Greg and Allison get together with some old friends.
Chapter 26

After her birthday, Brit spent most of her free time in the studio. Within a couple of weeks, she had the walls covered with her drawings, and sketches all over her desks. Jeff taught her how to scan her drawings into the computer and keep track of them in a database. He was amazed at how talented she had become in the last couple of years. Walking into the studio was like walking into a fantasy world; he found himself suddenly surrounded by fairies and unicorns and magical landscapes of all kinds.

Landscapes were her specialty. Her vivid imagination really came out in these drawings. There were waterfalls in the deep forest, distant peaks hiding in the clouds, beautiful sunsets over sparkling seas, and rocky alien worlds with planets shining down from starlit skies.

It was during these days that Brit began to use live models. Allison was the first to suggest it, offering herself to be the first guinea pig. Jeff asked if he could watch their first time, and both girls agreed, though warning him that it would be pretty boring. That didn't bother him; it was just another excuse to look at Allison.

He helped to set up the lighting, taking instructions from Brit and suggestions from Allison. She had considered becoming a professional photographer after all, and the same rules for lighting in photography applied to drawing.

Jeff suggested that Brit take a picture first, so that they could compare the drawing later and see where she needed to improve. Surprisingly, Brit agreed. It was the first time she had agreed to any suggestion of his involving her art in years. That made him feel good; it was a sign that she had truly forgiven him.

As it turned out, Brit had a real knack for capturing the essence of a person in her drawings. When she was finished and she let Jeff and Allison see her handiwork, they were both astonished. It looked just like Allison!

She had added her own touch of fantasy, of course, turning her into a fairy in a long, flowing robe and gossamer wings. Instead of sitting on the couch, she sat on a tree stump in a forest. It was one of her best works yet.

Then Allison suggested that Jeff model for her next. Jeff didn't want to, but Allison promised she would stay there to keep Brit from teasing him. He grudgingly conceded, and sat down on the couch.

He wasn't particularly excited about just sitting still for the hour that it took for Brit to draw his portrait, but on the other hand, Allison's presence there made it bearable.

When Brit finished, she giggled as she turned the easel around to let him see the results of her handiwork. Jeff was not surprised in the least that she had turned him into a devil, complete with pointy beard, horns, cloven hooves, barbed tail, and a pitchfork.

Once upon a time, he would have gotten mad at her for that. However, he had mellowed in the last year, especially since meeting Crystal and seeing how teasing could actually be fun. "Looks like you really brought out my inner self," he told her with a grin.

Needless to say, he never modeled for her again.

Lissa did, though, and soon the fairies and mermaids and angels in Brit's pictures all started to look like either her sister or her stepmother. Both girls were very pretty, and Jeff enjoyed coming out to visit Brit in her studio, surrounded by their faces.

Something changed between Jeff and Brit after that. She didn't tease him half as much as she used to, and when she did, it was all in fun. More often than not, they actually spent time together without getting into an argument. Perhaps Brit was just growing up, and gaining a certain degree of maturity. Or perhaps his special gift to her had had something to do with it. Or maybe the change was in Jeff himself; certainly the time spent working on the studio had made him think of her less as a bratty little girl and more as someone that he wanted to make happy. She really did have a pretty smile after all, and it made him feel good to see it.

In April, Allen Williams came over to discuss plans for the camping trip coming up in a couple of months. He brought Kari and Crystal along, and they left the adults to go out back to the studio. Crystal and Brit often spent their time there whenever she visited, and several portraits of Crystal joined those of Allison and Lissa on the walls.

This time Brit asked Kari if she wouldn't mind modeling. Kari was all for it. She sat down on the couch and smiled, looking as beautiful and radiant as ever.

Brit turned her into an angel this time, with feathery wings and a glowing halo. Jeff commented that that was just perfect; she could complement his devil picture on the wall. Brit laughed, agreeing with him. The Angel-Kari went up on the wall next to the Devil-Jeff, boyfriend and girlfriend portrayed as complete opposites.

Greg and Allison were ecstatic to see Jeff and Brit getting along. The children still sometimes argued, but their teasing had become much more good-natured. All in all, the mood in the Primdale household had lightened, and it looked like it would stay that way for some time.

About a month after Brit's birthday, Greg was sitting in his bedroom reading while Allison worked on her computer. They had been sitting like that for about twenty minutes when Allison suddenly began to chuckle. Greg glanced over at her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, how would you like to spend the weekend surrounded by beautiful nude women?" she replied.

"Is this another one of your ideas to help break me out of my shell?"

"Actually, the idea isn't mine this time. Remember Kristen and Roberta from our honeymoon?"

"Of course. Did you get another email from them?" He knew that Allison had been keeping in contact with them by email over the past couple of years, though he himself hadn't conversed with them since the getaway on Maui.

