed himself, sitting between Lissa and Kari. Lissa was fun to talk to, and Kari of course was nice and affectionate, holding his hand and even laying her head on his shoulder. He was having so much fun that he didn't even realize they had been on the road that long when suddenly the two vehicles were pulling into the campground.

Like before, it was deserted. They parked the cars, then everyone climbed out. Jeff yawned and stretched, taking in a nice deep breath of the clean mountain air. Kari grabbed his hand again and glanced around excitedly; this was a new experience for her.

"I have an idea," said Allison. "We've got to set up four tents this time, so why don't we take two campsites that are next to each other? Adults in one and children in the other."

"Who are you calling a child?" demanded Lissa playfully.

"You're still seventeen for another month and a half, dear," Allison replied. "Until then, you're technically a child."

"Okay, I guess you're right."

"Anyway, that way the kids can stay up talking as long as they want, even between the tents, and it won't bother those of us who want to get some sleep."

"That works for me," said Allen. "Any objections?"

Everyone seemed to be in favor of the idea, so they picked two sites that were near each other and began to unload the gear. Greg and Allen set to work on the adults' tents, while Allison helped the children with theirs. It took them about half an hour to get all four tents up, then they all grabbed their sleeping bags and other personal items and stowed them inside.

"So did you say there's a swimming hole nearby?" Kari asked Lissa as soon as they finished setting up the camp.

"Yes there is. Do you want to go swimming?"

Kari nodded.

"I want to go too," said Crystal.

"Why don't we all go?" Lissa suggested. "Jeff, Brit, you too?"

"Sure," Jeff said.

"I guess I can stand to be near Jeff for a little while," Brit shrugged.

The girls headed into the tent to change into their swimsuits while Jeff headed over to the other site to let the grownups know where they were going. Greg told him to make sure everyone was back by five for dinner, which would give them a couple of hours to swim. Jeff asked if he could borrow some of the lawn chairs that they had packed just in case they wanted to sit out in the sun to dry off, then headed back over to the other campsite where Lissa was just emerging from the tent, wearing shorts and a tee-shirt over her swimsuit and carrying a towel. Jeff ducked inside and changed into his swimming trunks also, then emerged to find the girls waiting for him.

He stopped by the van to retrieve the three lawn chairs that the adults weren't using, then they all headed down the trail to the swimming hole.

It was just the way he remembered it from a couple of years ago. The sand on the shore was nice and soft, the sun felt warm, and the water looked cool and refreshing. Kari spread out a beach towel and suggested they all put their shirts and shorts on it so they wouldn't get dirty. Jeff set up the lawn chairs as the girls stripped down to their swimsuits.

Kari, of course, looked absolutely stunning in her green and yellow swimsuit. Lissa had filled out very nicely; she would certainly be turning a lot of heads at her new school in the fall. Crystal was really developing a beautiful figure. The most surprising, though, was Brit. He hadn't realized it until now, but she was starting to develop very nicely as well. Her breasts were still little more than bumps on her chest that pushed out the top of her swimsuit, but they gave her upper body a very pleasing shape. Her hips were starting to grow into a nice curve. Her shape reminded him of Crystal's, which he found attractive. In fact, when Jeff was honest with himself, he had to admit that in her swimsuit, Brit looked downright sexy.

The younger girls enthusiastically dashed out into the water. Jeff and Kari followed them, taking their time. As usual, Lissa remained in the shallows a little longer, moving very slowly toward the deeper part.

When Jeff was up to his chest, he slipped under the water for a second. While under, he reached out and pinched Kari's behind. Even submerged beneath the surface he could hear her give a startled squeak. He came up, laughing, and she slapped him playfully.

"Is Jeff getting fresh?" asked Brit with a grin.

"No more than usual," Kari replied.

"Will you get fresh with me next?" Crystal giggled.

"You want me to pinch you too?" he asked.

