Fun at the pool, Jeff looks at porn.
Chapter 7
Jeff's New Interest

Back home, things settled down a bit after the wedding. The first couple of weeks, while Greg and Allison were on their honeymoon in Hawaii, were a little difficult, because they had left Lissa to watch Jeff and Brit. She had the phone number of the Beauforts, a couple of empty-nesters who lived at the bottom of the hill, in case there was trouble, and Greg and Allison called in once a day to make sure everything was all right, that the kids were doing their homework and getting to bed on time. Before leaving they had made sure that there was plenty of food to last the two weeks, especially with the leftovers from the wedding.
More importantly, they had made Jeff and Brit promise to try to be nice to each other. That worked out reasonably well; only twice did they fight. It was the same pattern that often happened when Lissa babysat them. First Jeff teased Brit to the point of crying, then Lissa followed Brit to her room to comfort her, then Lissa returned to scold Jeff, then Jeff shouted at Lissa for taking Brit's side, then Lissa broke down crying, then Jeff felt guilty and apologized, then Lissa accepted his apology and hugged him, then she told him that Brit needed a hug too, then Jeff grudgingly went to Brit's room and apologized, then Brit hugged him, and then finally they were all friends again.
Jeff enjoyed the freedom of not having any adults around. Lissa was sometimes very mature, but she didn't seem to have the same issue with having fun that most adults had. The three of them played games together, or sat in the hot tub together, or now that the days were warm enough, swam in the pool together. Those were the times when Jeff enjoyed himself the most. Lissa liked to try to push him under, but although she was still a little bigger than him, he was always slippery enough that he managed to turn the tables on her and end up dunking her instead. Even Brit got in on the action, jumping on his back and wrapping her arms and legs around him to try to drag him down. He had to be a lot more careful with her because she was so small and fragile, so instead of fighting back, he would take a deep breath and go under, dragging her along with him. Since he could hold his breath longer than she could, she always ended up letting go of him to make her way back up to the surface. He never held her down; even though they fought and teased each other out of the water, he still loved her and wouldn't do anything to put her in danger.
It was during those pool parties that he began to notice Lissa's body. He had been interested in girls for a couple of years now, as attested by his infatuation with Kari Williams at school and Allison at home, but he had never really been exposed to the physiological differences between boys and girls. He had seen pictures in Sex-Ed class, of course, but those were just illustrations. Now, though, he found himself in the presence of a nearly sixteen-year-old girl with only a swimsuit covering her body.
Granted, her suit was a conservative one-piece that didn't actually reveal anything important, but it left her legs and arms bare, and showed the gentle curve of her waist and swell of her breasts, even displaying two bumps where her nipples poked against the fabric. When she bent over, he had a nice view of the valley between her breasts, and he found that he liked it. Unfortunately, her swimsuit hid more than it showed, so he decided to do what any other thirteen-year-old boy would do in that situation. He would find some way to take it off.
That turned out to be surprisingly easy. One afternoon while they swam in the pool, he made his move. Ironically, it was Lissa that initiated it, though she could hardly be blamed; she didn't know what was going to happen, after all. Jeff deliberately turned his back on her to make himself an easy target for her to try to dunk him. He paid close attention to the sounds of her approaching him, though he tried not to let her know he was aware of her presence.
As soon as she jumped on him, he was ready. He squirmed in her grasp, managing to turn around and get a hold on her to try to wrestle her under. He put one of his hands on her shoulder, then deliberately lost his footing. His hand "slipped" and suddenly came away with the strap of her swimsuit.
It worked even better than he had planned. As he fell down into the water still holding onto it, it slipped the other strap off the shoulder as well, and suddenly the whole front of the garment fell away.
Before she could react, he released it and got his footing again. He took a moment to stare at her bare chest. Though he had not had much basis for comparison, he liked what he saw. Her breasts were not particularly big, but they seemed firm and perky. The small nipples in particular intrigued him; they were perfectly round and well defined, pointing straight forward.
It only took him an instant to decide that he wanted to feel them. And in that instant his mind hatched a plan. Though he had only had about half a second to view them, he immediately pounced on her. She half-shrieked and half-giggled, but she was still in too much shock to fight back. He managed to tip her over, and the two of them plunged under the water, arms wrapped around each other.
Her bare chest felt very nice against his own. He enjoyed the way her soft yet firm tits flattened against his body, and especially the way her nipples poked against him.
Then he felt another, less pleasant sensation. She was pounding him on the shoulder with one of her free hands. It was something she had never done before, and although it didn't hurt him, especially with the water to slow her fist, it alarmed him.
He quickly set his feet down and helped her gain her footing. She stood up, spluttering and coughing, and scrambling to pull up her swimsuit.
"Oh my god, Lissa!" he exclaimed in feigned shock. "I didn't realize--"
Brit stood nearby, laughing. For a moment, Lissa looked angry, but then she began to laugh too.