"Yes I did," Allison replied. "Kristen's been talking about going independent with her modeling career, and it looks like she's finally doing it. She's setting up a website specializing in tasteful pictures of nude women. She herself is going to model for it of course, and she has about a dozen other models scheduled for some photoshoots this weekend. But her photographer canceled. She says she was unable to get anyone else at the last minute, and she's getting desperate. She can't afford to cancel with the models because she'd have to pay them whether they pose or not."

"And she wants me to take the pictures?"

"Basically, yes. She's offered to fly us down to LA, all expenses paid, plus the fee she would have paid the photographer, and a bonus on top of it for coming through for her at the last minute."

"Wow. She must really be desperate if she wants me to photograph the models."

"You're a better photographer than you give yourself credit for. Besides, she's going off of the pictures you took on our honeymoon."

"That's right, I remember that you sent them copies."

"So what do you think?"

Greg considered. He really didn't have any objections. He had no plans for the weekend, so it wouldn't conflict with his schedule. However, he had a slight moral qualm about gawking at naked ladies, especially since he was already married. But it sounded like his wife was even more enthusiastic about it than he was.

"All right," he nodded. "I'm in. As long as we can find a babysitter for the kids, because I am not going to bring them along."

Allison laughed. "Oh, I'm sure they wouldn't mind," she teased. "Jeff especially."

"Very funny."


Arranging a babysitter turned out not to be a problem. They simply invited Allen, Kari, and Crystal to spend the weekend at the Primdale mansion. Jeff and Brit were particularly excited about the idea because it meant spending time with Kari and Crystal. Of course, with Allen there it would be impossible for Jeff to find time to have sex with Kari and/or Crystal, but he didn't let it bother him. Just being with the girls was fun, with or without sex. And ever since he had gotten to know Allen better, the two of them got along great. He couldn't believe he had ever thought Allen was scary.

Greg and Allison didn't tell the children where they were going; they just gave them a vague "going away for the weekend" and left it at that. Jeff was no fool though; he had figured out that that was code for "getting naughty." He liked to fantasize about what they would end up doing that weekend, though he had to admit that his fantasies were probably much wilder than the reality.


On Saturday morning, Greg and Allison drove to the airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles. It was a short flight, really just a commuter flight, but Kristen had paid for first class seats for them. Greg was usually pretty frugal; though he could easily afford first class every time he flew, he usually just stuck to coach when he traveled on his own dime. However, he wasn't about to pass up this opportunity, since Kristen was paying for the tickets.

As they disembarked from the plane, they caught sight of a familiar face in the crowd of the airport. Allison grinned, then dashed over and gave Roberta a hug. "It's really good to see you," she smiled.

"You too," replied Roberta. She looked good; she hadn't changed much since they had last seen her in Maui. Her attire consisted of a conservative yet stylish business suit, rather anticlimactic considering that the last time they saw her she had been wearing nothing at all.

They collected their bags, then Roberta led them out to the limo that Kristen had hired for them. It appeared that Kristen had spared no expense in bringing them out. Greg wondered if that was because she thought he expected that kind of service because he was on the board of directors of a large corporation. Truth be told, he would have been satisfied taking a taxi.

Roberta explained that she was taking them to a large mansion that would serve as the headquarters of the site, as well as the location of the first set of photoshoots. It belonged to a wealthy uncle of Roberta's who was happy to rent it to Kristen and her for a share of the profits from the website. Plus free lifetime access to the site, of course, and the right to visit at any time, including during photoshoots.

Greg chuckled. "I'm sure he takes advantage of it quite often."

"I'm sure he will, once we actually get the site up and running. We haven't taken any pictures yet."

"So tell us about this website," said Allison as they rode.

"Oh, it's going to be great," Roberta replied. "It's all run by the models themselves. Kristen of course is in charge, but each of the girls has a role to play in the business beyond just looking good without her clothes on. It's not just pictures, but articles as well, all written by the models themselves, of course. Our writers, editor, graphic artist, even our computer system administrator are all models. The basic theme of the site is promoting the idea that smart women are sexy, so each of the models also operates a forum to discuss things related to her expertise. We only hire models who are not only beautiful, but talented in some other area as well. Journalism, computers, sports, physics, travel, music, you name it."

"Sort of a Miss America type thing," commented Greg. "Good looks is not enough."

"Exactly," said Roberta.

"And what about you?" asked Allison.

"Me too," she smiled. "I've never done any nude modeling myself, but Kristen says I have the face and body for it. I'm also in charge of hiring. My official title is Human Resources director, but it sounds much more prestigious than it really is, since the business only has a dozen employees. My particular forum on the site deals mostly with job hunting and interviewing skills."

"Well I'm going to feel out of place," Greg laughed. "I'll be the only one there who's not going to get naked in front of the camera. I'm sure your viewers wouldn't appreciate that."

Roberta laughed. "Probably not. But don't worry about not fitting in. You're a contractor, not an employee, so you can keep your clothes on."

