Would she come to her senses before she risked everything?
My Daughter's Boyfriend 2

"That was wonderful Mrs. Brooks," Jay told me as we walked out of my sauna. "You won't tell anyone will you?"

Jay was my daughter Ashley's boyfriend. He is a 5' 8" teenager, 15 years old like Ashley, and black as night. He is buff and strong but his most endearing quality is his 8-inch cock, which I had the pleasure of enjoying for about half an hour. It was in 110-degree temperatures in my "hot house" sauna as I called it. Why would anyone want to get in a sauna when the temperature outside was 90 degrees? It was just how the day progressed. I didn't plan on seducing Jay. It just happened. But now that it was done I found I wanted more of this kid. If he was 8 inches at 15 years old, how big would he finally get, 10 inches, 12 inches? I wanted my pussy to stretch and grow with him. But even if that was all fantasy and he never grew any bigger, my God, 8 inches, and thick too. Gordon, my husband should be so lucky.

The whole thing was ridiculous of course. I was a grown woman in my early 30's, fooling around with a teenage boy less than half my age. I literally could go to jail for life for what I had done already. I tried to pretend that it just sort of happened, totally unplanned. But if I was honest with myself I had to admit I had my eye on this boy the first time Ashley introduced him to me. I had fantasized about him now and then, but always brushed the thoughts away, until today, when I found myself alone with him.

"Of course I won't tell anyone, Jay" I assured him. "We should keep this secret to ourselves, forever. Let's finish up the yard, so that no one wonders why the two of us couldn't get the job done."

We were both pretty quiet as we completed the yard work we had started earlier that day. As the day progressed I noticed that my hand, which had gotten burned on the rocks in the hot room, was actually hurting more rather than less as I had hoped. I checked with Jay and his was hurting more too.

By the time we were totally done my hand hurt like hell. Jay confirmed that his did too as I suspected. I took him upstairs and had us wash our hands before putting on some burn ointment. I should have done that right away. I sure wasn't acting like a responsible adult today. It didn't look as bad as it felt but I was pretty sure we both would have a scar running across our hands exactly where we were holding when they touched the rocks.

"Jay, I know that I said we could come up here and fool around some more, but..." I stumbled on the words.

"I agree," he interrupted. "It was great and all Mrs. Brooks, but maybe we shouldn't, you know, again...I mean I really like Ashley, and if it's OK with you I want to keep seeing her."

"Oh of course it's OK, Jay," I replied. "I like you and Ashley adores you. Of course you keep seeing her. And listen, don't you worry about today. As of this moment, today never happened, well the part in the hot room. What happens in the hot room, stays in the hot room. That's my motto." We laughed.

Over the course of the next several months Jay was over to the house more and more often as he and Ashley became inseparable. I counseled Ashley about not having sex before marriage as I had done many times before. She asked me if I ever did and I honestly told her no, never. Waiting for marriage was something that she would always treasure. The problem was, the whole time I was talking with her I was thinking about Jay and how I had already cheated my daughter and taken that from him. But wait, it never happened. That was our agreement. It never happened. I was so conflicted. I knew it was a mistake and should never have happened, and of course would never happen again. But God I wanted it to. I dreamed about being in bed with Jay, letting him fill me again so completely. I saw the knowing looks we gave each other, the pauses, the stares, the longing in the eyes. He wanted it too; I just knew it to be true. But I was determined not to let it happen again. So I became cold to Jay, not looking at him or talking to him as I once had.

My daughter noticed and Jay must had commented about it. Ashley asked me one day when we were alone, "Mom, do you not like Jay anymore?"

"Of course I do honey," I replied. "Why would you ask that?"

"Well I've noticed, and Jay has too, that you have been sort of cold to him," she explained. "Not like you used to be, friendly and happy. Is it Jay, or is there something else going on? You and Dad aren't fighting are you?"

"No honey, I've just had some things on my mind that I guess I let effect me," I said, trying to avoid the real reason. "You know, you're right. It is silly for others to be punished just because I'm in a bad mood. From now on I am going to be my old self, better than that, I am going to be extra nice to both you and Jay. But don't come complaining to me if I seem a little too friendly now."

"Oh Mom, I won't," she laughed with me. "I love you Mom."

"I love you too honey," I told her.

From then on I stopped being the ice queen and became my normal friendly self to Jay, even more so. I found myself touching him more when he was over to see Ashley. Maybe it would be a touch on the shoulder, or just to let my fingers glide across his neck as I walked behind him and Ashley sitting on the couch. He never once objected or gave any indication to Ashley or even to me that I had even touched him, let alone whether he liked it or not. I assumed he did, as he never objected. This went on well into winter, now over six months since we had our one encounter.

