New friends, and a photoshoot in an exotic, tropical paradise.
Chapter 6
Secret Paradise

Allison had an idea for an activity the next day. She had been to Maui before; the summer after her graduation from high school her family had taken a vacation there, and Allison and Rachael had borrowed the car one day to find a certain swimming hole that they had read about. It had a spectacular waterfall, and although the water was cold, the beach surrounding it was sunlit and warm. The two girls had liked it so much that they had gone three more times during their vacation. Only once had they encountered someone else there.

She wanted to share the secret with Greg now. Because it was relatively unknown, there was a good chance that they would have it all to themselves, which would give them an opportunity to take some more of "that kind" of photo in a beautiful setting. It was about an hour's drive plus a hike of about a mile in to the waterfall, but she promised it would be worth it.

Greg was all for trying something new, especially something involving Allison without her clothes on. So they ate a good breakfast and then immediately hopped in the car to head for the secret paradise.

The last few miles of the trip, the road was just gravel, and there was just a small parking lot. They found three cars already there, but Allison mentioned that there was an even more beautiful waterfall at the end of a different trail nearby, and almost everyone went to see that one. There was still a good chance that the two of them would be alone.

Greg retrieved his camera and tripod, and Allison carried the sack lunches that they had made up that morning. They headed out along a small dirt trail through the lush, tropical jungle. In any other situation, Greg would have insisted they stop periodically so that he could take some photographs along the way. But considering what lay in store for them, he wanted to reach their destination as quickly as possible. If he wnted pictures of the trail, he could always take them on the way back.

Half an hour later, the forest opened up to reveal the wonderland that Allison had been so eager to show him. The swimming hole was just the way she had described. It was essentially a small pool fed by a waterfall, surrounded on all sides by tropical forest and only the dirt trail connecting it with civilization. A sandy beach surrounded it on one side, and a moss-covered hill sloped down into the water on the other. In the heat of the afternoon, the cold water looked nice and inviting.

Despite Allison's claim that it was a secret, the two of them were not the only ones there, to his disappointment. A couple of women swam in the pool near the waterfall. Upon spying the newcomers, they waved. Allison waved back.

"Do you know them?" asked Greg.

"Nope," Allison smiled. "But people are really friendly here."

One of the women swam closer. When she neared the shore, she stood up, lifting her torso out of the water. Greg gasped. She was naked.

Allison noticed his reaction and laughed. "I forgot to tell you," she said. "This swimming hole is popular with nudists. You don't mind, do you dear?"

"Uh... no..." he said, unable to take his eyes off of the woman. She was young, maybe slightly older than Allison, with a nice body and a pretty face under her dark brown hair that hung limply and wetly about her shoulders. As he watched, she reached back and pulled her hair together at the back of her neck to gather all the strands away from her shoulders and face.

She approached Greg and Allison with a friendly smile on her face. "Hi," she greeted. "I'm Roberta Corrigan."

"We're the Primdales," Allison replied, seeing that Greg had a hard time speaking right now. "I'm Allison, and this is my husband Greg."

"Nice to meet you."

Allison glanced at Greg, then turned her attention back to Roberta. "You'll have to excuse him," she said.

"First time at a nudist swimming hole, no doubt," Roberta said affably.

Greg nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Sorry. I didn't know until you stepped out of the water. Kind of caught me off my guard, I'm afraid."

"That's okay. It's not the first time it's happened, and probably not the last."

The other woman had swum over, and was now wading toward the shore. She was every bit as lovely as her friend. Her hair was much lighter, almost but not quite blond. Her body was just a little more developed around the chest and hips, quite attractive in fact.

As soon as she reached them, Roberta made the introductions. "Kristen, this is Greg and Allison Primdale. Greg and Allison, this is my partner Kristen Millwood."

"Oh, so you two are lesbians," Allison smiled.

"That's right," Kristen grinned, then leaned in and gave Roberta a kiss on the cheek. The two women clasped hands, smiling.

Greg tried not to stare. He had a difficult time dealing with women who loved other women. He had been brought up in a very conservative household, so he was taught that only traditional relationships were acceptable. On the other hand, something fascinated him about such forbidden love. He had browsed a few websites with images of women engaged in sex with other women, and despite everything he had been taught, he had found himself getting aroused by the pictures. He was no fool; he understood that it was quite common for men to be turned on by lesbians. He just had a hard time reconciling his feelings with what he thought he knew.