"So what about the pictures? Kristen used the word 'tasteful' in her email, but that still covers a broad range."

"That's a good question. It's not just photographic nudity, but eroticism. Some of the sets will be solo, with perhaps a little self-stimulation, and others will be lesbians. I'll be getting together with Kristen, for instance. But we're not talking raunchy closeups here; the purpose is to show off the beauty of the female body. A good rule of thumb is that if this were a movie, it wouldn't get any more than an R rating. The girls themselves decided on the themes and locations of their own photoshoots, and some of them are pretty creative. They'll explain it to you at each shoot, what mood they're trying to capture and things like that. Pretty much they're going to just do what they want, and you stand behind the camera and take the pictures. You might give them suggestions, but in the end, the girls have the final say."

"I think I understand," he nodded.

When they arrived at the mansion, Greg couldn't help but admire the posh, luxurious accommodations. A stone wall surrounded the grounds, which had been turned into a beautifully maintained garden by what must have been an army of gardeners. The mansion itself stood at the end of a long driveway, a large building not unlike an old English country house, though much more modern in construction. He knew he himself could probably have afforded a house this big if he wanted it, but he also knew that with it came a certain lifestyle. Everything about the mansion screamed of southern California glamour and excitement, not the kind of environment he wanted to raise his kids in. No, the upper middle class home they lived in, along with public schooling instead of exclusive private schooling, gave the children the opportunity to grow up as normal American kids rather than pampered and spoiled rich kids who never worked a day in their life.

Still, he couldn't help but feel a wistful longing for the life he could have had. He could still have it if he truly wanted it, but that was all just a fantasy.

The limousine pulled up into a roundabout in front of the house encircling a stone fountain. They got out, and the driver took their bags and carried them around the side of the house.

"We've got a guest house out back with a dozen rooms," Roberta explained. "Most of the models who have flown into town from elsewhere have rooms there. After you have a talk with Kristen, we'll take you back there to give you some time to get ready. The photoshoots aren't scheduled to begin until this afternoon."

She led them through the main doors of the mansion, into a large hall not unlike the one in the Primdales' mansion back home. They were just beginning to look around when Kristen emerged from a door off to the side. She hugged Allison and Greg, then kissed Roberta. As with Roberta, images of her without her clothes on flashed through his mind, but he kept them to himself. Not that it mattered; he would likely get to see plenty of her naked by the end of the weekend.

"Greg, Allison, would you follow me, please?" she asked. "Roberta, could you give Kathy a call on her cell phone? Her flight was delayed a couple of hours so we may need to rearrange her shoots. Debbie's already in town, so you could see if she wouldn't mind moving hers up to this afternoon."

Roberta nodded, then Kristen led the Primdales through the mansion into a comfortable office similar to Greg's den at home. Like his, she had set up a couple of couches for a less formal atmosphere. They took one couch while she plopped down in the other.

She sighed. "Sorry I'm not more sociable," she apologized. "Last minute details keep getting in the way. It takes a lot of work to run a business."

"I can certainly understand that," Greg grinned.

"Anyway, here's the situation," said Kristen. "I kind of lied in the email."

"You mean you don't need a photographer?" asked Greg.

"Oh, I do," she replied. "That part was true. But the part about not being able to find anyone else was a lie. I'm surprised you didn't see through it. What photographer in his right mind would pass up a chance to take pictures of a bunch of naked women?"

"Good point," he laughed. "So why did you want me in particular?"

"Well, the truth is, I didn't want you. I wanted Allison."

"But Greg's the better photographer," Allison replied.

"No, you don't understand. I was kind of hoping you wanted to do some modeling."

Greg stared at Kristen in shock. True, he had photographed Allison in front of Kristen before; he had even taken pictures of Kristen herself. But this was different because it was professional.

"I'm sorry I didn't mention it in the email, but I was afraid I might scare you off if I did," said Kristen. "So I wanted to tell you in person. Look, you don't have to decide right away; I still want you to take the pictures, Greg, and I'll pay you just like I promised. But if you're both willing, I'll add a standard modeling fee on top of it for pictures of Allison."

"Why do you want me in particular?" asked Allison.

"Are you kidding? A gorgeous woman like you? This kind of website is only as good as its models. Supply and demand and all that. You supply the photos, and the demand for the site is going to shoot up. You would be our first guest model."

"I think maybe I want to discuss it with Greg in private before I commit," said Allison.

"That's fine," Kristen nodded. "Look, I know you've taken pictures like this before. I have some of them in fact. The ones from Maui that you sent us. By the way, I'd be happy to pay you just to let me publish those on my website too, but I'll understand if you say no. It was your honeymoon after all."

"Well, I'm leaning toward yes," said Greg. "That is, if Allison is willing."

"I'm willing," Allison grinned.

"But I'm just not sure if I'm comfortable with nude pictures of my wife on the Internet," he qualified.

