Something special for the wedding night, and lots of fun on the honeymoon.
Chapter 5

That night, Greg and Allison stayed in the bridal suite of a luxury hotel in the city before their flight to Hawaii in the morning. They could have booked a later flight that same day, but with the hassle of the airport and the length of the flight, they would arrive late at night and exhausted from the trip. Most times he wouldn't have minded, but he wanted to be able to relax and enjoy his wedding night. There would be plenty of time to lie out on the beach or go swimming or have fun in a tropical paradise later.

After checking in, they took a cab downtown to a five star restaurant for dinner. Normally Greg didn't like to eat in places this fancy. Despite being quite wealthy, he was also a practical man, and would often be just as happy running down to the nearest fast food joint to pick up some hamburgers. But today he had an excuse to go all out, and he planned to enjoy himself.

It was hard not to with Allison there with him. Especially now that they had tied the knot and they belonged to each other. It hardly seemed fair that he should get to live the rest of his life with the most perfect woman in the world. The sting of his recent divorce had immediately dulled upon his first meeting with Allison, and now it had just about disappeared completely.

As he thought about it, he realized he hadn't even been this happy the first time he had gotten married. Admittedly some of that was due to the fact that he was older and wiser, and some of it was because he had already gone through it once and didn't feel so nervous this time around. But most of it, he concluded, was because Allison made him feel so comfortable. Ironically, that was partly because he didn't love her, so he didn't feel such a need to impress her, so he could just relax and be himself. Still, he enjoyed her company more than almost anyone else's, and now he was going to have all the opportunities he ever wanted to spend time with her.

She looked very beautiful sitting there in front of him, in a silk dress that really emphasized her charms. It looked almost oriental, perhaps a bit like a kimono. Greg had always thought silk dresses looked especially sexy. He hadn't recalled mentioning that to Allison, but maybe he had, and she was doing this to please him. Either way, he couldn't believe how gorgeous she appeared in it.

"You look happy," she commented over dinner.

"I am happy," he replied. "Tell me something. Why would a gorgeous, confident, graceful and charming woman like you ever want to marry a crotchety old geezer like me?"

"You're no geezer," she laughed. "Minimum age for that is fifty, and that's only in rare circumstances. You're not even forty yet."

"Good point."

"And I already told you why I married you," she joked. "For your money, of course."

"Yes, there is that," he admitted. "So is that the only reason? I mean, I was kind of hoping that... well..."

"I really like you, Greg, if that's what you're getting at. We have fun together."

"You can't be talking about me," he grinned. "I'm a boring old fuddy-duddy, a strict and boring man who's too wrapped up in maintaining an illusion of dignity to really enjoy myself. I think the only reason we have so much fun is because of you."

"You're solid, Greg. I mean, you're well-grounded. And sometimes I'm not strict or dignified enough, so you help to keep me from going too wild. And I don't care if I'm the only reason we have fun; the point is that we do. We're good for each other."

"Well, you're certainly good for me, and I hope I'm good for you too."

"You are."

"I just sometimes can't believe how lucky I am to be married to a woman like you. Is there anything wrong with you at all? Because if there is, I can't find it."

"Oh, believe me, I have my share of secrets," Allison admitted. "Maybe some day I'll share them with you. But let's not go into those right now. I want to keep living this fantasy for as long as I can."

"Me too," he smiled.

"Look, if you want, I'd love to help you learn to relax and enjoy yourself. Maybe you just need a taste of the wild side."

"Maybe I do. Do you have anything in mind?"

"Nothing in particular, but I'm sure I can come up with some ideas. Do you want me to start doing some research? I'll bet I could find some pretty interesting activities for a couple like us."

"I don't know. It sounds a little scary."

Allison laughed. "Well, maybe I'll take it slow. We can gradually work our way up."

Greg nodded. She was probably right. Maybe he needed to try something new, maybe even something a little wild and crazy. Allison seemed to have no problem with that sort of thing, so he would let her come up with the ideas.

