A Night to Remember
To understand this story better, you may want to read, “It Happened Last Night”.

It is now one week later. Yesterday, Makiko (my Japanese wife), the kids and I went over to Dave’s beachside condo. This was our usual routine at least twice a month. We played with the kids on the beach, Dave made a BBQ and we spent a family day with Uncle Dave. When we arrived Dave introduced us to his new neighbors, who he had invited for the BBQ. Jamal and Keisha Jackson had just moved to Hawaii from Chicago, where they were both born and raised. They were opening a lingerie store in Kahala. Doug, another neighbor, was also there… which was normal. We shook hands and introduce them to our children Michael and Amy, 8 and 9 respectfully. Keisha looked at our kids, “They look about the same age as Tina and Derek… our children.” Makiko asked, “Where are they?” She smiled, “They just unpacked their Play Station and are in our condo playing Wii.” Michael and Amy became excited. They wanted to meet Tina and Derek and of course play Wii too. Keisha grabbed them by the hands, “Come on, I’ll introduce you and if you want, I’m sure they’ll let you play.” While Keisha took the children to her place, Dave poured everyone a glass of Champagne, “Well it looks like we adults are going to have to party on our own.” Maki was concerned, “Poor Keisha, I hope she won’t be stuck babysitting the kids, while we party?” Jamal laughed, “No, Keisha’s Mom is with them… she’s visiting for the next two weeks. Keisha should be back soon.” Everybody drank up as the music started. My wife had four men dancing with her at the same time, but she wasn’t complaining. She enjoyed all the attention. After two songs, Keisha appeared at the door, “I’m back and it looks like you started the party without me. By the way, the kids became instant friends. Tina and Derek want to know if your lovely children can spend the night. Sort of like a spontaneous pajama party. Don’t worry; my Mom’s a great babysitter. Anyhow, it looks like this party’s gonna last a looong time!” I looked at Makiko and she confidently replied, “Why not… kids want to have fun… just like us”. She grabbed Jamal and started dancing again. Keisha pulled me out onto the deck overlooking the ocean and shook her fabulous booty with a very erotic flare. As the evening wore on, we became extremely drunk. The girls danced with all the guys, sometimes two at a time. During a short rest period, Dave asked Makiko if she was going to grace us with another one of her erotic dances. “My, oh my David, where did you ever get the idea that I do exotic dances?” Dave grinned, and then looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. “Well beautiful, last Friday… after I mentioned you were taking exotic dancing at your health club for exercise, Dave and Doug asked to see some moves. Honey, you’re the hottest stripper I’ve ever seen.” Makiko looked sincerely shocked, “You’re joking. I know I was drunk last Friday; but I think I would remember giving you guys an exotic dance.” She looked at me, “Yes honey, you sure did… I saw it with my own eyes!” Makiko seemed to be embarrassed, as her face turned bright red, “Well, how much did I take off?” I reluctantly told her the truth, “Everything and then some.” Keisha chimed in, “Maki you’ve been holding out on us. Here I thought you were a shy Japanese girl and come to find out you’re a professional stripper.” Makiko objected, “No, no I am not professional. I just do it in exercise class”. Keisha asked, “Well obviously you turned these guys on. Can you show me some moves? Jamal is always begging me to do a sexy striptease, but I don’t know the moves. My wife relented, grabbing Keisha by the hand and leading her back into Dave’s bedroom. She picked up his portable CD player on the way and suggested that Keisha select a few CDs for practicing. The guys and I went out to the beach to play Frisbee. Inside Dave’s bedroom, after consuming an entire bottle of Champagne, the girls were feeling very happy and uninhibited. Keisha eventually came out to the large deck and waved for us to come in. Keisha and Makiko were wearing Japanese yukatas (summer robes) that Keisha and Jamal had picked up on their recent vacation in Osaka and Kyoto. Underneath both women were wearing very sexy and shear lingerie, also provided by Keisha. We guys took our seats on the large sofa, while the girls were giggling. Keisha loaded a CD in the player and suddenly the room was filled with the distinctive rhythms of hip-hop. “O.K. gentlemen, are you ready? Maki and I are going to do a little dance for you… remember… look, but don’t touch.” Makiko began grinding her hips to the music. Her yukata looked very sexy, as she moved around the room running her fingers through her hair. Keisha joined in. Soon the women were in sync and the guys were applauding. Maki untied Keisha’s robe, then Keisha did the same for Maki. As the yukatas opened, we had our first glimpse of the purple thongs and see through bras below. They danced around the room some more, occasionally flashing a frontal or side view of their underwear. Turning their backs to us, they let the robes drop to the floor at exactly at the same time just as the first