I am beginning to edit and rework my other stories and renamed the series. Enjoy!
I had always considered myself straight until the beginning of my junior year of high school when I caught a glimpse of my friend, Josh, shirtless and fell in love. That opened my eyes. I began to look around and see a great number of guys who were quite attractive. I, like any teenage boy, got horny and would often masturbate thinking of some of them. But none of them even came close to Josh and that first image of him shirtless.

He is about 6’ 3” with smooth, tight skin, beautiful round pecs, a flat stomach with a slight six pack when he flexed and he had a light golden tan I would die for. His face was clear with a square jaw, a big sexy smile, green eyes that made me melt, and nice head of thick light brown hair. He seemed like the perfect guy for me. He was always friendly, very smart, and one of the best athletes at our school. Unfortunately his family was extremely conservative and I knew that there was know way that he could be gay.

This is what tormented me for the entire school year. I knew I loved him and not just a crush, I genuinely loved him, but I also knew it wasn’t likely to happen. Armed with my newfound love for Josh, I began to watch him a lot more closely over the next year. He was a popular guy and probably could have had any girl that he wanted, but he never dated and it didn’t seem like that was because of his family. He always seemed awkward around girls which I found cute. It was as if he wasn’t comfortable with them.

Now we went to a small private school so I got to see him a lot and we would hang out with a group of other people, but we weren’t that great of friends. I began to change that over that junior year. By the end of the school year we got to the point that we would go see movies or just chill just the two of us. We didn’t do that too often, but it wasn’t unusual by any means.

On a class trip at the end of the year I got my wish. We just went to the city for a night and a day to hang out as a class. I knew it would be a ton of fun because I loved my class and got along with just about everybody. When we got to the hotel that night we were getting into groups of four for our hotel rooms Josh, Kaden, James, and I were already talking to each other when they were passing out the keys so we just decided to room together. When we made it to the room I tried to position myself to see if I could share a bed with Josh and when he flopped down on a bed I threw my stuff down on it. It was already ten when we got there and we were supposed to be in our rooms by eleven so we decided to go take a swim in the pool.

No one wanted to be the person who stripped in front of other guys so we just each changed in the bathroom, unfortunately. However, I was really looking forward to a night of seeing Josh’s beautiful body on display. I think the reason I liked his body so much was because I hated my body. I wouldn’t say that I was ugly, but I wasn’t someone many girls were after. I was about 5’9” skinny, weak, and pale with an almost girly waist. My best feature was my greenish blue eyes that looked like a rippling stream this went well with by soft medium length blonde hair. I was very self conscious being around a guy like Josh, but I eventually got comfortable with the idea.

Just swimming got boring really quick so the four of us decided to play a little chicken. Josh and I paired up and just the thought of touching his gorgeous chest woke my dick up a bit. Fortunately it didn’t grow too much because I hoped on his shoulders and it was pressed up against his neck. It didn’t take long before I knocked Kaden into the water. Josh and I celebrated and then he dropped me into the water. I was mad so while I was under I pulled his trunks down a little and got a glimpse at his tight little butt. He pulled his trunks up fast and shot me a glare. I just shrugged and hopped out of the pool because it was almost eleven.

When we got back to the room Kaden and James revealed that they were planning on sneaking out and scoring some booze and chicks at about midnight and invited us. That wasn’t our thing and they both knew that, but I guess they felt that it was polite to ask. Josh and I just chilled in our swim trunks while Kaden and James both showered and got ready for a night out.

As soon as they left Josh got a mischievous grin on his face and declared that he had to take a shower. He dropped his shorts and strutted over to the bathroom. I had not expected that. He always seemed really shy to me, but I guess he was comfortable enough with his body (or just with me) not to care. I didn’t care why he did it, I was just glad that I finally caught sight of his dick even if it did look kind of small.

My mind was racing with what this sudden unveiling could mean and the possibilities brought my dick to a full erection that was hard to hide in my trunks. He finished in a few minutes and came out stark naked again. I was hoping to wait until he was on the other side of the bed to get up and go to the shower so that he wouldn’t see my erection, but he sat right next to me on the bed, still naked, and looked through his bag for some shorts to sleep in. I was just gonna wait for him to leave, but then he asked, “Aren’t you going to get a shower now?”

I panicked and replied, “Yeah, yeah, sure.” So I got up with my six inch dick tenting my trunks and walked past him.

He looked up, his eyes widened and I was sure he was gonna freak out, but then he said, “Your trunks will dry faster out here, there is too much steam in there.” I figured at this point that he wanted to see my hard on so I turned toward him and dropped my trunks and stepped out of them; his eyes bugged out and I saw his still naked dick twitch before I went into the bathroom. You can bet I made it through that shower as quickly as possible, but my dick still shrank a bit before I dried off. When I got out of the bathroom Josh was in bed under the covers. He looked over at me and asked, “Do you masturbate?”

I stopped in my tracks a little shocked by the question and answered, “Yeah, why? Do you?”

“ Sometimes, the reason I asked was because I figured that you probably would in the shower, since you obviously need it.” He said that then just gave me that famous mischievous grin he always gets and looked me right in the eyes and said, “Don’t worry about getting turned on, I want you as bad as you want me.” With that he flipped the covers off revealing his sexy nude body and his small four inch hard on. This is when I was positive that I loved him. Because when he revealed himself to me and I knew that he wanted me, I didn’t care one bit about his dick I just wanted to be with him.

My eyes never left his, but before I new what was happening I was sitting in bed next to him and our lips were moving closer and closer together. It was the first kiss for both of us and we made the most of it. It seemed very natural for me to slip my tongue into his mouth and caress it. Our tongues intertwined in a slow passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. I began to rub my hand all over his chest feeling the hard smooth pecs I had admired for months. His hands found their way to my neck and head pulling me into our kiss and running his fingers through my hair.