"Oh, is that all you did?" asked Crystal with a deliberately disappointed look on her face. "In that case, no thanks."

Brit and Crystal swam up to him, then stood nearby. Both girls had a mischievous gleam in their eyes, and he knew he was in for some teasing.

Brit leaned in and whispered something in her friend's ear, and Crystal nodded.

"Hey Jeff," said Crystal. "I have boobs now. Are you going to try to pull down my swimsuit?"

Brit giggled, but Jeff burst out laughing. So that was their game. They were going to try to embarrass him. That was an obvious reference to the comment he had made last year when Lissa had told them that he had "accidentally" pulled down her swimsuit.

If they were going to play those games, he was going to play them right back, and he intended to win.

"If you insist," he said, then reached for her.

Both girls squealed and dashed away from him. Brit dove into the water and swam as fast as she could, while Crystal merely ran, splashing through the water.

Jeff stopped his pursuit, certain that they would be back. They never missed an opportunity to tease him, and this time Crystal at least would get what was coming to her. If she was going to taunt him about losing her swimsuit, he would take her up on that offer. It wouldn't be the first time he had seen her naked after all.

Kari and he talked for a few minutes as the younger girls splashed and played a little further off. Lissa continued to remain in the shallower spots, submerged only to her waist in the water. Jeff leaned back and floated on his back for a minute, relaxing in the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the water.

Not entirely unexpectedly, a torrent of water crashed over him and he stood back up to see Brit and Crystal standing nearby and laughing at him. Naturally they had not been able to resist splashing him.

He lunged forward, but the girls scattered. This time he continued to pursue Crystal. She squealed and fled from him, giggling each time he nearly caught her.

"Help me Kari!" she cried out. "Jeff's trying to pull down my swimsuit!"

Kari just shrugged. "You brought it on yourself," she smiled. "Besides, now that Jeff's my boyfriend I'm on his side."

"Traitor," Crystal accused.

After a few minutes of chasing her, Jeff gave up the pursuit. He was too tired to keep it up for long in the water. He headed back toward Kari.

"What about me?" asked Brit with a grin as he passed her. "I have boobs too now."

While Jeff had never really had any inclination at all to see Brit's body, he had no intention of ending this game before they did. To do so would be to admit defeat.

"If you insist," he said, then leaped toward her. She squealed and tried to run away, but he managed to catch her wrist so that she couldn't flee.

"Do it, Jeff!" Crystal taunted. Jeff slipped a couple of fingers under the shoulder strap of Brit's swimsuit and pulled. She immediately threw her arms up across her chest so that all he managed to do was pull the strap off her shoulder. Brit half shrieked, half giggled as she tried to fight him off. Behind him he could hear Crystal, Kari, and even Lissa laughing.

Then there was another splash behind him, but he couldn't afford to divert his attention or Brit would make her escape, so he simply ignored it.

A moment later he felt a pair of hands on the waistband of his swimming trunks, and suddenly they were yanked down to his knees. In shock, he released Brit and tried to turn around to see who had pulled his trunks down. Crystal stood up, emerging from the water.

She wasted no time, but jumped on his back. He took a step to try to steady himself, but with his legs tangled in his swimming suit, he stumbled and fell, going under.

As he was submerged in the water, he felt someone else approaching. Now two pairs of hand reached for him. One pair caught him under the arms and lifted his head and torso up out of the water, while the other grabbed his trunks and pulled in the opposite direction. Before he could react, his suit slid down his legs and came off, and he found himself naked, being held in Kari's arms while he stared in surprise at Crystal holding his swimming trunks triumphantly in her hand.

"Fair is fair," she grinned.

Behind him he heard Lissa laughing at his misfortune, but Brit began to blush and turned around to face away from him. Fortunately the water here was several inches above his waist; she probably hadn't seen anything.

"Give me that," he demanded, reaching for Crystal, who giggled and tossed them over his head. They landed behind Kari in the water.

