Rachael seduces Lissa.
Chapter 12
A New Experience For Lissa

Jeff woke surprisingly early in the morning, considering his exhaustion from his first sexual experience. Rachael, though, wasn't far behind. They lay there under the covers together for a few minutes, then she grudgingly climbed out of the bed.

"I'd better go get some clothes on before your sister wakes up. I'd hate to have to explain to her why I'm up here and my clothes are all downstairs."

Jeff laughed. She had a point. Rachael quietly slipped out the door, blowing him a kiss before closing it behind her.

He got up and headed for the bathroom for a quick shower, then dressed and headed downstairs. He found Rachael sitting on the couch, dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts. He sat down beside her, and she put an arm around him as she nuzzled him affectionately.

She continued to hang all over him when they went in to breakfast. He enjoyed the attention, especially with someone as beautiful as Rachael.

Once Brit woke up, Rachael's attitude completely changed. She was still friendly and cheerful, but no longer did she fawn over Jeff. She adopted a more respectable demeanor so as not to give Brit any hints that anything had gone on between Jeff and Rachael.

Jeff didn't mind; while he certainly enjoyed Rachael's attention, he was understandably tired. In fact, he was a little worried that Rachael would want to repeat the activities that night. Jeff didn't think he had the energy to perform again.

He took her aside into a different room that morning, and asked her about it. She kissed him on the cheek and told him that it was all right. She understood she could be quite draining on a man (or a woman, she added with a wink), especially since it had been Jeff's first time.

They spent the rest of the morning playing various games. Even without the "special" activities, she was a great babysitter. The three of them had a lot of fun together, and Jeff and Brit almost forgot to annoy each other. Their teasing remained at a minimum.

That afternoon, the three of them climbed into the car and went to pick up Lissa from her party. After returning home, Lissa took a nap for a couple of hours, since she had stayed up late with the rest of the girls and not gotten much sleep.

That evening, Jeff decided to go to bed early, since he hadn't had much more sleep than Lissa. It was ironic; the first chance he got to stay up as long as he wanted, he was in bed by 9:00. Rachael came in to "tuck him in," and gave him a long, deep, open-mouthed kiss. Then she left him there, and he fell immediately to sleep.

Brit wanted to stay up later, but Rachael had made a promise, so she made sure Brit went to bed at the same time. That left Lissa, who also decided to go to bed right away. She first wanted to take a shower, so she went to her room, stripped off her clothes, and entered the bathroom.

After the long day, the hot water felt good. It really helped her to relax so much that she almost fell asleep right on her feet. She spent a few minutes enjoying the shower, then turned off the water and dried herself off.

Lissa wrapped a towel around herself and stepped out of the bathroom. She was surprised to see Rachael sitting on her bed. The girl was dressed in a thin tee-shirt and panties.

"What are you doing in my room?" Lissa asked.

"I wanted to talk with you, if you don't mind," replied Rachael. "I spent all yesterday and today with Jeff and Brit, but I haven't had a chance to get to know you yet."

"Next time, knock first."

"I did, but you didn't answer because you were in the shower. I just didn't want to wait downstairs."

"But I might have come out of the bathroom naked."

"I don't mind. Look, I'm sorry for invading your privacy. I didn't realize you were going to get angry about it, or I would have waited. I really don't want you to be mad at me. Forgive me?"

She sounded so sincere that Lissa decided just to drop the whole thing. "Okay, I forgive you," she replied, then strode over and sat down on the bed next to her.

"My sister told me you were the only one hesitant about her marrying your father," Rachael commented.

"Yeah, I suppose it's because I saw her as too perfect. Sometimes I wonder if she's even human. I mean, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's nice, and she's got a great sense of humor. Any flaws she has, she hides very well."

"So what made you change your mind?"

Lissa stared at Rachael for a second. Did she dare tell her? What if she revealed something that Rachael didn't know about already? She decided to find out first.

"Rachael, do you know why Allison lost her job?" she asked.

"For having sex with one of her students."

Lissa sighed. "Okay, so you do know. Good. Well, Allison confessed that to me. So once I saw that she does occasionally make mistakes, that made her seem more real to me, and not just a fantasy."

"So you fantasize about Allison?"

"No!" Lissa said, growing red. "I didn't mean it like that!"

"I know," Rachael laughed. "I just couldn't resist. But at any rate, it sounds like you've put her on a pedestal, which isn't too surprising. It was a little hard growing up with her, since she was so perfect. Everyone always compared me to her, and you can guess the result."

"That must have been frustrating."

Rachael stretched and yawned, then lay back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. "I got really jealous sometimes, always being second best. I went through a stage where I hated her. Fortunately that only lasted a couple of months."

"I'm sorry, Rachael."

"For what?"

"I'm just sorry that it was so painful for you growing up."

"Thanks. I appreciate your sympathy, but there's no need, really. Do you know what ended my hatred finally?"