That didn't mean he had to be rude or mean to these women. It really was none of his business after all. He could be friendly and sociable with them, regardless of their sexual orientation.

"Allison and I are here on our honeymoon," he said.

"Congratulations," Kristen smiled.

"Thanks. Anyway, she's been to this swimming hole before, and wanted to show me. She didn't mention it was a popular destination for nudists." He said the last part in a playful, self-deprecating way so as to put the joke squarely on himself. The three women laughed.

"I hope you don't mind," said Roberta. "But if it does, Kristen and I brought a couple of bikinis that we can put on."

"Oh, you don't mind, do you, Greg?" asked Allison.

He shrugged. Part of him did mind, but most of him was more than happy to have the girls leave their clothes off. He felt kind of strange and just a little guilty staring at naked women while on his honeymoon with his gorgeous new wife, but then, Allison claimed she wasn't the jealous type, and so far her actions seemed to support that claim.

"It's all right," Greg told them. "I'm still getting over my initial shock, but I'll be fine in just a minute."

"Well then, everything's settled," said Allison. "Greg, you can leave your swimming trunks on if you want, but I'm going to take everything off."

He grinned. This much, at least, gave him absolutely no moral qualms. "Okay!" he exclaimed delightedly.

As Allison stripped down, Kristen and Roberta headed over to a couple of beach blankets that they had spread on the ground near the shore. As it was just outside the radius of the spray of the waterfall, it was a warm and sunny spot, perfect for sunbathing. They lay down on the blankets to soak up the rays.

Greg figured he could at least take off most of his clothes; he had come here to swim after all, and despite the presence of three gorgeous and naked women, he wasn't going to change his plans. He shed his shirt and pants, leaving only his swimming suit on.

Once Allison had taken all of her clothes off, she led him over to the beach, where she spread her blanket down near those of Roberta and Kristen. Greg thought it was perhaps a little too close for his liking, but the other women didn't seem to mind. In fact, he caught them sneaking admiring peeks at Allison's body. He wasn't surprised; she had the most perfect figure he had ever seen, and it was bound to be appealing to men and lesbians alike. If it bothered her, she didn't show it. She simply sat down on the blanket and pulled out the bottle of sunscreen.

"Greg dear, would you mind?" she asked.

He didn't mind at all, so he took the bottle from her and began to apply it to her back.

"I have a favor to ask you," Allison asked the women. "Greg's brought his camera and his tripod, and he's planning to take some pictures."

"Of you or the waterfall?" asked Roberta.

"Both," Allison smiled. "Anyway, if you wouldn't mind staying out of the shots, we would appreciate it. We don't want to be too obtrusive; we'll work around you as much as possible."

"Oh, that's fine," Roberta told her. "Kristen here is a model herself."

"Really?" asked Allison delightedly. "Nude?"

"Sometimes," Kristen smiled. "You won't find me in many gentlemen's magazines though. Mostly I do fashion, with the occasional artistic nude photoshoot."

"I considered going into modeling," said Allison. "I've been told I have the face and body for it."

"You certainly do!" Roberta replied, perhaps just a little too enthusiastically.

"In fact, I did a little bit in college," Allison continued.

"I didn't know that," Greg commented.

"It was when I was in my photography phase," she explained. "I had my roommates pose for me. At first we kept it professional, then we started having too much fun with it, so we took a lot of silly pictures. They insisted that I do my share of the modeling, which I did. One of them commented that I had the looks for it, and I could probably do it professionally. I gave it a shot, and had some fun with it for a few months. Made a decent amount of money too."

"So did you do any nude modeling yourself?" asked Kristen.

Allison grinned. "Actually, you will find me in gentlemen's magazines."

"Are you serious?" asked Greg. "You mean you..."

"I didn't do anything hardcore, if that's what you're wondering," Allison replied. "Although I did do some posing with other girls. A couple of softcore lesbian shoots. It was actually pretty fun."

Greg nearly gasped. Allison had done lesbian photoshoots? That was something she hadn't mentioned to him before. He wasn't sure how he felt about that. It didn't really surprise him; she was the most uninhibited woman he had ever met. The revelation had caught him off his guard, however.

"Oh my god," Roberta breathed, a grin on her face and excitement in her eyes.

"But those days are behind me now. I was never really serious about it anyway."

"So Greg," asked Kristen, "does that mean you're professional photographer?"