One day when he was over and I had a moment alone with him, I asked him, "Jay, can I get you anything, pop, iced-tea," and then whispering in his ear "or me?" Knowing that Ashley had gone to her room for a minute and my husband wasn't around I let my fingers glide up the front of his pants. I wanted to tease him a little but found that he was already hard. "Is that because of Ashley?" I asked.

"You know it's because of you Mrs. Brooks," he explained. "I can't take much more of this teasing of yours."

"Whatever do you mean?" I innocently asked.

"The touching, the longing looks, everything." he tried to explain. "You know I want you."

"Well then what do you want to do about it?" I asked.

"I'm cutting my last class tomorrow and I'll come here at 2:00 PM." he said.

"Oh I think I can make you cum more than just at 2:00 PM," I joked with him. I let him go then, on into Ashley's room. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I made a date with my daughter's boyfriend for one purpose, and one purpose only, to fuck his brains out.

The next day at 2:00 PM sharp there was a knock at the door. I opened it and let Jay in, closing the door behind him. As I turned around he pushed my back against the door and kissed me for the first time. Who would have thought after our fuck-fest in the hot room months earlier that we had never kissed.

Jay must have had a lot of practice kissing with Ashley, as he was no amateur. His one hand went to the back of my head and pulled me away from the door. His other was around my waist. He opened his mouth to me and I to him, as we sucked the breath out of each other. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and I let him explore awhile before returning the favor.

After a few minutes of this he broke off our kissing and asked, "You love to tease me don't you?"

"I wanted this as much as you did," I told him as my one hand found his hardness. "And I see that you are ready for it too. Let's go to my bedroom."

It was a slow path to the bedroom, kissing our way there. When we reached it we were already half undressed. It only took a few seconds to shed the rest of our clothes. I pushed Jay back onto the bed and literally pounced on his erection with my mouth.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Brooks, I've wanted this for so long now," he confessed.

I had one hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, working it up and down, while I slobbered all over his upper end sliding it in and out of my mouth. I sucked as I ran my tongue along the underside, keeping his dick plenty wet and hard. My other hand played with his balls, gently massaging them between my fingers. Without warning he blew his load.

"Oh God, I'm sorry Mrs. Brooks, it just came," he apologized as I sucked down what I could. But it was a large load and some spilled out of my mouth.

"Get all the way up on the bed," I directed. I got up on him in a 69 position and had him eat my pussy while I played with his limp prick. He spread my pussy lips with his thumbs and drove his tongue deep inside of me. I've been eaten out before but God, I had never been fucked by a tongue. Jay was doing great. While driving his tongue in and out of my pussy he began flicking my clit with his finger and driving me wild. I was struggling to give his penis any attention at all with what Jay was doing to me. After a couple more minutes I knew I was about to cum. I had gotten another erection out of Jay when my orgasm hit me. I had Jay's shaft in my mouth at the time and jerked forward, driving his now 8 and 1/2 inches deep into my throat. Electricity shot throughout my body as I deep-throated Jay. Fortunately I regained control to pull him out of my throat and get some air. He seemed thicker than before, or maybe I was just getting used to my husband Gordon again. Jay was beginning to make Gordon look small in every way.

When I was completely recovered from my orgasm I told Jay, "Now I want that big fucking cock of yours to fuck the hell out of me." I got on my back, spread my legs, and watched as Jay knelt before me. How could he ever get that monster inside of me, I wondered. As he guided the head of his prick to my opening I pulled my knees up and outward to give him easier access. He rubbed the end of his penis across my slit several times and then pushed just the head into my pussy.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Fuck me," is all I said in response.

And fuck me he did. In one powerful push he tried to drive his shaft as deep into me as he could. He got nearly all the way in before hitting my cervix. I knew he could go past this and just held my breath as he pulled out and drove in again. On the third thrust he was in all the way and past any problem areas. I could feel my vaginal walls clamping tight onto his shaft as he repeatedly pulled it out and drove it back in. Compared to my husband Gordon it was as if someone had rammed their arm up my vagina. The friction was incredible and I knew the climax building up inside of me would be even more so.

I decided to egg Jay on a little bit, see how physical he would get with me. "Is that all you've got, you pansy? Can't you drive any harder than that?"

"This has just been a warm-up for me. If you think you can take it, I'll give you a fucking you'll never forget," he promised, as he began to really drive hard into me.

I wasn't about to forget this one, even if it ended right now. But he was playing along so I decided to keep it up. "Come on you mother-fucker, give me all you've got."

I thought he was already in high gear but he seemed to find the resources for yet another level of power. He took my legs and crossing them, put them on his shoulders. It tightened my pussy around his shaft as he pushed his body forward pushing my knees to my shoulders. Gripping my shoulders from underneath he let loose with a series of high-speed, high-powered thrusts that drove me wild. I don't remember when my orgasm began but it seemed to last forever. It must have gone on continuously for several minutes. When I finally came back to earth, I realized that Jay had already climaxed and was now collapsed on top of me, totally spent. Had I passed out? I wasn't sure. I was a bit disappointed that I missed the ending. I would have to have a replay some day.