"That's okay," she said. "If I thought you had done it on purpose, I'd drag you to the bottom and sit on you until you drowned."
"Do it again, Jeff!" Brit giggled.
"Shut up!" Lissa snapped, but good-naturedly. "Anyway, I think it's time I got out."
That was really too bad, in Jeff's opinion, but he had no regrets. It had been worth it.
Since he didn't want to be left alone with his bratty little sister, he decided to get out too, and Brit followed. They dried themselves off, and Jeff deliberately avoided watching Lissa as she did so. No doubt she would be conscious of his eyes on her, so if he seemed too curious she might begin to suspect. There would be plenty of time later.
After changing one at a time in the bathroom, they divided up. Brit decided to sit in the front room watching TV, while Jeff and Lissa went to their respective rooms.
Jeff sat down on his bed, closed his eyes, and imagined her body again. It was the first time he had seen a real pair of boobs, at least that he could remember. Naturally he had breast-fed as a baby, but this was something different. This was a real girl. Granted, it was his sister, but that didn't change the fact that she was actually pretty, and in his opinion at least, she had a great body.
It still left him unsatisfied, however. That quick glimpse had been all too brief; he wanted to be able to sit and stare for as long as he wanted.
That was when he first came up with the idea of looking at internet porn. While not the same as a real live girl, at least he would be able to see as much as he wanted. All three of the children had computers in their rooms, and all were networked together and could access the Internet. His only hesitation was that he knew that his father would be mad if he found out. But that just meant that Jeff couldn't let him find out. He locked both the hall and bathroom doors, then sat down at the computer, his heart pounding in his chest.
A quick search led him to the <i>Lecher</i> Magazine homepage. Naturally, there was a warning not to go beyond that point if he wasn't over eighteen, but that didn't matter. There was no way they could trace him anyway. He clicked the "I agree" button and found himself staring at a list of article headlines with small pictures, mostly of naked women. But they were too small to get a good view.
There was a "Models" link, which sounded promising, so he clicked on that, which led to another page with a list of girl's names. Choosing one at random, he entered a page with a list of photo-shoots. He selected the first one, and suddenly he found himself staring at a page full of tiny images that seemed to be in a set. All of the images could be clicked on.
He started with the first one, which showed a good-looking woman with a dress on. He skipped forward a few pages until he found the first one where she was naked. It was a great view of the woman's body, with her standing there unashamedly and hiding nothing.
Her body was much more fully developed than Lissa's. She had great big boobs, but slender hips and a flat stomach. This time he actually got to see her pussy, which was completely hairless. For some reason she had shaved it off. That just gave him a better view.
A few pictures later, she began to play with herself. She had her legs spread wide open, with one hand on her breast and one hand touching herself between her legs. Jeff felt a stirring between his own legs, and knew that he was getting an erection. And why not? Wasn't that supposed to happen when he looked at naked women? These past couple of years his erections had gotten more and more frequent, happening sometimes spontaneously and without any provocation. But according to his Sex Ed class, that was normal for boys his age. He decided just to let it happen.
A moment later there came a knock at his door.
"Go away," he said. "I'm busy."
"Jeff, I need to talk to you," came Lissa's voice.
A little angry, he closed the web browser on his computer. Then he got up, smoothed out his pants to make sure the bulge wasn't too noticeable, then unlocked and opened the door.
Lissa came over and sat down on his bed. He sat on the chair next to the computer desk.
"Look, if this is about what happened it the pool," he said, "I'm sorry."
"Oh, I'm not mad. Now that I've had a chance to think about it, I can look back and laugh. Although I'll admit, it's not exactly the kind of story that I'm going to tell my kids later on down the road."
Jeff chuckled. "Me neither. Can you imagine that? 'Look, that's Auntie Lissa. Did I ever tell you about the time I pulled her swimsuit off in the pool?'"
Lissa couldn't help but laugh at that. "So Jeff, tell me something. Did you do it on purpose?"
"What?" he asked, suddenly defensive. "No, of course not. I--"
"Tell the truth, Jeff. I promise I won't get mad."
Jeff stared at her for a second, as if unsure whether to confess.
"I'll take your silence as a yes," said Lissa.
"I... Oh, all right. I did it on purpose. Are you satisfied?"
"Why?" she asked.
"I don't know."
"You must have had a reason, or you wouldn't have done it."
"Well..." he said, growing red. "I just... I just have never seen a naked girl before, and so this just seemed like a perfect opportunity. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it."
"It's okay. I just want to know one more thing. Since you wanted to see my body so badly, does that mean you think I'm... well... sexy?"
"Er... I don't know."
"Oh, thanks so much for the compliment," she said sarcastically. "At least tell me whether you think I'm pretty."
"Okay. You're pretty."
"And sexy?"
"Why do you keep going on about that?"
"I'm just curious."
"Maybe we shouldn't be talking about that. You're my sister, after all."
"Come on, Jeff. Just tell me whether you think I'm sexy or not."
"Fine. I just started noticing how sexy you are this week, out in the pool."
"It was the swimsuit, wasn't it?" she grinned.
"Well, yeah."
"Okay. That's all I wanted to know." She got up to leave.
"Lissa," Jeff said.
"What is it?"
"You wouldn't really drag me to the bottom of the pool and sit on me until I drown, would you?"
She laughed. "Only if you try it again," she replied.