"I wish," he smiled. "No, I'm afraid my job isn't so glamorous. I'm on the board of a real estate company. Photography's a hobby of mine though. I even won some awards back in the day, although I haven't really done much in the past five years."

"Well, now that you've got someone like Allison to model for you, I'll bet you pick it up again."

"I already have," he grinned.

"He took a bunch of nude photos of me yesterday," Allison commented.

Greg did gasp this time, surprised at how casually she talked about it.

"What?" she asked. "No, I'm not going to go blabbing about it to everyone we meet, but I don't think we need to worry too much in this company what they think of us. Besides, you were planning on taking more pictures of me today, weren't you?"

"Okay, good point," he chuckled. "Sorry. Just my old fuddy-duddy ways popping up."

"I hope you don't mind an audience for this photoshoot," said Kristen.

"It doesn't bother me," Allison shrugged. "What about you, Greg?"

"No, I guess not."

"Well, shall we get to it?" she asked eagerly.

Greg laughed. "As long as you're willing, I'm all for it."

The two of them rose to their feet, and Greg set the camera on the tripod. As he did so, Allison went exploring, looking for some good spots for posing. Being an amateur photographer herself, she had an eye for scenic views, so together they found a few good places.

First they set up on the beach, with her standing on the shore with the waterfall in the background. She looked stunning there, framed against the cascading torrent, especially nude. She first stood facing him with her hands on her hips and that smile he loved so much on her face. After he snapped the picture, she turned one leg to the side, lifted the knee so that only her toes touched the ground, and put most of her weight on the other leg. Her hand rested on her thigh just above the knee. He found that pose to be even sexier for some reason.

She tried out various poses, some with her hands behind her head, some with her arms demurely covering her breasts and thing with a playfully surprised look on her face as if she had been caught unexpectedly. He took a few pictures as a closeup of her head and torso, with her face turned to the side and the waterfall blurred behind her, giving it a romantic look.

Then she got down and posed on her knees for a few shots, and even once with her hands on the ground and her head up facing the camera like an animal on the prowl.

As she continued to pose, sometimes sitting and sometimes reclining, he noticed Kristen and Roberta watching with interest. It didn't surprise him any more than it would have if they had been a couple of men instead of women. Nor did it bother him; Allison had already confessed that she had taken some naughty pictures with other women before, so at the very least she wasn't particularly homophobic. And as long as she was comfortable with it, he refused to let it worry him.

When she lay down on the ground, he moved the tripod to a different spot so that he could catch the glow of the sun on her skin just the way he wanted. She closed her eyes and let one of her hands slip between her legs. He watched with fascination as she slowly rubbed herself there, obviously not shy at all about doing this in front of an audience.

However, she didn't step over the line into pornography, keeping it tasteful. After a few minutes she sat back up. Greg didn't know how he felt about that. He wasn't into raunchy stuff, but he wouldn't have minded a little more of her self-stimulation.

"Do you want to do some in the water now?" he asked.

"Sounds fun," said Allison. She rose to her feet and brushed off the sand, then waded out into the pool. Greg took a few snaps of her back as she did so.

"That's good," he told her when the water was up to just above her knees. Allison turned around and smiled again. She put her hands behind her head and stood there as he took some more pictures. As on the beach, she took over, moving herself around in various poses as he snapped away. He loved the sight of her in the water like that, with the waterfall in the background and the waves lapping at her thighs. She let her face run the range of expressions, from demure and shy, to playful, to happy, to sultry, to aroused. She was certainly not shy in front of the camera.

Allison flaunted her body, posing in the most provocative ways. Sometimes she dangled her fingers in the water, sometimes she placed her hands on her hips, and sometimes she fondled her breasts. She lowered her head and stared straight forward with a lusty expression and her tongue sticking out to touch her upper lip. Then for the next shot she chewed on the tip of her finger with a shy look in her eyes.

She waded out further until the water rose to her hips. For some reason, Greg found the sight of her half hidden like that even sexier. It was the lure of the unseen, the center of her femininity lurking beneath the water where he could almost, but not quite see it. Of course, the part of her out of the water was plenty. Her body almost glowed in the sunlight, especially with the shady area under the waterfall behind her. He spent plenty of time taking photos and just admiring her gorgeous figure. He couldn't decide what her best feature was; her hair, her eyes, her smile, or her breasts. She was simply perfect.