"Allison did. One day after I blew up at her and ran to my room crying, she came to talk to me. I was shocked to see tears in her own eyes. It was the first time I had ever seen her cry. As it turned out, she had been suffering right along with me. She hated to see me upset, so every time I got mad at her, it really bothered her. So after I told her what was wrong, she hugged me for a while. You might have noticed, Allison's really nice to hug."

"I suppose so. Jeff seems to think so," Lissa smiled.

"I'm not surprised. So we just hugged each other for a long time. Then she kissed me on the forehead. I remember that so well. And then..." Rachael suddenly stopped. She closed her eyes and sighed, a tiny smile on her lips.

"What?" asked Lissa.

Rachael opened her eyes again. "I don't think I should tell you the rest," she said.

"Why not?"

"Lissa, how open-minded are you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you open to new experiences? New sensations?"

"I'm not sure what you're getting at."

"Allison's talked about you quite a lot. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I have some suspicions about you."

"What kind of suspicions?" asked Lissa defensively.

"First, am I right in assuming that you're the mature one in this family?"

Lissa laughed. "It's not hard to be more mature than Jeff or Brit."

"I know, but I think that ever since your mother left, you've had to grow up too fast. The truth is that I suspect that you're missing your teenage years."

"I am not!" Lissa insisted, but it was more a reflexive response to what she considered to be an insult. In fact, she had thought the same thing several times.

"I'm sorry," said Rachael. "I didn't mean to offend you. I just meant that you act much more like an adult than is perhaps healthy for a girl your age. Other girls are out chasing boys, but you're here being a surrogate mother to Jeff and Brit."

"What are you talking about? They already have a stepmother. Why do they need me?"

"Do you really see Allison as a mother figure?"

"Well... no, not really."

"Maybe you don't realize it, but in the absence of a mother, you've taken on that role because you're the oldest girl in the house other than Allison. Your siblings trust you. They love you. I think that's great for them, but in my opinion it's not good for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for instance, when is the last time you went out on a date?"

"There's nothing wrong with me not dating right now," said Lissa, still defensive. "I'm only sixteen, and I've got an after-school job, so I really don't have much time." But deep down inside, she realized that Rachael was getting a little too close to the truth. In fact, she had gotten a job partly so that she had an excuse not to go out. There would be plenty of time for that later, she had decided, but now with Rachael confronting her about it, she felt self-conscious about it.

"A girl with your face and body could have your pick of any boy in the school," Rachael commented. "A good portion of the girls, too."

"That's gross!" Lissa exclaimed.

"I'm just saying there are a lot more lesbians than care to admit it. I'll bet a lot of girls steal glances at you in the P.E. shower room."

"Shut up!" Lissa snapped, growing red.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. My point is, you've built this shell around yourself, keeping yourself away from everyone else."

Now Lissa was getting mad. Rachael didn't even know her, and she was making all these assumptions. "How do you know?" she demanded.

"I told you, Allison's talked to me about you. She adores you, did you know that?"

Lissa's astonishment suddenly overcame her anger. "Allison... adores me?" she stammered.

"Absolutely," Rachael smiled. "She told me she was hesitant about going through with her plan to marry a rich millionaire at first, but after spending time with you, she lost all of her fears, and decided that she wanted to be a part of your family. Not Jeff's, not Brit's, not even Greg's, but yours."

"But why me? I'm nothing special."

"Wrong. You're the only woman in this family that could talk to her as an equal. She's never gotten used to the idea of being an adult, so in some ways she's pretty childish. And you are very mature for your age, sometimes even more mature than she is. That puts you at least at her level."

"I'm nowhere near Allison's level."

"She seems to think so, and that's what she loves so much about you. You may not realize this, but she told me you're her best friend."

Lissa couldn't help but smile with pride. Allison, the most perfect woman in the whole world, actually thought of her as her best friend.

"Personally, I think it's wonderful," continued Rachael. "I'm happy for Allison, and I'm happy for you, although I'll admit I'm a little jealous."

"Jealous?" asked Lissa.

"I'm her baby sister," Rachael explained. "But now there's someone she likes even more than she likes me."

Lissa didn't know what to think. Her emotions had been tossed back and forth throughout the conversation. She had been embarrassed, angry, surprised, and proud all in the space of about two minutes. Now, looking at the girl, she felt pity for her. It was true that Rachael was Allison's little sister, and now Lissa had, in a sense, come between them. She could understand the girl's jealousy; Lissa had a little sister that she loved too.

"I'm sorry, Rachael," she said. "I didn't mean to--"

"Oh, don't worry. It's all right," Rachael smiled. She sat up again. "These things happen when people grow up. Allison is a different person than she was six years ago, and so am I. You know what? That's okay. It doesn't mean we love each other any less."

Lissa nodded, happy that Rachael was taking it so well.

