Allison moves in.
Chapter 3
Christmas with the Primdales

He woke up before anyone else, of course, and hurried to take a shower then head downstairs for breakfast. It felt like waking up on Christmas morning.

The others joined him not long after. Brit, of course, teased him incessantly, but he was so excited that he forgot to fight with her, so the morning went relatively peacefully.

At 8:30, just as before, Allison arrived. He was thrilled to see her again, especially knowing that he would get to spend the day alone with her. She seemed to be in good spirits, just like before, and talked and joked with the family until it was time for them to leave.

As soon as they drove away, Allison turned to Jeff. "I was looking forward to spending this time with you," she said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes. I used to play multi-player computer games with my students in the computer lab all the time before I lost my teaching job, but since then I haven't had a chance," she explained. That was when he noticed that she had brought over her laptop computer.

They went up to his room and she set to work networking it with his. He was amazed at how technically minded she was; in his experience, most women were at best uninterested in computers, and at worst, afraid of them.

"You don't graduate college with a math-related degree without knowing your way around computers," she explained. "Our knowledge of math has progressed to the point that it's impossible to prove, and in most cases even research, new mathematical theorems without computers these days; they're that complex."

He had no idea what she was talking about; math had never been his strong subject, but computers were perfectly understandable to him. He could write papers for school, look up stuff on-line, and play games on them. There was probably math involved in programming them, but he wasn't interested in programming. Mainly just games.

Surprisingly, she had a dozen games installed, most with some form of multi-player capability. They spent the rest of that day brutally punishing each other, figuratively speaking. He was surprised at her skill; he could hold his own with some of the other boys in the school, but he didn't think anyone over twenty was interested enough to spend the time needed to get good at it, especially a girl. Allison, however, managed to keep right up with him, and even won a few games.

After that, any misgivings he might have had about her simply vanished. All it took was a simple common interest in computer games, and suddenly he felt comfortable with her.

They shot a little pool that afternoon, and Jeff gave her a few more pointers, helping her with her aim, how to hold the cue, and how to pick the best shots. She was a quick learner, soon getting into the hang of things although certainly not competing at professional skill level by any means. She didn't win a single game against him, but she didn't seem to mind a bit. In fact, she looked like she was just happy to be spending the time with him. Of course, he felt exactly the same way.

When they decided to play a game of ping-pong, though, she beat him almost without effort. She explained that her parents had a table just like this one at home, and she would sometimes spend hours practicing with her friends or her sister. Jeff wasn't exactly thrilled with losing every single game, but with Allison laughing every time she made a mistake, or deliberately and sometimes comically missing shots just to give him a running chance, she actually made losing fun. Until that point, Jeff hadn't really understood the concept of "it's just a game," but now he realized that the score really didn't matter in the end; it was more important to enjoy himself than to win.

It was a shame when Greg and the girls returned that night; Jeff could have gone another day with her. But he had to be fair and let Brit take a turn.


The next day Allison arrived again at the appointed time, and soon Brit found herself alone with the woman. As soon as the van was out of sight, Allison immediately turned to her.

"Your father told me you like to draw," Allison commented.

"Yeah," said Brit.

"What kinds of things do you draw?"

"Fantasy stuff, mostly."

"Fantasy? I assume you're not talking about big-breasted barbarian princesses in chain mail bikinis," Allison smiled.

Brit gave an embarrassed laugh. "No, of course not," she said. "I mostly draw fairies and unicorns."

"Really? Would you mind if I saw some of your drawings?"

"I don't know..." Brit mumbled. "I'm not very good."

"I've never been a big fan of false modesty. Besides, nobody starts out good, so what does it matter if you're still learning?"

"Okay fine, but you have to promise not to laugh."

"I only laugh at things that are intentionally funny."

Brit headed to her room, where she pulled her sketchbook from her desk. Then she headed downstairs, where Allison was sitting on the couch. Brit plopped herself down beside her and opened it up.

They flipped through the drawings slowly, and Allison made comments about each of them. As she had said, Brit drew mostly fairies and unicorns, with the occasional dragon, castle, princess, or knight. There were pages of figure studies, of fantastical creatures in various poses, and one or two full drawings. Actually, now that she had the chance to look at them with a critical eye, she realized that they weren't all that bad after all. She had her weaknesses, but they were nothing that couldn't be overcome.

"May I give you a word of constructive criticism?" asked Allison.