Kari immediately released him and pounced on the garment, snatching it up. Jeff turned around and chased her, but she tossed it toward Brit. It sailed over his sister's shoulder and landed on the water in front of her.

She obviously heard him splashing toward her, because she squealed and grabbed it, then wadded it into a ball and threw it backward over her shoulder, not caring where it landed. It ended up next to Kari again, so Jeff turned around and chased after her. This time she didn't try to get rid of it, but instead raced away from him. He was faster, and quickly gained on her. He had just about caught her when she finally threw it away, this time toward Lissa in the shallower water.

Jeff realized that to reach her he would have to wade into the water that wouldn't cover his waist, which would expose him to everyone. Of course, everyone here had seen his body before except Brit, and she was shyly averting her eyes.

Lissa picked it up, and for a moment she hesitated, as if trying to decide what to do with it. She looked at Jeff, and he realized she was torn between trying to be nice to him and continuing the game. No doubt she didn't want to do anything to harm her relationship with him and trying to decide whether this would anger him.

To ease her apprehension, he shrugged and smiled at her. Seeing that, she grinned back, but instead of throwing it away, she turned around and headed for the shore.

Kari and Crystal laughed, and even applauded. "What happened?" Brit asked, still facing away.

"Turn around and see for yourself," Kari told her.

"No way!" she said.

Lissa reached the bank, then turned around and held up Jeff's swimming trunks tauntingly. Jeff stood there in the water, still covered up to his waist, deciding whether to go after her.

"Go get her, Jeff!" said Kari with a laugh.

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" he asked her.

"You bet I would. So would Crystal, right?"

"Right," her sister agreed.

"And maybe Lissa and Brit would like it too," Kari grinned.

"What do you mean?" asked Brit.

"Lissa's got his swimming trunks on the shore," Crystal explained.

"Oh my god!" Brit giggled.

"And Jeff is just about to go after her," Kari added. "Why don't you turn around and watch?"

"Ew, gross!" she exclaimed, causing the girls to giggle again.

"Come get them, Jeff," Lissa teased, holding his swimming suit up.

"I will," he warned.

"Come on then."

"I am," he replied. He hesitated for a couple of seconds, then splashed toward her.

Kari and Crystal actually clapped as his lower body came into view. He ignored them and headed straight for the shore. Lissa laughed, waving the garment in front of her tantalizingly.

When he reached the bank, she dashed to the far side.

"Turn around, Jeff!" Crystal said.

"What was that?" he asked, turning to face them. Both the Williams girls laughed as they saw his nude body, completely exposed to their view.

"What's going on?" asked Brit.

"It's okay," Kari replied. "You can look now, Brit."

Jeff was about to warn her that Kari was lying, but before he could, Brit turned around.

Her eyes went wide as she stared at his cock. She froze, apparently unable to take her eyes off it. He realized that this was probably the first one she had ever seen, at least, not since they were kids and took baths together.

"Well aren't you going to come get your swimming suit?" asked Lissa in a teasing voice.

Jeff turned toward her and began moving slowly in her direction. He was actually enjoying himself, and wanted to draw this out as long as possible.

"What's going on here?" a voice demanded behind him. Reflexively, Jeff turned around, then suddenly wished he hadn't. Allison stood there at the trail head, a stern look on her face.

Everyone froze. The splashing in the water ceased and the laughter from the girls cut off. Jeff felt his face burning as he realized just how bad this looked. It wasn't the fact that he was naked in front of her that bothered him; she had seen him like that before. More importantly, though, he was naked in front of the girls, including his sisters.

"I can't leave you guys for a few minutes without you getting naughty," Allison said. "It's a good thing I came to check up on you, or there's no telling what kind of trouble you'd get into." She glanced past him at Lissa, then held out her hand. "Lissa, give that to me," she ordered. Lissa quietly and sheepishly slipped past him and handed the swimming suit to her stepmother.