"If it's okay with you," said Rachael, "I'd like to be your friend too."

Lissa could feel the sincerity in her words, and she decided that despite being angry at her earlier, she appreciated the girl's honesty and openness. Rachael was much like Allison in that respect. Impulsively, Lissa threw her arms around Rachael in a hug.

"Of course you can be my friend," she told her. "You're right; I've built a wall around myself, and so I don't have many friends, so anyone willing to put forth the effort is very welcome."

After they drew apart, Rachael asked, "So now that we're friends, can I give you a little constructive criticism?"

"Sure," Lissa smiled.

"First, the psychological evaluation. In Dr. Rachael's opinion," she said, and Lissa laughed, "you've gotten too comfortable in your role as the mature one, and you haven't yet learned that maturity doesn't mean you can't have fun. You're afraid to go out on dates, or even to talk to boys, because you might, heaven forbid, enjoy yourself."

"Hey, that's not really fair."

"Lissa, can you tell me honestly that you know how to enjoy yourself?"

"Of course I do. For example, I enjoyed myself over at my friend's house this weekend."

"Tell me something, Lissa. What was the first thing you thought of when she invited you over?"

"I don't know."


"Okay, I almost said no. It was my first time sleeping over at someone else's house, and I was a little afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"I don't know," she said again.

"I do. You're afraid of trying new things. That's your biggest problem. You see adults as people who have settled down into a particular lifestyle, who don't have time for fun. Maturity, to you, is to accept your place in the world and never vary from your routine."

"That's pretty harsh, Rachael," said Lissa, but at the same time, she wondered if it were really true. Had she really forgotten how to have fun because she thought it was incompatible with maturity?

"Since we're friends now," Rachael told her, "I'm not going to lie to you. I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but that's just how I see you. Look, I want to help you, Lissa. You don't have to stop enjoying yourself just because you're growing up."

Lissa sighed. There was a certain logic to that. Maybe Rachael could actually help her there. "Okay, so what does 'Dr. Rachael' recommend?" she asked.

"Do you want my honest opinion?"


"Okay. You need to do something completely out of character, something completely spontaneous, something wild and reckless, without worrying about the consequences."

Lissa nodded. It made perfect sense. The best way for Lissa to overcome her fears was to confront them directly. She really did need to do something different. The only question was what?

"Wild and reckless," Lissa repeated. "You mean like skydiving?"

"That would work, but it's not exactly something you can do spontaneously. You have to plan it, usually weeks in advance."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Since relationships are your problem, I think that's where we need to focus our attention. Here's an idea. Find the cutest guy in the school, go up to him, and ask him to have sex with you."

Lissa's eyes opened wide with astonishment. "Oh my god, Rachael! That's... I mean... I couldn't do that." The idea was terrifying, but at the same time, she recognized that that was partly because of her conservative upbringing, and partly because of her fear of having fun. The more she thought about it, the more she came to realize that it was just the thing to help her. But her inhibitions were too powerful; she could never bring herself to do that.

"Why not?" asked Rachael.

"Well for one thing, I can't just go around having sex with strangers."

"One of your friends then."

"I don't have any male friends." That was true, but it had never really bothered her until now. Suddenly, however, she felt like it was some kind of failing on her part.

Lissa was completely unprepared for Rachael's next comment. "What about Jeff?" she asked. "I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige you."

Lissa began to grow red. It wasn't that the suggestion abhorred her; she had been fantasizing about that very thing for months now, and had even taken a few steps in that direction. But to have someone actually come out and say it...

"That's disgusting," she said to cover her embarrassment and excitement. "He's my brother."

"So you know he loves you. Much better than a stranger, wouldn't you say?"

"But that's just... wrong."

Rachael shrugged. "That's what most people claim, but I've never put much stock in the opinions of others. Unless you can give me a good, logical reason why it's wrong, I'm not convinced."

"I can't give you a good, logical reason, and I'm not going to try," Lissa told her. "You can believe whatever you want. But we're talking about me here, not you. And I happen to believe that it's wrong."

"All right, I'll concede that point. But that means it will have to be someone else."

"I don't know, Rachael. Whoever it is, I could get pregnant."

Rachael shrugged. "Good point. Of course, there's a simple solution to that problems."


"Are you sure you want to hear this?" asked Rachael. "I mean, it might make you even more uncomfortable than you are right now."

Lissa considered. She was growing embarrassed again, but on the other hand, she really did want to know how to overcome her fear of trying new things. "Just tell me," she said.

"Ask one of your girlfriends to do it," smiled Rachael.

If Lissa was shocked before, she was doubly so now. The thought of actually doing that with another girl was horrifying! And yet at the same time, it would certainly qualify as a new experience.

"I can't believe you just said that, Rachael," she breathed.