"I'm going under," she announced, and he nodded. Allison turned and dove under the water, swimming gracefully out to the deeper part of the pond. She rose to the surface halfway to the waterfall, then waved to him, covered up to her shoulders. From her movements he could tell that she couldn't touch the bottom there.

He zoomed in and took a few pictures like that, but there was only so much the lure of the unseen could do, so these shots weren't anywhere near as interesting. He did manage to get a great one of her face with the sunlight shining on it, her hair over her shoulder, the brightness of her deep blue eyes as she gazed right into the camera, and a radiant smile on her lips. It just seemed to catch the essence of her face perfectly and beautifully.

She yelled something to him, but he couldn't hear her over the roar of the waterfall in the background. He cupped his hand over his ears to signal his deafness, so she pointed to the mossy rocks on the opposite bank. He nodded, and she swam over to them.

He followed her in the viewfinder of the camera, zooming out to better keep track of her, then back in when she reached the rocks. Fortunately, they were covered only in moss, not algae, or she might not have been so willing to climb up on them. The water was shallower there so she could stand up to scramble up onto the moss-covered rocky hillside. Greg had to wade out into the stream this time to keep the waterfall in the frame, but fortunately the tripod was waterproof. He set it down and adjusted it to get her in the shot, then gave her the thumbs up signal to start posing. She reclined against the hillside, lifting one of her arms to rest it on the slope above her head. She breathed in deeply to push her chest forward and emphasize her curves, and Greg snapped off one of the sexiest photographs he had taken yet today.

There were only a limited number of poses she could do on her perch, but she managed to get in several. She first lay on her back with her eyes closed, then turned to the side and smiled into the camera with her hand resting on her hip. She even blew him a kiss.

After a few more pictures, she stood up and dove into the water. Greg snapped a couple of rapid shots as she did so, photographing her in the air. There was something incredibly graceful about his wife, and the shot of her at the top of her arc managed to capture that grace perfectly. She came up near the center of the swimming hole, then glanced around. She pointed to the waterfall, and he nodded.

Allison swam over to it and found herself a nice spot where the water wasn't too deep and she could stand there up to her waist with the cascading torrent splashing all around her. As she bathed under the stream, she ignored the camera completely and simply ran her hands through her hair and over her body. Greg preferred it that way anyway; he liked the more spontaneous shots. He was happy to just stand back here and take the pictures, letting her do whatever she wanted.

After a while, she glanced up again and waved at him. Then she once more dove into the water and swam toward him. Greg waited as she swam the length of the pool, standing up and wading the last twenty feet.

"How was that?" she asked as she came out of the water.

"Sexy," he grinned. "You know, I'm glad Rachael and you found this spot. It's perfect for taking pictures."

"Yes, well, unfortunately we didn't have a camera when we were here before. On the other hand, considering that Rachael was only thirteen at the time, we could get arrested for taking that kind of picture."

Greg laughed. He had a sudden image of a thirteen-year-old Rachael running through those same poses, and for some reason that excited him even more than seeing Allison like that. He had never been the type of man that liked young girls, but on the other hand, Rachael was absolutely gorgeous. He wouldn't mind seeing her naked, no matter her age.

What was he thinking? This was no time to be fantasizing about his wife's sister, especially when his wife looked as good as Allison did.

"You know, you're a natural," commented Kristen, approaching Allison. "You should have stuck with modeling."

Allison smiled. "If I had done that, I never would have met Greg," she replied.

"Well, it's not too late to go back to it. I've got some connections, and I'd be happy to make a few calls..."

"You're just trying to get your hands on copies of these pictures," laughed Allison.

"No, I'm serious. If you're interested, I could set something up."

"I appreciate the offer, but right now the only person I'm interested in showing my body to is Greg. But I'll tell you what. Let's exchange email addresses. Maybe we can get together some time."

"I'd like that."

Now Roberta approached them. "You know," she said, "I have an interesting idea. Go ahead and say no if it bothers you."

"I like it already," Allison grinned.

Roberta laughed. "Okay. Why don't we take some pictures together? You, me, and Kristen."

"You mean... all three of you? Naked?" asked Greg.

"Why not?" said Kristen. "I'm not shy in front of the camera, and apparently neither is Allison."

Allison glanced at Greg. "It's up to you, dear," she told him.

The thought of seeing these three beauties posing together, and recording it so he could see those pictures again any time he wanted, was almost more than he could bear. He was so excited he thought he might have a heart attack.