"I must protest this kind of horseplay," Allison said, and both Jeff and Lissa nodded. He opened his mouth to apologize, but she held out her hand to cut him off.

"Unless I'm involved," Allison grinned, then to his astonishment, shoved his swimming trunks down the front of her tank top.

Kari and Crystal cheered. Lissa broke down laughing. Brit stood there gaping.

A couple of years ago, Jeff would have been so embarrassed he would never have recovered. But now he decided he would go right along with it. After all, Allison was the one keeping him naked.

"Keep it," he shrugged, then sat down in one of the lawn chairs. "Hey Kari, do you want to sit in my lap?" he asked.

"Can I take a turn after Kari?" Crystal giggled.

"Actually, I was going to give my turn to Brit," Kari grinned.

"That's gross!" Brit exclaimed.

"Oh, don't pretend you don't want to," said Crystal. "You've been staring at his dick just like the rest of us."

"I was not!" she insisted, growing red and turning back around.

"Well maybe Allison would like a turn," said Lissa.

"No thank you, dear," Allison replied. "I think I'll take a different seat." She strode over and sat down in the chair closest to Jeff, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to sit there with him nude.

"So you don't mind Jeff being nude?" Lissa asked her.

"Why should I mind? Apparently the rest of you don't mind, or you wouldn't be playing this game."

"Well then you won't mind if I take off my swimsuit either," said Kari. She immediately began to strip down.

"What are you doing, Kari?" Brit demanded, blushing again.

"Skinny dipping," she replied. "It's nothing Jeff hasn't seen already."

"You mean you and he have..." Brit stammered.

"Had sex?" Kari finished for her. "Yes we have." She finished removing her swimsuit and wadded it into a ball. "Hey Jeff, catch!" she called, then tossed it to him. It landed in his lap.

"Hand it to me, Jeff," said Allison, holding out her hand. "I'll be the keeper of the swimsuits."

Jeff tossed it over to her. She took it and removed his from her shirt, then placed them on the beach towel on the ground beside her.

"Well if Kari's going to do it, I'm going to do it," said Crystal.

"But you and Jeff haven't... I mean..." said Brit.

"Who says?" Crystal grinned.

"You're joking, right?"

"I'll tell you all about our sordid affair later," Crystal winked, slipping out of her swimsuit and tossing it over to Allison.

"Well, since everyone else is getting naked, I might as well too," Lissa shrugged. She slipped her hand beneath the strap of her swimsuit and pulled it down, exposing her chest to view. This was a little different, because she was completely out of the water and therefore there was nothing to hide her body from anyone's eyes.

Lissa's body was just about fully mature now. She had a little more hair between her legs than the last time he had seen her, although still not really that much. Her hips had filled out nicely, and her breasts were a little larger. Her swimsuit went into the pile with the others.

"Hey Allison," said Jeff. "Aren't you going to go skinny dipping too?"

"Of course not. Somebody here has to maintain some sense of dignity."

"Oh very funny."

"What about you, Brit?" Crystal asked. "Don't you want to take your clothes off too?"

"Not with Jeff here!" she said.

"Oh, come on. I know you secretly fantasize about being naked with him."

"No I don't!" Brit insisted, growing red. "Jeff's the last person I would want to see me naked!"

"So that's it then," said Allison. "Now that I have everyone's swimsuits, I think I'll head back to camp."

"Hey!" Lissa said.

"Just kidding," Allison grinned. "Of course, anyone who wants their clothes back will have to be nice to me."

Lissa headed back out into the water, but Jeff rested in the chair for a few minutes longer, watching the girls splashing around. At first, Brit merely stood away from them with her back turned, obviously too shy to play with the other girls while they wore no clothes. When Crystal pounced on her back, she squealed and dashed away. After that, though, she joined in on the fun with the others.