"You do marvelous work on the subjects of the drawings themselves. I don't see much effort put into the backgrounds, though."

"I know. I'm really not that good with landscapes."

"Any particular reason?"

"Part of it is the perspective. I can never get things the right sizes. And then, just visualizing things. Horizons, especially, like with mountains and things. It always ends up looking flat, like those mountains are just a cardboard cutout behind the subjects."

"Then it seems to me that you just need to develop an eye for landscapes."

"I suppose so. But how would I go about doing that?"

"I noticed there's a park down at the bottom of the hill, about a mile away."

"Yeah, we like to go there to play sometimes during the summer."

"Do you have a camera?"


"Then you can borrow mine. Let's go down to the park and have you take some reference pictures. Start building up a photography portfolio. When you get stuck on visualizing things, you can refer to those pictures."

Brit smiled. "That sounds like a great idea!" she said.

Allison gave Brit a five-minute lesson on how to use her camera, then the two of them climbed into her car and headed down to the park. The weather was cool but not cold, and the most of the trees had lost their leaves. There were still enough bright autumn colors, however, that Brit was able to take a lot of good pictures. There were places where Brit could take shots of the mountains in the distance, but mostly she just photographed the scenery around the park.

"There are a lot of flowering bushes," Allison commented. "It's too bad none of them are in season. I would love to come here during the spring; it must be beautiful."

"Oh, it is!" Brit smiled. "It's absolutely wonderful. There's something magical about this place when the flowers are all in bloom."

"Then we'll have to come back next year so you can take some more pictures. I can imagine a bunch of fairies flying around here, or sitting on the petals of some of those flowers. And right over there would be a great spot for a unicorn to pose."

Brit made sure to snap off a picture in the direction that Allison pointed. It was great to have someone with her who could visualize things the way she could. A lot of people said that Brit had an overactive imagination, and maybe it was true. She often saw magical beings or fantastic settings in the world around her, all in her mind of course. But they were there nonetheless. When she closed her eyes her mind was always whisked away to worlds of fantasy.

Apparently Allison could see some of the same things. The two girls talked about the images in their minds, sometimes joking but sometimes serious, and bit by bit their two imaginative worlds drew together and became one. While Brit had plenty of friends, this was the first time she had met someone she could talk to about all these wonderful visions.

Allison explained that most people lost the ability to see such things as they got older, but she herself had always refused to grow up. Although her perception of the fantastic had dimmed with time, she had never lost it entirely.

"Sometimes I need a little help, though," she said. "It takes someone like you to awaken it within me."

Brit blushed at the compliment, but she was certainly pleased. Now more than ever she was glad that Allison was going to become part of their family.

They continued to take pictures all morning, then went and picked up some hamburgers at the nearest fast food place and brought them back to the park to eat. Allison said that her favorite time to take pictures was in the late afternoon as the setting sun brought out the warm colors, so they continued for several more hours. The time passed surprisingly quickly, and before they knew it, the sun was slipping below the mountains in the west.

"Time to head home," Allison told Brit, and the two of them climbed back into her car and drove back up the hill to the house.

Greg and the others hadn't quite arrived home yet, so Allison asked Brit if she had a computer to download the pictures to. Unfortunately Brit didn't because she had never really been interested in computers before, but now she wished she had one. Instead, Allison brought out her laptop and downloaded the pictures there.

They didn't have time to go through the pictures together, because the others arrived a few minutes later. Greg insisted on hearing about what they had done all day, so they talked about their excursion.


After dinner, Lissa went to her room and Greg and Allison went to theirs. That left Jeff and Brit alone in the front room together, which meant it was only a matter of time before they got in a fight.

"What's this?" asked Jeff, picking up the sketch book that Brit had dropped there that morning. Brit tried to take it away from him, but he pushed her away, then dashed up the stairs. Brit chased him to his room, where he wasn't quite fast enough to close and lock the door before she entered. So he simply sat down on his bed and opened up the sketch book.

"Give that back, Jeff. It's mine!" she complained.

"Yeah, I can tell," he said, flipping through the pages.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I mean it obviously doesn't belong to a professional artist," he teased.

"You're just jealous because you can't draw!" she snapped.

That was true, but he wasn't going to let her win the argument that way.

"Apparently, neither can you, but at least I don't pretend I can."