When Lissa returned to her own room, she immediately plopped down on the bed and shuddered. She felt both disgusted and excited at the same time. Somehow she had managed to conceal her feelings from her brother, but her heart had been pounding as she had sat on his bed next to him.
He had actually pulled her swimsuit off on purpose, and it was because he thought she was sexy! Her own brother! She didn't know whether she should feel flattered or angry.
On the verge of turning fourteen, he had been developing in interesting ways in the past year. She couldn't ignore that his little-boy body was starting to develop a little muscle; she had noticed him in the pool the same way he had noticed her. And a few months ago he had begun to shave. There was something else about him too, a kind of smell perhaps, though so subtle that it wasn't even noticeable. But it sometimes made her shiver when he was around.
Despite his lack of self-confidence and his negative self-talk, he was far from the ugly kid that he claimed to be. His boyish face was losing some of its childlike innocence, and taking on more mature features. Even his freckles had started to clear up, revealing a surprisingly handsome face.
That low self-esteem had begun to peel away in the last few months, though. That was probably due to Allison. The woman was absolutely gorgeous, and yet very down-to-earth in her personality. There was no hiding that Jeff had a crush on her, but at the same time, he was able to talk to her, which did wonders for his confidence. In a few years, he might even work up the courage to ask out a girl.
For some reason, that thought gave Lissa a sharp pang of... something. She wasn't prepared to label it jealousy. Maybe since she was his big sister she just felt a little protective of him, and didn't want him to get into trouble.
She just couldn't get over the fact that he thought she was sexy. Despite her uneasiness, it did make her feel good. After all, if even her own brother thought of her like that, surely some of the guys at school did too. At the moment though, for some reason she didn't really care about their opinion. It was only Jeff's that mattered. Was he in his room right now thinking about her body? Imagining that sent a tingle down her spine.
She felt warm, perhaps even a little flushed. No doubt it was due to the heat of the day, and the fact that she had just put on her clothes after wearing a swimsuit for a couple of hours. Her clothes felt restricting and uncomfortable.
Since her door was closed and locked and there was no one to see her, there was no harm in taking off her shirt. She sat up for a moment and pulled it over her head, then dropped it on the floor and lay back. Yes, that felt much nicer. However, her jeans still felt too tight. She quickly stripped them off as well and lay down in just her underwear. She wondered what Jeff would think if he saw her now. The thought of him suddenly barging into the room and then staring in shock made her giggle. That would be awkward. On the other hand, he would probably enjoy the view of his sexy big sister. Not that she would ever allow such a thing. She wasn't about to pose half-naked for her little brother.
On the other hand, what if she wore a bikini out by the pool? It wouldn't cover up any more of her than her underwear, and it would be completely innocent. Okay, not <i>completely</i> innocent, but it wouldn't be anything that other girls didn't wear in public. Unfortunately, she didn't own a swimsuit like that; her dad would never approve of it. She wondered if Allison would take her shopping again some time?
She sighed. Knowing Allison, she would be in favor of the idea. But Lissa would feel too self-conscious about it, so she would never do it. Still, it was fun to fantasize about it. One look, and Jeff would probably lose all control of himself. He'd probably strip her out of it in no time flat, the pervert. Once again she giggled. If wearing a skimpy bikini in front of him would be fun, being naked with him would be even better!
She took a deep breath. Even though the hottest part of the day was over, for some reason she felt like the heat kept rising. Even her bra and panties were too stifling now. She shuddered as she thought about taking them off, feeling strangely guilty. That didn't make any sense to her; what was wrong with being naked alone in her room? It wasn't like she had never done it before. She took her clothes off every time she took a bath or shower, after all. But with her thoughts on her brother, it felt almost like he was in the room with her. Her little brother, staring at her as she stripped in front of him.
Before she knew it, she had her bra off and lay there with her breasts exposed to the eyes of the specter of her brother. It felt so naughty to lie here in front of him, even though she knew he was just in her imagination. But she had gone this far, and she might as well go the rest of the way. She slipped off her panties and let them fall to the floor, and lay naked, exposed, and vulnerable.
She closed her eyes and imagined him standing there beside her bed, staring at her. She trembled, feeling a little frightened but also excited. What would he do if she exposed herself to him like this? Would he blush and turn away? Would he dash out of the room? Or would he stay there with her, and perhaps see just what he could get away with?
She felt a hand between her legs and she almost yelped in fright. But it was just her own. Lately when she got into these moods it almost seemed to work independently, seeking out the most pleasurable spots of her body. She knew that what she was doing was dirty, or at least, she had always been raised to think that way, but she just couldn't help herself. She tried to be good, but sometimes she just needed to feel that kind of pleasure.
There were no men in her life right now other than her daddy and her brother, and she wasn't about to ask one of <i>them</i> to help her, so it was up to her to do what needed to be done. Maybe that was her own fault; she had unconsciously built a wall between her and all the boys at school because she was a little afraid of them. Ever since she had lost her virginity a couple of years ago to her first boyfriend, she had been turned off by sex. And since she knew that that was on the mind of every boy her age twenty-four hours a day, she really didn't want to have much to do with them. Her relationship with her boyfriend had lasted a grand total of three months. He had dumped her after she told him that she didn't want to have sex any more. And who could blame him? He probably sensed that she didn't think he was very good at it, and felt insulted. It was his awkwardness, his lack of emotion or romance that had spoiled it for her. Maybe some day she would find a man who could give her what she always dreamed of, but until that time she was a little hesitant about getting involved in a physical relationship. It was much more important to find someone who loved and cared for her.
Like her brother.
She gasped as a tingle ran up her spine. Her finger had just made contact with that sensitive bud. Or was that the real reason? Her train of thought had been derailed by that sudden sensation, but she remembered what she had been thinking about right before. She had thought about Jeff as a lover.
That felt weird, but at the same time a little thrilling. Oh, she would never go through with it of course, but here by herself, alone in her room, she could explore those deep, dark fantasies. It was wrong, horribly wrong, she knew, but that was what made it so exciting. The forbidden lust drove her deeper into the throes of passion.
She stuck her fingers of her free hand into her mouth, letting her teeth clamp down on them. It was a trick she had learned in those rare occasions when she pleasured herself, to keep her from crying out. It wouldn't do to have Jeff and Brit hear her and wonder what was wrong. That would be enjoyable, though. It was too bad she had locked the door, because otherwise he might burst into the room to see if she was in trouble, spy her lying there playing with herself...
"Oh Jeff!" she breathed, careful not to raise it above a whisper. Even that was enough to heighten her pleasure. She had actually vocalized her fantasy. Now it had left the confines of her mind and was out there in the real world, and she could never take it back.
Her hand was moving automatically still, rubbing and pinching at the center of her passion and sending electric thrills through her. She wouldn't be able to hold herself back much longer, and she didn't intend to. There was no telling when she would get another chance like this, and so she might as well make the most of it. A few more minutes and she would achieve that sweet release that she craved.
Jeff would make a great lover, she decided. Although he might be just as awkward as her boyfriend had been, at least she knew that he loved her. He would sense her own needs and involve her in his lovemaking as a partner rather than an object. He would take her slowly, gently, and lovingly as he entered her.
"Oh god!" she whispered as she imagined the act. She had almost forgotten what it felt like to be filled like that. But Jeff would do it for her. He would penetrate right into the very center of her being.
Her teeth tightened on her fingers so hard that she almost drew blood. She could feel the pleasure wracking her body as she reached a climax. Her entire body tensed, at the same time shuddering almost violently, and she had to use all of her willpower to keep from screaming right then. Somehow she managed to keep silent until her body finished its journey through that wall of ecstasy, and she collapsed back on the bed, completely exhausted.
Then the guilt hit her. She had actually masturbated to thoughts of her own brother! That was wicked and perverse, not something a good girl should do.
She got up and began to dress. From now on she wouldn't allow herself to lose control like that. It had been a moment of weakness, nothing more, and it wouldn't happen again. By the time she finished dressing, she felt fine.