Jeff didn't want to get left out, especially since Kari and Crystal seemed to be jumping on each other and the other girls, trying to push everyone under the water. He thought it would feel really nice to have them do that to him. So he got up from his chair and waded into the swimming hole toward them.

Crystal wasted no time, but immediately pounced on his back. Kari grabbed him around the front and together the girls tried to pull him under. He was more than happy to let them play that kind of game, since it meant that he was sandwiched between their naked bodies.

He wrapped his arm around Kari's waist, then let himself fall backward, dragging both girls with him as he went under the water. Crystal untangled herself from his back and he let go of Kari, and the three of them regained their footing and stood back up, coughing and spluttering and laughing.

Next the two Williams girls attacked Lissa, who hadn't yet gone all the way under the water. Jeff watched in delight as the three naked girls clung to each other, their bodies intertwined. Although it was just fun and games, he loved to see nude women rubbing their bodies against each other.

He glanced over at Brit to see her reaction. It made him wonder if she even knew about lesbians. Perhaps the thought never occurred to her that this horseplay could be in any way sexual. But she simply giggled as the three girls toppled over into the water.

When they came after her, though, she squealed and tried to escape. Crystal jumped on her back again, but this time with Kari's help they managed to drag her under. It wasn't quite as fun as watching them with Lissa; after all, Brit still had her swimsuit on.

After being victorious over all three of the Primdale children, Kari and Crystal gave up on that game. The effort had tired them out, and they relaxed in the water for a few minutes.

Jeff glanced over at Allison to see what she thought of all this horseplay. She looked a little drowsy, which wasn't surprising considering it was a warm day and she was just sitting there in the sun.

That gave Jeff a wicked idea. "Hey Crystal," he said. "Come here. I want to tell you a secret."

Crystal waded over to him. He leaned in and put his mouth next to her ear. "When Allison isn't looking, go splash her," he whispered.

Crystal giggled at that, then nodded.

"What did you say?" asked Brit, approaching them.

"Here, I'll tell you," Crystal offered. She whispered in Brit's ear. Brit's reaction was exactly the same as Crystal's, and Jeff realized that he had just managed to harness their teasing for his own nefarious purposes. He almost felt like throwing his head back and laughing maniacally.

Jeff continued to watch Allison as the two girls gradually and nonchalantly moved closer and closer to shore. That had two benefits for Jeff. Not only was he about to see Allison get soaked, but it also gave him a better view of Crystal's body as she waded into the shallows.

The warmth of the sun and Allison's relaxed position in the lawn chair were having their effect on her. Jeff watched in excited anticipation as she began to nod, her eyelids drooping. Crystal and Brit both paid attention, awaiting their chance.

Finally, Allison closed her eyes and lay her head back. The girls waited about a minute longer, then nodded to each other. Both of them bent over and swung their arms through the water, catching a massive spray and sending it hurtling toward the woman in the chair.

Allison gasped and leaped to her feet when it hit, and everyone else burst out laughing. Kari even applauded. Allison stood there with an angry look on her face for a second, then she too began to laugh too.

Suddenly, it was Jeff's turn to gasp as he saw the effect that the water had on her tank top. It clung to her body, very tightly and very transparently. She obviously wore no bra; her breasts were completely visible, especially the dark area around her nipples.

She caught him staring, then glanced down at her chest. He expected her to become embarrassed or tell him not to look. Instead, she merely grinned and said, "I'll bet this was Jeff's idea."

He shrugged. "You know me. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. You know, if it bothers you, you could always take it off and let it dry out."

Allison laughed again. "Wouldn't you like to see that!" she said.

"Yes I would," he replied teasingly.

"Too bad," she said. "Your fantasy is just going to have to remain a fantasy."

"Can't blame me for trying," he grinned.

Allison sat down again, but made no move to cover herself, to Jeff's delight. Of course, had she done so it would have taken much longer for her shirt to dry, so she really had no choice.