"Tell you what," said Kristen. "I've got a release form here that each model has to sign, granting me permission to publish the images. If she doesn't sign the release, I can't legally put the pictures on my site. If you want, we can take pictures of Allison, then you can decide at the end of the weekend whether to sign the release. Just keep in mind that I'm running a professional site here, so unless I can publish the pictures, I won't pay you for them."

"Oh, the money's not the problem. I've got more money already than I know what to do with. Just give me some time to think it over."

"All right. Look, the first photoshoot isn't scheduled until this afternoon, so why don't you two go out back to the guest house to unpack your things and talk it over? I'll send someone over to fetch you for lunch and you can give me your answer then."

"That sounds fine," he smiled. "Allison, what about you?"

"You already know my answer," she replied with a wink.

"Good," said Kristen. She picked up a couple of sheets of paper and handed them to Greg. "Here's the schedule. We've got a couple of shoots this afternoon, and quite a few tomorrow. I've tentatively penciled in Allison in a couple of spots where we have a break. Like the rest of the models, she'll need to come up with her own plans for her photoshoots, so before we start this afternoon, I'll give you the grand tour to help you get some ideas."

"Sure thing," smiled Greg.

"All right. Lunch is in about half an hour. I'll have someone show you to your room."

The three of them stood up and left the room. Out in the hall, they ran into another beautiful woman, no doubt one of the models. Kristen smiled when she saw her, then gave her a hug. "You made it!" she said. "Nicky, this is Greg and Allison. Greg's our stand-in photographer, and I'm trying to convince Allison to model for us. Greg and Allison, this is Nicky. She's in charge of wardrobe and makeup."

"Wardrobe?" asked Greg with a grin. "What wardrobe?"

"While the models do eventually get naked, it's always fun to have something to take off," Nicky explained.

"Good point."

"Nicky, be a dear and show Greg and Allison out back to the guest house. Number four. I'll send someone out to fetch everyone for lunch when it's ready."

"Sure," Nicky smiled. Then turning to Greg and Allison, "It's this way." They followed her through the house.

"So Allison," said Nicky, "Kristen's talked about you. She said she had you in mind from the very beginning. The way she described you, I thought she was exaggerating. She sounded like a teenage girl talking about the boy she has the hots for. But then, that's just Kristen. You knew she's a lesbian, right?"

"Yes, she was with Roberta the first time we met her."

"Right. So anyway, now that I've seen you, I can see she didn't exaggerate one bit."

"Well, I'm flattered," Allison beamed.

"I'm afraid I won't be much use to you, if you decide to model for us. I might do a little touch-up on your hair, but really I would just stick with the minimal amount of makeup for you. It's hard to improve upon perfection, after all."

"Okay, who's the one sounding like she's got a girlish crush now?" Allison joked.

Nicky laughed. "Oh, don't worry about me. Unlike a lot of the models, I'm a hundred percent heterosexual. I'm living with my boyfriend in Sacramento, although I could definitely get used to life here in the mansion."

Right about then, they emerged from the house into the back patio, which included a large pool, outdoor showers, and a tennis court off to the side. In the other direction stood another building, smaller than the mansion itself but still larger than most homes. Nicky led them toward it.

"That's the guest house?" asked Greg, astonished. It looked more like a block of condominiums. Once again he had a slight twinge of envy. He could probably afford a mansion much like this one, if he were willing to trade in the conservative family values of an upper-middle-class lifestyle for a glamorous life in the fast lane. But he couldn't do that to his children.

Nicky led them to their room, which turned out to be more like a small apartment. It looked nice and cozy inside. They found their bags set neatly against the wall just inside the door.

"I'm just two doors down in number six in case you need anything," Nicky said. "Or just knock on any of the doors and try to find someone who's in. The girls are all really nice, and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you with whatever."

"Thanks," they replied, then closed the door.

"So what do you think?" asked Allison as soon as they were alone. "Should I let the whole world see me nude?"

"Actually, they already have," replied Greg. "Or are you forgetting the infamous video?"

Allison laughed. "Good point. So do you think I should do it?"

"This is kind of like seeing you with another woman," he said. "It still kind of bothers me, but it's just too damn sexy for me to say no."

"So you don't mind my pictures going up on the Internet?"

"I'm still a little hesitant. The thing that worries me is what would happen if people we know ever saw those pictures?"

"Well then, just answer the question. What would happen?"

"I suppose... not much, really. We might get a few glances every time we go out, but then, we do anyway. You tend to turn heads even with your clothes on. And I mean that in the best possible way."

"Thanks," she grinned. "What about work? Would it interfere with any promotions or anything? Does the corporation want to maintain a certain respectable image?"

"Oh, I don't think there's really a problem there. I'm pretty anonymous outside of the boardroom, so it wouldn't hurt the company's image at all. I might get teased about it a little; the other board members are human beings after all, but I don't think it would hurt anything. Look, I think we should go ahead and do the photos, then at the end we'll decide whether to sign the release."

