Allison takes a more proactive role in her stepson's love life.
Chapter 22

The scariest moment in Jeff's life happened the next day. Allen Williams had called the night before and asked Jeff to come over for a man-to-man talk. Under the circumstances, Jeff was pretty sure it had to do with his relationship with Kari. While he knew Allen pretty well by this time, it did nothing to quell his dread of that conversation.

After the math lesson the next day, Allison drove the two of them back over to the Williams house and dropped them off.

Jeff stood there staring at the front door for a second, petrified in fear. Kari opened the door, then turned around and saw Jeff just standing there.

"Come on, Jeff," she smiled. "Dad's not going to murder you or anything. He just wants to talk."

"He doesn't own a shotgun by any chance, does he?" asked Jeff.

Kari laughed. "Nope. Besides, he prefers to use a chainsaw."

"Oh, thanks. That really helps."

Kari grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house. Crystal was sitting on the couch, with a look of fiendish delight in her eyes. "Boy are you in trouble, Jeff," she grinned. "Dad's been sharpening his machete all morning."

"Very funny, Crystal," said Kari. "There's no reason for Dad to be angry at Jeff."

"Well, there wasn't until I mentioned a few things about you two," Crystal shrugged.

"What kinds of things?" asked Kari, her eyes growing wide.

"Nothing important. Just a couple of things I made up off the top of my head."

"Is it too late for me to run away screaming?" asked Jeff.

"Look, don't worry," said Kari. "Dad knows not to believe anything Crystal says. In fact, he's more likely to believe just the opposite."

"Exactly," Crystal grinned. "I told him Jeff's intentions were strictly honorable. Just like you said, he didn't believe me."

Just then, Allen appeared in the hall. Jeff nearly panicked at the sight. Despite the warm smile on the man's face, he seemed about three feet taller than the last time Jeff had seen him, and perhaps four feet wider in the shoulder.

"Good to see you, Jeff," he said, walking over and extending his hand. Jeff took it, expecting at any moment for his hand to be crushed to a pulp. But Allen simply shook it with a firm but painless grip. "If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to you alone for a minute. Kari, I'm taking Jeff up to my den. You stay here and keep Crystal from sneaking up and listening at the door."

"If she gets out of line, can I tie her up?" Kari grinned.

"Whatever it takes," Allen laughed. "Come on, Jeff."

The two of them ascended the stairs and entered a room off the hall with a large desk with a computer and a couple of office chairs. Jeff sat down in one while Allen took the other.

"So you're going out with Kari," Allen commented.

"Yes sir," Jeff replied. "I mean, we haven't actually gone out, like on a date, but... well..."

"I understand. And there's no need to call me 'sir.' That's for when you meet your girlfriend's father for the first time. But we're old friends. Call me Allen."

"Yes sir. I mean, Allen."

"Good. Anyway, whatever you call it, you and Kari are a couple. She's really fond of you."

"And I'm really fond of her."

"Yes, I kind of figured that from the first day."

"You did?"

"I was once your age, Jeff. So I know what it's like, and I can recognize the signs. You've loved her for a long time, haven't you?"

"Well... yes. I guess you could say I've been infatuated with her for years."

Allen laughed. "It's almost like there's some higher force at work."

"What?" asked Jeff, confused.

"As you're probably aware, my daughter is pretty popular at school. She has lots of girl friends, but she hasn't been very active in the dating scene. I was starting to worry about her. But I guess she was just waiting for the right man. And since you admit that you've been infatuated with her for years, it sounds like you've been waiting as well. It took a sudden coincidence to bring you two together. It's almost like it was planned."

Actually, it was planned, but Jeff wasn't about to admit that to Kari's father.

"Anyway, I'm glad she's finally got a boyfriend. And to tell you the truth, I'm glad it's you."

"Really?" asked Jeff.

"Absolutely. I like you, Jeff. I've been teaching at that school for a number of years, so I've seen the kinds of boys who go there. There are quite a few of them that would worry me if Kari ever started going out with them. Heck, half the players on my basketball team fall into that category. But fortunately, you don't. You don't seem to be stuck on yourself, you're not afraid to admit your weaknesses, and most importantly, you make Kari smile. Every day after she comes home from your house, she's always very happy. You're good for her."