When we finally broke apart I had to have more of him so I began kissing his neck and then his shoulders and then his chest. I loved his chest so much I probably could have cummed just by feeling it with the tips of my fingers, but now I was kissing it trying to hold out for a while longer. I kissed his smooth pecs all around caressing each spot with my tongue as I went. I circled each nipple slowly like this and then finally put on of them in my mouth and started sucking on it and he began to moan softly. I was going solely on instinct and flicked the tip of his nipple with my tongue before I switched to the other one to do the same.

I finished with his nipples and lightly trailed my tongue down his stomach until I reached his erection. I slowly licked and sucked on his balls as he began to wiggle around a bit. I gently massaged each ball before I slowly licked up the length of his shaft to the tip and got a taste of his pre cum. I lifted my head a little so that I could roll back his foreskin and then I licked the head all around and he practically screamed that he was going to cum so I moved my head and pointed the shaft towards his chest and stomach.

He shot four good loads of cum all over his own stomach with a little making it up to his chest. I saw on his face a look of pure bliss and was glad that I had made him feel so good. I also saw his perfect flat stomach and chest covered in his cum and slowly began to suck it up and lick it clean. I took my time to make it more enjoyable, not just for him, but also for me. I massaged each spot with my tongue as I cleaned away his sperm. I continued moving slowly up his body until it was all clean and then I brought my lips back to his and we made out sharing his cum while we did.

Josh and I made out for quite a while until I pulled away and looked into his eyes longingly. He seemed to understand as he began to kiss his way down my body. He kissed and licked my nipples gently until I couldn’t stand it anymore and cried, “Please, suck me Josh.” He looked up at me and leaned forward to kiss me one more time before he slid to the end of the bed to begin his work.

He began by gently kissing the tip of my dick and quickly flicked his tongue out. Then before I knew what happened he took the whole shaft down his throat. I didn’t know he had it in him and I don’t think he knew it either, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he would do anything to please me. Boy was he doing a good job at that. I was in heaven. I stroked my fingers through his hair as he slowly moved up and down on my dick licking it all over while he did. At this point in the session I was ready to cum and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I had the most intense orgasm of my life and probably shot six streams of cum into Josh’s mouth. He swallowed some of it and tried to keep some in his mouth but a little dribbled out the sides.

I was trying to recover when I felt Josh flip me over and begin massaging my soft round ass cheeks. It felt so nice to have him touch me that I didn’t even think about what he was planning on doing. That is until he spread my cheeks and spit the rest of my cum on my asshole. He spread it around slowly with his fingers and then sharply stuck two fingers into me. It felt strange but really good. His massage continued as he pressed on my inside wall and began to feel around. I was going crazy and my dick was already recovering.

Soon after, but not soon enough he pulled his fingers out and got me on all fours and placed his small hard on at my entrance. Before he pushed in he leaned forward and draped his body over me. I felt his hard round pecs press against my back and the feeling was wonderful. His own nipples hardened when they made contact with my skin and the warmth of his body relaxed me like nothing else. His head was next to mine and we kissed as he slowly pushed into me.

The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt. It burned a little bit but felt wonderful all the same. It was as if at long last I was finally filled; that my love for him was fully realized. After he got all the way into me he waited and his hands began to roam over my chest and stomach, rubbing them and tweaking my nipples all while our tongues still danced in each other’s mouth. Then after a couple of minutes he began to move in and out slowly and the pleasure it gave me was indescribable. I am sure it was for him too as we moaned into each other’s mouths. The slow pace made the encounter so much more intimate then what you can find in pornos and the like.

It continued until he pulled out and decided he wanted to try it in a different position. I rolled over onto my back and threw my legs up on his shoulders. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and felt his dick once again enter me. He could see my face now and the blissful look on it must have gotten him closer to his climax as his pace quickened. He continued to quicken his pace until after about five minutes he slowed to a stop and let loose a load of cum deep in my ass. He collapsed on top of me and his limp dick slipped out of my hole.

He seemed completely wiped out, but I needed relief again. So I took control. I rolled us over and put his beautiful legs on my shoulders. I loved every part of this boy even his legs were beautiful in my mind. I began to kiss them and rub them; this seemed to rouse Josh as he pleaded, “Dan, please I love you and want to feel your cock up my ass.” It was strange to hear Josh use even those mild of swear words, but it only turned me on even more.

I slowly push my dick in. Inch by inch it went in and Josh was moaning in pain and pleasure. After a minute or so I had all six inches in his butt. I knew he was probably in a bit of pain so I decided to take his mind off of it as he got used to me being in him. I leaned forward and devoured a nipple as I rubbed his chest with both hands. He began to squirm and pulled a little off of my shaft and fell back on it. I decided that this was his way of telling me that it was okay to continue. So slowly I pulled all the way out and then pushed it back in. These long slow strokes turned into shorter faster ones. Both of us were moaning and enjoying every bit of this. Then Josh did something that just made me lose it. He began to flex his butt. This squeezed my dick even more and milked my cum out. He continued to flex and unflex until my entire load was in his ass.

I pulled out of him and collapsed on the bed next to him where we embraced and kissed passionately. It was about 2:30 in the morning so we decided to put some shorts on and get some sleep. I slept like a baby knowing that the man I loved was now mine.

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amazing dialogue and details!!! great job

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great story, i loved it

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I don't know what these people are talking about. It was great.


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great story

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It was good until the 4-inch cock and implausibly shameless invitation to gay sex on Josh's part. "I want you as much as you want me"? Who would say that? You're awesome at the whole sexual tension thing, but I wasn't a fan of the rest. Srry.

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