After dinner, they returned to their suite, where Allison immediately threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed her back passionately. As soon as she broke away, she began to slip out of that slinky little silk dress. Greg liked a lot of things about Allison, but her enthusiasm for sex was at the top of the list. Pretty soon they were both naked and kissing again.

"I know this isn't the first time we've done this," Allison told him, "but since this is our wedding night, I'd like it to be special."

"What did you have in mind?" he grinned.

Allison opened her suitcase and pulled out four sets of handcuffs.

"Oh my god!" he breathed. "You're serious?" This was certainly something he hadn't ever done with his first wife. She would have never gone for anything the least bit kinky. The fact that it was so new to him excited him tremendously. He had a little reservation about it, but he realized that because Allison was his wife, there was nothing wrong with a little bondage play with her.

"Four sets of handcuffs, four limbs, four bedposts," she told him. "Get the picture?" She grabbed a scarf, then unzipped a pouch in the inner lining of the suitcase and brought out a feather.

"So what are those for?" he asked.

"The scarf is to use as a blindfold. And the feather is for a little extra fun. Tonight I want to be the one chained to the bed. Maybe we'll let you try it out later. Put the blindfold on so that I don't know where you're going to touch me with the feather. It's all the better that way because I can't anticipate it so it comes as a shock each time."

"You know this from experience?" he asked.

"Remember those secrets I told you about earlier?"

"Say no more," he grinned.

Allison lay down on the bed and spread her arms and legs out toward the bedposts. It was such a vulnerable yet inviting position that Greg couldn't help but grin with excitement. He first made sure that Allison had brought the key for the handcuffs (wouldn't it be awkward to have to call a locksmith!), then locked her in to the bedposts. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and fastened it in back.

"Now all you have to do," Allison told him, "is run that feather over my body. Use short strokes, and touch me in different places. Don't follow any pattern or I'll be able to anticipate it, which will spoil the fun."

"Are you ticklish?" he asked.

"A little, but that's all a part of what makes it feel so good."

Greg lifted the feather, then experimentally ran it lightly over Allison's ribs. She gasped at the contact, her mouth opening into a wide grin.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed. "Just like that."

With those words of encouragement, Greg continued. He touched the tip of the feather to her hip, with a similar reaction. There was something exciting and erotic about the whole thing, and not just because she was naked and bound in front of him. It was a little playful; in one sense little more than a children's game. More than once when the kids were growing up, he had caught Jeff tormenting Brit in a similar way by tying her up and tickling her, though always with their clothes on of course.

On the other hand, seeing Allison's body squirm under his ministrations and watching her gasp every breath had a powerfully arousing effect on him. He had never been into sexual games like this, especially bondage play. Maybe that was because his ex-wife was just as boring as he was, so neither of them were creative enough to come up with ideas like this. Allison, though, made it fun. He had a suspicion that sex would never get dull with her.

When he touched the tip of the feather against one of her nipples, she squealed in delight. He loved the sight and sound of her lying there crying out with excitement, made all the more intense by the fact that she couldn't see what was coming up so each stroke with the feather came as a surprise to her. He enjoyed seeing her breasts jiggle as she laughed from the ticklish sensation, and the nipples swelling in her arousal.

If he got this much of a reaction out of her just from touching her nipples, he was interested in seeing what would happen if he touched a certain other place. He took the feather and ran it lightly over her exposed pussy lips.

She shrieked this time, and her hips raised right up off of the bed. Afterward, she laughed at her own reaction.

"Oh god, Greg!" she breathed. "That was intense! Do it again."

He did. Allison gritted her teeth and tried to suppress the groan that built up inside her, but it escaped anyway. As he worked all over her body, she moaned and squealed and panted and wriggled and squirmed. More than once he suspected she had an orgasm, though she was laughing and moaning and wiggling around so much the rest of the time that he couldn't be sure. He nearly climaxed a couple of times himself just from watching her. More than once he was tempted just to climb right on top of her and make love to her. She would probably have been willing, but he wanted to draw this out as long as possible. He was just having too much fun.