"Okay!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. The girls all laughed at his reaction.

He spent a moment finding a good spot to set up the camera so that the waterfall would be in the background. He planted the tripod as firmly as he could in the sand, adjusted the camera, then told them to begin. Since he had never done any photography of this sort, he suggested that they come up with the poses themselves, to which they happily agreed.

They started by standing together facing the camera, their arms around each other's waists, and smiling cheerfully. Allison stood in the middle, which emphasized her role in the shoot. It was for her husband after all. It wasn't a particularly provocative pose, but with the three women all nude, he found it quite arousing. He thought of Allison's words earlier that day talking about her modeling sessions with other girls. She had even done a few softcore lesbian scenes. He didn't know how he felt about that; on the one hand, he had grown up thinking that that was wrong. On the other hand, the very forbidden nature of it gave it a certain mysterious, tempting quality. The thought of seeing her with another woman excited him.

He wondered if he would get to see something similar today. After all, the other girls were openly lesbian. Probably not; just because they preferred the company of women over men didn't mean they would jump into bed with any beautiful woman they came across any more than he would.

He did notice, however, that with them like that, the sides of Allison's breasts touched those of the other girls. That gave him a bit of a shock, but not an unwelcome one. Did she even notice it the same way he did? Probably not, but he found that to be exciting in itself. It meant she wasn't opposed to touching another woman's body like that.

The second pose was even steamier than the first. This time, the two girls on the outside turned in to face Allison, pressing their bodies up against her side. They reached up and put their hands on her shoulders, and she let her own hands slip around their waists to hold them to her. It seemed that he was going to get a nice show after all.

When the two women leaned in and kissed Allison on the cheeks for the third shot, Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven. Allison flashed him that gorgeous smile of hers, and he felt his heart pounding in his chest and his breathing growing heavier. He even started to shiver, something he hadn't done since he was Jeff's age and snuck peeks at naughty pictures in magazines. That had been partly due to the fear of getting caught, but this time he trembled out of pure excitement. He shook so hard he almost couldn't even press the shutter button on the camera.

Then Allison turned to face Roberta and put her arms around the woman's waist. Roberta leaned in, her breasts mashing up against Allison's. Kristen pressed her body against Allison's back, and the three woman turned their heads toward the camera. Now the final barrier had been breached; if they were willing to touch each other like that, then there was no limit to what he might see today.

After he took the picture, Roberta whispered something in Allison's ear. It wasn't supposed to be a pose, but when Allison's face brightened at whatever the woman told her, Greg found it too alluring not to snap a photo.

Then the girls broke apart, but this time they got down on the ground. Allison knelt facing him, then Kristen lay down on her back, her head resting in Allison's lap and her body spread out to the side. Roberta knelt down on the opposite side, then leaned down, held Kristin's head in her hands, and kissed her fully on the lips. Greg hurried and took the picture, just in case he fainted from excitement. That didn't quite happen, though he was certainly feeling light-headed. He had to force himself to calm his breathing so that he wouldn't hyperventilate.

Roberta then scooted forward, kissing down her girlfriend's body as Greg watched in fascination and snapped the pictures. When Roberta reached Kristen's breasts and sucked her nipple into her mouth, Greg suddenly left the camera and dashed over to the water, where he splashed in up to his waist. The girls laughed in amusement as he stood there letting the cold water calm him down. It worked, and a minute later he returned to the shore, dripping wet but more composed.

"Sorry," he grinned sheepishly. "I was about to faint, so I had to do something to wake myself up."

"By 'faint' he means 'climax' of course," Allison explained, and the others giggled.

They continued the photoshoot, this time more spontaneously. The three women put their hands all over each other, sometimes kneeling, sometimes sitting up, and sometimes reclining. Allison didn't seem to mind when Roberta and Kristen ran their hands over her breasts, and Greg was surprised to discover that rather than being jealous or angry, he enjoyed seeing it. He probably would have had an entirely different reaction if it had been a man fondling his wife, but he didn't mind so much when it was a couple of gorgeous women.

As before, they kept the shots tasteful. Though they seemed completely uninhibited, the most they did was kissing each other's boobs, and that was limited to Roberta and Kristen. Allison didn't seem to mind putting her hands on the women's bodies, and she kissed each of them on the lips a couple of times, but she didn't use her mouth on any other part of their bodies, nor did she let them use their mouths on hers. Greg didn't know how to interpret that; perhaps she wasn't really a lesbian herself, but just didn't mind touching other women's bodies. Or maybe it was just because Kristen and Roberta were lovers, so taking things too far with Allison would be like having an affair with her. Either way, he was almost disappointed that she didn't go further with them.