"Now that I think of it, that's absolutely perfect," Rachael continued, ignoring Lissa's last comment. "For a straight girl like you, a little lesbian sex would be the best thing to break you out of your shell. You have no idea how liberating it is until you try it."

That sounded suspiciously like Rachael knew that from first-hand experience! "So... have you done that before?" Lissa asked, hesitantly.

Rachael stared at her for a second, as if trying to decide whether to answer her. "You know what we were talking about earlier, about Allison and me coming to an understanding?" she finally asked.


"After she kissed me on the forehead, she kissed me again. This time on the lips."

Lissa gasped. The mental image was so dirty, yet the forbidden nature of it also thrilled her. She had no idea that two sisters would ever do something like that together.

"You're not serious!" she breathed.

"Yes I am. We kissed, then we took our clothes off, lay down on the bed, and made love. That was when I decided to stop hating her, because no matter how perfect she was, by giving herself to me she was in a sense sharing that perfection. It was my first sexual experience by the way, with a boy or a girl."

"I don't know if I want to hear any more."

"Don't worry, that's really all there is to tell. I was thirteen, she was eighteen. A few months later she went off to college, so we didn't have much chance after that to continue our relationship. She made me a promise, however, because she didn't want me to feel like she was abandoning me."

"What kind of promise?"

"She promised that she would share all of her lovers with me."

"She what?"

"Allison refuses to get into any kind of intimate relationship unless I'm involved."

"So did you... get involved with that guy on the video?"

"Him? Actually he was my boyfriend first. I think he was using me to get to Allison, not that I really minded, since she would have just shared him anyway. The three of us would probably still be together if it weren't for the fact that he betrayed her by making that video. That's something I can never forgive."

Lissa suddenly had another thought, one that was frightening in its implications.

"What about... Dad?" she asked.

Rachael, however, had no qualms about answering the question. "She hasn't worked up the courage to ask him yet. You see, your dad's a bit of a problem because he's more conservative than most of her previous lovers, and she's so afraid of offending him, because she's terrified of losing this family. But one day she'll find a way to ask him. Maybe sooner rather than later," Rachael added with a wink.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Lissa.

Rachael laughed. "Just that I'm not driving back until Monday morning. And your dad and my sister get back from their trip on Sunday night."

"You don't mean..."

"I do."

"So you would actually... seduce my dad?"

"He's quite a handsome man, considering his age. Your whole family is good-looking. You're beautiful, Jeff is so gorgeous I can't stand it, and even Brit looks like she's going to turn into a real knockout in a couple of years. So to answer your question, yes. I would love to seduce him. But he's not who we're talking about here. We're talking about you."


"Yes. I told you my idea for helping you come out of your shell. So what do you think?"

"You mean you think I should actually make love to another girl?"


"I don't know... It sounds so--"

"Before you start throwing adjectives around, keep in mind, that's the whole point. You need to do something that is abhorrent to you just so that you can discover that it's not as bad as you think. You might even enjoy it."

"I'm still not convinced. For one thing, I don't know if any of my friends are gay, so I wouldn't know who to ask."

"That does present a bit of a problem. I wonder..."

Then she stared at Lissa. Lissa couldn't read the expression in her eyes.

"There's one thing we could do..." Rachael said. "I'm almost hesitant to bring it up."

"What is it?"

"No, I'd better not."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just forget it, Lissa. It was just a fleeting thought."

"Now you've got me curious."

"Okay, but you have to promise not to get mad."

"I promise."

Rachael sighed. "If your problem is that you can't find a girl who would be willing to do this with you, it seems there's a simple solution right before you."

"What do you mean?"

Rachael grinned. "I mean, it's literally right before you."

Lissa stared at her in puzzlement for a second. Then she opened her eyes wide and gasped. "You?" she asked, astonished.

"I'd be happy to help you out like this. Hell, I'd love every minute of it. What do you say?"

"But I'm not--"

"Exactly! That's the point. It's because you're not a lesbian that you should do this."

Lissa shivered. Despite how horrible the thought was, there was something enticing about the woman's offer. Lissa did want to learn to open up, to break out of her shell and have fun. She knew that her reserved, conservative nature was holding her back. Even her disgust at the idea of doing those strange and creepy things with Rachael was a part of that weakness.

"You're not doing this because you want..." Lissa began, but couldn't make herself finish the sentence.

"Well, I'll admit that it's not only for your benefit," Rachael smiled. "To tell you the truth, I find you very attractive. If the roles were reversed and you were to make the same offer to me, I would accept in an instant."

Lissa blushed, embarrassed but also flattered by Rachael's words. She had never been one to take compliments well, and considering the implications, she was surprised she wasn't completely mortified. But Rachael was very friendly and she seemed sincere.

Rachael reached out and put her hand on Lissa's cheek. "Look, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you," she said. "If I'm making you feel at all uncomfortable, just tell me and I'll leave you alone."