After about twenty minutes of their little game, he set the feather down. Instead, he reached out with his own hands and slipped them onto her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as he massaged them firmly but gently. It wasn't the first time he had touched her there, but he never grew tired of the feeling of her gorgeous, soft breasts in his hands. He had never seen a more perfect pair, even on the rare occasions when he snuck peeks at dirty magazines when he was growing up.

He let one of his hands slide down her body, coming to rest between her legs. His middle finger pressed into the groove, lubricated by her dampness. She seemed to like that feeling even more than she had liked it on her chest.

This much, at least, was familiar territory. He knew his way around a woman's pussy, and unless Allison was completely different from his ex-wife, he knew a few tricks to really make her feel good.

He needed to stop thinking about that rotten bitch, he decided. Allison was his wife now, and there was no point comparing the two women; Allison would come out on top every time.

"Greg," she breathed. "Take me. Take me now."

He wasn't about to pass up an invitation like that. He leaned over and kissed her on the lips, then, still holding that kiss, he mounted her. He felt the wonderful warmth and softness of her body as he lay down on top of her. He pressed his thighs against hers and enjoyed the slick dampness as he slid inside. Allison cried out again, and this time he felt like joining her. It was such a wonderful feeling to make love to her like this, to see her face so close to his, to kiss her luscious lips, to press his body against her own. She belonged to him tonight, and he to her. She had once told him that she wouldn't mind him having a mistress on the side, but why would he ever want that when he had such a woman as her to take care of his needs?

He let himself go, thrusting into her hard and deep. She seemed to enjoy it, so he didn't hold back. He heard his own grunting mixed with her moans, loving the chorus that they made. No doubt people in the nearby rooms could hear them, but right now he didn't care. Allison was his wife, and he was going to take advantage of that privilege, damn it!

She struggled at her bonds as he pounded into her, but from the smile on her face he could tell that she didn't really want to get free. He wondered if those very restraints added something to the pleasure. Could the straining at the handcuffs actually enhance the sensation? Perhaps it was like stretching when tired or sore; there was a kind of euphoria that came from working those muscles. Plus there was the excitement of being completely at the mercy of someone else. Maybe there was something to this whole bondage idea after all. He ought to give it a try himself some time.

He felt the end approaching, so he thrust even harder and deeper, faster and faster in a violent frenzy. Then suddenly his cock jerked inside of Allison's body, emptying its satisfying load deep within her. He continued to thrust as he shot over and over again as his orgasm overtook him. He loved the intense pleasure, especially with a woman as beautiful as Allison. It was almost unfair just how lucky he was to have her.

As the pleasure dropped off, he collapsed on top of her body. He lay there exhausted for a minute or two, then rolled over off of her. The two of them rested in post-orgasmic bliss for a while, both with broad grins on their faces.

Eventually he managed to work up the willpower to sit up. He grabbed the key to the handcuffs from the nightstand where he had placed it, then unfastened Allison. She immediately took off the blindfold and gazed at him affectionately.

"Wow, Greg!" she breathed. "That was the best sex I've had with you yet! We should do this more often."

He laughed. "Yes we should. Just don't think this gets you off the hook though. You're still going to have to come up with some more wild and crazy ideas to help me get over my inhibitions."

"Don't worry," she said. "This is nothing compared to some of the ideas I have."

"I can't wait."


They got up early the next morning and drove to the airport to catch their plane. Greg normally didn't enjoy aiports or long flights, though he had seen his fair share of both with frequent business trips. He didn't like the hassle of security and checking baggage, the long wait before the flight, or sitting in a too-small seat inside a tin can packed full of other sardines like him. True, he usually flew first class when the company paid for it and on special occasions like this, but he tended to be grouchy and irritable all the same.

With Allison it was different. She made him feel relaxed and comfortable. Her friendly and cheerful manner had a contagious effect on him; he found it impossible to be ill-tempered while talking with her. The wait in the airport seemed like the blink of an eye, and even the flight was just another chance for them to talk and joke and generally enjoy themselves. Before he knew it, the plane was landing in Maui, and the usually annoying flight was just a happy memory.

