This is about how i eventually got Tiffany into bed, all be it reluctantly on her part
If I get enough positive responses I will post parts two and three!

Ever since my husband caught me having sex with my best friend Lisa, and likes the fact I like to fuck girls, my cravings women have grown immensely. Plus now that I don’t have to suppress those feelings I can act on any situation that comes my with his approval. Previously I would shy away from other women flirting with me or initiate flirting with women because I was afraid to act upon it! Now I do everything in my power to attract the attention of other women… by the way I dress, the way I interact with women, or strategically place my hand on them as we talk. Prior to being caught I would dress a bit more conservatively, wearing knee length dresses or skirts (although form fitting) and tops that didn’t show off my fake boobs, but now I wear mostly mini skirts, mini dresses, tight low cut shirts, have my blouses unbuttoned one too many, even micro mini’s, and of course high heels or knee high boots. Luckily I do have the figure to wear such clothes. I’m 5’6 about 120lbs, brown curly hair, brown eyes, very nice firm 36C tits, great toned legs and as I’ve been told a perfect bubble butt.

Like I said my cravings for women has intensified since being caught which brings me to Tiffany. I am an events organizer/planner and Tiffany is a client of mine. She is getting married later this summer and she has been very hands on with the planning of her wedding, constantly calling to give me new ideas, changing her mind, or just to check on the progress I’ve made. At first this was a bit annoying , until one day, our third meeting together, she came wearing a very tight sexy skirt which really showed off her ass and the slit in her skirt seemed like it went all the way to her hip! MMM, I was instantly turned on and her input into everything seemed not so irritating any more.

Although Tiffany is 29 and comes across as being very average, that day changed everything. She’s cute, but with just a bit of effort I think she could be beautiful! Any ways she has long sandy brown hair, usually in a ponytail and grayish blue eyes. She’s 5’8 about 135lbs, obviously has long legs, a flat tummy, smallish chest only about 36B, but they are perky and firm and she has very full lips. Lips that I want to kiss and have all over my pussy!

Anyways until the day she wore that skirt I literally had no desire to be with her sexually. But from that point moment on I could think of nothing I wanted more! Now I began to look at her hands on approach to my advantage. Instead of sitting next to her going over all the arrangements I would now stand behind her. I would lean over her and place my hand and arm over her shoulder so I could steal glances down her shirt and run my other hand over ever so innocently as we picked out what she wanted. Each meeting we had, and there were many over the first two months, I would gradually take things further. On our fourth meeting I was positive I was going to sleep with her or she would fire me trying! As we were going over flower arrangements and such I kept leaning over her shoulder and grazing my tits against her while pointing out what I thought would look best and constantly putting my hands on her. After pointing out one pattern I lightly ran my fingers over her hand and up her forearm which I noticed gave her the chills. As she looked up at to say something ii noticed her take a quick peek down my blouse, which I purposely wore tight and unbuttoned on extra, making it hard for her not to notice my surgically enhanced tits!
While we continued to go over things Tiffany complained that her neck hurt so without asking I started giving her a massage, allowing me the chance to put my hands on her. She instantly relaxed as I rubbed her neck and up the back of her head. The more she relaxed the more I expanded my massage. I was now rubbing over her shoulders and down her back allowing my hands to inch their way to the sides of her tits. Tiffany was not stopping my advancing hands so I kept going. As I brought my hands back up to her neck and around to the front of her shoulders I gradually began massaging downwards. While I continued to massage down towards her chest, taking my time, I kept going until my hands were at the top of her bra , finally I started to slide my hands inside her bra and that’s when she stopped me and said thanks Bree that felt great.

Just from rubbing her that little bit I was completely turned on. I was really wet and horny now and I could feel my panties clinging to my pussy. I wanted to ravage her so badly but I was positive she had never been with a girl before so I didn’t want to rush it and lose my chance. But I was confident I would eventually have her. Anyways she left shortly there after and over our next couple of meetings I progressively made more advances. I would touch constantly, moving my greeting kiss closer to her mouth and hugging her longer then I had so I could press my tits against hers. Plus I would compliment her on how she looked as well as make comments about her great ass looked and pinch or slap it lightly that would make her blush.