song ended. The second tune had a sultrier beat, which again brought those lovely, exposed hips alive. The t-back thongs left little to the imagination. Keisha’s ass was much fuller than Maki’s, but Maki’ pubic bone protruded from her loins, much more than Keisha’s. We intensely watched as the ladies did their thing. Facing us, Keisha began to bend backwards, as Maki supported her lower back. Soon, she had her hands anchored on the floor, forming a perfect arch. Her barely covered pussy was staring us in the face. Maki then did the same, without help. Now both those tiny cunts were vividly outlined in front of us, forming naughty-looking camel toes. As the beat of the music continued to drive out its mesmerizing rhythm, the girls lifted up on their toes, while spreading their legs. It appeared as if their tiny cunts were fucking a big cock. Doug immediately pulled down his shorts and started pumping his cock. Dave and I looked a Jamal to see his reaction. When Jamal saw Doug masturbating to the music, he smiled… stood up and pulled off his shorts, exposing a huge 9 plus inch dick which was still semi-hard. He sat back down and began to beat his meat as well. Dave and I followed his example and soon the sexual tension in the room was ‘smokin’. When Maki came back up to her feet and saw the sight before her, she began to giggle. Keisha asked, “What’s going on?” Maki helped her to her feet, so Keisha could see the action, “Oh my God… look at those horny boys jerking off.” The girls kept dancing moving closer and closer to the men on the sofa. Turning her back to me, Keisha, asked, “Jim… can you pull my string?” I reached up and untied the strings to her bra, both behind the neck and mid-back. Maki scooted over to Jamal and he did the same thing. They moved towards the middle of the room… looked at each other… then let their bras to the floor. Keisha’s breast were about two inched bigger than Maki’s; but Maki’s nipples were much longer and thicker. All of us clapped our hands and yelled out loud. Then Maki turned her back to us, bent over and with her thumbs inserted in the bands, slowly lowered her thong to her feet and stepped out. Keisha imitated the move. Now they were both totally naked and lustfully danced towards us. Keisha ended up right in front of me, “Maki, do you mind if I touch your husband’s beautiful white cock?” Maki replied, “Sure, go ahead, as long as I can touch your husband’s big black cock!” Keisha reached out and wrapped her chocolate brown hand around my stiff 7 incher… “With my tongue, that is?” Maki grabbed Jamal’s 10 and half inch rock hard member, “Is there any other way to touch a cock?” Soon both ladies were kneeling in front of us and sucking and licking with avid passion. Keisha reached over with her left hand and began pumping Dave’s shaft, while Maki did the same for Doug. The men were moaning with pleasure, while the ladies were slurping away. The orgy was on. After five minutes, Jamal began to leak some pre-cum. This was a signal for Maki to climb up on his lap and slide down his wet pole until it was deep inside her cunt. She let out a scream of pleasure when the tip passed the point where my cock stopped when fucking her. Keisha looked over and saw her husband being serviced by my wife. She wasted no time getting into the same position. Although my cock was not as long or thick as Jamal’s, I was surprised at how tight Keisha was. Her movement was so sexy, as she stared deep into my eyes; I had to fight with myself to keep from cumming. If I couldn’t compete in size, I surely wanted to impress her with longevity. I glanced over to see how Maki was doing and was surprised to see that not only was she actively screwing Jamal, she was now giving Doug one of her trademark blowjobs. Dave wasn’t to be the only man left out and soon began rubbing his big penis all over Keisha’s face and lips. Soon she was deep-throating him like a pro, without missing a stroke on my cock. The sounds of raw sex filled the room as the music played in the background. Jamal was the first to fire, “Shit… Maki… I’m coming… I can’t stop… you feel so good, baby!”
Doug then let go in her mouth. She had gobs of sperm filling her tiny pussy and lovely mouth simultaneously. Semen was seeping out of her cunt and dripping out the sides of her mouth. It was then she had a huge orgasm… but she didn’t stop sucking or fucking. It was obvious that she was in a world of her own. Dave then let out a loud moan and I saw Keisha gulping down his sperm. She let large globs of of it slide down her chin and onto her tits. I did it… I was the champ of round one. As the other four members of the orgy rested, Keisha was trying her best to hold out until I climaxed; but, she couldn’t hold back. “Oh yes, Oh yes… God I’m cumming… Oh shit… Jesus help me… it feels so good!” She shook and convulsed on me for over 2 minutes. Even though she totally stopped moving, but I was continuing to lift my ass off the sofa, drilling her up in the air. “God Jim, how long can you last… Maki your husband’s an animal… he’s going to make me come twice in a row. She let go again and this time I joined her. We embraced and vibrated in each other’s arms until the mutual orgasm slowly subsided.