After Lissa left his room, Jeff wasn't in the mood to look at naughty pictures any more. In fact, now that he had seen pretty much all there was to see (or so he thought), that was enough to tide him over for a couple of days. It wasn't until the day before Greg and Allison returned that he got another chance, especially since as the end of the school year was approaching, he had plenty of homework and studying to do. He wasn't too worried about the Math test he had coming up, since he had a simple, and admittedly pleasant, backup plan if he didn't get a good grade. But he had an essay to write for English class that he had been putting off for a month, and it was getting to the point where he couldn't procrastinate any longer. So when he finished it Saturday afternoon, he decided to reward himself with another look at that website.
This time he skipped the Models section, and went into "Couples." A moment later he found himself staring at a man and woman engaged in sex. Once again he felt that familiar stirring between his legs as he clicked through the pictures. He found it fascinating and exciting as he watched them progress. In some of the pictures the man had his penis in the woman's vagina, but there were others where it was in her mouth! That both shocked and delighted him. His friend Jesse had mentioned something about that before, but Jesse was such a pervert that Jeff never took anything he said seriously. He couldn't imagine that any woman would let a man do that to her. On the other hand, he imagined that it would feel extremely good. The thought of a girl's mouth wrapped around his own cock, using her tongue to stimulate it while she sucked on it, was terribly thrilling.
He spent about half an hour more looking at the pictures (for "educational" purposes, he told himself), then reluctantly turned off the computer. He still had a little more homework to do, and there would be plenty of time to continue later.