I pushed him off of me so that I could stretch my legs out and rest. We were both out of breath but I managed to say, "Jay, that was fan-fucking-tastic."

He smiled at me and said, "God I want to marry you. I want to fuck you every day."

That statement brought me back to reality. I couldn't have this kid falling in love with me. I realized that I was using him to fulfill my own fantasy and ignoring the possible effect on him. "I don't want this to be the last time we fuck, by any means. But I'm married and you are in love with my daughter Ashley. You are going to finish high school with her and Lord helping will marry her."

"But what about us?" he asked.

"Wait, I'm not done yet," I told him. "Just because you continue to be with Ashley, and even marry her, doesn't mean we have to stop our own lovemaking. As long as we keep this just between the two of us then we can continue. But if you ever share it with anyone, be it a buddy from school, your priest at church, or in some moment of guilt with Ashley, then it all ends forever."

"I understand. It will always be just between us. I promise." Jay seemed satisfied. We cleaned up and he was off to home.

For the next couple of weeks Jay and I fucked like jack rabbits. He would come over to the house right after school and we would have 45 minutes before Ashley got home. That meant we had about a half hour to take care of business before having to get cleaned up. Then when Ashley arrived, she and Jay would spend time together and I stayed out of their way.

I did a lot of eavesdropping on Jay and Ashley but most of it was silly kid stuff, until this one day. Ashley got serious with Jay. "Something doesn't feel right Jay," she told him.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know, it''s like you are distant," she tried to explain.

"I'm always here when you get home from school, waiting for you," he countered.

"You are, and I appreciate that. But why? I mean do you come over right after school and just sit and wait for me? Do you talk to my mom? What do you do?" she asked.

"Your mom and I talk. I get along great with your mom," he told her. "She treats me really nice."

"Do you see? That's not normal," she told him. "I mean I guess it's a good thing that you and my mom like each other. I don't know what it is. I see you when my mom is around. You're brighter, more alert, more the Jay I fell in love with. But lately with me you seem far away, until my mom comes around and then you perk up. Jay, you would always tell me the truth, right?" Ashley asked him.

"Of course Ashley, always," he promised.

"There isn't anything going on between you and, uh, I can't hardly say it," she stumbled, "between you and my mom, is there?"

"Ashley, of course not, never," Jay lied. "How could you even think that?"

"I'm sorry. I'm just being stupid. It's just that I love you so much," she confessed. "I don't want anything to ruin us."

"Ashley, you are my life," he told her. "Without you I would be lost. I love you Ashley."

"I love you too," she cried. "Jay, I want to make love to you right now. I don't want to wait anymore."

"No Ashley," he told her. "We are going to wait, both of us, until we are married, just like we always planned. I don't want to ruin that wedding night for you, for us. I want that night to be something special that we will be thankful that we waited. Let's continue to be faithful to each other."

"Of course, you're right Jay," she said. "I just don't want to ever lose you."

"You won't ever lose me," he promised Ashley. "I plan to be part of your family for a long time. And if that means putting up with your mom being so nice all the time, well it is a small sacrifice for being with you."

I was going to make sure he continued to be part of this family. I decided then that Jay and I had to not only slow things down a bit but take extra care in our meetings, trying not to be caught by anyone, let alone our families. We ended up settling into a routine of having sex only once or twice a week, rather than every day. Our physical relationship carried over for well over two more years, through high school graduation of both Jay and Ashley.

That summer, after the kids graduated from high school, my husband and I got word that we were going to be parents again. Yes I had gotten pregnant. It was really my own fault. We had been on vacation and I had forgotten my birth control pills. Thinking I was in a safe part of my month I figured I would just take them when I got home. Six weeks later I was told by my doctor that sure enough I was pregnant. I was thankful for Jay because my husband simply turned off our physical relationship. We had only been having sex once a week at that time anyway, if even that much. Jay had kept me satisfied. And now, three years after we started, this 18-year-old, 6'-2" stud, who could sport a 9-inch erection, continued to drive me wild in bed. He didn't get that 10-inch one like I dreamed of but he did grow some in that department. I think the biggest change was in his girth, not length, since that first encounter. When he is inside of me, I am stretched wide open. And the feeling I got as he rubbed his enormous cock in and out of me was beyond belief. I just think about it and get wet. I have wondered often if Ashley will be able to handle him.

Then it happened, what I was hoping for. Ashley announced that she and Jay were getting married, and fairly soon. Thinking ahead I realized that at the wedding I would be five months pregnant, not so big that I couldn't continue fucking Jay right up to then. In fact, hmmmm, I had an idea.