"Sounds good to me," Allison grinned. "This is going to be fun."


They ate lunch in a large dining room with some of the other models who had arrived to do photoshoots that weekend. They all introduced themselves, but there were enough that Greg had no hope of remembering their names. It really didn't matter at the moment; their names were on the itinerary that Kristen had given him listing all of the shoots for the weekend. After lunch, they had about an hour before they had to go to work, so Kristen took them and some of the other models through the house showing them the various rooms. She especially wanted Allison to get a feel for the place so that she could come up with ideas for what she wanted to do when it was her turn to get naked.

The first photoshoot was out by the pool. The temperature was in the mid 70's, a little warm for April even in Los Angeles, but Kristen had trusted the forecast and scheduled some outdoor shoots during the warmest part of the afternoon. This set involved a couple of blondes named Lisa and Wendy. Kristen, wearing a loose robe because her photoshoot was coming up, met Greg, Allison, and the two bikini-clad models out by the pool. Nicky also accompanied them; she would be there for all of the photoshoots in case the models needed a last-minute wardrobe or makeup adjustment.

They had a camera set up on a tripod already, but Kristen explained that they had just set it up quickly; he still needed to position it and adjust it. Greg took a few minutes to try it out from different angles, having the girls lie down in the lawn chairs where they would spend most of their time in the shoot so that he could see how the angle of the sun affected the shadows. He also wanted to get the right background; in one direction it had the pretty greens of the lawn, including a row of palm trees, which seemed like the obvious choice. He tested to make sure that the natural lighting would work in that direction; Kristen said they could use reflectors if need be, but it turned out that they weren't necessary. With the sun high in the sky, it really didn't matter much which angle they shot from.

As soon as he announced that he was satisfied that he had everything set up the way he wanted, the girls took over. They had obviously rehearsed this before. At first they just lay there sunbathing in their bikinis as Greg took pictures. Then they sat up and glanced at each other with sly looks. Lisa turned around and faced away from Wendy, who set to work untying Lisa's bikini from behind. She did it slowly and deliberately so that Greg could get a number of shots in, and he got one particularly nice photo with Wendy pulling the string straight out from Lisa's back, a moment before it came undone. They finished removing the bikini top, exposing Lisa's gorgeous chest to view. She made sure to keep her hands to the side so that she wouldn't cover anything up, and Greg got in a number of great shots of her topless.

Then the two girls turned around, and Lisa started working on Wendy's swimsuit. Unfortunately, most of the action this time was faced slightly away from the camera, but it did show off Wendy's back and the bow in the bikini string as Lisa pulled on it. As soon as it came undone, Wendy slipped it off, but this time she posed a little more demurely, with her body facing away from the camera but her head turned to the side as if to gaze at Lisa out of the corner of her eyes.

That didn't last long. After a couple of shots like that, Wendy turned around, and the two girls faced each other. Greg had to pause them for a moment as he moved the tripod about a foot to the left so that Lisa wouldn't block the view of Wendy's body, then they continued. The two girls took each other's hands and gazed into their eyes with loving smiles on their lips. Then they slowly leaned in for a kiss. Greg made a suggestion that they pause just an instant before their lips met, so that he could capture the sexual tension of the almost-kiss. He took a couple of pictures of them in that position, then they continued. He felt himself growing hard as he watched them kiss one another with tenderness and passion.

When they started rubbing suntan lotion on each other's backs, the excitement sent chills through his body. Somehow he managed to keep taking the pictures without grinning like an idiot at the sight, even when Wendy slipped her hands around and started fondling Lisa's breasts. The two girls hugged and groped and kissed each other, growing increasingly more passionate as time wore on. They kept it tasteful though; no doubt Kristen had imparted her vision of the site to all of the models.

The shoot ended before they got into anything really heavy, which was almost disappointing. But Greg had to abide by the rules Kristen had to set up, so he kept it professional. That didn't stop Wendy and Lisa from thanking him with a couple of kisses on the cheek, made all the more fun by the fact that they did it before putting their bikini tops back on. He stood there shocked for a second, until the girls giggled at his reaction.

"That was my doing," Allison confessed. "After lunch I asked them to do it, just to see your reaction."

"My reaction," he said, "is hoping that you talked to some of the other models as well."

"I didn't, but maybe Kristen can make it a new rule."

"I like it," Kristen grinned. "From now on, the models have to give the photographer a kiss after every photoshoot."

"Aren't you afraid that some of the girls won't like that rule?" he asked. "I mean, I assume that some of them are... well..."

"Lesbians? Oh, don't let that worry you. You'll notice that I'm next on the list, and I'm a lesbian myself. I wouldn't ask my girls to do anything I wouldn't do."