"It's okay," Lissa replied. "It doesn't bother me."


"Well, not really. It does bother me a little, but it's okay. I'm not mad at you or anything, but I don't think I'm ready to do this."

"I understand. I hope you don't think I'm disgusting or horrible for suggesting it. I've just never been the type to be shy about sex. When I have those kinds of feelings toward someone, I tell them."

"I guess I can understand that. Allison says I'm very honest with my feelings, although I suppose I've been brought up not to talk about certain subjects."

"Like sex," Rachael nodded. "Go ahead and say it."

"Okay, sex. I've been brought up not to talk about sex."

"And that's part of the problem. Sex is so taboo to you that you can't even say it."

"Apparently you don't have that problem," Lissa grinned.

"Nothing's taboo to me. I won't go into any details except to say that if I told you some of my previous exploits, you'd run screaming from the room."

Lissa laughed.

"So anyway, I don't suppose there's any way of changing your mind about having sex with me?"

"No there isn't," Lissa replied, though only half-heartedly. In fact, even just since the beginning of the conversation, some of her inhibitions had dropped. Rachael made it sound like it was so simple. It was like she was asking Lissa if she wanted to play a game or go shopping with her. In fact, Lissa realized, it probably was that simple to Rachael. It was just an activity to her, just like sports or swimming or reading.

"I have an idea," said Rachael.

"Why do I get the impression that this is going to end up bad?" Lissa laughed.

"That depends on what you mean by bad," Rachael replied. "And you just might change your definition by the time I'm through with you. So do you want to hear my idea?"

Lissa shrugged. It admittedly sounded intriguing.

"You're open to the idea of doing something against your character in order to help you to open up to new experiences, but you're frightened to take such a big step all at once. Am I right?"

"More or less."

"So we'll take small steps instead."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean we'll take it slow. A little kissing, a little touching, and hopefully on to the grand finale. I don't know how far you're willing to go, and I don't think you do either. But there's no harm in finding out, is there?"

"I don't know..."

"Look, let's just start. At any point you can tell me to stop, and I will."

Lissa considered. She did want to learn to try new things, and this sounded harmless enough. She could call it off at any point that she felt uncomfortable, but at least she would know that she had made the effort. That had to count for something. Still, she didn't feel comfortable with even the most innocent of sexual contact with Rachael.

"Maybe..." she said.

Rachael grinned. "I like the sound of that. Look, we'll start simply. I'll give you a shoulder massage. That should be all right, shouldn't it?"

Lissa nodded. It seemed innocent enough. After all, her mother used to do that to her sometimes, so there was nothing wrong with it.

"Come sit down in front of me," Rachael told her. Lissa slid off the bed, and Rachael took her place behind her.

From the first touch, Lissa began to relax. Rachael's hands on her bare shoulders felt wonderful. The girl certainly knew how to give a massage. Her fingers kneaded Lissa's shoulders, working her collarbone and shoulder blades. Every motion seemed to suck out the tension, making her feel more and more at ease. She realized that she had never been massaged on her bare skin before; it had always been when she wore a shirt. The difference was astounding. There was something thrilling about feeling the girl's hands touching her without clothes to get in the way. Perhaps that was why massages were typically done on a person's bare back.

Lissa surprised herself by sighing. Rachael laughed at that. "I take that as a compliment," she said.

"Okay, I admit it feels good," Lissa conceded.

"I can make you feel really good if you want," Rachael told her. "Just say the word."

"Not yet," Lissa replied.

"Can't blame me for trying. Anyway, I'd like to work on the rest of you, but you're going to have to take your towel off for that."

Lissa tensed up a little, and Rachael noticed it.

"It's okay," she soothed. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I would love to see your body, but it's completely up to you."

Lissa let herself relax again. Rachael was being a very good sport about the whole thing, and she seemed genuinely interested in helping Lissa. Perhaps this wasn't so bad after all.

"Why don't we go half way?" Rachael suggested. "You get up on the bed and I'll give you a more traditional massage."

"You mean, without my towel on?"

"Exactly. You'll only be exposing yourself from behind."

Lissa took a couple of seconds to consider the request, then nodded. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if all that Rachael could see of her was her back. She climbed back up onto the bed, and Rachael gave her an encouraging smile. Lissa lay down on her stomach, keeping her legs tightly together so as not to give the woman a chance view of more than just her back. She turned her head and considered keeping her arms tight against her side, but then she wrapped her arms around her pillow instead, taking a deep breath to steel her nerves. That would give Rachael access to at least the sides of her breasts, she knew, but since she could stop it at any time, there was no reason not to be bold.

Rachael reached for the knot in the towel and unfastened it. A moment later Lissa felt a cool draft on her back.

"Absolutely gorgeous," Rachael commented. "I hope you at least let me see you from the front later."