"Thanks," said Jeff, a little embarrassed by the compliment.

"Now there's one more thing I need to say, and I'm going to be blunt. I'm well aware of the fact that most people start becoming sexually active about your age. I don't like the thought of it happening to my daughter, but I can't ignore the fact that it's a real possibility."

Jeff's panic, which Allen had succeeded in banishing, suddenly flared back up again. Did he suspect?

"I wish I could discourage my daughter from having sex," Allen continued, "but I have to face the fact that it's going to happen with or without my permission. Teenagers don't like to be pressured by their parents, and if I were to put too much pressure on her, she would resent it and turn rebellious."

"So you want to talk me out of it instead," said Jeff.

"No, I'd probably have even less influence over you than over Kari. So based on the assumption that I can't really do anything about it, I'm going to just have to leave that decision up to her. The only thing I want you to promise me is that you'll do the same. Don't try to pressure her into it. Would you do that for me?"

"Yes sir. I promise," Jeff replied.

"Good. If and when it happens, I don't want to know about it. I suppose I'll always be protective of my daughter, but she's growing up, and there are some things that she's going to have to experience without me there for her. For those things, I'm going to have to leave her in your hands. I know I can trust you."

"Absolutely. I love Kari too much to let anything bad happen to her."

"Then I don't have to worry," Allen smiled. "Thank you, Jeff. I'm glad we had this talk."

"I'm just glad it didn't turn out like in my nightmares last night."

Allen laughed. "We'll leave that one for when you come to me to ask for her hand in marriage. Now get out of here. If I know my daughter, I'm sure she's missing you already."

Jeff stood up, and in much better spirits he shook Allen's hand again then left the room. He headed down the stairs, where he found Kari and Crystal sitting together on the couch.

"What, no bruises?" asked Crystal with a facetiously disappointed tone.

"He didn't want to leave any evidence," Jeff explained.

"Must have used electricity," she shrugged. "I use it on all my victims. There's nothing better for torturing someone without leaving a mark."

"You know, she's really obsessed with torture," Jeff told Kari.

"She picked it up from her big sister. Oops. I wasn't supposed to admit that."

"Okay, now I'm really starting to get worried," he said.

"Don't worry, Jeff. I like you. As long as you don't make me mad, you're safe."

"That just gives me one more reason to keep you happy. That and the fact that when you're happy, I'm happy."

Kari leaned in and gave him a kiss.

"Hey, if you two are going to get obscene, at least find some place private," Crystal grinned.

"Jealous?" asked Kari.

"Yeah, I'm jealous that I don't get to make a fool out of myself in front of other people too."

"Hey, you can make a fool out of yourself if you want. Just not with Jeff."


Jeff stayed at Kari's house for the rest of the day, although they didn't get the chance to do what they really wanted. That was all right; there was still plenty of time for that, especially now that Allison was in on their little secret.

In fact, that worked out nicely the next day. At the beginning of class, Allison said, "Today we're going to have two lessons. First, an introduction to trigonometry. Then, after I drop Brit and Lissa off at the mall, I'll come back and give you a second lesson. You pick the subject."

Jeff and Kari glanced at each other. "You mean..." Kari breathed.

Allison grinned. "That's exactly what I mean."

Kari began to turn red as she grinned. Obviously she was thinking of something very naughty.

"It looks like you have an idea in mind," said Allison.

"Well, yeah. I just..."

"You just don't want to be the one to bring up the subject. All right. Let me come right out and say it. I want to teach you two something about sex. So what is it?"

"Well..." said Kari. "The other day you said... you talked about using my mouth."

"Oral sex!" Allison exclaimed with a grin. "That's a great idea. Is it all right if Kari sucks you off, Jeff?"

"Hell yes!" he replied.

"Watch your language. There's a lady here, and you have to treat her with respect if you want to fuck her."

Both Jeff and Kari laughed. "Now you watch your language," Jeff told her.

"Hey, I'm not the one who wants to fuck her, so I don't have to treat her with respect," Allison shrugged.

Jeff at least didn't pay much attention to the lesson, as he spent the whole time fantasizing about what would happen afterward. Kari seemed to be daydreaming too, because a couple of times when Allison asked her a question, Kari simply blinked and said, "What?"