As she slipped out of her robe, Greg removed the memory card from the camera and handed it to Roberta, who stood nearby. She placed it in a plastic case labeled "Wendy and Lisa by the pool," then handed him a new card.

With Kristen's photoshoot, Greg had to take a more proactive role. She climbed down into the swimming pool, going under for a second and then coming back up dripping wet. She asked Greg about the lighting, and he had to walk all the way around the pool to determine the best angle to shoot her at. The glare of the sun reflecting off of the water caused a problem, as did the height difference between Kristen and the camera. The best angle to shoot her from involved putting the camera almost on the ground, which wasn't a position Greg could keep up for very long.

"It would almost be best if we could do it from in the pool itself," said Kristen. "You didn't happen to bring a pair of swimming trunks with you, did you Greg?"

"Unfortunately, no," he replied.

"Well, there's an easy solution," said Allison. "Remember, I'm not a bad photographer myself."

"You wouldn't mind?" Kristen asked her. "You can borrow a swimsuit if you want. I'm sure we could find one that fits you."

"Who needs a swimsuit?" Allison grinned, unfastening the buttons on her blouse.

After stripping off all of her clothes, she followed Kristen into the pool. Roberta handed her the camera, asking her to be especially careful with it, since it wasn't waterproof. Allison moved around a little until she got Kristen positioned between her and the backdrop of trees that they had used for the previous photoshoot, then began to snap pictures.

These ones were a little more innocent, since they involved only one woman, but she was still nude. Mostly Kristen just ran through some of the more traditional poses, with her hands either at her side, or on her hips, or behind her head. She didn't dare splash around for fear of getting the camera wet, but she did float on her back a little. Mostly she stayed in the shallow end, both to keep the more interesting parts of her body out of the water and because she didn't want Allison following her into the deep end with the camera.

A few times Allison reached over and adjusted Kristen's hair, and for some reason Greg found that sight to be surprisingly erotic. There was something about two naked women touching each other in nonsexual ways that affected him even more than a full lesbian show. Simple touches like that were one of the differences between men and women. Greg would never think of putting his hand on another man's hair; it was just too affectionate. Women, however, could get away with it. He had a sudden insight then, as to why lesbians excited him, a completely straight man, so much. If affection with the same sex was a hallmark of femininity, then didn't that mean that lesbianism was femininity taken to the extreme? And if he was attracted to femininity, then it was natural for him to be attracted to the ultimate expression of it.

Eventually this photoshoot also ended, and the two women climbed out of the pool. Roberta handed them each a towel, and they dried themselves off. Instead of putting her clothes back on though, Allison asked if they had an extra robe. "Since I'm going to have to get undressed again anyway," she explained.

"I almost forgot," said Kristen. She came over and kissed Allison on the cheek. "Since she was the photographer this time," she explained. "Sorry Greg."

He shrugged. It thrilled him almost as much to see her kiss Allison as if she had kissed him instead.

Most of the other photoshoots that day took place inside. During the summer they might shoot a lot more outside, but in April there were really only a couple of hours during the day when it was warm enough.

There was one exception. At sunset, one of the models posed out front, splashing around in the fountain in the driveway. With clever use of lighting from the mansion, the flash from the camera, and the orange glow of the sunset in the distance, it gave the whole scene an almost surreal look.

Greg marveled that Debbie, the model, didn't seem cold at all, so he asked her about it. She smiled and told him with a little pride that she was from Edmonton, Alberta. After spending a few winters in Edmonton, this was nothing. She said that back home, people started wearing long pants when the temperature dropped to five below zero. Whether that was a joke or not Greg didn't know, but Debbie appeared to be perfectly comfortable sitting naked in a water fountain at sunset.

That night after supper, Allison got her chance to do some modeling. She decided to model in the billiard room, shooting pool in the nude. She had had plenty of time to practice with their own pool table at home, so it felt comfortable for her. Even without her clothes on, she played a decent game. Nicky, who had accompanied them on all of the shoots and had made up Allison's face, said she ought to challenge Allison to a game later. Apparently Nicky was quite the pool player.

"But you have to take your clothes off too, just to make it fair," Allison replied.

That gave Greg a sudden inspiration. He asked Nicky if she minded doing it right then and there, so he could photograph them together. With Kristen's approval, Nicky stripped out of her clothes. Allison re-racked the balls to start over, and they actually played a full game in the buff while Greg took pictures. Once they got into the game, they pretty much ignored him completely, which worked fine. It gave the whole thing a more spontaneous feel to it.

Nicky won, being the more experienced player, but Allison didn't make it easy. In the end, it really didn't matter who won, since it was all for the sake of the camera anyway.

Afterward, Nicky gave Greg a kiss on the cheek, but Allison wasn't content with just that. She grabbed him and pulled him in for a full-on, deep, passionate, open-mouthed kiss. Greg wasn't used to being this affectionate in public, but he had been having so much fun that day that he decided to just enjoy it.