"Do a good job and maybe I'll make that your reward," giggled Lissa. In truth, this whole situation felt exhilarating. It was so naughty and wicked, but that was what made it so exciting.

A moment later she felt Rachael's hands on her back, and the same feeling she had had on her shoulders a few minutes before returned. She realized there was nothing wrong with what was happening right now; she could hire a professional masseuse to do exactly this same thing to her and nobody would think there was anything sexual about it at all. Only the thoughts that must be going through Rachael's mind right now made it anything other than innocent.

"Jeff really liked it when I massaged his back," Rachael commented. Lissa opened her eyes in shock. In most circumstances, she wouldn't think twice about it. But knowing Rachael like she did, there was an unspoken message there.

"Was it... was it like this?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" asked Rachael.

"I mean, on the bed with... with his clothes off?"

"No. I was on the couch and he was on the floor in front of me, just like you and I were a few minutes ago."

"And he had his clothes on?"

"Exactly. I got him to rub my back afterward. He's got great hands. If you ever want a good back rub, ask Jeff to do it for you."


"Really. You're lucky that you get to live with him. If I were you, I would take advantage of it as often as possible."

"So it was just a back rub then."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you didn't..."

"Didn't what?"

"You didn't have sex with him?"

"Of course I did," Rachael laughed. "I wouldn't pass up an opportunity like that with such a gorgeous guy."

Lissa gasped. "You're not serious!" she exclaimed.

"Come on, Lissa. You know I don't see anything wrong with it. And he's a fourteen-year-old boy, so naturally he would jump at the chance to do it with me. Fuck false modesty; I'm well aware of the fact that I'm a good-looking girl. Especially since I resemble my sister so much, and you and I both know he's got a thing for her."

"So you just had sex with him? Just like that?"

"Not just like that. He took a little bit of encouragement, just like you. In his case, it took some special equipment: a tiny little bikini and a hair dryer."

"A hair dryer?"

"Secret weapon," Rachael explained. "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

Lissa was astounded. This woman who was trying to seduce her had done exactly the same thing to her little brother only a day before! Lissa had experimented with Jeff a little, but nothing had come of it. Now Rachael had finished what Lissa had started. She felt a little jealous, but quickly suppressed those feelings. The truth was that no matter how inappropriate the woman's actions had been, they were in fact much more appropriate than Lissa's own. She couldn't fault her for that.

"Does it bother you that I slept with your little brother?" asked Rachael.

"A little," Lissa admitted. "I suppose as his big sister, I feel an obligation to protect him from... well..."

"From girls like me," Rachael finished for her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply anything."

"Fuck that. I know exactly what kind of girl I am, and I'm proud of it. But don't worry. I was just giving Jeff a little educational experience. It will be good for him."

"Maybe," said Lissa.

"Anyway, let's drop the subject. It's not good manners to fantasize about one person while you're seducing another," Rachael laughed, and Lissa joined in. It was true; Rachael was seducing her. But the fact that she was so open and honest about it took all of the edge off of the horror of the idea.

Just then, Rachael leaned in and kissed Lissa on the shoulder, just below her neck. Once again Lissa tensed up, but forced herself to relax. She also wanted to take this as far as she could, and that meant giving in to a few simple pleasures like that. It wasn't even enough to just allow Rachael to do it; Lissa had to enjoy it.

Rachael kissed her again, a little lower than before, and Lissa allowed herself to let the sensation stimulate her. Now she had crossed the first real line; there was certainly nothing innocent about this. But she was determined to keep going. Besides, it really did feel nice.

Rachael's kisses worked all over her back. It was completely random, lacking any kind of pattern. That was what was so exciting about it. With no way to anticipate it, she was left unprepared and vulnerable to the stimulation. It bypassed any kind of defenses she might put up, working directly on her naked skin.

Suddenly she felt Rachael's lips on her buttocks, and she had to giggle at that. It was a little embarrassing, but Rachael apparently didn't think so, as she kissed her all over.

"You surprise me," Lissa commented. "I figured you're usually the dominant one in a relationship."

"I am," Rachael replied.

"So then why are you so good at kissing my ass?" Lissa laughed.

In reply, Rachael playfully bit her on one of her cheeks. Lissa yelped, then began to giggle.

"Auntie Rachael hurt poor little Lissa," Rachael said. "Let me kiss it better." She did.

Lissa sighed. Now that the initial shock had worn off, she found this new experience actually quite stimulating.

"It sounds like you're enjoying this," Rachael told her.

"Believe it or not, I am," she admitted.

"Should we go on to the next stage?"

"What's that?"

"Let me take my clothes off, and I'll show you."

Lissa turned her head and glanced at her. She wondered if she should put a stop to this right now. With both of them naked, the seduction would naturally speed up. But she found that she actually wanted to see Rachael naked.

"Go ahead," she said.