As the wedding day approached I helped Ashley in every way possible, trying not to be too pushy as some mothers can be, yet there to offer guidance when appropriate. Ashley and I really got along well for a mother and daughter. She was getting more excited every day, knowing that she was marrying her high school sweetheart and that they would share their first time together as two untouched pure virgins. I on the other hand had been fucking her untouched pure virgin husband-to-be for nearly three years now. And I had no intentions of letting something as little as marriage to my daughter ever put an end to that. In my wildest dreams I had never imagined ever having someone as large as Jay was be inside of me. I doubted I would ever give him up. I just prayed no one ever found out. I would hate to have to choose between Jay and the rest of my family. I loved my family and would hate to lose them. Sex with Jay, well it was indescribable.

But sex with Jay, for me, was just sex. That's all it ever was and that's all it would ever be, just physical pleasure, just sex. He learned that lesson long ago and seemed to be able to live with it.

Finally the day arrived, my little girl was getting married. It was approaching the time for me to do what I had planned on doing. We were at the church early; Ashley was getting dressed with the help of her maid of honor and others. I slipped out unnoticed.

Going to the room where the groom was at, with his best man and groomsmen, I just walked in.

"Whoa, Mrs. Brooks," yelled one lad as he turned and pulled up his pants. They were all in various stages of dress.

"I need a few minutes with the groom," I explained. "It's time for our mother-son talk, before the wedding."

They all seemed fine with that. I overheard one of the guys whisper to Jay, "Wow, see if you can get some of that before the wedding, she's hot."

"She's also pregnant and Ashley's mother you idiot," Jay responded. He then turned and walked out of the room with me.

We went across the hall to another room that was not being used. Shutting the door behind us I told Jay, "Fuck me now, quick, but not too hard. I'm pregnant you know."

"Now? Just before the wedding?" he asked.

"Yes," I told him as I undid his pants and pulled down his shorts, releasing his massive member. He may have protested but he was already hardening up. I lifted my dress and grabbed his cock in my hand. Pumping it a few times I got him hard enough to put it in me.

He continued to protest, "I don't think we should do this anymore, Mrs. Brooks. I'm getting married to your daughter and, oh God..." He quit talking when the head of his penis touched my cunt. I had pulled my panties to one side and rubbed the head of his prick across my slit before pushing it part way in.

"Now fuck me, dammit," I ordered.

He pushed upwards and as usual it took him several strokes before he was able to get nearly all the way into me. He held my hips down as he pushed upwards, driving in and out quickly. I came fast, and Jay a moment later. When he pulled out of me my panties slid back into place trapping his cum inside of me.

"Don't clean if off," I warned him about his penis. "I want you standing up before the priest, vowing to honor and cherish my daughter, forsaking all others, with my dried nectar still on that beautiful cock of yours. When you make all those promises to Ashley, in front of the priest, everyone in the church, hell in front of God himself, I want you to know that it's all a lie. Oh you may be telling the truth in all areas but one. And that one area is me. Don't think for an instant that marrying my daughter means an end to our relationship. We've fucked before your marriage and we'll fuck after. Now get back to your boys before they think we have something going on between us. You don't want to start any rumors."

Jay tucked his limp penis back in his shorts, made himself presentable and left. I felt the wetness in my panties from his cum seeping out of my pussy. I decided to ignore it and just keep his cum close to me throughout the ceremony.

Everything went off perfectly. The only thing I caught was a momentary hesitation when Jay said, "I do." I doubt anyone would have noticed. He didn't even look over at me, which I feared he might do. Someone would have caught that.

The reception was fun, and long. It had all the traditional speeches and toasts. There was lots of food, music, and dancing. A couple of hours after it started I watched carefully for a moment when I could get Jay away without anyone noticing. I took him to an empty room and asked, "Well how was it up there telling a lie to God, Ashley, and the world?"

"Mrs. Brooks," he started.

"You can call me Mom now," I interrupted.

"Mom, we really should stop this," he continued. "I'm married now, to your daughter."

I reached down and put my hand over the groin area of his pants. "You say one thing but your body says another."

"Please, Mom, don't do this to me," he pleaded. "Not now, not before Ashley and I, uh, you know."

"Fuck? Not before you and Ashly fuck for the first time?" I asked. I was massaging his penis, feeling it harden in his pants.

"Yes, please let us have this first time," he asked.

"But that's exactly what I don't want to happen, Jay," I told him as I unbuttoned his pants and watched them fall to the floor. He was hard now and I pulled his underpants down over his erection. My pussy was still wet but not from his cum from earlier. It was wet from my own anticipation of what we were about to do. "Fuck me Jay, fuck me now," I told him as I again rubbed the head of his shaft across my slit and then pushed it inside.