Greg and Allison returned home the next day. They spent all afternoon talking about their trip, and how wonderful and warm it was. Jeff felt a not-surprising stab of jealousy; what he wouldn't give to have been in his father's place! But he was becoming an expert at hiding his feelings around Allison.
All the next week, she seemed even happier and more cheerful than before. That wasn't surprising; she had just been married, after all. And although she had admitted that she wasn't in love with Greg, she was at least in love with the family as a whole.
Jeff spent the next week dividing his attention between lusting after Kari Williams at school, lusting after Allison at home, and fantasizing about the images he had seen. He was still pretty responsible about doing his homework; it was easy to set aside the time when he knew that in just a couple of weeks he wouldn't have to worry about it all summer. He was especially excited about this vacation because Greg and Allison announced that the family would go camping for a week in July. He hadn't ever camped out before, but Allison talked about it so enthusiastically that it sounded very fun. Of course, <i>anything</i> would be fun if it involved her.
He put off viewing naughty images for a few more days. He still thought it was wrong, so he rationalized that as long as he didn't do it too often, there was no harm. But Wednesday night he decided he couldn't wait any longer, and turned on the computer. This time he skipped the <i>Lecher</i> Magazine site and just ran a search for pornography. Two minutes later he was happily clicking through steamy images.
The door suddenly opened. Jeff hurriedly covered the screen. "You're supposed to knock!" he yelled. The door closed again, and he heard a knock. This time he had time to close the windows on the screen to hide what he was doing.
"Come in," he said, hoping that whoever was there hadn't seen what he had been doing.
Allison opened the door and walked in. "I'm sorry for not knocking," she said in a tone so sincere that he felt bad about yelling at her. She closed the door behind her. "I'm still learning the rules around here. I'll be more careful in the future about walking in on you while you're looking at porn."
"I wasn't--" he insisted, but she put a hand up to silence him.
"I saw everything," she said, and he began to grow red. The last person in the world he wanted to catch him was Allison!
"Oh, don't worry. I won't tell your father," she smiled. "I don't think he'd be quite as understanding as I am."
"So... you don't care?"
"Care? Of course I care. I want to know about the things you're interested in. But does it bother me? No."
As she spoke, she approached the desk, and before he could stop her, she took the mouse and brought up the window that he had just closed.
There was nothing he could do about it. There were the images, right in front of her. He wished he could crawl under a rock and die. He expected at any moment to hear her gasp at what she saw, or to hurriedly close the window in disgust, or to start lecturing him about how immoral he was.
"Is your homework done?" she asked.
That was certainly the last question he had expected from her. Was she blind or something? Could she not see what was on the screen?
"What?" he asked.
"I said, is your homework done? I told your father I would check on you to see if you finished your homework."
"Well... yes," he replied.
"All right then. Mind if I sit down?" Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed the chair from his other desk and rolled it over next to him. She sat in it and watched the screen.
He was too stunned to move. What was she doing? He didn't know what she expected of him. Was he supposed to turn off the computer, or close the web browser, or something like that? He had already said that he had finished his homework, so she wasn't expecting him to open up a word processor and start writing an essay, was she?
"Aren't you going to continue?" she asked.
"I... don't know. It's a little different with you here."
"I see. You're the kind of person who likes to look at porn alone."
"And... you're not?"
"I think it's much more enjoyable to do it with someone else. Kind of like sex. It's just not as fulfilling by yourself."
"I wouldn't know about that," he mumbled under his breath.
"Well, there's a first time for everyone. I'd be more than happy to be your first time."
"What?" he exclaimed.
"Looking at porn together," she explained, nodding toward the screen. Then she laughed. "I didn't exactly make myself clear there, did I?"
"No you didn't," Jeff chuckled, his embarrassment subsiding. Once again, Allison was showing her talent of making him feel perfectly comfortable in her presence.
"So I notice you're looking at pretty typical heterosexual stuff," she commented. "Is that your favorite? Man-woman, I mean."
"I don't really know. Is there any other kind?"
"Well, are you interested in lesbians, for instance?"
"What's a lesbian?"
She laughed again, then cut off when she realized it wasn't a joke. "You really don't know?" she asked.
"I can see your father has kept you sheltered," she said. "Already thirteen years old and you don't know what a lesbian is. A lesbian is a girl who likes other girls."
"Don't all girls like other girls?"
"I mean, a girl who likes other girls sexually."
"Really?" he asked.
"Yes. It's quite common, in fact."
"That sounds... gross."
"Well, maybe you're not ready to see that just yet. But most men find it erotic. Some women, too."
"Well, they would have to, wouldn't they?" he said. "That's sort of the point."
"Yes, I guess it is. But anyway, maybe we could look at some lesbian stuff together some other time. Right now, if you want, we can just focus on the male-female stuff. Do you have any particular web sites that you go to regularly?"
"Um... no. This is really only my third time doing this."
"Oh, so you're just starting out. Well, I could--"
Just then, they head Greg calling for Allison from downstairs.
"Oops," she said. "I was just supposed to check on you, not look at naughty pictures with you. If your father asks, I was helping you finish up some math homework." She winked, then stood and turned to go. She hesitated for a second, then turned back around. Leaning in, she put her lips close to his ear. His eyes opened wide as he heard what she was whispering. It was a web address. She smiled and headed for the door.