Rachael pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor, revealing her bare chest. Lissa forced herself to look at it, a surprisingly easy task. She had seen other girls naked before after all, and Allison had once insisted that she look directly at her body. Rachael's was quite nice. Lissa suddenly wondered what it would feel like to touch it.

"You like?" asked Rachael.

"I don't know," Lissa replied. "Maybe. I mean, I would if I were a guy. Or a lesbian."

"Well, we'll see if we can't get a more positive answer from you by the end of the night," Rachael grinned, then pulled off her panties. Like her sister, she was hairless between her legs.

"Are you ready for the next step?" Rachael asked. Lissa nodded, a little afraid. She watched as Rachael climbed onto the bed, and then lay down on top of her. Lissa shivered as she felt the girl's naked body pressed up against her. She could feel Rachael's breasts against her back, especially the hard buds of her nipples. It was the first time she had ever felt a girl's body like that.

Rachael kissed her on the back of the neck as she slid her arms around Lissa's body. Her hands came to rest beneath her chest, just below her breasts.

"What do you think of that?" Rachael breathed.

"It's hard to say," answered Lissa. "It feels kind of weird."

"But kind of nice too?"


"Tell the truth, Lissa."

"Okay, fine. I like the warmth and the softness. It still bothers me a little to be doing this, though."

"Remember, you can stop me any time you want."

"I know. Maybe I can go on a little further."

"You're a brave girl. I like that. If you're willing to go as far as I want you to, I'll make sure you get a nice reward for your effort."

"What kind of reward?"

Rachael leaned in and pressed her lips up next to Lissa's ear. "An orgasm," she whispered.

Lissa shuddered as she thought about how that would feel. It was a dirty thought, but she couldn't deny that it also excited her.

"You like that, don't you?" asked Rachael.


"Well, all you have to do is accept the reward. That's it. I don't even care if you reciprocate, because giving you that kind of pleasure is reward enough for me." She kissed Lissa on the cheek. "You're such a beautiful girl," she whispered, and Lissa found that it didn't bother her. Rachael continued to kiss her, and all of the tension she had felt earlier seemed to melt away. She couldn't believe how good it felt to lie here with Rachael on top of her. It was so relaxing she felt like just drifting off to sleep.

Rachael had other ideas. "Lissa?" she asked.


"Are you ready to continue?"

"Maybe. What do I have to do now?"

"Turn over on your back."

Lissa gasped. So this was it. If she didn't end this right now, she would expose herself to the girl's lusty eyes. Then it would be very easy for Rachael to...

"It's okay if you don't want to," Rachael told her. "If you just want to lie here like this for a while longer, I don't mind."

"No, it's all right. I'll turn over. I just have to work up the courage to do it."

Rachael climbed back off of her, and Lissa took a few deep breaths. Rachael put her hands back on Lissa's shoulders and began to rub them for a minute, then put gentle yet firm pressure on them to help turn her over. That was just what Lissa needed. She really didn't have to put forth much effort, just give in to Rachael's strength.

A moment later she found herself staring up at Rachael's smiling face, completely naked and vulnerable. Rachael ran her eyes all over Lissa's body, her smile widening as she saw it. Rather than feeling embarrassed, Lissa felt only complimented that her babysitter seemed to like what she saw.

"Absolutely stunning," Rachael breathed. She lowered her head and pressed her lips to Lissa's. Lissa closed her eyes and tried to relax. It was the first time another woman had ever kissed her like that, and she tried to enjoy it. After all, it was really no different than kissing a boy. Somehow she just couldn't convince herself of that.

Rachael noticed her hesitation and drew back. "It's all right," she said softly. "I know it's not easy for you."

"I'm sorry; I'm just not used to doing things like this."

Rachael climbed up onto the bed next to her and put her hand on Lissa's bare stomach. Lissa had a moment of panic, but Rachael kept her hand there, not moving it. She leaned in and kissed Lissa on the cheek.

That was much easier to accept, since it was no different from receiving a kiss from her mother or sister.

"Next I'm going to start fondling you," Rachael whispered in her ear. "But I won't do it until you say that I can. Just tell me when you're ready."

Lissa nodded, closing her eyes and breathing deeply, trying to work up the courage. She was actually going to go through with it! She was going to get felt up by another girl! As disgusting as that seemed, she also felt an uneasy excitement at the thought. There was something strangely appealing about knowing that soon she would be touched by someone other than herself, especially a woman.

"Go ahead," she whispered, almost imperceptibly, her eyes still shut tight as if blocking out the sight would somehow offer some protection against the experience.

She felt Rachael's hand slide upward along her stomach, to the base of her rib cage, then slowly higher, and higher...

It didn't feel anywhere near as bad as she had expected. Her aunt had soft hands and a gentle touch. It was warm and soft and even relaxing. She couldn't believe she was letting a girl do this to her, and even more, that she was actually enjoying it. It wasn't difficult for Lissa to let herself go and just accept the wonderful caress.