Jay didn't object anymore. He just pushed his shaft up into me as he had done countless times before. But he had never done it while married to my daughter. He had only been married a few hours and he was already cheating on Ashley, with her mother no less. Jay grunted as he thrust upwards. It was a replay of earlier that day when I fucked him just before the wedding. But this time he came first. When I felt his cum shoot up inside of me, my orgasm exploded. I had just fucked my daughter's husband before she ever got the chance. That made me feel both good and bad at the same time. I loved Ashley and would do anything for her. But at the same time she had something I could never have, Jay, not the way she had him anyway. I had to sneak around. She could have him openly. I was jealous of her, and this was my childish way of dealing with it, stealing something from her that she could never get back.

When our bodies calmed back down I let him pull out of me with another warning. "Don't even think about washing my cum off of your prick before you put it into Ashley tonight. You lie to her, trick her, do whatever you have to, but don't you shower my cum away. When you push into her for the first time, the first time she has ever had a cock inside of her, I want my cum on that cock. I want you to know that I own that cock, not Ashley. She will always be second to me. When you fuck her you will be carrying my dried cum up into her pussy. Huh, it will kind of be like me fucking her won't it?" I said sarcastically. I guess I just didn't like the idea of anyone else getting some of Jay's cock when it had been all mine for so many years. I now had to share and I was making it hard on Jay in the process.

"But I don't know if she'll let me get away with that," he protested. "She'll want me to shower."

"Hell, you should be glad I'm even letting you fuck her tonight," I said. "Listen, you tell her that you are a little embarrassed this first time and want to shower alone. Then you had better keep that prick dry. Fake the shower and wash off with a washcloth."

"What if I just ignore you about the whole thing?" he asked while he got dressed. "How will you know?"

"Because I'll ask you afterwards and I'll know if you lie to me," I told him. "That's how I'll know. And if you lie to me, I'll make your life with Ashley a living hell. But if you do as I ask I can be your advocate. Live by my rules and I will always be there for you. Just like I can make life a living hell, I can do the opposite as well, and make your life wonderful. Tell me Jay, who are you going to go to when you find out that Ashley can't take your huge prick? It will be me that you come to for release. Oh you'll do your duty with her but your real satisfaction will always be through me. You know it and I know it. Just accept it and life will be so much easier. Now go back to your wife and don't forget about tonight. Not one drop of my cum is to be washed off until after you fuck Ashley. Now go."

Though I would never know for sure, every instinct I had said that Jay did exactly as I instructed. He kept my cum on him until after he and Ashley consummated their wedding vows. It was a stupid childish thing to do. I don't know why I did it. I think I was just jealous of Ashley. But I didn't need to be. I guessed right about his size and Ashley not being able to take it. He was too big for Ashley and I found out later they didn't have a very good wedding night. It just didn't measure up to that dream Ashley held for so many years.

Jay and I kind of cooled it after that, not getting together like we used to. I let him have Ashley and was confident, well at least hopeful, that my suspicions were true that he could never be satisfied by Ashley, that she just couldn't take his size.

When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant my husband Gordon, who hadn't had sex with me in over 7 months, announced that he was taking a week to go to an annual week-long conference his company was attending in Las Vegas. He said I was late giving birth with Ashley and therefore he would be back in a week, time enough to be there for the birth.

"That's fine with me," I told him. "I've got Ashley in case of an emergency."

"Well that's just it, Ashley is going with me," he said. "She has always wanted to go and this may be our last year attending. Listen, Jay will still be around. You can call him if you need to."

"Fine. Go. Have fun. Make lots of sales," I told him. Actually I was sort of glad. I decided to find out from Jay just how life was going for him.

I didn't waste any time either. The first night after my husband and daughter left for Vegas, I had Jay over for dinner.

"How's it been going for you and Ashley?" I asked him.

"Oh we're fine, things are going well," he said. "I have a decent job and Ashley is thinking about going to college."

"How are things going in the bedroom?" I asked more to the point.

"Mom, I don't think..."

"Jay, after what we have been through together, I think we can talk about anything," I argued. "Now tell me, how are you and Ashley getting along sexually?"

"OK, fine I'll answer, we are not getting along so good," he confessed. "I'm always hurting her. I can never go all the way in and even the little ways I do go, she complains that I'm too big and that it always hurts. Plus she always makes me wear a condom. If I don't get a decent fuck soon I'm going to go crazy."

I walked over to him and putting my hand on his groin said, "Ah, poor baby, do you miss Mommie?"

"Yes, to be quite frank," he said flatly.

"Help me with the dishes and if you promise to be nice and gentle I'll let you play with Mommie again," I told him. He didn't say another word, just hurried to get the table cleared off and the dishes taken care of.

We went to my bedroom and standing just inside the doorway I turned and kissed him. I may be pregnant but I could still kiss, and apparently he could too. His one hand found its way to one of my enlarged breasts, massaging it, playing with my nipple as it became erect and hard. My other one got that way too and he hadn't even touched it yet. We got undressed and got on the bed with me on my side. He laid down behind me and helped hold my one leg up with his own while he slowly worked his shaft into my wet pussy.