To his distress, Brit suddenly burst into tears. "I hate you!" she shouted, then dashed into her bedroom.

Once more he had crossed over the line and made her cry. He always felt guilty when he did that, even though he knew she shouldn't be that sensitive. Feeling quite ashamed of what he had done to her, he followed her into her room, carrying the sketch book with him. He set it down on her desk and came over to sit on the bed by his sister, who had tears running down her cheeks.

"Brit..." he began, more softly this time.

"Get out of my room!" she shouted at him.

"Okay, what's going on here?" Lissa suddenly demanded, bursting through the door. Spying the two of them sitting there with Brit sobbing, she closed the door behind her and strode over to them. "Jeff, did you make your sister cry again?"

He had been just about to apologize, but now with Lissa butting in where she wasn't wanted, he had his honor to protect.

"No," he denied. "It's up to her whether she wants to cry or not."

"Jeff's being mean to me!" Brit blurted out.

"I thought you were supposed to be nice to her," Lissa said.

"It's her fault!" complained Jeff. "Why do you always have to take her side?"

"Because it's so much fun to punish you," Lissa replied, then pounced on him. Caught off his guard, he fell off the bed, with his big sister on top.

"Get his hands!" Lissa shouted at Brit, laughing and forcing Jeff's hands against the floor above his head. Brit's sad look instantly changed to a grin, and she knelt down on top of his wrists to pin them to the floor.

"No fair!" exclaimed Jeff. "Two against one!"

"Exactly," said Lissa. "Maybe this will teach you not to pick on your little sister." She suddenly puckered her lips and leaned in.

"No!" he shouted in playful horror, then turned his head away. This was something Lissa used to do to torture him when they were younger, but only when he was being a brat. Since their mother had left and she had suddenly gotten more mature, she had stopped doing it, until now.

She pressed her lips up against his cheek and made a loud smacking sound.

"Ew, gross!" he said.

"Just for that, I'm going to do it again," Lissa said.

"Don't you dare!"

But she ignored his pleas and kissed him again.

"Tell Brit you're sorry," she commanded.

"No way! It was her fault!"

"Okay, then we'll have to do this the hard way," she grinned, then grabbed his head and turned it face up. Once more she puckered up and very slowly leaned down. Jeff tried to turn his head away, but she held him tightly. This time she planted a big, loud kiss right on his lips.

"Blech!" he shouted, turning his head and pretending to spit. "I'm going to get rabies!"

Brit, meanwhile, was giggling hysterically. She seemed to be enjoying this every bit as much as Lissa. Perhaps that had been Lissa's plan all along, to put her in a better mood. Of course, it was at Jeff's expense, so he couldn't approve too much of what she was doing.

"Tell her you're sorry," Lissa demanded again.

"Brit, I'm not sorry," he said stubbornly.

Lissa forced his head up again and pressed her lips against his for the second time. This time she kept them there. Jeff felt humiliated and degraded, but another feeling had begun to grow inside of him. If he were anyone else, he would probably enjoy being kissed by Lissa. She was, after all, a beautiful girl. This game of Lissa's had worked well when he was younger and not interested in girls, but in the last year or so, most of his revulsion had disappeared. Now it was only the fact that she was his sister that turned him off, and even that was starting to lose its horror as his hormones reacted to being kissed by someone as pretty as her.

He had his eyes shut tight, but he stopped struggling and even relaxed his lips a little instead of keeping his mouth closed tight. The kiss suddenly became much less innocent.

Apparently Lissa noticed the change too, because she pulled away. For a moment she stared at him in surprise.

"I think he likes it," Brit teased.

"Shut up," Jeff snapped, although in fact, she was absolutely right.

"Widdle Jeffy's in wuv with big Lissa," Brit laughed.

Jeff pushed both girls off of him, something he admittedly could have done at any time. He sat up and wrapped one of his arms around Brit's neck and pulled her in to a headlock.

"Ow!" she complained.

"Take it back!" he told her.

Then he felt Lissa's hand on his arm. "Jeff, let her go," she said softly. He glanced at her. She didn't have an angry or haughty look on her face, and her tone of voice was anything but commanding. But somehow, it worked. He released Brit, who punched him in the ribs, although she wasn't strong enough to cause him anything more than the lightest discomfort.

"Brit, that's enough," said Lissa. "This game's over." She glanced once more at Jeff, then suddenly shuddered, though she had the tiniest trace of a smile on her lips. She looked a little flushed as she stood up and hurried out of the room. Jeff wondered what that was all about.