"Enjoy," she said as she opened it and disappeared through.
He hurriedly typed the address into his browser, wondering what he would find there so intriguing that she would choose to tell him this particular address out of the millions of possibilities.
Even before the page finished loading, he gasped. There, in the center of the screen, was a picture of Allison herself, completely naked and having sex with a younger man! There was a "Play Video" link, which he eagerly clicked. His heart began to pound in his chest with anticipation for what he would see.
He was not disappointed. It was obviously a hidden camera showing a bedroom. The door at the far end of the room opened, and in walked the couple. She looked exactly the same as she did now; the video couldn't have been shot more than a year or so ago. The man was probably eighteen or nineteen.
They began to kiss, and the man started to fondle her breast over her shirt. A few seconds later, he turned her toward the camera (she still didn't see it) and stepped behind her to kiss her neck. She lay her head back against him as he slid his hand down her torso and between her legs.
Jeff licked his lips; his mouth was starting to go dry. His cock, which had settled while Allison was in the room, now threatened to burst out of his pants as he watched her slowly being undressed on screen. Never had he expected to see someone he knew in a movie like this, and the fact that it was Allison, of all people, the most beautiful woman he had ever known... he thought he was going to pass out.
The man in the video started to unbutton her shirt from the top down, gradually revealing more and more of her chest. After the last button was finished, he pulled it open and ran his hands over her tits, which were now covered only in a black, silken bra. She began to turn around, but he stopped her motion by holding her tightly against his chest and firmly yet gently squeezing her breasts. Jeff felt extremely grateful to this unknown man, realizing that he probably did that so that the camera could get an excellent view.
About a minute later it paid off as he pulled the shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground, then reached behind and unfastened the bra.
The instant her tits came into view, Jeff's heart literally skipped a beat. They were just as beautiful as he had imagined, large but firm with slightly undersized nipples, at least compared to those of the women he had seen on other web sites.
Jeff's heart was pounding so hard now that he could hardly breathe. There were two reasons for this. First, the fact that this was someone he knew, especially Allison, added to the thrill of it. Second, the thought that she had deliberately led him to this video! It was as if she wanted him to see her naked. It was almost too much to bear. And now, in just a few minutes, he was going to actually see her having sex!
Unfortunately, it was not to be, at least not that night. There came another knock at the door, and he hurriedly closed the window, cursing the interruption. Fortunately, he remembered the web address, so he knew he could return to it again later.
"Come in," he said. This time, it was his dad who appeared at the door.
"Hey, Jeff," Greg said. "We've got ice cream downstairs. You want some?"
"Um, sure," Jeff replied, trying not to sound as out-of-breath as he felt. Right now his heart was beating so loudly he thought his father would be certain to hear it, even from across the room. "I'll be down in a minute."
"Okay." His father closed the door. Jeff could hear him knocking on Brit's door down the hall to announce the treat.
Jeff closed his eyes and deliberately slowed his breathing to get his heart back under control. He felt the pressure subsiding in his pants, and a couple of minutes later he stood up to go down to ice cream. He would much rather have stayed in his room and finished the video, but thought it would be a little suspicious to refuse the dessert.
Once downstairs, he scooped out a dish of rocky road and sat down between Lissa and Brit, who had dashed down the stairs as soon as their father had told them. He joined in the conversation half-heartedly, his mind still drifting back to that video. Allison sat across from him, and he couldn't help imagining her naked just like in the movie. What he wouldn't give to see that!
"So what did you think of that web site Allison showed you?" Greg asked him.
"Er... what?" he asked, surprised by the question. Had she actually told him?
"She said she showed you a new website. What did you think of it?"
He looked wildly at Allison for any sign of help from her, but she simply ate her ice cream as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.
"I..." Jeff stammered, trying to collect his thoughts. Obviously his father was neither surprised nor upset at what he thought Jeff had seen, so whatever the situation, the best solution was simply to treat it as casually as possible.
"I thought it was... it was..." he said.
"Educational?" Allison offered.
"Oh, it certainly was educational!" he blurted out, and Allison burst out laughing.
"What was that about?" Lissa asked.
"Never mind, dear," replied Allison. "It's an inside joke."
"So what was the name of the site?" Greg asked. "I might have to look it up myself some time. If it's as good as she claims, I could probably pick up a few pointers myself."
This time, Allison snorted so hard that she began to choke. Coughing and fighting back the laughter, she hurried to the sink to pour herself a glass of water. Everyone stared at her, trying to figure out exactly what she was thinking.
"I wish I knew what was going on around here," Lissa complained.
"Me too," Greg agreed.
Allison returned to the table, her laughter finally under control. "Yes, I'm sure it would be helpful for everyone in the family," she said.
"So what was the website?" Greg asked again.
Allison told him, and Jeff nearly sighed in relief. It wasn't the one with the video. In fact, this new site sounded like a perfectly legitimate educational site. But of course it would have been. Now that Jeff thought about it, it made sense that she wouldn't have told him the real site; he felt foolish for suspecting it even for a moment.