"Oh thank you Mom for this," he said. He was big and it felt like more than I could take in my condition but I just let him push in without one complaint. Soon he was stroking in and out of me in a steady smooth rhythm, not too fast and not painstakingly slow either. I was soon able to relax and it felt good to me. Most of the time he pushed his full length into me and groaned in pleasure. But once in awhile the head of his shaft seemed to catch on my cervix, which wasn't possible unless I was dilating. Of course it was too soon for that. When it would catch it would hurt. But the closer I got to my orgasm the less I seemed to notice the pain.

"Can you get on your knees," Jay asked me.

"I think so," I replied as he pulled out of me. He helped me to my knees on the bed with several pillows strategically placed to help support me. Then I felt him enter me again. I was already pretty stretched out and easily accommodated both his length and girth. It did feel better this way and soon he was giving me full strokes, pulling out so just the head of his penis was left in me and then pushing all the way back in. His groin was slapping hard against my ass each time he buried himself completely.

"I haven't been able to do this for so long," he confessed. "God I love you."

"Just love fucking me," I warned him.

"I do love that," he laughed as he grabbed my hips and began pumping me harder. Again he would occasionly catch on my cervix and it would hurt but as before those moments of pain began to fade as I once again approached my climax. He was getting close too as his thrusts started getting more powerful and quick.

Then it happened, on one of his more careless thrusts I had rocked my hips downward and apparently positioned my cervix in a direct line with his erection. I don't care what date the doctors predicted for my child's birth, I was beginning to dilate. It was enough so that combined with the power of Jay's thrust, he rammed the head of his shaft into the small opening of my cervix. It was such a shock that Jay didn't pull out. It pinched down tight on his shaft and the more he wiggled the further in he got until he was caught tight with the tip of his penis actually inside of my womb.

The whole time I was screaming, "Fuck, Jay, what are you doing. My pussy walls were going crazy, clamping tight onto his now immobile shaft, releasing, and clamping tight again.

"Oh shit Mom, I'm sorry, I'm stuck," he said. "You've got me in a death grip deep inside somehow." I swear I could feel that death grip too. I felt my cervix tightly wrapped around the end of his shaft, trying to squeeze it out. It hurt like hell but yet at the same time, my pussy was going wild, spasming around the rest of his shaft and drawing me towards that orgasmic black hole where there is no pulling back. This was the ultimate pain and pleasure at the same moment. Then when I thought things couldn't get worse, the baby kicked. But just not anywhere, it kicked the head of Jay's penis.

With me squeezing the hell out of him and my baby playing with the tip of his shaft he exploded, sending streams of pent-up cum directly into my womb. I could feel it as it flowed up his shaft. That was the last straw that sent me over the edge. My orgasm washed through my entire body, taking all the pain away. And as Jay was now completely drained of all his cum, he began to shrink. A moment later he was able to pull himself out.

"Oh God that was incredible," he cried. "Sex with you is always fantastic. I worship you."

Just then my water broke. "Oh Christ, my water," I said.

"Oh no, what's happening?" he asked. "Did I do that? Oh God Mom, I'm so sorry. What do we do?"

"You help me get into some clothes and take me to the hospital," I said. "Better get dressed yourself first though. Don't want to start any rumors."

An hour later I found myself in a hospital room explaining to the nurse that it was OK for Jay to be there, that even though Jay was not the father, my family was out of town and that Jay was my son-in-law. I told him that he would have to stand in for Gordon, which he reluctantly agreed to do. Jay called Gordon and explained what happened, well not quite everything. Gordon said that since I was in such capable hands and that he couldn't get out of his conference, that they would stay the week out and that Jay was to take care of me until they returned. Quite frankly I was fine with that. I felt a closer connection to Jay right then than I did to Gordon, my husband, the father of my soon-to-be-born child. Maybe I had turned a point in my life. While I wasn't looking, something made me like Jay for more than just sex. Or maybe it was just the uncontrolled thoughts of a pregnant woman.

Three hours later I found myself with my feet in stirrups and being told to push while Jay held my hand and kept the sweat off of my forehead. A few minutes later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. And when the nurse put the child into my arms my heart both sank and leapt with joy at the same time. For into my arms she placed a beautiful black baby. How it happened I don't know. But it was obvious to both Jay and me who the father was and it wasn't Gordon.

How was I going to explain my way out of this one? It was clear the father had to be black and no one now would believe it was anyone other than Jay. What's worse is that it had to have happened 5 months before he and Ashley's wedding. They were supposed to be virgins and Ashley would now know the ugly truth. I had to think on it all.