They collected their luggage, then headed to the rental car counter to retrieve the vehicle they would be using during the vacation. They climbed in and headed toward their lodgings. Greg had rented a quaint yet elegant villa outside of town, a little off the beaten track in fact. The back side had a balcony looking out to the west down to the shore and across the sea. Being a relatively unknown haven, there were few people around, which suited him fine. He understandably wanted a little privacy with his new bride during this vacation. There might be the occasional person or two wandering down the beach, but for the most part, it was like their own private little world.

Allison looked delighted when she saw it. She spoke aloud the words he had been thinking, commenting about how they wouldn't have anything to distract him from the "essential task of making love," as she put it. They unpacked their clothes, then changed into shorts and tee shirts and made their way down to the beach.

It was relatively unoccupied. Across the bay they could see the more crowded beach downtown, and in the opposite direction they noticed some kids playing frisbee about a mile away, but this stretch was theirs alone. They clasped hands and stood there for a while, letting the waves wash over their feet and relaxing in the afternoon sun. It was a very romantic setting, soothing and peaceful and especially pleasant with Allison there by his side. For now he could just forget all of his cares and be at peace.

Of course, they couldn't stay like that forever, and eventually Allison suggested they go for a walk. So they walked along the surf line toward the playing kids. He enjoyed a good walk along the beach, though he usually didn't like crowds. Most of the beaches in northern California where he lived were too cold, and in southern California they were too full of people. This was a good chance for him to have fun his own way.

When they reached the kids, Allison asked them if they could join the game. Since they were all boys between about nine and fourteen, they were all to happy to let such a gorgeous woman play with them. Greg could see the same look in their eyes that he had had in his own the first time he had met her. Allison didn't seem to mind, and he wondered if she really was aware of the effect she had on men. Or boys for that matter.

They played frisbee for a while, having lots of fun. He hadn't realized just how athletic she was, but she ran for the frisbee and made diving catches, one time even ending up in the water. Fortunately the heat of the sun dried her off quickly. Allison certainly knew how to have fun.

Greg found himself spurred on by her example, trying to impress her just like the boys were. Somehow she brought out the inner child in him, a part of him that hadn't shown itself since he was, well, a child. It brought back fond memories of hanging out with his friends, tossing a football around, and showing off for any girls who passed their way.

All too soon it had to end. The mother of one of the boys called them home, so Allison and Greg made their way back up the beach to their villa. They drove into town and found a nice restaurant to eat dinner at, then returned home to relax and enjoy themselves.

After the airport, the flight, and the playing, Allison wanted to soak in a nice, hot bath. She asked Greg if he would join her there, so the two of them stripped off their clothes and climbed into the tub. They took turns washing each other's backs, then they changed positions so that they faced each other. Allison slipped her legs over his so that she was basically straddling his lap, and they made out like teenagers in the back seat of a car. Eventually they got so excited that they made love right there in the bath.

They didn't bother putting on their clothes; there was really no point after all. Instead, they slipped into bed and snuggled with each other until they drifted off to sleep.


When Greg awoke the next morning, he saw Allison standing out on the balcony, resting against the marble railing. Dressed in just her robe with her head turned to the side and her body outlined against a backdrop of palm trees, sea, and early morning sky, he thought she looked more beautiful right then than he had ever seen her. He had a sudden idea. Despite his sleepiness, he couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. He hopped out of bed and reached for his camera.

Allison saw that he was awake and started to come in. "Wait just a minute," he told her, so she returned to the balcony. He pulled the camera out of his case, removed the lens cap, and turned it on.

"Now lean up against the balcony again, just like you were just a minute ago," he told her, and she was happy to comply. "Now turn your head to the side again. Yes. Just like that. Perfect!" He tested the lighting and realized he needed a flash, so he took a few steps back to diffuse the lighting so it wouldn't result in a washed-out image. Then he snapped the picture.