Later that evening as the children made their way upstairs for bed, Allison accompanied Jeff to his room. He wasn't sure if she was going to want to continue what they had started earlier in the evening, but just in case, he sat down in front of his computer desk.
Sensing the unasked question, she shook her head. "Not tonight," she said. "You've got school in the morning. But I promise, some other time."
Disappointed, he got up from his chair and then sat down on the bed.
"Allison, would you tell me something?"
"You want to know why I showed you that website earlier."
"The scandal of your parents' divorce made the headlines in this town, but that video made a scandal in its own way. You see, that was one of my students, and I was fired because of it. Your father knows it; in fact, I told him the first day I met him because I didn't want to start out our relationship with any false pretenses. My 'mistake' is public knowledge, and now that the hubbub has died down about your parents' divorce, I figure it's only a matter of time before you stumble onto references to that little incident of mine. Naturally you'll be curious, and especially since you have a perfectly healthy interest in pornography, it's inevitable that you would find your way to that video anyway. Well, there's no getting around the fact that once you've seen that video you're going to start thinking of me in a different way. No doubt you were imagining me naked at the dinner table tonight while we were eating our ice cream."
Jeff began to grow red again, but Allison merely laughed.
"I was right, wasn't I? Oh, don't feel embarrassed. If you're going to have those thoughts about me, I'd rather know about it.
"Anyway, suppose you did find that video on your own. You would be torn by lust, feelings of guilt for what you would see as a form of invasion of my privacy, and of course, wondering whether to tell your father about it. You would probably think it your moral duty, if nothing else to protect him from another incident like what happened between your mother and him. On the other hand, you would also consider that it would be none of your business, as it was a private matter between that boy and me. Oh, and you wouldn't even know how to approach your father about it, plus you would be embarrassed to admit that you were looking at porn, especially involving me. In short, you would be fucked in the head. Do you get the picture?"
Jeff nodded. He was shocked to hear her use language like that; they had never been allowed to use even the mildest swear words in the house before. But she certainly got her point across.
"All right. So you might keep these feelings to yourself for months, or even years. That's not something you should have to go through. So now you don't have to. It's all really simple."
"Okay, that makes sense."
"Good. Oh, and by the way, I'm the one who suggested the ice cream. And yes, it was to take you away from the video."
"Because even as I left the room, I realized that I wanted to watch it with you."
"Of course. So do me a favor. Don't watch it until we have a chance to see it together, okay?"
"Okay!" he readily agreed. Of course, his heart had nearly exploded just seeing her naked on screen. He didn't know if he would survive having her there with him while he saw it. But at least he would die happy.
"And one more thing," Allison said as she turned to go. "That website that I mentioned to your father. You know, the legitimate one?"
"It really does exist. I would appreciate it if you would look it up some time so we won't be found out if Greg ever brings up the subject again."
Jeff nodded, and Allison smiled and left the room. He enjoyed sharing a secret with her, especially this one. He eagerly looked forward to when they could finish the business they had started.