Jeff picked himself up off the floor, then headed for his own room. At the doorway he stopped and turned around.

"Brit," he said. She glanced up at him.

"I'm sorry," he said. "You really are a good artist."

Her only response was a frown. He sighed, then turned back around and headed through the bathroom into his own room, closing the door behind him.


After that weekend, Allison's presence around the house just became natural. She seemed to come and go as she pleased, sometimes coming for dinner, sometimes for special purposes, and sometimes just stopping by to say hi to everyone. She even came by a couple of times just to help the kids with their homework, especially math. She spent the next few weekends with everyone as November faded into December. Then one day, their father gathered the children together into the living room.

"I've invited Allison to live here," he announced. "The plan is to have her move in during Christmas break. That way we can all help her. It's not going to be pleasant trying to move everything during the middle of winter, but I think with us all working together, we can make it fun. But I want to know if there are any objections first?"

"Is she going to sleep in the guest house?" Brit asked.

"No, dear. She's going to sleep in my room."


Lissa and Jeff both couldn't control their laughter. It was a simple question, but it had a difficult answer, especially for a ten-year-old.

Greg handled it beautifully. "Because husbands and wives always sleep in the same room, and I want her to get used to it before we get married."

"Okay," said Brit, accepting the answer.

"So are we all agreed?"

The kids all nodded their acceptance enthusiastically.

So that was that. In just a couple of weeks, Allison became just like one of the family. She accompanied them when they went out to a Christmas tree farm that happened to be only a few miles away and picked out a nice, tall tree to set up in the great hall. Then she spent the rest of the day helping them decorate it (and Jeff had never been so enthusiastic about decorating a Christmas tree since he had been a child).

The semester came to a close and Christmas vacation started. On the last day of school, Allison came to pick them up. It was just the way Jeff had imagined. He left his friends standing around gawking as he climbed into the car with the most gorgeous woman that any of them had ever seen. Unfortunately he had to sit in the back seat, as Brit had claimed the front, but that was fine. They made a stop at the high school to pick up Lissa, then they all drove home.

Over the next few days they made a dozen trips into town with the van to help haul Allison's things from her apartment. She had a surprising amount of stuff for such a small apartment, and most of it ended up in the garage. Then they all helped clean her apartment, which was surprisingly pain-free considering Jeff usually made it a habit not to clean anything if he could avoid it. Of course, Jeff could enjoy standing in a pit full of rattlesnakes if Allison were there with him.

For the first few days, she made it a point to be fully (and immaculately) dressed every morning before the children got up. Then on the fifth day, as if her self-consciousness had suddenly switched itself off, she started wearing a bathrobe in the morning as she fixed breakfast for everyone. With her hair uncombed and her face free of makeup, she still looked stunning, but then, she would probably look stunning wearing a burlap sack. In fact, Jeff liked her most like this, strange as it was. For one thing, she was the type of woman who looked extremely sexy in a bathrobe. For another, there was something about her not being all dressed up that made her seem less like a goddess and more like a real person. That made her more approachable, and he found he was most comfortable talking with her like that, not that she had ever been really uncomfortable to talk with in the first place. In fact, she was beginning to take on the role of a member of the family now, and his impression of her had changed from a mysterious and gorgeous woman to a familiar and gorgeous woman.

As soon as she moved in, she insisted on doing the cooking, since none of the others except for Lissa had shown the slightest interest in it. She had Lissa help her in the kitchen as much as possible, partly to give the girl some experience cooking, and partly just to talk with her. Whatever had happened that weekend when they had spent the day together, the two oldest women of the Primdale household were quickly becoming good friends. To Brit and Lissa, she seemed more like a big sister than a mother. To Jeff, though, she was still an object of fantasy, and it looked like it would remain that way for a long time. Greg, of course, looked happier than he had in months, if not years.

A couple of days before Christmas, Jeff woke up before everyone except Allison. He showered and headed downstairs, where he found her in the kitchen scrambling eggs. She greeted him with a cheerful "Good morning" and turned back to her task. He sat down at the table and just watched her. That had become one of his favorite pastimes lately.

A few minutes later, he remembered something she had mentioned the day they had spent alone together. She had said that she liked to play computer games with her students. That brought up an interesting question, which he decided to ask her. "Allison, when you taught high school, were you like you are now?"