Allison turned and grinned at him. "You know," she said, "If we're going to do this, we might as well go all out. Get your tripod."

Greg was thrilled by her enthusiasm. Any thought of returning to the warm bed immediately fled from his mind. He slipped on his robe and slippers, then fetched the tripod from his suitcase. Having once been quite interested in photography, he was still always on the lookout for photographic opportunities. He had invested in a compact tripod that he took with him on every vacation, just in case he needed it. He set it up in the bedroom and mounted the camera on it, taking a couple of minutes to move it and adjust the zoom for the perfect composition. Then he had Allison resume the same position as before so that he could get another shot just in case the spontaneous nature of the first one caused it not to turn out. He hit the shutter button and took the picture.

"Now face the camera and flash me that gorgeous smile of yours," he told her. She cheerfully obeyed, and he took another picture.

Allison turned out to be an excellent model. He had never doubted that she was photogenic, but her cheerful and enthusiastic attitude, along with her natural grace and comfort in front of the camera gave him plenty of material to work with. As she tried out various poses, he occasionally gave her suggestions, but for the most part she took over. All he had to do was press the button on the camera. She posed standing, sitting in one of the chairs on the balcony, leaning against the railing, and even sitting on it. Sometimes she smiled, sometimes she wore a sultry expression on her face, and sometimes she flashed him looks that were downright sexy.

Then he caught a wicked gleam in her eye, and he realized she had just come up with a naughty idea. A moment later he discovered its nature as she took hold of the drawstring of her robe and began to pull on it.

His heart raced as he realized what she was doing. Would she actually go through with it? Would she let him take nude photographs of her?

In one sense it seemed so wrong; his parents had always been strict about pornography, and he had adopted something of the same attitude. Sure he had looked at a few magazines when he was a teenager; what boy hadn't? But he had never told his parents, and as he matured he had tended to avoid it, especially since his first wife was even more strict than he was. If either of them had ever caught Jeff looking at dirty magazines, for instance, they would have grounded him until he turned eighteen. His wife would have tried for thirty if she could legally get away with it.

On the other hand, these pictures were for his eyes only. Allison was his wife, after all. What seemed sinful and dirty was actually perfectly acceptable under the circumstances. As long as she was willing (which was pretty obvious by the expression on her face), he could enjoy himself without guilt.

He took a couple of pictures as she pulled on the string of her robe, then suddenly the knot came undone. She adjusted the robe so that it didn't show anything but a thin line of her body running from her neck down between her cleavage until it disappeared as the folds of the robe met just below her navel. It was clear that she wore nothing underneath it.

She tried out a few demure poses like that, almost but not quite revealing her naughty bits. In some she faced directly forward, while in others she turned to the side. In these cases, the curvature of one of her breasts became quite obvious and pronounced; only the nipple remained covered. She put one of her feet on the chair, displaying her long and shapely leg with only the hem of the robe strategically covering her between the legs. For the next pose she slipped the top of the robe off her shoulders, unfortunately keeping it closed with one hand clutching the inner edges together just above her breasts.

Then she got a little more daring and sat down on the chair facing the camera, her legs up and her feet on the edge of the chair with her knees spread and the robe completely open below her breasts. It showed a great deal of her cleavage but again no nipples, and only her hands folded in her lap hid her most intimate spot from view.

Greg felt himself growing a little warm (and a bit tight in the pants) as the pictures progressed, but he wasn't going to let the discomfort stop him. As long as Allison was willing, he wanted to continue this photoshoot.

"Okay, enough of this teasing," she said finally. She stood up and took her original position at the railing, but this time she opened her robe completely to his view. She turned her head to the side just like in the original pose, and Greg snapped the picture.

Damn, she had a gorgeous body! He was certainly going to get quite a collection of pictures here. He had once envied the life of a fashion photographer, and occasionally fantasized about being a photographer of a less reputable sort, but right now he didn't care for those professions in the least. He had his own absolutely gorgeous nude model right here!