Maki grabbed Jamal by the hand and led him to Dave’s bedroom. It seemed she wanted some one-on-one time with the big black stud. In the meantime, Keisha slid down on her knees and began sucking my spent cock back to life. Dave and Doug joined us. Keisha reached out and stroked there semi-hard staffs with her hands. She was attacking my hardening rod with a passion… slurping and sucking… sliding her tongue up and down my pole with focused intensity. Her hands were slowly bringing Dave and Doug back to full power. Suddenly she released their cocks and pushed me back on the sofa, causing my legs to rise up over my head. Her tongue began to circle my anus. The sensation was unbelievable. I had never had this done to me. It was indescribable. My whole body shivered with pleasure. She reached backed and continued stroking my two buddies, as the tip of her tongue penetrated my ass. My cock twitched with excitement while she drove her tongue deeper and deeper into my anal canal. Dave was rock hard again and moved behind Keisha to take advantage of her exposed bubble butt and wet, shaven cunt. He pumped her pussy with a dedicated effort. She moaned, as her talented tongue explored my sensitive rosebud. Doug lifted her right leg and slid underneath her body, positioning his dick to replace Dave’s which was continuing to drill her sopping wet vagina. When Dave realized what Doug was trying to do, Dave withdrew from her pussy and began pushing his cock into her tiny asshole. Doug thrust his rod up into her cunt and now all three of her holes were filled. In the background, I heard Maki screaming, “Oh yes Jamal, I’m cumming baby… don’t stop… fuck me… fuck me with that big black cock!” Keisha was also quickly approaching another climax, as her body began shaking and her breathing accelerated. Pulling her tongue out of my ass, she let out a long, sexy sigh, “Yes my sweet white lovers do me… do me all night… I never want to stop feeling this ecstasy”. Her mouth found the tip of my cock and she went back to giving me a breathtaking blow job. Her plump, full lips caressed the sides of my penis, as she took me all the way in to the entrance of her throat them all the way out until her tongue was circling the tip of my pulsating shaft. I heard Jamal grunting… and then let out a long, loud moan. Maki was yelling at him, “Fill me up with your hot sperm Jamal… oh yes baby… you can have my pussy any time you want it. Give it all to me. I love it… Yes Jamal fuck your little Jap slut. I’m yours baby!” Keisha then screamed at the top on her lungs, “God… God… God I’m Cumming…. My pussy, ass and mouth are full of cock… I’m a white cock whore. Come on boys give me your spunk. I want it all.” Dave was the first to release his load deep in her ass. Doug followed almost immediately. Keisha was still riding her orgasmic wave, “Oh, I feel your white cum deep in my ass and cunt. You’ve made me a black whore with your hard white cocks.” She increased her tempo… sucking and licking my raging, hard dick. I felt the semen in my balls began to surge, “Keisha… here it cum!” She kept her mouth on my staff and, in fact, pushed down until the tip of my staff was resting against the entrance to her throat. I shot four volleys in a row and each time she swallowed every drop down her throat and into her stomach. My cock continued twitching inside her mouth, as she looked up into my eyes and smiled. When I finally recovered, I looked around the room. Maki was standing nearby totally naked, with small droplets of cum dripping down her inner thighs. Written in black, just above her bald cunt was,”Jamal’s Private Pussy”. On the top of her right thigh, also written in black were the words, “Black Cock Only”. There was an arrow drawn from the words pointing to her soaking wet cunt. I didn’t know what to say. While I sat on the sofa, thinking of how to respond to my graffiti-covered wife, Keisha had retrieved a yellow magic marker from the same box that Jamal had found the black one. She wrote on her lower stomach above her dark vaginal lips, “Jim’s Exclusive Cunt”. Further to the right she added, “White Cock Only”. The smile on Jamal’s face changed to one of concern. No one spoke for at least three minutes. Then Maki said, “I’m still horny… Dave, Doug my ass and mouth are still available how about another round. Jamal joined them as they retreated to the bedroom. Keisha took me to the kitchen. She looked in the refrigerator and found some whipped cream and chocolate syrup. She instructed me to lie down, facing up on the large, marble covered island. Then she covered my cock and nipples with whip cream. Taking the syrup bottle, she poured a trail around my lips to my neck, down my throat to each nipple and continued lower until arriving to my loins. She had a big grin on her face as she started kissing my lips while licking up the syrup. After devouring the whip cream on my nipples, she kissed me again, this time sharing the chocolate and cream on her tongue with me. “Do you like having dessert with me?” I looked into her eyes and softly said, “Yes… anytime, anywhere”. Keisha laughed, “I’ll hold you to that!” She worked her way to my recovered cock and sucked licked and slurped until I added my cream to the mix. Sitting up, I told her told her to lie down on the marble counter. I repeated what she had done to me and eventually brought her to a long and sensual orgasm. It was obvious that this affair was to continue into the indefinite future. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my life, but I knew that at this moment, I was filled with contentment and deep satisfaction. We went to the bedroom in time to see Doug writing in black marker above Maki’s ass, “Doug’s Rosebud… No Trespassing”. When she turned over, we could see writing on her cheeks, “Dave’s Exclusive Oral Cave”. This means that for at least the time being, my wife was off limits to my sexual desires. Keisha handed me the yellow marker then turned around and bent over. I branded her with Jim’s Bubble Butt… No entry without Jim’s Permission. When she turned facing me, I wrote on her cheeks, “Jims Oral Delight, Reserved Indefinitely.” You might say the lines had been drawn. How long with this arrangement last? It happened last night again… but this time everyone remembered!

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cant read it very without paragraphs very tedious & not too sexy. otherwise great start to a sexy story....

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great story. i would love to see my wife kathy being fucked by 3 cocks whilst talking about her dirty cunt

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