The final photoshoot for the night involved Nina, a young brunette of about eighteen or nineteen, wearing a lacy white bra and panties, in one of the bedrooms of the mansion. She had her hair in pigtails to make her look even younger. It reminded Greg of the Pajama Club, with the very youthful girls pretending to be in their early teens.

Completing the illusion, Nina posed with a large teddy bear. The childish toy emphasized her youth, and the size of the bear seemed to diminish her in contrast.

The sequence of photos was almost story-like, telling the tale of Nina pretending the bear was her lover and slowly seducing it. While it could have been vulgar and tasteless, she kept it charming and even humorous. At first she lay on the bed next to the bear, then she glanced over at it. With her eyes still glued on it, she slowly ran her hands all over her body as if getting turned on by the sight. Eventually she reached over and took on of its paws in her hand, and lay there for a couple of shots in an absurdly romantic pose.

Growing bolder, she rolled over onto her side facing it, and turned it so that it faced her as well. She scooted in closer, took one of its paws, and placed it on her hip as if it were caressing her. Greg took a couple of great pictures of her with a dreamy look on her face, as if enjoying being stroked by her companion.

She sat up and brought the animal with her, so that the two of them sat face to face. She put the bear's arms on her hips again and threw her own arms over its shoulders. Then she leaned in and kissed it.

Kristen had to help her with the next part. She put the teddy bear's arms behind Nina's back and slipped them under her bra strap. They held just long enough for Kristen to duck back out of the shot and Greg to take the picture, before the paws slipped back out. That was all they needed, because Kristen then unfastened the strap and Nina placed the bear's arms on her shoulders as if trying to take the garment off.

Soon she had it lying on the bed next to her, revealing her chest to the camera and her artificial lover. She threw her head back and pressed the bear's head to her neck to simulate it kissing her. Greg got quite a few shots with the bear kissing down Nina's body. When it reached her panties, he took a few pictures simulating it stripping them off of her, then she tossed them aside. She spread her legs then and placed the teddy bear between them in a simulated missionary position. Greg got some great shots of simulated sex, before Nina arched her back and screwed up her face, pretending to have an orgasm.

To add one final humorous touch, they did a last shot with the two lovers lying together in bed with Nina offering her teddy bear a cigarette.

"That has to be the best photoshoot so far," Kristen commented as Nina threw her robe back on. "Pretty creative, Nina."

"Thanks," Nina grinned. "I thought it was fun."

"Well, you're sure to get a lot of comments on your forum on the site about it." She turned back to Greg and Allison. "And good job to you too. I'd call that a successful day."

"I'm glad I could help," Greg grinned. "Seriously. I'm really glad I could help."

Everyone had a good chuckle over that.

Since it was getting late, all of the models retired to the guest house. Greg and Allison followed suit, heading out back to their own room to get some much needed privacy.

As soon as they closed the door behind themselves, Allison immediately started stripping off her clothes. "Did that get you as hot as it got me?" she asked him with a grin. "No, don't answer that." She reached out and grabbed him by the crotch, causing him to jump back with a chuckle.

"Nice and hard," she commented. "Just the way I like it. I'll tell you one thing, I'm not going to let you go to sleep until you fuck me silly."

"And if I refuse?" he joked.

"Well then, I'll just have to get one of the models to take care of me. I kind of had my eye on Debbie. What do you think? Do you think she'd be willing to go down on me?"

"I think it's a moot point, because she's not going to get the chance," he grinned, pulling his shirt over his head. "Tonight it's just you and me."

"Are you sure? I mean, I'm starting to like this 'Debbie' idea. Maybe we ought to invite her over for a nightcap. Followed by a threesome."

"You're starting to get into one of those moods again," said Greg. "I'd better get you good and fucked before you make a fool out of yourself."

"Well, get on with it already," she demanded, stepping out of the last of her clothes and reaching for his pants.

He did.


The next morning, they woke to the sound of Roberta knocking on the door announcing that breakfast would be in twenty minutes. That didn't give them a lot of time to get ready, but neither of them were about to complain since it meant that they would have to shower together. Greg, still excited by all of the nude women he had been exposed to throughout the previous day, couldn't keep his hands off her. She didn't seem to mind, except to warn him that if he got her riled up they would end up missing breakfast.

As it turned out, they were the last ones to the table. Some of the models flashed them a knowing grin. He just shrugged and smiled.

After breakfast they started in immediately on the photoshoots. They were much like the ones on Saturday, some more creative than others but all of them extremely erotic. His favorite involved Roberta in a French Maid outfit with Kristen as the mistress of the house. She started letting her hands wander over the maid's body, which led to both of their clothes gradually coming undone and falling to the floor until they finally gave up all pretense and lay down on one of the sofas to kiss and grope and fondle each other.

Allison did another set of pictures, this time on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace in one of the sitting rooms. Using the natural lighting from the windows, it made her skin almost glow. He loved seeing her like this, so beautiful and sexy.