After a couple dozen shots, Kristen suggest they get back into the water, so the three women stood up and waded into the pool. Greg followed them with the camera, letting them pose as they wished. These shots were similar to the others, with them groping and fondling and kissing and licking each other. He couldn't keep the grin off his face as they played around for the camera.

After a while, they gave up all pretense of posing for the camera, and just splashed around instead like children. Greg was happy to take this kind of picture as well; there was something particularly sexy about beautiful women just playing like that. He continued to snap the photos for another twenty minutes until Kristen announced that Roberta and she had to leave. It was too bad, but they couldn't keep it up forever after all.

The three women left the water and dried themselves off. Before their newfound friends left, however, they exchanged phone numbers and email addresses with Allison. Roberta and Kristen dressed, then headed back up the path, leaving Greg and Allison alone.

He had already taken plenty of pictures, so for the rest of the time they just swam together in the water. Allison insisted that Greg remove his swimming trunks, and he grudgingly agreed. Actually, once he had them off he found it quite enjoyable. There was something liberating about skinny dipping, and doing it with a beautiful woman made it all the better.

They swam and sunbathed for another hour, but eventually they too had to leave. They put their clothes back on, then gathered up their things and returned up the trail to the parking lot and the car.

As they drove back to the villa, Allison reached out and took her hand in his own, giving him a smile. "Greg," she said. "Did you have a good time?"

"Let's put it this way. I think you need be taken out and shot."

"Shot?" asked Allison, surprised.

"Yes. By 'taken out,' I mean on a date, and by 'shot' I mean with a camera. I just hope this isn't the last time I get to shoot you," he grinned.

"Was that a joke?" Allison laughed. "Greg Primdale actually told a joke?"

"Hey, I'm not that boring," he complained facetiously.

"Of course you aren't," she smiled. "I was just kidding about that. But seriously, it didn't bother you when I posed with the girls? It looked like you were having fun, or I would never have done it. If you had asked me to stop at any time--"

"It's all right," he reassured her. "You wanted to help me to loosen up a little. Well, this sure helped. I can't deny that I enjoyed myself today."

"So did I. It was fun, wasn't it?"

He nodded. There was something else he knew he had to ask her, and now was a good a time as any. "So Allison, does that mean...?"

"It means I don't see what the big deal is about touching another woman's body. It's just skin after all. It's not like I'm going to catch some fatal disease if my hand happens to touch her boobs, any more than I would if I touched her arm. The only difference is that a lot of men seem to get excited at seeing the one, but not the other. And I like to get you excited."

"It worked."

"So it doesn't bother you?"

"Well, it does just a little. My conservative upbringing and all that. Before today, I would probably have been angry to find out that you had done some nude modeling with other women. I would have thought it was a horrible thing. You have to understand that I was always raised to believe that it was wrong for two women to touch each other like that. I just... oh, I suppose it's all right. Allison, you've been absolutely wonderful these past few months, and I can't remember ever being so happy. So I have a choice to make. I can either staunchly hold onto the things I was taught and let this drive a wedge between us, or I can reject those things and accept you for who you are. I want to stay happy like this forever, so I guess my choice is obvious."

"I'm sorry, Greg. I wish I didn't have to make you choose between me and your upbringing."

"It's okay. I feel better about it already."

"Well then, I'm really grateful that you chose me. I won't say I love you, but I like you a whole lot, and ever since I met you I've been every bit as happy as you are."

"So I take it you didn't tell about your modeling before because you were afraid what my reaction would be?"

"Exactly. I guess I just hoped that if I waited until after the wedding, the commitment would be too strong for you to go back on it even after I told you of my extracurricular activities. I was just so afraid of losing you. I don't like the fact that I deceived you like that, but I did it for the best of reasons."

Greg sighed. "I don't blame you for waiting. But let me assure you that if you had told me early on, I still would have made the same choice."

"I guess you really liked that blowjob," she grinned.

Greg chuckled. "That's for sure!" he exclaimed. "But that's not all. Once I saw what you were really like, how good you are with the kids, heck, how good you are at everything you do, I realized I was the luckiest man in the world. You're the most perfect woman I've ever met, Allison. Even if I saw this as a flaw in your character, you would still be far beyond what I could have ever hoped for in a wife."