Still, Allison insisted on finishing the lesson, or at the very least putting in the time. That was unfortunate, because time seemed to slow down to an imperceptible crawl as Jeff waited for it to be over.

A million years later, Allison put down her notes and announced that they were finished for the day. Jeff and Kari grinned and stood up.

"Why don't you two go wait in Jeff's room while I drive the girls to the mall?" suggested Allison.

"That's fine with me," Kari said, taking Jeff's hand and kissing him. They headed up the stairs to his bedroom, where they lay down on the bed with Kari on top, and spent the whole time kissing while they waited for Allison to return.

It was about half an hour later when she knocked on the door and entered. Jeff and Kari sat up.

"Still have your clothes on I see," Allison commented. "That's good. It means you have self-control, which is important in sex."

"There are limits to self-control," Kari said. "And I'm about to reach that limit."

"Well then, let's not waste any more time. Strip."

The two lovers helped each other out of their clothes, admiring each other's bodies once again. Jeff thought Kari had the most beautiful tits he had ever seen, except perhaps Allison's. Still, he was willing to settle for second best, especially since he loved Kari so much. Allison was still an infatuation, but it couldn't beat the real thing.

He did notice the expression of delight on Allison's face as he dropped his shorts and exposed himself to her. That and the anticipation were enough to make him as hard as a rock.

"Okay Jeff," she said, "your part in this is easy. You just lie there and let Kari do all the work."

Jeff lay down on the bed, thrilled by what was about to happen to him.

"There's really not much to giving a blowjob," Allison said. "Just remember a couple of things. A man is most sensitive on the head, especially right underneath. Tease a man there with your tongue and he'll be completely in your power. But to really do it right, you have to suck it into your mouth as far as you can."

Kari climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself over him. She stared at his engorged member for a second as if unsure how to proceed.

"Here, let me help," Allison said. Then she did something that caught Jeff completely off his guard. She grasped his cock at the base and pointed it upward toward Kari's mouth.

"Oh my god, Allison!" Jeff exclaimed. Only in his fantasies had she ever touched him there. The feeling was incredibly thrilling.

Allison grinned. "You like that, don't you?" she asked.

"I love it!" he exclaimed.

"Well, hurry up, Kari. Unless you want to waste his orgasm on a handjob from his stepmother."

Kari stared at her in shock. Then she turned her attention back to Jeff's cock.

"So is he really going to..." she stammered.

"Have an orgasm?" Allison suggested, and Kari nodded. "That depends on you. You can stop at any time if it makes you feel uncomfortable. But if you really want to make Jeff feel good, you'll let him cum in your mouth, and you'll swallow it."

"Jeff, do you want me to swallow it?" Kari asked him.

"Oh yes!" he exclaimed.

"Okay," she smiled, then began to lower herself.

"The first thing you do," Allison instructed, "is tease the head with your tongue. Just flick your tongue against it a few times."

Kari opened her mouth and gently brushed her tongue against the head. Jeff groaned in pleasure.

"You see what that does to him?" Allison smiled. "Do it again."

Kari repeated the action, and Jeff couldn't help but groan once more. She giggled at the sounds he was making. "So it's that easy to make him feel good?" she asked.

"Have you ever had your nipples licked?" said Allison.

Kari glanced at Jeff and blushed. "Well, yeah," she mumbled.

"This is exactly the same thing. Pretend his cock is a girl's nipple and do what you think would make it feel good."

"Ew!" she said, growing even redder.

Allison laughed. "Okay, maybe that wasn't the best way to say it. I just meant, think of what feels good on your nipples."

Kari leaned down, and this time she ran the tip of her tongue all over the head. Jeff gasped at the sensation, especially when she brushed against that sensitive part on the underside. The stimulation was driving him wild.

"I've brought his dad to orgasm a couple of times just from tonguing it," Allison commented. "You can practice that on your own later. This time, Jeff said he wants to cum in your mouth."

Kari suddenly drew back, staring down at his cock, which was leaking fluid. "That's not..." she said, "that's not his cum, is it? I mean, he didn't have an orgasm already?"