There were several more photoshoots, all before lunch. That would leave them plenty of time to pack up their things and return to the airport in time for their flight that afternoon.

After the last of the photoshoots, Greg and Allison returned to their room to pack. It was almost a shame to have to leave; Greg had really enjoyed himself, and from the grin on his wife's face, he could see that she had too.

They returned to the dining room for lunch, and this time the conversation was much more lively now that they had had a chance to get to know everyone a little better. Afterward, Greg and Allison met with Kristen in her office again. This time, Kristen sat down behind her desk.

"This has been fun, hasn't it?" she smiled.

"It sure has," Greg agreed.

"So what do you think, Allison? Can we add your pictures to the site?"

"That's up to Greg," Allison replied. "I'm all for it, but I won't sign the release unless he agrees." Then she turned to him. "So how about it, dear?"

"Oh, all right," he sighed. "I guess even if someone I know sees them, a few naughty pictures won't do any harm to my reputation. Heck, I might go up in the estimation of some of my friends. I'll bet half of them already wish they were in my place, and if they ever saw these pictures that would only increase their jealousy."

Kristen pushed a couple of documents across the desk to Allison. "The first one is the release for the pictures we took this weekend, and the second is for the photos from Hawaii. I'll understand if you want to keep the honeymoon pictures private."

Allison glanced at Greg, who merely shrugged. Allison then signed both sheets.

"Great!" Kristen smiled. "Now for one last thing. I don't expect you to say yes, but I would probably regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't at least ask. Allison, you're gorgeous, smart, and talented."

"If you're proposing, it would probably be smarter to do it with my husband out of the room," she joked.

"No, I didn't mean it like that. What I'm saying is that you're the type of woman that this site is all about. We could use someone like you as a full-time photographer. Greg, this is in no way a discredit to your work. You did remarkably well too, especially on short notice. It's just that your wife has the other qualification of being a model-caliber woman. So Allison, I'm offering you a job."

"I certainly appreciate the offer," said Allison. "And if you had asked me a couple of years ago before I met Greg, I would have immediately said yes. But I have a family to look after now, and I'm afraid that I just couldn't commit to flying down here regularly. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. No hard feelings. Like I said, I didn't think you'd agree. But anyway, I've got the pictures, and so you both have done plenty. Thank you so much."

She wrote out a check and handed it to them, then they left the office. They said their goodbyes to all the girls, then collected their bags and rode back to the airport with a couple of the other models who were flying out at about the same time.

Greg almost wished that Allison had agreed to take the job. It would have meant more weekends in LA surrounded by beautiful nude women. But she was right; their family came first.


The kids were just getting ready for bed when their parents arrived home. Allen, Kari, and Crystal, of course, were still fully dressed and sitting in the living room, since they were supposed to sleep at their own home that night.

Brit and Lissa asked their parents about their trip, but Greg and Allison spoke only in vague terms, never actually explaining what they had done. They didn't have much time to discuss it, since the kids had school in the morning. So Allison kissed them all and sent them upstairs to bed. Allen took his girls and, after saying his goodbyes, drove them home.

A few minutes later, Allison went up to visit with Jeff for a minute. He had already climbed into bed, but was sitting up and reading.

"So how was the weekend?" she asked.

"Fine," he smiled. "Kari and I had a lot of fun. Not too much though," he qualified. "Not with Allen in the house with us." It had taken him a while to stop calling him Mr. Williams, but eventually he had come around, and now it was Allen.

"Yes, I can certainly understand that that would limit your activities," she chuckled. "And how did Brit and you get along?"

"Actually, we hardly fought at all. A little, just for old times' sake, but not a lot."

"I'm glad. I think after that present you gave her, she's finally starting to like you."

"Well, let's not exaggerate," he joked.

"Anyway, I had another reason I wanted to come up here and talk to you," said Allison.


Allison grinned. "I just wanted to tell you that there's a new website that will be starting up in a couple of weeks that I'd like to look at with you."


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Yes, I find that dialogue is an easy way to develop characters. This first part is mostly about developing characters so that we know and understand them in the later parts when things start to heat up. So although I don't abandon dialogue entirely in the later parts, I do tend to tone it down a little.


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2010-05-31 01:04:31
I was sure Roberta and Kirsten stole the 'rents away so Brit could finally get it on with Crystal's Daddy. But no, nothing there. Instead there's more public exhibitionism, and more of Greg moronically setting himself up.

I'm past groping for plausibility, and now I'm merely hoping that when Britney is made into a woman, she will be broken in with force and authority.

An interesting dynamic: the dialogue has begun to thin out. More explication in these chapters than in the past. Presumably we know the main characters as individuals, and we are coming to the part where we learn how they mesh.



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Damn it, I keep thinking, "Just one more, just one more!" I can't stop reading this. Damn you, I have stuff to do today!

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