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i see what ur saying daddycums its hard to choose the perspective but you chose the right one so well done :D

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i see what ur saying daddycums its hard to choose the perspective but you chose the right one so well done :D

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2010-06-07 10:08:49

"Greg" vs "Dad" was a judgment call. You'll notice that in dialogue they always call him "Dad." And if I wrote in the first person from, say, Jeff's perspective, I would call him "Dad." In the third person, I think it's acceptable either way. I picked one way and stuck with it for the sake of consistency.


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Big plans for Jeff; big plans indeed.

The plot's improbabilities are beginning to come together, and there are new possibilities as well. No doubt this master storyteller is well aware of the slippery slope and will smoehow find some traction....

One must wonder whether Allison's dirty laundry (the video on the website) is the only skeleton in her closet. Surely formative experiences in her past led to her adult indiscretions.

Pet peeve: why does the author constantly refer to the father as "Greg," and not "Dad," when writing from the point of view of the children? I know it is the 21st century. Yet Greg Primdale is a conservative, traditional father, according to his characterization, who had a problem with porn and lesbianism until the day after his second wedding, at not quite forty years of age. Would his kids not call him "Dad?"

Still, I'm rushing to the next chapter....


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RE: The thread in the forum we were talking about. This is acceptably realistic, IMO. =D

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