Jeff's attention was diverted by the sound of splashing nearby. Crystal had jumped on her sister's back and was scrambling up onto her shoulders.

"You know what this means, don't you?" Crystal grinned at Jeff.

He nodded. "Come here, Brit," he said.

"I'm not going to touch you while you're naked!" she insisted.

"Come on, Brit. We can't have a battle without you," Kari told her.

"No way."

"What's the matter?" asked Jeff. "It's not like you're going to be anywhere near any part of me that should bother you. Or maybe you want me to get on your shoulders."

"No!" she exclaimed with an exaggerated look of horror on her face.

"Then come climb onto mine."

Brit considered for a moment. "Okay, fine," she said.

Jeff turned around and leaned over so she could get on his back, then climb onto his shoulders. Once she had positioned herself correctly, he stood back up and headed toward the Williams girls.

Once there, Crystal and Brit immediately began to push each other, and Jeff and Kari did the same. The four of them fought, laughing as they struggled to topple each other over. Jeff had a slight advantage; Crystal and Brit were about the same weight, but Jeff was quite a bit heavier than Kari and therefore their center of gravity was lower.

In the end, Brit managed to get a good push on Crystal which knocked her off-balance. Kari couldn't quite step back in time to save them, so the girls plunged into the water. Brit clapped with glee and bounced up and down on Jeff's shoulders.

Kari and Crystal emerged from the water. As soon as they wiped the water from their eyes, they glanced at each other. That one glance was all they needed. They charged forward and grabbed Jeff. Brit squealed as they wrapped themselves around him and knocked him over. He went under the water in a tangle of three girls' bodies.

It was getting late, so they decided to get out of the water and dry off. Allison's shirt was nearly dry by this time and far less transparent than it had been earlier (unfortunately, in Jeff's opinion).

No one wanted to put their clothes back on just yet, so they stood and sat around in the buff as they let the water drip off their bodies. Jeff sat down in one of the lawn chairs, and Kari came over and sat down on his lap. That felt very nice, especially when she leaned in and began to kiss him.

He was aware of Brit's and Lissa's eyes on him, but at the moment he didn't care. He was too wrapped up in the kiss. His only hesitation was that maybe Brit was too young to see this; the two of them were naked after all, even though they weren't exactly having sex.

In the warmth of the sun, it only took them about fifteen minutes to dry. It was a shame to have to get dressed again, but they had to get back to camp after all. He wondered what their fathers' reactions would be if they strolled into camp naked like they were. He nearly laughed until he imagined the look of rage that would surely be on Allen's face if Kari and Jeff walked up holding hands, especially if he also held Crystal's!

With that disturbing thought, he hurried and got dressed.


2012-08-03 22:13:11
This reminds me skinny dipping with my older brother , sister and cousins (2 girls and one boy) at Lake Mead till i , the youngest was about 12yrs old , we never thought about it , it was just how you swam at the Lake .


2012-08-03 22:12:38
This reminds me skinny dipping with my older brother , sister and cousins (2 girls and one boy) at Lake Mead till i , the youngest was about 12yrs old , we never thought about it , it was just how you swam at the Lake .

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"Greg had Jeff help him pack the equipment early on Saturday, then they took Allison over to the Williams house to help Allen pack as well, since he wasn't used to camping and needed a little assistance. Kari and Crystal lent a hand as well, curious and enthusiastic about the whole thing.

By the time they finished, it was noon, so Allen invited Greg and Jeff to stay for lunch. Greg called home and made arrangements with Allison."

So they took Allison over to the Williams' and then suddenly she's not there? Consistency issue here, not real major but noticable if you pay attention. Not expecting perfection but hoping this criticism helps in future situations if you haven't worked past by now.

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They weren't tormenting Jeff taking his clothes off, rather they were traumatizing Brit, who hasn't ever seen a man in full before


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Still room for surprises. There are still over 70 chapters left after all. No promises, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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