"That's just his pre-cum," Allison told her. "It always does that during sex. It helps to lubricate the girl. And it's very tasty." To Jeff's astonishment, Allison reached in, ran her finger along the tip to scoop up some of the fluid, then stuck her finger in her mouth.

"Mmm," she smiled, and Kari and Jeff gasped. "What?" asked Allison. "It makes for a good appetizer before you get to the main course. Of course, there's not much, so don't waste it."

Experimentally, Kari reached out with her finger and did the same thing. When she put it in her mouth, Jeff nearly climaxed right there at the sight. Her eyes lit up with delight.

"That's not bad at all," she grinned.

"It tastes better right from the source," Allison told her, so Kari lowered her mouth again and began to lick him.

"Oh god that feels good, Kari!" Jeff groaned.

Kari continued to lick all over the head, smiling as she did so. Jeff was in heaven; this was one of the most wonderful feelings he had ever felt, especially coming from the girl he had been infatuated with for years.

"Don't neglect the rest of it," Allison told her. Kari nodded, then began to run her tongue up and down the shaft, pushing Jeff further toward bliss. His body was beginning to respond, his hips tensing up as she continued to stimulate him.

Kari stared up at him as she licked, smiling every time she made eye contact with him. She was really enjoying this! Of course, she couldn't be enjoying it half as much as Jeff was, but just the thought that she liked to do this for him excited him. That meant he could get her to do it again in the future. Just the thought of her doing it over and over and over again to him was driving him wild.

"I don't think he's going to last much longer," Allison said. "You'd better get it in your mouth. Just be careful to watch your teeth; the last thing he needs is to for you to scrape it."

Kari rose up above his cock, which was hard as a rock and pointed straight up by Allison's hand. Jeff knew that the pleasure was about to intensify, and he groaned in anticipation. Kari glanced down once at his dick, then lowered her mouth over it.

"Oh my god!" Jeff exclaimed as she enveloped it.

"Now suck," Allison commanded her. Kari obliged, and suddenly waves of pleasure washed over Jeff. Only once before had he felt such intensity, when Rachael had done this same thing to him. With Kari, though, it was different. Despite her lack of experience, his love for her made it a thousand times better. In his wildest fantasies, never had he imagined that one day she would actually give such pleasure to him.

He was moaning in pleasure now, his hips squirming uncontrollably. He watched as Kari's head lowered, taking him to the back of her throat. He couldn't believe she was actually deep throating him on her very first time! Then she rose back up again, nearly letting his dick slide from her lips, sucking hard as she did so and nearly sending him over the edge. She repeated the motion, each time causing the pleasure to spike just a little higher.

Meanwhile, Allison took her free hand and began to fondle his balls. She cupped them in her hand, rolling them back and forth in her fingers. Jeff shuddered with the new sensation; it was almost too much.

Kari suddenly changed her motion. She pulled back until only the head remained in her mouth, but she continued to suck on it. As she did so, she began to tease it with her tongue.

That did it. The sudden, unexpected stimulation drove him over the edge, and the pleasure began to peak.

"Oh god, Kari!" Jeff cried out. "I'm about to cum!"

"Now it's time to make your decision," Allison told her. "Either stop now or let him cum in your mouth. It's up to you."

Kari returned to bobbing her head up and down on it, but with renewed vigor and increased pace. Jeff felt the room spinning around him as the intense pleasure overwhelmed him. He groaned in ecstasy as he released into Kari's willing mouth.

She tried to swallow it all, but there was too much and some of it began to spill out the corner of her mouth and dribble down her chin. To Jeff's surprise and delight, Allison leaned in and licked it right off of Kari's chin. He groaned one last time from the erotic sight, then collapsed in exhaustion, completely spent.

"So how was it?" Allison asked Kari.

"Not as bad I had expected," she replied.

"So if you thought it would be bad, why did you do it?" Jeff asked.

"Because I want to make you feel good, silly," she replied.

Jeff smiled. "Kari, you're absolutely wonderful. Not only are you the most beautiful girl in the school, you're so sweet to me. I can't imagine what I've done to deserve you, but I must have done something right."

"Yeah, you introduced me to sex," she giggled. "Now I think I'm addicted."