Then the day came I was going to make my final advance and see what happened. When Tiffany hastily rescheduled our next meeting, saying we had to meet immediately, forcing me to postpone lunch with a lucrative client, I figured I could play this for all its worth and do everything to get her into bed. MMM I was just imagining how her pussy would taste just thinking about it. When she arrived at my house I was still acting a lot madder then I really was and it didn’t take Tiffany long to realize I was upset. Up until this point we would hug and exchange cheek kisses when we met but this time I just opened the door and let her in. She quickly asked if everything was alright and that’s when I put my plan into motion. I started in on her saying she’s not my only client and because of this oh so important meeting I had to put off a very important client. Not to mention other clients I’ve had to give less time to because of her constant calling. After I finished “scolding her” I could see it really affected her. She started to apologize profusely as tears welled up in her eyes. All she could say was she just wants to have the perfect wedding and that no one is helping her, even her fiancee doesn’t want to help because he says she is too controlling.

As she stood there facing me but avoiding eye contact I made my first move. I inched towards Tiffany to wipe the tears from her eyes and began consoling her. As we stood facing each other I took her hands into mine and started telling her in a very light soft voice, every one wants a perfect wedding but the easiest way for that to happen would be to let me do what I do best. As she picked her head up and was now looking me in the eye she started to say something else but I cut her off by kissing her. I could taste her salty tears on her lips as she reluctantly let me kiss her. When I stopped kissing her she didn’t say a word so I leaned back in and kissed her again. By now my heart was racing and I could feel my pussy getting wet. My entire body was tingling with excitement and anticipation with where this might lead.

As our kiss deepened my tongue began probing her mouth then I lightly ran the tip of my tongue over her lips. Now I let one hand wander to the small of her back then down to her firm ass and finally I cupped her perfectly formed tits in my other hand. As my kiss went from her soft luscious lips to her neck my hand left her ass and began rubbing her pussy through her sexy little dress shorts. While I was kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy I could tell Tiffany’s breathing was getting heavier. I took that as my que to go further so I started unbuttoning her shorts and slid my hand inside to continue rubbing her pussy and I could feel her juices seeping through her panties. As Tiffany was getting into the kissing and our tongues were exploring each others mouths I tried to slide my hand inside her panties. As I attempted to do this she abruptly stopped the kiss and pulled my hand away. She began stammering on about how she couldn’t do this because she was getting married and that she has never been with a girl before and isn’t bi-sexual. I was not to be deterred though! I spoke softly saying how sexy she is and how badly I wanted to be with her, that she was all that I had been thinking about lately. Plus I gave her a guilt trip about how stressful planning her wedding was because of her constant calling and this would show she was sorry and make things better between us again.

As Tiffany looked at me not sure what to say I leaned in and kissed her again and she hesitantly kissed me back. As I started kissing her neck I whispered in her ear to just relax and let me make you feel good. Kissing her on the mouth again I finished unbuttoning her shorts, pulled them down then I took off her shirt. Now that I had Tiffany in just her bra and panties I walked her to my bedroom and began roaming her body with my mouth and hands. First I had to run my tongue over her chest finally finding her hard nipples that were just waiting to be sucked! After I unhooked her bra my hands cupped her tits so I could massage them as I kept sucking her nipples while grinding my pussy into hers. Then I positioned myself so I could keep sucking and licking her nipples while rubbing her pussy with my hand. Once my hand was over her sweet little mound I could feel her juices right through her cotton panties! Next I reached my hand inside her panties and I came across a very soft, thick patch of hair! MMMM that turned me on even more. I absolutely love when a women is shaved like that. I just ran my fingers through her pussy hair for a while relishing how soft and thick it was. Finally my fingers made it to her pussy and I slid one then two fingers between Tiffany’s soft wet lips! Oh what a feeling that was running my fingers through her soft pussy hair then sliding them in and out of her cleanly shaven lips! As I moved back up to kiss her again I curled my fingers to hit her g-spot and she immediately started grinding her pussy into my hand. By now I was on the verge of making Tiffany cum so I started fingering her harder and faster until I felt her orgasm on my hand. After she came I brought my hand to her mouth and made her suck her juices from my fingers.