"What do you mean?" she asked without turning around.

"I mean, you're not like a mom at all."

"Thank you, dear. I'm hoping not to be."

"So when you taught high school, did you act... well, did you act more like a student than a teacher?"

She remained quiet for a moment, and Jeff wondered if he had said something to upset her. He hoped she wasn't mad; he hadn't ever seen her lose her temper and he didn't want to be the one who caused it.

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it," she finally replied, still facing away from him. "I guess I never learned to grow up. I've never really thought of myself as an adult. So when I taught, yes, I really was more like a student than a teacher. At least I felt that way, and maybe my students did too. I suppose you could say I've never been comfortable being an authority figure because I don't like to get in the way of people's fun."

"So is that why you lost your job? Because you couldn't handle being an authority figure?"

"In a way. Some day I'll explain it to you, but not today. I'm just not ready to tell you."

"Why not?"

She sighed. "Because I'm afraid of what you'll think of me."

"I think you're perfect!"

"Exactly. I wouldn't want to spoil that, because even though I know I'm far from perfect, I'd like you to keep thinking of me that way for a while. It does wonders for the self-esteem."

"I can't believe you have any self-esteem problems."

"You'd be surprised. So do you mind if I hold off on telling you why I lost my job?"

"Not really. But you have to promise to tell me some day."

"Okay, I promise."

"And just for the record, you would have been my favorite teacher."

She turned around, a broad smile on her face. "Thank you, Jeff. That's just what I needed to hear right now." She came over and hugged him, and Jeff's grin was, if it were possible, twice as broad as Allison's.


On the morning of Christmas Eve, Greg and Allison decided to set a date for the wedding. Allison wanted a spring wedding, when all the flowers were in bloom, which would give them about five months to plan. Upon consulting the calendar, they realized that May 19th was the six-month anniversary of when they had first met, and furthermore, since it was a Saturday, the kids would be out of school that day. It seemed like the perfect day for the wedding.

They announced the plans to the children, with mixed results. Lissa and Brit were ecstatic; just the thought of the wedding filled them with glee. Jeff just smiled and shrugged. It sounded boring, but it was necessary after all, just something to get over with.

Allison called her parents to tell them the good news. She had made no secret to them of her plans, and though they weren't exactly happy with the idea of her marrying someone for money, they gave her a cautious congratulations. Greg spent an hour talking with them on the phone, assuring them that he would take good care of their daughter, and that everyone in the family was happy with the arrangement. He even joked that he was nervous about eventually meeting them because it had been over fifteen years since had last gone through the ordeal of meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time. By the time he was finished, they seemed to be much more at ease with the situation. Allison then talked with her sister Rachael, who was home from college for the break, and that conversation was a lot more cheerful. Jeff couldn't help but overhear half of it, and from the sound of it, Rachael was just as much a tease as Brit, despite being eight years older. The interesting thing, though, was that Allison didn't seem to mind. Until that point, Jeff had thought that teasing was something mean, but listening in on Allison, he realized that it didn't have to be that way.

Dinner on Christmas Eve was always a feast at the Primdale house, and this was no exception. It consisted of honey-glazed ham, fresh-baked rolls, fruit salad, and gingerbread cookies for dessert. Greg and Allison opened a bottle of champagne, while the kids had sparkling cider. Afterward, they all sat around talking and laughing and joking and teasing and generally having fun until bed time.

On most nights Jeff and Brit at least tried to stall before bed, but this time they wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible so that they could wake up early the next day.


Brit was, of course, the first one awake on Christmas morning. Though she was old enough that she didn't really believe in Santa any more, she liked to jokingly pretend that she did. The rest of the family enjoyed her jokes because it really helped to put them in the Christmas spirit.

The first thing she did was scamper through the bathroom into Jeff's bedroom and jump on him, waking him up instantly. While he would have normally gotten mad at her for that, he was in too much of a good mood. He merely reached up and tickled her, causing her to squeal and dash out of the room.

By the time he got out of bed, stretched, and used the bathroom, Brit had also similarly roused Lissa, so the three of them made their way to the top of the stairs, where they gazed on the multitude of presents under the tree. They scurried down the stairs to go knock on their father's and Allison's bedroom door.

Ten minutes later, they all sat around the tree, eagerly anticipating the opening of the presents.