"Well, we make a perfect couple, because I'm addicted too."

Kari scooted up next to him and lay her head down on his chest. Jeff wrapped his arms around her. He always liked to snuggle with her afterward, and it was clear that she liked it too.

Allison released his cock, then bent over and kissed them both on the forehead. "So you two will be all right without me?" she asked.

"We're just going to take a nap," Kari replied.

"Okay, I'll see you later. If you're still asleep when I have to go pick up the girls, I'll come wake you up." She headed for the door.

"Allison," Jeff said, and she turned around.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Thank you."

She smiled, then disappeared out the door. Jeff lay back and closed his eyes, letting sleep overtake him.


With the end of July and only one month left before school began, the trips to the mall came less frequently. Lissa especially wanted to stay home more often and play in the pool, because she had the job in the late afternoon and wouldn't get much chance to swim once school started.

That meant less time for Jeff and Kari to be alone together, but that was all right. When they had first started sleeping together, it had been new and exciting and they had wanted to do it as much as possible. Now that they had less opportunities, they found that the long periods in between meant that the sex maintained that same level of excitement.

Of course, swimming with Kari was enjoyable too, even with others around. The two of them made it a point to accidentally yet frequently rub up against each other in the water. Brit and Crystal never missed an opportunity to tease them about it when they caught them, which surprisingly didn't bother Jeff at all. Although Crystal's presence definitely increased the frequency of Brit's teasing, it also changed its character. Both of the girls were more flirtatious than mean-spirited. Jeff found that he actually enjoyed being teased by Crystal.

Part of that was because she was a very pretty girl, and even in just the few months since he had first met her, she was beginning to develop in all the right places. Her swimsuit, which had fit her perfectly earlier in the summer, was now stretched tight across her bust and hips. He found himself even a little attracted to her, although that was probably due mostly to the fact that she resembled her big sister so much. While he admitted his attraction, he entertained no notions of anything but a friendly relationship with her. She was still a little girl in his eyes, not yet even thirteen. And Kari was more than enough to keep Jeff occupied.

That didn't mean he didn't like it when Crystal pounced on him in the pool and tried to drag him under, or splashed him with water when he wasn't prepared for it. Once she even tried to pull his swimming trunks down, claiming that it was only fair because he had done it to Lissa. Fortunately, he had the drawstring tied tight so it didn't work. He took these actions as good-spirited fun, and with that attitude he enjoyed himself all summer.

On August third, Lissa turned 17. She invited over several of her friends for a birthday party, all girls of course. Jeff didn't think he had ever seen her with a boy who wasn't related to her, at least in the past few years. She seemed to do all right without them, though he was still a little concerned.

As it turned out, the older girls were just as flirtatious as the younger ones. Jeff remembered Brit's 12th birthday party a few months ago, and how all of her friends seemed to fawn over him. Lissa's friends were the same way.

That got him thinking. Before, girls tended to ignore him, but now they seemed to be more interested. These same girls, who wouldn't have given him the time of day a year ago, now actually talked and joked with him.

True, his freckled complexion, which had been his bane in his earlier years, had pretty much cleared up. And the exercising had made a noticeable improvement in his physique. But neither of those could explain the sudden shift in the girls' attitude toward him.

As he thought about it, he came to the surprising and delightful conclusion that the change in attitude had less to do with them than with him. The girls talked with him because he talked with them. They weren't afraid to be friendly because he was a friendly person himself.

He mostly had Kari to thank for that. She had helped him to open up, giving him a much-needed boost of self-confidence. Especially now that she was his girlfriend, he was no longer afraid to talk to girls since there was no risk of them mistaking his attentions and he wasn't worried so much about making a fool out of himself.

He had to credit Rachael too, though. She was the first girl who had shown any kind of attraction toward him, and it was because of her that he first began to realize that he could be attractive, even to someone as gorgeous as her. Granted, she was kind of a slut, but just the fact that she had wanted to have sex with him had opened his eyes to a new way of looking at things. He, Jeff Primdale, didn't have to be shy or afraid of girls; he wasn't ugly or repulsive. It was even possible that some of them liked him!