After they cleaned me up and got me back to my room to rest, Jay and I talked. "I guess it is all going to come out now Jay, so I won't hold you to your promise of silence."

He reached over the bed with his left hand and took my right hand in his. He tipped our hands such that we could both see the scars that ran across our hands, perfectly matched. "Gordon's going to leave you isn't he?"

"Probably," I replied.

"Ashley will leave me," he said mater-of-fact. "She probably would have anyway as we have had a terrible time...well we just aren't compatible sexually. I want it too much and she doesn't want it at all, at least not from me. Do you think there's a chance...I mean for you and me?"

"I don't know Jay," I said. "It's just too soon. I know we wouldn't have the same problems that you and Ashley have had, that's for sure. I've worked it out in my head about when it happened though. The only thing we have going for us is that you had already turned 18 when our child was conceived. No one has to know about anything that came before that. Let's agree on that much. As far as anyone knows our first and only encounter was that one time when you turned 18. Do you remember that night?" I asked him.

"How could I forget?" he said. "Ashley had gotten sick from some drinks we had at your house and you had to take me home, since my car was at my house."

"Yes, I let you drive me out to the traditional lookout point where so many teenagers park to neck and whatnot. We fucked in the backseat of my car," I said, "just like a couple of love struck kids, doing it for the first time. I guess that was one of those freak accidents where the pill isn't 100% perfect."

Two days later I was home and Jay was waiting on me hand and foot. We didn't have a name yet for out baby boy so I just called him baby Jay. Of course I breast fed him but as with many new babies, they don't drink enough milk to keep it flowing well. It didn't take much persuasion to convince Jay to help out in that area. He was so much stronger than baby Jay's sucking and I could really feel the milk flow through my nipples as he emptied first the one breast and then the other, only to have them fill up again awhile later for us to repeat the process. I did save some of the milk in case baby Jay needed a feeding and I wasn't ready, but he rarely needed to use it.

I was on pain medication until my body repaired itself so I didn't feel any discomfort when Jay gently fucked me that first time after the birth. Sometimes he would suck my milk while we fucked and bring me to a most unusual orgasm, intense yet slow moving as it spread from both my breasts and my pussy through the rest of my body.

On Friday, six days after they had left, I got a frantic call from Ashley. "Mom, I'm so sorry," she cried.

"What is it honey?" I asked. "What's wrong?"

"I missed my period last month," she said.

My heart fell. Was she pregnant with Jay's baby? That was just another complication on top of what we already had. I said a quick prayer that if I had every done anything good in my life could I have this one prayer answered and not have Ashley pregnant with Jay's baby. I really meant just not pregnant. I should have been more careful with my prayer requests.

"I just did my third test and I'm pregnant," she said.

I tried to act happy and said, "Well that's wonderful news darling."

"Jay's not the father," she said, followed by total silence. After a long few moments she said, "Mom, did you hear me?"

"Yes dear," I replied. "Who is the father?"

"Promise you won't hate me? I love you so much. Please promise you won't hate me?" she pleaded.

"I could never hate you Ashley," I promised her. "No matter what you or I ever do in life, there is one constant that will never ever change. I will always love you, my darling Ashley, and I hope you feel the same way about me."

"Oh I do Mom, I will always love you no matter what," she said. "Thank you Mom."

"Now take a deep breath and tell me who the father is," I instructed her. But down deep I already knew.

"Daddy, Daddy is the father," she confessed. "Mommie, I'm so sorry."

I took a deep breath and paused a moment before speaking. "How long honey?" I asked, keeping my voice very calm and quiet. "How long has this been going on?"

"It started a little while after the wedding. Jay and I had been having a rough time," she explained. "I guess I just can't handle him, he's so big in that area, you know, down there. Jay left mad one night so I called you but you were out and I talked to Daddy. He came over and consoled me and told me that lovemaking didn't have to be rough like Jay was making it. One thing led to another and before I knew it Daddy and I were in bed together."

"Did he fuck you?" I asked, though it was a silly question with an obvious answer.

"Yes," she simply said.

"Did you like it?" I asked. I don't know why I asked that. It was totally inappropriate and sexist. I regretted asking it the moment I spoke, but it was too late and the question was out there.

She hesitated and then said, "I was so ashamed afterwards I didn't know what to do so I didn't tell anyone."

"I asked you if you liked it when your Dad made love to you?" I asked again, this time knowing what I was asking of her.

Again she hesitated and finally said "Yes, Mommie, I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

"Was that the only time?" I quizzed her further.

"No," she replied.

"When else?" I asked.

"I don't know, lots of times I guess," she replied.

"Did he not use a condom?" I asked.

"I told him to but he wouldn't do it," she explained. "He said that if I wanted to enjoy sex that he shouldn't wear a condom. So I didn't ask again. I was so not-enjoying sex with Jay that I welcomed it from Daddy."