Once I made Tiffany cum like that I just had to taste her soft furry pussy. As I went from kissing her neck and worked my way to her tummy I could begin to smell her juices and noticed a sizable wet spot in her panties. When I began pulling her panties off so I could finally taste her Tiffany tried stopping me again. But when I saw her perfectly shaven kitty and especially how soft it was, there was no stopping me. Her kitty is exactly how I love it, pussy lips completely shaved smooth while she has a patch of hair about 1.5 inches wide and 3 inches long that is soft and thick and it was a very light shade of brown! MMMM seeing that sent me right to the edge! I felt a sudden jolt go right through my pussy and I could sense my panties were straining to contain my dripping of juices.

Anyways I heard Tiffany asking me to stop but her body was telling my something entirely different. Besides when I saw her thick, puffy soft patch of pussy hair and clean shaven lips I couldn’t resist and I began licking furiously! Once again Tiffany was begging me to stop but I just ignored her and kept licking.
Even though she was telling me no her body began responding to my tongue. She began relaxing more and she spread her legs wider granting me better access. Although Tiffany continued protesting it was growing weaker the longer my tongue lapped at her pussy and I sucked on her clit. Finally I slid two fingers in her wet cunt and her body tensed at this new sensation while she let out a soft moan. At this point she went from wanting me to stop to “please keep doing that, it feels amazing.” Now I knew she was fully at my mercy and I could do whatever I wanted. As I continued licking her glistening wet slit I reached down and began fingering my own pussy. I was absolutely drenched in my creamy juices and even with my panties still on I was making very nice wet spot on the bed! But I was more concerned with making Tiffany cum again, although once I did I knew I would cum in short order as well. By now Tiffany was moaning and breathing very heavily as I went from using long strokes with the tip of my tongue to burying it deep in her pussy then covering her entire pussy with my mouth and sucking in her juices. She was so wet now and her juices were all over my mouth and face and I was loving every bit of it. After about 20 minutes of licking, sucking, and fingering her sweet little pussy she came in waves. They started out small and as I kept sucking on her clit and driving my fingers in and out of her pussy her orgasms intensified. When she came for the last time Tiffany was screaming “YES!YES!YES! FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! As she did her legs went straight and rigid as they squeezed my head in between them which brought on a tiny orgasm of my own.

After making Tiffany cum I laid next to her for a bit and kissed her so she could taste herself on my lips. While laying there and she started coming down from her orgasms the realization of the situation began setting in. She started saying I can’t believe I let you do that to me. This is so wrong, I’ve got to go. I just grinned at her and said , “well it seemed like you really enjoyed yourself since you came over and over.” But I was thinking… wait until next time when I make you eat my pussy and I gush my juices all over your face! As Tiffany quickly got dressed she said “it doesn’t matter if you think I enjoyed it, it was still wrong and you took advantage of me, plus you wouldn’t stop when I was begging you to!!”

As I looked at the clock I realized my husband would be home soon. The timing couldn’t have been better as Tiffany drove off in a hurry my husband pulled into the driveway. I met him at the door and as I kissed him he looked at me and said “you finally wore her down huh?” I just said go fix me a drink and I’ll tell you all about it then you can fuck me any way you like! And with the grin he gave me I knew he was going to fuck and cum in my ass!! WOOOHOOOO!!

What a glorious day!!

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Hi Betty loved your story . Text me at3862157326by the way are you singel,im looking send me a pic.

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You also need to figure out where exclamation marks go and where they dnt...

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A few puncuation marks, and some proofreading would have been nice... but over all an ok story. Could have flowed a lil smoother. But overall... ok

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I thought some well placed commas would have been good, but all in all, it really didn't detract from my reading. The intent of the story was delivered well. Thank you.


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Hi Gang,

I wished I was more agressive like Bree. On the other hand, my gfs either cum onto me, or have no objections to my grabbing a handfull of ass or tity. I guess maybe I just lust after some of the beautiful, hard-core hetrosexuals running around out there. I can't help it, I'm just too greedy. I am a nymphomaniac and my wet and hairy pussy runs my life.

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