By the time the party ended, Jeff was feeling pretty good about himself. It wasn't conceit, necessarily, just good, honest self-esteem.

A few days later he got his next chance to be alone with Kari. Brit had gone over to Crystal's house, and Lissa's boss had asked her to come in to work a couple of hours early to help reorganize their filing system, offering to pay her overtime. That meant they had all afternoon together until Greg came home from work. After the math lesson, Allison told them to go fuck, so they hurried up the stairs and stripped off their clothes.

Jeff moaned in pleasure as Kari rode him. He lay flat on his back on his bed, Kari bouncing up and down on his cock. She had a similar smile on her face to what Jeff figured he himself must have.

"Oh, God, Kari!" he exclaimed. "You're such a good fuck!"

"Better be quiet," she teased, "or your stepmom might hear you."

"And I even forgot to lock the door," he laughed.

She continued to ride him, driving more and more wild with every motion. He could see that she enjoyed this position, and he enjoyed it too, especially since it gave him a perfect view of her naked teenage body. He reached up and fondled her tits, and she sighed in pleasure.

"Studying biology again?" asked Allison from the doorway.

"Oh, no!" Kari exclaimed in false fear. "Your stepmom just caught us fucking!" All three of them laughed.

Allison stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She pulled up a chair and sat down next to the bed. "You know, Kari, if Jeff's anything like his father, I know what he would love to see," she commented.

"What's that?" asked Kari.

Allison leaned in and whispered something in her ear, too low for Jeff to hear it.

"You're not serious?" Kari asked, her eyes growing wide.

"Ten bucks says Jeff comes the instant he sees it."

"I don't have ten bucks to bet."

"All right, we'll make it no-lose on your part. If I win, I give you ten bucks. If I lose, you don't owe me a thing."

Kari considered for a moment. "Okay, it's a deal."

Allison glanced at Jeff for a moment. "Watch this," she grinned, then leaned over, stuck out her tongue, and licked Kari's breast.

"Oh shit!" Jeff exclaimed in delight. This was like one of his best fantasies come true!

Allison glanced over at him again. "Still going, huh?" she asked. "Well, Kari, do you want to go for best two out of three?" She didn't wait for an answer, but immediately dropped her head again and began to stroke her nipple with her tongue.

"Oh god, Allison!" Kari exclaimed with a wide grin on her face. "You shouldn't... Oh my god! You shouldn't be... Oh, please!"

Allison's hand went to Kari's other tit and began to fondle it. Kari's movements on top of Jeff grew faster and more violent. Then Allison lowered her head even more, down to Kari's stomach, and kissed her there. But she didn't stop. Her head went even lower, and Jeff, with shock and excitement, realized where she was headed.

"Oh my god!" Kari exclaimed. "What are you doing? Oh wow!"

To Jeff it seemed like it took Allison forever to move down Kari's body. Her hair covered up the view, but he could imagining Allison kissing Kari above the navel, then below the navel, then at her hair line, then...

Then he felt it, a tickling, teasing sensation at the base of his dick, and he realized that Allison was licking them both at the spot where he entered his girlfriend. Allison, beautiful, sexy Allison, actually had her tongue on his cock!

That was enough to put him over the edge. He cried out in ecstasy, and through his own screams he could hear Kari matching him. Allison had given her an orgasm too!

Kari collapsed in his arms then, resting her head on his chest and staring at Allison, who was licking her lips.

"God, Allison, you're such a pervert!" Kari grinned.

"Maybe so, but you can't deny that you liked that. Was that your first time getting pleasured by a woman?"

"Well, yeah. I'm no lesbian."

"Not entirely, at least," Allison grinned, teasing her.


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What do you mean Allison didn't ask Kari's permission? You have no idea what she whispered in Kari's ear before she got directly involved.

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I'm going to take A.P.s place and review just one thing that I dislike here
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Jeff stood up, and in much better spirits he shook Allen's hand again then left the room. He headed down the stairs, where he found Kari and Crystal sitting together on the couch.

"What, no bruises?" asked Crystal with a facetiously disappointed tone.

"He didn't want to leave any evidence," Jeff explained.

"Must have used electricity," she shrugged. "I use it on all my victims. There's nothing better for torturing someone without leaving a mark."


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