"Have you been fucking your Dad this week in Vegas?" I asked getting right to the point.

"Yes Ma'am," she replied.

"And enjoying it I guess," I said sarcastically, half under my breath. But I had no room to talk, with what I had been doing with Jay.

"Yes Ma'am," she said again.

"Well at least he has treated you well," I said out loud without realizing it. I continued on, "Well honey, what's done is done. At this point I want you to be happy. You enjoy the rest of your trip and I'll see you tomorrow night when you two get home," I told her.

"You don't mind?" she asked confused. "You don't care if Daddy does that to me..."

"Fucks you," I said. "Just say it out loud will you? Fuck your Daddy tonight and enjoy every second of it. I mean it. I'm not mad. I have my own demons to deal with which I'll be sharing with you both when you get home. So for tonight I am serious, forget who you are and just enjoy yourself. Again what's done is done and we'll take care of everything else later. Just fuck the hell out of him. Fuck him all night long for all I care."

"I don't understand Mom," she said confused. "If I were you I would be furious with me. I just told you that I fucked Daddy, your husband, and liked it. And on top of that he got me pregnant. You should be out of your mind with rage. What's going on?"

"Honey, there is so much more happening here than you could ever imagine," I tried to explain. "I just had a baby. Things have happened in my life that, well that need explaining, that will need compassion on everyone's part. I am in no position to be mean and hateful. I know the hard time you have been having in your marriage. And I know that I love you and want you to have something good in life. If today, even tonight, that something good is your father, then that's what I want for you. Let's just for tonight, both forget everything that has happened to us and let's say that we get a free pass. We get to do whatever we want tonight. If that means you fuck your Daddy, then tonight, this one night only, you do it with my blessing. But you promise me that you will have the best night of your life."

"I still don't understand Mom, how you can say what you are saying," she insisted. "But I am not going to question it a second time. I am going to do what you say and have the night of my life. I guess I'll have to deal with Jay and all that happens when I get home. If he divorces me then it will be my own fault and I will deserve it. But tonight I will enjoy myself. I don't get you Mom. So you and I will be needing to have a real heart-to-heart talk just like we used to have. I'll tell you everything, and I mean everything, stuff you wouldn't ever imagine, and you can tell me what's happening in your life, why you are being the way you are. And I don't think it is just the baby either. Something has changed you and I want to know what it is. So we'll talk. Promise?"

"Promise, darling," I told her. "Now go, enjoy your free night."

"I love you Mom," she said.

"I love you Ashley," I told her as we both hung up.

I spent the night with Jay. Each time our baby woke up for a feeding, which was often, Jay waited patiently for me to get him back to sleep and then we made love. I must have fucked Jay six times before morning arrived. We then prepared for the homecoming of Gordon and Ashley.

It was quite a sight, Gordon acting all high and mighty when he found out the baby was Jay's. Ashley finally told him to shut up and announced to Jay that she and her dad had been fucking for a while now. She actually seemed relieved that Jay had found someone who could accommodate him, though it was a shock to find out that it was me. What she seemed honestly sad about was that we had fucked before the wedding, that he had not kept true to their vow of celibacy until they were married like they had planned. When Ashley has had a little longer to internalize all that has happened I will share with her more of the truth. I may even go back to that first time three years ago. But not until I am sure she is able to handle it. A for Gordon, well fuck him. He is being a bastard about it all. He filed for divorce shortly after returning from the Vegas trip. He listed Irreconcilable Differences as the reason. He can't press too hard. I may have fucked Jay but at least didn't commit incest. So he is letting me have pretty much whatever I want, including the house and car. Gordon doesn't know that I fucked Jay when he was a minor and I intend on keeping it that way.

Unfortunately I have to say that Jay and Ashley are divorcing too, unfortunate in the sense that divorce is never something you hope for your child. But there are times when it is the right thing to do and this was one of those times. Jay is living with me now. We aren't marrying, for now, but he is the father of our baby and is acting like a father too. Ashley is keeping their apartment and Jay is helping her with expenses for a little while until she gets on her feet. College is out but she has a good job as a secretary for a doctor's office. She is seeing a young PA in the office and from some of the new heart-to-hearts that we have been having, her sex life is doing well too. It looks like she has found someone who is physically and emotionally compatible with her. Oh, I almost forgot, the pregnancy was a false alarm. It turns out she wasn't pregnant al all, just stressed from what she was doing, cheating on Jay by fucking her dad.

So everything turned out for the better, Jay and I are together enjoying each other every morning and night, Ashley isn't pregnant and has a new boyfriend, and Gordon is in jail for soliciting a prostitute, well a policewoman undercover.

Life is good.

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My dad is in Iraq still. I have been fucking mom. Me and my older brother. She fucks the both of us. No condom. Now mom is pregnant, from one of us. She only wants it..doggy style now.
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