Allison seemed to be just as excited as he was about these pictures. She enthusiastically posed in various positions ranging from innocent (or as innocent as possible without her clothes on) to extremely sexy. She used the robe to her advantage, sometimes holding it open, sometimes letting one or both of the sleeves fall off the shoulder, and eventually discarding it completely. She also used the chair and railing. In one picture she stood leaning up against the railing with her arms spread to the side on top of it as she lowered her head and stared into the camera with just a hint of a smile on her face. It gave her a somewhat hungry look, as if she knew what she wanted and she planned to take it. In another picture she lay with her back on the chair, her feet up on the railing, and her head upside down looking into the camera with her hair dangling on the floor. She clutched her breasts with her hand, making sure not to cover the nipples. In a couple of pictures she climbed right up on top of the marble railing and lay down on it, either on her back or on her side facing into the bedroom, her hand either resting on her hip or her elbow raised and a hand behind her head. This position was a little precarious, so he only took a few pictures like this.

She even did some more hardcore poses sitting in the chair with her knees spread and her hand between her legs, a look of pleasure on her face as if she were making herself feel really good. These ones really got Greg excited, and it took all of his effort not to just grab her right there, carry her inside to the bed and ravish her body.

He was having so much fun taking the pictures that he didn't even realize that several people had gathered on the beach and were watching the goings-on. When he finally noticed them, he turned beet red, especially seeing that one of the men employed a pair of binoculars. Allison noticed his mortification and glanced out to the beach and saw the people standing there. She laughed, obviously nowhere near as embarrassed as he was. Instead, she waved and blew a kiss to the voyeurs, then stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

The photoshoot had had its effect on both of them, so before showering and dressing they hopped back into bed for another lovemaking session.


They spent most of the day on the crowded beach in town, and frolicking in the ocean. Yes, Greg actually frolicked. Being with Allison sometimes felt a lot like being a kid again. She splashed him and jumped on his back and tried to dunk him. He soon got into the spirit of things, and the two of them played childish and immature games. He soon realized that he hadn't had this much fun swimming since he was a kid.

Of course, it was even better with a gorgeous woman in a tiny little bikini that she had bought that morning specifically for this vacation. It was bright pink, a vibrant color that stood out and tended to catch people's attention, not that she needed it much. Every man on the beach turned his head when she strolled out onto the sand, and Greg had a feeling that the color of the swimsuit had very little to do with their reactions. She ignored the unsuccessfully hidden lecherous looks (probably used to it, Greg figured) and held his hand. It was the strangest feeling in the world, to have men look at him with jealousy like that. Sure, people had been envious of his wealth or position before, but this was more of a raw, primal, and even spontaneous jealousy.

It didn't bother him; So far Allison had seemed completely uninterested in other men ever since he met her. She didn't give the young surfers and bodybuilders so much as a glance. True to her word, she was completely devoted to him and him alone. Once again he wondered what a young and beautiful woman like her could possibly see in an older man like himself. Still, it really felt nice.

For his part, he didn't look at any other women, but he couldn't claim any moral strength of character there. It had more to do with the fact that Allison provided him all the visual treat he needed. He loved seeing her body, especially damp and glistening in the sunlight. Her hair looked just as good wet as dry, perhaps even more so. And of course her playful smile as they wrestled around in the water multiplied her beauty by a factor of ten.

That night they dined on roasted pork and poi at a luau. That was Allison's idea. He would have been just fine finding a nearby restaurant, but she claimed that it was a crime to visit Hawaii without going to a luau at least once. He joked that he wasn't aware of any such statute, but since he was a law-abiding citizen, he felt it was his duty to go, on the off chance that it was true.

Afterward, they returned home to their villa. The sun was just beginning to set, throwing bright reds, oranges, and purples across the sky. It was absolutely gorgeous, a breathtaking sight from their balcony.

Allison and Greg glanced at each other. At the same time they both broke out in grins, and Greg reached for his camera.

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