Rachael sat up, and a moment later Lissa felt her other breast being fondled as well. It was a massage more than anything else, with Rachael's hands running over them, squeezing and kneading them gently. Lissa even let out a sigh.

"Do you like that?" Rachael asked her.

Lissa nodded.

"Do you want me to play with your nipples?"

Lissa hesitated for a moment, then bit her lower lip and blushed as she nodded again.

Rachael's fingers sought out the hardening buds and began to tease them. She rubbed and squeezed them between her fingers, sending thrills through Lissa's body. It was a bit ticklish but at the same time very pleasurable. This was a technique she hadn't tried herself while masturbating, but from now on she would have to practice it. She couldn't believe how aroused she was getting from the feel of her aunt's hands on her.

After about ten minutes of this as Lissa's pleasure grew and her breathing became deeper and more labored, Rachael lowered herself and kissed Lissa on the chest just below her neck. Lissa gasped at the sudden, unexpected contact.

"Do you want me to kiss them?" Rachael asked.

"Oh my god!" Lissa exclaimed. What an experience that would be to have another girl's mouth on her nipples! It was so wrong, yet so enticing! Even as she nodded, she couldn't believe what she was doing. She opened her eyes now, watching Rachael's head lower along her body as she kissed her way down to one of Lissa's breasts. Rachael stopped at the nipple, kissing all around it and then finally putting her lips right on the pleasurable center.

There was no doubt about it now, Lissa was losing herself in the pleasure. Now that she had come this far, she knew she was going to see it through to the end. Her breaths came in gasps now, the rising of her chest thrusting her breast right against Rachael's mouth. Rachael, sensing that she no longer had to ask permission, began to work the nipple over with her tongue, causing her niece to make little mewling sounds. Almost unconsciously, Lissa put her hands up and placed them behind Rachael's head, pulling her in. Rachael giggled and began to suck, realizing the effect she was having.

She switched to the other breast, but her hand took her head's place at the original one. It was almost too much for Lissa to bear. How could she be deriving such pleasure from another woman? It was raw, it was lustful, it was passionate, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Not even when she had lost her virginity had she felt this good. Perhaps if her boyfriend had been a little more experienced he might have been able to do this to her, but in fact, nobody had ever given her this much pleasure but her aunt Rachael.

Lissa released Rachael's head with one of her hands and let it slide down her body toward the center of her sex. Sensing the motion, Rachael grabbed it and held it away.

"Why...?" Lissa began, frustrated and a little angry that Rachael was withholding this from her. But as her aunt moved her head off of her breast and began kissing down her chest toward her stomach, Lissa suddenly realized what was about to happen.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed. "Really?" She very seldom swore; those words just weren't used in the Primdale household. But her excitement was getting the better of her. She was no longer responsible for anything she did; the pleasure had taken control of her and she was powerless before it.

Rachael worked lower and lower, kissing and licking her all over her stomach. The anticipation was so overwhelming that Lissa was almost in tears. How could this be happening to her? If there was some kind of cosmic justice, was she being rewarded or punished? At this point she really couldn't tell which. All she knew was that she was taking immense pleasure in this horrifying and disgusting act.

As Rachael neared the goal, Lissa couldn't help herself. "Oh god!" she moaned. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" The pleasure was mounting. She didn't even know if she could hold on long enough for Rachael to reach the target; even the anticipation was nearly enough to tip her over the edge.

Then suddenly, it happened. She felt her aunt's moist tongue running all over her pussy, licking up and down the slit and teasing her clitoris. The feeling could only be described as electrical, like being shocked. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Rachael reached up with her hands and gently spread the lips, which were already sensitive enough now that they parted easily. Then Rachael thrust her tongue inside, causing Lissa to cry out in delightful torment and place her hands once more on Rachael's head to pull her almost violently in. Her hips thrust forward, mashing the girl's head against her body. It was beyond pleasure now; it was intense and exquisite and delicious. Her whole body shook with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She didn't know it was even possible for a person to feel this good!

Then she was past the peak, and the wonderful pleasure began to ebb. It was almost a shame to let it go, but at the same time, she couldn't remember the last time she had felt so exhausted. Rachael continued to lap at her for five minutes as the aftershocks coursed through Lissa, causing her to spasm uncontrollably with each breath. Slowly the pleasure waned until she found herself, completely spent, lying naked on the bed with her aunt between her legs.

She began to grow red from embarrassment. What had she done? She had completely lost control, giving in to such unnatural carnal desires. How could she, Lissa Primdale, have allowed herself to feel such pleasure from a woman?

But when Rachael slid back up to lie down beside her with an adoring smile and a tender kiss on the cheek, Lissa realized that it wasn't so bad after all. It wasn't something that she would ever do again, but that didn't mean she wouldn't look back on this night with fondness.

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