Allison beamed at the compliment. "Well, I know I'm far from perfect," she said, "but I like the fact that you think of me that way."

"But this brings up another issue. I don't know if it's a good idea to tell the kids about it. About today, and about your previous modeling experiences. Even if it's no big deal just like you say, I've always been a bit protective of them. 'Sheltered' is the word that comes to mind."

"You don't have to explain your actions," Allison told him. "I can tell that you love them very much, and you just want what's best for them. I won't necessarily bring it up, but if it happens to come up in the conversation, I'm not going to lie to them."

"How could that possibly come up in a conversation? 'Hey Allison, I was wondering something. Did you ever pose naked with other girls when you were in college?'"

Allison laughed. "I don't think it would be quite so blunt, but it's always possible. Look, Greg. I'm not ashamed of what I did. And from what it looked like today, neither are you."

"That's a good point. But I'm still not sure it's a good idea to tell them. I don't know if they're old enough to understand."

"I think Lissa's old enough by now. I don't have to tell you how mature she is, and I think she would accept it easily enough."

"I suppose so. And Jeff too, now that I think about it. I don't think there would be any harm done if you told him; in fact, he would probably get as excited as I was today."

They both laughed.

"I mostly worry about Brit though," Greg continued. "Maybe because she'll always be the baby of the family. It's going to be hard to think of her as anything but a child."

"Well, I'll hold off on mentioning anything to Brit for a few years. But like I said, if it happens to come up, I'll go ahead and tell them."

"Okay. But if any of my kids turn out gay, I'm blaming you," he laughed.

"Oh, so you're not quite over your moral dilemma after all," she teased.

"Not quite," he smiled. "I have to accept that this is part of who you are, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be furious if, for instance, I found out that Lissa had a girlfriend."

Allison shrugged. "It's probably a moot point. From my conversations with her, it sounds like she doesn't have any lesbian leanings. Brit's too young for any kind of assessment, so we're just going to have to go by statistics and say that she's much more likely to turn out straight than gay. And I think it's pretty obvious from the fact that Jeff is madly in love with me that he likes women."

Greg laughed. "It doesn't surprise me that he likes you. Heck, if I were his age and my dad married a woman as gorgeous as you, I'd fall for her too."

"I could have a talk with him about it if you want, but really it's just a harmless crush. I'm sure he'll get over it on his own eventually."

"Oh, I'm not too worried about it, as long as I don't discover that you've made another one of those videos, this time with my son."

"Don't worry; I learned my lesson. I always check for hidden cameras before beginning a steamy love affair," she teased.

"Oh, very funny," he grinned.

"Just kidding. I would never jeopardize my relationship with you like that. You're just too good for me."

"You're good for me too. And I'm not just talking about sex. I'm talking about the little things. Like just sitting and talking at home, the romantic walks on the beach..."

"The lesbian photoshoots..." Allison interrupted.

"Yes, that too," he grinned. "To be perfectly frank, it got me really excited."

"Hence your quick dip in the pool."

He laughed. "Exactly. You realize of course that you're going to have to do something about that as soon as we arrive at the villa," he grinned.

"That was the whole point," she replied, and Greg suddenly couldn't wait to get back.


2010-06-07 10:06:00

You'll find that this story is filled with scenes that are a little too convenient to be realistic. But that's why it's called fantasy.


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2010-05-30 07:37:14
The reader below who asked, "Where is the SEX," has a point. There IS sex in this chapter, and it is good. But I had to double back to find it, because I had so much trouble with Greg.

Greg is an intelligent man, and has recently been burned. He claims to be a conservative, traditional man who raises his children, over whom he has sole custody, accordingly. And yet he marries this woman, about whom he knows almost nothing, after a protracted courtship. Would he not have been a bit more circumspect?

The women in the pool - a big confluence of improbabilities. Two lesbians, open to exhibitionism with a strange mixed couple, and amenable to photographs.... what are the odds? If they had not been beautiful, or had not been lesbians, or had not had modeling experience, of if it had been too buggy in the Hawaiian jungle, would the camera still have come out? What has the scene served, apart from showing us that Allison is manipulative? (Been there, done that.)


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who the hell was the moron that made that comment on 2009-07-15 at 9:46AM?

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At last, great sex!

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