"So how do you normally do the presents around here?" asked Allison.

Greg laughed. "It's really a sight to behold. Lissa, what's the record so far?"

"Twelve minutes," she replied, "Set three years ago."

"You're not serious?" asked Allison with a grin.

"All right, kids. The target is twelve minutes," Greg announced, staring down at his watch. The children crowded around the tree, hands ready and itching to start tearing into the presents. "Ready..." said Greg, "Set... Go!"

Suddenly the air was filled with torn wrapping paper as the kids dived in. They at least read the names on the tags and passed them around to the right people, but in some cases the wrapping paper was still literally falling to the ground from one present as the next was being stripped. The occasional present for Greg or Allison of course went to the adults and were opened slowly and carefully, but by agreement those presents didn't count in the race. Also, any presents with a tag that showed they were from relatives or friends went into a pile to be opened separately, so that they could remember who sent what. All of the gifts marked "From Santa" or without a giver's name, of course, didn't last three seconds once they got into the right hands.

They missed their target by about two minutes. The clock showed fourteen minutes before the last of the presents had been opened. Allison applauded for their valiant effort anyway.

At that point they had three different piles of opened presents and another stack of gifts from real people that Greg insisted that they write down so that they could send off thank-you notes. That was one thing that the former Mrs. Primdale had done every year, and Allison was happy to take up the duty. She got out a pad of paper and wrote down which present came from whom.

The gifts from Allison were, not surprisingly, perfect. To Lissa she gave a large cookbook, with notes on every ingredient in every recipe explaining why it was included, as well as cooking tips and discussions on why certain flavors complimented each other. To Jeff she gave a computer game that had just come out and that he had mentioned in passing that he wanted. To Brit she gave an instruction book on drawing landscapes, complete with examples and step-by-step illustrated directions on how to draw them.

"But didn't you get a present for Dad?" asked Lissa.

"I'll give it to him later," Allison answered with a sly grin.

Jeff and Lissa flashed each other knowing glances, but Brit just shrugged, not understanding but too distracted by all of her gifts.

The kids played with their new toys the rest of the day while Greg and Allison relaxed in the front room. Jeff, of course, spent most of his time in his bedroom playing his new game on the computer, except when he had to come down to eat. It was that, more than anything else, that kept him from fighting with Brit, and somehow they made it through the entire day without even the slightest argument between them, a new record for the two of them.

Later, Allison insisted that they write thank-you notes to everyone who had sent them presents. Jeff wasn't particularly enthused about that, but he managed to survive, especially when she said that when it came time for her turn, instead of a note she would accept a hug from each of them instead. He was more than happy to comply.

All good things must come to an end, and Christmas day was no exception. Eventually bedtime came around, and despite their grumbling and complaining, the children headed upstairs.


For Greg and Allison, however, Christmas wasn't over. Allison suggested that they too go to bed, but the look on her face implied that it wasn't to sleep. He was happy to take her up on that offer, so he kissed her, took her hand, and led her into their bedroom.

While he undressed, Allison disappeared into the bathroom. Greg climbed into bed, eager to see what she had in mind.

He wasn't disappointed. When the bathroom door opened, his eyes grew wide with delight. She stood there in a red, see-through baby-doll nightie with white fur strategically placed to cover her breasts and thigh, and a cute little Santa Claus hat.

"I hope you don't mind," she said. "This is actually your present, but it seems to fit me better than you," she giggled.

"I don't mind you wearing it for a few minutes," he grinned, "but you'd better take it off pretty soon."

"Oh, I plan to," she replied. "Merry Christmas."

She strode over, climbed up onto the bed, and attacked him.

The outfit didn't last long. Between the kissing, rubbing, fondling, and groping, their clothes didn't stand a chance. Quickly the garments lay in a pile on the floor. Somehow Allison managed to keep the Santa hat on, to his amusement, as she straddled his waist and rode him. She looked so cute like that, with the white tassel spilling down over one of her ears and her mussed hair peeking out from under the brim. He groped her gorgeous tits as she fucked him passionately, deeply, almost violently. Fortunately the walls in the house were thick and nearly soundproof, because otherwise the children would have surely heard the raw, animalistic sounds that they both were making.

He hit his orgasm first, but she wouldn't let him stop until she also climaxed. Only then did she lie down on top of him and let the hat fall off her head. Exhausted and happy, they both fell asleep.


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